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The Father and Son Outing

By Paul S. Stevens, Han's Schreiber & Flip McHooter

Chapter #20

It was now extraordinarily quiet and depressing around the Morgan Family Home. Even mom and dad were quiet, speaking in hushed tones and suppressed whispers, purposely keeping me from hearing them quarrel.

Occasionally, I heard them blame each other for the whole Léger incident. I even heard my dad accuse mom of still holding on to her relationship with Gordon despite what he did, especially now that she had taken over for him at the office. Dad had found out that she had been visiting him in jail on more than one occasion. Just the fact that she had done that became an ugly and bitter bone of contention between Mom and Dad and made the atmosphere around the house continuously tense and perpetually apprehensive. It didn't matter what they talked about, the fact that his persisting presence in our lives was inexcusable. It made our plans to move more immediate and imminently necessary. It was one more reason why I was becoming desperate to make a change. I needed to say goodbye to this house and my relationship with mom, severing my connection with what was no longer working or salvageable. My future with Wes was the only way out of my bad situation and starting a new life in a new home with my new family was the only answer.

I don't know why mom and dad couldn't seem to let go of the Léger incident though. I had pretty much moved past the need to blame someone. The fact that I and my friends had not been seriously injured, at least in the physical sense, made me want to put the whole thing behind me and move forward with my life. It was bad enough to know that, in some far-off time in the future, my friends and I were going to have to testify at the Léger trial. At that time, we'll have to re-live the entire incident, point by point, in front of a judge and jury, with graphic emphasis on the lurid sexual details. The prospect of that scenario horrified me, so at the present time, I chose not to let it consume me and just focused on the promise of a bright and shiny future.

My mind was mostly occupied with the slow and exasperating escrow process and I made a pest of myself to dad by demanding to receive daily updates on the status and progress of the legal process concerning our dream house. I was also in touch with Wes on a daily basis as well, both at school and at home, exchanging what we knew between us, sometimes becoming the single minded subject of our conversations.

I continued to stay and wait after school with Wes every day until his dad would arrive to pick him up after he got off work, happy in the knowledge that the necessity for it would soon be a thing of the past. While we waited, we talked amongst ourselves and fantasized about all the things we were going to do once we moved in together. It's the one thing that kept both of us sane as we all played the waiting game.

Countless days had gone by with tensions escalating to the point that I would come home from school and sequester myself in my room, sometimes not coming out until morning. Since we weren't much of a family anymore, I would take my dinner into my room, sometimes even having to make it myself to avoid any contact with Mom or Dad whatsoever. I may be mistaken, but they seemed to be so involved in themselves and their irreconcilable differences that I don't even think they noticed my absence.

Today, my plan for staying out of sight got disrupted by a knock at my door. I apprehensively opened the door, expecting to get greeted by someone bearing bad news.

"How would you like to go with me to Henry and Wes's house for a while?" Dad asked.

"Hell yeah!" I squeaked as my whole attitude and demeanor changed in the blink of an eye. I dropped what I was doing and raced to put my shoes on, trying to be ready to leave in a moments notice.

On the drive over, I dared not ask my dad how he got past my mom's objections since she still didn't want either of us socializing with what she considered to be, `the enemy'.

As we arrived at Wes's house, Dad went into the kitchen with Henry and I raced upstairs to surprise and greet my friend. Before we even got the chance to throw our clothes off, which had become a ritual we got used to doing, no matter whose house we were at, our dads came upstairs to talk to both of us together.

"Hey guys," Wes's dad began. "There's a reason we got the two of you together here today."

"That's right," my dad added. "Are you ready for a surprise?"

Wes and I looked puzzlingly at each other, and then indicated that we were indeed `ready'.

Then, at virtually the same time, our dads pulled their surprises out of their pockets. They were identical key rings with a single key hanging from each one. With big grins on their faces, our dads purposely taunted us by dangling their surprise out in front of us, not saying a word so it could have the biggest possible impact.

Again, Wes and I looked at each other, not fully understanding the gesture. Then, Wes seamed to get it before I did. Wes and I both reached out and cautiously took our key rings from our dads.

"No way!" Wes shrieked. "Are these...?"

I still didn't catch on and looked at Wes for some kind of clue.

"Can we go there right now, please?" Wes pleaded.

Then, it hit me. These two key rings were our magic tickets to our new home.

"Sure!" my dad said. "We've got to go see if these new keys work, right?"

After all this time of waiting, I was rendered speechless and stood there petrified, momentarily unable to move a muscle as I held my shiny new key ring in the palm of my hand. I stared at it, rubbing the key between my fingers and contemplating how such a small but awesome object could fit in the palm of my hand.

My mind began to wander and I thought about how I was going to be able to play with Wes's cock every time we got horny, now that we'll be living together. My bone began to inflate and a totally random thought crossed my mind. Wes's cock was also a pretty awesome thing as it too fit in the palm of my hand, but only barely. The thought of the relationship between the two almost made me laugh out loud as I wrapped my fingers around my prize and imagined I was stroking it.

"Seth," Wes barked, nudging me and breaking the trance I was in. "Aren't you excited, dude? Our lives just permanently changed for the better!"

"It sure has!" I gasped in disbelief. "Wait a minute... This isn't a joke, is it? I'd be pissed... I mean disappointed if it were."

"Let's go find out!" my dad said and he motioned us to follow him as he and Henry trotted back downstairs. We followed them out the door and into my dad's car, Henry, in the front seat with my dad, and Wes in the backseat with me.

"I still remember vividly what the house looks like," Wes exclaimed.

"Yeah, me too," I stressed. "Both inside and out!"

We talked about what we remembered about the house on the drive over and got more excited as we approached the neighborhood. Before we arrived, all I could envision was the potential of what it was going to look like once we made it our own. My boner, which had started growing from the time we got in the car, was now rock hard as we pulled into our new driveway. As my eyes beheld the house, a splash of reality hit me hard. It wasn't at all the dream house I had been pining over in my overactive imagination and it was going to require a lot more work than I remembered or anticipated.

It had been a while since the last time I'd seen the house. What I had been focusing on all this time was my ideal fantasy image of the house. Now that I think about it, I had been fantasizing about it as if it were a veritable sex playground. I imagined we all spent our time lounging naked around the house Monday thru Friday, spending our care-free days being as free as a bird while Wes and I had long, intimate sex encounters throughout the night, perpetually naked up in our room. I imagined that each week ended with one wild three-day sex orgy with our friends in a weekend long pool party and sleepover. I don't know what Wes's memory of the house was, but my memory had the house a lot more ready for action than it was in reality. Our dream house was going take a lot of work before it became the reality I had visualized.

My bubble had burst and I was temporarily disappointed as my boner deflated. Then I heard the sound of Wes's excited voice.

"All right, Seth. Where do you want to start first?" Wes asked, ready to jump out of the car before it had even come to a complete stop.

"I suggest you guys start with your bedroom," my dad said as he turned his head to Wes and I before we could jump out of the moving car. "You'll be glad you did, especially if we end up spending the night here tonight."

"You mean it?" Wes grinned as we all got out of the car together, now that it had come to a complete stop.

As I walked up to the front door with my new family at my side, my excitement and enthusiasm got renewed. I realized that I was only suffering from the short term need for instant gratification. I knew deep down that it was the long term gratification that was going to do the trick for us and I was taking my first steps in that direction. It was Wes that grounded me and brought me back to earth. I was excited once again to begin the task of setting our dream house on the road to completion. I didn't care how long it took to accomplish now that I realized I had Wes by my side. We shot up the stairs to what would become our joint bedroom and looked around. After seeing the huge undertaking ahead of us, Wes and I looked at each other and stripped naked, making ourselves feel at home in our new environment, readying ourselves to begin the task at hand.

~~~~~~~~~~<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>~~~~~~~~~~

Several months had passed and our fixer-upper started to resemble the dream house we had envisioned when we first fell in love with the place. Our dads took on the major construction jobs in their spare time, like remodeling the kitchen and bathrooms while Wes and I did the smaller menial tasks like painting, hanging drapes and curtains as well as doing clean up and detail work when we weren't studying or doing homework. We also cleaned and maintained the pool the best we could until our dads found a reliable pool service to take over. We got the most accomplished on the weekends, working nearly round the clock. After refurbishing nearly every room in the house, our project was drawing near its conclusion. It was just in time too since we all started to suffer from burn-out. We had been putting all our time and effort into this one enormous job from day one. Once the major work was done, our dads hired some contractors to finish the final touches like laying the flooring, countertops and some minor plumbing and electrical issues that they felt needed a professional touch.

On the day it got finished, our dads had us dress up in our Sunday best and they took us to have our portrait taken at a professional photography studio. It was an interesting experience for me to be poked and prodded, positioned and posed by a professional. It also felt weird not having my mom in the picture, but I quickly got over that. That's when it finally hit me that my definition of family was now being re-defined as just the four of us. I contemplated asking my two dads to let us have a nude version of our family portrait done while we were here, but I realized the idea was probably too far ahead of it's time and would likely freak out our skittish photographer, who was already stressed to his limit dealing with us.

When we got home, we all went swimming for the first time in our sparkling clean backyard pool. Later, when it started to cool down, we all pitched in and made steaks on the backyard BBQ grill. It was such a rewarding experience to enjoy what we had created, just the four of us, acknowledging that we were officially a newly formed family. With everything having been completed to our satisfaction, we enjoyed the feeling of having finished a job well done. We were close to getting on each other's nerves there toward the end, but we managed to keep from fighting over the little things, maintaining our focus and staying on track. All in all, I can honestly say that we were about as happy as a restructured gay family could be.

It was also nearing the end of the school year and graduation day was approaching fast. Time was going by so fast that in the next school year, Wes and I would already be seniors. Wes and I had been on our best behavior during our transitional period of learning to live together as a family in our new home. We had gotten good grades in school and we spent every free moment getting the home improvements done so we could begin enjoying the fruits of our labor, both for ourselves, as well as for our future guests. Our dads were very proud of us too. The way we worked together as a team, helping each other out, both in school and at home, prompted our dads to reward us by throwing us a `Super Summer Slumber and Pool Party' so we could celebrate our liberation from our old lives while we ushered in the new.

Before we knew it, graduation was over and this Thursday was our last day of school. It would consist mostly of saying goodbye to our friends and signing each other's yearbooks. We wasted no time by scheduling our party to start right after school that Thursday evening and end the following Sunday night.

Like a whirlwind, the time passed and our party was about to begin. After a quiet dinner at home with my new family, our dads made it a point to congratulate Wes and I. They performed a small little ceremony where they framed our diplomas and displayed them on the fireplace mantle along with our new family portrait we had recently undertaken earlier this week. I was proud of Wes and myself for what we accomplished and I was equally proud of my two dads who made it all possible.

Then, without hesitating, our dads laid down the party ground rules to Wes and me.

"Okay," my dad began. "Before your guests arrive, we need to establish some guide lines. First and foremost, have fun! Feel free to do whatever you want to do anytime you want to do it. You can go swimming anytime you want too as well, day or night."

"Unfortunately, with all that freedom, comes a few rules," Wes's dad interrupted. "No one goes swimming alone! When you go swimming, there should be a second person present to serve as a lifeguard. You all need to watch out for each other."

"There's plenty of food and snacks in the pantry and there's an assortment of sodas in the fridge." my dad continued.

"Just make sure you clean up after yourselves!" Wes's dad interjected. "All the house rules are the same as always and are in effect during the party. They must be strictly adhered to, so make sure your guests know and understand those rules. By the way, if you and your guests want to spend the entire weekend running around naked, go right ahead. We'll probably be naked ourselves most of the time, so they can feel free."

"But please, make it a point to dress for our meals," my dad said. "I'd like to know that we can still show a little sophistication around here, and make sure you're wearing something if you should answer the front door for any reason."

"You can all sleep in your room upstairs if you like. But, since the guest room is still empty down here, you could use that instead. Bring all your sleeping bags down here and turn it into a makeshift bedroom. You'll have a lot more room to romp around that way," Wes's dad offered. "Please keep the noise level down though after ten o'clock at night, especially if you go swimming after that or engage in any late night activities. Keep in mind, the pool and the guest room are very close to our bedroom, so be respectful."

"You guys could listen to music, play video games, watch movies, go swimming, what ever you want," my dad suggested. "A successful party is one where you keep your guests busy and involved in doing something at all times. If you do it right, you'll all be tired enough at the end of the day to be able to sleep though the night. Hopefully, you won't stay up all night though. There's nothing worse than staying up and then being tired the whole next day."

"Okay Frank," Wes's dad said, trying to get a word in edgewise. "That's enough. I think they get the idea now. Boys, just don't make anyone do anything they don't want to do and everything should be fine."

"Okay," Wes and I both said in unison.

With that, the doorbell rang and all three of our guests arrived together since Ruben, Russell and Carey now lived together. Luckily, Wes and I hadn't stripped naked yet as we both answered the door together. Mr. and Mrs. Briggs came in to visit briefly and went into the kitchen with our dads to socialize a little and catch up on the news surrounding Carey's disposition, while Wes, Ruben, Russell, Carey, and I left the room, leaving the adults to visit and catch up. The first thing we did was to go upstairs and establish our bedroom as our home base.

We told our guests what activities we had available for the weekend and asked what they wanted to do first. Wes and I quickly filled our guests in on the rules of the house, including our clothes optional choice. Our guests were a little reluctant to get naked, especially since their parents were still downstairs visiting.

A few minutes later, Mrs. Briggs called up to us from the foot of the stairs.

"Okay boys," she announced. "We're leaving now. Have a great time. Mind your `P's & Q's' and do whatever Mr. Morgan and Mr. Hauser tell you to do. If you need anything, just call. Love you!"

"Oh brother," Russell muttered under his breath, acting as if he were too old for love and kisses.

"Thanks Mom!" Ruben called down, being diplomatic enough to compensate for his older brother's lack of social graces. "Love you too!"

"Russell, be kind to your brother and his friends while you're here!" Mr. Briggs added.

"Whatever!" Russell called down in an almost disrespectful tone.

"Enjoy your alone time you guys," Ruben called down, trying to smooth over his brother's snippy attitude.

Carey, who had remained silent as to not influence anyone, breathed a sigh of relief. We all looked at Carey to see what that was all about as he flashed us a look of exasperation, trying to stay out of it.

"Do you want to ruin our weekend?" Ruben hissed at Russell. "They haven't even left yet. They could still change their minds and take us home. Carey and I worked hard to get them to agree to let us spend all four days here. Don't mess it up now just before they're ready to leave!"

Ruben's comment managed to smooth things over and a moment later, we heard our dads escort John and Barbra out the front door.

"You're such a suck-up," Russell accused his little brother. "Grow some balls, man!"

"I've got balls. Ya wanna see `em?" Ruben shot back with pride, slipping both thumbs under the waistband of his shorts and underwear, pulling them down to expose his package to his brother.

This was something he would have never dared do to his brother in the past.

"Those aren't balls," Russell snarled. "There are balls," as Russell flashed Ruben his giant pair, implying that only his were the real thing.

The rest of us couldn't believe our eyes as Ruben stood up to his bigger brother, showing us a degree of courage we didn't know he possessed. It was so hot to watch my friend and his brother assert their alpha male macho dominance to each other that I popped one hefty boner in my shorts. Before we knew it, we were all flashing each other our balls as we laughed and insulted each other's endowments. As long as we were being boys and flashing each other our worldly goods, we voted to go ahead and get naked the rest of the way and go skinny dipping, now that Ruben and Russell's parents had left and their testicle supremacy was still in dispute. As we stripped naked, Ruben and Russell tossed their clothes in the corner, and Carey carefully folded his clothes and placed them on the dresser.

Wes and I gathered up enough towels for the five of us and we bounded downstairs. As we passed the kitchen, on our way to the backyard, we noticed that our dads were hanging out in the kitchen, in the buff and chilling, allowing Ruben, Russell, and Carey to see them naked so they could feel right at home knowing the clothes optional offer was genuine. At first, I think it had the opposite effect, as Ruben and Russell turned a bright shade of red, but I was confident that after they got used to being naked for a while and seeing everyone else being naked and comfortable as well, they'd learn to relax and enjoy it. Once we flew out the backdoor, all five of us jumped into the pool at once, creating a loud and spectacular splash.

With five young naked boys in the pool at once, it wasn't long before everyone sported a hefty boner. I found myself staring at Ruben's brother, Russell. It was the first time Wes and I had seen him naked, and his nakedness was smoking hot, being on display with the pool water glistening off his perfectly tanned body. He was a bit more muscular than his brother Ruben and had the biggest cock out of all five of us. His scars and injuries from his accident were still healing. Like war wounds on a soldier, the massive injuries he sustained made him look incredibly sexy and sensuously indestructible. My mind wandered and I started to wonder what his big cock was going to taste like in my mouth later when we all get to messing around together. The more I observed his body, the harder my cock grew until it felt like a tempered steel rod protruding from my body.

I was shaken out of my daydream when I heard our doorbell ring. I didn't know who it could be since all of our party guests were already present, so I ignored it and let our dads take care of it. A few minutes later, someone suddenly burst out the back door, totally naked and jumped in the pool with us without warning. It was a man who was extremely well endowed and like a veritable Adonis, he was perfectly hairless and tanned. His cock was at least a full inch longer and thicker than either Wes's or my dad's cocks were and I struggled to figure out who this guy was who had all five of us mesmerized. I knew him from somewhere, but I just couldn't seem to place him. Then he spoke to us, and the sound of his British accent jolted my memory. It was Endicott, the realtor who helped us get this house. It was wild to know that, as our realtor, his clothes had hidden such a sex god underneath. He looked like the perfect example of a male model or porn star from `'. Our dads must have invited him without telling us and I'm sure glad they did. He was so hot that having Russell and Endicott in the same pool, naked with the rest of us turned me on to no end. I caught Wes, Ruben, Carey, and even Russell staring too and I instantly knew they all were just as impressed and aroused with what they saw as I was.

A few minutes later, our dads came running out the backdoor. They, of course, were wearing nothing but a big grin as they jumped in the pool to join in on the party. There were now eight naked bodies splashing around in the pool and suddenly, it seemed quite crowded. Eventually, we unintentionally began playing a benign game where, one at a time, we each would get out of the pool and demonstrate our diving techniques from ground level, entertaining the rest of us as we watched. We applauded each diver for their creative style and physical skill. At least I imagined that everyone else was. Personally, I was simply applauding my appreciation for each person's physical attractiveness and sex-appeal, enjoying all the eye candy around me. I must have been excessively horny because, even our dads were looking hot to me.

When Endicott got out of the pool to perform his dive, it was a moderate presentation at best, but both our dads started whooping it up as if they had just witnessed an Olympic contender execute a gold medal performance. It wasn't but a couple minutes later that Endicott and our two dads got out of the pool and discreetly slipped into the master bedroom together, trying not to arouse our suspicions.

Now that Endicott and our dads had disappeared, the show was over and it got suddenly quiet, leaving Ruben, Russell, Carey, Wes, and I undeniably horny with five rock hard boners to contend with.

We huddled together in the shallow end of the pool, contemplating doing something else and formed a tight circle to discuss it. We got so close that we started randomly kissing each other. That was not what I was hoping would happen by any means, but we all felt this kind of strange `anything goes' atmosphere and that's how it started, so I went along with it. Actually, it started out as an innocent kissing contest and evolved into much more than that. Along with kissing our partner above the water, we started to reach across and grabbing our partner's boner from below the water at the same time, sparking the beginning of what I hoped would be our first orgy of the weekend. Then we started to have a sucking contest, holding our breaths and seeing how long we could suck each other off underwater until our breaths gave way. My curiosity got the best of me and I dove for Russell's big boner right off. Handling and sucking Russell's bigger size gave me an adrenaline rush and caused me to have to come up for air right away. As I popped my head out of the water, I was gasping for air.

It was obvious that everyone had stopped to watch me, in total amazement. I got embarrassed for a second, being the center of attention. Then I looked at Wes as he gave me a dirty look. He was hurt at the thought that I would choose Russell over him to suck first. When I thought about it, I saw his point. I shouldn't have plunged for Russell's cock so blatantly. Because of my adrenaline rush, it looked like I had done it with great enthusiasm. I must have looked like a pervert, demonstrating how my lust for a big cock was more important to me than my relationship with the most important person in my life, my partner and lover, Wes. I should have waited for later when I could've connected with Russell and got away with it more easily. My lust was so strong that it prevented me from thinking clearly.

I had screwed up royally and I was probably going to pay dearly for my mistake. Then, Wes, in a very obvious act of retribution, took a deep breath and dove for Carey, almost knocking him off balance. Wes's move was just as apparent to everyone else as it was to me and it suddenly got deathly quiet. For what seemed like an eternity, Wes stayed down sucking Carey to the last possible second while everyone, including me, watched in awkward silence. I felt bad for poor Carey who got very uncomfortable having been caught in the middle.

When Wes finally came up for air, he avoided looking at me entirely, got out of the pool and stormed into the house. I think he might have been close to tears, but having just come out of the pool soaking wet and avoiding eye contact, it was impossible for me to tell.

"Oh crap!" I said out loud.

Ruben, Russell, and Carey stayed in the pool as they watched me get out and pursue Wes into the house. I went directly upstairs to our room and found the door closed. Then I knocked on the door, allowing Wes his privacy. We didn't even have a lock on our door anyway, but I pretended we did and tried to get Wes to talk to me through the closed door so he could say what he wanted to say to me without having to look me in the face.

"Go away!" Wes growled.

"Wes," I began. "I'm so sorry! I don't know what made me do that."

"I do," Wes said. "I'm losing you. I'm not good enough for you anymore. You went off and sucked the first bigger cock that came along. I can't compete with that. I can't control how big my cock is. Go! Go ahead and chase the guy with the bigger cock, I won't get in your way. Apparently you're tired of me."

"Nothing can be further from the truth," I said in my defense. "I just wanted to see what it was like to suck a big cock, that's all! It was only a physical curiosity. I don't love Russell. Are you crazy? I couldn't. It's you I love, you and only you. You're the reason I get up in the morning. It's what I live for. I could never get tired of you. No one else could satisfy me like you do. Not spiritually, not mentally, not physically, not sexually. Nobody does it better."

Fortunately for me, Wes was listening to what I had to say and he slowly opened the door to let me in.

"So, you think I'm `James Bond'?" Wes joked with his eyes red and puffy.

"Well, yeah, I do," I stated as fact. Then I took a double take. "`James Bond'? What made you say that?"

"Well, you said `nobody does it better'. Were you serious when you said I satisfy you spiritually, mentally, physically, and sexually like nobody else?"

"Trust me, I'm serious. No one comes close," I stated as fact.

"Okay, I'll forgive you," Wes said as he smiled. "Let's go back to the pool. Our guests must be wondering what the hell happened to us by now."

We went back downstairs, hand in hand to find Ruben, Russell, and Carey sitting at the edge of the pool, jacking each other off as they tried to conceal their giggling.

"Hey guys," Wes said as we walked to the corner of the pool where they were sitting. "What's going on?

"Shh!... listen," Ruben whispered as the three of them continued snickering and stroking each other without missing a beat.

We listened closely for a second and discovered what they were talking about. Since the pool was just outside our dad's master bedroom, we began to hear the familiar sounds of stifled sensual ecstasy coming from their bedroom window. Our dad's had apparently invited Endicott to share a little threesome action. It sounded like they were doing some very athletic body slamming. They moaned and grunted as they freely used some very explicit language. Wes and I sat down on the edge of the pool with our friends and joined them as we eavesdropped on our dad's activities. We stayed very quiet, letting them stay unaware that we were sexually feeding off their erotic intimations.

Soon, our imaginations went wild, fueling our stroking frenzy as our dad's threesome became more intensified. In their room, their minds were totally engulfed in what they were doing and were oblivious to the possibility that we were outside their window, intently listening and getting hornier by the minute.

We strained to hear what we could through the closed window, trying to stay as quiet as we could. We closed our eyes to visualize what was going on between the three of them, filling our imaginations with the scorching hot man-on-man action that was happening just a few feet away from us.

"Oh, yeah," Endicott spouted in his proper, yet sensual accent. "Fuck me Frank, fuck me harder. Oh yeah baby!"

"Do you like my cock going all the way up your ass?" my dad asked Endicott.

"Oh yeah, I love your cock, Frank" he confirmed. "I'm ready now. This is what I've been waiting for. Frank, Henry, please lie yourselves down on the bed and put your cocks together, touching head to head. Now hold them tightly together."

The moaning had stopped for a moment and I felt my heart beating through my chest. I knew everyone else was just as tense and horny as I was. We all had each other's cocks in our hands as we struggled to keep stroking one another. Carey, who had my cock in his hand, was trembling and breathing heavily. He was white as a ghost and looked like he was about to pass-out as his chest heaved up and down.

Then Endicott began howling, and our dads resumed their vocalizations in a louder, much more intense rhythm.

"Oh my god," Endicott exclaimed. "Your two cocks are so awesome. They're filling me up completely. They feel so good inside me!"

Everyone started breathing faster and stroking harder once we realized that Endicott had our two dad's cocks in his ass at the same time. My imagination went into overdrive and I felt my climax leap forward and come bubbling to the surface, poised to explode at any moment.

"This is incredible," Henry admitted. "I'm about to cum."

"Me too," my dad announced.

"Perfect, guys," Endicott instructed. "Go ahead, cum inside me, both of you. I want to feel your hot cum splash the inside of my ass. Fire away! Come on guys, cum for me!"

At this point, my imagination had Endicott pounding his awesome monster cock into submission while he rode Wes's and my dad's two cocks at once, reaching their limit, deep inside his anal cavity.

Our three unseen performers on the other side of the window all climaxed at once as they vocalized their most intense orgasm ever. They had obviously out-achieved even the greatest orgasm they'd ever had in the past. The sounds of three grown men exploding in simultaneous orgasm inside the house, made the five of us sitting poolside, erupt with a similar degree of intensity.

The five of us each spewed multiple ropes of sperm rich semen into the pool and wondered what dumping five hefty loads of boy cream into the water at once would look like. As we slowly descended back to earth, our eyes got fixated on the sight, captivating our attention. We became mesmerized as we watched our five cum loads start to move across the pool and begin to dissipate. They seemingly took on a life of their own as they became animated, moving in spiral motions. Then they turned into what looked like an underwater cloud of smoke, eventually disappearing completely. It was one of the most memorable hand jobs I'd ever had.

The sounds of erotic fervor grew silent as our dads and their guest took a few moments to recover from their explosive exploits, no doubt reflecting in the delight of their afterglow.

The five of us remained poolside, quiet and still with the memory of our massive orgasms still freshly bounding through our minds. We continued to play with each other's cocks that were now deflating and softening, leaving us feeling warm and tingly all over. Then, almost imperceptibly, we began to hear the familiar sounds of erotic sexual tension begin to rekindle again from the other side of the wall. We couldn't believe our ears. Our dad's and Endicott had decided to go for round two. Little by little, the arousing sounds escalated and our cocks began to grow and harden again as we continued to fondle each other while we listened. Soon, we were all just as hot and ready for round two as our superstar dads were as we grew tremendously aroused all over again.

This time, I wanted something more visual to go along with our dad's erotic overtures. As they delved deeper into `round two', I got a totally hot and titillating Idea. It was extremely risky but totally worth it if it worked. I hadn't tested it out yet, but this seemed like the perfect opportunity to try it. I had noticed that, if the bathroom and the master bedroom doors were both open at the same time, I could angle the medicine cabinet mirror over the sink to face the hallway. Then I could stand in the shower stall, look into the mirror and see right down into our dad's room, getting an unobstructed view of everything.

Granted, it was a long way away, but that made it all the more inconspicuous. The question was, would our dads think that we would stay occupied outside in the pool and be careless, leaving their bedroom door open?

I told the guys about my idea and had them quietly follow me into the bathroom. I got excited to see that the master bedroom door was left completely open as I briefly peeked in. Luckily, the pathway to the bathroom was far enough down the hall for us to be able to slip in un-noticed.

Without a sound, I slowly slid the shower curtain all the way open and had everyone squeeze into the shower stall with me. One of the more important things we were all looking for when we went house hunting was, the showers had to be big enough for two to shower together comfortably. Even though our shower stalls were bigger than the average single occupant size, it still wasn't easy getting all five of us in it at once. No one complained as we all stood there, cramped together. Once I angled the mirror towards the shower stall, we were in business. We did have to shift a little from side to side for all of us to get a good look, but it was worth it. As long as we kept quiet, we were completely out of sight and safe from being discovered as the curious, yet nasty voyeurs we were.

We all positioned ourselves in such a way that each one of us was able to get a rather intimate view of the bed and our three smoking hot performers. By the time we got situated, they had already gotten into a different position on their knees, and it soon became obvious what they were about to do next.

Endicott started off in the center, Wes's dad got in front and my dad took up the rear and they were about to begin a three-way chain bang. My dad went first as the end person and maneuvered himself into place. He gently pointed his man cock at Endicott's back door and slipped in with the greatest of ease, seeing that Endicott had already been spread wide open from being double penetrated earlier. Nevertheless, my dad's gentle entry brought Endicott to life as he prepared to enter Wes's dad's rear entrance. Henry was about to find out what it was like to receive a cock that was the massive size of what Endicott had to offer.

As Endicott penetrated Henry, Henry released a muffled moan of surprise as he nearly screamed into the pillow. I felt my cock twitch as I watched Henry take Endicott's massive rod like a man. Once Endicott buried his massive tool deep into Wes's dad's ass, he slowly began pumping away. Endicott thrust his hips forward and his cock bottomed-out deep into Henry's ass. As he thrust his hips outward, he drove my dad's cock into his own ass, filling himself with all of what my dad had to offer.

My own cock had hardened into a solid throbbing pole as I was reminded of the time when Wes and I spied on our dad's once before, watching them from the neighboring stall while they erotically showered together. It was nearly impossible to watch the action from down the hall and keep from commenting on what we were observing.

"Fuck!" Russell whispered. "That's a lot of cock to get pushed up your ass, man."

"How would you know?" Ruben questioned his brother.

"Just look at the size of that thing," Russell answered, trying to lead Ruben away from his embarrassingly awkward personal question. "Would you want something that big pounding your ass?"

"My father would have loved to show you exactly what it's like!" Carey said, putting Russell in his place.

"God, Carey, don't get your panties in a bunch, man," Russell said.

"Guys, keep it down," I said. "I don't want us to get caught, okay?"

A moment later, our dads stopped and switched positions. They turned completely around and resumed what they were doing, only in the opposite direction. Henry now had the opportunity to plow Endicott's ass and it was now my dad's turn to experience Endicott's massive tool. I always seem to lose control whenever I see my dad take it up the ass like a man. It wasn't the first time I've witnessed it either. What was different this time was the extreme size that Endicott had to offer. Watching Endicott's entire member disappear into the bowels of my dad's backside was almost more than I could take. I was feeling a great deal of empathy for my dad and I started to feel my blood pressure rise. Once Endicott was as deep as he could get, he started hammering my dad, making him moan and flinch at the same time, mixing pleasure with pain. It was almost more than I could watch without blowing my load, totally hands free.

Suddenly, I became aware that our dad's chain bang performance had taken its toll on us. Without me realizing it, Russell was at the rear of the stall and nailed his large member into Ruben's ass, who was standing right in front of him. Ruben then stealthily slipped his cock into Carey. Carey, in turn surprised Wes with his entry. It wasn't until then that Wes made his move on me and I finally realized the action that had been emerging from behind me. I was so involved in what I was watching that by the time Wes had entered me, the five of us had formed a five boy train chain.

Our pumping movements were limited to short and shallow thrusts due to the limited space in the shower stall. Besides, moving too much in one direction or the other would result in one or more of us having our cocks slip out, so we quickly learned to compromise and strike the perfect balance, maintaining a constant level of stimulation while staying firmly in our partner's ass. The combination of watching our dads getting it on, along with the slow shallow thrusts of my lover's cock inside me, threw me into a highly erotic state of arousal. The fact that all five of us were now physically connected to each other elevated my arousal level into the stratosphere. I haven't experienced such a state since the day I fell in love with Wes on my life altering `father and son outing'.

Once our dads and Endicott began to come close to their climaxes, they discontinued what they were doing and laid down side by side to finish their session off with a totally hot circle jerk and cum shooting contest. I began to hear my friends behind me start moaning in ecstasy as our train came barreling into the station, driverless and completely out of control. As if we were watching the hottest porn film ever, we got locked in on our dad's exploding orgasms and erupted right along with them.

From there, it was all a blur as I lost all track of time and space. I usually kept track of who comes first and by how much, but my back was to my friends and my eyes were glued to the mirror that was focused on the action unfolding down the hall. Then, the grand finale began to take place as all eight of us prepared to be enraptured. I watched our dads cum first.

I found out later that they had been training themselves to cum at the same time as they taught each other how to read one another's body language and coordinate their orgasms. Their two cum fountains reminded me a `Fourth of July' synchronized fireworks show, and once the sperm started flying, everyone started detonating their own personal armory at once.

That's when I felt Wes's cock splatter my insides with a deluge of hot, creamy `essence of Wes' and the sensation pushed me right over the edge. I knew I was cumming and I was hoping that Endicott would cum in the next few seconds so I could watch him blow his load as I blew mine. As if he were tuned into my brain waves, Endicott blew his load right on cue and blasted several rounds of his thick white cum straight up into the air. The sight was so erotic that I began pumping my own home brew out my twitching cock, bathing the shower stall wall with a barrage of liquid rockets. Like dropping a lit match into a fireworks storage facility, I launched my entire arsenal at once, making me quiver and shudder as I shot all that I had without stroking myself.

It had gotten unbearably hot in the cramped space of the shower stall and we needed to get out of there soon and go somewhere where we could get some fresh air. My head was spinning and my four friends were acting antsy, like cats on catnip. Everyone had shot their loads and had come down from the heavens. We needed to make our move and we needed it right away. Now that our dads and Endicott were no longer occupied with sex, slipping by them now wouldn't be as easy as it was going in. I needed a diversion. I didn't want to get caught and have to explain what we were doing in the shower all together like that. As I continued to look in the mirror at the three figures on the bed down the hall, I tried to think of a way to get the five of us out of the bathroom un-detected.

It must have gotten just as hot in the bedroom as it did in the bathroom because my dad got up and opened the bedroom window. A small breeze entered the room and equalized the air pressure in the house, causing the bedroom door to gently blow shut. This afforded us the opportunity to make our move. It wasn't the way I expected it to happen, but it was the lucky break I was looking for. The five of us made a mad dash for the pool. As we scampered towards the back door, cum started dripping out our asses and down our legs as we tried to clench our butt cheeks closed. We almost started laughing as we hadn't taken into account how we all had shot our hefty loads into each other's asses, so we slowed down and started walking like boys doing the pee-pee dance, trying not to have the cum dripping out of us any faster than necessary, thereby helping us make it to the pool before any of us had an accident on the carpet.

When we reached the back door, I pushed it open and heard Endicott and our dads start to come out of the bedroom. All five of us immediately jumped in the pool and acted as if we had been there all the time. Luckily, I think we were far enough ahead of them that we got away with our prank, scot-free. A few moments later, Endicott, and or dads bounded out the back door, and like last time, they jumped in the water and joined us, none the wiser. It was hard for the five of us to keep from giving ourselves away and saying something accidentally, especially since the incident was still so fresh on our minds and were on fire with the recent memory of it. After we had all cooled off in the pool, we moved on to our next activity and ended up in my room.

"Wow you guys!" Russell exclaimed, addressing Wes and I. "I can't believe that the five of us just circle jerked at the edge of your pool while we listened to three grown men get it on. And if that weren't hot enough, immediately after that, we did a five-way train-fuck in your bathroom shower stall while watching your dads and their friend doing it right down the hall from us like some private porn show performed live and in the flesh just for us. If you told me that's what we'd be doing on our very first day of our weekend long party, I would not have believed you."

"Welcome to our little fun house," Wes chirped as he raised his eyebrows. "There's definitely more to cum!"

We had officially christened our new home with our very first wildly successful party. Wes and I would affectionately come to call our house `the party house', which was an appropriate name that would pass the test of time. The rest of the weekend flew by as Wes and I learned to become the perfect party hosts and sexual goodwill ambassadors.


It turns out that in the future, Endicott, and our dads become great friends and continue to get together quite frequently as friends with benefits. Because he was older than Wes and I and younger than our dads, he became our much needed adult role model with a younger perspective, one that our dads lacked through no fault of their own. It wasn't long before Endicott would become a welcome and permanent part of our family. Wes and I always treasured having Endicott around since he loved hanging naked with us and kept our dads happy. Wes and I would host pool parties and sleepovers on a very regular basis at our new house and Ruben, Russell, and even Carey started inviting their friends to come and join in on the fun, adding more variety and sexual diversity to our parties.

Our dads eventually got hitched, bringing more validity and stability to our family, and their union resulted in Wes and me becoming real brothers in the eyes of the law. Ruben, and Russell's parents legally adopted Carey, and he became a changed person overnight. He had gained a real family he can call his own, and finally learned what it was like to be truly loved by two parents and a family. In addition to that, he started making new friends at school, and he finally began fitting into the world as a reformed member of society.

Even though Carey and Ruben became brothers, they continued to be attracted to each other. Despite this, Ruben, Russell, and Carey's relationship as brothers somehow evolved into a three-way lover's triangle and Ruben and Russell had to continually fight for Carey's affections. It was a heavy burden for Carey to have to bear, but not one that he wouldn't eventually learn to manipulate for his own benefit. He often played one brother against the other to get what he wanted, but he always made sure that everyone got all the sex and loving they could want. He wasn't a bad kid; it was just that bad habits die hard.

Wes's spaghetti tacos became a renowned tradition among our party goers and to this day, just the word `spaghetti' makes me horny. Even though Wes and I played the sexual field with multiple partners at our parties, we never again let it come between us. We never lost sight of the real love that continued to grow between us and we both vowed to follow our dad's stellar example and one day get hitched for life.

My mom continued to visit Gordon Léger in jail on a regular basis and none of us really understood her motivation. The Léger trial went on for months and eventually, nineteen other victims came forward to testify. Our video evidence that we put so much faith in got buried in red tape and was eventually deemed inadmissible. Even so, Gordon received a five-year sentence based on a technicality, but only served two years before he was paroled. At that time, Carey, Ruben, Wes, and I were convinced that Gordon was going to try and find us to exact his revenge for what we had done to him. But, two weeks later, he was arrested and charged with having sex with two underage boys in a hotel room downtown. The evidence was irrefutable and he got put away for a good long time after that. By the time he was scheduled to get out, he would be too old to be able to attract any young boys anymore, and the five of us would have outgrown our usefulness in his eyes.

The following year, my official family once again took a `father and son outing' to revisit the place where my old life ended and my new life began. Wes and I were excited at first to visit our past, but a lot had changed since we were there last. It wasn't so much the campground that had changed, but rather Wes and I who hardly even resembled our former selves anymore. We were just a faint echo of the people we had been a year ago. The main lake seemed smaller, the facilities seemed tired and broken down, and the people vacationing there seemed lost and forsaken. Even the lifeguard station was manned by a middle aged and distressingly unattractive woman. Finally, after searching for, and finally finding our special secret little hidden place that meant so much to us, `The Lake of Ecstasy' had essentially dried up. Had the magic been taken away from this place? Had it been snatched or stolen? If not, where was it? Where did it go?

It was then that I realized that the magic I experienced back then was `Wes'. Wesley Houser, he was the magic, and he had brought enough magic with him for both of us. Prior to us meeting for the first time, we were two tortured souls who then met, and subsequently lit up the world with our love. It was love that made everything look shiny and new in our eyes as our love continued to blossom. It was love that gave hope to the future. It was love that produced a lifetime friendship, and it was love that helped us overcome every obstacle we had to face and endure from that fateful day to the present. It all proved that `love at first sight' really does exist. Even though the campground didn't look so ideal anymore, a year later, our love still had us looking through rose colored glasses. All of that made me realize that I needed to be more thankful for all the blessings in my life. I stopped long enough to take stock in what I had and came to this inevitable conclusion -

I have, not one, but two great dads I love dearly. I have a full life filled with great friends and acquaintances. I have a great new home with a great new family where I enjoy all the freedom I could ever want. I get to be part of a family that enjoys being naked as an amazing way of life, and I get all the sex I could ever want. And with all these amazing things, I realized that all of it would mean nothing without Wes. He was the magic that makes it all come together. I don't dare question why God brought Wes into my life, but I can't imagine living a single day without him anymore. I hope to stay worthy of my good fortune for the rest of my days. If I should die tomorrow, I would say that I was blessed with the greatest life I could have ever hoped for. Living with Wes has been like having a life long orgasm, being high on life, twenty-four seven and I vow I will live each day as if it were my last.

If I were to live my life over again, I wouldn't change a thing. I'm thankful for every day that I can wake up with Wes together in bed with me. I'm blessed with his glowing face that chases away the darkness of night and embraces the light of the morning. I'm further blessed with his warm body and unique musky morning fragrance that tickles my nostrils. I'm especially blessed when I find his morning wood wedged firmly in the crux of my ass cheeks, innocently pleading for admittance. Facing all these attributes each morning makes me know I'm alive. I'm blessed to be able to share his wit, his intelligence, and charm throughout each day and then share our carnal delights at night. I don't know how long this blissful existence will last, but I'll thankfully accept all I can get. I don't know what I did to be worthy and deserving of such a blessed life, but for now, I'm the happiest boy alive!

End of Chapter #20

The End

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