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Once he stepped into the tub, he leaned over the edge, showing us his bulbous ass. He turned his head back to us and said, "How about you guys getting a taste of my ass?"

I was willing, but I didn't recall Randy eating out ass, let alone mine. So I took the initiative. I got on my knees behind this stud and with my hands, gently parted his ass cheeks. As I looked at his asshole, he winked it at me.

I looked at Randy before I proceeded. He was on his knees next to me, ready to watch me in action. I smiled at him, then proceeded to do my work. I pushed my face into the man's ass and began to eat him out. His ass was great.

I kissed his hole, then licked up and down his ass crack. I kissed his ass cheeks all over. Man! I sure love to orally work on a good ass!! I must have been doing pretty good for the man was moaning. I don't know how long I was working on his ass, but I decided to take a quick breather.

When I moved back, Randy immediately took my place. "I didn't know you liked rimming ass!" I said.

"Brother," he said smiling at me, "you've only known me a couple of days. You've got a few things to learn about me yet."

With that, he parted the man's cheeks and pushed his face in. He rubbed his face all the way up and down the man's crack. Then he stuck out his tongue and licked all over the same way I did. He stuck his tongue all the way out and began tongue fucking the man's ass. The man continued moaning.

It looked so hot to me that I wanted to do something. So I had to get a little "aquatic" by getting under the warm water, going under between Randy's legs, and then coming up between the stranger's legs to his cock.

When I got there, I immediately opened my mouth and engorged the stranger's stiff stick clear to the base. The man began moaning louder. While I continued to suck his cock, I reached around with both of my hands and assisted Randy with his rim job. I parted the man's cheeks, making it easier for Randy to get his face into the man's ass.

In doing so, I pulled the man closer and harder to my face, making his fucking my mouth deeper and harder. Randy stayed with the rhythm, keeping his face in the man's ass.

I could tell that this man was soon to reach his "pinnacle of success" when he began panting harder and moaning louder. When he pulled back with just his cockhead in my mouth, he shot. I let the cum accumulate.

He stood there for a minute -- his cock in my mouth and Randy's face in his ass, still tonguing him. Finally, he pulled out. Randy moved aside to let him step back. He smiled at both of us and gave his thanks.

Of course, I couldn't say anything because my mouth was full of his cum. I turned to Randy and pointed to my cheek. He understood and then said to the stranger, "I think my friend, Bob, here, would like to thank you, but he's got to do something first. Wait just a minute."

Then as if it was a rehearsed scene, Randy sat down in the tub, leaned back and rested his head on the tub rim. I then got over him. He opened his mouth wide and I poised about six inches above him and let the man's cumload ooze in slowly. It was obvious that Randy did not swallow it. I wondered if Randy was really into this.

The man gave a look of amazement. All he could say was, "Wow! Fuckin' wow!"

"We're not quite done yet," I said as I gestured him to sit down and lean back. I then gestured the man to sit down and lean back. I then looked at Randy and pointed to the man's chest. He got the hint.

Randy leaned over and let the cum spill out of his mouth. I gently reached over and spread it over his chest, especially leaving globs over his tits. Then Randy and I bent over and licked it off. THEN we swallowed the man's load. The man looked like he was in ecstacy.

Randy and I both smiled, got up and out of the tub and went on our way. I took him to the ladder of the loft and said, "Follow me."

I started up the ladder and about half way up I felt a face on my ass and a wet tongue licking it. I looked back over my shoulder and saw Randy working on me. I laughed when he said, "Just reminding you of one of the things I like to do."

When we got to the orgy section in the loft, there was only one man there. We figured he was waiting for action but wasn't getting any because he had fallen asleep. I turned to Randy and put my finger to my lips. I motioned for him to get on the other side of the man. We then got down on our knees next to him. We each began to gently suck on his tits.

He was obviously startled for he gave a slight jerk. But then he said with a sigh, "Oh fuck, yeah!" as we continued to suck on his tits.

As I was sucking on his tit, I looked down at his crotch and noticed that his cock was getting hard. I reached down and gently stroked it. As I did, the guy reached out for Randy and I's cocks and stroked them as well. Of course, all of our cocks got hard.

The cock I was stroking looked so good, that I couldn't resist. I got up and straddled him -- facing him. I lowered myself down on his hard cock, aiming my hungry asshole for the head. They gently met -- my asshole kissed the head of his cock and then sucked it in. I slid all the way down until I was sitting on his crotch. It felt so great!

As I began riding him, Randy straddled his face -- facing me -- and lowered his black ass onto the man's face. The man grabbed Randy's ass cheeks and parted them as the asshole came closer to the man's lips and tongue. So there we were -- me riding his cock and Randy riding his face. Randy and I began kissing as we were riding. My ass full of cock and my mouth full of Randy's tongue was fantastic!

The man we were riding was really into this because he was moaning and groaning as he pulled Randy's ass more into his face and gyrated more of his cock into my ass. The intensity increased as he groaned louder and bucked harder. I knew he was going to reach his "pinnacle of success" at any moment.

Then it happened. He let out a loud muffled groan (since his face was full of Randy's ass) and I felt his cumload shoot in me. I figured I got about five good spurts out of him.

When he settled down, and I was slowly sliding off his cock, Randy said, "Hang on there a minute." He then got behind me, laid on the floor on his back and had me lower my ass over his open mouth. He wanted to swallow the man's cumload. So I let him. I lowered my ass to just a few inches above his mouth, twitched my asshole, then let the load ooze out into his waiting mouth.

When I was done, he pushed his face up into my ass and any remnants of cum left was rubbed all over his face. He then got up, faced me and I licked his face clean. I've got to admit, that was one hot session! Randy and I stood up and smiled at the guy who remained on the floor smiling contentedly.

I started to lead Randy to the gloryholes when he said, "Man, all this sex has really made me hungry! Ok with you we go back to the trailer and get something to eat? Then you can show me some more of this fabulous place!"

"Sure," I replied, "There's a lot more to show you and I want to be the one who does it."

We got down off the loft and were walking back to my trailer when I heard someone call my name. I turned around and saw Brad from the registration office come trotting up to me. He had a look of concern on his face.

"I'm sorry to interrupt your fun, guys," Brad said panting, "But we are in a serious situation here. The owner of this place is seriously ill and he may not survive. He wants to get the business of selling this place before he dies. He wants to do this as soon as possible. Remember our attorney, Jim? He's here and he wants to meet with us immediately."

As I quickly got dressed, I gave Randy an apologetic look and said, "I'm sorry, Randy, but I've got to go to this meeting. I don't know how long it will take. Do you think you can handle things while I'm gone.?"

Randy smiled, "I understand. This is an opportunity for you that you can't miss. I think I can take care of myself quite well here -- considering what you've shown me so far."

With a sigh of relief, I said, "Oh thanks! I'll make it up to you. I promise."

Randy gave me a sly smile, "I'm sure you will."

The meeting lasted until 1am. At the end of the meeting, I approached Jim, the attorney, "Instead of driving home tonight, why don't you spend the night in my trailer and go back in the morning." I had in mind a great 3-way with him, Randy, and me.

"I'm sorry," Jim apologized, "But Brad has already invited me to spend the night with him." Then whispering, "I think he's got a cute ass and I want to try out his cock for size. We'll plan for another time, OK?"

"Sure," I replied, a little disappointed. Oh well, I was really tired anyways with all the business we had to do.

When I got back to the trailer, Randy had the light on for me. "How thoughtful of him," I said to myself.

I stepped in the trailer, shut off the light and closed the door. I stopped and listened for a moment. I heard soft snoring sounds. "Poor guy," I thought, "I haven't been a very good host, so far."

It was pitch black as I undressed and crawled into bed. I laid on my right side and snuggled up against him. As I put my arms around him, I made a startling discovery: this wasn't Randy!

This stranger whom I was snuggled against was laying on his right side away from me. Reaching past him, I felt another body. I recognized it was Randy. This man was snuggled against him. I carefully reached down between them and felt the man's hard cock. It was in Randy's ass. They were both sound asleep.

Oh well, I was very tired. I turned on my left side away from them and fell asleep.

Sometime, still in the dark of night, I felt an arm around me and a body pushed against my back. It was this stranger in my bed. I then felt his hard cock against my ass. Since I am perpetually horny, I was willing for him to fuck me. So I pushed my ass back against his cock giving him the signal I wanted it. He nuzzled his face against the nap of my neck as he quietly and slowly slid his cock into my asshole.

He moaned softly as he kissed my neck and licked my ear. It felt romantic and I was really getting turned on. I turned my head back to him as best I could and his face met mine. We kissed, our tongues intertwining. I smelled him. He had "Polo" cologne on and he smelled terrific.

He continued to fuck me slowly -- pushing his cock all the way in and sliding it all the way out to the crown of the head. I'm usually use to getting fucked fast and furious in a sexual frenzy. But this guy like to do it slow and seductively. As a result, I was really enjoying this fuck!

I heard a little grunt from him and then I felt him shoot his load in my ass -- about three good squirts. He then kissed me gently on the neck and quietly whispered, "Thanks, buddy."

I reached back and patted him on the ass.

He then turned around on his right side, snuggled against Randy, and went back to sleep. I went back to sleep also.

When I awoke, the morning light was shining. I heard some rustling in the kitchen and smelled a delicious breakfast cooking. I got up, walked into the kitchen and there was Randy in all his beautiful nakedness making me breakfast.

I stepped behind him, wrapped my arms around his waist and kissed him on the neck. "I hope you don't mind me making you breakfast," said Randy.

"It smells delicious and I'm famished. You are such a thoughtful person." I said as I sat down in the booth.

While we ate breakfast, I gave him the details of the meeting and he listened intently. "I have to go back today to handle my finances to invest in this business. Also, I have to meet with Jim to sign legal papers and then meet with a contractor to build a couple of small homes here. I also have to put all of my possession in storage as well as notify my landlord that I've moved out and notify the post office of my change of address. There is so much to do!" I started to act very nervous at the thought of all that had to be done.

Randy calmly reached across the table, took my hands in his, looked at me intently, and said, "Bob, I'm here for you. I'll be with you through it all if you'll let me. We've become the best of friends in this short time. Don't worry. I'll help you get what needs to be done, done. All I ask is that you help me deal with what I need to do as well."

I looked at Randy and smiled, "Randy, let's get your things put in storage too and you stay with me until we figure what you want to do. You're in my care. You won't be homeless or go hungry when you're with me."

We both started to get tearful as we looked at each other. We then realized that we had a great relationship. We were best friends, not lovers because we enjoyed sex too much with other guys, but we knew that we would stay together for each other.

"By the way," I asked, "Who was that guy in bed with you -- or should I say `us' -- last night?"

Randy laughed, "I have no idea. After you left, I fixed myself supper, then out wandered around. I got to know the layout of this place and met a few guys (if you know what I mean). Then when I came back, it was dark, so I left the light on and the door open for you when you got back."

"Uh oh," I said, "I know what that means -- you gave an open invitation."

"I forgot about that. I wasn't asleep very long when I felt a body snuggle up against me. He was so seductive with me that I couldn't turn him down."

"Well," I said, "I didn't know anyone was with you until I crawled into bed, it being so dark."

"Sorry about that," said Randy, "I hope there was enough room for you."

"Oh, there was plenty," I replied. "He found me later that night when he woke up."

"Oh," said Randy, "fucked you too?"

"Yep," I answered, "I guess we'll never know who it was until he tells us. Imagine: we were taken advantage of last night."

We both laughed at the thought of it.

"Well," I said with a sigh, "As soon as breakfast is finished, we need to get back and get a lot of business done. It may take us the rest of this week, but we'll get it done. Right buddy?" I asked as I reached out my hand.

"Right" Randy answered as he took my hand, pulled me to him and kiss me long, sliding his tongue into my mouth.