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I decided to check on the crew to see if they were still working. I looked out the window and there they were -- hard at work -- serious on the job. I was pleased. As my father taught me: "treat them good and fair and they'll do anything for ya." As I stood at the window watching them I came up with an idea.


Brad stepped into my office, "What was that all about?"

"Stick around and you'll find out, I smiled, "But it's just camper participation -- not for staff."

In 30 minutes there were 16 campers at the building, waiting to hear the news. "I'm glad you're all here. I need your help. As you noticed, we have begun some construction work around here. I want this to be the biggest, best gay nude campground in the country. This crew has never been in a situation like this before and I'd like to make them feel comfortable in the surroundings. Here's what I've got planned..."

I laid out the plans to them and four backed out, which was OK. That left 12 and I thought that was a perfect number for what I've got planned. I then contacted Randy to come to the office. When he arrived I had an errand for him to go to KFC in town and buy food for the crew. I gave him the business charge card. Plans were coming together pretty good, I thought.

I kept an eye out the window periodically the rest of the afternoon and to my delight, the crew kept to the task before them. When they were done for the day, I met them at the worksite.

"I believe you guys put in a full day's work," I said, "I am please with what you've accomplished so far. I hope this keeps up. As I said at lunch today, you guys are going to be staying in tents at the primitive site. Everything is set up for you. Randy's got food there for you now. Your things Randy took out of your motel room are still in the truck. Pick them up and let's get to your site."

We walked to the maintenance building to the truck and they gathered all their belongings and we trekked to the primitive camp. On the way, they couldn't help but do some gawking at the nude campers they passed by. When we got there, each guy saw he had his own tent with all the necessities. It was obvious they were pleased with what they saw. We sat down and had supper together. They were obviously hungry and appreciated the free meal.

When we were finished, I told them to grab their towels and I would show them the showers to get cleaned up. They grabbed their towels and started towards the barn when I stopped them. "Wait guys," I ordered, "The clothes have to go off. That's the rule around here."

They looked at each other for a moment, then sheepishly stripped. Two guys wrapped their towels around their waist. The other two held their towels in front of them, hiding their cocks. I just shook my head at them. "When will they ever learn?" I thought.

It was obvious they stood out because as we walked to the barn, some of the other campers smiled, pointed and laughed at them. When we got to the barn, I took them down below the left loft down the hall to the showers. They couldn't help but glance in each stall, noting the sling, photography equipment, and bench press. When we got to the showers, I left them to t -- themselves, so they thought.

I immediately went to the upper loft to the theater area where the 12 guys were waiting. "Let's go," I said and I took them down to the showers. We sort of snuck in for the guys' backs were to us. As they were showering, they turned towards us and were startled. They stopped and just stood under the showers looking at us. I then stepped forward.

"Guys," I said address the crew, "I believe you are going to be working here quite a while building cottages for us and I want you to feel at home here. I've got these campers here who want to help you out. They are going to help you feel comfortable here -- feel like one of the gang. It just turns out we have three campers for each of you. To start with, they will help you shower and then we'll see what goes on from there. You each will have three campers for the rest of the evening. Any questions?"

"Do we have to do this?" the crew boss asked.

"I am afraid you do," I replied. "For if you don't, you will always have problems adjusting as long as you work here. I know you guys really need this job. So you are going to have to go along with this. But I'm sure you are going to really like it." Turning to the campers, I instructed, "Go to it, guys."

The campers stepped into the showers with the crew -- three to each guy. With everybody smiling and laughing, the campers began helping the crew wash up. At that time I left -- smiling to myself. It's good to have the help of some willing campers. I wanted to find out just where these guys are at as far as sex. Are they hetero, just looking for release? Are they bi -- swinging both ways? Or are they really gay and not willing to admit it? Are they just tops or do they bottom. I want to find out and these "happy campers" are willing to help me.

Until they "get more acquainted with each other", I decided to go out wandering around until I think it would be a good time to spy on them and find out. I decided to take a walk thru the woods behind the barn where there was a lot of public cruising. I got to the gate, unlocked it and headed through.

Walking through the public woods did not make me feel awkward as now I was getting pretty use to being naked. Seeing clothed guys walking around was what was making me feel odd. They looked at me and smiled. I had gotten about half way around the circle path when I passed a trio of guys walking the other direction. We greeted each other as we passed and then I heard, "Hey, wait a minute!" I stopped and turned around.

One guy stepped forward and said, "Did you drive to these woods or are you from the campground?"

"I'm from the campground. Why?"

"Well, seeing you walk around naked -- we'd like to do that too here, but we're not from the campground and don't know where to put our clothes and stuff. Is there a place we can put them?"

"I'm sorry, there isn't. I'm the owner/operator of all this and I'm glad to know about your problem. I will definitely get something set up at the entrance of the woods for you guys. What would you suggest?"

"Well, if there was a set of lockers, we would bring our own locks. That way we can store our stuff and not worry about it."

"Great idea!" I replied, "We will get right to it. Might draw a little bigger crowd here if we do."

"We think it definitely will! Seeing you walk around here naked gets us turned on to do the same," the spokesman replied.

"Turned on, eh?" I said with a smirk, "I really enjoy a group of guys to play with. Wanna join me at the open pavilion?"

"Sure!" they said excitedly and we headed off to our planned destination. I remembered the pavilion when Jim was seated on the chair that was bolted to the platform. I remember the sex he was having with the guys and the performance they gave to the crowd.

By the time we got to the pavilion, my cock was hard and ready to go. I sat in the chair, spread my legs and began stroking. I watched the trio as they stripped down and put their clothes in a corner. They then turned around and stood right in front of me, stroking their cocks.

The cocks looked so good, I didn't know which one to take first. They moved so close to my face that I could easily just open my mouth and one of them would slip in. I grabbed a cock on either side with each hand and then slipped my lips over the cock in the middle. I love the feeling of deepthroating a good cock -- the feeling of my lips sliding up and down a hard shaft.

I went like this for several minutes -- jacking two cocks and sucking a third -- all at the same time. I then heard some rustling or commotion. Using my periferal vision, I noticed a few guys approaching. An audience! Great! Now I'm going to really get in the mood.

I released all three cocks with my hands and mouth and reached for the poppers necklace I had hanging around my neck. I unscrewed the cap and took some deep huffs. I took off the necklace and offered it to the guys in front of me. As they stepped back and took their huffs, I spread my legs wide and slowly jacked my cock to the audience that had formed.

I then lifted my legs straight in the air -- showing them my ass. With a wink and a sly smile, I parted my ass cheeks and showed them my hole -- winking at them as well. The audience, about half a dozen by then, had pulled out there cocks and were stroking them as they watched me. This was a sign that they liked what they saw!

The first guy who was done huffing off my bottle got on his knees in front of me and buried his face in my ass. As his luscious tongue tickled and fucked my hole, I moaned in delight. The other two guys stood on either side of me holding my legs up for me and at the same time jacking their cocks. They had them pointed straight to my face.

As usual, the poppers got us on a sexual high and our playing got more intense. The six guys watching stepped into the pavilion by us, stroking their cocks hard and more furiously. I was jacking my cock with the same speed and I began to feel the cum boiling up in my balls. By moaning, I gave the indication I was about to shoot and the guy eating out my ass suddenly rose up and slipped his mouth over my shaft and engulfed it.

I pushed is face into my crotch and shot my load down his throat. The pent up passion and its release felt so great! The other two guys who had huffed my poppers were ready to shoot, so they stepped up to my open, hungry mouth. They both aimed close and shot their loads at the same time. I swallowed and swallowed the loads, not missing one shot.

The three guys heaved a big sigh and stepped back. That left six in the audience. I immediately got up to the edge of the pavilion. The audience did not know what my plans were. I laid down on the floor on my back and hung my head back over the edge. They then got the idea -- stepped off the pavilion and stood around my head.

They took turns slipping their cocks in and out of my mouth as they continued to jack. After going on for several minutes, they were ready to shoot. They all stood around my head in a half circle and the first guy aim his cock right into the opening of my mouth and fired. I took his cum bullets and swallowed each one. The second guy was ready and I did the same for him. This continued until all six guys had shot and were done.

As I stood up, the audience and the trio were all standing there putting their clothes back on while at the same time attempting to gather their composure. "Wow!" one of them said, "The things that happen in these woods!"

"Hey!" I replied, "You should see what happens in the campground. Any of you guys been there?"

Not one of them confessed that he had. "Well," I continued, "I own and run the place and I just gave you a foretaste of all the fun that goes on on the other side of that fence. You should go over there and go camping sometime."

"I definitely will!" one guy spoke up. The others agreed with him. I sure love this form of advertising!

We said our goodbyes and I headed for the gate. I was sure that the work crew was pretty involved in sex with the campers by now. I just wanted to find out if they were all tops. Once I got through the gate, I walked into the barn and head downstairs below the right loft. I just wanted to make sure they were not still in the showers. Walking down the hall, I passed the stall with the sling.

I glanced as I walked by, but was taken aback. I stepped back to look in again. There was one of the crew guys in the sling with his arms and legs strapped to the chains. He was blindfolded and moaning. One camper was fucking him in the ass while the other two stood watching, stroking their cocks. I motioned for one of them to meet me in the hall. He walked out.

I asked him, "Is he doing this willingly? He's not in pain, is he? I don't want any abuse going on here."

"I really don't know," the camper replied, "He was willing to get in the sling, though he didn't know what it was for. We bound him up before he had a chance to say anything. When it was obvious that we were going to fuck him, all he said was, `I've never been fucked before.' So we just continued on."

Not saying any more, I walked into the stall up to him. I bent over and kissed him slow. He moved his head back and said, "What the fuck's goin' on here?" I then opened my popper bottle. I placed one hand over his mouth so he had to breath through his nose. I closed one nostril with a finger and put the bottle under the other. He couldn't help but breathe it in. Then I switched. I waited for a moment before removing my hand off his mouth. When I did, he let out a sigh and smiled. I knew then that he was getting that good sexual feeling. I began kissing him long, slow, and hard, driving my tongue down his throat.

Then the camper fucking him let out a loud groan and I knew that a load was being shot into this crew guy. I continued kissing him as the second camper slid his cock in right after the first camper pulled out. The fucking continued. I put the popper bottle under the crew member's nostrils again and again he took more huffs.

When the second camper was ready to shoot, I got down my knees in front of the third camper and began deepthroating him. After the second camper shot his load in the crew guy, I got down by his ass and began massaging his hole with my tongue. With the massaging, the two cumloads began oozing out and I lapped it all up.

It was at this time the third camper was ready to shoot. Without swallowing the first two loads, I slipped my lips over the third camper's cock and let him shoot his load into my already full mouth. When he was done, I got up, bent over the crew member in the sling and began French kissing him again. In so doing, the cumloads flowed into his mouth. He gagged at first, but then hungrily received it.

"Oh fuck!" was his only reply.

I wiped off my mouth with the back of my hand, told the campers to finish him off, then walked out. Needless to say, I got the first crew member figured out!