Just Between Friends ovdoc Sept. 2011

Chapter 2: The French Connection

My second trip to Canada was to become the most popular - the most challenging - the most educational of my career. It would almost change my whole career.

 It started early in 1967. I had agreed to manage a teenage music group called First Edition, LTD. The group was made up of five scouts who banded togather to play hit tunes at local affairs. They were practicing at an outdoor garage, and had ask if I would take over the business end, set practices, book appearances, etc. After attending a practice session, I decided they had a lot of talent, but needed some supervision and publicity. We agreed on my duties, and I lined up a booking agent.

By the summer of that year, the band was really becoming a local hit. That presented another problem, and an opportunity. I had been in constant contact with Jack. He was expecting me to visit Canada withan exchange group for a week. He informed me that there was a World Expo that summer in Montreal. It was an excellent time to visit. The scouts would spend a week in a host home in Toronto, then visit “Expo 67" in Montreal before returning home. When I mentioned the scout band, Jack came up withan idea. There was an open stage at the Expo that bands could book to play at. We could book the First Edition at a park in Toronto, another in Peterborough, one in Ottawa, and then in Montreal. We even got bookings in Washington, Baltimore, and New York.

The trip really took off from there. I soon had about fifteen scouts and five leaders set to head for Canada that summer. We set up a convoy of four cars and a truck to carry the equipment. Each car, and the truck was equipped with a CB radio so we could keep in touch on the road. We would play our first gig in Washington, then speed on to Toronto, spend a few days there, pick up our Canadian host scouts, and proceed to Montreal, stopping for gigs along the way.

Little did we know that fate would play a much bigger role in the trip than we could imagine.

I had also wound up with another problem. The drummer in the band was a fourteen year old doll named Russ. He was a blond with long hair and big blue eyes. He also had a gorgeous body, a beautiful voice, an outgoing personality, and a huge heart-melting smile. Russ had never been on the road before, and we became close. At our first overnight camp, we were tent mates. Russ was worried about sleeping with other guys. He was a little home-sick, and shy about undressing with them. He had had problems at school when he had to shower with guys who made fun of his hair, and told him he was really cute. A few had even made lewd comments about having sex with him.

After dinner and chat around a picnic table at a roadside camp, I suggested we get a good nights sleep so we could start early the next day. Every one agreed. We had spen a lot of hours on the road, and were really tired.

In the tent, I knew Russ would be a little shy. I took the lead by undressing while he laid back on his sleeping bag and watched. Once I was down to my underwear, I asked if he was going to sleep in his clothes. I told him that wasn’t a good idea as it was hot. He needed to change so he wouldn’t smell. I would turn out the light if he wanted to undress in the dark. Russ looked me over in my briefs, then decided he was being silly. “You gonna watch me undress?” he asked. “ I would like to, but only because you are so gorgeous. I can certainly understand why others come on to you. You’re really attractive. That don’t make you gay. In fact, it’s a big advantage. Girls like good looking guys. You got it made. I think you know you know that. Other than masturbation, how far have you gone?”

“Masturbation?” , Russ grinned. “Nobady calls it that. It’s called jerking off. I do it a lot.”

As he opened up a little, he started removing his clothes. The shirt came off first. I was treated to a beautiful chest with medium sized dark brown nipples about the size of a quarter. He had an innie belly button, and a flat tummy. I smiled in approval. He opened and slowly slipped out of his trousers, watching me with a shy smile. I was surprised to see a slight bulge in his white briefs. Not a big one, but respectable. Russ was about right for his age. I was laying on top of my sleeping bag, so I’m sure Russ noticed the tent showing my interest. I ignored it. I wanted Russ to know he was still in control. My arrousal was not an issue. He sat down and removed his shoes, then the trousers.

Sitting there with only his briefs on, he almost whispered, “I fooled around a little with my best buddy. We jerked each other off a couple of times. It was just for fun though. I’m not gay. You won’t tell anybody? Right?”

“Russ. All guys jerk off. Most of them have had somebody touch them, or play with it. It’s just that you don’t admit that to people you don’t trust. They could twist it into something gay. Let’s agree that we won’t tell anybody what we say here cause I’ve gone a lot further than that. Adults know there’s a big difference in playing around, and making a baby. One has nothing to do with the other except they’re both sex. And sex is fun. You already found that out. Right?” I tried to sound quiet and calm.

Russ nodded. He wanted to sound and look mature. He had sex education in school. He knew the basics. He had also heard a lot about gays. They were feminine guys that had high pitched voices, and liked acting sissy. He knew a boy that was like that. He got picked on a lot, and you stayed clear of him,especially in the restroom. You also don’t stare at other guy’s dicks. Russ knew the usual stereotype of a queer.

We lay next to each other on our sleeping bag, occasionally glancing at the tent in our underwear. Neither was willing to make the first move. I reached up and turned off the lamp.

The nylon dome tent was thin enough that there was still enough light from the moon that I could see Russ’s outline. I could even see the tent in his briefs. He was still horny, and was anxious to relieve his problem, but not in front of me. A short time later, I could hear him snoring. He had fallen asleep.

I had to at least see what he had. Rolling over on my side, I listened closely to be sure he was sleeping. I tested to see if he was a light sleeper by touching him lightly on the tummy. No response. Slowly I rotated my stroking lower until my hand was lightly stroking the stiff shaft still hidden by the cotten cloth. I could feel it pulse and twitch as I slid down to feel the balls. They were still small, but growing. Russ was into puberty, and I was pretty sure he was shooting off by now. He let out a moan as I got a grip on the four inch shaft. I gave it a few light strokes. It was pulsing, and hard as a rod. Russ was awake. He was also dying to get off. He had admitted he liked to jerk off, and sometimes did it several times a day. I knew he was liking this, and would stay asleep to let me get him off. It wasn’t gay if he was sleeping. He could always claim he had a wet dream in the morning.

He made a mistake though. He was so anxious to let me finish the job that he lifted his hips when I slipped my thumbs under the waist band of his briefs to slide them down. Ignoring the mistake, I gently eased them halfway to his knees. Then I felt up the cut shaft and the balls getting a good idea of the size and shape. After a few good strokes of his shaft, I paused to slide out of my own briefs. If I was going to get caught at this point, it would not matter much if I was nude or not. And I felt pretty sure Russ was going to remain asleep while I jerked him off. He had no way of knowing I had plans to go a little further. He just wanted to get his rocks off.

After stroking his dick slowly for a few minutes, I could feel Russ raising his hips trying to get me to speed up. He was still breathing slow and deep, but was having trouble keeping it steady. Teens rarely know to slow down and enjoy. They want to get to the good part. The orgasm. If I wanted to introduce anything new, I had to do it now. Moving down so I was comfortable, I leaned over so my mouth was over his dick. Removing my hand, I opened up and slid his mushroom head inside. Then closing my lips, I began licking and slowly sucking the shaft further inside. Russ was surprised at the sudden change, but was also amazed at the intense pleasure. Gay or not, it felt great. He let out a gasp, but made no move to get free. There was always time for that later. Or was there? He was loving it. His hips were raising up to meet the downward strokes of the warm, wet mouth that had just taken him to new heights. Jerking off would never feel the same again. Without thinking, his hands had reached down, grasping the back of my head to hold it in place. Instinct took over. He was now lifting his hips to plunge as much of his shaft inside as possible. I wasn’t worried. His shaft was just the right size. I wasn’t gagging. I let him do his thing. And in no time at all, his shaft began to harden and throb. I felt the first shot of watery cum hit the back of my throat. Several more followed. It wasn’t all that much, but I liked knowing I had just took his load. I tried to hold on, but Russ’s dick was feeling pretty sensitive. The pleasure was almost painful as he pulled back, causing us to part.

His breath was now ragged and irregular. He felt really good, but exhausted. It was a feeling he had never experienced. His eyes were now wide open. There was no way he coud still pretend he was asleep. I had actually sucked his dick, and he had loved it. It was to late now to claim he didn’t know what a blowjob was. He had heard of them, but couldn’t believe any one would want to suck on your dick. Not until now. Even if it was gay, he was more than willing to let another person do it for him. He just stared at me, unable to decide if he should be angry or not. That decision was made when I moved back up and embraced him.

 “Wow!” was all he could come up with. “You swallowed my stuff? How did it taste? You really like me, don’t you? It will be our secret. I’m really tired.”

 With that, he rolled away and was almost instantly sound asleep.

The next morning, we were up early, had breakfast, and were on our way. Russ had simply accepted what had happened, and let it remain our secret as he said. I wasn’t sure whether he would want to do that again, or not. We didn’t get a chance to discuss it. He remained a passenger in my car, and didn’t ask to change. We still spoke openly - no sign of any change.

By the evening of the second day, we had crossed into Canada and met up with Jack. Kevin and Junior were with him. Despite the crowd with me, Kevin grabbed me and hugged me affectionately. Jack scolded him for being improper, but it was obvious Kevin didn’t pay him much mind.

 Russ didn’t know what to make of this kid who suddenly wanted to stay with me. For the first time, he winked at me as if he knew why Kevin really liked me. I knew Kevin would be offended if I scolded him, so I just shrugged my shoulders as if I had no idea why this Canadian teen was so affectionate. Junior also gave me a hug. Jack was official. A handshake was proper.

After a formal dinner, the scouts were introduced to their host families and were hustled off for three days of tours, meetings, and activities with their new friends.

I went home with Jack, Kevin, and Junior for another night of fun and sex. The next two days were filled with news interviews, sponsors, and exchange activities. Kevin and I managed to spend some time alone at home. He was not happy that I was busy much of the time. Russ didn’t help. He stayed by my side whenever the boys were with us. The two boys seemed to sense that there was more they needed to know about me. It didn’t surprise me that Kevin was openly curious, but Russ was usually shy, and wasn’t sure he wanted to get close to me. Until now. He figured out on his own that Kevin was gay. I knew I had some explaining to do sooner or later. It pleased me that Russ was jealous, but this thing could cause problems.

Jack came to the rescue by keeping the two apart, and by explaining to Kevin that I would be going home after the trip. Things were different in the “States”. Kevin understood. He calmed down.

The band was a big hit all over Canada. Russ was very popular as the drummer in the band. He did have some problems with the beautiful long blond hair though. A group of French boys in Montreal wanted to date him. A motorcycle gang wanted to kidnap him for sex reasons. He agreed to get his hair cut to a more manly length becuse the Canadians hadn’t yet accepted long hair on boys yet. I teased that not all guys appreciated the beauty of a boy. That did it. Russ glared, then agreed to cut it. He was still a hit in the band, and eventually cut it off. I was still crazy about him.

It was in Montreal that I ran into the next snag. The band was booked to play at an outdoor open arena that night. We arrived early in the afternoon to set up our equipment, and to rehearse. As we did so, a sound technician for the expo hooked us into the sound system for the fair grounds. As we rehearsed, the music was being piped all over the entire grounds. We were into popular songs, mostly rock and roll. We became aware that something was weird when the seats around the arena started filling up. Hundreds of people were filtering in. The manager wanted to know if we would consider doing a “jam” session for two hours. Of course, we agreed.

A woman with a guitar walked onto the stage. She asked if we did folk songs. We played backup for her while she sang. The audience exploded. Her name was Janis Joplin.

Another young man asked if he could play a new recording he had just released. I didn’t know of him, and predicted his new hit would not catch on because the name was to long, but admitted I liked the tune. He was the lead singer for another group called the First Edition. He didn’t seem to mind that we were using the same band name. His name was Kenny. His tune was “Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Condition Was In” The audience loved the tune, which would become a smashing hit.

We stayed on at the arena for an extra day meeting several big name bands and singers. We could have stayed longer, but our permit was running out. I had to get the boys back home. We also had scheduled gigs along the way. Still, our popularity preceded us. We played to packed crowds.

When we stopped at a motel overnight, Russ asked if we could room together. I was surprised since he now knew about Kevin, and was not happy that I had suggested he get a hair cut. I knew Russ had a lot of questions about his sexuality, but figured he would not want the answers from me.

We went to our room after doing a show in town, and had dinner in the room. Russ asked if I was going to fool with him again. I told him he knew I would. He teased me about Kevin, and wanted to know how far we went. The group knew that Kevin was gay. I reminded Russ that I did everything Kevin did. I added that I had not told him that he was my first, or that I had not slept with any other guy. He nodded in agreement. I also repeated that no one becomes gay just because he has a gay buddy, or chooses to find out about gay sex. Russ understood. He was not yet ready to decide which way he wanted to go, but wanted to sleep with me, and “try stuff”.

That night, we tried a lot of stuff. After a shower, I carried a nude Russ to a bed. There, we tried out sex sixty-nine style. Russ had just sucked his first dick. He had said he did not want to swallow my load, but at the last moment decided to do so anyway. He was not impressed with that, but would choose to do it again many times. He could not believe how much fun it was to “French kiss”. It was definitely gay to be kissing another guy, but he liked it.


 During a shower, I soaped him up and fingered him, loosening him up. He had adamantly claimed he would not allow me to “stick that log up my butt”, but shortly after I removed my two fingers, he offfered little resistance as I turned him around, bent him over, and slowly inserted the log. He did complain as I slid in. I tried to go slow and gentle, but I know that first time can be rough. Once it was all the way in, I found his love spot. Russ really reacted when the pain turned to pure pleasure. His resistance turned to pushing back against me trying to massage his prostate. He couldn’t believe getting screwed felt so good. I think he was actually disappointed when I shot off. We repeated that log in the butt routine twice after going to bed.


That night had to be the best night Russ and I ever had. I will admit I was worried that morning. Russ had trouble walking right. I knew it was sore. He gingerly squirmed when he sat down, unable to get comfortable. When another adult asked if he was all right, Russ mumbled that he had trouble trying to sleep. His friend, John, almost gagged. The adult thought Russ had slept with another boy. Smiling, he glanced at John knowingly, and was pleased Russ had made another friend on the trip. John turned red and almost strangled on the bun he was munching on. Russ cracked up. I decided to get the guys busy so we could move on down the road. John would later remind me and Russ he knew who Russ had slept with.


The next night on the road was the last night of the trip. Russ again chose to sleep with me. By this time, that came as no surprise. Although most boys chose to sleep with their buddy, it was not a big deal for a boy to choose to buddy up with an adult. Since I was the one who kept a list of who was rooming with who, no one questioned me. The only one who suspected anything was John. He asked Russ if there was anything going on. Russ invited John to visit with us until bedtime. We chatted and watched TV for an hour or so. Russ talked openly about sex, expressing his view that sex was fun, and asked John how much he knew about sex. Both of us were stunned to hear John confess that he had fooled around with a friend. He even admitted to sucking off a friend at home.


Russ looked a little confused. John was now admitting he had no problem with gay sex, so why was he asking if we were having sex. I had a hunch. To find out if I was right, I suddenly announced I needed to get a shower. I asked russ if he wanted to take his now too. Then I turned to John asking if he wanted to join us. He could shower here, then he wouldn’t need to shower when he got back to his room. As I started to undress, John thought it over. He hadn’t answered. Russ was still not sure what was going on, but with John watching, he started to undress.


I had stripped, and had wrapped a towel around my waist. John had looked me over, staring openly at my goodies which I exposed to both of them. Even with the towel on, I sat on the edge of my bed allowing a close view of a semi-hard shaft. Russ was hesitant, not sure if John would stay. He was down to his briefs when John responded by removing his tee shirt, then his shorts.


 John was a fifteen year old with a medium build, brown hair and eyes. He had one chance to get Russ, the cutest guy on this trip. This was it.


As John exposed a five inch stiff tenting out his briefs, Russ was pushing down his briefs. John’s eyes were fixed on the limp three inch cock. I doubt he even noticed when I placed my hands on his shoulders and slowly pressed until he dropped to his knees in front of Russ. Russ watched amazed as his friend leaned forward taking the limp shaft into his mouth. No words were necessary. John had what he had not been brave enough to ask for before. He did not let go.


Russ was almost in a daze. He remained perfectly still, looking first at John, then at me. The limp shaft wasn’t limp any more. John was soon bobbing up and down on it. Russ had started pumping it to him. I sat back on the bed and watched. John wasn’t new to this. He was doing a pretty good job, and easily taking all the dick Russ could give him. He also took all of Russ’s load. With nothing more to give, Russ pulled out. John remained on his knees, smiling up sheepishly at both of us.


“If you’re going to join us in the shower, John, you might want to slip out of the briefs.” I whispered as I led Russ to the shower.


It was crowded, but the three of us enjoyed sliding all over each other, soaping up, playing and groping. John was having a great time. Of course, it was Russ he wanted, but he loved it when we led him to the bed, and proceeded to lick, kiss, and play. He had never been attacked by two guys who sucked him off, jerked him off, and fed him their dicks. Then I turned him over and filled his hole with fun. He returned to his room tired and sleepy.


The next morning, we met John at breakfast. This time, he was cheerful and happy. The three of us made plans to meet again after the trip. We would go on a camping trip. Just the three of us. We continued to see each other for a year. Russ’s family moved to another city. John’s father was transferred by the military.


I had a scout exchange trip to prpare for. The Canadians were coming - again.