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When Randy and Brad left my office, Frank remained. When the door was shut, I leaned back in my chair, and asked him, "Well, how are you doing so far?" (Since his long-time partner died last week).

He crawled onto my lap, put his arms around me and sighed. "I'm doing rather well. Thanks so much for letting me come back and stay with you a while. I really appreciate it." He then gave me a long French kiss. I couldn't help but French kiss him back.

With that, my cock began to harden and I knew that Frank, by the way he was sitting on my lap, couldn't help but notice. I replied, "I'm glad that I am able to help out a good friend. And I also am glad that you are willing to help out around here. It will do us both good. In fact, I hope you will do some good to my cock right now which is getting mighty hard. You know, I've had a lot of sex so far this morning, but I haven't shot a load yet."

Frank gave me a wicked smile as he said, "How can I help you out?"

I smiled back, "How about sitting on my cock and riding it? Sure would like to shoot a load up in ya!"

With that, Frank stood up, straddled my lap facing me and then lowered himself down on my erect cock. I could feel the head touch his hole and then slide in as his hole gave way to my manhood. With his arms around my neck for balance, he went for quite a ride on my cock. He would pull himself up to the head, then ride it all the way down to the base -- he kept at this as it got my cock to really tingle.

As he rode me, he reached for my popper bottle which was hanging on a string around my neck. He opened it, took a few huffs and then held it under my nose. As I took some huffs, I began to feel euphoric and reached around and grabbed his as cheeks as he continued to slide up and down my cock. Then there was a knock on the door.

"Come in!" I yelled as we continued our fucking. The door opened and Brad walked in. As I glanced at him, he smiled at me.

"I was hoping I would make good timing," he said as he walked toward us, "I haven't had my chance to have some good sex with Frank. But I don't want to interrupt you two."

"Join us any way you want, as long as you don't interrupt our fucking," I replied, "I sure like the way my cock feels sliding in and out of his ass!"

Brad got down on his knees between my legs and watched closely as Frank's ass lips slid up and down my hard shaft. Then he leaned forward and licked my ball sack until it was dripping wet, in the process sucking on each nut. I was in heaven!

He then lifted each of my legs (while Frank continued to ride me) and draped them over each of his shoulders. I locked my legs together as he licked my shaft as it continued with the fucking. All of this was getting to be too much for me. It felt so good!

Finally, I couldn't hold back any longer and I shot my load up inside Frank. He loosened his hole muscles so that my cumload dribbled out his ass and down my shaft. Brad was there to lick it all up. Frank rose up so that my cock slipped out and Brad immediately engulfed it to suck out the last couple of drops.

We more or less collapsed on top of each other. What a session!

When we all got our wind back, Brad stood up with a cheery look on his face and said, "Well, I guess I'll get back to the registration counter." He then left the office. Frank stood there and smiled.

"Well," I said as I stood, "I should show you around this place. We've been so busy with out sexcapades that I haven't shown you much of the place. Come with me."

We left my office and headed towards the main building. On the way I pointed out where my Katrina cottage was being built and we did a side step to the beach. There were a few guys sunning on the sand with a couple more in the water. There was a couple in an embrace on their towels -- one on top of the other. They were heavy into their kissing as well as grinding their crotches together. Nobody was really watching them and they were oblivious to what was going on around them.

"As you can see," I said pointing to them, "Anything goes anywhere around here and it's OK. It's that comfortable around here."

As we were walking on, Frank looked back at them and said, "That makes me feel better. I rather enjoy walking around here naked now that it seems so natural to everyone else."

As we entered, there before us, of course, was the large hot tub. There were three guys in it conversing with their arms stretched out along the rim. As we approached, they stopped their conversation and greeted us. I introduced myself as the owner/manager of he campground and I introduced Frank and explained why he was here. They listened with interest and expressed their condolences to Frank.

"What do you guys think of this place? Any suggestions on improvement or do you have any ideas?" I asked.

One spoke up, "I've been coming here for a number of years and I've had a great time every time I come. These two fellas are here this weekend for the first time and we were just getting acquainted. They arrived here yesterday."

Speaking to the newcomers, "Are you enjoying yourselves so far?"

"It's been great -- more than what we expected," said one of the newbies. "The sex at this place seems to be non-stop." Pointing above to the loft, he continued, "I just got fucked up there real good and now I'm giving my ass a breather here."

"Well, I'm just showing Frank the place here and he just got fucked in my office," I responded. "Mind if we join you for a little bit? I think Frank's ass could use some warm water massage."

"Come on in," the other newbie said, "We'll make room for you."

So Frank and I climbed. I sat next to the veteran camper and Frank sat between the two newbies. We both scooted down until the water was up to our necks. The warm pulsating water felt so good!

To initiate conversation, I spoke up, "We're having the columnist from the `Out and About' magazine coming Friday. He's doing a write-up about this place and will be taking some pics."

"Isn't that a national gay magazine about different gay locations around the world?" the veteran camper asked.

"Yep," I responded, "I hope we have a good crowd here to impress him. Could you spread the word so that everyone will know?"

"Glad to. But what about those who don't want to be in the pics, but want to be here?"

"I've thought about that. I'll have special sun visors for them to wear so that the columnist will be sure not to include them in the pics."

One of the newbies spoke up, "Do you think he'll take some pics of us in action?" He then winked, "I find that a turn-on."

I laughed, "I'm sure we can work up something. I don't see how it can be avoided with all the sex that goes on around here."

"You mean -- like in this tub?" asked Frank. I could see that the guys on either side of him were stroking his cock as well as the inside of his thighs.

"Anywhere," I said as I stood up in the tub. I then straddled on my knees the seated veteran camper. My cock had gotten hard (again) because he had been feeling me up as well. My hard cock pointed straight at him. He opened his mouth, wrapped his lips around my shaft and slid to the base. I leaned over and grabbed the edge of the tub for solid leverage and began fucking his mouth. I looked over to see Frank's reaction.

Frank did not give me his reaction for he was busy with the two newbies. Frank rose up and sat on the edge of the tub while the two guys got down between his legs. They took turns sucking his cock. It seemed that Frank's cock had gotten larger since he came to the campground last nite.

The way he was seated on the rim of the tub, his ass was sticking out over the side. Being waist high from the other side, it was perfect as another camper approached them. He got on his knees, parted Frank's ass cheeks and began rimming him.

Frank bent his head back and moaned in ecstasy. Three guys working on him at once -- two working on his cock and the guy behind him rimming out his ass. This is most guys he had at once in years. The guy behind him then stood up. While rimming Frank, he had stroked his cock to a hardness for easy fucking. He grabbed Frank's waist and it slide in easily.

Smiling at him, I spoke up, "Seems like his ass is an easy fuck, doesn't it?"

"Yeah," the guy replied, "It slid in easy -- it feels great."

"Well, that's because he's already been fucked a couple of times this morning."

"Fine with me. I'll just add my load to his collection." he replied as he continued fucking Frank's ass.

"Well, it's only got one load. Brad, the guy at the registration building ate out the second one."

The guy sucking my cock pulled off, "That Brad! He's one great whore! He'll take on anybody and anything. He is so friendly to us when we register in. Everybody likes him a lot." He then again wrapped his lips around my cock and resumed sucking me.

"I'll be sure to tell him -- and I'll make a note of it to put on his job evaluation," I laughed.

As I continued fucking the mouth in front of me, I felt a pair of hands on my ass. Looking around, I noticed that one of the newbies had moved over to me. He buried his face in my ass and began licking my ass crack. When he reached my hole and began tongue fucking me, I couldn't help but moan out loud.

I opened up my bottle of poppers and took a couple of huffs. I lowered to the guy sucking me. With my cock still in his mouth, he took a couple of huffs. As I put the cap back on, I began to feel the sexual euphoria I enjoyed so much. The cocksucker in front of me must have felt the same way because it seemed that he forced his mouth further down my cock shaft.

As our sexual intensity built up so did Frank's and his group. We were making so much commotion that several guys were gathering around to watch. I put my hands behind my head as the guys continued to work on my cock and ass. I motioned for the guys to gather `round the front of me which they did. As I was just about to shoot, I pulled the man's mouth off my cock. I pulled his head back so that his mouth was just below my cock head. I gave my cock a few strokes before the load flow out into his waiting mouth. The guys gathered around gasped at what they saw which caused them to beat their cocks more furiously.

The man rimming my ass stepped back and I turned around and sat on the seat in the hot tub. I lifted my legs and draped them over his shoulders as he shifted my ass to accommodate his pulsating cock. All this was under the swirling warm water as he slid his cock into me. I dropped my head back in ecstasy. As I moaned, my mouth opened and immediately, one of the men standing there slipped his cock in. Without any warning, a load slid down my throat. I was surprised and delighted. When he was done shooting, he wiped his cockhead of the remains on my face. The veteran camper whom I shot my load into, had taken a couple of loads in his mouth. He turned to me and began kissing me. It was obvious he didn't swallow the loads for as our tongues were playing with each other, I felt the loads being passed between us.

The man fucking me noticed what was going on. This caused him to fuck my ass harder and faster. I handed my poppers to the veteran and motioned for him to give it to my fucker. He opened the cap and held it under each nostril of the fucker as he inhaled deeply and continued to slid his cock in and out of my ass. It was then he was ready to shoot. He yelled, shoved his cock all the way in me and shot. I felt the warmth of the load fill my insides. I smiled with satisfaction.

In the meantime, Frank was still going at it with one guy sucking his cock and another fucking his ass which was still hanging over the edge of the hot tub. I rose up, took my popper bottle, opened it and offered it to Frank. He gave a quizzical look as though he didn't know what it was about. I knew better. He had some of my poppers earlier this morning. I think he just wanted to play his innocence to the other guys.

So I played along. I gently draped one arm around his shoulders in a friendly fashion, reached around and closed his one nostril and held the bottle under the other. "Breath in just a little bit," I said teasingly, "For first timers, this is strong stuff." After we did the second nostril, he closed his eyes dreamily. I could tell he was enjoying it.

I motioned one of the men standing on the outside of the tub to get in which he did. I had him stand on the seat in front of Frank, straddling his legs. When he did, he offered his hard cock which Frank eagerly took. As Frank wrapped his lips around the man's shaft, he reached up, grabbed the man's ass and pulled the man towards him.

At this point, Frank was busy -- sitting on the edge of the tub getting his ass fucked, one of the newbies between his legs sucking his cock, and he now sucking the cock in front of him. With the effects of the poppers working on him, he was building up to an orgasm frenzy.

Finally, it all let loose. Frank wanted to yell out when his load shot into the newbie's mouth, but he couldn't because his mouth was being filled with a load by the cock in front of him. The man behind him, fucking him, gave his cock one more thrust in before it shot up into Frank's insides.

They all froze for a moment in position before any one of them could relax enough to pull their spent cocks out. When they finally did, they more or less wilted. Frank slid back down onto the seat in the hot tub. The newbie who gave him the blowjob moved up and sat next to him. The guy who straddled Frank also slid down into the tub as well.

We all sat there panting -- just looking at each other. One finally said, "WOW!" We all laughed.

Frank then turned to me, "How much more of this place do you have to show me? I'm not sure how much more of this I can handle!"

I laughed again, "I've got quite a bit more to show you, my friend. Besides, if you're going to be working here a while, you need to get to know the place."

Frank just rolled his eyes.