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When Frank and I stepped out of the barn, I said, "Let's go have lunch first." As we headed for my trailer, I thought to myself, "We sure could use an eating place here. I'll put this on my list of goals."

On the way, Frank asked, "Bob, is it difficult to approach a guy if you want to have sex with him? There's a couple of guys I've seen here that I want to sex with them right on the spot."

"Here at the campground, that's not a problem. Let's be honest with ourselves; guys who come to this place don't really come to camp. They come for sex. There' plenty of other places if you just want to camp. Here, it's the almighty cock, mouth and asshole meeting each other and having fun." Seeing a man seated on top of a picnic table smoking a cigarette, I said, "Let me show you an example. You stay here and watch me. I'm going over and having sex with that guy right now."

As Frank stood to watch, I walked over to the man and without saying a word, spread his legs. Then I got on my knees in front of him and engulfed his limp cock into my mouth. The man leaned back on his elbows, closed his eyes dreamily and continued to smoke.

Sometimes it's a turnon for me to suck a guy while he's enjoying his cigarette -- especially when he has sort of a cocky attitude. And this guy did! As I continued to suck him, his cock gradually hardened. I let his cock slip out so I could slobber over his nut sack and in the process gently sucked on each nut. I then lifted the sack and kissed and licked the area just behind the sack -- getting closer and closer to his asshole.

As a sign for me to keep going, the man lifted his legs in the air, exposing his beautiful ass crack to me. As he started jacking his cock, I gently parted his cheeks and put my face in. With my tongue, I licked up and down his ass trough.

I looked at his sphincter muscle and it winked at me. So I kissed it in response and then licked it with my tongue. When I began tongue fucking him, he moaned out loud as he began to jack his cock more furiously. I took a moment for a couple huffs of my poppers and then pushed my face further into his ass, tongue fucking him deeper into his asshole.

As he was making sounds that he was going to shoot, I immediately stood up and slipped my mouth over his cock. He grabbed the back of my head with both of his hands and pushed his cock all the way down my throat. I couldn't taste or feel the cum shooting out considering how deep down my throat his cock was. But I did feel it pulsating as it shot several globs.

He laid back on the table and sighed with relief. I was satisfied because I get enjoyment knowing the guy is satisfied. I stood up, smiled at him, patted his leg and walked away. Neither of us said a word the whole time. Nothing was needed to be said.

When I got back with Frank who sort of stood there with his mouth open, I said, "That's the way it is -- it's that simple. Sometimes it pays to be the aggressor, especially when the other guy is kind of shy. Of course, if you don't take the initiative, sometimes you miss out on some great sex or a great-tasting cumload.

"I see," was all Frank said.

The whole time I was fixing lunch and while we were eating, Frank asked questions. His questions centered around the campground, it's business, it's customers, if customers were satisfied. It seemed that the questions were endless and I did my best to answer them. He seemed sincerely interested.

Finally, I asked, "Ok Frank, what's with all these questions?"

"I don't know," he replied shrugging, "I might make a career change. I have some money and I might change my investments. I might find a house closer to these campgrounds and move there to be closer to you and Randy. Randy and I have a great friendship going.

This got me to thinking of future possibilities of the campground since it was doing so well. But I knew I could make it a lot better. I didn't say anything more to Frank, but I knew him long enough to know that it would be a good thing for him to be involved with this business and with our staff.

"Let's go," I immediately said. I stood up, "I've got one more place for you to see. Follow me."

We went back to the barn and then around to the side to the gate which was the entrance to the cruising woods. Looking at the gate, Frank asked, "What is this all about?"

As I took the key off the hook, I replied, "This is the cruising woods. It's open to the public and it's access is from the road that goes by this campground. This is sort of our freebie to the public -- sort of to get them hankerin' to come into the campground."

"Does it work?" Frank asked.

"Yes, it does. Not everyone checks into our campground who uses these woods, but they use these woods enough to get others to come and then to check into the campgrounds. So all in all, it works out pretty good. The campers can use the key to get into the woods to cruise, but the cruisers can't get into the campground."

"How can you tell which are campers and which are not?"

I laughed, "The campers are nude -- the cruisers are not because they have no place to put their clothes. It's risky if they leave them any where. Last week when I was here, a cruiser suggested I put in lockers at the entrance so they can put their belongings in them and lock them up. But I decided not. I want to be able to tell who the cruisers are."

As we were walking down the path two cruisers approached us (dressed, of course while we were naked). As we passed one of them winked at us. As we continued walking, Frank turned around to look back at them. "They've got their cocks out and jacking. They're looking at us."

"You go and satisfy them if you want," I said with a smile. "I'll just sit on this log and wait for you. It'll be fun to watch."

When I sat on the log, I turned and looked in their direction. Frank was already on his knees sucking one cock while he was jacking the other. It was obvious that he was enjoying it as his own cock was sticking straight out. Then the man whose cock Frank was jacking stepped back. As he did so, Frank stood up and bent over, still sucking the cock in front of him. Both men made no effort to take their clothes off. Their pants weren't even down. Just their cocks were sticking out. "They must be here on their lunch break," I thought to myself.

Then the man who stepped back got on his knees behind Frank. He reached up, spread Frank's ass cheeks, looked at them for a moment, and then stuck his face in. I could tell by watching as he moved his face up and down in Frank's ass that he was licking Frank's crack in the same way I did the man just before lunch.

Then he stood up, aimed his cock for Frank's hole and gently pushed it in. With all this, Frank never let up on his cock sucking. The man took hold of Franks waist and began moving in the same rhythm as Frank's sucking. "Poetry in motion!"

Then the fucker pulled his cock out and sat on the ground. Frank looked at him momentarily and then squatted over the man's cock and lowered himself onto it. Riding up and down on the cock, Frank resumed his cock sucking. I thought to myself, "That Frank is so good at what he does, I should put him on my staff. Randy needs help now that business is increasing. I'll see how he does working this week. I'm sure he'll be great."

I heard loud moaning and looking in their direction I could see that the sucking and fucking was moving faster. "They're just about done," I thought.

The man standing suddenly grabbed Frank's head and shoved his cock in one final time to shoot. At the same time, the fucker pulled Frank all the way down to shoot his load as well. They both jerked as they shot. Then the fucker fell back on the ground and just laid there. The man standing jst stood there, but obviously, his knees were shaking.

Frank calmly stood up, wiped his mouth and calmly walked to me. I stood up and looked at him. Looking straight ahead, not at me, all he said was, "Let's keep moving."

I laughed and shook my ahead in amazement. Of course, why should I be amazed? I would have done the same thing!

When we approached the cabin, I said to Frank, "At this cabin, there's a sling inside. Sometimes someone is in that sling that is bound and blindfolded. It's best not to say anything, but just go in and do what you want and leave. That's they way they usually like it. They don't want to hear anything or see anything. They just want action; sort of a "slam, bam, thank you, ma'm" type thing.

When we got to the door, I put my finger to my lips to Frank to remind him to remain quiet. He nodded to me in understanding. I opened the door slowly. Sure enough, there was someone in the sling, bound, blindfolded and gagged. Frank and I smiled at each other.

First thing I did was uncap my bottle of poppers and held it up to each of his nostrils -- several times to get him good and euphoric. I then removed his gag and when he started to speak, I immediately put my hand of his mouth to indicate to him not to speak. Then kissed him -- long, slow and deep. I shoved my tongue in and he instinctively sucked on it.

While I continued kissing with my victim and feeding him my poppers periodically, Frank was working on his ass. From my angle, looking down between the victim's legs to Frank, it looked like Frank was munching on his ass. I then moved down to the man's cock, for it was hard and began to immediately deep throat it. The man began to moan and say something, so I put the gag back on him and gave him some more of the poppers. Then I resumed working on his cock.

It wasn't long before he shot a nice load in my mouth. I didn't swallow it for I had other plans. I indicated for Frank to kiss me, but not swallow which he was willing to do. When we kissed, Frank's mouth was below mine which made it easy for the cum to slide in. I then lifted the victim's ass up in the air and with my fingers, pride open his asshole. Frank then planted his mouth over the hole and let all of the load flow in.

When Frank was done feeding the hole, I then lowered the ass and then got below the hole. As I massaged the hole, the sphincter loosened. As it did, the cum started oozing out. I licked it up and then planted my mouth over the hole and sucked the rest out. Then we got up and left, leaving the man in the sling.

Once we were back on the path, Frank was the first to speak, "Man! Was that ever a hot experience! Never thought of doing anything like that."

"Watch and learn," I said with a smirk and a wink, "Watch and learn."

When went around the bend in the path, Frank saw the rimseat bolted onto the picnic table. "What is this?" he asked quizzicaly.

"You don't know?" I asked. ("Is he that ignorant?" I thought.) "It's a rimseat. Here's how it works."

I got up on the table and laid on my back and scooted up so that my head was under the rimseat -- face up. I then instructed Frank to get up on the table and sit on the rimseat -- which he did.

His asshole was perfect for my mouth to reach. I kissed, licked and tongue fucked his asshole with a fury. "Wow!" said Frank, "This is fantastic? I don't want to get up!"

I heard some rustling around and knew that some men were approaching. Then I felt a warm, wet mouth slide down over my now hard cock. I like the feeling of someone sucking my cock while I'm rimming out a good ass. Plus, lying there on the picnic table makes a nice show for all who are interested.

The mouth lifted off my cock and then it felt as if someone was on top of me. I felt something else wrapped around my cock and then slide down to the base. In my rimming, I slightly moved my head to the side so I could figure out what was going on. There was someone sitting on my cock and riding it while he was French kissing Frank. This does make a good show!

A couple of cruisers stood on the benches of the picnic table on either side of us with their pants down stroking their cocks. Meanwhile, a couple of more joined us. We were gathering quite a crowd for a Saturday afternoon!

Then someone stood behind Frank allowing him to lean back on them for support. Frank raise his legs in the air, moving his asshole away from my mouth and making it visible to the four men jacking their cocks. They moved in a little closer, aimed their cocks for Frank's ass, then shot. His ass was covered and the cum was running down.

When they were finished, Frank shifted himself a little bit so that it was above my mouth again. I licked Frank's ass clean of the loads and resumed tongue fucking his asshole. It was then I was about to shoot my load into the guy who was riding my cock.

As my fucking picked up its pace, Frank was jacking his own cock at a faster speed. Then everything happened all at once. Frank scooted back a little on the rim seat -- I opened my mouth -- he aimed for it and shot. At the same time, the guy I was fucking, pressed his ass down on the base of my cock so that I shot way up in him.

What a scene! What an experience. We all collapsed on top of each other. How do we have the strength to keep up with this? Our testosterone must be unbelievable to keep this going.

When we got our wind back, the men crawled off, Frank got up and then he helped me off the table onto my feet. All we could do was look at each other and smile. The rest of the men pulled up their pants, zipped up and left.

"This must be quite a cruisy place." Frank said.

"Word of mouth is the best advertisement.," I replied, "Nobody knows about these woods except for the guys who come to get off."

"How do they get here?"

"There's a dirt drive that comes back to these woods and the guys park among the trees. Then they just wander the paths. It's private property though anyone can come back here. I guess that's why policemen don't come back here. It's not public."

"Are there cruising days and times here?"

"No -- any time -- any day."

"This is better than any public park or restroom."

"That's the idea," I said with a smile.