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Standing up in the hot tub, I said to Frank, "Let's go. I'll take you up to the loft next. We've got to lay off all this sex or you'll never see the total layout of this place."

Frank laughed in response and we crawled out of the tub. (As you recall, this building is a large old barn with a large loft on either end.) Frank started up the ladder to the loft and I was right behind him. Looking up as we were climbing, I noticed a drop of cum oozing out of his asshole.

"Hold it right there," I exclaimed.

Frank stopped immediately. He was two-thirds up the ladder. He looked down at me, "What's wrong?"

I moved on up so that my face had easy access to his ass, "You got some cum leaking out of your ass." I then moved my face into his ass crack and began licking up the cumload. Massaging his asshole with my tongue caused it to relax more and as a result, more cum oozed out. I continued lapping it up until it was all out.

"Thanks for the cleanup," Frank said, "It would be embarrassing to walk around with cum dribbling out my ass and down my legs."

"I'm sure if I wasn't around, someone would tell you and clean it up themselves, don't you think?"

Frank laughed, "I guess you're right."

We walked to the orgy area of the loft and saw about five guys going at it. They were in different positions. Two were in an embrace kissing with a passion. Three were next to them: one was lying on his back with another on top of him riding his cock. The fifth guy was on top of him fucking him as well: two cocks up one asshole.

"You don't see much of that around here," I said to Frank, nodding toward the group.

"What's that?" Frank asked.

"Double fucking."

Frank stepped up closer to the double-fucking trio and watched closely as the two cocks worked in unison. "Wow!" was all Frank could say as he watched in amazement. I noticed Frank's cock hardening as he began to move in even closer.

"Hold it there, buddy," I said as I tapped him on the shoulder, "We've got to keep moving on: places to go, guys to see -- you know."

Frank reluctantly pulled back and we headed to the other end of the loft to the gloryholes. I pointed out to him which side was which (the givers and the receivers) and we walked to the receivers side. There were stools by the holes so the cocksuckers would be more comfortable as they gave their blowjobs.

"This looks great!" said Frank, "Does this go for anonymous fucking as well?"

"I don't know," I replied (even though I did know), "You'll have to try it and see."

Frank backed up to the hole and pressed his ass against it. Keeping in that position he waited. "I guess...uh oh!" His eyes suddenly got wide open, "I guess it IS for anonymous fucking. There's a cock up my ass already." He closed his eyes and moaned as he moved his ass around the gloryhole. "Oh, that cock feels so good up my ass."

"I would think so," I said with a smirk, "As much as you've been fucked today, your hole should be lubed and loose! Let's keep going."

"Please wait! Let me finish this one. It's so hot getting fucked by someone I can't see."

I sat down on a stool next to him to patiently wait. While sitting there, I heard movement and glanced at the hole next to me. Someone had pushed their hard cock and balls through, obviously wanting a blowjob. "What the hell," I thought, "might as well make use of my time while waiting."

So I turned around to face the cock. Being a long one, I wrapped my fingers around it and then my lips. I stroked it as I sucked on the head. At the same time I was sucking it, I tickled it with my tongue. The cock tasted good -- and it fit my mouth well! I could really enjoy this! Of course, I never met a cock I didn't like! (LOL)

I disengaged from the cock for a moment to uncap my bottle of poppers and get a couple of good huffs. I recapped it and resumed my expert cock sucking. The guy on the other side was really getting into it as well as the guy next to him who was fucking Frank for there was some banging against the wall. I could hear them talking to each other.

"Man! This ass cunt feels so good!"

"Yeah, and this cock sucker sure knows how to give a good blowjob!"

"Thanks man, for bringing me to this place. I'm definitely going to buy a camper or tent and move here."

"I've been coming here every weekend for a year and never been disappointed. I wish they would build some cabins. I definitely would buy one and make this a permanent vacation spot."

"Good idea! I'll bet they would sell quite a few."

"Aw fuck! I'm about to shoot up this guy's ass."

"Me too! This man's mouth is too much! I can't hold back."

They then shot in unison. As I felt my mouth fill up with the anonymous stranger's load I could hear Frank moan in delight as another load shot up inside him. When they pulled back, Frank and I stood up.

"Thanks for letting me finish the fuck job," he said.

"No, thank you!" I replied, "I just got some ideas on how to expand this place. Remind me to call David Sunday night. I've got another project for him."

"Who's David?"

"He's head of the construction crew that's building the manager and maintenance cottages. He's gay and is always looking for more projects. He'll be excited with my ideas. C'mon, I'll show you what's under this loft."

I started down the ladder first and Frank followed. Wouldn't you know -- I looked up and there was Frank's ass dribbling cum again!

"Hold it!"

Frank stopped, "What?"

"You're dribbling again!"

Frank laughed as I moved up to his ass, pushed my face in his crack and once again licked the cum out. "You take such good care of me. I'm glad you're around."

Licking the remaining cum off my lips, I replied, "Always glad to be around when there's a cumload available."

We moved on down the ladder and entered into the dance room. It was vacant. "This room is usually full on Friday and Saturday nights." I said, "We'll come here tonight and you'll see what happens. Who knows, you may be lucky!"

"What do you mean by that?"

"You'll see," I said with a smile. "Let's go to the loft on the other side and I'll show you what's upstairs."

When we got to the ladder, I went first. I was two thirds of the way up when I heard Frank exclaim, "Stop!"

"Now what?" And then I felt his face push into my ass. I felt his tongue licking up and down my crack and then work its way into my hole. This was the first time Frank was giving me a rim job and he was doing a great job of it. I pushed my ass back a little more to give him a little easier access.

Frank then pulled his face back and laughed, "Just wanted to let you know that turnabout is fair play."

"You got that right!" I said as I moved on up the ladder.

When we got to the top, we stood there and Frank looked around. This was the theater. Sofas and chairs were neatly arranged and a porn movie was showing. Different photos were posted all over on the walls.

"Something looks familiar in that movie," said Frank as he stared at the screen.

"It should," I replied, "It's of the goings on here at the campground. We've got a phantom photographer that's sneaking around taking pics and videos and then posting them here. Nobody minds, in fact, for some, it's a turnon to see themselves on the screen. I've been in it several times. You probably will be in it, considering all the sex you've been having around here."

Frank walked around looking at the pics, "I probably will be. I've been faithful to one partner for so many years. I've got a lot of public sex to catch up on. By the way, this place is empty, too."

"Yeah, we've got to improve in this department. We need to become more computerized and have a better system. Let's keep going."

We moved back down the ladder to the cubicles below the loft. We heard voices and knew that there were several guys nearby. The first cubicle was the weight room. There was a man lying on the bench with another man straddling him riding up and down on his cock. A third man was sitting on the first man's face, obviously getting a rim job. "This is the weight room," I informed Frank, "But for the life of me, I have yet to see anybody using the weights here."

We then went to the photography room. It was vacant. "I think I'll move this upstairs and divide the loft into a theater/photography area."

"Sounds like a good idea," said Frank.

As we stepped into the sling room, the sling had an occupant whose legs were up in the air and was swinging back and forth. Another man was standing there with his long cock sticking straight out and the swinger impaled himself on the cock as he swung back to him. I would think it would hurt, but it was obvious by the look of ecstasy on his face that he liked it. "Need I say what this room is?" I said turning to Frank.

"Nope. No need to say any more," he replied, "but I am going to be back to give it a try. Sure looks like fun!"

Then we went into the television cubicle. "I think I'm going to merge that upstairs with the camera and theater. I anticipate our customer base is going to enlarge and we're going to need to enlarge the restrooms and showers.

Peeking into the restrooms, Frank agreed, "Yep, I think you're going to need a couple more stalls and another sink. Let's look at the showers."

Entering the showers Frank looked around. There was only one person using it at the time. "It could use some updating," he said, "While we're here, I could use a shower after all the sucking and fucking I've been through so far today."

"Go ahead," I said, "In fact, I'll help you because I could use one, too. What about towels to dry off?"

"We could just drip dry walking back to the trailer," Frank laughed.

We took a shower head next to the man, adjusted the temp and then stepped under it. I took a couple of dollops of soap out of the container and started soaping Frank down. He just stood there and enjoyed the feeling. I was standing in front of him when I soaped down his chest and then pulled him to me. As we embraced and kissed, I continued by reaching around and soaping down his back. I then reached down for his ass soaped the mounds, running my fingers up and down his crack. I probed his hole with my middle finger and then slowly inserted two.

In between kisses he said softly, "That feels so good! You can bathe me anytime you want."

We continued to kiss as I reached down his front and soaped up his balls. I stroked his cock with my soapy hands. The slickness caused it to harden. Again, Frank spoke softly, "Don't start something you can't finish."

I slyly spoke back, "What makes you think I can't finish it? Now it's your turn to soap me down."

He began with my chest and then on down to my cock and balls which he handled gently and seductively. Then he had me turn around so he could work on my back. His soapy, slippery hands felt so good as they gently worked on my back and then my ass. He worked his fingers in my hole, but this time he inserted three. I opened my poppers and took some huffs because I knew what was coming.

I was right. I felt something else, I felt the cock head push against my sphincter. With the help of my poppers, my asshole loosened to let it enter. With the soap and water, it slid in easily and quickly. Hands held onto my hips as the fucking began. I bent over for easier balance for me and easier access for him.

I was getting fucked good and enjoying it when Frank stepped in front of me. I was surprised. I thought it was Frank's cock up my ass. Frank grinned at me and with raised eyebrows said, "Gotcha!"

That didn't stop the fucking for I didn't care whose cock it was. I just loved the feeling of it up my ass. Like a motor hums when pistons move up and down in it, I was humming along with the piston in me. Frank rinsed off good and stood in front of me with his hard cock pointed right at me. Being already bent over, I easily took it in my mouth. We three got a great rhythm going.

Then the "pinnacle of success" happened. Whoever the guy was behind me -- he rammed his cock in me one more time and then sprayed my insides so hard, I thought it was going to shoot on out my mouth. But that couldn't happen because my mouth was full of cock shooting its load down my throat. It doesn't matter. I believed that both loads met somewhere in the middle.

I hung onto Frank to keep my balance as he hung onto me. I felt the cock behind me pull out and as the guy patted my ass, he whispered in my ear, "Thanks buddy. You're a great fuck. We'll do it again sometime." And then he left.

As I stood up and we rinsed off, Frank said, "Have we come to the end of this tour yet.?"

"Nope. We've got one more place to go."