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While Randy and Frank slept, I decided to fix them a nice breakfast. See if I could wake them up with the smell of bacon, eggs and coffee. As it was cooking, I was right. The smells woke them up. As Frank walked to the restroom to take a shower, walking by me, he patted me on the ass and kissed the nape of my neck. "Thanks so much for last night. How you got Randy to come over, I don't know, but it was perfect timing." He then went into the bathroom.

I was still standing at the stove working on the eggs and bacon when Randy came up to me from behind. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me to him, pressing himself against me. I could feel his black cock pressed against my ass and I wiggled a little against it to feel it more. "Thanks for calling me up and having me come over," he said, "I have to admit, Frank is a good fuck."

"Glad to help out," I said as I continued with the frying. I could feel Randy's cock beginning to harden against my ass and I wiggle it a little more, pressing a little more. This was my "nonverbal" sign to Randy to let him know that if he wanted to fuck me, go ahead. He got the sign as I felt his cockhead press against my asshole. I pushed back and it slid in easily. It felt wonderful as Randy's cock slowly slid all the way in to the base.

I took the pan of eggs and bacon off the burner and shut the stove off. I then grabbed the edge of the kitchen counter as I pushed my ass back against Randy. He grabbed me by the hips and began his gyrating humping. A good fuck is a great way to start a Saturday morning.

We had a good rhythmic fucking going on when Frank stepped out. He couldn't get passed us, because in in a camper trailer, Randy and I filled up the aisle. Frank snickered a little and then got down on the floor. He squeezed between our legs and managed to get his mouth up around my cock. As Randy and I were gyrating back and forth, I couldn't help but fuck Frank's mouth. Despite being in a tight space, our threesome worked out pretty good.

Things were picking up and getting pretty furious. Talk about good timing! Just when Randy thrust his black cock all the way in me and shot his load, I shoved my cock down Frank's throat and shot. I wonder if it really was Randy's load shooting thru me and thru my cock into Frank! Oh well, one can only imagine!

Once we got settled back down -- catching our breaths -- Randy and Frank sat in the booth while I served them breakfast. Frank spoke more of his lost lover and Randy and I gave him supportive comments. When breakfast was done, Randy and Frank helped me clean up.

"Well Randy," I said as we finally put the last clean dish away, "You need to fill me in with what's happened while I was gone -- especially on how the construction of my cottage is coming along."

"I think a lot of progress was made. Why don't I take you there and show it to you?"

"Great!" I responded, "Frank, do you want to come along with us? I could show you the campground while I'm at it. I'll introduce you to Brad who handles our registrations and checking in."

"That would be great," said Frank. "I need to keep myself busy and I am curious about this place. I've heard what you told me about this place -- now I want to see some of it for myself."

We all stepped out of the trailer (nude of course) and headed for my new cottage that was being built. On the way, other nude guys were meandering around casually, not doing much. There would be some sex here and there, but not much. I guess guys were still resting up from the previous night's activities. We took a side trip through the primitive campground on the way. There were about 20-25 various tents set up. Some guys were sitting in lawn chairs just outside of them. Others had the tent flaps open and were lying on their backs inside jacking their cocks.

"Looks like some are ready for action," I said amusingly, "Well, that's what keeps this place popular and gives me good business."

It seemed that Frank was looking in the tents more intently than Randy and I. I guess Randy and I had gotten use to the campground setting. I was getting the feeling the Frank was beginning to look for some fun. One way I could tell was that his cock was beginning to get hard. Of course, this morning Randy and I shot our loads, but Frank had not shot his.

Coming upon one large tent with its flaps open, we saw a guy lying on his back and another guy on top of him obviously riding his cock. Frank stood there for a moment and watched. The guy lying on his back say Frank watching and motioned him to come in. Frank looked at me as if for permission. "Go ahead -- you don't need my permission," I said, "We'll catch you later somewhere on the grounds."

Frank then entered the tent and squatted down over the man's face. The man reached up to him and guided Frank's ass down over his mouth and began a rim job. Frank then leaned over and began kissing the guy who was riding the man's cock. As they were getting more involved in their sexual threesome, Randy and I walked on.

"I don't think Frank is going to have any problems," Randy chuckled.

"I don't think so either," I replied.

When we approached my cottage, I notice that the roof, frame, and outside walls were finished. The foundation looked good as well as the small front porch entrance. All they needed to do was to hook up the water, electric and sewage lines as well as the interior.

"This looks great," I said as I wandered around the inside, "It will be just right for me."

As we stepped on the front porch, I looked across the lane to the registration building. There was a line of three trucks with campers parked in a row. "Looks like there's a backlog of campers coming in. We better get over and help," I said as I headed towards the building.

When we entered Brad was on the floor on all fours sucking the cock of a guy seated on the floor in front of him. Behind him, a guy was on his knees fucking his ass. As this three-way was going on, there were two other men standing by with their slacks down to their ankles, jacking their hard cocks.

"Looks like we are getting behind in our work," I said with a firm conviction.

Brad pulled his mouth off the cock, looked up at me and said, "I'm just trying to be a good host to the campers coming in here. It's just that these guys came in all at once."

"You are to take care of the registration first, then everything else comes second. These men can get their rocks off elsewhere at this campground -- at any time. Right now, they are to get registered in and at their campsites."

"Yes, boss," replied Brad as he started to get up.

"Wait -- keep at it. You started now -- go ahead and finish," I said.

As Brad resumed his position for sucking and getting fucked, I turned to the standing men and said, "You guys want to get finished off? Randy and I can help you."

"Sure," one of them said eagerly.

So Randy and I got on our knees and dutifully began giving blowjobs. The cock I was sucking on felt good and fit well in my mouth and it only took a moment for me to really get into it. As my mouth engulfed the cut cock, I reached around with my hands and grabbed the man's ass and pulled him towards me. As he moved closer, my fingers felt up and down his as crack and found his sphincter hole. As I slid a finger in, he let out a moan. As I easily slid in two, then three fingers, along with his moaning, I realized that he had been fucked before and that he enjoyed it.

I pulled off his cock and made motion for him to turn around. When he did, he bent over, exposing his ass in front of my face. I parted his has cheeks and shoved my face forward. With my tongue, I wet his crack good and then did some tongue fucking in his asshole. I pushed my face all the way forward, placing my mouth over the hole and sucked. His as slips drew into my mouth when I did and the man moaned some more.

I pulled off and looked to see how Randy was doing. What I saw, I've never seen before. As Brad was on all fours on the floor, Randy got on his back and slid under Brad getting access to his cock with his mouth. As he did this, he brought his legs up and wrapped them around the man who was fucking Brad -- exposing his ass to the man standing there just jacking his cock.

With Randy's ass exposed up in the air like that, the remaining man got on his knees and began eating out Randy's ass as Randy continued sucking Brad's cock as Brad continued sucking the cock in front of him and getting fucking by the cock behind him. When Randy's ass was good and primed, the man, on his knees, got up to Randy's ass and pushed his own cock in. He wrapped his arms around the man in front of him for leverage and then began his piston fucking.

This five-way looked like so much fun, I decided to make it a seven-way. I got on my stomach on the floor and scooted between the men's legs to Randy's now hard black cock. As I was sucking good on Randy's cock, the seventh man crawled on me and slid his cock up my ass.

I don't know how long this went on, but it was great! A lot of loud moaning and slurping was heard as we continued our sucking and fucking. I heard the door open and close a couple of times and even heard someone say, "Oh my God!" But at this point, I didn't fucking care. I was really into this orgy.

Finally, Randy's delicious load emptied into my mouth and then I felt a load shoot into my ass. As soon as that was done, I scooted out to resume to get the registrations finished. I then heard a loud grunt, looked at the remaining crowd and realized that the guy fucking Brad just filled him with his load almost the same time the guy who was fucking Brad's mouth.

Looking around, we had gathered a crowd of five more guys standing around with their cocks sticking straight out. "That's it for now," I said to them, "The show is over." They laughed and then walked out the door. Brad and I worked together to get the registrations finished for the new campers.

As I walked into my office, I called for Brad and Randy to follow me. "Fill me in on what's happened while I was gone," I instructed while going through the collected mail piled on my desk.

"Well," spoke up Brad, "The number of campers checking in on weekdays has increased some -- kept me kind of busy, but we got the work done."

Randy spoke up, "The work crew on your cabin got a lot done, I think. But it's a different crew that did the excavating and foundation."

"Were they as difficult to handle as the first crew?" I asked.

"No," replied Randy, "We just used the same technique you used on the first crew and everything worked out fine -- except..."

"Except what?"

"Well the agreement had to begin with them fucking Brad and me."

"How do you guys feel about that?"

Randy and Brad looked at each other. Brad spoke, "Well, you know how we like getting fucked. But the crew sort of forced themselves on us -- we felt it was against our will."

Anger rose up within me, "What do you think I should do about it?"

Randy and Brad looked at each other and smiled, "Well, we waited until we could talk with you -- but we've got a plan that we think would work."

They discussed the details of what had happened and shared their plan. I smiled, "It sounds like a great plan and I want to be in on it with you."

I then noticed in the mail an envelope with the return address labeled, "Out and About". That was a national travel magazine for gays. What got my attention was the first class stamp on it and my name and campground address written on the envelope. These clues tell me that it was something important -- not junk mail.

I opened it and read the letter. It was from the magazine's article writer, Trevor. He had heard about my campground and the change of ownership. He wanted to take pictures and write a special feature on us. I shared this with Randy and Brad, asking their opinions.

"Sounds great to me," said Brad. "It would give a lot of exposure to a large number of readers. That would increase business for us. I think

we should do it."

"It's going to be a lot of work getting ready," replied Randy. "We need to get this place looking good for the pics. When does he want to come?"

Looking at the letter, I said, "It says here he wants to come this Friday."

"That's six days away," Randy said with a tone of surprise, "I don't think I can get this place looking good by then. I'll need some help."

It was then that Frank entered the office, "How's it goin' guys?"

"Well, how was your fuck session?" I asked with a smirk.

"Well, it went..." and then he was interrupted by Frank.

"Hey! How about Frank working with me? With his help, we can get the job done."

Turning to Frank, I asked, "How would you like to work for us this week? Do a good job and it might open up to something more permanent."

Frank had a quizzical look on his face, "Just what is the job?"

Randy moved next to Frank and with a smile, reached back groped his ass. Slipping a finger into his asshole, he spoke out of the side of his mouth, "You will be working with me."

Frank looked at Randy and smiled back to him, "Hey, with you, it sounds great!"

With an authoritarian tone, I spoke up, "It's nothing like that. You do that on your own time. Randy needs help getting this place spruced up for an article in a national magazine. We need this place shipshape by Friday and that's along with still handling the business with campers. Frank, can you help us out here?"

"Of all that you've done for me, I'll be glad to do anything I can for you. But I still can play at nights, can't I?"

I laughed, "You can do whatever you want after work hours. Thanks for your help. Well, guys, we've got a busy week ahead of us. We'll meet again Sunday night and make a list and plans of all that needs to get done. Until then, enjoy yourselves because we're going to have some hard work ahead of us."

As they were leaving my office, I called out to them, "By the way guys, thanks for taking over and running this place while I was gone. I could not have done it without you. Randy, Brad, I really appreciate you both."

They smiled and left.