Just Between Friends Ovdoc Sept. 2011

           Chapter one: We Become Friends

Note: This ones for you, Roy. You made it possible. The usual restrictions apply. Youth who read this may find themselves doing things sexually that are forbidden by every adult who does not believe sex is fun. (There ain’t no such animal - just adults who wish things had been different.)

This story begins long before the boys involved got involved. In fact, it started one summer many years ago when a Canadian scout troop went south to enjoy a week at a beach park. There were about fifteen scouts in the group.

I was with a local scout troop that had arrived at the same park for a weekend of fun at the beach. Both troops were setting up camp in the group camping area not far from each other. I had been informed at the camp office that a Canadian troop was there, and suggested to the other two leaders in my group that we might offer to invite them over to our site as a hospitality, and maybe to compare programs.

I wouldn’t have to wait long. Shortly after our twenty scouts were set up, we shooed them off to the beach for a swim before dinner. A noisy group of energetic animals dashed to their tents to change into swim suits. Chaos is not unusual when boys are let loose to play. Yet among all that confusion there’s a strange sense of order.

 We followed along as the noise headed for the beach area. The older boys did their job and set up the rules. The younger boys quickly tried to break as many as possible. Games turned the chaos into a compromised pecking system. Boys who broke the rules would “volunteer” for unpleasant duties such as cooking and washing dishes. It works every time.

Before long, some boys from the Canadian group somehow noticed that there was another group of boys on the beach playing similar games in a similar fashion. Don’t ask me how, but my experience with the program has taught me that boys sense similarities between groups and activities. The chance that two groups of chaos could be even more fun if it became one prompted the two groups to merge into one. Help from the leaders wasn’t necessary. I only became aware of the move when our scout group began to increase, and I heard names being shouted that didn’t sound familiar. That, and boys that frequently ended every sentence with “AYYY!”

Somewhere in the midst of the games several boys approached us leaders. I knew a coupe of the boys, but not the other two. They were the older boys from the now combined group. Bobby, our senior scout smiled as if he had just discovered a really exciting secret. “Hey Dad!” Bobby was addressing the scout leader, his dad. “This is David and Kevin, the number one and number two of the Canadian troop in camp. Can they bring their troop to visit tonight?”

“If there leaders approve, We’d be pleased to have them”, Bob chimed in. We shook hands, and suggested the boys extend the invitation. Four loud teens were soon kicking up sand running to several other men not far away. Soon they were back with the three leaders in tow. Jack, the senior leader immediately apologized for the “impolite conduct” of his scouts. “Nonsense! I boomed. My apologies for not inviting you sooner. Southern hospitality, you know! You’re in our part of the country. Be our guests for dinner tonight. Could you stay for the campfire later?”

Bob beamed his approval. The boys waited quietly for the answer. Jack accepted. He insisted that they would contribute to the dinner. That was denied. We compromised. The Canadians would serve breakfast in the morning. And Jack and I woud set up the program for the campfire. Since the campsite was a bit small for a large group, we asked the camp ranger if there was a campfire ring. There was. We had just volunteered to put on a campfire program for the park. Both scout troops would take part. Word spread quickly. A Canadian scout group added something special. And our scouts jumped at the chance to compete.

Of course dinner that night included southern fried chicken, corn on the cob, potato salad, and watermelons. Jack was stunned when I insisted that dress uniforms at dinner would be a big mistake. He was equally stunned when we explained that fried chicken, corn on the cob, and watermelon are eaten as finger food. He laughed that off when I asked if they were planning to wear their uniforms to the campfire. They were. I suggested that the uniforms would be a lot cleaner if they put them on after dinner. It was reluctantly agreed. Jack was one who insisted on proper protocol. I reminded him he was in the south where “good eating is more important than a clean shirt.” Both troops would dress for the campfire since we would be hosting the camp.

The campfire ring was packed that night. Both troops did an outstanding job, showing numerous skits, playing games that everyone could join in, and singing campfire songs that attracted many onlookers. For over an hour, the boys had fun entertaining a big crowd. When it was over, both groups were good friends who couldn’t wait to pick up the next morning. Both camps were quiet for the night though. Boys don’t realize how tired they are until fatigue suddenly overcomes them.

The next morning, both grous agreed to wear bathing suits to breakfast so they could head for the beach quicker. Once more, Jack had reluctantly given in. He would get used to us bending the rules, but later admitted it made the trip a lot more fun for the boys. It had also made me a lot more popular with both groups. I was one of the youngest adults which helped too. Jack was about ten years older, and a lot heavier. His age and beer gut didn’t help. I was still in my late twenties, and had kept fit.

By the time The Canadians had returned to Canada, We had convinced them to spend several days as a guest at a host family. We spent a few days at a local scout camp; took the boys on a few tourist tours; and even on a tour of the harbor. Their one week trip had turned to a ten day stay. A farewell dinner ended it with more than a few scouts and leaders hugging each other. Jack and I agreed to set up an exchange program for scouts, and we would get approval from both countries to expand the program. This took a lot of calls back and forth between us. After about a month, I agreed to meet with him for a week at his home.

I took a flight to Toronto where Jack met me at the airport. I was a bit surprised when he approached me wearing his scout uniform, with two gorgeous looking teens, also in uniform, at his side. Trying hard not to look surprised, I enthusiastically shook his hand, then theirs as he introduced first his nephew, Junior, then their friend, Kevin.

On the ride home, Jack explained that he was single. His nephew, Junior, lived with him. Kevin was staying with them for a week. He was Junior’s best friend. School had already started, so they were enjoying the last of the summer weather as Toronto prepared for the winter months. I was informed that the weather was not that much worse than in New York; maybe just a little more snow.

After a fabulous dinner, prepared by the three of them, we settled down in the living room, watching TV and chatting freely about school, sports, scouting, and such.

Time passed quickly. It was soon time for bed. Jack noticed I was showing a little fatigue, and reminded the boys that they needed to get back into school mode. They reminded him that tomorrow was Sunday. School mode meant that Saturday night was not a school night. They could stay up a little later. Jack agreed that if they got ready for bed, he would let them stay up another hour.

Junior seemed to take that as a victory of sorts, and agreed to it. Kevin seemed to pick up on a hint that things were going to get interesting, and nudged Junior to get ready for his shower. The two of them headed for a bedroom. Jack explained that he had a three bedroom home. He had a room; I would have the guest room; the boys would share a room. My luggage had been left in my room, which was the back room. It would give me some privacy in the mornings since they would be up early to get the boys off to school.

I should mention at this point that I was in my late twenties, and still in pretty good shape physically, small in stature, with a swimmers body. Jack was about ten years older, about average height, like me, and had put on a lot of weight; not fat, but getting there. He had a pudgy stomach. Junior was thirteen, tall and thin, brown hair, and brown eyes, no trace of any fat anywhere, and a beautiful smile. He also had that innocent look that said he was still a young boy. But there was a glint in his eyes that hinted he was a little mischievous. Kevin was also thirteen, with sandy blond hair and blue eyes. He was thin, maybe not quite as tall as Junior, and had a thin waist with a bubble butt. There was something about him that suggested he was more feminine than he should be. To make it worse (for him), he walked and moved in a sexy way, making it hard not to notice him. There was something about Kevin that told me he was different. He also had a baby-face look that made me want to meet him alone, maybe in the bedroom, with the door locked, and him naked.

With the boys taking their shower, Jack and I had another drink. We also got a little more comfortable, meaning we shucked off ties, shirts, and made ourselves more at ease with each other. We leaned back in easy chairs, watching TV, and waiting for the boys to return.

And return they did. Two very different looking boys. Both were still wet from the shower. Both wore tee shirts and briefs. Both had no hair showing, just some fuzz on their legs. They smiled at us, maybe a little shy, but knowing that this was what Jack wanted them to do. The tighty-whiteys showed just enough of their goodies to catch our attention. They sat on the sofa, getting comfortable with each other, but keeping their distance.

Jack suggested we wait a while to shower. The boys liked to use up all the hot water. It would take an hour to get hot again. That would mean it was bed time for the boys when we went to shower. The boys moaned in disapproval at the repeated warning that they would have to go to bed. The wink between them suggested they weren’t taking Jack all that serious though. I suspected the battle was not over.

For me, the evening was just getting interesting. I had not expected this turn of events. I could not keep my eyes off the crotch of these two fantastic young treats. Try as I did, I couldn’t keep my eyes fixed on the TV when there was so much more to be seen. To make things worse, I had two to check out. I went from TV to Junior, then to Kevin, then tried to glance at Jack to see if he was watching. I was sure he had noticed my wandering stares. I knew for sure the boys did. Kevin, especially, simply smiled, then winked at me when his yes caught mine. I’m sure my face turned red. Both boys were posing in different positions, each giving me (and Jack) a little more to look at as they restlessly changed poses. Their briefs did a good job of covering their package, but I could tell both of them were semi-hard from the git-go. Junior was a little longer. I could see his shaft laying back against his tummy with a pretty nice ball sack for his age nestled comfortably as he opened his long scrawny legs enough to show off his wares. Kevin was even more obvious. He stretched a leg up over the arm of the sofa allowing the briefs to open just enough to show part of his tight ball sack. I could make out that either he did not have much fuzz there yet, or it was just too light for me to make it out. The base of his shaft was also showing. It did not look to be as big as Juniors. His smile told me he knew he was torturing me. His semi-hardon was poking straight out making a tent in his briefs.

Jack suddenly suggested that I might want to go ahead and shower. There should be enough hot water to get a quick one. He woud wait for me to finish. He was more used to cold water any way, he claimed. “Canukes prefer the cold. Thats why we live in Canada.”, he boasted. According to Jack, there were no Canadians. There were Canukes, who ended every sentence with “AAA”.

Reluctantly, I agreed. Leaving the scene presented a problem - actually two. The first one was that I had a tremendous hardon that wouldn’t go away. I could feel the wet spot in my underwear as the precum soaked the cotton. The second problem was that I didn’t want to miss anything when the boys changed their pose or maybe pulled down their underwear.

I wasted no time in the shower. As much as I wanted to relieve myself by jerking off, I wanted more to get back to the show the boys were putting on. To make matters worse, Jack had Junior open the bathroom door while I was in the shower to see if I needed anything. Fortunately, the shower door was closed (although it was a glass door). I had a hardon about seven inches long. I wasn’t sure how much he could see through the door, so I turned away. He left a bath robe for me as he returned to the others. When I came out, I wore only my briefs covered by the bathrobe. I felt a little shy since I still had a hardon, and knew I would have to keep it closed to hide my problem.

As I came back, Jack got up to take his shower. He left quickly.

The scene had changed while I was gone. Both boys had given up the sofa to spread out on the carpet in front of the TV. There was no way I could watch Tv without watching the two butts in front of it. Both boys lay on their tummies. As Jack left the room, Kevin had pushed the back of his briefs down far enough that most of his cheeks were clearly visible. He chose to deliberately ignore this fact. He even rubbed his hands over them, easing them open just enough to show me a quick glance of his rosebud. Junior lay more on his side than on his tummy. His briefs were also down far enough that I could see the pubes above his dick, and the base of the shaft. An occasional glance from one or the other gave away their secret. They knew they had every bit of my attention. They loved this game as much as I did.

I decided to up the challenge. I couldn’t hold out any longer. Pretending I couldn’t get comfortable in the chair, I opened the bathrobe, allowing the tent in my briefs to show. I even scooted down in the chair so they could see the length of the shaft as well as the size of the balls.

That was too much for Kevin. He first glanced back at me, then nudged Junior. Junior looked too. Smiling, he rolled over on his back, his own stiff now showing to be about four inches and hard, but still covered. Kevin now had his briefs pushed down below his butt about half way to his knees. As he turned over on his back, his thin four inch shaft was fully exposed. So were his balls. They were not that big, but were dropping. There was a few light blond hairs at the base of the shaft, just barely noticeable.

 Not a word was spoken. I knew what was expected. They had both made their move. The next move was mine. I quickly pushed my briefs down, showing them my dick and my balls. The shaft showed it’s pride, popping up straight and tall, considerably proud of itsself. Unlike Kevin’s, mine was circumsized. The mushroom shaped head looked bigger than usual to me, maybe because Kevin’s was partially covered with foreskin.

Junior pushed his briefs competely off. He was about an inch longer than Kevin, and his balls looked more developed. His foreskin covered the head. He had a pretty good bush at the base. It was obvious he was an early developer. I suspected he had no trouble shooting off. He pushed the shaft upright as if to show me the size. He gave me that big mischievous smile I knew was there. I think I knew then that the two of them knew they would win this game. They knew what I wanted to see. They knew if they played me right, they would have me begging. Both of them were smiling up at me.

It was Kevin who made the next move. Pushing his briefs off, he now moved into position between my legs. I had opened them as he swung around to get a close up of my goodies. He first closed a hand around my shaft, stroking it a few times to get a feel of it. Once in a comfortable position, he closed in, dipping his head down over the shaft, and slowly and gently opening his lips to lick and then cover the head. I was both surprised and totally captivated by this boy. This was not his first one. He was very good at what he was doing. He was also pleased with himself. Either he knew what his job was, or he was gay, or maybe both. (I would find out later that Kevin was gay and had decided when we met that he wanted me.)

As for Junior, he remained as he was, leaning back on his elbows, watching and waiting. He played with his dick as he watched.

Jack returned wearing a bathrobe, but quickly dropped it to sit down in his seat showing an average build in the sex department, which soon disappeared as Junior did his duty.

I was sure relieved to see that, but not completely surprised. I had suspected that Jack and I had a common interest. Boys. I don’t know why I knew that. I just did.

At the time, I had other things on my mind though. Kevin had soon devoured every bit of my dick. His lips were pressed against the hairs around the base of my shaft as his tongue licked and teased the shaft. The glans was being worked over by his throat as part of my shaft had pushed past the tongue. It didn’t bother him. Kevin was gently sucking me inside. He knew I couldn’t hold out long, and I didn’t. I exploded way too fast. Kevin held on tight as my shaft erupted sending my load pretty much down his throat. I gasped and tried desparately to give him more. I could feel my dick pulsing rigorously. I definitely didn’t want it to end. Not until the head became painfully sensitive. As much as I hated doing it, I pulled back, and released the hold I had on Kevin’s head. Both of us gasped and fell back to recover our composure.

For the first time, I recall speaking. “OH, WOW!” was all I could say to him.

Jack was soon holding Junior in place as he too finished up. The boys forgot us and went down on each other to get their own relief. From the way they serviced each other, I knew this was not new to them.

After the boys finished, Jack confessed. He knew I liked boys as he did, but there had not been a chance to find out whether he was right. He knew if he could get me to visit, he could let the boys do the rest. He had only told them that he thought I was a boy lover. After meeting me, the boys decided to find out. Both of them had slept with Jack. Kevin was known to be gay by other boys at school. He had taken a liking to Junior, and had spent overnights with him for almost a year. About six months ago, he found out that Junior had also had sex with Jack, and had agreed to a threesome. They had been actively shared each other since. Jack also was seeing other boys. Some of them were friends of Kevin. The boys had both slept with other boys. Jack explained that Canadian boys did not fear sex like the Yanks do. Same sex friendships were acceptable as long as they were kept “proper”. That meant private. The same thing was true about man/boy sex. It was not discussed openly, but it was not all that unusual for a boy to sleep with a man. It seemed sex was more a personal matter than a curse. You were not considered gay unless you made boy sex an open affair. Even then, you were not condemned, but some would avoid you.

With that out in the open, I spent the night with Kevin. Junior spent the night with Jack. I found Kevin open to anything I had in mind. I spent way too much time that night making mad passionate love to him. We slept in very late the next morning. Jack and Junior finally woke us near noon. They had been holding breakfast for hours, but knew that Kevin would wear me out. He openly admitted he was attracted to me, and had loved making out all night.

Somehow, jack and I had managed to get some work done that week. Most of the work was done while the boys were at school. We also took time to visit scout meetings, parents, leaders, and sponsors to promote our scout exchange plans. So much to do; so much fun doing it. Time flew by. The week was soon gone. I had to return home on business, so there was no chance of extending my visit. Not that I didn’t want to. Kevin and I had become very close. We had spent many hours getting to know each other. Neither of us was in love though. We knew we wanted to also sleep with other boys. Kevin more so than me. I admit I wanted to keep Kevin as my own. I knew that couldn’t be, but I was still discovering that boy lovers have serious problems. Those problems not only prevent any chance of a long love affair, but lead to despair and often depression.

On the day I flew home, both boys were there to see me off. Between the four of us, there was not one dry eye. I quickly gave each one a hug. Then I turned abruptly and headed down the ramp to the plane. I didn’t dare turn back to see if they were leaving. I wasn’t sure I would keep walking away. Jack had offered to let me stay with him should I decide to move to Canada. I reminded him I was there to set up an exchange program to show off my state. We laughed, and I agreed to be his host for a future visit.

The trip home was slow and uneventful. It would seem like forever before next summer. We had agreed that we would alternate. I was to prepare a group to go to Canada. They would visit us the next year. The exchange program had been approved. Jack and I had also agreed to visit each other on our own in between group visits. Kevin and Junior had excitedly agreed to that. My next story will be about my first exchange visit that following year.