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Once I got myself together, I quickly went to the shower to let David know that I would meet him in the office. Wouldn't you know he was on his knees sucking a camper's dick. Shy my foot! That guy was no more inhibited than I was. Maybe his being coy is just his way of having fun!

I called out to him. Still holding the guy's hard cock, David turned and looked at me. "When you're all done and dressed, come to my office and we'll get things wrapped up to get this project going."

"As soon as I get fed by this guy, I'll be right there," he replied. He then resumed sucking the guy's cock.

I passed Brad at the registration desk going to my office. "How's business?" I asked.

"Slow as usual for a Monday," he replied, "but it gives me time to get caught up on my work."

"I've got to have your discipline," I said, "I'm spending too much time fucking around -- literally. There's so much to do here to improve this place and I've got a lot of ideas."

"I understand, but it's so much fun sucking and fucking around here. That's why I love my job!" said Brad, "There are times that my cock is a perpetual hardon -- like now!" Then he pulled down his jockstrap to show me his hard cock.

I'm such a sexaholic! I just can't resist cock and ass. I immediately got on my knees in front of him, quickly wrapped my lips around his cockhead and quickly sucked it down to the base. "Man!" Brad moaned, "Not every guy is lucky to be sucked by his boss! Bob, I love you being my boss. You are one great cocksucker." He then grabbed my head with his hands, "It sure feels great fucking your mouth like this."

As he had grabbed my head, I grabbed his ass at the same time with my hands and pulled his groin further into my face so I could suck deeper on that great cock of his. That guy's cock really tickled my tonsils!

As I was intent on giving him a blowjob, David walked in. "Yo!" he said, "Am I interrupting anything?"

"No, not really," said Brad, "If you're joining us, your not interrupting. How about it?" Nodding toward me, he said, "I see an ass that needs to be filled."

David came up behind me, undid his slacks, dropped them to his ankles, then kneeled down and began licking and slobbering up and down my asscrack. It felt so good! Then I felt his cockhead at the entrance to my asshole. It slid in easily. In fact, his whole cock slid in easily because my ass has been fucked so much. It has been fucked so much that whenever it senses a cock nearby, it naturally dilates. That's the way nature works in me.

So there we were, me getting fucked in the mouth and ass when two guys walked in to get registered for camping. "Oh fuck!" one of them exclaimed in astonishment. Brad pulled his cock out of my mouth as all three of us looked at them and smiled.

"Uh, well," I stammered as I stood up, "We need to get back to work. David, you come with me. Brad, take care of the customers."

As David and I entered my office, I glanced back to Brad. He was standing behind the counter stroking his cock as he was talking to the campers. I knew what was going to happen next. I told David to wait in my office. I walked over to Brad and whispered in his ear, "I know what you want. Just remember -- you can play around all you want just as long as you get your work done. I know you need to be a good host and to make the campers feel comfortable (if you know what I mean), but keep a balance between work and play. Got it?"

"I got it boss," he replied then continued with a smirk, "by the way, enjoy your meeting with David."

"Don't be a smartass," I laughed then walked into my office and closed the door behind me.

"What was that all about?" asked David as he was putting his clothes back on.

"I was just reminding Brad not to forget his duties -- which aren't all sex. He's been working here a while and does a great job. I just don't want him to fuck up."

David and I got down to business as we planned the location of the manager's cottage as well as the maintenance. I just wasn't sure where to put the maintenance cottage and told him I would give my decision in the next day or two. David informed me that a crew will be coming in tomorrow to get the ground dug and the foundation laid.

"Do the guys coming tomorrow know what this place is?" I asked uneasily. I didn't want to stir up trouble.

David replied, "I told them what this place was. There are four guys coming and they informed me it would be no problem. They stated that the way the economy is and with all the job layoffs, they could use the work. They said they wouldn't cause any trouble. If there is any, you are to notify me and they will be fired and replaced."

I felt a little better, but still unsure of what would happen tomorrow. I guess I'll just have to take my chances.

"Is there anything else before I leave and head back to my office?" asked David.

"Yes," I said as I bent over my desk, sticking my ass out to him, "You can finish fucking me."

David chuckled as he undid his belt and slacks and slid them down to his ankles. I felt once more the head of his cock touch my twitching asshole and then slide in. Once it was in all the way to the base of his cock, he bent over me and nibbled on my ear and the nape of my neck. That sent goosebumps all over me. I told him to reach in my desk drawer and get my poppers which he did. I heard him unscrew the cap and take several huffs. He then reached around me and held it against each nostril as I took my huffs as well.

The euphoria began to take over as he began to fuck me harder and faster. I rode in rhythm with his cock as he pumped faster and faster.

I was in ecstasy! My ass never feels better than when it's being fucked. He grabbed hold of my hips and fucked me even harder.

When it felt like I just couldn't take any more, David exploded inside me. I felt his cum shoot against the insides of my bowels and then slide down and begin to work its way out through my asshole. We both collapsed on my desk with David's throbbing cock still inside me.

When we got our wits about us, David stood up and pulled his pants back on. I, being naked, just stood up and sighed. David gave me that knowing smile and told me he would see me in a few days after the foundation is set. He reminded me to call him this evening regarding where to build Randy's (maintenance man) Katrina cottage. I assured him I would.

As we walked out of my office and through the registration lobby, Brad was still fucking around with the new campers. They were all on the floor. Brad was on his back with his legs in the air getting fucked by one camper and with a mouth full of cock was getting orally fucked by the other. At the same time, he was furiously jacking his own cock.

Being my smug self at the moment, I told the group, "Here, let me help you a little bit with this. You'll have more fun." I then opened my bottle of poppers and shared it with each one. As each took a couple of huffs, some of the aroma permeated the air and I got some of it as well.

As a result, I walked out of the building with David with my cock sticking straight up in the air. I escorted David to his truck and waved as he drove off. Then I decided to look for Randy and find out where he wanted his cottage built before I forget. I didn't know where to find him.

I walked all over the campground searching for him. While doing this, several guys made passes at me since my cock was standing at attention. Several stroked it and one dropped on his knees n front of me and gave it a few sucks. Boy! I sure love a friendly campground!

I finally found him in a grove of trees with a weedtrimmer, trimming around the trees and posts. I called out to him and he turned around, looked at me and smiled. He was dressed in a light blue jumpsuit. I asked him why he was wearing it and he replied that he didn't want to get all the grass clippings all over him.

In return, he asked me why I had a hard cock. I told him about getting fucked by David, the orgy in the registration building and me sharing my poppers with them.

"You could really help me in getting this thing down," I said as I flagged my hard cock in front of him.

"Glad to oblige," he simply said and got on his knees in front of me and slid his beautiful black lips over my hard shaft. He sure knew how to suck cock! I sighed contentedly as he grabbed my hips and pulled me closer to his face. As a result all of my cock slid into the oral vacuum he created with his sucking. Also, this drew the attention of a few guys. It seems there always seems to be a crowd. But hey, that's what the campground is for. And I always love a crowd. I'm the manager now and I need to keep my campers happy and contented. And I'm always willing to oblige.

A group watching me always gets me excited and of course, to build the excitement, I opened my poppers and took several huffs. I reached down and while Randy continued to suck my cock, I stuck the bottle under each nostril while he inhaled. He moaned with delight. I felt generous and handed out the bottle to any in the group who wanted some. They eagerly took it and began inhaling the toxicating aroma.

I quickly came with copious amounts which Randy eagerly swallowed. This was because with the last several sexual encounters today, I never came. Then I stepped back and let the guys line up in front of Randy. "I hope you don't mind me offering your mouth to these guys. You know, we've got to be good hosts here!" I said with a smirk.

Randy laughed, "I'm always willing to satisfy your customers." He then reached out to the closest guy to him, pulled the camper towards him and quickly engulfed his cock.

I smiled to myself and began to walk back to my office when I realized; I came to get Randy's opinion for his Katrina cottage -- where to build it. So I walked back and calmly sat under a tree to wait until Randy was done sucking off the guys. It sure looked like Randy was enjoying himself. He was still on his knees sucking cock and at the same time stroking himself.

I didn't know how long this was going to take. There were six white guys with hard cocks standing around a black cocksucker on his knees. I knew that Randy was determined to satisfy them all. It just took patience on my part. So I sat, watched and waited. The first guy was a yeller. He grabbed the back of Randy's head and yanked it against his crotch, obviously shoving his cock all the way down Randy's throat. Randy gagged, but he must have liked it because he grabbed onto the guy's asscheeks for leverage.

No sooner than when the guy was done shooting his load into Randy's mouth when Randy spit out the guy's cock and immediately grabbed another guy, pulled him to him and engulfed his mouth around the next cock. He continued sucking furiously until the guy shot his load and then Randy did the same with the next guy and the next until all six guys had shot their loads down his throat. I was amazed!

When the men staggered away, I stood up and walked towards Randy. Randy saw me, stood up, wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and smiled. "What an awesome suck job you did on those guys!" I said with amazement.

"Well," said Randy, "those guys brought back memories of when I was younger and a group of white guys tried to rape my mouth. The thing was, I immediately liked it, but I didn't let the guys know I did. It turned out they got their satisfaction and I got mine. It's like what you've said before, `You can never rape the willing.'" He then laughed.

"I almost forgot what I came to talk to you about, and then we got all this sex going. Then I had to wait until you were done. But I didn't mind. It was great watching you."

"What was it you wanted to ask?"

"Guys are coming tomorrow to dig and lay the foundation for my Katrina cottage and yours and I don't know where to tell them to put yours. Where do you want it?"

"Good question," replied Randy. "I know I want it close to the maintenance building. That's my home area of work. Let's go look the area over and talk about it."

As we were walking towards the maintenance building, I inquired of Randy about him wearing the light blue jumpsuit as he worked. He told me to look at his back which I did. He had written on the back of the jumpsuit neatly in permanent wide marker, "Can't do sex while I'm working -- so don't ask."

"Good idea," I said.

"Well, there's work to be done and I'm showing you that there's a time for play and a time for work. And there is plenty of work to be done around here. As you just saw, it's hard for me to resists good man-to-man sex. So this way, I put in a good day's work, and then I have time to play."

"You are a good man, Randy," I said. "I'm so glad that I hired you on. I don't have to worry about checking up on you to make sure you are doing your work. I'll order extra suits for you to work in."

"No need," replied Randy, "There are about a dozen I found hanging in the closet. And they fit me perfect."

"The problem is," I said as I reached around and groped his ass, "you look so damn sexy in it. I like the way it fits kind of snug around your butt and you show a good mound up front, too."

"That's no problem," laughed Randy. "That's why I said they fit me perfect. The guys can look me over, but have to leave me alone. But I know they will remember me when I'm done working. There is an ulterior motive to all this!"

I laughed as we sauntered to the maintenance building. Randy found some wood stakes and a hammer and we decided on a location for his cottage. When we decided where, he bent over and began pounding the stakes in. His ass was sticking up in the air and I noticed some of the guys walking by looking at him.

"May I make a suggestion?" I asked Randy.

"Sure, what?"

"Whenever you bend over, be aware of where you are turning your back. You never know what may happen." Randy looked at me and I jerked my head towards the guys watching. Randy looked at them and laughed. Still bending over, he reached back and massaged his ass in front of them. The guys laughed. Randy then stood up, with his legs apart, faced them. With both hands, grabbed his crotch and looked at them.

Speaking out to them he said, "Hey guys, catch me naked and all this is yours." He then tuned back to me, "A little advertising never hurts!"

I laughed, "Get back to work!" and headed back to my office.