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We walked to a nearby cement bench, straddled it and sat down facing each other. It was pretty dark and the guys were still entering the building, though some were leaving. It seemed liked constant traffic going on by us.

"Boy! I hope that I can keep this place running good. If everyone likes me, I think I'll do all right. I hope I run the business okay." I said with reserve.

Randy put his hand on my shoulder and looked at me intently, "Bob, you'll do great. I don't know of anyone who wouldn't like you. I know you are perfect for the job of running this place."

I smiled at Randy, scooted up to him, with my body pressing against his, and said, "Randy, we've known each other for a week. So much has happened. Last weekend was my first time here. The guys liked me so much, I was invited into a partnership with this place. Then I lose my job, I meet you, I move here, offered a job to run this place, and now I start tomorrow. So much has happened in so little time!"

"But it has worked out perfect for you," said Randy as he wrapped his arms around my waist.

I wrapped my arms around his neck looked at him closely and said, "We've known each other for only a week and already you're my best bud. I could not have done it without you."

He smiled at me, then with a serious look he said, "I'll always be here for you. Don't you forget it."

We kissed long and slow, intermingling our tongues. In the meantime, I felt Randy's cock getting hard against mine as our stomachs were pressed against each other.

"You know what I want right now?" I asked Randy.


"I want you to fuck me. I want that black love tool of yours up my ass to shoot a load in me," I replied as I raised my legs up over his. I then raised myself up so that his hard cock was now touching my asshole.

"You've got it, baby!" he said with a smile.

I felt his cockhead begin to penetrate my hole as I took a good huff of my poppers. I then slid down over the whole length. We kept our arms around each other, staring at each other as I rode up and down his beautiful black rod. I didn't deserve a friend like him -- his black ass or his cock -- but we were now the best of friends.

I heard the guys walking by making some comments, but they were all good. It was obvious they liked what they saw. Of course, I didn't give a fuck. I was intent on getting fucked by Randy. His cock up my ass felt fantastic. I could fuck like this all night! We continued kissing -- long, deep and slow. And I was getting fucked the same way. I took a long, slow and deep ride up and down his cock.

Then I heard some motion behind me. I felt hands on my waist which then slid down and cupped my asscheeks. I felt a finger feel my sphincter which was engorged with Randy's cock. I felt it work my hole and then slide in. Then I felt another finger work it's way in and then another. Three fingers were now working my prostate along with Randy's cock.

This was feeling good! I took another couple of huffs of my poppers expecting another finger or two to enter. But it wasn't to be. The man who was finger fucking me pulled out and then pressed himself against my back. I felt the head of his cock against my asshole right next to Randy's cock.

I now knew what was going to happen. I was going to be double fucked! I've never had this happen before. I was excited because I always wanted to try it. I took a couple more huffs and then pushed my ass back a little, giving him the invitation to slide his cock in.

I couldn't believe how easy it was. As the second cock slid in, the man behind me reached his arms past me, grabbing Randy's waist and pulled all three of us together in one tight bond. As the stranger was pressed against me, he began kissing the nape of my neck and sucking on my earlobes. This just about sent me over the edge.

Picture this -- two cocks up my ass, rubbing against each other, about to shoot their loads. My cock is rubbing against Randy's stomach as I'm pressed against him. Randy and I are still kissing as the stranger behind me is making love to my neck, shoulders and ears.

We were definitely drawing a crowd of guys. We were hearing comments like, "Aw fuck! Look at that!" "Wow! Double fucking!" "Man! I wish I could get fucked like that!" And by the grunting I heard, I knew they were jacking their cocks furiously.

Talk about perfect timing -- Randy, the stranger and I could hold back no longer. We all let out yells and shot our loads. I creamed all over Randy's chest and stomach. Randy and the stranger shot their loads in me. The ecstasy seemed to go on forever.

When it all subsided, all we could say was, "Aw fuck! Awesome!" Randy and the stranger pulled out of my ass and I pulled away from Randy. We were all panting and sweating after what had happened.

I heard a guy behind me ask, "Since your hole is open, can some of us take turns fucking you?"

I just laid down on the bench panting and said, "What the fuck. Go ahead -- just a few of you guys."

I laid down on the bench, then put my legs up in the air. Randy immediately straddled over my face facing the guys. He grabbed hold of my legs and lowered his ass over my face. I parted his cheeks as it lowered and began eating out his ass.

Randy kept my legs up as the guys took their turns fucking me. Since Randy was sitting on my face and holding up my legs, I was pretty much in a helpless position because I know that there had to be at least ten guys who fucked me. Oh well, as I said before, "You can't rape the willing!"

When Randy finally got off me and I stood up (shaking a little), I mentioned that we better take a shower. We were going to my trailer to get towels, but decided to shower and then just walk back wet.

We entered back into the barn, walked by the large hot tub which had several guys relaxing, turned left and went below the loft to the shower. Going by the shower, we had to pass by the sling room. There was a group of guys crowded in there, so I worked my way in to see what was going on.

There, to my amazement, was Tim in the sling getting fucked. By the looks of it, all the guys in the room were jacking their cocks, waiting their turn to fuck him. While waiting, they were also taking their turns fucking his mouth.

I couldn't help but say, "Wow!" out loud. Tim slipped his mouth off a cock, turned to me and while smiling, gave me a thumbs up.

"What the fuck, guy!" I said in amazement, "I thought you didn't know what to do. It sure looks like to me you have no problems!"

"Yeah," Tim laughed as he continued to get fucked, "I learn quickly. After Randy gave me such a great fuck job, I just couldn't get enough."

"Well, are you getting enough now?"

"Don't know. I'm not done yet!"

I just shook my head as I walked out. Randy and I headed for the showers. There was only one guy there as we stepped up to a showerhead. Randy and I got wet together and then I took the soap and worked on Randy. Using my hands I lathered all over Randy's body, taking special care to soap up his ass crack, cock and balls. Randy did the same for me.

When we finished soaping each other up, we hugged, rubbing our wet, soapy bodies together. We kissed long, slow and deep. As we were kissing, the other guy in the shower stood next to us. With each hand, he felt Randy's and I's asses at the same time. We didn't mind it. It seemed to add to the mood. We continued, ignoring the guy, but letting him continue to feel us. He then inserted a finger in our assholes and I heard Randy moan as we kissed. He liked it.

As the guy continued to finger our asses, I felt his cock rise up and get hard between us. Randy and I pulled away from each other and we both looked at the guy. He looked at us and smiled and we smiled in return. Without a word, all three of us began kissing each other and tonguing all at the same time.

Then I spoke: "How about we go to my trailer and be more comfortable?"

"Great idea!" the guy said.

"Fine with me," said Randy.

Without toweling off, dripping wet, we proceeded from the showers toward the exit. Passing the sling room, the guy stopped and looked at the action. Randy and I stopped to wait for him. As a result, he became intensely interested in what was going on.

Eagerly, he turned to us and asked, "I'd like to stay here and be part of the action. Mind if I catch you guys at another time?"

It was fine with us and we proceeded to my trailer. As we were walking back in the dark, it seemed as if there was just as much action going on outside as there was inside the barn at the party. Passing the trailers, once in a while we would hear commotion going on as if the sex was getting pretty intense. Some trailers had their doors open which indicated an open invitation for anyone to enter. But Randy and I headed back to the trailer.

Once inside the trailer, we got towels and dried off what water was left on us and decided to go to bed. It was going to be a big day for me tomorrow -- even though it was Saturday, it will be the first day of me running the campground.

"Leave the door open?" I asked Randy.

"Sure! Why not," he replied. "I wouldn't mind a visitor or two during the night."

With that, I crawled into bed with Randy, snuggled up against him in a spoon position, wrapped my arms around him, and proceeded to go to sleep. I smiled to myself. It was a great day. I have a great friend and I've got a great job. How could it get any better?

I don't know how long I was asleep, but when I stirred, I found myself sleeping on my left side away from Randy on the edge of the bed. I felt some movement in the bed and heard some soft sounds. I realized then that Randy and I were not alone. It was pitch black and I though I could not see anything, I knew that sex was happening. I was in the mood and wanted to get in on the action.

I turned toward them and murmured, "Mind if I join you guys?"

Randy replied, "We tried to stay quiet because we thought you were asleep."

"I was," I said, "But I'm a light sleeper and you guys woke me which I'm glad you did."

"The more, the merrier," said the stranger in the dark, "You're going to have to feel your way around here unless you want to turn a light on."

"Not really," I replied, "I like it this way. I like this anonymous sex -- I can't see who I'm having sex with and as a result, tomorrow I won't recognize you in the crowd."

As I reached over to figure out what's what where, Randy spoke up, "Just for your information, I'm on the bottom."

I felt the stranger's ass as I could tell was sticking up in the air. I moved around behind him and began some ass munching. I was hungry to stick my tongue in an asshole -- to lick an asscrack -- to kiss some ass cheeks. This was it. This was what I wanted.

As I was working on mouthing ass, I felt Randy's legs raised in the air and knew the stranger was going to fuck him. I felt under between the stranger's legs and took hold of his hard throbbing cock. With my other hand I felt for Randy's asshole. When I found it, I guided the cock right to its target. All the while I kept my face in the stranger's ass.

The cock slipped into Randy's ass easily and began doing its work like an engine piston. "Awe fuck!" the stranger gasped, "This feels so great!"

"Fuck yeah!" Randy grunted in reply.

I didn't respond. My mouth was too full of ass. When I got his ass wet enough with my spit and slobber, I stood up in the bed over the stranger's ass and slid my cock in. His sphincter gripped it tight as I slid it in deep which got my balls churning. Amazingly, he kept it tight as I began fucking him with a fury.

Shortly, we both shot our loads, mine in the stranger's ass and the stranger's in Randy's. We then fell in an exhausted heap. When we got our wind and both pulled out I crawled off the bed and turned the light on. Randy told the stranger to lay on his stomach on the bed. When he did Randy stepped over the stranger, squatted and dumped the cumload in his ass onto the small of the stranger's back. I knew what was going to happen next. I've seen it before.

Randy then instructed the stranger to sit on his face so he could eat my cumload out of the stranger's ass. As he did, the cumload on his back flowed down between his asscheeks, mixing with my load. And it all flowed into Randy's open mouth. What a fucking hot scene!

When the stranger was finished feeding the loads into Randy's mouth, he calmly crawled off the bed, thanked us for a great time and walked out. I then shut the light off and crawled back into bed with Randy. We pressed up against each other and kissed. I could smell the cumloads he took in his mouth and even tasted some that were still mingled in it mouth.

I sighed contentedly, "Good night, my friend."

"Good night, buddy," Randy replied.