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The Father and Son Outing

By Paul S. Stevens & Hans Schreiber

Chapter #12

When Dad and I got back home, Mom was wide awake and waiting impatiently for us downstairs.

"Seth," Mom said as we walked in. "Go to your room, Son. Your father and I have something to discuss."

"Sure Mom," I said without challenging her on it.

Mom has never sent me to my room before. That has always been Dad's job, so I knew something serious was going on. I bounded up the stairs and left my door slightly open and stood at the crack of the door so I could hear what Mom and Dad were about to say to each other.

"Well, where were you two," Mom asked. "Doing more Father/Son bonding?"

"You might say that," my dad answered as the two of them continued to stand near the front door and hash it out.

"Gordon just called," she informed Dad. "He said that his investigator just followed you to Henry's house. I thought I made it clear to you that it's my wish that Seth not have anymore contact with that Wesley boy. I can't abide that, Frank! You've taken Seth over there when you specifically knew I had issues regarding it. You've totally gone against my wishes on this."

"You're wishes or Gordon's wishes?" he boldly confronted, losing his serenity. "He's gotten his nose so far up our asses that he can't even see the light of day. Fortunately, you don't have custody yet, and you don't have a damned restraining order either, so Seth and I are still free to come and go as we please, as citizens of this free nation. I'll be damned if I'm going to be treated like a criminal for exercising my rights under the law. This is just plain harassment."

"You don't have to get so defensive," Mom said.

"Do you know what that asshole, Gordon did?" Dad continued, just as agitated and defensive as before. "He allowed his personal investigator to go to Wes's school to inform them about the incident in the bathroom at his old school. That was just plain evil, Mabel. That's the reason that Wes had to change schools in the first place, and now, he may have to change schools again because of it. Are you really okay with that? Gordon has an evil streak in him. You may not see it, or want to see it, so I beg you to open your eyes. I'm just saying... The proof is, Gordon still hasn't discontinued his investigator and closed his case against us yet, even though he's gotten all the damning evidence he needed. In his attempt to satisfy his lust for power over you, he nearly destroyed Henry and Wes in the process. The only reason to keep his investigation going is to see if he can gather more information to further control and harass us. You'd better tell him to call off his goon or I will, and if I have to do it, it won't be pleasant for any of us!"

"Go Dad!" I whispered to myself as I continued to stand by my door and listen as the drama unfolded.

Mom was rendered speechless as she was no doubt taken aback by Dad's blunt words. I'd never heard Dad talk to Mom like that before, not that they never fought or anything, but Dad had a kind of passion in his voice that was unusual for him. I was impressed and proud of Dad for the way he stood up for himself and stuck his neck out for me. He virtually had never done that before. Not like this.

"This isn't over yet, Frank!" she huffed.

"You're damn right it's not," he spat back. "I'm tired. I'm going to bed, are you coming?"

"I'll be up in a minute," she answered. "I need time to think."

"Well, while you're thinking," he politely indicated in a calmer voice. "Think about this, Mabel. Seth is a bright and honest young man. He's not one to just flippantly bounce from one thing to another. I've been caught off-guard just as much as you have. The fact that he has gay feelings towards Wesley comes as a complete shock to all of us, but I don't doubt the veracity of those feelings for a minute. Not with Seth. So let's say you're successful and you get full custody of him. Keeping Seth away from Wes will only make our son a very unhappy young man. Things could easily get out of control and turn very ugly, making Seth do something out of pure desperation. Then everyone will suffer, Seth, most of all. But if you do succeed in your plan, do you really think for one minute that Seth will just roll over and accept being kept away from Wesley? Do you really think you and the almighty Mr. Léger can convince him that it's for his own good? You should realize that you will only drive a wedge between you and Seth that can never be repaired. Are you willing to put Seth through three years of forced imprisonment, only to lose him forever the second he turns eighteen? Because I promise you, as sure as I'm standing here, that's exactly what will happen. He will be miserable as hell and he will make your lives equally miserable for every minute of those three years that you hold him hostage. He will build so much resentment towards you, and hatred towards Gordon, that he may never have anything to do with the two of you for the rest of his life."

"Wow" I muttered silently to myself as I stood in awe at my door. "Dad, you're my hero. I never realized you had it in you."

"Thank you, Frank," Mom replied calmly. "You've given me lots to think about. I have always appreciated that part of your nature. You see the big picture and you approach matters in a calm rational manner. That certainly isn't true of Gordon. I love him for different reasons. I don't know what the right thing to do is. I love Gordon and I think he can be a very good influence for me and Seth. I wish there was a way to protect Seth and teach him proper ethics without alienating him. I don't want to risk ruining my relationship with my son either."

"I'm sorry, Mabel, but you can't have your cake and eat it too," Dad said, offering his `off the cuff' wisdom. "I think the thing to do is allow Seth to have his relationship. We have to hope, and assume that we have raised Seth properly, both by instruction and example, and have given him all the tools he needs to make his own decisions and to do the right things. If he finds out it was meant to be, then nothing we can do can stop him. If he finds out he's made a mistake, then we can be there for him to pick up the pieces. That's the best we can hope for. Your solution will only postpone the inevitable and force him to do something unexpected."

"I see your point," Mom said.

In my opinion, Dad was absolutely right, right about all of it. Right then, all I could think about was Wes. He consumed my every thought. But I started to wonder, what if Dads' right? What if it's just a temporary boy crush brought on by our raging hormones? What if we grow apart? What if I lose interest in him? What if he loses interest in me? I just knew that I'd regret it for the rest of my life if I didn't try and do what my heart was telling me.

"Think about it a minute, Mabel," Dad continued as he tried to talk some sense into her. "Was what Henry did illegal or immoral? No! He had a Father/Son `talk' about boys and their sexual maturing process. It's something every parent should do. It's something I did with Seth, but with him, he was older and he was mature enough to handle it. Embarrassingly enough, in some ways, he knew more about sex than I did. Perhaps Wes wasn't mature enough, back when he was in the fifth grade. We as parents don't always have the luxury of doing things when we want to do them. In Henry's case, he had no choice. Wes was curious at a very young age, and so his dad made the decision to give Wes the `talk' at that time, in hopes that he would understand how to handle the information. Henry felt that it was far better to let Wes hear it from him rather than from someone else who might misinform him or take advantage of his innocence."

"It's hard being a parent," Mom confessed.

"Sure it is," Dad revealed. "As parents, the decision to be practicing naturists is a tough concept to defend, but it's not illegal or immoral. It's a choice they made as parents. In fact, I've found it to be remarkably fulfilling. Under different circumstances, I may have made the same decision. It breaks down barriers and promotes self-awareness and freedom of expression. And, as for what Wes did at school, that's just plain normal. At the age that Wes was in the fifth grade, he just wanted to share something magical about their bodies with other kids close to his same age. That's been going on since the days of Adam and Eve. Learning about sex and growing up is an ongoing process that continues long past the initial Father/Son `talk'. It's a process that involves talking with friends, sharing dirty stories, and I know you don't like this part but, sexual experimentation!"

"You've got that right, I certainly don't like that part of it at all," Mom said. "Although, since he's already done it and gotten away with it, I doubt he'll want to stop now. You may be right about all of it. You really are a good father, Frank. Seth is blessed to have you, and frankly, so am I. Do you want me to bring you up anything?"

"No, I'm fine, thanks," he politely indicated. "If you still need time to think, take as long as you need. Meet you upstairs when you're ready to come up, you'll know where I'll be."

Mom told me once that the secret to marriage was to not go to bed angry at each other. That was one of the things that Mom said she found endearing about Dad. I suppose that's one of the reasons they stayed married for as long as they had. Nevertheless, things still change. Even though Mom and Dad had been working through the divorce, long before the camping trip, they still slept in the same room every night to keep up appearances for my sake. Now that everything is mostly out in the open, they don't sleep in the same room anymore. I'm not sure they fully realize that I know Dad's been sleeping in the guest room, but they still act like everything is mostly unchanged. Even when they don't know I'm listening, they're keeping things like that, totally to themselves. That's okay, I guess I kind of like it that way, that is until Dad and I move out.

Now that Mom and Dad's conversation was essentially over, I closed my door and stripped naked to go to bed. I turned off the lights and flopped on top of the covers. I picked up my cell phone and reviewed the pictures that Wes and I took of each other at his house earlier. I had taken five pictures of Wes, and Wes took seven pictures of me. All the pictures were on my cell phone since Wes's dad had taken Wes's phone away from him. I was going to have to print out all the pictures in the morning so Wes and I could at least have some hard copies of each other that we would always have, even if Mom should decide to take my phone away from me next.

Of course, all the pictures we took of each other were nude since we thought nothing of being naked at the time we took them. One picture that I took of Wes was of him being his typical flirty self. It was a particularly sexy and provocative pose that made me pop a boner as I looked at it more closely in my aroused state. I wrapped my fist around my throbbing dick, and without even thinking about it, I began to stroke it ever so slowly as I fixated on Wes's image.

I couldn't be with Wes in person because of Mom and Mr. Léger's ideals, and now I couldn't even talk to Wes on the phone because of his dad thinking Wes was irresponsible. The five pictures I took of Wes and the selfie that Wes sent to me were all I had of my boyfriend to see me through the night.

As I stared at Wes's picture on my phone, I was reminded of the blowjobs we had given each other earlier and how Wes could summon the sperm out of my balls like a magician, making me cum at will. I found myself stroking my cock much faster as I built up a head of steam, almost boiling over with my yearning for my absent mate. As I realized I couldn't have Wes physically, my mind began to wander.

Then my thoughts turned to someone I could have. I began to imagine that I was sitting next to Ruben, watching porn videos together as we had done so many times in the past. I was visualizing him naked and reaching across to stroke me. I'd never given much thought to how attractive and sexy Ruben was until I realized I might have lost him for good. He also had a way of drawing the cum out of me when we jacked each other together, trying to make each other cum at the same time.

I now realized that there was a strategy to that way of thinking. I always felt that if I came first, I would lose all interest and I wouldn't want to finish him off alone. I just think that was a mechanism to protect myself from getting too attached to him. I missed Ruben a lot. I missed his friendship, I missed his access to his brother's porn stash, and I missed being intimate with my very good friend. But I didn't love him. Not in the same way I loved Wes, in spite of knowing Ruben for three years and Wes for only three days. Then, when I realized, I might not even have Ruben to fall back on, my thoughts strayed far into left field and turned to Carey of all people.

"Shit, Seth," I said to myself. "You're so horny you're getting desperate, dude!"

Even so, being fully aware of all his annoying attributes, there was something there that was hidden deep inside. There were certain things that Carey asked that revealed something hidden and provocative far under the skin. I hadn't even seen Carey naked, but somehow, that made him more alluring because I could let my imagination go hog wild, fantasizing about that which remained unseen.

Then I imagined that he was in my room, doing a sensual striptease act for me, revealing a body that rivaled Ruben's, and even Wes's.

I wondered if Carey's freaky, weird-ass dad was right about me. Maybe I would end up corrupting his innocent little boy. Somehow, that thought got me hot and I felt my blistering fluids kick into high gear as my train raced headlong into the station, totally out of control. I dropped my phone, losing sight of Wes's image as I arched my back and curled my toes. My train hit the station at full speed and my engine crashed into the barriers, splattering my creamy load of hot boy juice in every direction. It was a spectacular orgasm as the fantasies of all three boys contributed to its greatness.

But a few moments later, a wave of guilt came over me. Had I inadvertently cheated on Wes? I don't know if it's considered cheating if it only happens in the privacy of one's own thoughts and fantasies. I was confused and sad and uncertain of my future as I fell asleep, naked and lying on top of my sheets, covered in cum, contemplating the meaning of it all.

The following day, I had what I used to consider, a typically normal type day. It consisted of waking up, taking a shower, getting dressed, skipping breakfast and going straight to school. Now that I've met Wes, I doubt I'll ever have a typically normal type day ever again. I noticed that everything I did was like I was running on auto pilot. Several times throughout the day, something would happen or I would hear a noise and suddenly have no idea where I was or even how I even got there.

During third period class, it had gotten so quiet that I drifted off into a hot and sexy lucid daydream. I imagined that Wes and I were back at the campgrounds and were revisiting `The Lake of Ecstasy'. We were stroking each other just under the placid waterline and enjoying the peaceful serenity of the lake when the bell rang. It startled me to the core, and for a moment, I became so disoriented that I actually believed that I had forgotten to get dressed and had come to school naked. My face turned red from embarrassment as I looked down to realize I was fully dressed after all. Even so, I discovered that my erotic daydream of Wes had given me a raging boner. I had gotten so hot that my cock had begun to leak a fairly large amount of precum and it had already soaked through my clothes, creating a glaringly apparent wet spot on my jeans. I remained seated until most of the room emptied out and then stood up and carried my books in front my crotch as I tried to slip past the teacher and remaining students, unnoticed.

As I arrived at my fourth period class, I tried to coax down my persistent boner without success. Just as the bell rang, signaling the class to begin, Wes walked in. I couldn't believe my eyes. For a moment, I thought I was hallucinating from the obsessive thoughts I'd been having about him. A thousand questions crossed my mind and a wave of overwhelming emotions consumed me. There was no way now that I was going to get rid of my boner. Wes sat down at the only remaining seat across the room from me and the teacher immediately sat at the edge of his desk and opened his book to begin his lecture for the duration of the class.

"Who is the new kid?" I boldly blurted out.

"Oh yes," Mr. Langley said. "Thanks for reminding me, Seth. I forgot all about that. Class, I'd like for you to welcome our new transfer student, Wesley Hauser. Please make him feel at home."

As the class responded in typical teenage fashion, Wes smiled as he looked around the room to accept their welcoming whispers. When Wes looked at me, his face went blank as his brain locked, trying to assimilate and process the unexpected sight. I smiled broadly as our eyes met, communicating volumes of unspoken words across the seemingly unbearable distance between us.

Of course, the distressing thing was, at school, Wes and I couldn't talk during class. The teacher had called him a transfer student. That meant he wasn't just visiting. I got chills. I was excited beyond words that Wes was even there, but I was in agony knowing we couldn't be ourselves at all. There could be no nudity. There could be no kissing. There could be no touching and hugging. There could be no talking about sex or our relationship as a couple. There could be no sex games or pranks like spying on people in the bathroom or watching the after school teams use the showers. But at least we could see each other and talk between class and during our lunch break as long as we were careful and watched what we said.

As fourth period concluded, I was awake, alert, and in good spirits, simply because I was in the same room with Wes. The next thing on the schedule was lunch. As the bell rang, I rushed to meet up with Wes outside as I was anxious to talk to him about this newest development. Wes stood by the door for me. Once we connected, we headed for the cafeteria line together. As we stood in line to buy our lunch, we kept our conversation neutral as we discussed the day's food choices and what looked good. I was dying to find out what had happened and if we had any other classes together. We sat side by side at my favorite table, the one that was private and far enough away from the noisy crowds, prying eyes and eavesdropping ears.

"Well, they're not Wes's famous spaghetti tacos, but it'll do" I said. "Did something happen after we left last night?"

"No," Wes confessed. "But the school principal called early this morning and talked to Dad. She recommended that I transfer schools and we all agreed it would be for the best. Dad didn't see any reason to put it off and asked if I knew what school you went to. I remembered that we exchanged information last night and ran to my room to get the page. It was a brilliant idea. I thought it would take days to transfer, but as soon as the principal of this school talked to the bitch at my old school, he just made it happen."

The one beautiful piece of irony in all this was, because of Mr. Léger's lust for power, his greedy meddling sent his investigator to Wes's school, forcing Wes to have to change schools again, only to have Wes end up in the same class with me. No restraining order that Mom and Mr. Léger could place on Wes now was going to be able to keep us apart.

"In other words, the bitch kicked you out!" I said with disgust in my voice. "I know it's a long drive from your house to here though. How are you getting back and forth?"

"Dad," Wes said with reservation. "Getting here in the morning won't be much of a problem, but I'll have to wait a while after school for him. I can just hang out until he comes. No big deal."

"Sounds like a big deal to me," I said with empathy.

"Seth, I don't want to rock the boat," Wes explained. "I'm willing to endure having to wait for Dad if it means I get to go to the same school with you." Then Wes lowered his voice to where only I could hear him. "I realized last night after you left, how much I really love you. The idea that they might try and keep us apart made me sick. I mean, literally sick. I threw up and everything. Dad didn't realize how much you meant to me until last night. I love you, Seth."

"I'm so excited that you're here, Wes. I love you too," I whispered back. "I'll work it out with Dad so I can stay with you after school each day until your dad comes to get you. How does that sound?"

"Are you sure your parents are going to let you do that?" Wes questioned.

"I'll make sure they do," I said with confidence. "Let me see... that would be almost eight hours a week more that we could spend together than we could before."

"Sounds great," Wes said, smiling and perking up considerably. "I thought for sure that I was going to have to spend hours alone, not knowing anybody and not having anything to do."

Just then, Ruben spotted me and saw that I wasn't sitting alone as usual. I know that his curiosity was piqued when he noticed I was sitting very closely to someone that he'd never seen at school before. He boldly walked over to our table and before I had a chance to introduce Wes to him, Ruben introduced himself.

"Hi Seth," Ruben said in greeting. Then he looked over at Wes, set his lunch down on the table and sat down next to him and smiled broadly. "Hi stranger, I'm Ruben, Ruben Briggs. What's your name?"

It was almost as if he were purposely hitting on my boyfriend, with me sitting just three feet away.

"I'm Wesley Hauser, but everyone calls me Wes!" he answered.

"Oh, you must be Seth's bo... best friend from the campground," Ruben chattered. "He's told me all about you!"

As Ruben said that, Wes looked coldly into my eyes and then looked back at Ruben before he responded.

"Did he?" Wes said sounding surprised. "Cool! Only good stuff, I hope."

"Sure," Ruben answered as he smiled. "He was telling me all about how you two got hooked up on your campout!" Ruben looked over at me to make sure I was as uncomfortable as he hoped I'd be. "Did he tell you anything about me?" Ruben baited.

"Yeah," Wes answered. "He did. He said you and him were good buddies."

"We are, or were," Ruben said, sounding a bit worried.

"Are!" I said a bit too forcefully. "We still are!"

"I know how it is. Three's a crowd, right?" Ruben said, looking sad. "So how come you're here at our school? Are you two living together already?"

"No," Wes answered before I could. "I had to transfer schools, so I chose this one."

"Oh, I see. Did you get caught smoking in the boys' bathroom or something?" Ruben joked.

"Or something," Wes answered to deflect his curiosity. "And three's not always a crowd. It depends on who the three are and how they get along together, right?"

That set Ruben's mind reeling. I could see he choked back whatever smart ass comment he had in mind to say and looked at me instead.

"What do you think about that, Seth?" Ruben questioned. "Do you think that three's a crowd?"

"Ruben...! Wes...! Listen to me," I firmly said as I let my frustrations out. "Let's stop the weird shit right here. Ruben, I was upset that you took off all mad and pissy yesterday. I like you as a friend and we've had some great times together. I don't want our friendship to end. Maybe you thought we were more than friends. If so, I'm sorry. Wes is my boyfriend. That isn't gonna change. I think it would be great if the three of us could all be friends. I want that to happen. You'll like Wes if you get to know him. If you two can both be cool with that, then I'm cool with it. Wes already knows what we've done together. I told him all about the videos and stuff, so it's not a big secret. If you're over here hoping to make him jealous, you can stop it right now. I'm all his and he's all mine!"

"Okay. I get it. I'm sorry," Ruben said as his lip quivered. He paused and looked away to compose himself. Then he forced himself to speak. "Friends would be cool, I guess."

"Okay, let's hang out sometime then." I said, trying to close the subject.

"Great. I'm looking forward to it. I love hanging out. You never know what might... pop up... when you hang out with a couple of hot guys, right?" Wes innocently flirted and smirked. "That old saying should go, `one's lonely... two's CUM-pany... and three's a threesome'."

We all laughed. "You're impossible," I said, smacking Wes in the arm. He just grinned and winked at me. Ruben snickered and stood up to dismiss himself.

"See you guys later then, I guess," Ruben said, feeling a little awkward.

He left with a smile however, and I felt so much better having nipped a potential disaster in the bud. Ruben wasn't mad, at least not anymore and Wes seemed cool with him. I think Wes just needed to hear me state our relationship clearly to Ruben so he didn't feel threatened by him. I had no doubt that we'd all end up hanging out and naked together before long.

"He's a case, isn't he? I think he thought that you two were a lot more than just jack-off buddies. Do you think I'm right?" Wes said, summing up the obvious.

"Definitely! I think that's why he got all pissed off about me and you hooking up. I flat out told him there could be no more sex stuff between us and he just ran off."

"Mr. Brutally Honest strikes again," Wes teased. "If you ever dump me, be kind, okay?"

"I ain't never dumping you, baby," I confirmed. "So you can permanently erase that thought from your mind. You'll have to dump me if you ever want to get rid of me. And even if you do, I won't make it easy for you. So let's not talk about this anymore."

"Okay. So... has anything changed at your house?" Wes asked.

"A little bit," I answered. "Actually, I might have some good news."

"All right, dish it," Wes insisted.

"When Dad and I got home, Mom sent me to my room and she and Dad had it out downstairs," I said as I recounted all the juicy details. "That Léger guy had his investigator follow us and he like tattled on us to Mom that we had gone to your house last night. That's what started the fight. Mom knew that we'd gone there. I stayed where I could listen in, and Dad let her have it straight out. He told her that her boyfriend had no damn business following us like we were criminals or something. Oh man, was Dad ever pissed."

"Your dad had every right to be pissed, Wes agreed. "That's messed up. That friend of your mom's is a real asshole all right. If we end up spending time around him, we'll surely have some serious issues. It could get really nasty."

"I know. Dad really did some straight talking to Mom and she was kind of agreeing with him toward the end. I've never seen my mom so wishy-washy before. Since this all started, Mr. Léger would talk to her, and in the end, she would agree with him. Then Dad would talk to her, and at the end, she would agree with Dad. I really don't get why she's so into this guy. There's got to be more to it than what meets the eye. As far as I could see, he's just a straight up ass. I really think he's got her brainwashed and that church that they go to has both of them brainwashed. Maybe it's a cult and not a church at all!"

The bell rang to signal the end of lunch and we still had so much to tell each other.

"Well, I'd love to keep visiting, but I've got to get to class now," Wes said.

"Keep me informed on what's happening at your place and I'll let you know what's going on at mine." I said, feeling unhappy that our brief time together was over so soon.

"Cool," Wes exclaimed. "I better get going. I have to find the `C' Building for English next."

I wanted to pull him into me and kiss him, but I couldn't do that in the lunch area, so we bumped knuckles instead. Our smiles did all the talking. As he walked away, I watched his cute, tight little ass taunt me as it swayed from side to side.

"Hey, Wes," I called out. He turned and looked back. "C Building is out that door." I said as I pointed in the opposite direction.

He snapped his fingers, did an about face and changed directions, giving me a second opportunity to watch his sensuous ass again.

I was disappointed that he didn't show up in any more of my classes. I kicked myself for not arranging a meeting place for after school. I checked all over to locate him after school, but I never found him before I had to go.

When I got home, Dad's car was gone again. I wondered where he was. I heard Mom talking on the phone from upstairs in her room. She apparently didn't know I was home because she made no attempt to speak softer or hang up. I crept toward her room and listened.

"Gordon, I understand that," she said, half agreeing, and half arguing.


"I know... I know..."


"But I'm not willing to risk my relationship with Seth."


"I'm not saying that."


"Of course there has to be rules and discipline, but didn't the Lord invite all people to come unto him?"


"He didn't rule with a sword. What about free will?"


I thought it was going well, until she said something that made me want to scream.

"You can't expect Seth and Wes to be as perfect as Carey," She commented without knowing what she was talking about. "He's had the benefit of your influence his whole life and the influence of the church."

Her boyfriend had everyone so convinced that his son was some kind of saint who never jacked-off or had an impure thought in his life, but I knew better. I continued to listen as Mom took the bull by the horns.

"I don't see any other way."


"If you and Carey can't coexist with Seth and Wes, then it isn't going to work."


"I love you, but I love my son more."

I was excited. It sounded like she'd made her decision and delivered the knockout punch.

"That's worth a try..."


"Do you really think you can accomplish something like that in just one weekend?"

Alarms went off in my head. This was a development that didn't sound at all good. Jerkface Léger was plotting something underhanded.

"If you honestly think so, then I think it's a wonderful idea."


"You can spend some time together with the boys and see if you think it can work."


"All right, I trust your judgment. Just don't expect too much for one weekend."




"You'll know if you have a chance to influence them to live a righteous life or if it's not worth even trying."


"I'm sure you can help them if anyone can."


"I love you."

I was horrified and grossed out when she said that. I needed to talk to Wes and warn him about what Mom and Mr. Léger were planning. I wondered what Dad would think of it. A whole weekend of getting brainwashed by Gordon Léger sounded like cruel and unusual punishment.

Just then I heard Dad pull up into the driveway and I acted as if I just got home.

"I'm home," I called out so Mom could hear me and I walked up the stairs.

"Seth is home now, I've got to go."


"Okay, see you this weekend then... Bye!"

I heard Mom end her conversation and I went into my room. A few moments later, I heard Dad walk in and he called out his arrival.

"I'm home," Dad announced. Then I heard him come up the stairs, go into the bedroom with Mom, and close the door.

With the door closed, I couldn't hear what they were talking about, so I flopped on my bed and let my mind wander for a few minutes. As usual, my mind centered on Wes and I started feeling horny as I often do when my mind wanders like this. Then, someone knocked on my door, pulling me back to reality.

"It's open!" I called out.

Dad slowly pushed the door open and peered in. "Are you dressed?"

"Of course," I laughed. "I'm not a total nude monger yet."

"A nude monger?" Dad asked with confusion.

"Yeah, you know... a promoter of nudity!" I clarified.

"Oh, I see," Dad said.

"Do you?" I questioned.

"Yeah, I get it," he stated. "You're waiting for the days when you can prance around the house in the buff with Wes and the rest of us in our new home."

"Oh, so you do get it!" I smiled.

"Well, that day is not today," Dad said. "Your mom has arranged for you and Wes to spend the weekend with Carey at Gordon's house so you all can get to know each other better."

"I don't want to get to know them better," I huffed. "I just want Mr. Léger and his creepy son to disappear."

"Seth," Dad explained. "If you want us and the Hauser's to live together in a new house, you're going to have to make peace with the Léger's. If we all find a way to coexist, we'll eventually get what we want."

"Eventually?" Seth groaned. "But Dad!"

"That's how it is Son," he stated. "So often in life, we have to work for what we want. For you, that's learning how to get along with the Léger's. Got it?"

"Got it,"

"Okay then," Dad said forcing a smile. "Good luck!"

End of Chapter #12

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