The next thing I knew it was daylight and the weirdly magnified sound of Doggo galloping across the campsite in pursuit of who knows what – probably a red squirrel – was drumming in my ear. Something about the make-up of the soil up there amplifies the sound of anything impacting it. With my eye still closed I groaned a little, then smiled remembering where I was. It was taking me a minute to catch up. Suddenly I remembered everything and my eyes popped open. I was facing the tent wall. I flipped over and came face to face with a man with the most beautiful smile! We weren't shaving on this trip and the three-day growth looked really sexy on him!

There he is! 'Morning, Mikey! Did Doggo finally wake you up?”

Yeah, he's chasing something...You been awake long?”

A few minutes. He's protecting the camp from some squirrels. They're chattering at him, hear 'em? And they're in different trees so he has to run back and forth between them.”

Hey, sorry about last night, guess I was more tired than I thought...”

No problem, I don't know who fell asleep first. But we've got all day in camp today to just rest up, maybe nap in the sun... looks like it's gonna be nice, I peeked out the flap, all blue...”

Cool. First I gotta pee, then get some coffee into me...”

Sounds like a plan. Let's go!” And he unzipped the door (while I admired his bare butt) and then just walked outside!

Hey! Forgetting something?”


Clothes, for instance?”

Why bother? C'mon, Mikey, let's be nudists today! It's only us, no one else will come near when they see the tent, or Doggo will bark when he smells them.”

Well, OK, but I'm keeping my t-shirt on until the fire gets going, it's still chilly out there!”

Uh, actually, I think I will put my shirt on for a while. But no pants!”

So we went about our morning routine as usual except naked from the waist down. The sight of Rob's cock and balls hanging down under his hairless ass while he squatted in front of the fire to fan the tinder caused my big prick to begin to chub up. Not a lot, but in my case not a lot meant seven thick inches hanging down as low as my balls. I distracted myself making breakfast, a real leisurely meal of pancakes and bacon for this in-camp day. But Rob wasn't trying to distract himself, he would fondle my ass as I walked by or graze his fingers over my erect nipples showing through my t-shirt, and he openly jerked himself as he sat waiting for the next pancake to cook.

Look at this...I'm hard and I'm not as big as you are and you're just hanging there soft!”

You're plenty inches is a lot...”


Really? I thought it was seven.”

Six-and-a-half, just average, and you...”

Well, it felt like seven in my mouth,” I said, grinning, “and six-and-a-half is a lot more than average! Five is average. Besides,” I reached out and took it in my hand, “yours is perfect. Fits in my mouth just right. Any more would be a waste. And I'm already scared to think how it's going to fit up my ass!”

You think you're scared! Think how I must feel with that monster you're packing! That's gonna split me in two!”

You mean you're going to let me fuck you?”

Of course I am! It's not a matter of 'let you' fuck me. We're partners. We share things. Now, it's gonna be a tight squeeze, but we're gonna do it!”

Well that added another inch to my length of swinging dick! But I was being practical.

Alright, who's ready for another pancake?”

I could go for a big sausage!”

No more meat for you, young man! Eat your pancake then I can have the last one and we can clean up and get on to the day's activities.”

Which are?”

Well, we have two programs to choose from. Program One is calisthenics, followed by meditation, macramé and karaoke.”

And Program Two is...?”

Sucking and fucking all over this island!”

Hmmm...What came after calisthenics?”

Shut up and eat your pancake.”

As you wish.”

We were blessed with a beautiful late-summer day in Algonquin, clear blue skies and unseasonably warm temperature in the mid-seventies. We soon shed our shirts along with our inhibitions – well, my inhibitions, Rob didn't have any – and carried out the camp routine in the buff. The novelty of the situation and seeing Rob naked kept me semi-chubbed so that my heavy cock kept swinging and banging against my thighs as I moved. Finally everything was cleaned and in order, food was set aside for lunch, we were all set for the day. We'd have to make a quick run to the mainland for more firewood before dark, but that was many hours away. Now we could relax.

First we decided to take a look at the rest of the island. We put on our camp shoes for this and just took a leisurely walk down the trail that led along the spine of the island to the opposite end. One or the other shore was visible all the time, sometimes even both, it was that small, but that was fine with us. At the far end there was an old campsite, but the paper sign had been taken down, it was no longer an authorized campsite. Only one on this island...ours!

Doggo had found something off in the bushes and was excitedly digging at it so we went to see. It was a moose skeleton! Well, half of one, the front half. We assumed wolves had carried the other half away somewhere, but we didn't care. We had the skull! It was completely clean and white except for a few green stains from moss, and we took it and some vertebra back to camp with us. We set it on the back of the fireplace so we could look at it that night at the fire and then headed for the beach. It was time to get down to business!

We had brought the poncho and our soap and towels, also a joint and lemonade, and Doggo brought his tennis ball which he immediately dropped at my feet. I picked it up and gave him the hand signal for 'stay', then threw it as far as I could out into the lake. He watched it fly and gave a little jerk when it hit the surface, but didn't budge until I said “OK” and he was off like a rocket into the water.

We sat on our towels on the big log and took a few quick tokes on the joint, then put it out. Then we waded out and dove into the lake, the very cool water still initially a shock, but quickly becoming comfortable. We swam for a few minutes, Doggo giving us a sideways look as he passed us on his way back to the beach with the tennis ball in his mouth. Then we swam back to where the water came up to our crotches and stood up. We embraced and kissed, our hands wandering over our naked bodies and our cocks starting to get hard. I brought mine so it was pointing straight up between our bodies and then took Rob's head in my hands and kissed him hard. He being about three inches shorter than me was able to reach around and grab my butt cheeks and then start playing around my hole with his fingers. I murmured appreciatively and continued my assault on his mouth with my own. I was sucking his tongue like it was a little cock when he sank his first finger up my ass! I sucked harder! He followed with another finger! And I started to piss up between our bodies, the golden liquid splashing to our chests, then our necks, then as we broke the kiss and looked down, into our open mouths for a few seconds before subsiding, then shooting up again, doing this dance over and over before dying down to a dribble and ending.

We went back to kissing, tasting the piss in each other's mouths and running our hands appreciatively over each other's bodies. We rinsed off and then I took Rob's hand and we waded in to the beach. Doggo was waiting there for the ball to be tossed again, but I just gave the command “Leave It” and he – reluctantly – picked up the ball and went away to find something else to do. In the cool breeze the sun-warmed towels felt good against our skin as we dried each other off, though when we lay down on the poncho out of the wind it was pleasantly warm.

I lay on my back and Rob got on top as we kissed some more, but we needed to do more exploring. Rob started moving lower on my body, running his lips through the short hairs which covered my entire chest while pushing my arms above my head, then moving to my biceps, which I flexed for him, and licking and nuzzling there before sliding down into my armpit where he sniffed and licked at the hairs, gathering in my scent. It was like he was worshiping my body, and it was an incredible turn-on! He kissed his way down the subtle ridges of my stomach while his hands ran along the broad projections of my lats as they narrowed toward my waist. Then Rob moved lower and approached the object that would really stand out for attention on my body, or just about any body. My cock.

I was at that almost full-size but still pliable stage, which meant about a ten-inch hose with a big head still covered by foreskin. When he reached it he took it in both hands and uttered a low growl. Supporting himself on his elbows he began his first daytime exploration of his prize. He began by manipulating the foreskin, pulling it all the way back and then forward so that more than an inch of it extended beyond the cockhead. He inserted his tongue into the pucker and swirled it around, then sucked on the foreskin.

Bite on it!”

He was startled. “What? Won't that hurt?”

Not hard, just nibble. Here, I'll show you.”

And I sat up and bent myself forward and took my cock from him and pulled the skin up and grabbed the foreskin with my front teeth and started chewing gently on it. Rob was gob-smacked.

You can suck your own cock?!”

Of course. Any limber guy can get his dick within a couple inches of his mouth. I've got five more inches than the average guy, it'd be strange if I couldn't get a few of them into my mouth! And I've been practicing for years.”

And I put my hands under my thighs and pulled myself forward and swallowed more than three inches of my dick. It helps that I have a slight upward curve to my dick so it points toward my mouth when hard.

Oh, fuck, that is so hot!” And Rob started licking the shaft of my cock as I sucked myself. Then he took my low-hanging balls in his hand and brought them to his face, rubbing them all over his face and his bristly beard then taking them into his mouth one at a time and sucking on them. He licked back up to the head and we shared licking around my flared cockhead and dueled with our tongues and kissed and pulled at the foreskin with our teeth. Then Rob grabbed my cock and knelt between my outstretched legs.

I want to suck it!”

I leaned back on my elbows to watch. He started by bobbing up and down on the first four inches and it felt pretty good. That's what I was used to, what most guys could take. He was using his tongue, and that felt even better. But I could see that he was determined to achieve more. He started to slowly go down on me, taking more of my fat cockhead deeper in his throat.

You don't have to do this...”

But his fingers resting on my thigh dug in and I took it as a sign to shut up. He got about six inches in before he gagged and backed off, but immediately returned. He now had seven inches and his face was red and drool was running out of his mouth and down to my balls. I decided to be supportive.

Oh, man, you're doing great! That feels awesome!”

I wasn't lying! And it looked fantastic, too! It was like watching a porno, seeing my big tool disappearing down his throat as his lips stretched as if they were pulling his throat after them. He gagged again at eight inches but didn't back off and I guess the reflex point was already passed because he suddenly slid down the rest of the way until his nose was buried in my trimmed pubic hair!

Holy shit!!! Oh my fucking god!! How did...”

But he had already pulled off and was panting and red-faced and grinning. I pulled him up for a kiss and he was drooling and we shared his spit for a moment but he pulled back to breathe hard.

I can't believe you could do that!”

When I saw deep-throating in pornos I decided that I wanted to do that. I practiced with a dildo, and I got pretty good at it. But of course I had no idea yours was such a monster! The dildo wasn't anywhere near your size.” He grinned. “I wanna do it again!”

And he dived down and grabbed my hard cock and opened his mouth wide and lowered his head, and inch-by-inch that prick just disappeared between his lips! It was already well-lubricated with his spit and when it hit the back of his throat there was only a moment's hesitation before it slipped into the narrow passageway. Fuck, it felt good! His throat caught a few times and he was drooling like crazy but he didn't gag, and he was going up and down slowly, each time a little farther down until he had it all again! No one had ever deep-throated me, I couldn't believe how great it felt, and it was Rob that was doing it! I was in ecstasy! I took his head in my hands and started to face-fuck him, gently, holding back from the frantic fucking my cock was calling for.

Oh, man, you are the best....god damn...this is fantastic...look at you...swallow that horse cock...that fucking huge cock....ah, Robbie...I dreamed that you'd love me....that maybe you'd suck on the end of my cock like other guys did...but I never imagined...swallowing my whole huge dick...oh fuck!!!”

This last because Rob had well-coated two of his fingers with drool running from his mouth and then quickly inserted them up my ass hole! He twisted his hand so his fingers reamed out my ass and when they hit my prostate it sent me over the edge! My rock-hard cock swelled even bigger as it became a solid bar, the head, as I knew, standing out proudly with its flaring ridge. Rob could tell I was going to come and he must have wanted to taste it because he pulled back and took the head in his mouth, his hands on the shaft now jerking me frantically as the first shot rocketed out of the gaping slit to fill his mouth with my cream! He was moaning and I was yelling as five more ropes of thick cum followed and he sucked on my cock-head and swirled his tongue around it, then as I slowed down he scraped his teeth over it causing exquisite pain and pleasure!

As soon as I stopped shooting he again deep-throated me, my cock sliding easily in the cum and spit that filled his mouth. I grabbed his head and rammed my prick down his throat. He had hold of my balls and could have stopped me but he was urging me on, using them to pull me deeper! He still had two fingers up my ass as well.

I want more than your fingers in my ass. I want you to fuck me!”

Rob stopped sucking and looked up.

C'mon. You're already the best cocksucker on the island, let's see how you fuck!”

Rob slowly pulled back, a seemingly endless length of my cock appearing out of his mouth as he did, so hot! He kept his lips closed so the cum and spit stayed in his mouth. Without a word he took me under the knees and pushed my legs up and towards my head, exposing my ass. I grabbed my legs and held them back. He leaned forward and pressed his lips to my asshole and kissed it, then started licking and tongue-fucking it, spreading the slimy mix around and inside it. He sat back and drooled some down onto his rock-hard cock and rubbed it in, then stuck some fingers in his mouth to get them slick and used them to open me up some more. He had three fingers in me and he was pushing them in as deep as they would go.

OK, c'mon, I'm ready! Fuck me with that big dick! God damn, you look hot there, ready to fuck me! I want it, c'mon...I've never let anybody do this...I was waiting...I wanted it to be you but I thought it would never happen...give it to me...aaaaaa!”

Oh my god, did I hurt you, should I take it out?”

For answer I locked my legs around his muscular butt and pulled him the rest of the way into me! I held him there for a minute until I got used to it and could let my ass muscles relax, then moved my legs farther up on his back so he could start fucking. At first he was hesitant, slowly withdrawing and then pushing back in. I loved watching him, he was concentrating, wanting to do it right. He started out as if doing push-ups, supporting himself on his arms and with his body stiff, just sagging enough to move his cock in and out. Then got on his knees and used his hips more, and that triggered a more primal urge. His thrusts became more insistent, more forceful. I ran my hands up the straining muscles of his arms and over to his chest, pinching his impossibly hard nipples and pulling on them. He threw his head back and yelled.

Yeah, pull on my nipples...make 'em hurt...oh, fuck...for years I dreamed of this, jacked off thinking about this...making love to you...fucking you...and you turn out to be a hairy muscle-stud with a horse cock...and a this what you this what you waited for?”

Yes!'s you I's your cock I want fuckin' me...harder!”

I had fucked myself with a dildo in the past, but that was nothing compared to what Rob was doing to me. He went up on his toes, pushing with his whole body, and I was rolling up backwards, my ass up in the air and my legs almost over my head. My cock wasn't really hard but it was still almost its full length, so it was flopping all over my face. I caught it in my mouth and it got a little harder and longer, the head swelling and I teased the ridge with my teeth. The pressure from Rob fucking me was pushing almost four inches of my cock down my throat and then letting about two come out on the upstroke so I was face-fucking myself!

Oh, man, you're sucking your own cock while I fuck hot!”

I could just grunt in agreement. Then I realized I had to piss. Could I, while being fucked? We'd find out! Rob was still banging away but he was getting close, I could tell by the grunts and moans he was uttering. I was feeling intense pleasure but managed to relax my bladder and started pissing, right into my mouth. I was moaning and gulping and some of the piss was running out of my mouth and down my cheeks.

What are you doing? Are you coming? You're swallowing too much...are you pissing...oh my god, you are...oh fuck...oh fuck...I'm coming...I'm coming up your ass!”

He went rigid for about fifteen seconds, seeming not to move, but my hands cupping his ass cheeks could feel the rock-hard muscles there spasm as his balls pumped their load of creamy cum into my bowels in a series of powerful ejaculations before he came back to earth and resumed plowing into my butt.

Oh, fuck, that was the greatest come I ever had! Oh, man, sliding around in my cum inside you,” he shuddered and jerked as he experienced aftershocks, “ahh, Mikey, you fuckin' stud, you are so hot, suckin' your own cock, drinkin' piss... I never would've imagined any of it...but I love it...I love you...I wanna do it again. I wanna do it with you. I want you to fuck me. Now!”

He pulled out of my ass and I dropped my legs to the ground. Rob leaned forward and grabbed my cock and started sucking on it, nibbling and pulling on the foreskin.

I don't want to hurt you. Maybe I should just finger-fuck you while you blow me. You're really good at that, I won't mind...”

He looked up. “Remember I told you I'd been practicing deep-throating a dildo? Well, I've been using one to fuck myself, too. A bigger one. Actually, I worked my way up to a much bigger one.”

Bigger than me?”

It's a cast of a famous porn star's penis. No offense, but you're not in his league. Now, I'm not saying you're going to just slide in like it's nothing, but ...”

I get the point. A little lube might be good, though.”

Got it covered.” He crawled over to the small bag that held his toothbrush and smoking stuff and other personal items and took out a small tube of lube.

You knew you were going to need that on this trip?”

He blushed. “I hoped I would. I brought condoms, too. It never occurred to me that we'd both be virtual virgins.”

Well, get your virginal ass over here and we'll do something about that.”

He was already on his hands and knees and I just grabbed his hips and pulled him towards me. I was staring at the world's most beautiful butt! Not a bubble butt, Rob's hips were too narrow and his ass too muscular for that, the muscles defined and the cheeks dimpled. Above, his perfect v-shape spread out from his narrow waist to his broad shoulders and below, his lightly-furred bulging thighs framed pendulous balls that I longed to hold in my mouth. But more than that I wanted to tongue his hole! I took hold of his hairless ass cheeks and spread them, seeking my target. He had only a few hairs around his perfect rosebud. Making my tongue pointed and hard I speared the center and sank in a good inch, causing Rob to cry out in pleasure and surprise.

Oh my god, that's incredible! The dildo never felt like that!”

I pulled back. “That's what boyfriends are for.” Then I dived back in and started broad swipes of my tongue up his ass trench, digging in every time I passed over the asshole. Rob moaned each time I did, leaning back into my tongue. I ate out his ass and ran my hands over his muscular butt and down his thighs, loving the feel of the hair there. Then I went lower and licked down to his balls, taking them in my hand and fondling them while pulling on his cock with the other hand. I took his balls in my mouth one at a time and sucked on them, then spit them out. Enough foreplay, I was ready! I squirted lube onto my cock and Rob's hole, then used my fuck-finger to work it into his asshole, eliciting groans of approval from him. I quickly added another finger, got more groans, added a third and got a yelp, followed by a sigh and groans again, and reckoned Rob was about ready. Finger-fucking him with one hand, I spread the lube onto my dick with the other, feeling my rod at full hardness, the flaring head like steel. Rob was pushing back against my hand in his ass and moaned in protest when I removed it.

Don't worry, Robby, you're getting something better!”

I pushed down on my straining cock to line it up with his asshole and rubbed the head over his pucker. I pushed in just a bit and pulled out again, getting used to the feeling and loving it! I repeated it, pushing in a bit deeper each time but never past the head, meeting resistance. I knew my big cock head was the problem, but what I was doing felt so good that I was still rock-hard. I withdrew and squirted more lube on the head, then put my cock back in.

OK, Robby, here it comes!”

I slowly pushed up to the wall of resistance, then when I felt him relax I thrust in!

Aaaahhh! Fuck!”

OK, I'm in and I won't move till you're ready...”

It took all of my self-control but I held still, just the head of my cock in the iron grip of his ass ring. I massaged his back and in a few moments the pressure suddenly eased. I didn't need an invitation, I slid slowly deeper, watching in amazement, as I had when he deep-throated me, as inch after inch of my fat cock disappeared into his body. Oh god what a feeling as his heat engulfed my prick. I hoped he loved this as much as I did because this is where I belonged!

God damn, Mikey, you're fillin' me up!”

Shit. “Too much?”

Fuck, no! It's great! It's perfect! I love it! I want it all!”

So I gave it to him, sank my cock in balls-deep! I fell forward onto his back and reached under his armpits and grabbed onto his shoulders and pulled myself into him as deep as I could go. Being taller than he was, I was able to nuzzle his ear as I used my hips to gently fuck my cock in and out of his stretched asshole. I wanted him to get used to my size, but the pressure was building and I had to fight the urge to really cut loose and fuck him hard as I murmured in his ear.

Do you like being fucked by my big dick, Rob? You glad this big cock is just for you?”

Fuck, yeah, I love that horse cock fuckin' my ass...I'm gonna want it every day! And I'm gonna want to suck it, too, so I can look at it and lick it and swallow it! And have you cum in my mouth!”

You like to eat my cum?”

I...uh...I love it when you shoot it into me and...uh...I swallow it and I'm swallowing a part of you...uh...oh, fuck me...uh...I love the feeling of your hairy chest rubbing on my back and you...uh...pulling my tits and jerking me off...uh...”

Oh, buddy, you're so hot! I love running my hands over your chest...for years I wanted to feel your nipples and now I can pull and twist this! You're so smooth...and your perfect cock and balls...I want to be able to see you...let's turn you over...”

I pulled out, again marveling at the sight of inch after inch of my fat cock emerging from his tight asshole. When I was out, Rob lay on his back and grabbed his knees and pulled them back. I squirted more lube on the head of my dick and jacked it a couple times to let the foreskin spread it around and then eased it back in Rob's asshole, no longer so tight but still feeling damn good! I took hold of his feet and held them on my shoulders as I arched my back and really cut loose, slamming my big cock into him balls-deep over and over. Rob was grinning and groaning and pinching his nipple with one hand and jerking his half-hard cock with the other, or so I thought, but then with a “Fuck, yeah!” he started pissing and he was directing the flow with that hand, first on himself and then up onto my chest and belly! I echoed his yell and sentiment as the hot liquid matted the hair on my body and ran down to where my body entered his. I pumped into him, ramming his prostate, and the piss spurted as he aimed it now over his own heaving chest and smooth stomach. The flow ceased as his cock grew to full hardness.

Letting go of his legs I was able to bend over far enough to take his cock in my mouth while still fucking him. Then I worked my way up his body with my mouth, loving the taste and feel of it. His hands were everywhere, running through my hair, over my muscles, pulling my tits, raking over my chest and abs, grabbing at my ass, and his mouth was seldom still, either.

Oh, Mikey, fuck...feels so good, so good...ram me with that horse-cock, buddy...oh, fuck!... you can blow me while you're fucking me, I can't believe it!.....oh man, I love you Mikey...yeah, suck on my tits...aahhh harder...ohhh, hurts so good Mike.....yeah, lick me all over...c,mon, kiss me, Mikey, slobber all over mmmmmm......”

And we kissed and fucked and Rob hooked his feet behind my back and clung on and as I thrust into him my belly was rubbing against the sensitive underside of his erect cock head and his balls climbed up in their sack and so did mine and I fucked faster and faster and I broke the kiss.

I'm gonna come!” I yelled.

I'm coming now! Don't stop!”

I had no intention of stopping. I grabbed onto him and pulled our bodies together and kept thrusting into him as I felt and heard him have a shattering orgasm, his yells and grunts corresponding to spasms in his ass that took me over the edge so that I started pumping my load into him just as I was feeling his warmth spreading between our bellies. I was able to shoot just twice before the intensity of the orgasm took over and I had to freeze for a moment while rope after rope of my cum shot up inside him. Never had the ridge around my cock head been so sensitive, felt so good. Rob moved and I think I whimpered a little. The orgasm was overwhelming, the best ever. Slowly I resumed thrusting, sliding in the cum on our bellies and stimulating Rob's cock at the same time that my own prick was sending shivers of pure pleasure up my spine to my lizard-brain. It was almost more than I could stand but I forced myself to continue, reveling in the orgasm's unique mixture of pleasure and pain.

After what seemed a blessed eternity the cum between our bellies began to get sticky and I slowly withdrew my still half-hard cock and sat back on my heels. We looked at each other with big grins on our faces.

Wow!” we said in unison.

I could do that again!” said Rob.

What, right now?”

Well, maybe after a rest. Or a nap.”

How about after lunch? And a trip to the mainland to get firewood. And we should check the tarp over the fireplace, there are clouds moving in...”

OK, Eeyore, ruin the mood...”

What? I'm just being practical. Besides,” and I fell forward on top of him again, “...we have a long time to keep practicing to get the mood right. I want to try again every day at least once...or twice...”

The End