This is a story about friendship, love and sex between two adult males. It is fiction and contains some watersports and rationalized unprotected sex. In the real world you should always use protection. Comments may be sent to me at

Kneeling in a lightweight canoe with my butt back against the seat, I planted my paddle in the calm waters of the lake and leaned back, giving a flick of my wrist at the end of the stroke to keep the canoe traveling straight on its path. My eyes rested appreciatively on the muscles of my partner's back paddling in the bow, shirtless, his broad shoulders tapering to a narrow waist. At my knees my Brittany dog lay dozing in the sun. A pair of loons called and he raised his head to gaze at them lazily for a few seconds, then, deciding all was well he laid it back down again and sighed contentedly. Could it get much better than this?

“Can it get any better than this?” Rob asked from the bow.

“Well, yeah,” I thought, “you could be gay like me.”

“Not much,” I said.

“Aw, c'mon, Eeyore, it's peckin' perfect and you know it!” he laughed.

“Well, no earthquakes lately,” I admitted.

“Ah, Mikey...”

He's the only one who called me Mikey. He's the only one I'd allow to call me Mikey. Of course, at 6'3” of mainly muscle it didn't occur to most people to call me anything but Mike.

Just plain Mike, that was me. Brown hair that was just saved from being mousy by a hint of red. Body hair, thick on my legs and forearms, that was almost the color of my skin, so that it just blurred my outline. Eyes the color of shit, though they were called hazel. I had dropped out of college after two years for lack of money, but I had lacked direction anyway. I got into construction with a small company that did eco-friendly, energy-efficient jobs and I liked it and it did wonders for my physique. I didn't have gym-rat, bulgey muscles, but I was rock solid. I tended to wear loose-fitting t-shirts so it wasn't that obvious, though. Just an ordinary t-shirt-and-jeans guy. Even my name was ordinary. Is there a duller, more ordinary name than Mike?

Rob and I had met freshman year at college when we both signed up to do a river clean-up project for a local environmental group. We immediately hit it off, lots in common, etc. I let him know I was gay and he had no problem with it, but he was straight. I was in lust with him. He wasn't conventionally handsome. He was too skinny, for one thing. Head-on he had very wide shoulders and narrow hips, but from the side we joked that he would disappear. (Secretly I thought that he'd disappear except for his bubble-butt and basket, but I didn't say so.) His chest was shallow but had well-defined pecs with nipples that looked perpetually chilled, they were so hard and erect. And hairless. Not even a treasure-trail down below his navel. But nice, soft hair on his forearms that just begged to be stroked. But I didn't. Sandy hair that was already thinning, blue eyes, around six feet tall. You get the picture.

I had hopes for him until around the time I quit school, when he and a mutual female friend made a mistake and she got pregnant and they got married. She miscarried a few months later, but I wasn't going to do anything that might screw up a marriage. Then around the time he was graduating they announced their divorce, and a little while later Rob called and, told me we were going to The Best Place on Earth to Canoe at the end of summer.

“And where's that?” I asked, not at all unwilling.

“Algonquin Provincial Park. It's in Ontario, between Toronto and Ottawa. It's not too far, it's cheap, you can afford it. We'll go in mid-September, after all the kids are back in school, so it won't be crowded, and all the mosquitoes will be gone. It'll be beautiful! C'mon, Mikey, we've gotta go!”

“I'm not saying no, but we've never done a trip before. All we've done are overnights on the Delaware where we can take heavier equipment and food. What do we do long will we be out?”

“A week. There's an outfitter that'll supply everything we need that we don't supply ourselves. Everything. All we need are our clothes.”

“Well, it sounds good. What about your grad school?”

“I'm taking a semester off, starting next spring, it's all arranged. But I need to get away and clear my head, sort of reset. I've been reading about this place and looking at Youtube videos. It's just what I need.”

“It sounds like maybe you should get away by yourself.”

“I wouldn't do something like this the first time alone. Besides,” he hesitated, “just about everything's better if you're there.”

I was gob-smacked. “Uh...thanks! Right back atcha, bud!”

“You know, the 'nudge factor'.”

“The what?”

“The nudge factor. When you see a beautiful painting, or a magnificent sunset, or a sexy, person, it makes it so much better to have a friend there you can nudge and share it with.”

“Ah. I know exactly what you mean. Well, you're my favorite 'nudge', too, man. I say, let's go nudge each other in the Great White North!”

“All right, Mikey! I knew I could count on you!”

And that's how we found ourselves on Timberwolf Lake on our third day into Algonquin Park. The sun was shining and as usual there were several different types of clouds in separate layers scudding across the sky. We were heading for a campsite on an island that looked good on the map, and we were going to check it out to see if it lived up to expectations.

And it did! From lake level the island looked like a giant green cake with thousands of hemlock and pine candles, but the map told us it was shaped like a pork chop and a bit bigger than a football field. Most of the coastline was rocky, but the small protected in-curve of the 'chop' contained something very rare in the Park, a sandy beach! We paddled around the island once and put in at the obvious landing place next to a large flat rock near the camp site and set out to explore. All designated camping sites in Algonquin have a fire grill and an outhouse or 'thunderbox'. This one also had some logs for seats near the fire and a nice flat area for the tent.

“OK, we'll stay,” I allowed.

“He said grudgingly! C'mon, it's pecking perfect!” Rob laughed.

“There won't be any firewood left on the island...”

“” and Rob jumped on my back, his legs around my waist and his hands gripping my neck. He was a very physical guy, which didn't make being his platonic friend any easier. I outweighed him by about 40 lbs and all of it muscle, so I just hooked my arms under his legs started walking calmly down the path that headed in the direction of the beach.

“OK, maybe not...” Rob hooked his elbows over my shoulders and laced his fingers on top of my head, resting his chin on them. He had to duck occasionally to avoid branches. After about twenty yards we emerged from the trees onto the beach. It was small, only about thirty ft long and ten ft deep and crescent-shaped, just right for two people. There was a huge log at the back of it parallel with the water, thrown up by some long-ago violent storm. I backed up to it and set him down. He stood on it but remained leaning on me and running his fingers in my hair, presumably gazing out on the lake.

“Beautiful,” he sighed.


He lowered his hands so they grasped my chest and hugged me. “I love you.”

“I know.”

I know? Idiot! What a stupid thing to say, right? But I've never been able to say those words that everyone else seems to find so easy. Yeah, so I had really shitty parents and a rotten childhood, but I should be over that by now, right? I love this guy more than anything, and he just said he loved me, and I can't say it back to him. Yeah, he doesn't mean it the same way I mean it, but still. I know? Sheesh!

“OK,” I said, trying to dispel the awkwardness, “gotta get moving. We're gonna want to take baths before it gets too cool, and we've got to go over to the mainland to gather firewood, and I've got to rebuild the fireplace...”

The sound of chattering interrupted me. Looking down, there was Doggo staring at me. I had forgotten about his tennis ball! That dog was devoted to his ball and he knew it only came out of the pack when we were in camp for the day. He'd get so freaked waiting for it that his teeth would chatter!

“Sorry, boy, you're right, first things first...”

We had a routine of camp chores that we had naturally fallen into, one that had developed during our series of overnight camping trips during previous years and which continued in Canada. We both set up the tent, Rob gathered firewood while I built the fireplace, Rob unpacked gear, I cooked, he did dishes. Doggo, tennis ball in mouth, dashed about exploring and keeping marauding bears and raiding squirrels out of camp.

An hour later we were right on schedule. The tent was set up and a tarp rigged over the fire area. Rob had been over to the mainland and had gathered enough firewood for the night and the next morning, and I had rebuilt the fireplace with rocks left there by previous campers and others I had gathered. We never understood why campers never built decent fireplaces. They just seemed content to make a ring of stones around their fires. I always built structures that were esthetically pleasing, easy to cook on, thermally efficient, and added to the deep contentment of just sitting around a fire in the evening.

Now I was going through the food packs getting things out for supper and Rob was in the tent organizing our gear. We had travelled for two and a half days, and this was our first day for bathing. We hadn't discussed how we were going to handle it, whether to bathe singly or together. We had never seen each other naked. Rob had never even seen me without a shirt, as I was kind of body-shy, another result of my fucked-up childhood. And I worried about getting an erection in front of him if we bathed together, for the obvious reason, and for another. I am, well, unusually well-endowed. Even if I only got half hard it wouldn't be something that could be ignored.

On the other hand, I wanted to seem natural about it. What did regular guys do in this situation? And if I was honest about it, I wanted to see him naked! How fucked-up is that? I wanted to perv on my best friend to fuel my jerk-off fantasies for later, but didn't want to get hard about it at the time! A recipe for disaster! I decided it was definitely best if we bathed separately.

Rob came out of the tent with our soap and towels and clothes bags.

“We better get going if we want our baths while the sun is still warm. You ready?”

Well, the decision had been made for me. I made sure the food packages were safe from the squirrels and chipmunks and I followed him to the beach, marveling at how wonderfully his ass filled out his jeans as he walked. Not a good way to start this not-getting-hard thing! The beach faced west so it was as warm as it was going to get this far north. We sat on the log to take off our shoes, then took off our pants. I took a deep breath and reached to pull off my t-shirt.

“Ah, at last I get to see what you keep hidden under those clothes!”

I froze. “Huh?”

“C'mon, Mike, over the years most of the gang has seen each other at least topless. Hell, half of us have been skinny-dipping together. Not to mention the ones who have been in bed together in various combinations. But not you, you always beg off. And you're obviously in good shape, even though you always wear those baggy shirts. C'mon, take 'em off, let's see what you've got!” he grinned.

I dropped my arms to my sides and just stood there. Now he had made too big a deal out of it. I was momentarily paralyzed.

“I'm just not comfortable with it like most people. Maybe I shouldn't...”

His grin disappeared. “Oh, Mikey, I'm sorry! I'm being a jerk! Mikey, you know I love you. Long ago I stopped seeing the physical you and just see the real you that I love. I don't care if you're a gorilla or have a third nipple or scars or anything. If there's anyone you can show yourself to, it's me, and if there's any place you can do it, it's here. But it's up to you. Leave them on if you have to, I don't mind. I just want you to be happy.”

And my friend hugged me, a full body hug, and ran his hands all over my back and down to the top of my ass. I wore boxer-briefs and he wore jockeys, and our pouched genitals were mashed together. This was feeling too good. I had to break this up, fast!

“No, it's OK. I just wasn't raised that way and I never got over it. It shouldn't be a big deal, I just have to take the plunge...But of course you are a jerk!” I grinned to break the tension.

He was relieved. “OK, then, c'mon, we're burning daylight. Let's get naked and in the water!”

He started pulling off his t-shirt and underpants and I did the same, trying not to think about it and trying not to look. I grabbed the soap and turned to head for the water.


I spun around, alarmed. “What?!”

Rob was staring at me, mostly at the area between neck and knees. “Jesus H. Christ on a fucking bicycle!” he elaborated.

“What?” I repeated.

“You are peckin' gorgeous!”

Gorgeous? I looked down at myself. At first I couldn't see much except my cock because my chest stuck out too much, covered with short, straight hair that I always thought looked strange, as if I had shaved and the hair was growing in again. I leaned my head farther forward and could see the slight ridges of my stomach, also hairy, not what I'd consider a real six-pack. My thighs and legs I knew were pretty muscular from work and bicycling. My hips were a bit wider than I wished so I didn't have a classic V-shape even though my shoulders were pretty broad.

And then there was my dick. I was a grower rather than a shower, and didn't have much of a basket most of the time except for my balls, which were pretty big. Not like Rob, whose muscled butt seemed to pull his jeans tight around his crotch and show off what he had! Soft, I usually hung about four thin uncut inches. But the anticipation and the underwear hug with Rob had started to chub me up just a bit, and although I was still completely soft I now had about six fatter inches hanging over my big testicles.

I looked up at Rob suspiciously. “Are you mocking on me?”

“Hell, no! Fuck, I'd kill to have your build! Look how skinny I am!”

He was inviting me to inspect him. I greedily took in his broad shoulders and narrow waist and hips, totally smooth, skin like velvet. His perfectly defined pecs capped by dime-sized, rock-hard nipples. Not an ounce of fat but not skin-and-bone, just the right amount of muscle making beautiful bulges under the smooth skin. A sculpted ass over corded thighs, the ass hairless of course. And a cock beyond my dreams, above low-hanging balls a thick five inches and, to my surprise, apparently half hard. He was beautiful!


“What? No, you are!” he laughed. “What a pair we are! We each want what the other's got. But I'm arrogant enough to not be shy about showing it off to anyone who's around. Like the people in that canoe over there.”

“What?! Where?!” as I spun around, searching the lake.

“Just kidding, we've got the place to ourselves. But, fuck! You've got a perfect ass, too! Now let's get in the water and get clean!” And he galloped out into the lake until the beach dropped off and he suddenly sank over his head in the cool water. I followed more carefully and stopped when the level reached mid-thigh. Squeezing some gel from the bottle of eco-friendly soap into my hands I crouched down and started washing my hair. Rob swam back and crouched behind me, his thighs against my hips, and to my surprise took over lathering my hair. As he did so I could swear I felt his cock bump up against my ass as it floated on the water. Could he be erect?

“I love your hair,” he murmured. My hair? It was just brown, a little long. He continued to run his fingers through my hair and I was getting more and more turned on. Damn this touchy-feely crap! How was I expected to do this and not get hard? Then it got worse. He finished with my hair and took his lathered hands and started running them over my shoulders and upper arms and back, then under my arms and around to my chest, soaping up my chest hair and teasing my nipples. Finally I couldn't take it anymore. I put my hands under his knees and lifted, tilting him back in the water. He reflexively grabbed my shoulders for support and I leaned back myself and followed him into the water on our backs.

He came up sputtering. “What'd you do that for?”

“You've got to get clean, too. And besides, I'm getting too excited with all this touching. I'm sorry, but I can't help it, I know it's embarrassing...”

“Who's embarrassed?” Rob asked as he stood up in the water displaying an almost-full erection. “I'm not. And you sure shouldn't be with that monster! Fuck, it must be eight inches long and you're not full hard yet! Now, come on, it's my turn, wash my hair!” And he crouched down and squeezed some gel on his head from the bottle which had been floating nearby. I kneeled in the sand behind him and started working up a lather in his shorter hair. He reached behind him and grabbed onto my thighs to stabilize himself in the lapping waves of the lake. My cock, floating in the water, kept bobbing against the back of his ass.

“That tickles,” he laughed and grabbed hold of it with one hand. I gasped. “Geez, it's big. I bet not many can take this up the ass.”

I hesitated. “I wouldn't know, I've never fucked anyone.”

“What? You're not a virgin, are you? I mean, we've never talked about this stuff before, but I assumed...”

“Well, I guess it depends on your definition. I've never been fucked, either, so I guess I am. But I've had pretty intense, sweaty sex with guys where we used our hands or mouths to get each other off, and I kind of count that as real sex. So I don't think of myself as a virgin.”

“Wow! Well, big boy, we gotta get you laid.”

“You offering?”

“I don't know, you gonna make me dinner? Oh, wait, you are going to make me dinner! Maybe we should stick to a hand job for now.”

“Maybe we should just wash each other. Those clouds are moving in and it's gonna get a lot cooler, and we have supper to make and it'll be dark in about an hour and we don't want to be trying to cook in the dark and ...”

“OK, OK, I get it...” laughed Rob as we stood up. We lathered each other and washed all over, my shyness almost gone though my horniness wasn't, and neither was Rob's by the evidence. But we could laugh as we washed each other's cocks and balls and even reach into our ass-cracks. By the time we had plunged into the lake to rinse off and dried ourselves in the cooling wind on the beach our erections had subsided enough that they would fit in our underwear.

It felt good to put on clean clothes and head back into the shelter of the trees to the camp, where I efficiently put a supper of stew-glop together on the single-burner stove while Rob got a fire going so I could bake some bannock in the frying pan. We got the dishes washed and everything put away with the last light of the day. We set some oatmeal cookies and cocoa mix in the tent for later, took a poncho to lie on and headed back to the beach for some star-gazing.

We lay beside each other and passed a joint and a canteen of lemonade back and forth until we had had enough of both. Doggo scraped a shallow depression in the sand, turned around in it three times, settled down and sighed. The sand was still warm from the sun, the cool breeze had eased, and the sky was clear and inky-black, studded with a million twinkling stars. I had my hands behind my head and we were lying there not talking when a meteor streaked across the sky. Rob gently poked me in the ribs.


“I just nudged you.”

“I know. Why?”

“The 'nudge factor', dummy.”

“Oh. Oh!”

“This is just so incredible, and I'm so glad to be here with you.”

“Me, too,” I replied lamely.

“No. I mean, there's no place I'd rather be, and there's no one else I'd want here with me. There's no second choice. It's you or no one.”


“Do you love me?”

“You know I do.”

“I mean, do you love me? Are you in love with me?”

I hesitated. ”I'm afraid so.”

“Why afraid?”

“Because you're straight and it's doomed to frustration and maybe ruining our friendship.”

“Who says I'm straight?”

I was startled. “What? You've always been straight! You date girls, you look at girls on the street, you married a girl...”

“And you see how well that worked for me!Gwen and I didn't have unprotected sex after the miscarriage, and no sex at all the last year of the marriage. I haven't had sex in fourteen months!”

“That doesn't make you gay!”

“No, but it was partly because of my doubts about my sexuality that Gwen and I broke up. I'd been having them for years but I finally couldn't deny them. And then I realized that when I jerked off I only fantasized about men.....and mostly one man.....and that man and me.....together.....and I had to find out...”

“Stop talking! Do you want to kiss me?”

“God, yes!”

I reached under and scooped him up and pulled him over to me, then rolled back so he was lying on top of me and we were face to face. There was no hesitation, no gentleness. I had wanted this for a long, long time, and it was obvious that he was just as eager. He grabbed my hair in both hands and our lips explored, our tongues were everywhere, our spit ran down my cheeks as we devoured each other, getting to know each other's taste. Then our hands tore at our clothes, wanting skin-to-skin contact, and as much of it as possible! Rob had torn open my shirt and raised my t-shirt and held me down, my arms raised, and ran his lips over my chest, feeling the hair, making little moans of happy lust, locking onto my hard nipples and sucking on them, making me moan back. He rubbed his beard stubble across my chest, teasing my nipples into even harder peaks, then jammed his nose as far as he could get it into my armpit and gulped in great breaths of my scent like a man possessed! He was humping his erect cock against my leg and running his hands over my big pecs and biceps.

It was all a little too much for me, too fast. I had been in love with him forever but had considered him to be out of reach, and now all of a sudden he was attacking me! Not that it didn't feel good, but what the fuck? I pulled his face out of my armpit and took him by the ears and looked him in the eyes.

“Whoa there, cowboy! Slow down! We've got time!”

“Ah, Mikey, I just love your smell! Even when you've been working hard you smell like home and sexy at the same time. I can't get enough!” he grinned.

“Well, uh, OK, but you just seemed to be getting carried away there...”

“Mike, I've been wanting to make love to you for so long, it's been so hard holding back, being around you and hardly being able to touch you...forcing myself to not hang around with you as much as I wanted...not saying what I was feeling...trying not to look at your butt and your crotch and your sexy hairy muscly forearms or the veins on the backs of your strong hands...getting that melting feeling in my stomach when you smile...just dying to run my fingers through your hair...and not having anyone I could talk to about don't know what it's like...”

“Uh, yeah, I do, and so does every other gay man who has a close friend who's straight, which is most other gay men!”

A pause. “Oh. Oh! Wow, I'm coming at this from a weird direction, huh? I see what you mean. Self-centered of me to think I was the only one. So...did you feel any of that about me?”

“Just about all of it. And ever since I met you four years ago!”

“I don't know what I was thinking all that time. I just know that eventually I allowed myself to realize that I was attracted to men, then mostly to men, then mostly to one man and that man was you, and for almost a year now you have been the object of all my fantasies. And the more I hung out with you the more I came to realize that you were the person I wanted to be with, in the long term and,” he said with a leer, “in the fucking short term! And that, I might add, was before I saw your magnificent bod!”

“So what I guess we're saying is, we love each other, we're in love with each other, and we want to fuck each other's lights out! That about cover it?”

Rob grinned. “Yep! But I don't know about getting fucked by that monster you've got! I wasn't counting on that. I've been, um, practicing with some toys, but ...How big does it get, anyway?”

“A little over ten long and about two wide. I've seen bigger.”

“On what, a horse?”

“Hey! In pornos.”

“Just kidding! I might not be a size queen, but I'm at least a size prince. I'm gonna love it! Besides, it's part of you, and I love all of you...”

“You want to see just how much you love it?”

Rob was alarmed. “Right now? Here?”

“I don't mean fucking. Necessarily. I thought you might just want to get acquainted.”

“Oh! Yeah!”

I stood up and Rob immediately reached to undo my belt, button and zipper, and I just watched him as he knelt in front of me. My pants dropped to the ground and I stood in my boxer-briefs, the pouch obscenely extended with my half-hard cock and big balls. Rob reached behind and grabbed my muscular ass and jammed his face into my groin, inhaling and moving his face back and forth across my semi-rigid prick and soft sack. He took hold of the waistband and peeled down the underwear 'til I lifted one foot and stepped out of it and the jeans, then he ran his hands back up my hairy, muscular leg until he reached my low-hanging balls.

He murmured as he felt their size, but quickly moved on to my cock which was still not fully hard. I've seen some big ones in films that never seem to get really hard. Mine does, but it has to work up to it. That's OK with me, because I think it's at its sexiest when it's really big but still has some play in it, like a sleeping beast with the promise of more to come when it's awakened.

Rob took my cock in both hands and licked the head tentatively. I had to remember that this was probably the first cock he had ever had in his mouth, unless he had done some adolescent fooling around. He licked inside the foreskin and then took the head in his mouth carefully and swirled his tongue around it. I sighed with my whole body. I was in heaven. It didn't matter that he was an amateur. This was the man I loved! As long as he didn't bite the damn thing off, anything he did was all right with me!

But he didn't stay tentative for long. Like a man with a sweet tooth discovering chocolate he suddenly realized what he had been missing all those years and he tried to get as much of me as he could into his mouth! That really wasn't a lot because the head of my cock is even bigger than the shaft, but it must have felt huge to him, and it felt damn good to me! I was now rock-hard and Rob pulled back on my skin to expose the head and just touched his tongue to my piss slit where a pearl of pre-cum had formed and drew out the viscous liquid in a slender thread, then lapped it up and spread it over my cock head. His tongue explored the hard surface of the head and the defined ridge all around the helmet, then returned to concentrate on the sensitive underside near the tip. He started jerking on the shaft with one hand while fondling my egg-sized balls with the other. I hadn't come in three days and I wasn't going to last long.

“Oh, Robbie, that feels so good! Suck on that big cock! Is that what you wanted? Man, I've been jerking off for years fantasizing about this happening...I can't believe you're sucking my dick...I'm gonna come soon...are you gonna let me cum in your mouth, Robbie?”


“Oh fuck, yeah! I knew you would,'ve been wanting this as much as I have, haven't you?”


“Yeah, jerk on that shaft...suck my cock Robbie!”


“Yeah, oh man, seeing my big dick in your hot...and it's you...finally...I love you Robbie...and I'm gonna come...gonna come...uhn...”

I held his head in my hands as I came, hard. I could feel the cum rushing down the whole length of my cock and shooting out the piss slit. The widely flaring ridge of the cock head behind his teeth had effectively locked my cock in his mouth, which was filling with cum as my intense orgasm continued. I must have shot seven or eight times before he stretched his jaw and released my prick. I sank to my knees and embraced him and kissed him. His mouth was still full of my cum and we swapped it back and forth, mixed with spit, as we kissed.

But to call it a kiss doesn't do it justice. We had both wanted this for so long that we now had little self-control, and we were surprising ourselves and each other with our raunchiness! We uttered moans and obscenities as we explored and devoured each other, spreading my cum over our faces and slurping it up again while our hands roamed everywhere. Rob still had a t-shirt on but his pants were down by his knees and his hard cock was pointing up between our bodies and I was jacking him off.

“I'm getting close,” he moaned urgently and I just pushed him back while I leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth. This was my first chance to appreciate it up close. It was thicker than average and perfectly straight, veiny, cut, with a big head. About seven inches, I judged. It was the best cock in the world! It fit my mouth perfectly. I was a pretty good cocksucker although my gag reflex was too strong for me to really deep throat, but I could take it pretty deep and slobber on the shaft and jerk it off and make it feel pretty damn good, or so I'd been told. And that's what I did to this beautiful dick, pausing now and then to lick his smooth balls pulled up tight in their sack. So he shaved his balls!

He was bent at the knees and leaning all the way back so his shoulders were on the ground. His t-shirt was bunched under his arms and he was pinching his nipples, twisting them, pulling them out from his muscular chest.

“Mmmm, hurts so good,” he moaned.

I stood his cock upright by the tip and then slapped it!

“Oh, yeah! Do it again!”

I did.

“Fuck! I'm gonna come!”

I got back on his cock just in time to catch the first shot! I grabbed his balls and his shaft and jerked him off into my mouth as he writhed beneath me. Spurt after spurt of his sweet cum filled my mouth as I swirled my tongue around his rock-hard cock head, tickling the ridge and under the piss-slit, feeling his slime coat my tongue. Finally his spasms stopped but his cock was still hard and ultra-sensitive. I'd just let it sit in my mouth for a few seconds and then suck on the head, causing Rob to groan and beg me to stop and I would, for a few seconds more, and then I'd suck again! I knew the sweet agony of that sensation. You couldn't do it to yourself, but the pleasure/pain was exquisite!

Then, his dick having grown softer in my mouth, Rob got a mischievous look in his eye. I knew something was up and was just about to take steps to ask what it was when I got my answer in the form of a spurt of Rob's piss in my mouth! My eyes opened wide and I automatically swallowed. Rob probably expected me to spit out his cock and act all freaked out, but instead I just murmured, smiled as best I could with a prick in my mouth, and sucked on his cock, waiting for more! I was well experienced with watersports, and this little exercise just made me more excited!

Now it was Rob's turn to look surprised, but he was also grinning.

“All right! I saw this in a video and it looked hot, but I never thought...,” and he started pissing again, spurts at first, but then a steady stream. “Oh, man, it's like I'm coming in your mouth again, only longer! Oh, yeah, Mikey, drink my piss!”

I gladly drank my lover's essence until he had no more to give, then took the last mouthful up and shared it with him. He was expecting it and waited as I dribbled it down into his open mouth. He swished it around in his mouth for only a moment before swallowing and then brought our lips together for another kiss. I pulled him upright so we were both kneeling again, our half-hard cock hanging between us.

“Time for a fire?”

“Yeah,” I agreed, “and some cookies.”

I heard a whimper and looked over at Doggo. He hadn't changed position, but his eyes were locked on mine and his ears were up.

“Yeah, you heard me, I said cookies.”

He got up and stretched, shook and then started up the trail to the camp. He got about ten feet and stopped, looking back questioningly to where we were still pulling our pants up.

“OK, we're coming.”

Back in camp Rob started the fire. He had set up the tinder, twigs and small branches in a tipi formation in the fireplace before we went star-gazing, so it just took one match and a few minutes until he had it going well enough to accept some larger pieces and he could leave it alone. Then he went into the tent to rearrange our two sleeping bags into one. I got the stove going and boiled water for cocoa and got the cookies and a biscuit for Doggo, then made sure all edible items were in one pack to be hung from a tree overnight to keep it safe from marauding animals. Everything else went into the tent vestibule where I also made a space for Doggo; he was protected from the weather but could get in and out during the night without bothering us.

Twenty minutes later everything was ready. We sat on our PFDs with our backs against the log and took a few more tokes off the joint while our cocoa cooled on the stone apron I had built in front of the fireplace. It wasn't really cold, but a cool breeze made the radiant heat from the fire very welcome. Doggo waited semi-patiently for his share of my cookies.

“These are going to be great oatmeal cookies,” Rob said. “This will be delicious cocoa!”

“I thought you weren't crazy about the oatmeal...”

“I said, these will be great oatmeal cookies...”

“OK, OK!”

“...because I'm eating them in the best place in the world, with the best person in the world!”

“And the best dog in the world!”

“And of course the best dog in the world!”

“But that doesn't change how good the actual oatmeal cookies are...”

“Mikey...” Rob said warningly.

“OK, I don't care. I like the oatmeal cookies!”

“We are not really talking about oatmeal cookies.”

“We're not? What kind of cookies are we talking about?”

“We're not talking about cookies at all! We're talking about being in the best place with the best person!”

“And the best dog.”

And the best dog! Oh, never mind, I was trying to make a point, but it's lost now.”

“What? I get your point.”

“Yeah, but there was feeling behind it, emotion. I guess I was feeling kind of...well romantic...” he said hesitantly.

“Oh, no wonder I didn't get it! I don't do romantic. Here's me being romantic.” I grabbed his crotch and gave it a good shake and bellowed, “I fuckin' love this man!”

Rob looked shocked for a second and then dissolved into laughter. “You fucker! You had me for a minute! I've seen you be more romantic than that with Doggo! Gimme a kiss!” So I did. “OK, now lets drink our cocoa. Doggo's been patient long enough!”

So we drank our cocoa and ate our cookies, Doggo getting the last bite of each of mine. Then he got his night time biscuit and his day was over. He scraped out a nest, did his turning ritual and settled down to do his job of guarding me. Rob and I sat by the fire for another hour, soaking in the warmth, our arms around each other's shoulders or sometimes just sitting close up against one another, talking about the past and especially about the possible future.

It had been a long and very eventful day, and, mindful that it might not end once we went to bed, we decided it was time to turn in. We hung the food bag and washed our faces and brushed our teeth, afterwards standing for a few minutes by the side of the water to look at the incredible star-show in the sky. Then we drowned the dying embers of the fire and got into the tent. As we sat taking our shoes off at the door we could hear Doggo settling down in the vestibule.

We had always slept in underwear and t-shirts in our separate sleeping bags, but Rob had opened the bags so we had one under us and one on top, but not zipped together. We also had bag liners, so they were like sheets. We seemed to have the same idea because we both stripped off our underwear but left on our t-shirts; shoulders were the first things to get cold. We got in our bed and lay facing each other and kissed, a gentle kiss, and took hold of each other's dicks, which weren't hard, and I guess waited for the next move.