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When the door was shut, I turned to Jim and took his suit. "Let me hang this up for you since you will have to put it back on later," I said. Then I smirked, "If they see you in a wrinkled suit, we don't want people to talk, do we?"

Jim laughed, "How nice of you to think of my welfare."

I walked to the end of my trailer where there was a small closet with a few hangers. I carefully hung them up. I turned around, looked thru the trailer thru the bedroom door and I saw him.

He had gotten on the bed and sat up with his back against the headboard. His legs were spread with his knees up. He was smiling at me while he was slowly jacking his cock.

Walking through the trailer slowly, watching him, my cock grew to an immense hardness. God! This guy was such a turn-on! I stopped in the doorway. I spread my legs apart with my hands clasped behind my head. I smiled at him as I slowly and seductively gyrated my hips; my cock sticking straight out. "Aw fuck!" he exclaimed as he looked at me, "My fantasy of fucking with you is coming true!"

I slowly crawled on the end of the bed and crawled to him -- my head practically on the mattress. As my head got closer between his legs, his sack of balls came closer to my mouth. When I got close enough, I stuck my tongue out and began licking lusciously those beautiful orbs. He moaned with satisfaction.

I then started licking up his hard shaft and as I did, he brought his legs closer on both sides of my head and draped them over my shoulders. I began sucking his cock. I developed a sucking pattern where my lips would slide up and down about of his cock three times and then I would slide all the way down; giving him a deep throat. He moaned in ecstasy.

My biggest turn-on is satisfying my partner. When I know he's really enjoying it, I then really get turned on and get more intense. When I felt I have done enough cocksucking for the moment, I would begin licking and kissing his inner thighs. When I started doing it, he spread his legs to give me easier access. I did both legs, going back and forth, gradually working my way down to that fabulous area between the base of his ballsack and his asshole. I kissed and licked the area until it was almost dripping wet with my spit.

Jim then lifted his legs higher, giving me access to his asshole. There it was - pink and round - and Jim had it winking at me. I gently smiled and kissed it. I then kissed the area surrounding the hole. I stuck my tongue out and licked the area. I heard Jim moan again. I began tongue fucking his hole. I loved it!

I alternated between tongue fucking his hole and placing my lips over it and sucking on it. When I felt satisfied with that, as his legs were still up in the air, I licked and kissed the back of both thighs. Then I would bury my face in his ass again and work on that hole of his.

I pulled back and reached over to my bedside table for the poppers. I took a good huff in each nostril and then pulled my face up to his cock and had my wet lips wrapped around it. I slid all the way down to the base and then back up. I held my mouth still while he took a hold of my head with both of his hands and began fucking my mouth. His cock worked like a fine piston of a motor.

As if on cue, we both flipped over -- me on my back and Jim over me -- without his cock sliding out at all. He continued to fuck my face and I high on the poppers, opened my mouth more to receive more of his cock as he continued to fuck harder and deeper.

By the intensity of his fucking my mouth and his groans getting louder, I knew he was about to blow his load. My hands grabbed both of his ass cheeks and as he fucked harder, I pulled him in harder. Then he shot what seemed like copious amounts of cum down my throat. I pulled back a little so that I could taste it. It tasted sweet and smooth -- just the way I liked it.

When he was done shooting down my throat, he fell over on his side with a big sigh and a smile. He fell asleep which I could understand. Anyone with his intensity would fall exhausted. I was satisfied in that he was satisfied. I let him sleep as I crawled off the bed.

I quietly went to the door of the trailer, opened it and stepped out. I stretched, looked up at the bright blue sky and smiled. It has been a great day so far. Heard I then a voice, "I know what that smile is all about!"

I looked to my right and there was a man leaning against the corner of my trailer with his arms crossed and a wide grin on his face. As he stood there smiling at me, his cock was hard and sticking straight out. When I returned my smile to him, he flagged his cock at me.

I stepped down off the steps and walked towards him. I pressed against his body -- his hard cock pressing against my now hard cock. I wrapped my arms around him, opened my mouth, and pressed it against his. Our tongues intertwined.

When I pulled back, he smiled again and said, "I can taste some of that cumload in your mouth -- sweet!" I laughed as I pulled him to me again and kissed him -- long, slow and with our tongues playing with each other again. Again I pulled back.

"I've got to hitch up my trailer and leave. I've got to go back to work in the morning. Join me for a sandwich? Right now, that's all I've got time for."

"Sure!" he replied, "Maybe we can get in a quickie."

"I can't guarantee anything," I said, "I've got things to do and Jim is still asleep in my bed."

"Well then," he replied, "Maybe your Jim will be ready for more action."

"I don't know," I said with a tone of doubt, "I pretty well sucked him dry just a minute ago."

We entered the trailer and I told him to have a seat in the booth. I glanced in the bedroom and Jim was still asleep. I pulled out of the frig the necessary stuff to make a couple of sandwiches along with a couple of beers. My back was to the guy in the booth as I prepared the sandwiches. Suddenly I felt a hot breath on my neck and a pair of arms wrapped around my waist. I smiled to myself. I knew what was going on. I felt his body pressed against my back and his cock against my ass. I felt it harden.

I decided to go along with the fun. I continued working on my sandwiches as he continued to press against me. I bent over some to let his cock get an easy access to my asshole. His hands dropped from my waist and cupped my buttocks. Then I felt the head of his cock press against my sphincter. I pushed back, then felt it enter.

I gripped the kitchen counter as we started a gyrating motion together. I knew what he wanted from the time I started talking to him. All he wanted was an easy fuck -- and I was willing to give it to him. And it sure felt good. The feeling of a hard, hot cock sliding out of your ass, I think, is one of the greatest feelings in the world.

He gripped my ass harder as he fucked me harder. I had to forget the sandwiches for a while as I was really getting into this fucking. My cock was hard now and I was stroking it. One of the great things about a great fuck is when I can cum at the same time the guy is shooting his load in me. I knew he was getting close to shooting his load in me and I was jacking my cock furiously.

It was going to happen! I sensed his labored breathing as his fucking pace increased. I increased the speed of beating my cock. Then it happened. He let out a loud grunt as I pointed my cock up. I felt his cumload shooting into my bowels as I shot my load over the sandwiches I made.

I don't know how many spurts of cum he shot in me, but in looking at my sandwiches, it looks like I opened up a can of vanilla frosting and frosted them. We stood there for a moment getting our breaths. He pulled his cock out of my ass and I calmly turned around to face him.

"Your sandwich, sir," I said with a smile as I handed it to him.

He looked at the cum-covered sandwich and smiled.

"Looks delicious!" he said as he took it and sat in the booth.

I took my sandwich and sat in the booth across from him.

We didn't say anything, but just sat there looking at each other and smiling as we ate our sandwiches.

"Too bad you're leaving," he said. "It would be great if you could just stay here all the time. You are such a morale booster with the way you have sex with any of us."

"Hey," I confessed, "I'm a sexaholic. That's what makes it great. Who knows what plans I have for the future here." I winked at him.

It was then I heard a rustling in the bedroom. Jim was waking up. He stood up and meandered to where we were sitting, his cock dangling between his legs. Groggily, he rubbed his hand through his hair.

"This is Jim," as I introduced the guy in the booth. "I'm sorry, but I didn't get your name."

"I didn't give it to you," he replied "I'm Tom." he said as he calmly reached over and gently played with Jim's cock.

"Hey, Tom!" I said firmly, "Finish your sandwich before you go out to play!"

"Yes, sir!" he replied. With that, he grabbed what was left of his sandwich and wolfed it down. Jim watched with a smirky grin. Tom stood up, turned Jim around, got down on his knees and began rimming his ass.

While that was going on, I finished my cum-covered sandwich. I got up and cleaned up the table and the kitchen, acting as if nothing was going on. "Sex comes so naturally around here," I thought to myself. I quietly laughed to myself.

I said to Jim, "If you need to borrow the bed, go ahead. I need to get things together and get this trailer hitched up. I'll let you know when I'm going to pull out."

Jim said, "Thanks." And he took Tom by the hand and led him into the bedroom where they fell onto the bed into each other's arms.

I stepped out of the trailer and began the necessary work. I unhooked the water, electrical and sewar lines. I got into my truck, pulled out and then backed it up to the hitch. It's always difficult to eyeball it to get the ball under the hitched. As I backed up slowly, I heard a familiar voice call out, "A little more to your left -- that's it -- just a few more inches -- stop!"

I got out of my truck and walked back. Oh my! It was the black guy who helped me back in the trailer when I first came in. I had not seen him since then. Now what was his name? I couldn't remember.

"Thanks!" I said with a smile. "You saved me a lot of time. I'm never any good doing this sort of thing."

"Glad to help," he said with a smile. He stood there with his hands on his hips, legs spread a little, his long black cock dangling down.

"Let me give you a little payment," I said seductively. I took him by the hand and led him to the cab of my truck. I opened the door and laid on my back on the bench seat. I lifted my legs and my feet hooked onto the top edge of the doorway of the driver's side. My ass was now exposed to this do-gooder.

"Oh, wow!" he said as he reached for his cock. He began stroking as he got on his knees at the doorway of the cab. He pushed his face into my ass and began tongue fucking my hole.

"Mmmm!" he said, "I taste a cumload here!" He continued running his wet tongue up and down my asscrack. The massage of his tongue on my asshole loosened it and caused Tom's cumload to leak out. The black guy got it with his tongue.

By this time, wouldn't you know, a group of guys gathered to watch. But I didn't care. As you can tell by the previous chapters, I love being watched.

The black guy stood up, still stroking his cock. He spit into my asscrack and then aimed his black cock for his. My hole, being loose from Tom's fucking was ready for this black rod. I felt my ass being filled with it -- and as usual, it felt wonderful.

This black man rode my ass so well! I loved the rhythm the long black rod gave as it slid in and out of me. There were about a half a dozen guys watching intently and stroking their cocks. It was such a hot scene, that they were about to shoot their loads.

The black guy sensed this. With his cock still in me, he moved a little to the side, giving the guys easy access to his cock. As he continued to fuck me, the first guy walked up. The fucking stopped momentarily as the guy shot his cumload over the black cock. Once he was done, the black guy resumed his fucking as the man's cumload gradually worked its way into my ass.

The same happened with the remaining five fellows -- shooting their cumloads on the black cock while the black piston used the loads as lubricant for the fucking. When they were finished, the black guy finished his job and shot his big load into me.

With all of this fucking, I didn't know if I could walk straight at work tomorrow -- but I knew that I would have a smile on my face!

The black guy shook my hand, thanked me, and wished me a safe trip home. He then swaggered away. I watched him and at the same time I felt the cumloads swishing inside of me.

I was just about to walk back to finish with getting my trailer ready to go when I heard a voice say, "Excuse me."

I turned around and there stood before me a very young man -- at least that's what he looked like. I could immediately tell by his mannerisms that he was shy. I was kind of touched. I smiled, "What can I do for you?"

Digging his toe in the ground, looking down, he said, "I watched you getting fucked by the black guy and watched him getting the other guys' cumloads in you. I watched from a distance. I know you didn't see me. I wanted to ask you something."

"What's that?" I asked.

"You got any plans for those loads in your ass?"

"I don't know. What do you have in mind?"

"I haven't had a very good time this weekend because I'm very shy. So I thought that if you let me eat out your loads, it would at least make my weekend worthwhile here."

I looked at him for a moment. I felt bad for him that he did not have a good time here. I felt responsible. After all, I'm going to be part owner of this place. Our customers must be satisfied.

"Hey," I said with a smile, "I'd be glad to give them to you, but only on one condition."

He looked at me with an excited anticipation, "What's that?"

"We do it right here on the grass. You lay on your back and I will squat over your face and feed you the loads over your open mouth."

"I don't know if I can do that. Guys will be watching."

"Well, that's exactly why I want you to do it," I replied. I stepped to him, gently wrapped my arms around his waist and drew him to me. I looked deeply into his eyes and then lowered my lips to his. Gently, I kissed him and whispered, "Just focus on us -- forget who's standing around us watching. Enjoy this and I promise, there will be guys here who will take notice of you. I'm sorry you're not having a good time. I'll see to it that you will be taken care of."

I looked at him with a warm smile. He looked into my eyes for a moment then smiled, "Let's do it!"

I help him down on the grass -- made sure he was comfortable. Then I squatted down over his face. "Tongue fuck my asshole a little to get it goin'," I gasped as I felt his lips kiss my hole.

I then felt his tongue on my asshole. It worked around the sphincter and then probed in. My hole began to relax to let the semen begin to dribble out. Then the cum started drooling out. I lowered my head and looked between my legs. Sure enough, the young man's mouth was open and eagerly receiving the loads I had to give.

He reached up and cupped my asscheeks with both of his hands as the semen continued to flow into his waiting mouth. I looked around and noticed a few guys begin to gather to watch. I smiled at them jerked my head at them, indicating for them to come closer. They did, stroking their hardening cocks.

When I emptied myself, I stood up, turned around and reached down for the young man's hand. He reached for mine and I helped him stand up. He smiled at me as a little of the semen drooled out of the corner of his mouth. I bent over and licked it off.

I then turned to the guys standing and watching and said, "My friends, here is a young man who did not have a good time this weekend simply because he is shy. We need to do something about it. No man should leave this place dissatisfied." I paused, then said, "Well -- what are you going to do about it?"

The men glanced at each other for a moment and then they gathered around the young man. The young man had a look of fear on his face at first -- but then the fear dissipated when the men gently began to show their affection to him. Two of them put their arms around his waist as the whole group walked off with him. I didn't follow. I knew they would take care of him well.

I walked into the trailer and Jim and Tom were lying in my bed in a calm embrace. "Sorry, guys," I said, "But I gotta leave. I have to get home, rest up from this weekend and get to work in the morning."

They groaned got up out of bed and as I showed Jim where I put his clothes, Tom kissed me, said goodbye, and then left. When Jim got dressed, he pulled me into his arms and said, "I'll see you this week. We'll talk. OK?"

"Sure," I replied, "We've got a lot to talk about."

He then left, I got everything hatched down, got dressed, got into my truck and then pulled out. Passing by Brad at the registration building, I waved to him and called out, "See you next weekend!"

"You better be here," he called back, "We're counting on you to keep this place successful."

I pulled out and headed down the road. The whole trip back, I made mental notes on what I thought could be done to bring in a bigger crowd.

(This is not the end of the series!)