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Heading on around the loop back to the gate, periodically we would pass someone cruising. Once we passed a guy sitting on a log with his pants around his ankles, legs spread, jacking his cock. He smiled at Frank and I, spread his legs a little further apart and dropped his hands to his side. He wagged his hard cock at us indicating for us to join him. Who couldn't turn down an invitation like that?

I immediately got on my knees and orally engulfed his hard member down to the base. Meanwhile, Frank straddled me, getting closer to the cruiser and pointed his cock at him. The man took it willingly as he took hold of Frank's ass with both hands and pulled him closer. Frank took the man's head in both hands and began to gently fuck his mouth.

Of course, being right on the cruising path, this drew a few cruisers walking by. I could tell by the rustling sounds that they stopped to watch. I heard the zipper sound and clink of the belt buckles. They were definitely pulling their cocks out to jack while watching. As I've mentioned several times before, I didn't mind this at all. In fact, it's a turn on for me to be watched.

I quickly slipped off my necklace holding my bottle of poppers, uncapped, took some huffs and passed it to the guy whose cock I was sucking. As I resumed giving him a blowjob, I heard him taking huffs and then he passed the bottle around. As it was being passed, I heard the cruisers' deep breaths. Frank took several huffs as well. I thought to myself, "I'm going to have to stock up when I get back in town. I need to set up a store to sell supplies. Remember that, Bob!"

As I continued sucking the man's cock, I felt the bottle placed back in my hand. Everyone was now euphoric with the intoxicating aroma and were beginning to pick up the sexual pace.

I then felt another pair of legs straddling me and then felt some different movement from Frank who was also straddling me. I then knew that as Frank was getting blown, someone had started to fuck his ass. As great four-way was happening in front of a watching audience.

The cruiser who had hold of my head jerked me down further on his cock to the point that I gagged. I immediately felt his shaft pulse as his load emptied down my throat. I felt Frank's legs on either side of me tremble as I knew he was shooting his load in the man's mouth. I then heard the man fucking Frank let out a loud moan as he shoved his cock up Frank's ass and just held it in. I knew that he was breeding Frank!

I struggled out of the confines of the group and looked at the jackers standing around us. There were three of them. I remained on my knees as I smiled at them and opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue, indicating that I wanted their loads.

The first guy stepped up to me, shuddered, then shot his load. He missed my mouth and shot on my face. I laughed as he said, "Sorry about that -- bad aim." He then was kind enough to use his fingers and wipe off the load and put it in my mouth. It tasted good!

As he stepped back, the second cruiser stepped forward but not as close as the first. When he shot, the load flew in an arch and made a perfect landing into my mouth. "Great shot!" said the first cruiser.

"You can do it," said the second shooter, "It just takes practice." They both laughed as the third shooter stepped forward, with an intense look on his face as he continued his jacking.

He kept the same distance as the second, but his cock was lower, so I opened my mouth to him like a bulls eye. When he shot his load, it was like a gun. The sperm shot into my mouth like a bullet and with force. I intentionally fell back on my ass as an act of humor.

Everyone laughed as I stood up and licked my lips. "Good shootin', guys," I said as I moved over to Frank. Turning to Frank, I said, "Let's get goin' buddy." We left the group as they pulled up their pants and straightened themselves up before they left.

As we walked, we approached the pavilion that was set back a little from the path. Frank gazed at the sight for there was the chair bolted onto the platform. A naked cruiser was seated on the chair and facing him doing a lap dance on his hard cock was another naked cruiser. Their clothes were on a pile next to them.

"Wow!" said Frank, "that looks fuckin' hot!"

"Man!" I said laughing, "your sex drive never slows down!"

Frank looked at me and smiled, "Never has and never will."

I noticed the fucker glanced around the fuckee and saw us. He gave us a smile and a wink as we approached them. I said out of the side of my mouth softly, "Frank, do what I do. We have a couple of potential customers here."

We got on our knees in front of the seated cruiser and spread his legs. Frank and I then crawled up closer. The fucking picked up pace as I took the fucker's right leg and draped it over my left shoulder so I could get closer to the fucking action. Frank did the same with the fucker's left leg.

Frank and I bent down closer. As I began licking the fucker's nut sack and gently suck on each ball, Frank began licking the hard shaft as the fuckee's ass lips slid up. I knew that this got the fucker's balls boilin' and he was going to shoot soon.

Then it happened, the fucker let out a loud moan and the fuckee pulled up to the crown of the cockhead and stopped. Frank and I pulled back and watched. The vein running along the bottom of the shaft pulsed and the next thing we knew, we saw cum oozing out of the ass and slowly sliding down the pulsing shaft. Frank and I took turns leaning forward and licking up the drops.

The fuckee rose up some more and the cock popped out. There was more cum flowing out of the hole so I licked it off and then tongue fucked the hole some to get what was left inside. Meanwhile, the cruiser I was tongue fucking let out a yell and shot his load on the fucker's chest. Frank immediately took care of that. He leaned over and licked it all up.

Nothing was said during the whole encounter and still saying nothing, Frank and I stood up and left. We headed for the gate, let ourselves through and locked it. Turning to Frank, I said, "You see, if we keep them active there in the woods, they'll want more and as a result, they'll check in here and get all they want. If we set up a store to sell poppers as well as grocery items and cleaning supplies, it will entice them even more. Nobody sells poppers around here and you have to drive two hours just to buy a bottle. Now let's head back to the trailer and rest up for tonight."

"What's tonight?" Frank asked.

"Well Friday and Saturday nights we have a big get-together in the barn. You missed it last night because you just got here and you were with Randy. Remember?"

"Yeah, I remember," Frank chuckled. "There's been so much sex since then, it all seems like a blur. That Randy is a great guy. I really enjoy being with him. Never had sex with a black guy before -- he's my first -- and I REALLY like it!"

"Yeah, Randy is a great guy. I know he likes being with you. I can tell by the way he looks at you."

We continued talking as we headed back to the trailer, stopping periodically to watch sex happening at different camp sites. Once we got inside, we each took a quick shower, got into bed, wrapped our arms around each other and went to sleep.

Next thing I knew, I heard pounding on the trailer door. I glanced out the window. It was beginning to get dusk. Frank began to stir as I hopped out of bed. When I opened the door, Randy and Brad were standing there. As I let them in, Frank appeared from the bedroom.

When they both stepped inside, Brad spoke up, "We came to get Frank. Since he's the new guy here, Randy and I want to make him feel welcome by taking him to the barn and having him hang out with us.

Frank gave a smile of delight, "That's great, guys! I'd love to go with you. It means a lot that you go out of your way to make me feel included."

"Well," replied Randy, "I'm sure we're going to see a lot of you around here. We want to give you a good enough impression of the staff here that you'd might want to stay."

"You make it mighty convincing," Frank said as they walked out the door, "See ya later, Bob. You going to be there?"

"I'll be there after a bit," I said as I waved them on, "Have a great time. You deserve it."

I then sat in the booth and decided to make a list of goals that I had for this campground I owned. First, this place should have a catchy, easy name a guy remembers. As I sat there thinking, I was looking around and saw a Harry Potter book stuck on the shelf. I had planned on reading it, but, -- well you know -- being at a gay campground and all the sex going on, there just isn't time. I remember watching the movie and fantasizing about the two lead characters. Wishing they were gay, I then thought of Lord Voldemort. Then it came to me: "Gaylords!" Now that name is easy to remember and has class. That's it!

As I wrote it down, not to forget, I attempted to continue with my list:

1. "Gaylords"

2. Move video/camera rooms to theater

3. Build a store (groceries, poppers, supplies, misc.)

4. Build a canteen/snack bar

5. Build an outdoor playground (for guys of course!)

6. Build cottages to sell

I figured that's a good start.

I posted the list where I could see it, put everything else away and headed out the door. I decided that on the way to the barn, to make a couple of side trips to see what else was going on. I veered to the left and headed for the primitive campsite.

The campfire in the center was going. It seemed that the area was vacant except for one camper who was seated ground on a blanket staring into the fire. I became concerned that something was wrong. So I walked over to him to inquire and possibly offer help.

"Howdy!" I said when I got to him.

He looked up at me, said hi, glanced at my dick and then turned back to the fire.

"You OK?" I asked uncomfortably.

"Oh, I'm doing fine," he responded.

"If you're doing fine, then why aren't you down at the barn where everybody else seems to be?"

"I guess I'm sort of a one-on-one type of guy. Groups and public stuff are ok, but a lot of times I just enjoy being alone with a guy. I just sort of feel like that right now."

"That ok," I said, "Mind if I sit with you a while and keep you company?"

Turning to me with a smile, he said, "No, not at all. Good to have someone be here with me."

So I sat down next to him and for a while we said nothing -- just staring into the fire. Then I felt a hand gently stroking my inner thigh. I turned my head and looked at this guy next to me. He looked at me and gave me a warm smile. We then bent over to each other and kissed, our tongues touching. When we pulled apart, we looked at each other.

"Sometimes," he said reflectively, "I just enjoy being alone with a guy here at night -- out in the open -- under the stars -- with a beautiful campfire going. And then to feel the sexual warmth of a guy next to me -- and eventually having sex."

"It sounds good to me. The location looks good -- the timing seems right -- and I just happen to be available at the time. Is that what you like?"

He looked deep into my eyes, "That's what I want."

I smiled back at him warmly, "Then that's what I want too."

I moved over up against him and he put his arm around me and we sat there for another while just looking at the fire. Then he turned to me, moved his face in front of mine and started kissing me long and slow. It was so sensuous, I sort of melted. As he had his arms around me, he lowered me onto the ground onto my back continuing to kiss me.

With his way of kissing, he could keep at it all night! As we kissed, he moved his body on top of mine. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my now hardening member. Slowly, he began grinding his against mine. In so doing, lifted himself up so that he was looking down at me with his beautiful smile.

I was really getting into his slow sensuousness. He kissed me again and then kissed me on the nape of my neck which raised the hairs on the back of my neck. Oh, wow!! He then proceeded to lick down my chest pausing only to give a couple of licks around each nipple.

As he continued down my chest to my stomach, his hands stroked up and down the inside of my thighs which made me tremble. Then he stuck his tongue in my navel (mine's an inny, by the way) and swirled it around in there. Then he placed his lips over it and sucked on it, leaving a pink ring. He moved on down and buried his face into the bush of my groin. Moving back a little, he licked his lips, getting them wet while he examined my hard cock. He looked up at me and smiled. He wrapped his lips around my member and slid all the way to the base.

After sliding up and down my shaft several times, he moved his body around so that his cock was above my face. I reached up and guided his cock towards my mouth and let it slide in. He did all the movements -- almost like body dancing in which he did the rhythms of sucking me and fucking my mouth.

I reached around and felt his ass cheeks and in so doing, let his cock slip out of my mouth. As if he knew exactly what I wanted, he moved his legs forward so that his ass was above my mouth. He lowered himself onto my face. As he did, I stuck out my tongue so that his sphincter would slide over it.

He must have liked it because he let out of gasping moan of delight. Continuing to suck me, he moved his ass up and down my face letting my wet tongue slick down his ass crack. I then began sucking on his asshole. While I was doing that, he reached between his legs and began jacking his cock.

Next thing I knew, he stood up moved next to me. Smiling, he said, "Watch this. I think you'll like it." He sat on the blanket next to me, laid on his back, threw his legs over his shoulders and then lowered his cock into his mouth.

As he began sucking himself, I moved in closer to watch in amazement. I've heard about this and seen pictures of it, but not in real life until now. He began to suck himself harder and faster and as he did, it seemed that he engulfed more of his cock into his mouth.

I heard him grunt and knew that he was shooting his own load into his mouth. When he was done, he turned to me and smiled. He reached over to me, wrapped his arms around me again and again lowered me onto my back on the ground.

I looked up at him and he looked deep into my eyes. With one of his fingers, he pried my mouth open and then about six inches above me, he let his own cumload slide out of his mouth into mine. Staring back at him, I swallowed the load. He lowered his face close to mine and we French kissed again.

When we were done, he stroked my face and said, "Thanks. This was just what I wanted. Go now -- I know you own this place -- you need to go to the barn."

"I really don't want to. I'd like to stay here a while with you."

"No," he replied with a warm smile, "I'd like to be alone for a while. Thanks! You were really great. I predict that with you running this place, it's going to be a great success."

I rose up, "Thanks." I then walked to the barn.