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Randy and I got dressed, cleaned up the breakfast mess, hopped in my truck, then took off. I told Randy all about the meeting: the investments I had to make, the difficult decisions. I was proud to inform him that unanimously the new board chose me as the manager of the business.

"Congratulations on your new job!" said Randy as he patted me on the back, "When do you start to work?"

"Monday," I replied, "And I'm pretty nervous about it. I want the campground to do well. I hope the customers like me."

"Randy laughed, "You've got nothing to worry about. You are so friendly with your cock, ass and mouth, I can't see how anyone would NOT like you."

"Thanks for your support. Now we need to plan out this week and get things in order."

Randy and I planned out the week on the drive back. We stopped at our "favorite" truckstop for lunch. We noticed there were a couple of rows of semis as well as different sized hauling trucks parked in the lot. We entered the restaurant and took a booth.

"I wonder if my trucker is here today," said Randy with a sly grin.

"I don't see him," I replied as I looked around, "But I see several good meaty possibilities here."

When we finished our meal, I told Randy to go on out to the truck. I would pay the bill, use the restroom, and then we'll take off. Randy left and when the bill was paid, I headed straight for the trucker's restroom.

I took a stall, unzipped my pants, dropped them to the floor, sat on the toilet, then took a piss. As I was finishing, I read the dirty messages on the stall wall. There were some crude drawings of cocks dripping with cum. One was of a guy with an open mouth and the cum was dripping in. A crude drawing -- but it was turning me on.

Above all, I was relieved to see a glory hole. "I'll just wait a few minutes, and then I've got to leave," I thought to myself.

I didn't have to wait a minute before I heard the stall door next to me open. I peeked through the hole and saw a trucker. I watched as he undid his belt and pants, pushed them all the way to the floor and then sat down. He paused and then I saw him reach between his legs for his cock and begin stroking.

He leaned forward and I immediately leaned back. I pulled up my cock and began stroking so he could see it. I then looked through the hole again and saw that his legs were spread further apart and he was still stroking. His cock was hard -- about 7" I guessed, and it was cut -- a real beauty that I wanted to wrap my lips around.

I stuck my finger through the hole. Sure enough, he got the message. He stood up, poke his cock through and I immediately took to sucking him.

I needed to get going, so I began sucking harder and more furious. I could tell that he was picking up the pace, too. I finally just pushed my face against the stall wall with my mouth open as wide as the gloryhole would allow. This gave him the advantage to fuck my mouth.

As he began to fuck my mouth faster, harder, and deeper, I got my tongue to working around his shaft -- massaging it. This immediately got him to moaning. When I hear moaning like that, I knew that the "pinnacle of success" is about to be reached.

Sure enough, I was right. I heard him let out a gasp and then I felt several spurts of cum shoot down my throat. He kept his cock in my mouth until I felt it go soft. Then it slid out. The cum left on my tongue I tasted -- it was good. The man in the stall softly said, "Thanks, buddy!" then quickly left.

I stood up, pulled my pants on, buckled up, zipped up, then walked out. There were a lot of truckers there. I could not tell which one I sucked off, but I didn't care. I really enjoyed the "quickie."

I got to my truck, but Randy wasn't there. I was anxious to get going because we had another hour's drive yet. I looked around. I couldn't find him, but I heard some noises coming from the truck parked next to me. It had a moving company logo on the side. I walked around to the back. It was open.

There inside, several moving pad/blankets were spread out. Randy was on his hands and knees and there were four men taking turns fucking his ass. Randy had the look of contentment on his face as he moved to the rhythm of their fucking.

I didn't quite know what to say except, "Hey there!"

Randy looked at me, smiled and said, "Hey Bob! I found our movers. They're not only bonded, but have great cocks and do pretty good fuck jobs!"

The four men looked at me and smiled. One said, "Your buddy is interviewing us for a moving job, if you know what I mean."

I laughed, "Now wait a minute! His decision is not final. I have some say in this, too!"

With that, I crawled into the truck container, pulled my slacks down showing my bare ass. I got on all fours next to Randy. I turned to him, he turned to me and we began French kissing.

I heard one guy say, "Awe fuck! This is so hot. Come on, guys, we gotta get this fucking done and get back on the road. We got work to do."

I felt a guy grab my hips and then felt his cockhead touch my asshole. When it did, I pushed my ass back, letting it slid all the way to the base. Another guy got on his knees in front of me with his hard cock sticking straight out. I opened my mouth and with my wet lips, began sliding up and down his shaft.

Randy duplicated me -- doing the very same thing. This was moving along pretty good when I heard the guy behind me say, "Hey Sam, trade places with me. I've never fucked a black guy's ass before."

I felt a cock slide out, then felt another cock slide in me. I kept the rhythm going. The guy in front of me took my head in his hands and began fucking me harder in the mouth. I took it because I was so hungry for it. I never tire of sucking cock.

Randy then slid his mouth off his guy's cock and said, "Hey, is this the only guy who has not fucked a black man's ass? I'll take on any guy who wants to. Let me get on my back. That way if any of you want to taste some good black cock, you can have a taste of mine."

Randy opened up the situation to a real orgy. The guys pulled away giving Randy and I a chance to take our clothes off and to lie on our backs with our legs in the air. "Ok guys," I said, "Take over. Do what you want."

In the excitement, the men quickly took off their clothes and took over. The all took their turns on Randy's and my cocks. I could not tell which was a better cocksucker. And rimming my ass, I don't know if I ever felt tongues that probed deeper into my hole than theirs.

One guy pulled a bottle of poppers out of his pocket and took a good huff. Reaching to him, I motioned I wanted some. He handed it to me and I took two good huffs in each nostril. That got me going. I motioned to Randy if he wanted some. He smiled, took it, and then took several huffs for himself. I didn't know if Randy liked poppers. I guess you learn something new every day about your buddy.

Now we were going to town!!! The men resumed their fucking, switching between Randy and I after about a half a dozen thrusts. We were being tag teamed. Randy and I kept our legs in the air giving them easy access to our asses.

Then they started cumming. Randy and I each took loads of two guys. When the last guy pulled out, we all were lying on the truck bed floor panting. All of a sudden, we heard clapping a cheering. Startled, we looked over. We had forgotten to close the door and we had drawn a crowd of about a half a dozen guys. They were standing there jacking their cocks.

I laughed, "All right, guys. Randy and I have to get going, but if you just want a blow job, come on in here and we'll finish you off real quick before we go."

The men hopped in with their cocks hard and sticking out of their flys. Randy and I got on our knees and sucked every one of them dry, swallowing their loads.

After we were done, I told the crowd as well as the moving guys about the campground. If they were interested, they were to email me and I would give them details. Since I was investing in the business, I might as well build it up. This got me to thinking that I should set up a web page for the campground as well. I made a mental note.

When the men left, we talked business with the movers. We gave them our address and told them to meet us the next day to get the job done. By then, we will know where we would rent the storage building.

Getting in my truck, I turned to Randy and said, "What a way to find movers!"

Randy laughed, "I got a great technique, don't you think?

On the way back to our apartments, we loaded up boxes we found behind stores. We got home and got right to work. We decided we were going right to work, get everything done, then we would get back to the campground and enjoy a great weekend of sex before I began my new job.

The next day, while Randy finished up packing boxes in both of our apartments and helping the movers load, I lined up a storage facility and got some space rented. Then I went to David's Construction to inform him that he needed to come to the campground immediately to look the place over, make plans, and then begin construction immediately. Then I went to Jim, the atttorney's office and signed the necessary papers for part ownership. Then I went to the bank to release funds for the purchase.

Randy and I worked hard and furious, but we got the work done and by early afternoon on Friday, we were headed back to our favorite spot -- the campground. As I pulled into the private, nondescript driveway, Randy let out a sigh. He smiled over at me and said, "It's good to get back to our new home!" I agreed.

I stopped at the registration building (as required for all coming into the campground) and let Brad know that we were back. Dressed only in his jockstrap as usual, he stepped closed to me, kissed me long and slow, then said, "I'm so glad you and Randy are back. Now get out of those clothes -- right now!"

"Can't we wait `till we get to my trailer?" I laughed. Brad smiled and shook his head no. So there in front of him I began undressing. Brad sat on the counter, legs spread, watching me, all the while rubbing the growing mound in his crotch.

I gave him wicked smile as I slowly and seductively stripped for him. I first took off my shoes and socks. Then I unbuckled and unzipped my pants. I turned my back to him as I slowly slid my pants down, sticking out by bare ass to him.

When I was completely stripped down to just my shirt, Randy, who had been waiting for me in the truck walked in. Seeing me in my "condition", he smiled and said, "I was wondering what was taking you so long!" He looked at Brad rubbing the mound between his legs, then said, "You know Brad, I never did get to suck that cock of yours. Mind if I have a chance at it now?"

"Come right ahead!" Brad replied. As he slipped off his jockstrap, his cock sprang up to attention. Randy bent over, wrapped his lips around Brad's cock, then began sliding his mouth up and down the shaft. As he was doing this, I took my shirt off. Since I was now naked, standing there awkwardly, I decided to get Randy naked while he was giving Brad a blowjob.

As I began with Randy's shoes and socks he helped me by lifting each foot while he continued to suck cock. Then I reach around, unbuckled his belt, undid his slacks, then pulled them down. I now had Randy's and my clothes strewn all over the floor. I got on my knees behind Randy, parted those beautiful black ass cheeks of his and began tonguing his ass hole.

As business would have it, customers walked in while we were sucking and tongue fucking. A little embarrassed, I got up, excused myself, and began picking up the strewn clothes. The two guys who entered were dressed, of course, because they had just arrived and were checking in. "Sorry to bother you," one said, "but we'd like to check in, if you don't mind."

"Go right ahead," I said, "Brad, would you take care of them?"

Brad quickly stood up, grabbed his jockstrap, and put it on. "Oh, you don't need to do that!" one of the guys said, "In fact, we'll strip for you right now. We're the ones that are out of place here."

Having said that, the new customers proceeded to take their clothes off as Brad obtained the registration form. Once they were naked, they filled out the form, picked up their clothes and headed out the door. Just as they were leaving, one turned back to us and said, "We hope to have a taste of your cocks and asses sometime."

"Wait!" I called out to them, "Come back here. You can get your taste now." I told Randy and Brad to join me in sitting on the registration counter. "We want them to feel welcome here. Let's do our job." We sat on the counter facing them and spread our legs. I motioned for the guys to come back.

They just dropped their clothes where they were and walked towards us. First they went to Randy and Brad, got on their knees and began sucking their cocks. I was the odd man out. So I got off the counter, spread my clothes on the floor behind one of the guys and laid down on my back. I gently took a hold of the man's ass, raised it up a little and then slid under so that his ass was right above my face.

Then I pulled him down to where he was sitting on my face. I spread his ass cheeks a little so I could get my tongue up there. As I proceeded to tongue fuck his ass, he began to groan. He began to slide his ass crack up and down my face as my tongue stuck out, licking his crack and getting it went.

This was getting pretty good when a couple more guys walked in. The weekend was starting and the guys were coming in for the weekend. We had to stop what we were doing and get down to business.

The guy on top of me, I gave his asshole one final lick then patted his ass, indicating for him to get up. When he did, I got up and greeted the new customers. The former two guys gathered their belongings, then left. Brad put his jockstrap back on (again!) and saw to the business of the customers. Randy and I gathered up our clothes, hopped into my truck and headed for the trailer.