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It has now been eleven days since I first came to this campground. And so much has happened! I lost my job, now I'm part owner and I run this place. I've got a lot of plans for this place to make it the best gay nude campground in the country -- maybe the world!

Today is the first weekday of my job and I was in my new office (naked of course) earnestly going over the financials as well as the duty rosters and statistics for the past several years. I was determined to make my investment work and make this place a success.

It was 9am and Chad was working at the registration desk only in his jockstrap -- as usual. This was a Monday morning and business was a little slow. So he was cleaning up the place. I like things nice and orderly. Then he stepped into my office.

"Hey boss, there's someone out here to see you. He's not a camper. He says he's here on business."

I stepped out of my office and standing there was David of "David's Construction." I met him the previous week to talk about his construction crew building some Katrina cottages on the new property we were purchasing. These would be purchased or rented for our more serious campers. I also remember the "rendevous" we had in his office.

Of course, he was dressed and when I walked around the counter to shake hands with him, he gawked at my nakedness.

"What's up? Something wrong?" I asked bemused. I knew what the problem was. He was not used to a place like a nude campground.

"Sorry, Bob," he said awkwardly, "I'm shy and not use to doing business with a place like this. I feel on the spot here. But I'll deal with it because I want your business."

"Hey, that's the way it is," I replied, "because we have got quite a project for your firm. Do good by us and we'll do good by you."

"I understand," said David, "because business is running slow right now with this recession going on. I really need the business."

"Well, then, let me show you what we've got in mind," I said as I escorted him out the door. He walked with me through the campground to the back to the large parcel of land the neighboring farmer just sold us.

As we were walking, it was obvious that there were nude guys all around performing different sex acts at different locations. David couldn't help but gawk at everything he saw. I acted impervious to his look of astonishment.

Finally, I said, "Hey David, are you awkward with all this?"

"Yea, I am, kind of. I'm just not use to it and I'm really unsure about my crew being able to do this. I don't know which way my guys swing, if you know what I mean. Also, I feel weird, me being the only one dressed here."

"Well, you know what you can do about that," I replied.

"Yeah, I know," he said nervously, "Well, I guess I'll go ahead and strip. But turn around. Don't watch me."

I laughed, "What in the hell difference does that make? You're going to be naked. At least here, you're not going to stand out in a crowd."

He agreed and then took his clothes off while I watched. I have to admit, watching him strip was getting me turned on. From a distance, I noticed a few guys watching him as well. When he turned around to face me, I saw his cock sticking out half hard. I smiled at him.

"Great looking cock you got there," I said, "And by the way the guys are watching you, I believe they would agree with me."

Startled, David looked around and saw the men watching him. He immediately covered his groin with his hands. I laughed again.

"Good grief, guy! We are all the same here. We've had some great sex together in your office last week. Have you forgotten, already? Don't you think you'll get some great sex with the guys here, too? This is no place to be inhibited! Anything goes here. Remember that!"

I explained in detail the plans of the cottages, showing him the layout of the land and informing him the land architect we will be hiring to plan the layout of the cottages. "But for now," I informed him, "I want you to immediately build me a manager's cottage close to the registration building and a cottage for my maintenance man. I'll show you the locations.

We walked back through the campground back to the entrance. David was carrying his clothes in his arms and watching closely all the sex activity that was going on as we walked by.

When we got close to my trailer, I told him to wait outside. I had to step in and get something. I would be right out. I stepped in my trailer and got my necklace holding my bottle of poppers. I quickly checked myself in the mirror and did a quick gargle of mouthwash.

When I stepped out, I was certainly surprised. There kneeling before David was a camper sucking his cock. David looked at me and gave a sheepish grin, "It all happened so fast. I was just standing here minding my own business when all of a sudden he approached me. He didn't say a word, but just started blowing me."

"That's the way it is here," I said matter-of-factly, "This is a place without inhibitions. Because if you have inhibitions, you lose out on a lot of great sex. Just enjoy yourself -- I'll wait. No, in fact, I think I'll join in. I like the way your ass looks."

I then got on my knees behind David, parted his asscheeks, and began giving him a rim job.

"Oh my God," he gasped, "I've never had it done like this before. This is so fucking great!

"Better yet," I said, "Get on this picnic table."

David hopped up on one end and I pushed him down so that he was lying on his back with his legs dangling over the end. I raised up his legs in the air, squatted down, and resumed eating out his ass. The guy who was sucking his cock, hopped on the table and was on all fours over David, sucking his cock. This left David lying there with a cock dangling over his face. So he reached up and pulled the cocksucker down a little so that they could do a 69.

Of course, with this going on, it drew a crowd. Guys gathered around us stroking their cocks as well as reaching out and feeling us. I didn't know how many guys gathered around us, but I figured there was enough to make a good orgy. So I stood up to make an announcement.

"Guys, this man here lying on this table runs a construction firm. We have contracted with him to build us cottages on this campground so that we can draw more campers and have bigger crowds. I think that we should make him feel really welcome in that he would do the best job he can for us. Are you guys willing to help me out?"

They were not afraid to speak up or speak out. As they did, they immediately got closer to David to begin their fun on him. I immediately stopped them for a minute. "Just a minute, guys," I said, "This man's name is David and he has never been involved in a campground like this or groups for sex like this. Then I laughed, "Be easy on him. This is his first time."

As the guys gathered around him, I was got crowded out. I couldn't get to David. In fact, I couldn't see him with all the guys blocking the view. So I just shrugged my shoulders and headed back to the office. I figured when David was done with his fun, he'll find me.

I decided to look for our new maintenance/grounds man, my good friend Randy. I found him on the far side of the barn. He was repairing some boards on the wall and he was dressed, not nude.

"Hey Randy, my man!" I called out, "How are ya doin'?" I went up to him, gave him a hug and groped his ass at the same time. We kissed long and deep, our tongues intertwining. I looked at him straight in the eyes and said gently, "I missed you. Where have you been keeping yourself?"

"I've been getting a lot of stuff done around here." he reported, "I want you to be pleased with my work here so that you can keep me on."

"Well, you have proven yourself well so far," I said as I began unbuckling his belt, unzipping his jeans and pulling them down, "You need to take a break."

Randy smiled, "I was hoping you would say that. I've missed you, too."

As Randy's beautiful black cock sprung free from its confines, I quickly engulfed it with my mouth. Sucking black cock is one of my favorite hobbies which includes drinking the cum from it. Randy moaned as he placed his hands on my head for control and began fucking my mouth.

It was obvious that not all the campers were orgying with David at my campsite. For two guys appeared and stood there watching us, jacking their cocks. Randy looked at them and smiled, "You like what you see? Like seeing a white guy on his knees sucking a black guy's cock?"

"Fuck yeah!" they responded as they stepped closer to watch.

Randy continued, "What is really fucktastic is that this white guy on his knees sucking my cock is my boss. Isn't that something -- my boss on his knees giving me a blowjob."

Randy had never talked like that with me before. And you know -- that talk was getting me more hot at sucking his cock. In other words, I was his boy -- satisfying his desires. The guys watching were agreeing with Randy. One said, "I wish my boss would get on his knees and suck my cock."

"What else would be great would be if one of you guys ate out my ass and the other fuck my boss while he blows me."

"We can do that," one of them said excitedly. One guy quickly stepped behind me and began fingering my asshole.

I took my mouth off Randy's cock long enough to speak to the guy behind me, "You don't need to finger my hole. It's always ready for cock. Go ahead -- slide it in -- fuck me." Then I resumed sucking Randy's cock.

He did just that. I felt the cock head slide in and the rest of his hard cock followed. It slid all the way in until I felt his ball sack bang against my scrotum. It felt good being fucked from both ends!

I knew the other guy was rimming out Randy's ass because I heard him moan as Randy gasped, "His tongue up my ass feels so good!"

I slid my mouth off Randy's cock to get a couple of good huffs on my poppers and then handed it to Randy. I heard Randy huff a couple and then hand it to the guy fucking me. I don't know if the rimmer got any or not, because we all began to get sexually intense. My mouth and ass were both getting fucked harder and faster.

As Randy let out a yell and filled my mouth with his chocolate milk, the fucker behind me shoved his cock in me one more time. I felt it throb as it shot its load inside me. The rimmer behind Randy quickly got up and came over to my ass. As the fucker pulled his spent cock out of me, the rimmer pushed his face in and sucked the cumload out.

We all fell on the grass exhausted except for the rimmer. He crawled over me and smiled. I knew what was up. With Randy's load unswallowed, I opened my mouth. The rimmer saw the load, parted his lips a little and let my cumload ooze out of his mouth into mine -- mixing with Randy's seed.

I was greedy -- I swallowed it all. Delicious!

When we all got our wind, we stood up. I smiled at Randy and patted him on the ass. He smiled back, pulled up his pants, zipped them up and returned to work. The other two guys just walked away with their arms around each other's waists.

I casually strolled into the barn just to check things out -- me bein' the manager, part owner and all. In the hot tub were Kevin and Travis. Kevin's wheelchair was sitting nearby. Travis' arm was draped around Kevin's shoulder and they were just casually talking.

I strolled up to them, leaned on the edge of the tub and said, "Can I join you? I need a little break."

"Sure!" Kevin replied. "We're taking a break, too?"

"You are -- from what?" I asked as I crawled in.

Travis laughed, "What do you think?"

I sat next to Kevin making him sitting between Travis and I. We made small talk as Travis toyed with my ear and neck -- as his arm was still draped over Kevin's shoulders. Kevin had reach over in the warm water and was stroking my cock and I was doing the same to him.

Finally, I had to say it, so I said it bluntly, "Kevin, I want to fuck you. Can I?"

"I was hoping you would ask," Kevin replied, "I told Travis when we left your office that I wanted your cock up my ass."

"Well, then, my quad friend, how do we do it?"

"We'll show you," said Travis as he got up and reach around Kevin's chest, locked his hands and then pulled him. Travis then sat back down which put Kevin on his lap.

"Lift my legs up," said Kevin, "then slide that cock of yours in."

It sounded easy enough. I lifted up Kevin's legs and draped them over my shoulders. I leaned forward and the head of my cock found his hole. I massaged his sphincter muscle with my cock head when Kevin spoke up, "Hey man, don't toy with me. Shove that fucker in."

OK. So I did. I gave it a shove clear up to the base. Kevin gasped with delight. I enjoyed looking at his smiling face while I was fucking him. I enjoy it so much more when others are enjoying sex with me.

As I was giving Kevin a good fuck, I heard, "Hey Bob!"

I looked up and there was David standing next to the hot tub. He had his clothes in his arms and it was obvious there was cum on his face. "Where's the shower?" he asked, "That group of guys worked me up to a sweat and I've got cum all over me."

Still fucking Kevin, I answered, "Stand up behind Travis here. I want some of that cum.

David got behind Travis and leaned over his shoulder as I leaned over Kevin's so I could access the cum on his face. Still giving Kevin a good fuck, I licked all over David's face, tasting the various cumloads that were on him. David then wiped up the cum splattered on his chest and stomach and smeared it all over my face.

I then leaned toward Travis and kissed him. He licked up some of the cumloads on my face. I leaned down to Kevin and also kissed him and I let him lick my face clean of the remaining loads -- all the while, still fucking him.

I then rose up and told David that the showers were under the left loft here in the barn. They were past the sling room. He thanked me, walked away, and I resumed my fucking.

I stopped momentarily to get a huff of my poppers. I then started to pick up the pace of fucking Kevin and when I reached the "pinnacle of success", I let out a yell and shot copious loads up Kevin's ass.

I couldn't help but fall exhausted on top of Kevin who was still on top of Travis. "Help!" cried out Travis, "You're squashing me!"

We all laughed as I crawled off and we all sat on the bench in the hot tub. We sat there momentarily, not speaking, getting our breaths. Then I said, "If I don't get back to work, I'm going to lose my job here!"