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I got back to my office with the determination of no more sex. I had to get my work done. So I strolled through the registration office in time to see Brad fucking the brains out of a guy who just checked in for the week. All I said walking by was, "Happy fucking!"

I closed my office door behind me, sat down, and got to work. I kept my mind focused and in gear. I studied the financials, set goals, reviewed job descriptions as well as staff capabilities. I was so intent on my work that it was 7pm before I really stopped and looked at the clock. I let out a loud sigh and thought to myself, "Now THAT'S a good day's work!!"

When I stepped out of my office, Brad had things cleaned up and gone for the evening. I smiled to myself at the fact that Brad does his job and gives a lot of customer satisfaction as well. I want my staff dedicated, yet satisfied. That is my responsibility.

I walked out the door and headed towards my trailer. It was starting to get dusk and as I was walking, I noticed a few campfires had been started. When I got to the trailer, I expected to see Randy there, I don't know why, but I figured he would be done working for the day. Since he wasn't there, I fixed myself a salad, sandwich and something to drink. I sat down in my little booth to eat and as I did, I looked out the window.

Guys were roaming around -- some with limp cocks dangling, some with hardons that flipped back and forth as they walked. Watching all of them roaming around naked got me excited (as usual), so I quickly finished my meal and headed out the door. First thing I wanted to do was to find Randy. He could be anywhere on the campground.

When I was walking to my trailer, I realized he wasn't in this section. So I walked over to the primitive area. By now it was dark and there was one campfire in the center of the cluster of tents. Being Monday, there were not a lot of campers -- maybe only about a dozen tents. Some guys were seated in their lawn chairs around the campfire while others were mingling around. One guy was on his knees in front of one of the seated guys and sucking his cock. The seated guy had his legs draped over the arms of his chair and his head with eyes closed was leaning back. It was obvious he was enjoying getting the blowjob for he was moaning.

I looked around the campfire light for Randy. I should have known. There he was on the other side of the campfire on his hands and knees as three guys were standing around him stroking their cocks. The fourth guy was behind Randy fucking him in the ass.

I walked around the fire to the group. "Surprise finding you here," I said with a small laugh.

Randy looked up at me and grinned, "Why are you surprised? You know I like to get fucked and getting gangbanged is one of my favorites."

I sat down on the grass in front of him, scooted up to him. I spoke gently, "I missed you for supper -- my cock missed you, too." Then I spread my legs and aimed my hard cock for his face. Without a word, he opened his mouth wide and engulfed my cock quickly to the base. He slowly slid his lips back up to the crown, tickling the base of my cock with his tongue at the same time.

I stuck both my legs straight up in the air and then slowly wrapped them around Randy's neck. With my legs, I pulled Randy's head down toward my crotch, making him deep throat me. I let him slide back up, then pulled him down again. I kept at this for I knew that I would be drawing an interested crowd.

Sure enough, I was right. The guys that were sitting around the campfire stood up and came around to our side and stood there stroking their cocks -- like the other guys who were taking turns fucking Randy' ass. I knew that very soon a good time will be had by all! As I was lying there, I motioned to a guy standing close to me and said, "Hey guy! Get over here and sit on my face. I'm hungry to eat out some ass!"

Obediently, he came over, squatted over my face and then gradually lowered himself until his asscheeks were touching my face cheeks. I reached up and pulled him down further as his asshole planted itself right on my mouth and tongue. Then I got to work on his butt. With my mouth and tongue, I did everything I could think of on that ass that was planted on my face.

The other guys in the area gathered around to watch me. As I've said several times before, "I love being watched -- putting on a show." So there we were: four guys taking turns fucking Randy's ass as Randy was on his knees sucking my cock as I was eating out a guy's ass. Oh, I hope the fun times never end!

One of the guys standing by me was jacking his cock and was about ready to shoot his load, so he told the guy sitting on my face to stick his ass in the air for a minute. As he did so, the jacker slid his cock in, let out a loud moan and I could tell that a load was deposited in him. When he was done, the guy sat back down on my face. As I continued to tongue fuck his asshole, I could tell that the cumload was oozing out. I opened my mouth to receive it as I continued to massage the man's asshole with my tongue. I swallowed it all hungrily.

Just as I was swallowing the load, the guy ramming his cock in Randy's ass let out a yell -- that meant he was shooting hard a big load. Just as he was finished and pull out, the next guy stepped up and pushed his cock into Randy's ass. Randy continued deepthroating me, not missing a beat as the fuckers continued to gang bang his ass. It wasn't long before the second fucker let out a yell to let us know he was shooting his load.

Again, the guy sitting on my face stood up and another load was deposited into his ass. Again he sat on my face and again, I ate the load that came out. All this continued until all the guys had either deposited their loads into Randy's ass or in the ass of the guy sitting on my face. Each time the guy I rimmed stood up and took a load, each time he sat back down on my face and I ate it out. When the guys were finished with their loads, Randy stood up wearily with a big grin on his face. I just laid there on the ground looking up at him. As we smiled at each other, I knew just what he was going to do next. He moved around, squatted over my face, but didn't sit on it. There was about six to eight inches between his asshole and my open, waiting mouth\. Just then, all cumloads that accumulated in Randy's ass came pouring out straight into my mouth. I let my mouth fill up before I swallowed.

The guys watching were amazed at what was happening. They hadn't seen so many cumloads in a mouth before -- and then all being swallowed! It took a couple of gulps, but I didn't lose a drop of that precious semen nectar.

By then, I was ready to go back to my trailer and go to bed. I have to work tomorrow, you know. Randy headed back with me with his arm around my shoulders? "You gonna sleep with me tonight or are you going back to your office?" I asked.

"Well," replied Randy, "The bed in my office is really a cot and until I get my own bed moved back in, can I stay at your place?"

"I was hoping you would," I said, "I really don't like sleeping alone."

We headed back into my trailer, closed the door and shut off the light. We crawled into bed and Randy snuggled up against my back. I felt his cock against my ass crack. As he snuggled against me, I felt it harden and with my sex drive with the switch always "on", I wanted him in me. So I pushed back with my ass and Randy's now hard cock easily slid in.

It was a great way to end a day -- having Randy fuck my ass and fill it with his luscious cumload. It didn't take long to feel the spurts of cum shoot inside my ass as Randy's arms were wrapped around me. With his cock still inside of me, I smiled to myself and then fell asleep contentedly.

When I awoke the next morning, Randy was gone -- probably back to work -- he is so dedicated to his work!! I got out of bed, fixed myself breakfast and got cleaned up. I put on clothes, remembering the excavating work crew that was coming in. I didn't know how they would handle working at a gay nudist campground.

I looked around as I stepped outside. Hardly anyone was up yet. Only a couple of guys were walking around nude. They gave me a funny look as I walked by, me being clothed. But nothing I could do about it. I had to get down to the office to meet the crew coming.

I wasn't at the office very long when I heard some rumbling. The crew had arrived with their bulldozers and other equipment. Brad hadn't yet arrived when the crew walked into the registration building. I greeted them and introduced myself. They were cordial enough and were ready to start working on the project. "Before you start, I want to remind you -- you do know that this is a gay nudist campground, don't you?" I asked.

"Don't worry," the project manager replied, "David, our boss, told us all about this place. We need work so bad, we're willing to do it -- no problem."

"Well, okay," I said hesitatingly, "I'll show you where to start the project -- we'll need yellow tape to mark off the area to keep the campers away."

We stepped outside and I took them to the area across the drive to show where they were to build the manager's Katrina cottage. They looked it over and then immediately began to work. Two of the four got out the yellow tape and began roping off the area. By this time, some of the campers were walking by to the barn and the guys at first gawked at what they saw. They stood there for a moment and then realized they had to get back to work.

I called the manager back into my office. I was concerned about the guys getting their work done, being distracted and possibly offended at being at a gay campground. When he entered, I closed the door behind him. "Do you really think the guys are going to handle this project okay?" I asked, "They look pretty nervous to me out there."

"Each one of them told me that they were straight and were okay with this," he replied, "and they need the work bad."

"Okay," I said with hesitancy, "But straight guys can fool you sometimes." I then let the manager go back to work and I began my work in the office."

After a couple of hours, I decided to take a break, go out and see how the work crew was coming along. Looking across the drive, I could tell a lot was done on the excavating, but the crew was not around. "Probably on their break," I thought and went looking for them to see if they needed anything.

Stepping into the worksite, I looked around, but still couldn't find them. I got curious. I began walking towards the yellow tape, the edge of the worksite, and looked towards the primitive camp area. There they were -- all four of them. Their backs were to me, and I could see that their slacks were pulled down with their bare asses showing.

"Straight, my ass!" I thought as I walked towards the group. When I got closer to the group, I could tell that they were gyrating back and forth as if in a fucking motion. Closer yet, I could tell that there was a camper in front of each guy on his knees sucking their cocks. Each of crew guys had a hold of the camper's head in their hands and were fucking their mouths furiously. I couldn't help but get turned on by the scene -- yet at the same time, I knew that there was work to be done and rules to set. But I decided to let them get their thrill this time and then talk to them.

"Fuck," I thought, "Since they are now use to seeing naked guys walking around, I'm going to take these clothes off and not worry about them any more." I shed my clothes, neatly folded them, and piled them under a nearby tree. My cock was hard -- sticking straight out as I walked toward the group. I folded my arms and walked around in site of the crew and stood behind the kneeling campers as they continued to suck the cocks in front of them. I smiled as they first were startled when they saw me. Then they smiled in return and continued to fuck the mouths in front of them.

If they were going to enjoy their break, I would too. I casually walked around behind them and got on my knees behind the first. As his hips were moving back and forth in his fucking, I parted his ass cheeks and keeping rhythm with him, pushed my face in his crack and licked his hole. I heard him moan as he continued to fuck along with my tonguing.

I wanted a taste of all the guys' asses before they came. So I scooted on over to the next guy, part his ass cheeks and pushed my face in. My tongue quickly found his hairy hole and I licked it until the hairs were completely wet. I heard the guy gasp, "My God, what's makin' my ass feel so good?!"

I heard the first guy I tongue fucked laugh and say, "That's the manager tonguing your ass hole, buddy. He just did a little bit on me. Don't it feel great?!"

"Fuck! It never felt so good! He can just keep goin' until I shoot my fuckin load down this camper's throat!"

I pulled my face out of his ass and said, "Not before I taste the asses of the other two guys first."

"Then get goin'," the second crew guy said, "'Cause I want your tongue up my asshole when I shoot my load in this guy's mouth."

So I crawled behind the third guy and got my face up in his ass. As I swirled my tongue into his hole, I heard him pant, "So that's what tongue fuckin' feels like! This is so fuckin' hot!!"

Not wanting to forget anyone, I got behind the fourth and parted his cheeks. I got a good look at his asshole. It winked at me several times as the guy continued to fuck the mouth in front of him. I pushed my face forward, kissed the pucker, and then worked my tongue in. Like the other three, the fourth guy gasped, "I've never had this done before! Wow! Now I really see why guys come to this place!"

I smiled to myself, I just might have some future customers here. I stood up, walked around to the front of the guys and said with authority, "Ok guys, time to get back to work. You are here to get the cottage built. Fuck around on your own time!"

"Please let us shoot our loads first. We just gotta let go!," pleaded one of them.

"Ok, but you campers don't swallow the loads," I instructed them, "I want the loads myself -- they owe it to me." I then laid down on the grass behind the campers, waiting for them to finish the crew and then deposit the loads in my mouth.

It wasn't long before I heard one guy let out a yell. He shoved his cock all the way into the camper's mouth and then pulled back to just the crown of his head. I knew the load was shootin in. When he was done, the camper turned to me. I laid back, opened my mouth and received the semen load of the first crew guy.

The crew watched this happen and it got them more intense as they continued fucking mouths. The second let out a loud moan as the camper pulled back with his mouth open. I watched as the cum shot into the air and made a perfect landing into his mouth. When done, the dutiful camper turned to me. I laid back again, opened my mouth and received the second load. I swallowed both loads and then licked my lips with a smile. The crew guys stood there in amazement as they watched. The last two guys continued their fucking.

Talk about syncronization -- they both shot into their campers' mouths at the same time. At the same time, both campers turned to me and one let his load slide into my mouth and the second came right after. I swallowed the loads with one loud gulp. The crew just stood there looking at me.

"Time to get back to work!" I said matter-of-factly as I stood up. I acted as though all of this sex was typical and common. Really, at the campground, it was!

Again, the guys in amazement, just shook their heads, pulled up their slacks, zipped up and headed back to work. I call the manager back to me, "We need to set up some ground rules around here. I'm running a business here and we need to come to some understandings."

"Sorry about that," the manager said, "Things sort of just happened."

"That's how it always goes at this campground," I replied, "But you guys are here to work -- and work only. But I'll tell you what -- you guys work hard during the hours you are suppose to work, I'll let you play during the 15 minute breaks -- 15 minutes only! -- as well as the half hour lunch. After hours you can play all you want here -- but you have to give me a full day's work. OK?"

"That's great! I'll let the guys know," said the manager as he began to walk off.

"I thought the guys were straight!" I called out to him.

He turned back to me with a smile, "I thought so too! Funny, isn't it?" He laughed as he walked on.