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Monday morning, back at the office, I was trying to get focused on the tasks before me. After the great weekend I had, it was hard to mentally stay on track! But I knew that I had to stay on my job in order to afford to go down to the campground for fun every weekend. I got through the morning just fine and lunch went well. Then in the afternoon, my secretary informed me, "Jim, our company's attorney is here. He wants to see you." With those words, I felt a stirring in my groin. "Please see him in," I replied. My secretary opened the door and Jim entered -- a different suit and handsome as ever! I thanked my secretary and she left closing the door behind her. Jim stood in front of the door for a moment and reached behind himself. I heard the lock on the door click. He smiled at me, unzipped the zipper in his slacks, and walked to my desk. He sat down on my desk, on the side I was seated, next to me. "We've got some business to talk," he said quietly with a smile. "What is it about?" I asked as I scooted my chair back. He moved in front of me, sat on the desk again and scooted back a little until his legs dangled over the edge. By the folds in his slacks, the fly opened naturally and I immediately could tell that he was not wearing any underwear. "I want to share with you an investment opportunity and I want you to suck my dick while I tell you about it because I don't have that much time. He didn't need to repeat himself. I scooted my chair forward until I was between his legs. I reached into his fly and pulled his cock out and took it in my mouth. It grew hard as I lovingly sucked it. I was all ears to hear what he had to say as I was all mouth on his cock. "The farmer that has the land around the campground wants to sell his property. He doesn't like the campground being there, but there is nothing he can do about it, so he wants to sell and get out. He is asking a low price because he wants out of there fast." Jim continued to speak as I continued to blow him, "I was thinking, why don't we buy some of that land and build a bunch of those Katrina Cottages I saw on the internet and sell the lots or rent them? You can build one for yourself and live there. Really, how much room do you need if you live there?' I looked up from my cocksucking, "What do you men, `live there?' What makes you think that I would leave my job here, move down there and live?" "At the group meeting yesterday morning, when you went back to your trailer to put on clothes, the rest of us were talking and we agreed that even though we are all owners together, we want you to run the place. You would not only have a regular salary, but you'll get a little extra percentage of the profits. You have to admit, it's too good to turn down. Plus you'll be staying there all the time and you'll have sex as much as you want. That's why they want you there -- you are so friendly with everyone -- you make everyone fell comfortable there. That makes for a pretty good host." I continued sucking his cock as I thought about it. It does seem like a great opportunity. The thought of it made me a little more excited and as a result I sucked Jim's cock harder and deeper. It wasn't but a moment when Jim out a low groan and I felt his cumload gushing down my throat. Boy, he has great tasting loads! "Aw fuck!" Jim sighed, "You are one of the best cocksuckers I have ever had." Finally getting back his composure, he tucked his cock back into his slacks and zipped up. He put his hands on my shoulders and said, "Seriously think about the offer. And as far as the investment, go and talk to this contractor about building a bunch of the cottages," and Jim handed me a business card. It simply said, "Dave's Contracting" and included the address and phone number. "I haven't heard of this business. I haven't seen any advertisements or anything on him," I inquired. "He doesn't need any," Jim replied. "He is so good at his work, he doesn't need advertising. Word gets around that he's good, fair, and trustworthy." He walked to the door, unlocked it and before exiting, he turned to me and said, "Check all this out for yourself. You'll find it's too good of an opportunity to turn down. Thanks for your time," With that, he winked at me and walked out. I looked at the business card again, slipped it in my wallet, then went back to work. Imagine, me running the place, living there, investing in land and building opportunities and having all the sex I want. My oh my! This is a lot to think about! I would have to think about all this later -- I've got to get back to work. When I left work that day, I thought about all that Jim told me. In fact, I thought about it all that evening and all that night. The more I thought about it, the more excited I got. By morning, I decided if I was going ahead with this, I'll have to do some serious investigating. The first place I would check would be Dave's Contracting. From my office, I called his office and set up an appointment for noon -- during my lunch break. When I arrived at the address, I saw several large buildings and a modern office building. I walked into the main entrance and met the receptionist. "I'm Bob and I have an appointment with Dave for noon today," I told her. She then escorted me down to the end of the hall. She opened the door and stuck her head in and said, "Dave, your 12 o'clock appointment is her." "Let him in," I heard the voice say and she stepped aside to let me pass. The office was nice -- not fancy or opulant, but very comfortable. His desk was by the large window and there was a sofa grouping in front of it. Dave, dressed professionally in a suit, came around his desk and extended his hand out to me and I shook it. "Glad to meet you," he said, "I know you are on your lunch break and limited on time. So why do you want to meet me?" "Well I am interested in purchasing extra property for my campground and would like to build a subdivision of Katrina Style Cottages to put on them to rent to campers. It would be quite a investment for us and a good project for you if you are interested." "Well," replied Dave, "That sounds very interesting and we might be able to help you out. Of course, there are a lot of details to work out." Then with furrowed brow he asked, "By the way, how did you hear about us? We don't do any advertising. Who did we do work for that recommended us to you?" "I don't know if you did any work for him, but your business card was given to me by our corporate attorney, Jim," and I handed him Jim's business card. "Do you know him or remember him?" Dave raised his eyebrows, "Oh, yes I do. Have a seat there on the sofa. Yes, we have done some work with him. He is one of our best references. Him being an attorney carries a lot of influence." I sat down on the sofa he indicated and immediately felt relaxed with the surroundings and his pleasant demeanor. "Oh, would you excuse me for a minute," he said apologetically, "I'll be right back. Help yourself to the mints on the coffee table." With that, he exited out another door behind me and I just made myself comfortable and helped myself to the mints. Within a couple of minutes, I heard the door open and him say, "I'm back. Thanks for waiting." I casually looked behind me, then startled, stood up quickly. He was standing there with nothing on but his unbuttoned dress shirt. He had hair on his chest and his cut cock was sticking straight out. "Oh my God!" I exclaimed as I just stood there with my mouth open. I normally knew just what to do in circumstances like this, but I was there on business and I was taken totally by surprise. Dave just smiled at me and walked casually towards me. "Why are you surprised? Didn't Jim tell you about me?" "No," I gulped, "Only that you run a great business. He didn't say anything about this!" as I gestured toward his cock. He was standing close to me by now and said gently, "This is all right, isn't it?" He started unbuttoning my shirt and slid it off my torso. I didn't say anything. I just enjoyed his sensuosity. When my shirt was dropped, he pressed his chest against mine and gave me a deep French kiss. It felt like his tongue was sliding all the way down my throat. Wow! With that, Dave could do anything he wanted with me! I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. His hands reached around and cupped both of my ass cheeks as he pulled me to him; grinding his hard cock against my groin. My cock was getting hard and sure needed some release. I stepped back and as I did so, Dave sat on the sofa, spread his legs and began stroking his hard cock. In that position with his dress shirt unbuttoned, he looked so fucking hot! I smiled as I got on my knees between his legs. I bent over toward his hard cock, reached out for it and gently stroked it. Then I wrapped my lips around it and slid down the shaft. David groaned as he spread his legs a little further apart. I licked his shaft with my tongue -- lowered myself to his balls and continued licking. I lovingly kissed the sack that contained them and continued working my way with my tongue further under to the beginning of his ass crack. David slid forward a little further and then lifted his legs in the air, giving me total access to his asshole. Gently with my hand, I spread his ass cheeks and looked at his sphincter as it winked at me. I pressed my face into his ass and kissed that pink, round hole. I stuck out my tongue and licked around it. I kissed it again and began to tongue fuck the hole. David moaned in contentment. I looked up at David from between his legs. He smiled back at me. I stood up, straddled his lap facing him and lowered my ass gently on his rod which was sticking straight up. As I did, I again wrapped my arms around his neck and deeply kissed him. As I was riding his fuck pole, I told him about the campground, the plans on investing in it as well as purchasing property and building the Katrina cottages. We continued to talk business as he continued to fuck my ass. Finally, by the look on his face, I knew that he could not hold it back any longer. He let out another groan, pushed my ass down to the base of his cock and shot his load deep inside of me. Still straddling his legs, I rose up and slid my cock into his open mouth. I fucked his mouth in the same manner he fucked my ass -- slow and deep. I shot my load which I had built up and saved since the day before when I was at the campground. We fell sideways on the sofa with smiles on our faces and sighs of contentment. Then I looked at my watch. "Oh, my God!" I gasped, "It's past my lunch break!" I jumped up grabbed my clothes and put them on. While doing that I told him I would contact him on further details on the future plans on the campground. "I'll be waiting!" he answered as he began dressing. I rushed out the door and back to work. I was half an hour late. I walked into my office and there was my boss waiting for me. "Bob, you're half an hour late. You're fired!" "What!?" I gasped, "I've never been late before! What's the meaning of this?" "There's plenty of guys who want your job, so I can be firm in running this office. I can't be flexible with you. The other workers will expect the same." I stood there dumbfounded. I felt the blood drain in my face and I felt lightheaded, "You can't do this to me!" "Oh yes I can," he replied. As he said that, he calmly reached down, unzipped his pants, unbuckled his belt and let his pants drop to the floor. There hanging between his legs was a mouth-watering cock that I would have loved to wrap my lips around. "Of course, you can save your job if you do me a favor," he said with a smile, "How about a blowjob?" "How dare he!" I thought as the anger built up in me. But I had to save my job. I smiled at my "ex-boss" and got down on my knees in front of him. Inside, I thought to myself, "Here I am sucking a great-looking cock belonging to the boss who`s screwing me over!" I had to admit that I was enjoying giving him that blowjob because his cock fit my mouth so well and I'm just a slut when it comes to cocksucking. He was enjoying it, too as he continued to moan. I caressed his balls with my hands as I continued to caress his cock with my lips. He began to pant with short breaths and I prepared myself to take his load. Then he shot. I don't know how many squirts he gave, but his load did fill up my mouth. But I didn't swallow it. When he relaxed, I stood up and looked at him. He smiled at me wickedly, "Too bad, buddy, you're still fired." I stood there and stared at him for only a moment. Then I spit out his huge cumload all over the front of his shirt and tie. He stood there with a look of shock. His pants were down around his ankles, his cock was still sticking straight out and cum was all over the front of him. I immediately dashed out the door. I quickly told my secretary, "Get in there, something's wrong with the boss!" As I exited out the door, I heard my secretary scream. I smiled to myself, "Screw you, buddy!" I got in my car and drove off. As I was driving away, the reality began setting in. I am now unemployed and there is no way I'm going to get a job reference from him! Boy! Did I ever burn that bridge behind me! All sorts of emotions began to overwhelm me. I got to my apartment building, stormed down the hall, entered my apartment and slammed the door behind me. I was seething -- I was crying -- I was tense. I fell on my bed, stuck my face into my pillow and screamed. With my fists I pounded the wall at the head of my bed with my fists. I don't know how long I did this, but it seemed like hours. I kept at it until I was totally exhausted and drained of all feelings. I slowly crawled out of bed, took off my clothes, pulled the blinds down and flopped back on my bed and fell asleep. When I awoke, it was pitch black. It must be in the middle of the night -- I don't know. But when I woke, I was feeling something. I suddenly realized that there was someone in bed with me. I panicked. I heard the voice behind me speak quietly and gently, "Relax, buddy. I heard you pounding the walls and thought you were upset. I'm here for you." "Who are you? How did you get in!?!" "Shhh!!" was his only quiet, calming reply. He snuggled up against me and gently wrapped one arm around my neck and he other around my waist. I was being gently held as if I were in the arms of my mother. I suddenly felt comforted as he was gently pulling me back against his body. He nuzzled his face against the nap of my neck and gently kissed me several times. "Just relax," he said softly, "You are in the arms of someone who cares." So I relaxed and let this stranger soothe and comfort me with his arms, his body, his kisses, and his gentle breathing. His naked body pressed against mine felt so good! I felt his cock pressed against my ass. The flaccid shaft with its surrounding fur worked itself into my crack and warmed me. I could not believe how calm and relaxed I felt. I was actually feeling good with this stranger who came into my apartment unannounced and crawled into my bed. I gently held his arms against me and snuggled myself back against his body, feeling his warmth. I smiled to myself "Where have you been?" I thought. With his gentle tenderness, I was feeling so good about myself, that my cock began to get hard. I wanted this stranger to feel its stiffness. So I calmly reached for one of his hands and placed it on my hardness, giving him the indication that I wanted him sexually. He got the hint as he gently grasped my hard shaft and slowly jacked it. I held onto his arm which still was wrapped around my neck and sighed contentedly. I snuggled more back against his body, slowly wiggling my ass against his groin. Again, he got the hint for I felt his cock harden against my asscrack. I wanted that cock in me -- not only because I like getting fucked, but he was so gentle and good with me in my vulnerable state. When his cock was hard, I reached back and guided it into my asshole. He gently slid it in and began fucking me in a slow motion. I not only felt so good with a cock-filled ass, but I felt such contentment being with this stranger. There was nothing else we did. He just continued gently fucking me and jacking my hard cock. I just laid there hanging onto his other arm like it was a security blanket. I heard his breathing getting a little heavier and then I felt his cumload shoot in me. For a moment, I wished I was a woman because I wanted this wonderful, gentle stranger to breed me. I wanted to have his child which possessed his kindness and gentleness. I was so content and relaxed that I fell asleep with his cock in me. A little later I awoke and his cock was still in me with his hand still grasping my cock. He was asleep because I could feel his heavy breathing. I massaged his cock with my sphincter muscle and pushed my ass back against it. He must have awakened. Without saying a word, he began fucking me again and we did it all over. Another cumload shot in me. Again I fell asleep with him in me. We did this whole routine again a little later in the night. All this time I did not know who this stranger was or what he looked like. I could only identify him by his gentle kindness. After the third time he shot his load in me, I was ready to shoot. In the darkness, I turned around towards him and he immediately scooted down in the bed and took my cock in his mouth. I shot in him with such an orgasmic explosion. He then scooted back up, took my face in his hands and kissed me. His kiss was long and gentle and when he opened his mouth to slide his tongue in, I also felt my load slide in my mouth as well. We laid there in the quietness of the night with our arms wrapped around each other. I still don't know this stranger or what he looked like, but I wanted him with me. "Stay with me till morning. Please?" I pleaded. "Yessss." was his whispered reply.