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The Father and Son Outing

By Paul S. Stevens, Han's Schreiber & Flip McHooter

Chapter #18

The morning had jubilantly arrived with the sun's warm sunshine flooding in through Wes's bedroom window, replacing the erotically filled moonlight we so intimately enjoyed the previous night. A cacophony of clanging cookware and dishes rose in volume from downstairs as we all began to stir awake. The rousing aroma of freshly brewed coffee and sizzling bacon became a strong incentive to get the day started.

As we woke, we all contemplated being the first ones to use the bathroom. With the sunlight streaming across our faces, and the four of us sporting typical morning wood, we each had to impatiently wait for our boners to soften enough to make a decent urination possible. While we waited in agony, I made some small talk.

"Carey," I asked. "How did you sleep?"

"Quite well, thank you," he answered.

"I don't mean to dwell on the unpleasant ordeal with your dad or anything," I timidly began, "but I was worried it might make you have nightmares."

"No, in fact, I feel quite relieved," Carey revealed. "Right now, I would normally be spending the whole day at church with my father, being bored out of my mind and then made to do things no one asked me to do, but my father said just had to be done. I would much prefer to be here with you guys any day."

"Well, if you should feel the need for our help, we're here for you, right guys?" I said, speaking for the three of us.

Wes and Ruben whole heartedly concurred.

"While we're talking about this, Carey," Ruben added, "I was totally serious about you coming to live with me and my family. I know you haven't even met my parents yet, but I know they'd love you like I do. Well, not exactly like I do, but you know what I mean. I'm sure I could persuade them to take you in, maybe even adopt you. I would love that. We would become brothers. What do you think about that?"

Carey kissed Ruben and the two of them embraced for a couple of minutes before separating to gaze into each other's eyes.

"I'll take that as a `yes'!" Ruben said with confidence.

"Hey," Wes interjected as a strange question popped into his head. "Would you still want to have sex with each other if you should become brothers?"

Carey and Ruben looked at each other oddly for a moment and contemplated Wes's bizarre question. Then they both emphatically shook their heads `yes' at the same time.

I was reminded of how Wes and I first met. It was love at first sight for us, and I was seeing Carey and Ruben fall in love right in front of my eyes and I found myself rooting for them with all my heart.

Our brief conversation allowed our cocks to soften some and we began making our way to the upstairs bathroom, one at a time.

Carey was the first to enter Wes's bathroom. He was dismayed to find that only a curtain of beads hung in the place of what should have been a solid door, offering an alarming absence of privacy. It was the only barrier that stood for what once was a solid, lockable bathroom door. After looking around first, Carey reluctantly entered. His urgent need to pee forced him to have to overlook this glaring objection. He nervously stepped up to the toilet bowl. He looked around once more, took a deep breath and grabbed his semi-hard penis and began to release his full bladder into the bowl.

Since there was no door on the bathroom, I was able to hear what was going on in there as a series of unavoidable calamities began to occur.

Carey closed his eyes tightly and tried to push out his urine as fast as he could so that he could finish peeing before anyone else would wander in, depriving him of the little bit of privacy he had. It didn't work. Almost immediately after Carey began to push, Wes innocently joined Carey as he shared the personal space with him. As Carey began to tense up from feeling violated, Wes walked right up beside Carey and began to relive himself. He just stood side by side with his new friend, thinking nothing of groaning out loud and releasing a huge sigh of relief as his urine flow joined with Carey's. It was as if their double toilet occupancy was standard practice, being a welcome pleasure for both parties.

Well it wasn't, at least not for Carey. He felt mortified. A hundred thoughts ran through his head as the blatant absence of a good solid door took on a surprisingly awkward direction. His first instinct was to avoid the uncomfortable encounter and leave the bathroom entirely, but Carey had already committed to the urination process and couldn't stop it, even if he wanted to. This was another first for Carey. Sharing the toilet with another person was something his father would have steadfastly forbidden, yet, here he was, experiencing the taboo practice first hand, totally unable to do anything to stop it. After the initial shock of the encounter, Carey discovered it to be quite arousing. Even if he didn't admit it to anybody, his cock began to chub up, betraying what he so embarrassingly felt he needed to hide. Wes, noticing Carey's growing erection, got caught up in the infectious titillation factor and began to bone up as well.

"Feeling better now?" Wes asked Carey as he grinned, keeping his eyes focused on their two plumping cocks as their urine streams dribbled to an end before they both lost control of themselves. "There's nothing like the amazing feeling of relief you get from your first piss of the day, am I right?"

"Um, yeah," Carey answered with a dumbfounded droll, trying to hide his sudden salacious mood.

As the two of them shook off the last droplets from their engorged dicks, they turned to face the wash basin to wash up just as Ruben walked in to relieve himself next. I had waited as long as I dared and followed closely behind Ruben, adding to the crowed room.

"Is there a party going on in here?" I asked as I joined my friends.

"Sure, the more, the merrier," Ruben exclaimed. "Do you need to pee too? Come on in and join me!"

"Oh great, now everybody's in here! Where the heck is the door? Haven't any of you guys ever heard of privacy?" Carey blurted out, frustrated with himself that he was still holding on to his father's prudish teachings. "I know this is all part of your naked lifestyle, but this is just too weird for me!"

"It's not weird. If you think about it, it's fantastic!" Ruben chirped. "I love it! Whose idea was this?"

"Oh, that was my mom's idea," Wes answered. "My mom loved beads. Dad says she was a flower child, what ever that means. We had beads everywhere! She even replaced all our window curtains with beads. Since we went around the house naked like nudists, my mom believed we had nothing to hide, so we lost the doors to the bathrooms in favor of her beaded curtains. I didn't mind them so much once I got used to it, but the neighbors didn't like them much. They complained all the time. When my mom died, my dad put the real curtains back up on the windows to satisfy the neighbors, but I made him keep the ones on our two bathrooms. It's all I have left to remember her by."

I couldn't just stand there listening to Wes reminisce about his mother any longer. I needed to pee in the worst way, so I accepted Ruben's invitation to join him, just as he was about to let loose into the bowl. I took the opportunity to step up beside my old pal and share the facility. I've always found the idea of urinating with a friend to be rather intoxicating and erotic. I never got a chance to do this kind of thing with Ruben before, even though I'd always wanted to. I was thrilled to take advantage of Wes's special house rules and quirky practices to enjoy this rare occurrence.

The odd sensation of all four of us occupying Wes's small bathroom at the same time made all of us strangely horny. Seeing how Wes and Carey were already boned up when we walked in, Ruben and I got caught up in their fervor and started boning up ourselves. This was particularly weird for Ruben and me since we were still in the middle of emptying our bladders. Ruben and I struggled to keep from loosing control of our urine streams as our cocks unintentionally stiffened to full size before we could finish. It was weird to watch our cocks inflate as our urine streams constricted, turning our penises into two spitting, sputtering, out of control dicks that divided our urine flows into multi-directional fire hoses, making it nearly impossible to keep things contained to the small area of the toilet bowl. Carey and Wes were tickled and amused to watch Ruben and I lose control as they knew it was their fault.

Carey and Wes faced the sink as they began to wash up all the fertile cum loads we all managed to get all over ourselves before we had fallen asleep last night. They found the dried and crusty semen to be a bit difficult to remove as they scrubbed themselves clean. Once accomplished, they exited the bathroom, leaving Ruben and I to take over the sink and do the same. We definitely wanted to rid ourselves of the messy and smelly evidence of last night's orgy before going downstairs and facing the adults at the breakfast table. We didn't exactly want the adults to know what occurred between us last night. The idea of Wes and I making love together was probably a foregone conclusion for our dads, but we didn't want to be obvious about it for Ruben and Carey's sake. Their undeclared virgin reputations were at stake.

Once we had finished our business in the bathroom, we all made our way downstairs, unconcerned about our persisting boners. As we entered the kitchen, we were just in time to find Henry and Frank putting breakfast on the table.

"Good morning men!" Wes's dad said in greeting, giving us a proper salute.

"Men?" Carey asked, not seeing Wes's dad's intended humor.

"Sure, look at you guys," my dad said. "Each and every one of you guys came downstairs saluting us like good, proper, respectful military men."

"Saluting?" Carey asked.

"He means our boners!" I clarified.

"Oh my god," Carey said, horrified with embarrassment. "Should we have dressed for breakfast?"

"Carey," my dad said. "We're just playing with you. Relax! We want you to feel at home. Once you get to know us, you'll understand. After all, you have to expect some teasing, at least once in a while!"

"Oh, I see!" Carey formally declared, still looking sheepishly embarrassed.

Ruben, Wes, and I stifled a laugh at Carey's straight laced reaction.

We all took a seat around the table as Henry passed each of us a plate containing two bacon strips, two eggs `over-easy', and buttered sourdough toast with strawberry jam, while Frank poured each of us a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

"Mr. Morgan, Mr. Hauser," Carey courteously began. "Thank you for this awesome looking breakfast. To say our thanks to the lord, shall we observe a moment of silence for a quick prayer...?"

It wasn't something we normally did, but after taking a look around at everybody, we all shrugged in agreement. We all bowed our heads and closed our eyes for about a minute as we endured the awkward stillness.

"Amen!" Carey spouted as he ended the prayer for us.

"Thank you for that, Carey," my dad said. "Okay now, boys. Dig in!"

And dig in was exactly what we did. I for one was quite hungry, as was Wes, Ruben, and especially Carey. Somehow, I doubt Carey had many home cooked meals as good as our dads could prepare, and he somehow packed away three platefuls.

"All of you boys must be starved after that fantastic orgy you had last night." Wes's dad teasingly chirped as if it were an everyday topic of discussion in the Hauser home.

Carey immediately did a spit-take, almost choking on his first mouthful of eggs.

"Dad!" Wes exclaimed. "Really?"

"Oh, come on!" Wes's dad whined. "You guys did have an orgy up there last night, didn't you? It sure sounded like it. If you didn't, you missed out. You probably won't have another opportunity to be all together like this again for a very long time. No worries though! Seth's dad and I did our own thing down here last night while you guys were going at it, hot and heavy up there, right Frank?"

"We did indeed!" my dad answered, smiling broadly back at Henry. "It was so smoking hot that I'm surprised we didn't burn the house down!"

Completely mortified, Carey, and the rest of us finished our breakfast much more cautiously in fear that Frank or Henry might decide to prank and tease us again, although they didn't.

Once we finished eating, we all pitched in to clean the table and wash the dishes, making short order of the task.

"Okay you guys, go back upstairs, get showered and dressed," my dad announced. "We've got something important to do today."

We did as we were told and went back upstairs to Wes's room.

When we got upstairs, Ruben noticed the `missed call' light blinking on his phone and immediately called his voicemail to hear the recorded message.

"Hi sweetheart," the voice of Ruben's mother began. "Russell's out of the ICU now and they put him in a regular room where he's doing much better. He's still pretty banged up though, but he's talking now and his appetite has returned. They want to keep him here another night for observation and your father and I are going to stay with him until he gets released. They're talking about letting him go home tomorrow. If so, we can all come home together. The thing he misses the most is his stupid cell phone. Good thing he left it at home. They won't let him use it in here anyway. Please tell Mr. Morgan, `thank you' for us, and tell him we'll be calling him later tonight when we have more news to report. We miss you honey. Oh yeah, and your brother told me to tell you, `Behave Toad'. I thought that was weird of him to call you that, but he said you'd understand! We'll all be together again soon. Love you! Bye."

"Hey you guys, my mom says that Russell is going to be all right!" Ruben announced to us, beaming in his own bouncy way.

We all expressed our relief and happiness for Ruben's good fortune. Then Ruben turned to Carey.

"Carey," Ruben said. "It looks like I get to have one more night here with you before I have to go home."

"Well, let's not waste any time," Wes said. "Our dads said to get showered. So, let's do it together, you know... at the same time."

"Hey, that's a great idea," Ruben said. "I got dibs on Carey!"

"Dibs?" Carey objected. "Do I look like a car that you can call `shotgun' on me?"

"Sorry Carey," Ruben said. "I didn't mean to `diss' you, man. I just got carried away, I guess."

"Oh, shut up and get in the shower with me!" Carey barked and then smiled as he got caught up in the moment and softened again.

Ruben and Carey apparently misunderstood Wes's invitation for all of us to shower together, which we could have done in the larger shower downstairs. Instead, they both took off down the hall to the upstairs bathroom together, Ruben leading Carey by the hand. Wes followed close behind to show them where to find the towels and then left them alone. As Wes came back to the bedroom with me, the two of us laughed at Ruben and Carey's enthusiasm as they reminded us of when we showered together at the campground.

Ruben and Carey seemed to be perfectly suited for each other. Carey loved the soft hearted nature of Ruben's personality and Ruben found Carey's hardnosed sarcastic nature to be hysterical, but saw through to Carey's gentle heart he kept hidden deep inside as a self-protection mechanism. Now that Carey was away from his father's influence, he was slowly becoming a different person.

While Ruben and Carey were in the shower upstairs, Wes and I went downstairs to satisfy our curiosity about what the `important' thing was that we had to do today. Our curiosity paid off big time. From where we stood at the bottom of the stairs, we could easily see through the beaded doorway to the downstairs bathroom and were able to see the silhouettes of our dads through the frosted vinyl shower curtain. We stood there for a couple of minutes, watching our dads get frisky in the shower together. At least for me, my mind immediately jumped back to the last time we spied on our dads in the shower, back at the campground. They were roughly doing the same thing this time as they were doing that last time. Wes and I popped an instant boner watching our dads like an instant replay from an old familiar favorite scene from a well worn porn video. Watching the two of them interact was so hot that our boners began to ache from getting erotically supercharged.

"Let's go see if Ruben and Carey are out of the shower yet," Wes whispered to me. "I want to get in the shower with you right now. I'm all hot and horny again."

"Yeah, me too," I whispered back.

We went back upstairs to find Ruben and Carey taking their time as we witnessed them being quite spirited with each other through the matte colored shower curtain. Carey was taking advantage of Ruben's horny nature and started unleashing years of pent-up sexual energy that his father prevented him from ever experiencing.

"If you guys aren't out of there in two minutes, we're coming in there with you," Wes threatened.

They did prepare to come out, but they weren't in any kind of hurry to do so. Watching them was almost as hot as watching our dads downstairs and our aching boners worsened.

Even though the upstairs shower was smaller than the downstairs shower was, Ruben and Carey still fancied the idea of having another orgy right here in this shower. Logically, they knew that the four of us couldn't fit in there all at once, so they eventually came out, dismissing the idea. Ruben and Carey still had boners from fooling around in there which made our aching balls throb even more. Wes and I tried to maintain our composure until we could switch places with them and address our own growing issues.

Ruben and Carey left the water running for us as they wrapped their towels around their waists and headed back to Wes's bedroom to dry off and get dressed. Wes and I immediately stepped in to take their place, taking advantage of the perfect shower temperature, feeling totally at home.

As I started to think back on our epic day yesterday, I realized all the things we went through. Friday morning started off with a full day of school. Then we got picked up after school and went home to prepare for the Léger weekend. Then Ruben's parents dropped off Ruben to stay with us so his brother could recover in the hospital from an accident. Then we were taken to the Léger house to begin our weekend. Then the whole Léger rape encounter occurred ending with Gordon being hauled off to jail. Then we were taken to Wes's house where we had pizza and an orgy. After all that, we knew that we both needed to get clean after all that transpired in the last twenty-four hour period. Not only did we need to get clean, we needed to do something about our raging boners. That's when I realized that we could do both at the same time.

I turned Wes around so he was facing the water and I stood close behind him. I soaped up his backside, from his shoulders to his knees. Then I lathered up his luscious buttocks and then my own cock with a generous amount of thick soapy foam and proceeded to use my cock as a scrub brush to exfoliate the inside of Wes's crack. The action of my cock sweeping all the way up and back down Wes's crack felt totally wicked. Then I started to move all the way down until I was able to poke my cock between Wes's legs. I pushed in until I could feel my cock spread Wes's balls apart before going back up to the top again. I would stop and tease his hot pink rosebud along the way, just short of popping it in, making him moan with sensuous pleasure. As I concentrated on that, Wes soaped up his own cock and began pumping as we washed and pleasured ourselves at the same time.

"That was hot!" Wes said. "Turn around, let me show you how fantastic that felt."

We traded places and Wes followed my example, lathering us up before he began scrubbing my crack with his rigid cock. The feel of his cockhead rubbing seductively against my sensitive backside was extraordinary. I too began to jerk my cock off as he charmed my backdoor, sending ripples of chills up and down my spine.

It didn't take much for both of us to start spewing our loads. I felt Wes's pulsating cock start pumping as it dispensed his hot boy juice into my crack. It slowly traveled down my ass cheeks until it finally started dripping down onto the shower floor. Then I shot my own load, letting my ropes of cum dance on the porcelain surface of the shower floor as it mixed with Wes's hot boy cream. As our two loads mixed together with the warm shower water, I watched it erotically circle the top of the drain pipe before finally getting sucked into oblivion.

We quickly washed each other the rest of the way before hopping out of the shower and joining Ruben and Carey in Wes's bedroom.

Ruben and Carey were already dressed when we came in. After being naked for so many hours, it seemed strange to see them dressed again. For me, it was the most I'd ever been naked in a single day. At this point, I didn't want to get dressed. In fact, I didn't want to ever get dressed again. I was too comfortable, and the thought of getting dressed meant giving up my freedom, not to mention the notion of my whole body suffocating under layers of confining clothing. The clothed world now appeared to be ludicrous to me and I started to wonder why I ever walked about, shackled by so much unnecessary coverings. I became grouchy as I piled on the same clothes I had on yesterday, objecting to the sensation it offered. Wes appeared to be having the same negative response to getting dressed as I was. Before I finished getting completely dressed, I started sweating, which aggravated my mood even further. Once we were all respectably presentable to the outside world, we made our way downstairs to be a part of the `important' thing our dads had planned for us today.

"Ah, just in time," my dad said, looking just as uncomfortably clothed as the rest of us.

My dad and Mr. Hauser were sitting on the couch in the living room looking at something on Henry's tablet.

"We have a few things to discuss and then we're going to meet up with a realtor friend of ours," Henry excitedly said. "We have lots to do today."

"Are we going to look at houses now?" Wes and I said in virtual unison.

"We sure are, and we want Ruben and Carey to come along with us since you two will be spending plenty of time with us in the new house. Your input will be helpful in choosing the house we ultimately end up with."

"Okay," Ruben and Carey both said in agreement. They seemed happy to be included in our quest to find a new home.

"Sounds like a challenge," Ruben said.

"But please, don't buy anything close to where I used to live," Carey added. "I don't ever want to see that house again!"

"Not a problem, Carey," my dad said, standing up and putting his arm around his shoulder for comfort. "I don't blame you one bit. We'll find something that works for all of us. Anyway, we need to stay around here so the boys can stay in the same school."

"Awesome," Wes said excitedly, practically bouncing on his toes. "I can't wait. Do you think we can find one with a swimming pool?"

"I don't know," my dad answered. "We'll have to see. I'll keep it in mind. We have to keep things within our budget, you know. A pool might be a bit out of our range.

"Well, can it at least have a private backyard where the neighbors can't see us if we decide to go outside in the nude?" I asked.

"That's first on the list, son," my dad said. "Henry and I want that for us as well. If it's not private, then we aren't even going to consider it, no matter how perfect the house is. No question about it."

"Good," I said. "Will it be a two-story house again? I like having my room upstairs."

"Don't you mean, Our room!" Wes corrected.

"Right, we'll have to see," my dad said. "But I like that arrangement too. Henry and I were just looking at pictures of some of the houses for sale around here. There are a number that are in our price range, but they're somewhat smaller than we want. How do you guys feel about a fixer-upper? Something that we all could work on and make truly ours? We can get more `house' for our buck that way."

"I think that would be great," Wes said. "It would be fun doing that. You have my vote."

"Mine too," I added. "That does sound like a lot of work though. But on the other hand, think of all the cool things we can do to our room.

"Right?" Wes agreed. "The word `paradise' comes to mind."

"Wait! I have one more suggestion," Carey said shyly. "Do you think it's possible to find a house that has real, solid doors on the bathrooms?"

That made us all start laughing as each one of us really didn't want to live like that all the time anyway.

"I think we can work that out," my dad said with a smile.

"All right then, gentlemen," my dad said. "If there's nothing else, you boys go hop in the car. Henry and I will be out in a minute. We need to make a quick call to the real estate agent and let him know that we're on our way. He has three houses picked out already, and Frank and I have another two that we saw on another realty site called `Zillow' that might work out. We don't have a lack of properties to choose from, at least not yet."

We did as we were told, and got in the car to begin our adventure. A minute or so later, our dads came out of the house, locked up, and got in the car with us. We backed out of the driveway and were happily on our way. We drove across town to a small strip-mall and Henry told all of us to stay where we were for a minute while he and my dad went into one of the shops.

The window of the shop they went into said: "Quick-Lots Realty" and we all started to imagine what they were going to be showing us first. A couple of minutes later, our dads came back out and got in the car. They sat in their seats and stayed perfectly silent as our vivid curiosity began to drive us crazy.

"What's going on?" Wes finally asked, being the most curious of all of us. "What are we waiting for?"

"We're waiting for our ride," his dad answered.

"Ride? What do you mean, ride?" I wondered.

"Oh, you'll see!" my dad said as he faked a poorly executed yawn.

The silence from our dads made the time go by excruciatingly slowly. About five minutes later, a luxury, multi-seated van pulled up behind our parked car and the driver signaled for us to board.

"Okay everybody, let's go!" Henry said.

We all got out of my dad's car and hopped into the waiting van. We were now extra excited to be going somewhere together in this air-conditioned, luxury van, riding in comfort and style to who knows where. Wherever that would turn out to be, it was our first step into the future that Wes and I had longed for.

As we got into the van, our dads introduced us to our driver and realtor. He was a tall, tan guy by the weird name of Endicott. As an impromptu beginning, he drove past a couple of decent looking ranch-style track houses that were not far from our neighborhood. Neither one was big enough or private enough, so we didn't spend much time looking at those. The third house we looked at was close to what we wanted, but it was on a corner lot and people walking on the sidewalk could just look over the wall and see the pool and backyard. We all agreed that this kind of house would never work for us.

"If it's all right with you, I think we should stop for lunch and then I'll show you some better houses," Endicott indicated.

"Sure," my dad said.

After taking a fast lunch break at an interesting `hole-in-the wall' restaurant that Endicott said was phenomenal, we full heartedly agreed before getting back on the road again. We regrouped to discuss the other houses we were scheduled to look at. Putting the last of his Tuscan Flatbread sandwich down, Endicott looked at us four guys and skirted a rather personal issue, point blank.

"I think I know why the pool is so important to you," Endicott speculated. "My guess is, you boys like skinny dipping! Am I right?"

My dad and Wes's dad laughed while the four of us turned bright red. Wes was the only one who was bold enough to say `yes' before turning an even darker shade of red.

"Don't be embarrassed," Endicott confessed. "I love being naked outside too. Why do you think I'm so tan? Okay, so let's see: You want a house with at least four bedrooms, preferably two-story and in the same school district. Correct?"

"Yes, that's exactly what we want, if such a place exists," my dad answered.

"I have something that's been on the market for a bit, and it's a little unconventional. Even so, it might work out for you. It's an old Victorian style home on the edge of town that's bordered on two sides by two large warehouses that faces the other street. There aren't any windows on the back sides of the buildings so they can't see in, and you won't hear any noise. On the third side, the lot slopes down to the neighbor on the opposite side, making it impossible to see into the property, making it uniquely private all the way around. It has a large pool, too, although it was put in many, many years ago, so you may have to upgrade the mechanicals and do some minor repairs."

"What's the downside?" Mr. Hauser asked.

"It needs some cosmetic work and a lot of landscaping, especially in the backyard where there are a lot of overgrown weeds. The lot is quite large, actually. That will take some work to clear and re-seed. The sellers remodeled the kitchen and repainted the outside recently, but then they ran out of money to do anything more. They're now highly motivated to sell and want to get out of it as soon as they can. If you guys are truly serious about putting your muscles to work, this just might be the perfect place for you."

"What's the price?" my dad asked.

"They've reduced the price twice now," Endicott revealed. "So I think we could come in at a good `price point' that's within your budget and still leave you with plenty of funds to finish fixing it to your liking. So, shall we go see it?"

We all gave a resounding yes, and headed back to the van. Endicott started the engine and uttered a word to the van's dashboard, initiating an internal GPS system.

"Destination!" Endicott firmly stated.

"State your destination," a computerized voice in the dash responded.

"Lot #51, please" the driver instructed.

"Pull onto North Arcadia Avenue. Proceed one quarter mile to Michillinda Avenue. Turn right," chirped the electronic commands.

Endicott pulled out of the parking lot and followed the commands according to the GPS's instructions. We were directed to the edge of the old-town part of our city.

"This part of town is mostly light industrial," Endicott began to speak as if he were suddenly an amusement park tour guide. "It has been making a comeback recently with a new mandate from the city council. The transit authority is putting in a new line close by as well as brand new multi-use buildings that are now being constructed. Maybe this particular property would work out for you best."

In less than three minutes, we arrived at our destination. None of us had ever had the need to come to this part of town before, so everything was new to us. We all climbed out of the van and took one look at the place, laughing as we did.

"Pink?" I sighed.

"And purple," added Wes, rolling his eyes. "It's totally gay! Almost like a fairytale castle!"

"What do you think that orange tower thing is over there?" Ruben asked.

"It's an old fashioned gun turret," Endicott said. "I told you it was a bit unconventional. There are five bedrooms on two floors. The third floor is open, like a loft, and then there is a small room up in the turret. You can see most of the town from up there. Also, there's a small basement. C'mon, let's go inside and take a look around. I think once you get past the odd paint colors out here, you'll love it inside."

We followed Endicott up the few steeps to a large, wrap-around porch. It would make a great place to hang out on a warm day with a tall glass of ice cold lemonade.

Endicott fumbled around with the lockbox for a moment as we got anxious to get inside. Once we were in, we all stood in the great entry way, totally and completely awestruck.

"Wicked," Ruben exclaimed.

"This is `off-the-hook'," Carey pointed out.

Wes and I were speechless as all kinds of ideas raced through our heads.

"Okay guys, let's take a look around," Henry said as we slowly passed the entryway. I was just now beginning to get chills at the mere possibility of this mansion being ours. I watched Wes's eyes widen too as he, much like me, began to realize we might be standing in the foyer of our future abode.

"This house is still within the boundaries of the school district that your sons attend," Endicott confirmed, breaking the silence that we were all caught up in.

I purposely began making mental notes about what I liked and didn't like about this amazing property, but it looked like, other than the need to fix it up, it was exactly what the doctor ordered.

Once we fully entered the house, our heads were turning in every direction, trying to see take it all in. The ground floor had high ceilings as we stepped into an extra-large, half-living-room, half-dinning-room area. The kitchen was behind that and was quite large as well. The recent remodeling definitely looked newer than the rest of the house and was quite noticeable. It had a service portal used to serve meals directly from the kitchen to the dinning room.

The laundry room was just behind the kitchen that offered a throughway to the garage.

Also on the ground floor, there were two extra rooms that had great possibilities. One room could be a computer room or home office for our dads, while the other could be turned into either a guest room or combination rumpus room or game room.

As we moved upstairs, the bedrooms were quite impressive as bedrooms go. The master bedroom was the most impressive as it was spacious enough to contain a hot tub. It was definitely one of the newer additions to the house and was big enough to accommodate six people. The master bathroom was also impressive with a large double occupancy shower and a two sink vanity with a floor to ceiling mirror. At the end of the hallway upstairs was another stairway that led to the Turret room. It was extremely small, but I'm sure we would find a use for it. Endicott was right though, the view from there was spectacular.

But, once again, we were faced with the downside when we looked at the backyard. It was quite large and in desperate need of a landscaper. The pool, which was becoming increasingly more important to us, was nearly empty and was in need of some real tender loving care. Even though we would have a lot of work ahead of us, it was looking like everyone was as impressed with the place as Wes and I were.

"Well, I think we've seen all we need to see," my dad announced. "Who here thinks this place is a winner?"

I quickly raised my hand, as did Wes, Ruben, and Carey and even Henry.

"Who thinks we need to keep looking?" my dad asked next, and everybody's hand came down.

"Well, let's all go back to the office and see how we could make this a reality for you folks," Endicott encouraged.

We all went back to the van while Endicott locked the place up and returned the key to the lockbox. We excitedly chattered amongst ourselves on the ride back to the office as we all expressed our enthusiasm about all the positive aspects of the place. Wes and I practically started referring to the house like it was already ours. For the first time in a very long time, I began to feel like things were coming together and we were finally going to become the family that Wes and I hungered to become since the day we met.

The love that Wes and I shared was as strong as ever. Henry and my dad's relationship with one another had become as sound as a redwood tree. Carey was finally away from his father's stifling influence and criminal tendencies and he had a new family to take him in where he would be safe to grow up with a normal family. Ruben's brother was out of the woods after his serious accident and Ruben himself found a new boyfriend in Carey. My mother had also been released from Gordon Léger's controlling ways and allowed to find a partner and begin life anew if she chose to do so. Everything was coming together splendidly and a warm, inner peace washed over me. Life was good!

End of Chapter #18

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