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The Father and Son Outing

By Paul S. Stevens, Hans Schreiber & Flip McHooter

Chapter #15

"I'll ask you kids again," the boisterous minister bellowed, his voice reverberating off the walls, shaking all of us to the core. "What In Gods Name Is Going On In Here? Carey, why, for the love of Jesus, did you have that boy's private parts in your mouth? Why do all of you boys have each other's private parts in your mouths?"

"Dad, we were just..."

"You were taking great delight in it. Don't bother to deny it. I could see it with my own two eyes. Do you not know that you were sinning? Sinning against God! That's right. That's exactly what you were doing! Yes sir, sinning against God, our Heavenly creator. Each and every one of you was sinning in the eyes of the Lord. You're just asking for hellfire and damnation to befall you. Are you aware of that?"

He seemed like a giant when he spoke, pointing at us as he accused each one of us personally.

"Yes sir, but," Carey responded weakly.

The rest of us remained petrified with fear, not wanting to incur any additional wrath from this towering giant of religious condemnation.

"You boys are... unclean," he thundered as his voice seemed to drop an octave. You are filth! That's right, all of you. You're each filthy, deceitful, sexual deviants. I have told you repeatedly that God loathes fornicators and sodomites. You boys will never enter into the Kingdom of Glory if you continue committing these horrendous sins. Carey, my own flesh and blood, what's wrong with you? Have I not taught you the ways of the lord? Is this the kind of example you've decided to extend to our guests? Have I been remiss in my duties as a good father and teacher of the lord?"

"No sir. You've been a good father and teacher," Carey pleaded.

"Then why do you mock me?" he growled as spoke in a double voice, as if he and the devil joined forces to speak through Gordon with a forked tongue.

As Mr. LéLoon got more wound up, he seemed to become possessed, taking on the qualities and personality of deity, albeit, a false one.

"I don't. I mean... it's just that..." Carey said as he cowered and trembled on the floor with the rest of us.

"Do you not know that evil wrongdoers such as yourselves cannot inherit the glorious Kingdom of Heaven?" he asked, interrupting whatever Carey had to say. "This is the most grievous abomination you could perform, especially in my home, a sanctuary for the word of God."

We were all speechless and frozen by our own fear, or maybe it was self-doubt. No one could move, let alone talk. I desperately wanted to look at Wes, not only for some need of comfort, but for some idea that we were doing the right thing and were going to get out of this scary mess in one piece. Before I could do that, Mr. LéPriest started to rant and rave once again, picking up where he left off, this time shaking his fists up in the air and making unusual gestures that seemed to grip us to the core.

"And God said unto the masses: Do you not know that evildoers and wrongdoers will not enter the kingdom of God? I say, boys, do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor `Men Who Have Sex With Men' nor the greedy nor drunkards will inherit the kingdom of God. You're lives, not only here on earth, but in the divine afterlife, are in moral jeopardy! Don't you understand how grave this situation is? Flee from all sexual immorality. The bible says, all sins a person commits are outside the body, but whoever sins sexually, sins against their own body. Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own! You were bought at a price. Therefore, you must honor God with your bodies like all good and righteous men do."

My dick and balls had shriveled and shrunk to microscopic size as if we had just stepped out of a cold, frigid pool. I took a quick look around and saw that Wes, Ruben, and Carey were in the same boat. I was scared beyond belief. I thought that being scared and getting a rush of adrenaline was the reason we were boned to the hilt, but I now realized that it just wasn't so. At the time, we were just horny and cocky from believing that we had Mr. LéDildo over a barrel. Now that we were deep within our captor's control, there was nothing sexy about it.

Carey's dad seemed to be able to speak in an endless monotone prattle without stopping to take a breath, emphasized by his devil-speak. His repetitive body gestures seemed to captivate me, and I zoned out as everything became a blur. Then I saw a bright light. At first, I thought he was holding a flashlight in his hand, but then I started to believe that I was seeing the heavenly light of the Holy Spirit as chills raced through my petrified body.

We had all agreed that we would dismiss anything that Mr. LéPreacher had to say, yet it was somehow affecting me deeply. It wasn't so much his words that had me spellbound; it was more like a physical manifestation. I might even describe it as being hypnotized or charmed.

Then he seamlessly delivered the hook. It defied all logic, yet for some reason, I felt compelled to believe it, and I was even ready to put all my faith into it. He had me believing that, what he was saying was a necessary step in the path of forgiveness.

"There is only one way to get back into God's good graces," Mr. LéLiar proclaimed. "I offer my body to you in the name of the lord so you may know him. You must drink from my divine spigot of redemption and consume the cleansing fluids from within my holy spout. Then, and only then can you be saved!"

"You mean, suck your cock?" Carey defiantly asked.

His father simply gave his son a piercingly dirty look and then continued.

"I am just a messenger of God, and as a messenger of God, I guarantee, on the Holy Scriptures, you will come to the Savior eventually. Either that, or you'll surely meet with your demise in the fiery depths of hell. It's your choice!"

Once Mr. LéPedo had delivered his rant, his enigmatic oration had me convinced that we were all in the presence of the almighty and were about to be judged, compelling me to seek absolution at any cost. The logic that, somehow, we could cleanse our souls and obtain this absolution by rushing to his side to suck his divine faucet of forgiveness as our sacrosanct penance seemed sublimely convincing. His deific words were highly hypnotic and I found myself seriously considering heeding his instructions. Also, his dire warning was a strong and persuasive incentive to cooperate.

I looked over at my friends and found that I was not alone. They all looked pale and white as ghosts and their eyes were transfixed and riveted under this man's invocations. This beast from pedophile hell had an undeniable talent for placing a hold on us that was difficult, if not impossible to overcome. He seemed to have a genuine power that could only come from dark side.

I thought about our videos that were recording the events so far and decided that, it was too soon to stop them and spring our surprise. Outside of scaring us to death, he still hadn't done anything wrong. We needed a lot more proof against him if we were going to put Mr. LéDouche out of the pedophile business, once and for all.

I didn't fully understand what was going on with me and why I was so conflicted. Even Carey, who had gone through this with his father on countless occasions, seemed just as deeply affected as the rest of us. He didn't say anything about his dad having the ability to exercise mind control. After all, this guy was just a man, and what he was reciting were only words. Maybe, this time, he was channeling some higher power. I had no idea, and I didn't really care one way or the other. But, whatever was going on, Wes, Ruben, Carey and I had fallen into his criminal clutches and I was quickly losing my ability to stay focused. I felt my willpower being ripped away from me, piece by piece, and my grasp on reality gradually slipped into another world altogether.

It was now apparent how this criminal architect had gotten away with this travesty for so long. He had the ability to turn his unwilling victims into eager participants, full heartedly believing that this false prophet's commands were preordained. He honestly believed he was a messenger of the lord, taking it upon himself to cleanse the world of the un-clean, satisfying his own sexual lusting for `naughty boys' at the same time. Way back in the far corner of my mind, I knew he was dead wrong, but my body said otherwise. I had never felt so scared, and so conflicted in my entire life.

Mr. LéSlime, who clearly saw in our eyes that we were fully ready to be controlled and had succumb to his twisted will, removed his one-piece sacramental robe with great fanfare to reveal his gross naked body underneath. He didn't even take his eyes off of us to notice the device that was cleverly hidden within the pile of our clothes as he tossed his realistic looking wardrobe into the corner. His disregarded robe came within inches of covering Ruben's cell phone, which was still miraculously capturing the drama still unfolding in front of it. The bile was rising in my throat, and I really wanted to puke, but like anything else, I couldn't will myself to do it.

Just as I had pictured what Satan himself, standing in front of me would look like, Mr. LéGross's naked sweat-covered body filled the ticket. He was covered with thick, dark hair that sprouted from the top of his head to the tips of his fury toes as he stood unwaveringly in front of us. He spread his feet wide apart, steadfastly planted squarely on the floor. He proudly sported a very large and stout boner that was solidly hanging in wait for the action to begin as it hauntingly bounced up and down to the rhythm of his pulsating libido. It was gross, throbbing and bulging with enlarged spider-like veins, and his sagging, pendulous balls looked like hairy, rotting gourds. I was almost afraid that if he shoved that gross thing in my mouth, I'd be sick and unable to eat for a week.

He had us right where he wanted us as he slipped into his comfort zone. I felt hopelessly drawn into his world, unable to fight back. I hated this feeling, and even though I tried to fight it off, my failure to rise above the situation and come to the aid of my friends made me feel like a coward.

Gordon called upon his son, Carey, to be the first one of our group to start off his unscrupulous penance. I'm sure he did that so he could use his son as an example to the rest of us. It was exactly what Carey told us he would do. I couldn't believe that, even though our efforts were being controlled, the series of events so far were still somewhat going according to plan.

Carey crawled on his knees to his dad, who was standing in the doorway. With his eyes and face wet with tears, he put his arms around his dad's legs as he drew his dad's big, fat, hot and hairy cock into his repulsed teenage mouth. Carey sucked and gagged on his dad's heavy tool as he gently pulled on his dad's legs and hairy ass cheeks to subtly coax him further into the room for the sake of the videos being recorded on our cameras. Once Carey had sufficiently started things off, his dad summarily dismissed him.

"Get off me, boy," he seethed. "There's someone else here who is in dire need of being saved."

He eyed my boyfriend lecherously and looked at me with wretched loathing.

"I'm afraid that I'm the only one who can teach this sinner to seek the road to repentance."

Carey slid away as Mr. LéNasty moved anxiously toward his prize.

It was Wes that he was really after. He was Gordon's gold ring, his winning ticket. All this time, I thought it was me he wanted. He just used my mom, to get to me, so he could ultimately get to Wes. I felt so used. I thought about grabbing one of Carey's heavy trophies from his dresser to use on Gordon to keep him away from my boyfriend, but I just couldn't move. I felt so defeated, I wanted to cry, but that wouldn't save Wes or the rest of us either, so I concentrated on breaking free from my illusive and unexplainable captivity.

From the time that Mr. LéWicked had hired his private investigator to spy on Wes and I, the information that this private lackey brought back about Wes's sordid past, ignited Gordon's interest. I could only imagine him salivating with carnal delight as he looked over the pictures of us, together and the naked selfie his lackey had dubiously obtained. Carey had told us that troubled boys were his dad's favorite, and Wes had a remarkably troubled past indeed. According to Carey, that turned his father on like no one else had done in a very long time. That just confirmed the fact that we were dealing with a very dangerous, `public enemy number one' pedophile. He had to be taken down, all the way down to the ground, and if I could just pull off a rescue, our videos could do the rest.

And as our videos came to the forefront of my mind again, I decided that this was a good time to spring the trap, unfortunately, as I prepared to give the signal to Wes and Ruben to implement our plan, I discovered that, no matter how hard I tried to move, I was still physically restricted. I flew into a panic. I was essentially paralyzed with irrational fear. Our strategy did not have a contingency plan for such an unexpected event, and that scared the crap out of me.

If Mr. LéDoom had come after me next, I may have very well became yet another willing victim in a long line of willing victims from Gordon's charmed past. But, as he brushed his son, Carey aside, he started to go after the one thing in my life that I was willing to risk my own life for. Very much like the compromised condition I found myself in, Wes was dazed and confused and very obviously unable to defend himself. That's when I started to fight my way back to reality. I wasn't about to let that monster manhandle my boyfriend, partner and lover. The thought of Wes being forced to swallow that dick's cock was unacceptable to me. No one was going to make Wes suck their cock as long as I had anything to say about it.

I started to feel myself get angry and my heart rate increased. My teeth clenched, my ass puckered and I started to ball up my fists. My blood was starting to boil. I am normally a calm and loving person at heart, but this kind of anger was something I've never experienced before. That supreme anger took over my entire body and it was exactly what I needed to make myself come to my senses. It was as if I had been put into a powerful trance and I had to fight my way back to reality with every bit of strength I could muster. I felt dazed and groggy at first as I fought even harder to overcome it. It was like I was waking up from a drug induced stupor, not really knowing what I was doing. Wes was in terrible trouble. I was worried that Wes would fall pray to this bastard and scared to death that I couldn't do anything about it. I needed to snap out of it right now if I was going to be able to come to his rescue before that heretic could violate my lover.

"You're next, my little troubled delinquent," Mr. LéOgre sneered as his eyes turned red with unbridled lust, focusing all his attention on Wes.

When I looked at this false prophet of God, standing before us, what I saw was a gross, ugly man with a cock that was equally repulsive. His bulging veins were fat and un-natural, throbbing with every beat of his lecherous heart. His sick, evil secretions were starting to drip and ooze from the tip of his Devil stick like molten lava slowly overflowing from the mouth of a volcano.

He grabbed my boyfriend by the arm and pulled him over toward him like a tired and used rag doll. Then he spun Wes's semi-limp body around so Wes's sweet ass could face him. Next, he placed Wes into a breeder's position, on all fours. He even forced his legs apart in a dominating manner as to get a wide open view of my lover's tight rosebud. Gordon now had Wes's vulnerable bubble butt right where he wanted it. Gordon's eyes dilated as he drooled at Wes's tight, pink hole. Mr. LéJuicy's dripping dick twitched with glee, and without another word, he yanked Wes's sexy ass into his despicable hairy crotch. He rubbed his gross cock up and down the crack of my boyfriend's cheeks, playing a game of erotic anticipation with him. His lustful expression grew as he readied himself to take the plunge and violate Wes's boyhood innocence.

With Wes's impending violation, our hidden videos once again escaped my thoughts and I put all my attention on one word. `Rescue'! That single minded goal helped me to overcome these invisible shackles and save my proverbial ingénue. I doubled my efforts to rally myself into action. I could never, and would never give up on my sweet, beloved Wes.

I tried to will my body to move, but it was no use. I still didn't have full access to my faculties yet. I looked into Wes's eyes, and unfortunately, he had a blank, far-off look on his face. It was clear to me that he had no mental cognition as to what was about to happen to him. It was obvious he had shut-down. I looked at Ruben next, and he was exhibiting the same blank stare that seemed to have imprisoned all of us into its grasp. Only Carey knew what was about to happen next, but he had cold, silent tears running down his cheeks as he lost all hope that his newly acquired friends could be saved. I figured he was now stuck in some dark place that he just couldn't escape from. That further confirmed in my mind that, if anyone was going to save our asses, it was going to have to be me. I felt my ears get hot as my growing fury rose to the surface. I had to pull it together, no matter what. Then I felt a small surge of energy trickle through me as the ability to move began to return. It was only a small amount and not enough to mount an attack on a full grown adult all by myself.

I watched as Mr. LéPenis pressed his cock up against Wes's anal entrance, lining himself up to plunge and plunder my baby's defenseless and tender backside.

Wes's eyes widened as the scary sensation of Mr. LéPecker's hideous cock got lined up just outside the gateway of his back door. It was then that he finally started to become aware of his situation and started coming to his senses. Then, a look of sheer panic spread across his face as he too realized he couldn't will himself to move.

"Holy crap," Wes exclaimed. "Help!"

Wes's panicked appeal for help affected me so profoundly that, it gave me the rush of adrenaline I desperately needed to allow me to break free from my prison and finally take action. Wes hadn't yet been violated, so ready or not, it was now or never!

"Nooooo!" I yelled at the top of my lungs as I made a swift, flying leap towards the two bodies that were perfect stationary targets in front of me.

I bounded over Wes, plowing body-first into Mr. LéBully's big-fat head, throwing Wes's body clear and out of harms way. I ended up pushing Gordon's nasty body backwards and hard onto the floor, landing on top of him with the majority of my weight on his head.

"What the Fuck!" barked the muffled voice of my opponent from under my belly.

If I didn't get this sick, madman neutralized right away, I was going to be Mr. LéRevenge's next target.

Shaking like never before, I sat up on his belly, almost too close to his disgusting, dripping dick, and was about to start pounding him into oblivion when he bellowed in his loudest voice.

"I'm going to remove your balls and bury them in the basement along with your wicked, perverted bodies, you fucking shit for brains," he spat as his face turned red with rage. "All of you!"

As Mr. LéThreat reached for my throat, he wrapped his large, scratchy, dry hands around my neck and pushed his thumbs into my airways, nearly crushing my Adam's apple. I started to choke as I felt myself begin to get lightheaded. He clenched his teeth as I saw the murderous intent in his eyes. I struggled against his overwhelming strength without success.

Just before I felt myself leave my earthly body behind, Wes came out of nowhere and clocked Gordon on the side of the head with one of Carey's trophies, the very one I had my eye on, back when I couldn't move. Gordon's eyes rolled back into his scull and his powerful hands released me as his arms fell to his side. Wes then dropped the trophy on the floor as I sucked in a deep breath. I looked down onto Gordon's motionless body and realized he was out cold.

"What the fuck?" Wes gasped. "Did I just kill him? I must have hit him a little too hard. He had it coming. There's no way that he was gonna mess with my boyfriend and not feel the consequences. Are you okay?"

"Yeah, thanks for the assist. He almost did me in. How about you? Are you okay?"

We were so concerned for each other, we were almost in tears.

"Yeah," he stammered. "He didn't get it in me, thanks to you."

"Thank God!" I declared. "Now that we've neutralized this douche bag, it's time to send our videos. Hurry, I didn't know how long this asswipe is going to be out. He may wake up at any second. If he does, we're all going to be toast."

As I barked out my orders, I watched the guys shake off their grogginess as they began to run around the room, stopping, and then sending the videos to their respective contacts.

"Someone, please do mine, too," I asked as I continued to sit on Gordon's unconscious body.

I took a quick look at the guys scattered about the room as they quietly engaged in the operation at hand. I took a close look at Mr. LéButthole, and I was relieved that he was still out cold, but breathing normally. I didn't appear that he was bleeding anywhere, at least from my point of view.

"Is he dead?" Carey asked.

"No. Just out cold," I answered. "Wes must have hit him a little too hard with your trophy, so I don't know how long we'll be out."

"That's good, I guess" Rueben said quietly. "At least he's not dead. I wouldn't want us to be associated with murdering someone, even if it is this slimeball. Sorry Carey. So what are we going to do with him now? When he comes too, we can't let him get loose. If he wakes up, he might murder us."

"We need to tie him up," I said, taking charge. "Then we can drag him downstairs and lock him in the basement. He was going to do far worse to me, he said so."

"He just wanted to scare you," Carey said. "That wouldn't work anyway."

"Why not?

"Because we don't have a basement," Carey said. "He always exaggerates like that when he wants to scare his victims into submission."

"What an asshole," Rueben commented. "Sorry Carey. I can't believe this guy is your father."

"I know," Carey revealed. "I'm waiting for the day that I wake up and discover that it's all been a dream. Unfortunately, it's all real."

"Maybe something positive will come out of these videos we made," I told him. "One thing is for sure, the shit is going to hit the fan!"

"Okay, Seth," Wes said. "All three of our videos have been sent. They should be getting them any minute now!"

"That's great," I said. "Thanks. It is now a done deal. Are you sure you're really okay, Wes?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," Wes confirmed. "I'm still shaking a little, but I'm fine. Thanks for springing into action when you did. I don't know what would have happened to me if you didn't jump on him like that."

"No problem," I said. "There was no way I was going to let him hurt you. I'm not proud to say it, but I was ready to kill him if I had to."

"Yeah, when I saw him reach for your throat, I felt the same way," Wes confessed. "And it looks like I almost did too.

"So, Carey," I said, changing the subject. "Do you have any rope or a couple of belts that we can tie him up with? We need to take some action and hurry in case he wakes up."

"Yeah," Carey answered. "I'll go get them."

"I'll help," Rueben said.

It was obvious that Ruben had a thing for Carey, and wanted to stay close to him for support.

"Hey Wes," I said. "Give me that belt off my cargo shorts. I want to get started and at least get his hands tied up before he comes too."

Before Wes could retrieve my belt, Mr. LéSlime woke up and immediately put me into some kind of head lock. Wes started to come to my aid when Gordon issued his warning.

"Come no closer or I'll snap your boyfriend's pretty little neck," he threatened. "You caught me by surprise last time. I guarantee it won't happen again."

I had to stall for time. Wes and I were alone with this maniac. Carey and Ruben were still downstairs, looking for ropes and belts to restrain our captor. I felt that telling Gordon what we had done while he was incapacitated was the only thing I could do to buy us some time.

"I have to warn you... " I began.

"Warn me?" he sneered. "You children are no threat to me!"

"You didn't let me finish," I said in a calm voice. "We video captured everything that happened here, and we just sent them off to our contacts. Knowing our parents, in a few minutes, this place is going to be crawling with all kinds of `hurt' for you."

He paused for a moment and thought about the likelihood of what I had just him being true.

"I don't believe you!" he said with a tinge of worry in his voice.

"That's fine with me," I said. "I don't care if you believe me or not. Nevertheless, it's true. We placed our three phones around the room, getting three different perspectives. If I were you, I'd start thinking about what I was going to do to save my own ass. You're not going to be able to explain your way out of this one. Not this time!"

A few moments later, Ruben and Carey's naked bodies came walking back into the room, followed by my dad, Wes's dad and three uniformed officers of the law. We all felt a bit awkward being naked in front of the parade of adults that just entered, but I was thrilled to see my dad and Wes and I started to cry tears of joy.

"Are you...?" the senior officer asked as he thumbed through his note pad. "Gordon Le... Léger?"

"I am!" he snapped.

"You're under arrest for engaging in sexual activities with a minor," he said as he read off the first of a long list of charges. When he was finished, Gordon looked like he was about to have a heart attack because he was sweating profusely and was morbidly pale. "Okay Sergeant, book him!"

The second officer stepped up and read Gordon his rights.

"You have the right to remain silent," the second officer began. "Anything you say can, and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you? With these rights in mind, do you wish to speak to me?" You have the right to remain silent.

The third officer assisted Gordon to his feet and advised him to get dressed. We all did the same and got at least most of the way dressed while the three officers escorted Gordon to their official vehicles outside. All the rest of us followed them downstairs and out the front door where the entire neighborhood was buzzing with activity. The unruly mob was standing around, whispering to one another and hoping to get their faces on the evening news as they competed to get interviewed by the first camera crew on the scene.

"Are you boys alright?" my dad asked all four of us once things finally quieted down.

Now that we were clearly out of danger and safe among our trusted caregivers, the mortal danger we were all in had finally sunk in. We released our grief stricken ordeal by unleashing a torrent of joyous tears.

We all had a long road ahead of us as we each had to deal with the trauma in our own way. For right now, we were all safe and sound with our loved ones, knowing that Mr. Gordon Léger was in a place where he couldn't harm any children ever again.

End of Chapter #15

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