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The Father and Son Outing

By Paul S. Stevens, Han's Schreiber & Flip McHooter

Chapter #19

It was late on Saturday evening when Henry talked my dad into allowing everyone to stay one more night at `La Casa de Hauser' before going back to our respective homes the next morning.

We were still uncertain where Carey would end up, despite all the planning and wishful thinking that had been done, mostly on our part. It was going to be an awkward situation, no matter what ended up happening with him. Ruben was still adamant about having his family consider taking Carey in and was praying for a favorable outcome.

My dad told us that he was preparing himself to break the news and explain the situation to John and Barbra Briggs, and at the same time, assist Carey in getting placed with them. He felt that, under the circumstances, an adult had to handle the delicate subject matter that led to the current predicament that Carey was caught up in. He believed that the Briggs's needed to hear the story from someone who was close to the situation and knew all the facts.

I disagreed. No one was closer to the situation than Wes, Ruben, Carey and I. We lived the ordeal personally. As I thought about it more, I suppose that having an adult handle it would probably be more easily received by Ruben's parents, so, I didn't fight it. We just hoped that the Briggs's would hear it from one of us before they read about it in the papers, or caught a random sound bite or possibly even our blurred faces in some indiscriminate video footage on TV. Fortunately, Wes, Ruben, Carey, and I were minors, and in the media, all minors are legally bound to have their names and faces withheld. Even so, we wanted them to learn about it from us first. Even though my dad insisted on handling the task himself, he was not looking forward to having to deliver such news, single handedly. At best, it was going to be tricky trying to delicately approach this kind of subject matter. He was going to have to bite the bullet and explain how their son, Ruben, along with three other minors, got caught up in a sex scandal through a third party, while under my family's care. The news was potentially volatile and explosive all by itself, without adding the extra burden of trying to convince them to take Carey, the son of a pedophile, directly into their family.

It wouldn't be long before John and Barbra Briggs would be coming to pick up Ruben from our care since his brother Russell was about to be released from the hospital at any time now. Ruben was excited to be seeing his brother again, but at the same time, he was worried about his parents' decision concerning Carey. Then, he began to realize what a wild card his brother Russell might be. Ruben had no idea how Russell would react to all this. He just hoped he wouldn't stand in his way and possibly object to having some new stranger in the house. Ruben could sure use all the help he could get in swaying his parents to decide in Carey's favor. The amount of uncertainty was escalating and Ruben began to get a sick, sinking feeling in his stomach from worrying about the unknown.

As for Carey, he was going to be in for a tense and uncomfortable ride over the next few hours no matter how it would play out. We all realized there was a possibility that the Briggs family, for some unseen reason, might not be able to accommodate Ruben's request and take Carey in. Everyone fell quiet once again as we all got caught up, worrying about how it will go.

The four of us got back to Wes's house, and we immediately disrobed one last time as we ascended the creaky stairs to Wes's room. We were anxious to allow ourselves this last opportunity to feel free and unencumbered by clothing before going back to our standard way of life. We all used the bathroom, one at a time this time, and settled in. We were all feeling a little melancholy since the hours were winding down for us to be together.

As far as dinner was concerned, Wes and I talked our dads into doing a repeat of last night, and asked to have pizza and sodas delivered for dinner again before turning in for the night. We were all feeling quite horny, but we didn't act on those feelings the way we had the previous night. We had so many more worries that laid heavily our minds now that comforting each other seemed to be the best thing we could do with our remaining time together.

First off, Carey's very first carefree weekend, away from his father's influence, was coming to an end, and his placement disposition was getting closer to being proposed to Ruben's parents. He was understandably concerned that his entire future was in the hands of two adults that were total strangers to him, and knew nothing about his situation as of yet. We were all worried because we didn't want to see Carey get placed into the custody of child protective services, subject to becoming a lost soul among and faceless statistic of the system. None of us wanted that for Carey and we all hoped the Briggs's would feel the same way once they were brought up to speed.

Second, the property that we visited today, the one that we all agreed was the perfect place for us, was now being processed through the bank and was in question as well. The long process of purchasing a new home and the long, drawn out process of waiting for approval had now begun, making me in particular, very nervous and apprehensive.

Just as my stomach began to growl, our two large pizzas and liter bottles of sodas had arrived, and we wolfed down our dinner in record time. After that, we sat around and talked about all the things that happened during our time together. We discussed our ordeal involving Carey's father in more detail now that we were able to discuss it more openly amongst ourselves. We discussed how much we enjoyed showering together, especially for Carey and Ruben since it was their first time doing it. We reminisced about our previous night's orgy and how sexy and erotic it was. We got horny all over again and popped raging boners just talking about it. We went over the things we remembered about house hunting and how we were all going to enjoy spending time together in that fantastic new place. We talked about the strange bathroom situation at Wes's house again and how it played a major role in selecting the new house. It was very therapeutic to talk about it all, voicing our concerns and assuring each other that everything would work out fine in the end.

Before we knew it, we got sleepy and decided to just cuddle in our dual sleeping bags with our partners, me with Wes, and Ruben with Carey. It was good for all of us. Ruben and Carey learned that there was more to being boyfriends than just having great sex every chance they could get. They needed to bond with each other, not saying that they hadn't done so already, but they were at the point in their relationship where being together was just as important as having the most awesome, mind blowing, toe curling sex ever. It was actually kind of cute to see Ruben and Carey cuddled up with each other. I'd never seen Ruben look so happy. For Wes and me, it had been a long time since we'd abstained from sex and done nothing but hold each other close, spending quality time in each other's loving arms.

We were all so relaxed that we fell deeply asleep, and the next thing we knew, it was morning. We habitually fell into the same routine as the day before, somewhat repeating the bathroom ritual, this time, with a little less anxiety. We did manage to share a shower together with our partners, blowing off some major pent up sexual energy before tackling our day, head-on.

Once we blew our loads in the shower, we reluctantly got dressed. I noticed Wes looking depressed and he got very quiet all of a sudden. He knew that we'd all be leaving soon and he'd be left, home alone. I sensed his sad feelings and moved over to give him a reassuring hug and kiss. I was able to lessen his anxiety by letting him know that I understood and felt the same way.

As we came downstairs, we once again felt suffocated and over dressed to meet the world. We were each carrying our overnight stuff with us and piled them near the doorway since we'd probably be leaving for my house shortly after breakfast. When we got downstairs, we discovered that our dads were dressed too, and had breakfast hot and ready, just waiting for us on the table. It was similar to the meal they prepared the day before and we all gathered around the table to enjoy being all together the way I'd been craving, like normal families do. I knew, at least for me, that I was going to miss all this. My only consolation was that if our dream house got approved, this would be a sample of what our future together might be like. I couldn't wait! It was going to be so awesome to be living there together and just the thought of it put a huge smile on my face!

Once we finished up our breakfast, we helped clean up the mess in the kitchen before packing our stuff in the car. Ruben, Carey, and I said our goodbyes to Wes while my dad said his goodbyes to Henry. Shortly after that, my dad drove the four of us to my house. I had no idea what kind of mood my mom would be in considering dad had let us stay at Wes's house the entire weekend against her wishes.

As we arrived at my house, I noticed that my mom had prepared and cleaned the house for our guests. I was surprised since it was a lot of work for her with no one around to help her. If everything worked out as we'd hoped, our guests wouldn't be staying very long. After being away all weekend and cleaning the house all by herself, she was surprisingly excited and anxious to finally have us come home. She was in an unusually good mood when we entered the house and she unexpectedly gave everyone a big hug, even my dad.

Despite the fact that it was my mom's day off from work yesterday, she got called into work on an emergency. After we all settled down and got quiet, my mom explained to us what had happened at the office. Here's what she said in a nutshell:

When she arrived at the office early yesterday morning, a team of representatives from one of the company's most important overseas clients were waiting in Gordon Léger's office. He had previously arranged to conduct his presentation that morning with them. She didn't know that Gordon had set the appointment for that morning. Since it was my mom's day off, he'd planned to wing the meeting solo. Fortunately, she was intimately familiar with the case, since she and Gordon had worked closely together on it for several weeks. When Gordon had not shown up for work that morning, no one knew what to think and the boss, Mr. Mitchell, was going crazy trying to figure out where he was and what could be wrong. Gordon had never missed a day of work before, in fact, he'd never even been late before. My mom was the only one in the office who knew the situation and she suddenly realized that she was going to have to save the day and do the presentation in Gordon's absence. Two very intense hours later, my mom had sold the account and the clients left happy and satisfied.

After winning the case for the company, she then explained to the boss and the office staff what she knew about Gordon Léger. She filled them in on all the details as to what had transpired over the weekend with him and the four boys at his home, leaving out as many of the sexually graphic details as possible. Once it was apparent that Gordon's career with the company was at an end and he would not be returning to the office any time soon, the boss, Mr. Mitchell, made an unexpected move. After watching my mom in action and taking charge of the client's presentation with confidence, Mr. Mitchell gave my mom Gordon's position in the firm as well as his generous salary, which, to my mom, was a prominent promotion as well as a substantial raise in pay.

I was happy for the way things had worked out for my mom, and doubly thankful that something good had come out of our ordeal at the hands of Gordon Léger. Unfortunately, our joyous mood was about to become tense and volatile since the entire Briggs' family was on their way to our house from the hospital with Russell on board to reunite their family together following their own family crisis.

We were all still downstairs and milling around as we talked near the doorway, listening to my mom's story, when a knock at our front door broke our reverie. My dad, who was still standing closest to the front door, acknowledged the Briggs family and welcomed them in. My mom and dad started moving toward the kitchen. Dad invited John and Barbra to follow them while he told me, Ruben and Carey to go upstairs to my room so the adults could talk in private.

I so wanted to be present and be apart of what was about to happen. I found myself starting to whine and fuss about having to be treated like a child when Ruben's father, sensing something serious was up, strongly suggested that Russell, (who was only a year and a half older than his brother, Ruben) join us kids upstairs, knowing that saying so would shut us all up.

With heavy distain, I reluctantly climbed the stairs to my room with Carey, Ruben, and Russell in tow. Russell slowly took up the rear since he was still in a lot of pain from the multiple broken ribs he sustained from the accident, as well as a good deal of serious cuts and bruises. We all felt his pain as he softly grunted and groaned with each step, trying to hide his anguish with a minimum amount of complaining.

"Crap!" Ruben sighed. "I really wanted to be the one to tell Mom and Dad what happened. After all, it happened to me, for shit's sake. And I know Mom and Dad. They'll need to be eased into it or they'll totally freak out, or at least Mom will."

"I think we all want to be down there," I added. "I think we're all over it enough now to be able to talk about it openly to our parents. We better learn to talk about it now so we could be ready to tell it to a judge and jury. Russell doesn't even know what we're talking about. I think we better tell him what happened. He's going to find out about it in a few minutes anyway."

"Well, I already know what happened," Russell bragged. "It was pretty obvious to me."

"Y... yo... you know what happened?" Ruben stuttered.

"Hell yeah," Russell said as he pulled his cell phone from out of his pocket with great difficulty.

Then he brought up the video file from 'My Documents', and loaded the video.

"Mom said you left your cell phone at home while you were in the hospital," Ruben accused.

"I did," Russell replied. "We went home first before we came here. Mom and dad were going to leave me home while they came here to pick you up. I needed to change my clothes anyway because my old clothes were all ripped and torn from the accident. After I changed, the first thing I did was check my phone for any messages. While checking my messages, I found something incredibly compelling. I talked mom and dad into bringing me here. There's no way I was going to miss hearing about this. Take a look at what I found."

That's when Russell pressed play, and with great pride, he held his phone up so we could all see the screen at once.

The video began to play and our mouths all dropped open as we watched the video that was taken from the point of view of Ruben's phone that got sent to his brother. We had forgotten about the extra safety-backup video that got sent to Russell's phone while he was in the hospital. We hadn't intended for Russell to ever see Ruben's version of the video. Ruben had planned to erase the video from Russell's phone before Russell would have a chance to see it.

"I was going to stay home while mom and dad came here to pick you up," Russell explained. "But, after watching that video, I had to find out what it was all about. I didn't want to show it to mom and dad until I got a chance to talk to you about it first. The truth is, I'd much rather hear all the dirty, horny details from you guys up here rather than hear it from Frank and Mabel Morgan downstairs!"

The way it worked out, Russell had beaten him to it. With our fragile young psyches in mind, our parents made certain that we never had to see the videos that they had personally received from us as a way of shielding and protecting us. They wanted to be sure that we wouldn't ever have to re-live those horrors again. We knew that they needed to retain those videos since they would probably need to be used as prime evidence in Gordon Léger's trial, but they made sure we were spared from ever having to see them. Russell, on the other hand, had no such qualms about showing us his prize possession and making us tell him all about it.

Now that the imminent danger of the incident was past, seeing the video for the first time was immensely exhilarating to watch as a flood of emotions overtook me personally. Then, I discovered that watching myself on the screen had turned me on so much that my balls began to ache and the erection that grew inside my pants got so hard that it visibly began to throb and pulsate under the fabric of my clothing. Carey and Ruben were also mesmerized as their eyes got transfixed on the video screen as well, unable to move or speak. Before we knew it, the video was over. The six minute video blew us away like a badly made YouTube video gone viral, leaving us breathless and horny. As it actually happened to us, our perception of it seemed to go on and on, lasting forever. It actually demonstrated to us how quickly it all went down in reality.

"That was quite an adventure you guys had," Russell said, flipping his phone back into his pocket once the video came to an end. "What was it like, sucking each other's cocks off in front of that madman and knowing you were videoing it?"

"What?" Ruben gasped. "What do you mean?"

"It almost looks like a porn film!" Russell teased. "You're sucking each other off like you've been doing it for years. What else did he make you guys do that wasn't on the video? I'm sure there was more! It's obvious to me at least, that you guys are straight up gay, right? How long have you guys been doing it together? It's cool. You can tell me, I'm gay too! I've watched many professional porn stars suck cock, and I can tell you, you guys have them beat."

"Yeah, we know you're gay!" Ruben replied. "We've known for a long time."

"What do you mean; `you've known for a long time'?" Russell huffed. "And what do you mean `We'?"

"I know where you stash your gay DVD's," Ruben confessed. "Seth and I have watched almost every one of them together."

"Holy shit, no way!" Russell exclaimed, getting aroused and smiling as he gleefully gave his younger brother the third degree while learning their young secret. "Did you guys have sex when you watched my DVD's? Did you like... shoot your loads all over the place when you came?"

"Well, kind of," Ruben admitted. "Did you already show Mom and Dad the video on your phone?"

"Oh, hell no," Russell barked. "What kind of brother do you think I am? Besides, you wouldn't have sent me that video if you didn't think you could trust me. Now that I've seen it, I want to hear all the horny details straight from you guys. Maybe the three of us, and that Wes kid, could make our own little porn film together someday. I'll keep your secret if you keep mine. Maybe you'll let me join you guys the next time you're all together."

"Maybe, but I don't think that making a video together is a good idea. Not at all," Carey spoke up. "We were forced to make those videos because it was the only way we could think of to stop my father from raping the four of us, or taking advantage of any other kids in the future. I don't want to have to go through that ever again. Not even for fun!"

"Okay, no problem," Russell agreed, realizing it was a sore point with Carey.

"And don't go getting any ideas of posting our video to YouTube," Carey added. "If this video goes public, it will become inadmissible in court. Then we won't be able to us it at my father's trial. That's all the proof we have of what he did. Without it, we will have risked ourselves for nothing and my dad will go free. I don't want to even think about what he'll do to us if he gets released. We're just teenagers right now and easily manipulated. I don't know what kind mandatory term his crime carries, but by then, we'll be adults and much more capable of defending ourselves."

Carey was becoming quite agitated and Russell tried to put Carey at ease.

"No worries," Russell promised. "I realize how serious this is. You can trust me like a brother!"

Just then, we heard the voices of our parents escalating downstairs as they gasped and cursed with vile contempt.

"Well, I'm willing to bet that you're parents have just seen the video, Ruben," I surmised. "I feel kind of embarrassed now, just knowing that your parents have just seen us naked and vulnerable."

"Well, I'm not embarrassed," Ruben stated. "I think we're kind of like `heroes' now. But, because of what we did, Carey doesn't have a place to live anymore. His father was his only living relative, and now he's in jail. I want Carey to come live with us. I feel kind of responsible for him now. Besides, I think I'm... kind of... in love!"

Russell raised his eyebrows as he began to see how serious Carey and his brother were taking all this. "Well, I think you guys are heroes too. Super hot heroes!"

Over the next five minutes, Ruben, Carey, and I, told Russell all the details of our encounter with Gordon Léger, turning him on with every erotic detail we shared with him. Russell became so aroused, he began to strip as he took off his shirt, revealing his bandaged ribs and other injuries he had sustained in the accident. He wasn't seeking to have sex with us or anything. It was just his reaction to getting so turned on.

"I know you guys were in real trouble with that crazy guy, but your story is so hot," Russell admitted. "You've gotten me so super horny that my balls are aching. The entire time I was in the hospital, I couldn't jack-off or nothing, and believe me, I tried."

His pants were about to go next when my dad called up to us and asked all of us to come down and join the discussion that was going on between the adults.

"Shit! I'm so horny," Russell said as he struggled to put his shirt back on. Ruben tried to help his brother as he noticed him wince in pain.

"Please, don't mess up my efforts to get Mom and Dad to take Carey in," Ruben begged as he delicately finished assisting Russell. "He needs me. He needs us! We're all he's got right now. And Russell, I... I... I need him!"

"No problem," Russell said as he displayed his shit eating grin. "I think it'll be cool to have another `gay' younger brother in the house. I'll do whatever I can to make this work out. I'm sure we'll all get along just fine."

Russell winked and clicked his tongue at Ruben. Carey raised his eyebrows, thinking Russell was being sarcastic, but Ruben felt relieved, knowing it was just Russell's way of rattling his brother's cage.

Carey had a few choice words he wanted to say but bit his tongue as his better judgment took over. He was still being uncharacteristically quiet, watching us intently and making sure he didn't jeopardize his position with anyone at this crucial juncture. Before we all moved downstairs to join the adults, Ruben offered his hand to Carey for support and Carey gratefully took it lovingly.

That simple gesture silently spoke volumes to Russell, who wished he had someone he could hold hands with in the same way. Russell was quickly warming up to Carey himself as well as the idea of him moving in with them as a step brother.

The four boys made their way downstairs with Russell slowly taking up the rear, wincing in pain with each step. By then, the adults had moved from the kitchen, into the living room where there was much more room for everyone. We let Russell have the last comfortable spot on the sofa while Carey, Ruben and I sat on the floor.

We all looked at each other for a moment, not knowing what to say. Ruben's mother looked at Carey closely, checking him out from head to toe. It was a motherly kind of look that made Carey stiffen up and stand straight. After she took it all in, she finally spoke.

"Carey, darling," she said with genuine affection. "We're all so sorry about the ordeal you all went through."

"Thank you Mrs. Briggs," Carey answered in a soft and meek tone.

"Ruben, sweetheart," his mother said, addressing him next. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, Mom!" Ruben acknowledged. "We all worked together. We all had each other's backs. That Gordon guy was a truly evil man. At first, it felt like we were all going to be toast. I was lucky. That guy only seemed interested in Wes. You've probably seen the video by now."

"Yes, Frank showed us the video you guys sent to his cell phone," Ruben's dad said. "All of you were really brave, maybe even a bit too foolhardy!"

"John," Barbra growled, reprimanding her husband. "Really...? After all these poor boys have been through, you're going to give them grief over it?"

"It was no accident that the four of us were together, Dad," Ruben spoke up in response. "It was like our destiny that everything happened just like it did. It took all four of us to bring down that madman. Carey told us that his father has never taken on more than one boy at a time before, but because he was so greedy, he tried to take on all four of us at once. Poor Carey has been a victim of his father's twisted will all his life. Because there were four of us, Carey felt brave enough to try to stand up to his father for the first time, so we agreed to help him, and ourselves at the same time. His father didn't know we had a plan and we managed to catch him off guard long enough to get help using those videos. And, because of what we did, Carey's father is in jail and Carey has nowhere to live now. I feel responsible for him. I care about him. A lot! Can he come live with us? Please. He's like my new brother. He deserves to have a normal life with people who love him. Once you get to know him, I know you'll love him too, just as much as you love Russell and me! This is really important to all of us. Please!"

"That's a pretty tall order, don't you think?" John said. "It's not like I could just snap my fingers and say `YES', and magically make it so."

"Why not?" Russell piped in. "Let's do it on a trial basis and see how it goes. I'll do my part to make him feel like part of the family."

"You don't really mean that!" Russell's dad said.

"No... yeah!" Russell confirmed. "I mean... I do mean it... really. He's a pretty cool little dude. I know he hasn't said much so far, but I can tell, he is."

John and Barbra looked at each other as a thousand questions raced across each other's minds in that one intense glance.

"Okay young man," Barbra turned to Carey. "It's true, you've been very quiet. Now is the time to speak your mind. So, I'll ask you now. Is this something you really want?"

Carey silently nodded his head `yes' as two tears formed from the corner of his eyes and ran down his rosy red cheeks. He quickly raised his hands to his face to bat the droplets away in awkward embarrassment.

John and Barbra looked at each other again and silently made their decision.

"Okay," Ruben's dad said. "We'll agree to implement Russell's suggestion and begin a two week trial to see if Carey can find a way to fit into our family. He'll have to demonstrate that he's compatible with us. Reversely, we'll have to see if we're compatible with him as well."

Ruben came up off the floor and dashed over to his mom and dad and hugged them both, almost bowling them over. Then he went over to Russell and hugged him.

"You don't need to hug me so hard, toad," Russell groaned in pain.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Ruben said, immediately letting go. "I forgot!"

"Well, we've got a lot of work to do now, with a new family member joining us," Ruben and Russell's mom stated. "Besides, we haven't been home since school let out Friday afternoon. We need to get home."

"Excuse me Mrs. Briggs," Carey finally spoke up without being asked a question. "What are you going to make for dinner?"

"See there," John said. "Typical teenage mentality. The stomach rules!"

"Carey, you can call me Barb," Ruben's mom said. "Actually, I haven't even thought about dinner yet."

"Could I help you make dinner tonight?" Carey then asked out of the blue.

"Why, yes Carey," she smiled. "That would be nice. I think we're going to get along just fine."

Carey was eager to make a good impression and wanted to be as helpful as possible to fit in.

On the other hand, Ruben and Russell were worried that Carey might be trying too hard and making the two of them look bad. It was going to require a delicate balance to make everyone happy. No matter what, Carey was willing to do whatever it took to make his temporary home become a permanent one.

For Carey and the Briggs', their new adventure had just begun. We said our goodbyes and I wished Ruben and Carey good luck on their new lives together and promised we'd all get together again as friends in a couple of days.

For me, our incredibly eventful weekend together had come to a close, and like Wes, I found myself terribly alone. I took a fairly long shower and coaxed out a load using the hot and erotic memories I had formed over the last sixty hours. Reliving those fantasies were so deep and rich in sensuous diversity that I lost myself in my own carnal fervor. As I approached my orgasm, I transcended the ordinary and experienced an extraordinary `Super-Orgasm', something that I thought was only a myth. I was thankful that I could end such a weekend on such a high note. I spent the rest of my day in a trance, fantasizing about moving into our new home with Wes and Henry and living in bliss with my new family and friends.

End of Chapter #19

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