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We got to our assigned lot and Randy directed me as I backed up the trailer. I had to keep reminding Randy to stick to the task at hand of setting up the trailer. He kept gawking at all that was going on around him -- naked guys walking around and the sex that was going on across the street. Two guys were going at it on the picnic table. That sure brought back memories of last weekend when I was blindfolded and gang fucked on my picnic table.

When everything was done we stepped into the trailer. We stood there for a moment and looked at each other. "Well," I said, "Now it's time for fun and relaxation. We gotta get naked first."

"I'm not sure I can do it," Randy said sheepishly.

"What's the problem?" I asked.

"Like I've told you, I've just never done anything like this before. Walking around naked outdoors in a public place -- even though the guys are naked. I'm just not use to it!."

"Listen," I said with determination, "If you don't get naked, you will definitely stand out in this crowd. If you walk naked in a city, you will get everyone's attention. Here, if you DON'T get naked, you will you will definitely get everyone's attention. Trust me. Get naked. There's no risk here. I'll stand by you all the way."

As I was talking, I was stripping in front of him. When I got naked, I stood there with my feet apart, balls and cock hanging down. I smiled at him as I slightly thrust my pelvic back and forth. "Tell you what," I said, "You stay in this trailer if you want. I'm not wasting my time staying in here talking about it. I'm going across the street to join in the action there. If you want to join in, fine. If you want to stay here fine. The decision is yours."

With that, I opened the door stepped out, and walked across the street to the picnic table where the action was happening. One guy was sitting on the side bench. He was eating out the ass of another guy who was lying on his back on the table with his legs in the air.

"Looks like it's going to be fun," I thought as I stroked my cock to its hardness. I approached to within a few feet and stood there and watched them for a moment. I pondered; then I knew what to do.

I went to the picnic table and stood on the bench opposite from the rimmer. There, the guy who was lying on his back had his head close to the edge. By standing on the bench, I was able to bend over and slide my cock into his mouth. I knew he definitely wanted it, because he immediately opened his mouth wide as I lowered my cock.

When I got my cock in, he closed his lips around it. I began slowly fucking his mouth. The suction he gave on my cock felt tremendous. As I slid my shaft in and out of his mouth, I watched the other guy rimming out his ass. The guy who was sucking me had his legs in the air, so I took hold of his ankles, making it a little easier on him and the rimmer.

There was moaning all around. Then the rimmer stood up with his hard cock and aimed it for the sucker's asshole. The head touched the hole and then it slid in easily. The rimmer (now fucker) took hold of the man's ankles and began a slow fuck. He looked at me while he fucked and smiled. I returned the smile, leaned over and kissed him. His mouth opened and I felt his tongue slid in. I sucked on it and then slid my tongue in for him to suck. We did this several times back and forth until he pulled back.

As the guy lying on the table continued to get fucked in his mouth and ass at the same time, I looked over to my trailer. I saw Randy looking through the window watching what we were doing. I smiled at him and jerked my head indicating to him to come over and join.

He smiled at me and shrugged his shoulders indicating that he still wasn't sure. I shrugged my shoulders back at him indicating to him that it was his decision and continued with the fun.

As I watched the man being fucked I noticed that his cock was hard. So I bent down and gobbled it up hungrily. So there we were in our 3-way; doing a 69 as well as a guy getting fucked. I thought, "Surely Randy would come out now!"

I decided that I needed to give him his time and space. So I continued with the action. The fucker started panting harder and I knew that he was about to blow. I quit sucking the guy and told the fucker to shoot his load on the guy's cock so I could lick it up.

Sure, enough, he pulled out just in time to shoot it all over the man's cock. When he was done shooting, I licked the tip of his cock clean and then devoured the other man's cum-covered cock. As I sucked the cock, the cum that covered it was sucked down my throat. I sucked all the harder, using my expert tongue over the sides of the hard shaft at the same time.

The man, with his mouth full of my cock began to moan, indicating he was about to shoot. I moaned back, continuing the sucking. This indicated to him to go ahead and shoot it in my mouth.

He did. He shot a good load and I could feel it squirt in my mouth. But I did not swallow it. I had an idea.

When he was done, I rose up, smiled at him, gave him the "OK" with my fingers and walked back to my trailer. When I stepped in, Randy was just taking off his shirt. I bent over the kitchen table and let the cum flow out of my mouth, making a puddle right in the middle.

Licking the little cum left on my lips, I looked at Randy, "Did you see the fun you missed out on? Buddy, I wanted so bad to swallow this load, but I saved it for you. Now I demand that you eat this load on the table."

I pointed to the puddle. Randy looked at me, then the puddle, then back at me. He stepped to the table and bent over. He placed his lips over the puddle and sucked it up. Then with his tongue, he licked up the rest. He stood up and looked at me.

I put my arms around his neck and we kissed long and deep. I pulled back and looked at him squarely in the eyes. "Randy, my man, I don't want you to miss out on the fun here. I'm doing this for you for helping me out so much last night and this morning." I smiled at him gently, "Randy, trust me."

He stood there for a moment looking at me, then he smiled. He continued to stand there looking at me as he unbuckled his belt, unsnapped and unzipped his pants. He let them drop to the floor. As he stepped out of them, he said, "OK, Bob, I trust you. Let's go for it!"

I gave him other words of encouragement as he took his clothes, folded them, and put them away. I was going to make sure that he loved this place. He deserved it!

I opened the door to the trailer and stepped out. I turned around and looked back. Randy stepped in the doorway and looked around outside. I reached my hand up to him. He took a deep breath, took my hand and stepped out. He was now outside with me and naked!

I smiled at him again and said, "Let's go. I want to show you this place that I am investing in."

I placed my arm around his shoulder as we walked down the street to the barn. We passed a few guys who smiled at us and greeted us. "See?" I said, "You do not stand out in this crowd. Everyone is like everyone else -- naked."

As we passed a trailer, we heard moaning coming through the window. "Let's check it out," I said as I started toward it.

Randy held back and said, "What if they want their privacy?"

"One of the rules they have here," I said matter-of-factly, "is that if the door is open, it's a sign that anyone can enter. If the door is closed, it means they want privacy. What do you see?"

Randy smiled and said, "The door is open."

We both stepped into the trailer and looked to our right. There on the bed was a pale white guy on his hands and knees getting fucked by a black guy with a large cock. The white guy was moaning in ecstasy. I would too if that black cock was fucking my ass!

The white guy looked at me, then at Randy. "Oh god!" he said, "Another black guy! I love black guys and their cocks."

Randy and I looked at each other. I nodded my head towards them, indicating to Randy to join them. Randy stepped to the other side of the bed, towards the white man's face, stroking his cock. The white man leaned forward, opened his mouth and engulfed Randy's cock right down to the base. Randy closed his eyes and moaned. I could tell he was enjoying this.

This scene got me into the mood. So I stepped behind the black stranger, got on my knees, parted his ass cheeks and gave a look. He winked his asshole at me. It looked delicious and when I licked my tongue over it, it tasted delicious. I kept my face buried in his ass as he moved back and forth fucking the white guy.

As I continued to eat out his ass, I reached up between his legs to feel his ball sack. It hung low and his nuts felt huge. The black man spread his legs further apart to give me easier access. I looked and there it hung. I pushed my face up between his legs until his nutsack laid over my mouth. My tongue went out and licked it. I opened my mouth until one nut slipped in and I rolled it around in my mouth. I let is slide out and let the other nut slide in. I did the same with that.

As I was really getting into this action, the others were too. All were grunting, moaning and talking dirty as the pace picked up. I rimmed the black guy's ass some more, then stood up to watch the action. I wanted to make sure Randy was enjoying himself.

Randy was still standing in the same place with the white guy still sucking his cock. But Randy had his hands on the white man's head and was literally fucking his mouth. The white guy was obviously talented, because Randy's hard black cock slid in all the way to the base.

The black guy's moaning got louder as he approached his climax. Then with a loud "Yessss!" he shoved his cock in all the way and he held it in. He stood there and panted a while. When he regained his composure, he stood back and his cock slid out.

"May I?" I asked the black man, gesturing towards the white guy's ass. He smiled and said, "Help yourself!"

I got on my knees at the white guy's ass, and parted his cheeks. With my tongue, I massaged his sphincter until the black man's cum started oozing out. I continued to lap it up as it continued to flow out. I collected the cum in my mouth, not swallowing it. I stood up, looked at Randy across the bed. He looked at me and smiled as he continued to fuck the white guy's face. I opened my mouth to show him the cumload I had collected. Randy didn't say anything, but raised his eyebrows. Then with one large gulp, I felt the load slide down my throat. Randy smiled at me and winked.

As he did so, he then began to frown and grit his teeth. He pounded the white guy's mouth harder with his cock. He then let out a loud gasp and buried his cock all the way in one last time. The white guy moaned as obviously the cumload was shooting into his mouth.

Randy stood there for a moment and let out a sigh. He stepped back as the white guy laid down on the bed. I looked around for the black guy. He was gone. As Randy started to leave, I turned to the white guy lying on the bed with a smile on his face and his eyes closed, "Want your door shut?"

"Of course not!" he replied.

Randy and I chuckled as we left. "Well, what do you think?" I asked as we continued down the street.

Randy gave a look of satisfaction and said, "I think I'm gonna like it here."

I couldn't help but notice that it seemed like Randy was walking with more of an air of confidence. I smiled at myself with the thought.

As we approached the barn, I said to Randy, "This is great! You'll love what all goes on in here!"

When we entered, there was the large hot tub. Only one guy was in it. "Wanna get in a take a break?" I asked gesturing towards the tub.

"Sure!" Randy said with a tone of excitement.

We crawled in and sat next to each other cross from the loner in the tub. I put my arm around Randy and for a moment we just enjoyed the warmth and turbulent bubbles of the hot tub.

"You guys been here before?" the loner spoke out.

"I was here last weekend, but this is my friend's first," I responded, "I brought him here to get acquainted with the place."

"This is my first time here, too," he said, "I just got here this morning."

"Had any action yet?" I asked.

"Nope, not yet."

Randy looked at me and smiled, "I hate loners. I think we should help him out."

That's what I liked about Randy. He seemed to care for others. I turned to the loner. "Let us have the privilege of being your first. Get over here!"

The loner stood up and moved towars us. Randy and I slid apart so he could sit between us. When he sat down, Randy and I both turned to him and put our arms around him.

As I reached in the water and stroked his hard cock, I whispered into his ear. "Are you feeling a little bit more comfortable now?"

Looking straight ahead and smiled, "Sure am!"

Randy was feeling his nipples as he frenched the guy's ear with his tongue. I decided to do the same. So he was getting it in both ears. As we were doing that he reached in the water and took our cocks in each hand and began stroking.

Then he began shaking and said, "Man! I've got to get into some fucking!"

I asked him with a look of concern, "Do you mean you want to fuck or get fucked?"

"Both!" he said as he stood up.

Randy and I didn't say anything, I immediately stood up, bent over the edge of the tub, showing the loner's my ass. He reached out and fingered my hole. First he inserted one finger, worked it in me real good, and then inserted another. Then he inserted a third.

I looked behind me. The loner was stroking his cock furiously and it was hard. Randy was stroking his cock and it was hard as well. Randy was feeling the loner's ass and I knew Randy was going to fuck him.

I said to the loner as I lifted my ass to him, "Well guy, my ass is ready. Fuck away!"

I felt the head of his cock touch my waiting asshole and then felt it slide in. It felt so good. I pushed my ass back to take more of it. The loner grabbed my hips with his hands for better leverage. I heard Randy moan. I looked behind me past the loner and saw that Randy was pressed up against him. Randy had grabbed the loner's hips as well and was fucking him long and deep.

It was obvious the loner was getting what he wanted. All three of us had a rhythm together that almost gave the impression that we were dancing together. Man! I love the feel of a nice hard cock filling my ass! I love the feel of when it shoots a cumload in my insides.

And that is just what the loner did after only a couple of minutes. "Sorry guys," he said, "But I have never been in a situation like this before -- the campground and all -- and it was all so fucking hot, that I couldn't help but cum right away."

As Randy pulled his cock out of the loner's ass, he patted him on the ass and said, "That's all right. It's the same for me. I'm just like you. All of this is new to me too."

"Thanks, buddy, for saying that," said the loner and he and Randy kissed.

Randy held his face close to his and smiled, "Glad to help you out."

The loner dragged himself out of the tub and left. Randy and I sat back down together again, looked at each other and laughed. "That sure was a quick one" I said.

"Yeah, but it was good -- we helped a guy out." Rand responded.

As we sat there in the tub with our arms around each other, we heard a soft, deep, sexy voice behind us, "That sure was nice of you guys to help that guy feel welcome"

We turned around to face a hairy guy standing outside the tube with his hard cock sticking straight out. He smiled at us warmly. With those pearly white teeth and that manly mustache looking at me, I was getting kind of excited.

I looked at Randy and he looked at me. Just by chance when we did, we gave each other a little wink. "Don't you think we should get a reward for our kindness?" I asked the stud.

"I think so," he responded a the walked toward the edge of the tub. As he stood close to us, Randy and I started feeling him up. His firm thighs and ass felt so good! I fondled his nutsack gently as Randy stroked his cock.

"I think you can reward us better if you got into this tub with us," Randy said.