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It was on Friday when Frank and I stood at the bend of the river, silently watching Anthony's ashes swirl in the currents and gradually disappear. I put my arm around Frank in comfort. Then he spoke, "I can't stay in that house alone -- at least not right now. I just don't know what to do."

"Come and stay with me for a while," I replied. "Give yourself time to decide what to do and process all this. Stay as long as you want." Then I lied, "I've got plenty of room for you in my trailer." Randy was still staying with me. Maybe he would understand and move into his office until they get his cabin done.

"Are you sure that would be all right?" he looked at me imploringly, "I don't want to be any trouble. I'll do my fair share of work."

I hadn't told him that I was owner of a gay campground. Oh well, I'll fill him in on the way there. We went back to the house, packed all his clothes, closed up the house good and tight and left. On the way back to the campground I told him everything that had happened the last couple of weeks -- me buying the campground and living there. He listened intently.

"Do you think you'll be all right staying there? If you don't we can work something else out," I said.

Frank thought for a moment, then gave the look of conviction and said, "You know, it's going to be a big change, but maybe that's what I need. It's going to take quite an adjustment, but I'm willing to try. If I can't handle it, would you take me back home?"

"Sure! No problem," I said with a smile.

With stopping to get gas as well as buying some groceries and other needed supplies, it was dark when I finally drove through the gate at the campground. As I slowly drove to my trailer, Frank gave the same reaction as Randy did when he first arrived -- he gawked at everything he saw. There was plenty of action around the campfire: guys seated in lawn chairs stroking their cocks or having another guy between their legs giving them a blowjob. Some were on the ground on all fours getting fucked like a dog. All the guys were naked and walking around enjoying themselves. Of course, it was Friday evening and the place was busy for the weekend.

When we got to the trailer, we got our belongings unloaded and the groceries put away. Before I started taking off my clothes, Randy stepped in -- naked of course with his black cock swaying. He first looked at Frank then at me. I introduced them to each other and then told Randy of the situation. Randy's eyes watered up as he stepped up to Frank and wrapped his arms around him and held him tight.

Frank at first had the look of surprise as he looked over Randy's shoulder at me. I just shrugged my shoulders and said, "Randy is a very compassion person. He's kind of sensitive to other persons' feelings." Frank then smiled and wrapped his arms around Randy and they just stood there and hugged each other for a moment.

"I'm here for you," said Randy with a warmth in his voice, "Any friend of Bob's is a friend of mine. Anything you want or need, I'm here for you." Looking directly into Frank's eyes, Randy continued, "Do you understand? Anything!"

Frank smiled, "That means a lot to me."

As Frank and Randy conversed, getting better acquainted, I took off my clothes which left Frank the only one dressed. "Frank," I said, "As you can tell this is a nudist place. But if you feel more comfortable leaving your clothes on, go ahead. But I assure you, you're going to eventually feel more awkward dressed than nude. Randy, I'm going down to the barn to see how things are going. You can fill me in later on how the week has been while I was gone. Stay here with Frank a while and get better acquainted, OK?"

"Be glad to, boss," said Randy as he motioned for Frank to sit on the sofa. Randy then sat next to him. As I was walking out the door, they were having a warm-hearted discussion. I had a feeling they were going to have a special relationship.

Entering into the barn, I could hear the DJ with his music as well as the commotion of talking, yelling and laughter. By the sound of things, everyone was having a good time. I walked into the dance area and it was crowded with naked guys -- some were dancing, some were swaying to the music, and others were just standing and talking. Several recognized me and greeted me when I entered.

I headed straight for the stage, stepped up on it and asked the DJ for a mike. As he handed me one, he turned down the music. "Hey guys," I called out over the mike, "It's been a tough week. A friend of mine died and another friend and I had his funeral. It's been a real downer. I need something to really pick me up!"

"How about a good fuck job!" someone called out. Everyone hooted and laughed.

I laughed right along with them, "Hey, ya know, that's a great idea!" Grabbing a chair, I set it in the middle of the stage. I returned the mike to the DJ, got on my knees on the chair with my ass facing the audience and bent over.

"Have at it guys!" I yelled, "Make me feel good!"

There was more whooping and cheering as I just remained still on the chair. I heard some of the guys step on the stage and the group began to surround me. I felt several hands on my ass and then my ass cheeks were parted, showing my asshole. It was spit upon several times while hands rubbed the spit up and down my ass crack. Fingers then began to probe the hole -- first one finger entered, then eventually two, then three. It felt so good! I reached for the bottle of poppers hanging around my neck and took a good huff. It was going to be a busy evening for me with all these guys fucking my hungry mouth and willing asshole.

A guy stood in front of my face and flagged his hard cock at me. I knew I was going to get fucked good at both ends. I opened my mouth and he slid it in easily at that exact same time a cock slid in my ass. It has been several days since I've been fucked like this. I was afraid that my asshole might have tightened up since it was several days since I've been fucked. But no, there was no pain as the lips of my asshole wrapped around the first cock that entered it.

I was surrounded by guys, each taking their turn on me -- fucking my ass and mouth. I sure loved being the center of attention! The music resumed and the fuckers got into fucking me to it's rhythm. 120 beats a minute is a good tempo for a good fuck!

I was there an hour and a half, guzzling down several cumloads and feeling several other loads shoot up my ass. Staying high on poppers, I had worked myself up to a sweaty frenzy. I finally had to call for a rest. I stood up, turned around, and thanked all the guys who took advantage of me. Can't call it rape, because you can never rape the willing!

I stepped below the loft and walked toward the showers to clean off. I stepped into the restroom and was about to sit on the toilet when a guy approached me. "You're not going to get rid of those cumloads like that are you?" he asked incredulously.

"Well, no one offered to take them and I can't hold it all up my ass all evening."

"I'll take them," he replied, "Let's go in the shower. You can sit on my face and I'll drink the loads while you shower off."

"Sounds fine to me," I said with a smile, "Let's get going then."

We walked into the shower and there was only one guy there cleaning off, so we helped ourselves to another spicket. I set the temperature to what I liked and the guy laid on his back under the shower. As we were being showered, I sat on his face and began cleaning myself. I felt his tongue massage my sphincter and as he did, I felt my hole loosen up and the cumloads oozed out.

As we were doing this, the other loner in the shower watched us. He stood there and stroked his cock until it was hard. I motioned him over and he walked towards me with his straight cock pointing the way. When he got to me, I leaned forward and orally engulfed his cock. I reached around, grabbed his ass, and pulled him towards me, causing his cock to slide further down my throat.

While I was sucking his cock, he reached down for my poppers, unscrewed the cap and helped himself to a couple of good huffs. He then stuck it under each of my nostrils. I huffed and sucked cock at the same time -- quite an endeavor -- but a good one, nonetheless. As a result, I got more intense in my cocksucking as he got more intense in fucking my mouth.

The guy whose face I was sitting on, had finished drinking all the cumloads out of my ass. But he kept his mouth firmly suctioned on my asshole as I began swallowing the load that was cumming of the cock of the guy in front of me. He yelled as he shot his load which caused a couple of guys to scramble into the shower to see what was going on.

"Don't you ever let up?" one of them said to me in amazement.

"Why should I? I run this place full of cocks, asses, mouths and cumloads and I'm not about to let any of this go by."

They walked away smiling and shaking their heads. The guy whose cock I sucked toweled himself off and left and I stood up from the guy I was sitting on. I thanked him for the fine rim job he did and headed back towards my trailer dripping wet. I had forgot to bring along my towel.

The trailer was dark inside when I arrived, so I entered quietly, went to the bathroom and dried myself off. I crawled into bed and in so doing, heard Frank softly snoring. I snuggled up against him and wrapped my arms around him. He was alone which surprised me. I thought Randy would be with him. I knew that he wanted to be. I then had an idea. I quietly reached for my cell phone and called Randy's phone. I then laid my phone on the headboard shelf close to where he could hear Frank and I talk.

I nuzzled my face into Frank's ear and when he stirred, I said quietly, "Are you doing OK?" Frank turned over to face me. In the moonlight I could see him look at me.

"That Randy is a great guy. We had a great talk and he made me feel so comfortable being here."

"Anything else?" I asked looking at him with raised eyebrows.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, did you have sex with him?"

"No, but I sure wanted to! I never had sex with a black guy."

"Why didn't you?"

"Somehow, I was afraid to. I didn't know what he would think of me and I was afraid he might turn me down."

I gave a small laugh, "There's nothing to worry about with that guy. In fact, before I left I thought you two would hop into bed together. I could tell he wanted to."

"Then why didn't he tell me?"

"Because he's sensitive to your situation. He thought you'd be too vulnerable. That's the way he is. That's why he's a great guy."

"I'll know next time. I appreciate so much you bringing me her and letting me stay a while. I think it will be a big help." Then turning over to sleep he said, "I wish Randy was here. I should have made a move on him."

I smiled to myself and quietly reached up and shut off my cell phone. It was not long before I heard the trailer door open and someone come in. I knew it was Randy. He had heard our talk on my phone.

In the moonlight I saw him stand there -- naked as usual -- stroking his black cock. Then quietly he moved into bed in front of Frank and gently wrapped his arms around him. I could tell that Frank had awakened with a start. Randy pulled Frank to him and kissed him long and deep. I got up and sat in a chair to watch them.

As they embraced, their cocks hardened. Randy reached around for Frank's ass and kneaded it. In so doing, a finger slipped into Frank's hole. When that happened, Frank let out a moan. Frank pulled Randy on top of him and they continued kissing as they ground their cocks together.

Randy rose up and moved forward aiming his black cock for Frank's open mouth. It slipped in and Frank sucked on it hungrily. As Randy was gently fucking his mouth, I couldn't resist just watching the action. I had to get in on it. So I crawled into bed with them.

I first had to go for Randy's fine black ass. I parted his ass cheeks and began tongue fucking that familiar hole of his. Randy knew it was me working on his ass because he knew my style. After I lubed it up well with my tongue I moved down to work on Frank's cock.

It slipped into my mouth easily and I mouthed up and down the hard shaft while my mouth juices got it good and wet. I reached for Randy's ass and pulled it down to Frank's cock. I guided the cock for his asshole and it slipped in easily. Frank gets fucked so often that his asshole seems to be always open for a hard cock. Frank sat up to slide down on the cock and then let out a loud moan of pleasure.

While he was getting fucked, I moved around and straddled Frank's face. I looked between my legs at him and saw that he was looking up at my ass with his tongue sticking out. I knew what he wanted and immediately lowered myself on his face. As he was orally working on my ass Randy and I leaned toward each other and kiss.

I like kissing Randy. I like sucking his tongue. I like the way he has sex with me. He seems to always know what to do. When we were done kissing, I stood up on the bed, turned around, straddled Frank facing the other way, and lowered myself on Randy's black cock.

As Randy continued to ride Frank's cock, he gripped his own and guided it towards my asshole as it approached the head. My ass slid on it easily -- remember, it wasn't long ago that a group of guys just fucked me good. My ass was still open and waiting.

Since I was in front of Randy getting fucked who was getting fucked by Frank -- straddling Frank, my cock was practically on his face. So Frank opened his mouth and took my cock. Frank is a good cocksucker! He has a way of orally working on a cock that get's it tingling right away. That was happening to me. I had just sucked a lot of cocks and gotten fucked by a lot of guys and took a copious amount of loads down my throat and up my ass. But I never got to shoot my load -- and I had really built up a load to give.

I gave indication to Frank that I was about to let loose and he began to suck more furiously. Randy, who had Frank's cock up his ass and his cock up my ass began gyrating faster, making both cocks work like machine pistons.

I couldn't hold back any longer. I let out a yell and began shooting my load down Frank's throat. It felt like it kept shooting and shooting. I almost fell over exhausted. When my cock was finished, I pulled off Randy's cock and got off the bed.

Randy continued riding Frank's cock. He then leaned over and slyly said, "How about me having my turn and sliding my cock up your ass? Ever have a black cock up your ass?"

Gasping, Frank replied, "Never have -- and I want it. I really want to know what it feels like to have a black guy fuck my ass."

"You got it buddy!" Randy pulled off Frank's cock and then laid on his back on the bed. Frank crawled over Randy, facing him. Then he reached behind himself, grabbed Randy's cock and guided it towards his asshole as he lowered himself on it.

"Oh, my god!" Frank exclaimed as he slid down to the base of Randy's cock. "Oh, my god!" he said again.

I laughed quietly to myself as I watched them. As Frank's ass adjusted to the black cock inside of it, Frank began to pick up the pace and rode harder and faster. At the same time Frank was jacking his own cock. It wasn't going to be long before they reached their "pinnacle of success."

Then it happened -- their timing was perfect -- they shot their loads at the same time. Frank's cock shot a load into the air and it landed perfectly in Randy's open mouth. I could tell by Randy's jerking cock that a load was being deposited up Frank's ass.

Frank fell exhausted on the bed next to Randy. After getting their breaths, they fell asleep into each other's arms.