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The Father and Son Outing

By Paul S. Stevens, Hans Schreiber & Flip McHooter

Chapter #16

Two of the three police officers stayed behind as the third officer left the scene, hauling Mr. Gordon Léger away in his squad car, handcuffed and disgraced. At the curbside, the neighborhood residents began to shout out obscenities at the despised occupant in the rear of the squad car as it disappeared down the road and out of sight.

One of the two remaining officers stayed with the adults, who congregated and remained downstairs. They all moved together from the hallway into the kitchen to sit down while they waited for the four of us boys, who still needed to get fully dressed and gather our belongings together.

While the adults waited, the officer they called `sergeant', began to take their statements, one at a time. While we were upstairs, we all heard my mother arrive as she entered the house in near hysterics, joining the other adults as they sat around the kitchen table. Once the officer got all their statements, my dad pulled out his cell phone and they all gathered around to review one of the videos that Frank and Henry had received on their phones, spewing profanities at the tiny screen as the man who perpetrated the atrocities against their sons finally revealed his true nature.

Upstairs, the second officer supervised us boys so we could finish dressing and gather our phones and overnight bags that were filled with our belongings. We were all in a hurry to escape the memories of the brutal encounter we had just endured and get as far away from the scene of the crime as soon as possible.

"Is everyone all right?" I asked Wes, Ruben, and Carey once my heart stopped pounding and I was able to think a little more clearly.

"I'm still shaking," Wes confessed. "You seemed to be so calm and in control, Seth, even when that bastard had his hands around your throat. When I saw that, I totally lost it, Seth. All I knew was, I had to do something that was going to stop him, and stop him cold in his tracks! I wasn't going to let him take you from this earth, and especially from me. It was hard for me. I had to force myself to do it! I never struck another person before. I was so scared that I might have killed him. Then I realized, I didn't care if I killed him or not."

"Well, you're my hero, Wesley Hauser," I said, holding back the tears. "You did what you felt was necessary."

"I'm your hero?" Wes questioned. "No, you're the hero here, Seth Morgan! You tackled a grown man single handedly. He was going to rape me, and you flew over my body and attacked him with no regard for your own safely. You somehow managed to overpower him and take him down despite his ominous and intimidating presence!"

I stood silent for a moment as I grappled with my `out-of-control' emotions, and then called for the one thing I knew we all needed right then, especially me!

"Group hug," I called out.

The four of us gravitated toward each other without hesitation, not caring that the stern and stoic police officer was watching our every move. At this point, we were all shaking profusely as we held each other in our embrace. We were so thankful to just be alive and safely together.

In retrospect, during our ordeal, we were all in different levels of peril, according to the importance that Carey's dad had placed on each of us. Carey had been through this many times before with his father and his role in our ordeal was minimal. Although he was unaware of his father's ability to hypnotize his victims, he had done it so frequently that he instantly slipped into his father's hypnotic trance almost automatically. He knew the drill so well and flawlessly that his role in his dad's attempt to manipulate us into total domination was equally automatic. Besides, he was Gordon's son, and wasn't in any true jeopardy after all these years. In fact, during his father's sessions with young boys, his father began to disregard Carey's involvement, other than getting things started. After Carey, Ruben was the next person in the least amount of danger, being the unexpected guest. Gordon knew virtually nothing about him beforehand, and therefore posed little interest to Gordon, at least until he had gotten his hooks well into the one boy that held the most fascination for him.

I, on the other hand, was definitely high up on Gordon's list of importance as well. He wanted to teach me a lesson in particular and had an eye on me from the day that my dad and I returned from our camping trip. The lifestyle that Mr. Léger chose to lead, which was forced upon him by his father before him, was a lonely one. He was jealous that Wes and I were able to live the lifestyle that he wished he could've lived when he was our age. The fact that he was too afraid at the time, or even now, caused him to lash out at me in particular.

But it was Wes who was in the most imminent danger of all. Gordon's interest in Wes grew as he collected and amassed more information about Wes from his private investigator. Even though he'd never met Wes before today, the naked selfie that Gordon questionably gained possession of from his private investigator showing Wes's hot teenage body with his perfect smile and sensational boner captivated Gordon's lust for him and nearly drove him insane. That single, sexually provoking possession made Wes one of Gordon's most sought after victims. Once Gordon actually laid eyes on Wes in the flesh, his lust for him must have flown all out of proportion because Wes became the one and only thing that Gordon could think of. If I had not been able to gain the upper hand before Gordon could get his claws into Wes, none of us would've been safe. The longer Gordon maintained his control over us, the more susceptible we all became to his cunning methods of control. If we had stayed under Gordon's control for very much longer, his hold on us would've became unbreakable. Then, we all would have become the next victims in a long line of victims that Gordon had gotten away with over the years. It would've become a very long weekend of being helplessly captivated, being at the mercy of a real life predator with an iron clad grip on us.

The group of adults downstairs had worked themselves into an angry mob from watching the different views of the spectacle that our cameras had captured. The officer taking the statements was anxious to break up the group now and evacuate the Léger home before any hostilities could break out within the premises.

"Are you guys ready to leave yet?" my dad anxiously asked in an agitated state as he called up to us from downstairs.

We broke our group hug, and I called back down to my dad.

"We'll be right down," I said. "Give us a second."

We gathered what little was ours and made our way downstairs with the police officer in tow. Wes's dad silently helped him carry his things to the car and my dad did the same for me. Then, my mom came out of the kitchen and ran over to me, smothering me with kisses as she caused the most embarrassing scene possible.

"Oh, my sweet baby boy," she fussed and coddled. "Are you all right? I'm so sorry I made you come here. Gordon had me bamboozled into thinking he was the best thing for you and Wes. Can you ever forgive me?"

I honestly couldn't answer her as she smothered me in her bosom to the point that I could hardly breathe. She was blaming herself for what happened here and I was going to use that to my advantage when the time was right, just not quite yet.

"Stop, already! I'm okay," I mumbled as I struggled out of her hold. I wasn't at all ready to have to endure one of her melodramatic fits of hysteria, making it all about her.

"Come on, Mabel," my dad encouraged. "Leave the poor boy alone so we could all get out of here and get everyone home, safe and sound."

"Excuse me," the officer said. "I have orders to take the minor, Carey Léger, into the custody of Social Services. Which one is he?"

"Oh, no you don't," my dad firmly stressed. "You can't. All these boys have just suffered a major trauma. The last thing Carey needs right now is to sit in some Social Services office or hospital ward over the weekend while they try to place him with some stranger. We'll be glad to take him with us where he'll be with his friends and a family who all care about him. We can work out all the details with Social Services on Monday."

"That's a wonderful idea," the officer said.

He felt bad for all of us as he inadvertently saw some of the horrific video footage as our parents shared the evidence around the table.

"I agree. These boys have been through hell and back. Let me call it in and see if we can work it out."

The officer stepped out of the room for a moment to implement my dad's idea. Ruben practically held his breath, praying that Carey wouldn't get hauled away like his old man just had, destined for a bleak and uncertain future in child care and protective services. I could see that, even though he and Carey had just met, all four of us had been put threw the ringer and Ruben already was feeling a strong sense of connection and personal protectiveness for his new friend. I could relate to that. I am a firm believer in love at first sight, since I experienced it first hand with Wes. I too began to hold my breath, waiting for some good news to come for Carey's sake, as well as our own.

A few minutes later, we got the okay that Carey could be placed in our custody until such time as a permanent solution could be found. We all thanked the two officers remaining and immediately evacuated the premises before anything could go wrong. I never felt more excited to be going home in my life. Also, I never felt as close to this small, yet powerful group of friends as I did right now.

My dad was spending his free time with Wes's dad at his house at the time that they both received our videos on their cell phones. They wasted no time and both rushed to the Léger's house together in my dad's car. Therefore, Henry and my dad, Carey, Ruben Wes and I, all piled into my dad's car and headed to Wes's house. My mom had come in her own car and wanted me to go home with her, no doubt to further apologize to me for her involvement in this fiasco and further try to manipulate me in the process. I declined to go with her, opting instead to stay together with my friends and support each other at this crucial time.

I felt sorry for Carey, who, in all intents and purposes just lost his father, a poor excuse for a family, yet the only family he's known. I knew that Carey was going to need a lot of time to heal and stop pushing people away like he had learned to do to protect his friends as well as himself from his father. I was going to have to be patient as we all learned how to open up and trust each other. Ruben and Carey were already on the road to being brothers, and Wes and I had come through our nightmare together, having bonded even more strongly than before.

We arrived at Wes's house to drop off Wes and his dad before heading home ourselves. I already felt like we were being separated and torn apart. Wes apparently felt the same way as he made a last minute suggestion to his dad.

"Can we all spend the night together here, Dad?" Wes began. "We all were ready to spend a whole weekend at Carey's house, and that didn't end up happening. We have everything we need with us already to do a sleepover. Can we, please?"

"I don't know if that's a good idea, Wes" Henry answered. "Is that what the rest of you want to do?"

Ruben and I excitedly said we did and Carey just silently nodded his head `yes'.

"Is it okay with you Frank?" Henry asked my dad first before he gave his approval.

"Sure," my dad agreed. "That way, you and I could finish what we started."

They both transparently grinned at each other in acknowledgment. Wes and I let our imaginations run wild since we supported anything that would bring our dads closer together. Helping to make our dads relationship stronger would also serve to strengthen our goal to live together as a family.

"Okay, sure," Henry agreed. "But what will Mabel say? Won't she be expecting you and Seth to be home with her tonight, considering her condition?"

"What condition?" my dad sarcastically asked. "Wouldn't she still be expecting Seth to be at the Léger house for at least another day?"

"I'm just saying," Wes's dad said. "The way she carried on back there!"

"Don't worry about Mabel," my dad said. "If things work out like we plan, she's going to be seeing very little of Seth in the near future. I think a judge will tend to see things my way now that these events have transpired the way they have! That's okay though. I'll still call her and let her know what we've planned to do tonight. If she makes any trouble, I'll just remind her that she's in no position to be making any demands right now."

I hadn't seen my dad naked lately, but I think his balls recently doubled in size. He's been standing up to mom a lot more lately and defending me more as well. That was good. If we were going to live away from her influence in the future, he can't let her push him, or us, around anymore.

"Then it's decided," Wes's dad confirmed. "A slumber party it is!"

Just then, my dad pulled up in front of Wes's house and we all piled out, gathered up our belongings and raced each other to Wes's front door.

Henry couldn't get the front door unlocked fast enough for Wes as he proudly escorted Ruben and Carey up to his bedroom with me following up the rear. As soon as Wes opened his bedroom door, he began instantly stripping as he invited everyone in. He warmly welcomed them and immediately offered them a clothing optional environment for the length of their stay. To prove that Wes's invitation was genuine, I stripped as well and had no trouble getting Ruben to join in.

"Clothing optional means, you don't have to strip if you don't want to," Ruben said to Carey.

"I'm fully aware of what `clothing optional' means, thank you very much," Carey barked. "Oh, wait. I'm sorry Ruben. It's just that my father didn't allow any nudity in our house. I was only allowed to be naked for a few short minutes a day in the shower, and behind closed doors at that."

"Well, in my house, you can be as naked as you want to be, in any room you chose, all day long if you want," Wes said. "You'll find that it feels completely natural and free to not have anything covering you, unless you're cold of course. If you've never done it before, maybe you can ease into it slowly until you get used to it. Once you're completely naked, it won't take long before you totally forget about it. But, whatever you do is fine with us. I want you to feel comfortable with us, clothes or no clothes. If our dad's come up here to check on us later, don't be shocked if they're naked too. We can do anything we want up here as long as everyone is okay with it."

"Yeah, okay," Carey said with almost no emotion.

Even so, he took off his shirt as a gesture of his willingness to give it a try. Before our encounter with his father, I was too distracted to notice Carey's magnetic attractiveness, but now, I became acutely aware that he was surprisingly well developed and he looked quite cute with his shirt off. I wasn't the only one to notice as Ruben seemed to be enamored with virtually everything about Carey. I found myself wishing that Carey would eventually decide to embrace Wes's clothing optional offer and lose the rest of his clothes. Deep inside, he was desperate to be able to go around naked with his new friends and be apart of this new experience. But unfortunately, his years of being beaten down and denied to experience his growing and evolving sexuality by his father continued to be an obstacle standing in his way. Even though his father was completely out of the picture now, Carey still felt the long arm of his father's grip from behind the prison bars that currently prevented him from being an active participate.

Wes, Ruben, and I were completely nude now. Carey was the only one who was still dressed, but shirtless. We were all gathered in a circle, facing each other with our legs comfortably crossed. Carey began to take the next step and remove his shoes when Wes's dad came up the stairs to check on us. Henry was just as naked as Wes, Ruben, and I were, just as Carey had been warned might happen. Carey still reacted with panic as Henry entered the room. He got startled and embarrassed and immediately stopped removing his shoes and tried to nonchalantly slip his shirt back on. His eyes drank in the image of Wes's dad's totally naked body, making it the first time he'd ever seen a fully grown man completely naked, other than his own father, whose body didn't impress him much. Carey's father only revealed himself when he had young boys to prey on, and even then, he was largely covered by his ceremonial robes. Wes's dad's body, on the other hand, was solid and muscular with just the right amount of body hair from head to toe. His sexual organs were perfect as well. His cut cock rested perfectly over his flawlessly proportioned balls, surrounded by an immaculately trim pubic region.

"How does a pizza sound?" Henry asked.

We all yelled out `yes', demonstrating how hungry we all were.

"What do you want on it, Wes?" he asked his son first.

"Pepperoni," Wes called out.

"Seth?" he asked me next. "What do you like?"

"Mushrooms," I said, putting my vote in.

"Ruben?" he asked, continuing to take everyone's order. "What'll it be?"

"Sausage," Ruben answered.

"Carey?" he said, looking over at him as Carey still struggled to casually put his shirt back on.

No answer came from Carey. He was so un-accustomed to having a say in making a choice that he was at a loss for words.

"Do you like olives?" Henry asked.

"Sure," Carey finally answered. He would've said anything to deflect everyone's attention away from himself.

"Okay, it's a done deal!" Henry said. "By the way, Carey, you don't need to wear a shirt around me. If you want to take it off, then by all means, take it off! Be as casual as you want. Make yourself at home. We all do! Even Frank... I mean Seth's dad, is downstairs right now, letting it all hang out. You want to come down and see?"

"No, that won't be necessary," Carey said emphatically.

That was Carey's problem. He was never allowed to be even this moderately comfortable in his own home. He was one very closed off and prudish kid, virtually unable to relax around others and himself. That was starting to change though, but that kind of change was going to take some time.

Now that Henry had taken everyone's personal pizza preferences from us, he went back downstairs to put in our order.

With more determination this time, Carey took off his shirt for the second time and slowly took off his shoes and socks as well. Then, to our surprise, he even took one step beyond that and stripped to his underwear. He was definitely making the effort to join us. Adding up everything I knew about Carey, his reluctance did not stem from being necessarily shy or embarrassed. I'd been observing Carey since the minute we walked into his house and his behavior has not been at all surprising to me. After all, we were all naked together just a few hours ago and that was still fresh in everyone's mind. Now that Carey was beginning to see that the comfortable, easy going atmosphere that Wes and his dad had offered him was actually real and not a trick, he began to loosen up and let down his guard, possibly for the first time in his life.

While we waited for dinner to be delivered, we talked about the future and how it related to all four of us. Wes and I relayed the story to Ruben and Carey about how Wes and I met at the campgrounds. Ruben remembered how I had invited him to go with my dad and me that weekend, but his circumstances prevented him from going with us.

"You know, if I had gone with you, you may not have even met Wes," Ruben said, stating the harsh facts as he saw them. "Even if you two had met anyway, things would have been very awkward between the three of us. Somebody would have gotten their feelings hurt, and that someone would probably have been me!"

"That's right," I said. "The fact that you didn't go with us enabled me and Wes to meet and fall for each other right away, with nothing in the way to stop us. That's how circumstances and fate worked together to change our lives. Speaking of circumstances, here's another thing. If your brother hadn't had an accident this weekend, your parents wouldn't have brought you to us on this day of all days, to be part of what happened. If we didn't take you with us to Carey's house, you never would have met Carey either. It's true that you two guys might have still met sometime in the future, but to go through what we did together made us bond together in a very unique and special way. I've been watching you two. I think you are on the way to becoming good friends, maybe even boyfriends. Dare I say it... lovers!"

"I think you're just messing with their heads, Seth," Wes chided. "That wasn't very nice of you to say. You should be ashamed of yourself. I think you should apologize."

"No, Wes!" Ruben declared. "Seth is right. I didn't want to say anything yet, but I was thinking about asking Carey if he would like to come live with me and my family. I would like that very much."

Ruben looked over at Carey as he said that and caught Carey completely off guard. Tears silently fell from Carey's eyes as Ruben's indirect offer hit him like a ton of bricks.

"How can you say that?" Carey sniffled. "How can you make such an offer? You hardly know me!"

"I know I like you," Ruben declared. "I like you a lot. You put your life on the line for us today and you hardly know us! How is that different? You have a strong character that I like and admire. You're so honest that you make me want to be a better person. I like your smile. I like your eyes, and I can see your very soul in those eyes. Not enough people tell you they like you, or at least the ones that matter. I want to tell you how much I like you, and I want to keep on telling you, forever. We've already seen each other naked and I liked it. We've already sucked each other off and I liked that too. Actually, I loved that. I want to give you all the things your father wouldn't let you have or experience. I want to be the one who is with you and experience those things together, both the good and the bad. I think you want me to teach you those things and experience them with me. What do you say?"

Ruben was pouring his heart out in a way that I'd never seen him do for another person before. Ruben's sincerity proved its genuineness as we watched him sprout a hefty boner that rose up from his lap as we all sat together on the carpet. Carey still didn't say much, but as we looked over at him, he sported a slightly less pronounced, yet definite boner of his own that visibly tented within the underwear he was still wearing.

There was no way that Ruben and Carey were going to pop boners in our presence without it affecting Wes and me. In a matter of seconds, we were all reduced to four boned and horny teenagers that were on the verge of initiating a full scale orgy.

Just then, Henry and Frank came upstairs with their arms full of pizza, paper plates, and napkins as well as a two liter bottle of soda and four cups of ice.

Suddenly, our horniness and desire got put on the back burner as hunger now dominated our thoughts.

"Thank you Mister Hauser, thank you Mister Morgan," Carey said. "That looks so good. Would you two like to stay up here with us and join in the fun?"

Carey was thoughtful enough to invite our two dads, wishing he could do more to thank them for saving him and the rest of us from the inevitable wrath that his father was preparing to unleash upon us. He thought it was appropriate since they were literally delivering a party to us. Seeing Frank, Seth's dad, naked was an added bonus and Carey figured that the more naked people there were in the room, the better. He'd never seen so much nakedness, all in one place before and it was helping him get past his personal prudish barriers.

"Thank you Carey, but no," Henry said. "Frank and I are in the middle of a movie downstairs and it's just about to get to the good part."

"We're going to leave you guys alone up here now," my dad said. "So if there's anything you need or want for the rest of the night, we'll be downstairs."

"Don't stay up too late either, all right?" Wes's dad said. "We've got plans for tomorrow, so get all the rest you can, tonight."

"Okay, we'll say good night now then," my dad said.

"Goodnight," we all said as our dads returned downstairs to resume doing their own thing.

"Let the party begin!" Wes exclaimed, as we let our hunger get the best of us.

After I loaded my plate with two large slices of pizza and filled my cup with soda, I sat back down and placed my plate on my lap. As I glanced over at Carey, he was casually filling his plate. As he did so, I suddenly noticed that he had finally caved in and removed that last piece of clothing that came between him and his full nakedness, right when I was distracted with pizza and wasn't looking.

As I observed Carey's change, my cock began to inflate at the sight of his awesome body. My cock continued to grow to rock hard readiness, pushing up on my plate of pizza I had just placed on my lap. I was glad that my dinner had obscured the evidence that Carey's nakedness caused me to bone up to epic proportions. My lover was sitting right next to me, and I'm not sure that Wes would've appreciated me getting as aroused as I did at the sight of Carey's naked body. As he sat down and joined us, we all ate, and soon forgot about the awkwardness of being nude for absolutely no reason, other than to relax and be in our natural state together, feeling unburdened and liberated.

We gobbled down our specially ordered pizza and sodas and nicely packed it away in record time. Soon after that, my cock had enough time to settle down, and we all lounged around, comfortably full and satisfied.

"Wow, that was good pizza," Carey commented. "I feel so much better now. I'm glad we're all here together. I like being with you guys. Thanks for having us and suggesting this sleepover, Wes. This is so much better than being at home alone with my father."

I think Carey was finally as relaxed and comfortable as he was going to get. It was great to see him with his guard down. He was finally beginning to act more like a normal human being. He was also showing signs of accepting us as his friends. Carey was beginning to open up to the idea of making new friends once again. He knew that his father could no longer coerce him into turning his newly found friends over to him. He couldn't bear to see his father have his way with them, and then toss them aside when he was done. I felt partially responsible for rescuing Carey from that life. Otherwise, he was destined for a long life of being alone, miserable and friendless.

We lounged around, spreading ourselves across the floor, enjoying each other's company. Wes and I gravitated towards each other and Ruben and Carey eventually moved together as well. It didn't look like Carey was uncomfortable being naked any longer and that made me happy for him and me both.

After some more conversation, telling and retelling earlier events, we all started to get ready for bed. Wes and I retrieved our sleeping bags from our backpacks and zipped them together into one. Then we retrieved one of the blankets off Wes's bed and cuddled up like two campers sharing bodily warmth on a super-cold night around a bonfire. Ruben and Carey watched us closely and followed our lead even though they were a bit leery about it. They found their sleeping bags and zipped them together like we did. Then they retrieved the other blanket from Wes's bed and cuddled surprisingly close together. Neither one of them had ever done that before. Nevertheless, they looked like a totally cute couple, completely comfortable with each other. As we quieted down, each couple started mildly making out, and Wes took the opportunity to get up and turn out the bedroom light. He was quite proud that his hard boner bounced and pointed the way across the room to the wall switch before hopping back under the blanket with me, holding me tightly as we nuzzled together. As our eyes adjusted to the dark, the moon supplied ample ambient light to see by as we got ready to unwind and express our thankfulness to be alive and well.

In the quiet and darkened room, a small bit of activity began to emerge from both sides of the room.

"Well, now that we're here, side by side" Ruben whispered to Carey, "and we're perfectly content. I say, lets take advantage of the fact that we could do whatever we want up here. We're already naked and touching, so, let's keep the party going."

End of Chapter #16

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