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The Father and Son Outing

By Paul S. Stevens, Han's Schreiber & Flip McHooter

Chapter #17

I'm sure Ruben and Carey didn't think we could hear what they were whispering about, but it did not escape our notice. After a couple of minutes of awkward silence, Wes and I noticed a fair amount of movement coming from under Ruben and Carey's blanket, so much so that it unintentionally captured our attention. The idea that Ruben and Carey were doing something erotic under those covers made us as horny as we've ever been. We'd gotten exceedingly turned-on once before as we were reminded about the night we heard our dads going at it in the neighboring tent at the campgrounds. This, however, was so much more arousing, being in the same room with us, just a few feet away from the action. We almost held our breath trying to determine exactly what it was they were doing under that cloak of darkness.

The pale illumination of the moonlight streaming through the windows allowed us to see only the outlines and silhouettes of objects across the room with little detail. As our eyes became accustomed to the dark, I could see Ruben's head disappear under the covers and Carey's head stayed frozen and still outside the covers, appearing to be unaware of what was about to happen. A second or two later, we heard the faint, but unmistakable sound of slurping as the blanket near Carey's midsection rose and fell with the rhythm of the highly suggestive commotion. Wes and I nearly gave ourselves away as we struggled to keep from laughing out loud.

"Oh, Ruben, that feels so sweet," Carey whispered in hush tones. "Keep doing that. That's so awesome. I never thought this could be so..."

Wes and I had to fight off a giggle attack when we heard Carey begin to get carried away and start moaning. Carey had fallen deeply under Ruben's erotic charms as the pair began a total decent into a full blown, hardcore encounter. Ruben was far more experienced at boy-on-boy sex than Carey, but neither one of them truly knew what they were doing. Even though they both had fantasized about an encounter such as this, they were both virgins of sorts. It was true that both of them had some limited encounters with stroking and sucking in the past, but those things were far from the hardcore activities that they both had in mind to try out.

While Wes and I silently listened and watched the goings on across the room, we latched onto each other's cocks and slowly stroked ourselves, keeping our focus on what Ruben and Carey were about to do next. The increasing sounds of their sloppy sucking, heavy breathing, and blanket-covered grinding really got our juices flowing. Both Wes and I do enjoy voyeurism until such time as the action we're watching becomes too hot to only observe without taking an active part ourselves.

Carey began breathing quite deeply now as he began to forget about being tactful. Ruben still believed they were being discreet and poked his head out from under the covers to kiss Carey in an attempt to quiet him down. It was awkward at first as the two of them delved into completely unfamiliar territory. I was fairly certain that neither one of them had ever kissed another boy before. I know Ruben and I never kissed in all the numerous times we jacked together. Knowing Carey's past, he probably never had the opportunity or inclination to kiss another boy either. As we watched further, their lips touched ever so tenderly, sending chills down my spine as I breathlessly observed it. They both approached the idea of kissing with reservations until they became accustomed to the new experience. It wasn't long before the two started exploring each others oral caverns, discovering that the new sensations were a lot more intense than they had anticipated. They seemed to make a breakthrough and energetically embraced each other with both arms as they instinctively discovered they could breathe without having to break their intimate lip-lock. Soon, their heads were moving from side-to-side as if they were struggling to reach for their illusive uvulas that dangled at the backs of their throats.

After another few moments of listening to our friends quietly talking dirty and making-out, Wes and I snuggled up even tighter to one another.

For being novice partners, Ruben and Carey were both flaming hot to watch. To my surprise, Ruben and Carey broke their embrace, and this time, Carey took the plunge under the covers while Ruben stayed outside the covers. A second or two later, the slurping resumed as Carey went for Ruben's cock in a big way. Carey's sucking was much louder than Ruben's was as Carey's gag reflex got challenged in his over exuberance to get Ruben's cock all the way inside his mouth at once. I imagine that the only cocks that Carey ever got to suck on in the past were his father's victims, who were much younger at the time and more immature than he was himself. Then, of course, there was his own father's cock that he learned how to master over time. It turns out that Ruben's cock was bigger than Gordon's was. In fact, all four of us, including Carey himself, had bigger cocks than Carey's father had. Maybe we didn't have as much girth, but we definitely had him beat in pure length.

"Shhh," Ruben whispered as subtly as possible. He reached under the covers to try to get Carey to curb his vocal enthusiasm once again, reminding Carey where they were.

"Sorry," Carey whispered back as he wiped the dripping saliva from his mouth.

That's when Wes and I lost control of ourselves and burst out laughing. I wondered if Wes and I were as subtle and quiet as Ruben and Carey were being when it was our first time. Of course, we did a lot more dirty talking in our tent, falsely thinking we had soundproof walls.

Realizing they were caught, Carey flew out from underneath the covers, being as embarrassed as he could possibly be. In the darkness, we couldn't see well enough to be sure, but I believe that Carey's face must have been dark red from being discovered.

"How long have you two been watching us?" Ruben asked.

"The whole time," I revealed.

"We haven't fallen asleep yet," Wes added, purposely embarrassing the two of them. "How could we, especially with you two causing a ruckus over there."

"Holy crap," Carey exclaimed. "I'm so sorry. I mean, we're sorry! I mean..."

"You have nothing to be sorry about," Wes exclaimed. "I was only kidding about the ruckus. Go ahead and express yourselves any way you wish. Don't stop what you were doing just because you found out we were watching you. Keep going. Enjoy yourselves. Have fun. There's nothing to stop you from doing anything you wish. Now that you know that we weren't asleep, maybe you'll join us!"

A brief and uncomfortable silence followed as we all felt momentarily exposed and awkward.

Even though it was an offer coming from out of left field, they didn't exactly jump at the chance. Perhaps they thought it was just another joke coming from Wes's twisted sense of humor. That was okay. Ruben and Carey haven't fully explored each other sexually yet and they were probably still too uncomfortable with the idea of having an orgy with us, at least not this soon anyway. After a long pause of not receiving any answer from Wes's offer, Wes turned to me and whispered his counter proposal to me privately as if we were alone in the room.

"Seth," Wes began. "You know how I told you earlier that you were my hero? What I should've said was, you're my `Champion'. I love you, and now I'm going to prove it to you. I want you to make hot, sensuous love to me like we did on our very first time!"

I gave Wes a quick kiss on his voluptuous red lips as our boners reacted by hardening and enlarging.

"Where's the lube?" I asked.

"Right here," Wes said as he reached over and grabbed the small travel sized bottle out of the zippered-pocket of his backpack. Like the seasoned camper he was, he always came prepared. He popped open the top and handed me the essential elixir.

"Now, get me all loosened up and slide the old, Seth-meister in," Wes said. "I want it and I need it. I need it now. I need to feel you up inside me, filling me with your rocking hard manhood, you stud!"

Chills ran up and down my spine as Wes's words made my heart skip a beat. Ruben and Carey were listening intently to what Wes and I were saying to each other as they both got sucked into our erotic fantasy. They both got totally turned on at the idea that Wes and I were about to make love together. Since Ruben and Carey were contemplating the possibility of trying anal sex, they decided to observe Wes and me first before trying it themselves, believing we were like seasoned pros, setting us up as their mentors.

"I'm all over it," I sensuously said, almost shaking from the intense anticipation of granting Wes's erotic and arousing request.

As Wes handed me the lube, I squirted a good-sized glob of the slippery substance into the middle of my palm. I worked it in and spread it all over the first two fingers of my right hand. I had Wes get comfy on the sleeping bag and had him throw his legs up in the air, grabbing his ankles, giving me a hot shadowy look at his hot puckered rosebud in the pale moonlight. The sight was breathtaking. Wes's long legs were hoisted high over his head. He was grabbing his ankles tightly while he pulled them back, almost touching his shoulders. My heart was racing as his cute winking pucker beckoned me to take control. I loved the sight of it. His quivering hole was so erotic that I almost blew my load just looking at it. My cock got so hard that my balls began to ache. He wanted it so badly, and I was more than ready to give it to him. Since Ruben and Carey opted to just watch, I wasn't about to share my baby with anyone as I prepared to make Wes the happiest boy in the room. I began to apply some of the lube along his crack as his entire backside came to life.

"You're so hot, Wesley Hauser," I whispered as my voice dripped with sexual innuendo. "Close your eyes baby! Think back to our first time."

I was on fire as I started to sensuously move in, leaning down and licking his amazing balls first. I popped each one of his slippery orbs in and out of my mouth, one at a time, and then both together. As I did that, I lightly stimulated the under side of his balls with my lubed fingers. I generated waves of goose bumps across Wes's thighs as they rose up from the surface of his skin like an ocean of white wisps on the surface of the placid sea. I worked my way down and around his backside. I started under his balls, and worked my way down until I could feel the pulsating rhythm of his tight, hungry boy-hole, which was pink, hot, and tantalizingly inviting!

"Oh, god," Wes gasped when I found his secret spot. "That feels so awesome. I love it when you touch me there."

I knew Wes's body almost better than he did. Ruben and Carey were silently enthralled as they studied every move we made, fondling their boners as they watched their mentors, working their magic with each other.

I decided I was going to make Wes, `extra-hot' before I dove in for the gold. I substituted my tongue for my lubed fingers and ran it the same way I had done a moment ago, adding my saliva to his lubed area. I started just under his balls and fluttered my tongue against his perineal region as my finger made small circular motions around his loosening hole. Then, I decided to suck on his cock to heighten his arousal even further. I continued to rub his hole lightly with my fingers as I inhaled his shaft into my mouth. The flared tip of his boner enlarged in my mouth, making him seem bigger than usual. As I rolled my tongue over the tip of his cockhead, he excreted a generous amount of precum into my mouth, giving me an erotic preview of what was to cum. It tasted so awesome on my tongue that I lapped up every drop and even tried to siphon some more out of him by sucking him harder. I knew I had to stop and get down to the main course. Wes's body was becoming increasingly more difficult to control as he started squirming uncontrollably. I didn't want to make him cum before I even got the chance to grant his request and give myself to him, mind, body, and soul. I stopped nursing on his throbbing knob, but I didn't stop working his backside. As I gently tapped at his backdoor, I could feel him finally loosen up for me.

Slowly and methodically, I inserted one finger up his warm chute, carefully sliding it all the way up his quivering hole. When he got used to that, I slipped in another, and then another. When I found his prostate, I started massaging it all around with my forefinger. He became almost crazed with delight as his puckered anal muscle nearly sucked in my fingers, tightening around them and refusing to let go.

"I love it when you do that to me," he purred. "It tickles me to the bone. It's the most wicked and awesome feeling in the world! But, as awesome as it is, you need to stop before you make me cum. You need to get to the good part. I mean the part that I've been hungering for that only you could fulfill within me. I don't think I can take much more teasing. Fuck me now!"

"Okay, you're right," I agreed. Wes was as ready as I dared make him. When he said `fuck me now', there was no doubt he was at the pinnacle of readiness, as was I. "Roll over a little on your side. I want to hold you tight while I fuck you."

"Oh, god," Wes exclaimed as chills ran down his spine. "That sounds so great."

Wes quickly moved around to his side like I had asked him to do while I moved into position behind him. Once I got into the perfect spot behind my lover, I slid my hard cock up and down the length of his hot crack before I plunged in. I almost shot my load as my extra sensitive cock twitched along Wes's amazingly silky doorway. I had made Wes `extra-hot' all right, but I made myself just as hot by doing so. I paused a moment and got a grip on myself so I could give Wes what he longed for without busting my load right off. I lined up my hard throbbing cock up against his rosebud and prepared to enter. His skin was electric to the touch as our two souls came into contact with each other!

"Hurry up! I need you to be inside me!" he sensuously whined.

"Okay, okay, here goes!" I stated.

I began my insertion and met with a little resistance. It was minimal, and I could've kept pushing, but I didn't want Wes to have to deal with even the smallest bit of pain if he didn't have to. I picked up the lube bottle again and pulled back out, just enough to pour some additional magic across my shaft before I tried again. I quickly lined myself up with his hot hole and gave a gentle push. The tip slipped in much easier this time, and with just a bit of maneuvering on Wes's part, the rest of my trembling shaft tunneled in with ease. Before I got all the way in though, Wes stopped me.

"Hold it right there," Wes said. "Don't move for a second."

I froze in place, taking the much needed pause to regain a little bit more time to recover before proceeding again. I was already so close to the edge, I was ready to bust. It felt so good being inside my lover like this. After a few seconds of getting accustomed to my intrusion, Wes started moving his hips around a little, slowly grinding on me. I took that as a signal to go for it and I pushed my cock the rest of the way in, eliciting a rather sensuous groan from both of us.

"God, that looks so hot!" Rueben said, unaware of how loud he was being.

Both Ruben and Carey couldn't take their eyes off of us as we finally got to the real thing, pumping and humping each other with fierce fervor and single minded passion. They stopped fondling themselves and reached across to fondle each other now as our erotic display put all four of us into a highly aroused state.

I wrapped one arm around Wes's body and searched out his hard cock. Since my hand was still coated with lube, I gripped Wes's stiffy in my hand and started a slow rhythm, stroking him in the front while I gathered more momentum in the back, stimulating him both inside, and out.

It was an incredible feeling, having Wes's cock throb in my hand every time I pushed into him from behind. I knew Wes was enjoying it because he would push backwards into me, trying to match his movements to mine. As we did that, I could feel his cock puff up and get harder still. If he kept this up for much longer, I was going to blow my load across his innards, despite my attempts to endure longer.

But it was Wes that was going to cum first. I could feel his need for release, so I tried to push into him as deeply as I could. It didn't take long for Wes to let out a moan that made all four of our loads leap forward, bringing us all, ridiculously close to orgasm.

Wes started to unload his jets of hot fluid, shooting it all over his stomach and my hand. He propelled several rounds of heavy white cream, matching shot for shot with my thrusting hips. Once he started doing that, there was no going back for any of us. My toes curled as my throbbing cock erupted, releasing multiple waves of my own hot and creamy cum as his anal ring sucked and milked my cock dry. I totally filled his rear chamber with my steamy load as it splashed indiscriminately against the walls of his bowels. It felt so warm and wonderful that I released a long heavy moan as my climactic orgasm sent me reeling into the heavens. Wes dropped his legs to the floor and I collapsed over the top of him, landing squarely in his warm puddle of cum. Wes allowed my hard cock to remain inside him a little longer as I enjoyed the warm, cozy feeling of having totally satisfied myself and my lover.

Witnessing Wes and I cum at the same time pushed Ruben and Carey over the edge. Watching Wes shoot his load along with the idea that I had simultaneously shot my load inside Wes's bum was all it took for our two voyeurs to cum hard and heavy. As I looked their way, they both leaned back and stroked each other as their cocks swelled to super hardness. They both knew they were about to shoot their loads any second as they pounded each other's cock into oblivion. They continued to jack each other until they both exploded into an impressive aerial display of flying cum juice, launching their hot teenage sperm into the room like rockets to the stratosphere. Wes and I watched the two of them as they alternately sprayed their jets of juicy jizz onto themselves and each other. They moaned erotically as they held their explosive orgasms in each other's hand, continuing to stroke one another until their cocks became too sensitive to continue. Once they had jacked each other dry, they too leaned the rest of the way back, collapsing on the floor, staring at the darkened ceiling as they recovered from the best orgasm they'd ever had.

"That was hotter than any porn video I've ever seen," Ruben exclaimed. "And I've seen quite a few!"

"I've never seen anything like it, period," Carey added, not ever having seen a porn video in his life. "Thanks for letting us watch."

"You know what's better than watching?" Wes asked Ruben and Carey.

"What?" they both asked excitedly.

"Doing it yourself," Wes answered. "Do you want to join us now?"

While we waited for Ruben and Carey to contemplate Wes's invitation, Wes and I wiped up our sticky cum on one of Wes's dirty t-shirts and then tossed it to Rueben and Carey to use, making it the official cumrag of the night.

"I know you offered before, but I dared not hope you were serious," Carey properly apologized. "Let's pull ourselves together and see what transpires, shall we?"

I didn't need to wait for Ruben to agree. I knew he was probably crossing his fingers, hoping it would somehow happen now. He was always up for a little experimentation if it meant getting off. I also knew that he fantasized about possibly doing something with Wes and me someday. He even told me so after he first met Wes on the day that Wes got transferred to our school. Ruben was in fantasy heaven as his eyes glazed over and his still rock-hard cock began to produce some fresh precum. Although I never thought it would happen, I suddenly felt like it was destiny that we would come together like this. My heart skipped a beat at the prospect of having an orgy with Ruben and Carey. I cautiously looked over at Wes to see his reaction. I needed to determine if his suggestion was on the level and he was okay with it. He looked almost as excited about it as Ruben did, and so I pointed my head in Ruben and Carey's general direction and silently nodded to Wes if he truly wanted go for it. He nodded his head `yes' in Ruben and Carey's general direction, and with that, we all stood up and pulled our conjoined sleeping bags together as one.

We sat back down and relaxed a while. We talked a bit about what just happened. We needed to give ourselves a little time since all four of us just had epic orgasms.

Carey asked the most questions about anal sex and about how he was afraid of the pain factor. He had watched many of his friends get raped by his father and witnessed first hand, the immense pain in their faces. Ruben was also concerned about it as well, having seen the reality of it in the amateur sex videos he'd seen. Wes and I explained how and why boys can get an enormous amount of pleasure from this kind of activity if done right. We also explained what we do to minimize the pain factor as we work together to get past our individual pain threshold.

They both showed an interest in trying it tonight, and so we agreed to give them their first taste of boy-on-boy, anal sex.

At first, we all stood there, facing each other, not knowing what to do. Ruben and Carey were both excited and worried at the same time. We stroked ourselves to get hard again as we began our second round for the night. It didn't take long before all four of us were proudly displaying our boners to each other as we prepared to take a totally new direction with our sexual curiosity. Carey was the most curious and comfortable with me, since he's known me the longest, while Ruben was interested in Wes, since he hadn't yet tasted the sweet nectar of Wes's forbidden fruit. Then somehow, the decision was made when Carey dropped to his knees in front of me, and Ruben did the same in front of Wes, and they both began to explore in reality what they had only fantasized about in their lust filled dreams.

Carey orally examined every inch of my rock hard cock with his tongue, while Ruben investigated all the sensual joys that Wes's solid staff had to offer. They both wanted to make sure that Wes and I were as hard and ready as possible before they began their journey into the unknown.

I still wasn't convinced that Wes and I were doing the right thing. I didn't want to do something that would jeopardize our future together. It turns out, I was worrying over nothing. Having a four-way with Carey and Ruben did not diminish the deep and passionate love that Wes and I shared between us at all. If anything, it ignited a kind of loving and caring for each other that drew the two of us even closer together. As Ruben and Carey delivered their blowjobs to stiffen us up, Wes and I kissed passionately. It was an amazing feeling to get our cocks blown while our hearts and lips reached out to each other and linked as one. Now that I was convinced that our relationship was more solid than I realized, I was ready to proceed with confidence and enthusiasm.

Once we were fully fluffed, we guided Ruben and Carey into their first preparatory position. We maintained the same partners as before and we had them kneel at the side of Wes's bed so they could lean comfortably over the top of the bed while Wes and I began the loosening process.

Wes and I placed the lube bottle between us and worked together as a team, playing with our newbie's backsides and stimulating them back and forth as they enjoyed their new experience. We sensuously worked our magic, using two lubed fingers to explore their virgin areas from their balls to their tightening holes. We felt them instinctively clench their anal muscles and recoil each time we came near their sensitive backdoor guardians. It was almost like a game to us as we teased them with their own instinctive reactions, pitting their voluntary and involuntary muscles against each other. Next, we got down to business, doing the one, two, and three finger method of gradually loosening them up. We coached Ruben and Carey to master the art of muscle relaxation and control as we both easily located their prostate button, repeatedly making them squirm and moan.

"I think you guys are ready for us now," I said as I backed away.

"Are you sure?" Ruben asked with serious doubt in his voice.

"How can you tell?" Carey's voice quivered.

"Because we got all three fingers in you," Wes answered. "That's about how big around our cocks are."

"Also because, you know how to relax and accept our size now," I explained. "Relaxing is the key to overcoming and minimizing the pain. Besides, it can't be completely pain free. Some pain is necessary for the sake of the experience. A little bit of pain mixed together with the awesome pleasure makes for a totally erotic ride. You'll see what I mean once we get started, so let's begin."

"Okay, now its time to get into position," Wes instructed. "You know the position you saw me in a few minutes ago, get on you backs and pull your legs up."

They both reluctantly complied. They got on their backs and lifted their legs until their knees were almost touching their chests, feeling quite vulnerable.

"Please go slowly," Carey pleaded.

"Intercourse is called `making love' for a reason," Wes encouraged. "That's what we're going to be doing... `Making Love' to you!"

"You don't have to do this if you don't want to," I said, giving them a way out in case they suddenly changed their minds. "We won't be mad. We're doing this for you. But if you still seriously want to still try this, Wes and I would really like to give ourselves to you in the most loving way possible."

"Once we get past the first few minutes, you're going to start loving it," Wes stated as he grew a big toothy grin.

There was no doubt that Ruben and Carey both genuinely wanted to try this. It was just the fear of the unknown that made them hesitant, and we were about to alleviate and dispel those fears, permanently. Wes and I maneuvered between our partner's legs and got into position. We liberally coated our throbbing boners with lube and placed our cocks right at the gate of their pink puckered rosebuds. We placed the slightest bit of pressure against that barrier until our cockheads `popped' in.

"How are you guys doing," I asked.

"Okay," they both answered.

For me, this was the most difficult part of anal sex. Once my cockhead had popped into that warm, velvety tunnel, I had to fight the urge to plunge in and burry my cock as deeply inside as possible. Similar to what happened with Wes earlier, I encountered a bit of resistance and reluctantly pulled back to apply a dab more lube. I noticed that Wes had to do the same thing as we moved forward with care. Without being asked to do so, I pushed inward to about the halfway point and froze for a minute or so for my partner to get accustomed to my size and girth. Wes did the same and we leaned into each other and kissed as we both held our suspended positions in limbo. We let our partners tell us when they were ready and waited for them to push against us. They were hornier than we had anticipated and almost immediately pushed us to go deeper. Wes and I pushed all the way in now and all four of us let out an arousing moan. Before Wes and I began pumping, I gave our partners one last piece of advice.

"Don't start stroking your cocks right away," I suggested. "Find the good feeling and concentrate on that for a while. Enjoy it. As it gets better and you are really into it, you can start stroking. That will add more excitement and pleasure to your experience. Also, if you wait a bit before you start jacking, we'll all be able to end more closely together."

That was it. The time for discussion was over. We did all of our talking with our bodies from here on, leaving just the sounds of our heavy breathing and occasional hushed moans as our only form of communication.

As Wes and I started to get close, we took Ruben and Carey's cocks in our hands and began to slowly stroke them, matching our stroking to our thrusting. Their semi-stiff boners instantly came to life in our hands and swelled up to super-sized proportions as we pumped them from behind and pounding them in front. Their breathing quickened as all four of us mad a mad dash for the grand finish line. To our surprise, Ruben and Carey began to get vocal again as their climax drew close.

"Yeah, that's the spot," Ruben encouraged Wes. "Keep doing that. I'm about to cum!"

"Fuck me harder," Carey said to me, startling all of us. "Your cock feels so good in me. I'm cumming... Oh, I'm going to cum now!"

In the last few seconds, Carey reached for his cock to take over and finish himself off, but I didn't let him. I pushed away his attempts and kept his orgasm under my control. I was going to make Carey experience the most intense orgasm he's ever had by stroking him to ecstasy. I synchronized my pumping hips with my stroking hand, milking his prostate and boner at once. Every muscle in his body began to clench as the pressure of his oncoming climax built up an overload to detonation. His breathing quickened and his entire body began to tremble. He arched his back and lifted his head as his eyes rolled back, almost loosing consciousness. His anal ring gripped my cock, squeezing it tightly as his own cock erupted, sending a wave of white sperm juice spiriting toward his face and landing squarely across his lips. A second blast rocketed to his chest. He continued to squirt several more jets across his body as his sphincter muscle repeatedly milked my cock, pushing me over the edge. I was going to cum inside Carey like I had done with Wes, but I wanted to see if I could nail Carey in the face, across the lips like he had just done to himself. I pulled out at the last possible second and sent my sperms flying. I hit Carey in his left eye on my first attempt, overshooting it by mere inches.

"Open your mouth and see if you can catch it," I instructed as Carey complied.

"You too Ruben," Wes said to his partner.

I looked over in time to see Wes pull out and fling his hot boy cream across Ruben's body as Ruben himself added his own cream to the erotic mix. We were all cuming hot and heavy and vocalizing a quartet of orgasmic sounds as we ascended to the heavens. Wes and I continued to stroke our combined cocks until every drop of cock juice had been milked from all four of us.

Wes and I collapsed on the floor, right between Ruben and Carey as we just laid together, silently floating back down to earth, recovering from our stellar experience. Our two students were so overwhelmed with their experience that they were both temporarily rendered speechless. It wasn't long before all four of us fell fast asleep. I was now thankful that we all had something amazing to dream about tonight instead of the harsh reality of our recent nightmare. Somehow, we all got coated with cum, but we fell asleep anyway, feeling happy and content and hopeful that we could overcome the dreary past in favor of a better, brighter future, together!

End of Chapter #17

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