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As I got closer to the barn I could hear music and noises emanating from inside. Sounded like everyone in there was having a good time.

When I entered, I first saw the hot tub and there were a number of guys in it. Two were kissing like crazy and another was standing, fucking the mouth of another. There was a third couple -- one sitting in front of the other. I couldn't tell if he was sitting on the man's lap or between his legs. But by the way he was moving up and down, I got the notion that there was a cock up his ass and he was riding it good.

I smiled and waved at them when I went by. I love having satisfied customers. That's good for business. And my business is not really camping; that's just a sideline. My business really is man-to-man sex -- and lots of it!!

When I entered into the dance room where the music was beating out a dance rhythm, I saw everyone was crowded around the stage and there were guys crowded on the stage. They were all circled around something that they were watching. As the guys were gyrating to the music, their cocks were hard and many of them were stroking as they seemed to watch intensely what was going on in the middle.

I was curious, so I first approached the DJ playing the music. He was watching over his sound system and at the same time gyrating to the music as well. The way his cock and balls were flopping back and forth I was getting sexually excited. I asked him what was going on in the middle of the crowd on stage. "I don't really know," he replied, "But I figure it's got to be something really intense."

Being manager, I decided I better have a look to make sure that everything was OK. I have responsibility for this place, you know. I wasn't going to allow any rape or anything else nonconsensual that was happening.

As I squirmed my way through the crowd, I was groped a few times -- you know -- someone stroked my cock, fondled my ass, a finger stuck up my hole. I didn't acknowledge any of them though I did enjoy it. I just needed to find out what was going on.

When I finally got to the middle I saw a real eye opener. There was a weight lifting bench and Brad was lying on it on his back. Lying on top of him was Frank with Brad's cock up his ass. They were kissing and making out like crazy. Then straddling the bench behind them was Randy whose black cock was up Frank's ass as well. They were fucking in perfect rhythm together -- perfect to the timing of the music.

I wasn't about to interrupt them because by the looks on all three of their faces, they were in ecstasy. If I did try to interrupt them I'm sure I would get flack from the crowd for they certainly were enjoying the scene.

But Frank getting double fucked! Wow! I didn't know he had the capability. What talent! What a show my staff is putting on the for the crowd! I pay them for working on the grounds. Now am I going to have to pay them for performing? "Nah," I thought to myself, "They're doing it for the good of the business. In fact, they're doing it just because they love doing it. And I'm getting the financial benefits of it!"

I stepped up close to Frank and Brad's head, squatted down and said to them, "I didn't know this was in your job description."

They looked at me and laughed. Frank spoke up, "Hey Bob, have you had two cocks up your ass at once?"

"No, I haven't."

"It feels so fuckin fine -- especially when it's your two good friends that are fucking ya."

Speaking to the three, I then said, "When you three are done with this sexual escapade, I want to talk to you."

Brad looked at me with concern. I smiled at him, "Don't worry, it's nothing that you're going to lose your job over."

Brad then gave a look of relief and then resume his kissing with Frank.

I stood up, moved back, and let the crowd move back in. For a moment I watched the reaction of the crowd. It was obvious they were really enjoying this as they began getting involved with each other -- me included as I again felt a hand on my ass. I didn't look behind me to see who it was. I just pushed my ass back against his hand, giving him the indication that I liked what he was doing and to keep going.

The man standing right in front of me had his back to me, watching the show. He was moving to the rhythm of the music. I put my hands on his waist and pulled him back against me. As I put my arms around his waist, he put his arms over mine and we swayed to the music together.

The man who was playing with my ass, pushed himself against me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I could feel his hard cock push against my ass crack and I rubbed my ass against it, signaling him to keep going. I felt his fingers probing for my asshole. When he found it and stuck his finger in, I squeezed my sphincter muscle around it a couple of times as a welcome. His finger pulled out and I felt his cockhead push against it. I relaxed and pushed back some more. The cock slid in easily and I heard his contented sigh as he slowly and easily began fucking me.

By this time, my cock had hardened and I spoke in the ear of the guy in front of me, "Want me to fuck ya? My cock sure wants to go for a ride and shoot its seed in your ass."

"Don't let me stop you," he replied, "My ass isn't happy until there's a cock in it."

I kissed the back of his neck and we both slightly moved ourselves around until the head of my cock found his hole. "He's at your back door," I said as I kissed him again, "Do you want him to come in?"

The man didn't answer. He just pushed his ass back and my cock slide in without any effort on my part. So there were the three of us in a locked embrace, fucking. No one was paying any attention to us for by this time, the crowd was involved in their own sexual frenzy.

Continuing to speak to the man in front of me as I fucked him, I said, "You know those three there putting on the show are the staff that works here?"

"I figured that. I've seen the black guy and the guy on the bottom working here. But I don't know the guy in the middle."

"He's part of the staff, too, but he doesn't know it." I said.

"How do you know that?"

"Because I'm the boss and I own this place."

The man then turned his head and craned his neck to look at me in somewhat of a surprise. "So you're the one who runs this place! It makes my getting fucked that much more fun. Imagine, me getting fucked by the head honcho here."

I laughed as I began to pick up the pace. His hole was soft, warm, wet, and pliable and it felt good. The man behind me would slide his cock all the way in to the base and then moved his crotch around against my ass causing his cock to turn somewhat. Now that's what I call getting screwed!

I looked at the crowd around me. Everybody was involved in one way or another. This was one massive orgy! The music kept going which kept everyone in the mood for sex. Everywhere I looked, there was groping, sucking, fucking, gyrating -- you name it, it was happening.

"Now this is the way to run a campground!" I thought to myself. I resumed enjoying the feel of my cock sliding in and out of the ass in front of me as my own ass was being fucked.

I suddenly felt a slam of the cock further in my ass and then felt the load shoot inside me. As I continued fucking, the cock in me slid out and it was only a brief moment before another cock slid in. The fucking resumed. This kept going for quite a while -- a cock fucks me, fills me, pulls out, and then another cock slides in. It all seemed planned -- automatic. I couldn't figure it out. But I loved it, this feeling of being constantly fucked.

Later on in the evening, as I was still being fucked, Randy came up and sided next to me. Speaking into my ear he said, "Now I know why you're getting fucked a lot tonite."

I looked at him, "I really don't know -- what?"

Randy looked at me quizzicaly, "You really don't know?"

"No, I really don't. I'm having a great time, but I really don't know."

"Well," Randy said looking around at my back, "Someone wrote on your back, `I OWN THIS PLACE. FUCK ME IF YOU LIKE IT.'"

"Well that explains it!" I said with a laugh, "How in the hell did they get that on without me knowing it?"

Randy laughed too, "Hey, if it works, bless the guy who wrote it."

When the guy in me shot his load and pulled out, I broke away from the crowd and walked over to the DJ and asked for the mike. The DJ then turned the music down, allowing me to speak.

"Hey guys, it's pretty obvious you're having a great time tonite."

There was a cheer from the crowd. Looking around, I noticed that several were continuing with their sex acts -- though they were listening.

Continuing on, "When I came in here tonite, there was a crowd here on stage watching something going on. Being the guy who owns and runs this place, I felt it my responsibility to find out. Will my staff and Frank come up here, please?"

I looked out over the audience and my eye caught them coming forward. They had sheepish looks on their faces as if they were about to be reprimanded.

When they got on stage by me, I resumed my talk, "I was sure surprised to see it was my staff and good friend Frank there. As some know, Frank lost his partner of many years earlier this week. His partner wanted him to get on with his life right away. It's obvious by what I saw, he did. (there was some laughter) I didn't know Frank could be double fucked. I've never had that done. Frank, I'll make a deal with you. If you can get me double fucked, you can have a position on the staff. We'll do it right here on the weight lifting bench since it's on the stage. Anybody that wants to watch and learn, they can. Well, Frank, are you willing?"

Frank had the look of surprise on his face, "Well, if Randy and Brad help me, I'll try. It shouldn't be too difficult, considering how much you've been fucked tonite."

I got on the bench and a group of guys gathered around me. Frank instructed me to huff on my poppers to get me relaxed and Randy volunteered to keep the bottle and hold it to my nostrils periodicaly. Brad volunteered to help Brad with the lube.

I took several huffs, handed the bottle to Randy and laid back. I raised my legs in the air, exposed my asshole to the crowd. I didn't mind. I was high on the poppers and excited on this new adventure. I didn't want to watch what they were doing -- I trusted them. I motioned for Randy to straddle my face which he did. He lowered the bottle again and I took more huffs. Then he lowered his asshole over my mouth. Just what I wanted. As he sat on my face, my tongue searched for hs sweet black hole.

As I began my tongue fucking, I felt the lube poured on my ass hole. I felt fingers smearing the lube and then pushing some in. I felt a finger work its way in -- then gradually two -- then gradually three. My ass was feeling full, but my hole remain relaxed.

Randy raised up off my face and stepped back. He lowered my bottle again and I took more huffs. They then slid me more towards the end of the bench so that my head was hanging down over the end. My legs were raised again and Frank and Brad resumed working on my asshole as Randy then slid his cock into my mouth. With my head hanging back, my throat opened up and was able to take his beautiful black tool all the way to the base.

I felt my ass raised more and more lube put on. I felt two sets of two fingers work themselves into my hole -- like a pair of stretchers -- gradually making my hole a little larger. Then two sets of fingers worked themselves in and my hole gradually got a little larger still.

I began hearing murmurings in the crowd and knew that they were really interested in what was going on. This got me more excited. As I've said several times before, I always love an audience. Randy pulled his cock out, stepped back and held the bottle under my nose.

"Take several deep huffs, cause they're gonna get their dicks up ya pretty quick."

I took long deep breaths and felt the intoxicating aroma overtake me. I felt my ass lifted higher and then a hard cock slide under. Randy sat me back up and in doing so, my ass lips slid down over Brad's hard shaft. Brad then laid back on his back as I rolled forward, still sitting on his cock. Frank then came up behind me, stuck two fingers in, alongside of Brads cock, wiggled them around, then pulled them out.

Randy moved around to Brad's head and straddled above his face. Brad reached up to Randy's dark, thick thighs and pulled him down so that his black ass rested on Brad's face. As Brad began rimming Randy's ass, I bent over and began sucking on Randy's beautiful black cock.

While this was happening Frank's cock easily slid into my ass, right on top of Brad's. Then a cheer rose up from the audience. So this is what being double fucked feels like! It felt wonderful! What a ride! Frank definitely got the job!

The guys standing around us began beating their cocks furiously as my bottle was being passed around. This would be a climax I would never forget! Frank's and Brad's cocks were pumping harder in me as Randy had a hold of my head and was fucking my mouth as he continued to slide his ass over Brad's face.

I didn't take the time to count the guys standing around us, but they began shooting their cumloads on us. No, it wasn't really shooting. It was more of a shower. The loads shot arches in the air and landed on me -- me being in the middle and on top of Brad. Some loads landed on Frank as he continued fucking. We were getting covered and then loads began running down over our bodies.

I heard different muffled sounds from Brad (as Randy's ass had covered his face) as though he was going to cum. The grunting began coming from Frank as well. In perfect union, their cocks throbbed and I felt the loads shoot in me. As soon as they were done, Randy's cock shot his load in my mouth.

I, being the real trooper that I am, didn't swallow the load, but waited until Randy was done and move his ass off Brad's face. When that was done, I bent over and kissed Brad, long and deep and let Randy's load that was in my mouth flow into Brad's. He swallowed it hungrily.

After we got our breaths, I was the first to speak up, "Wow! That was great! But what about all this cum? Anyone want to help clean it off?"

I laughed as six guys immediately jumped at the chance. They licked up all the cum off of us. Making sure that there was none left on us, they licked us ALL OVER. Talk about getting a tongue bath!!