Chapter Six: Roger, Stephen, and Rob

Note: This one is dedicated to Roy. I think this was his favorite story.

Roger, Stephen, and I continued to see each other often after we had returned home. Our troop had its own camping area. It required what we referred to as service trips to keep it up during the summer months. Sometimes this was a day trip; sometimes they were weekend camps. To encourage the boys to go, we had a camping recognition program that allowed the boys to earn camping badges, such as a “25 day badge” for a total of 25 days camping. Service trips were set up for small groups - one or two car loads, and often a senior scout was in charge of the younger boys.

Stephen was one of the senior boys in the troop. He had racked up a lot of camping days. His parents were pleased that he had an outstanding scout record, and was so proud of it. Roger was now very much into camping, and loved going with me and Stephen. We went on service trips often. The troop had even built a storage shed at the camp, which doubled as a sleeping cabin while we were there.

The first trip to the camp after we got back proved to be exciting. It was just the three of us. The ice had already been broken since we had fooled around on the Canadian trip. Besides, Stephen had fell in love with Roger’s long curved slender dick. I had no trouble at all getting them to turn in on that first night. They couldn’t wait. Roger was excited that screwing Stephen felt so great, and couldn’t believe that Stephen liked it. After eating a big outdoor dinner, then sitting around the fire, they were more than ready to turn in for the night. We put out the fire, then headed for the cabin.

We had a large floor pad made up for the three of us. We chatted about the trip to Canada, and how different the scouts were. Stephen and Roger had shared a tent at camp. Roger had spent most of his time in the tent on top of Stephen. They had discovered sex was fun. Mutual jerk offs, anal and oral sex. It was all great. And they had shared the fun with new friends. They were more than willing to do it again.

As we chatted about the trip, we shucked off the clothes, pausing to admire and observe the beauty of the nude body. Soon, we were pausing to play with things we thought needed our attention and our time. Finally the three of us lay side by side on the bed. Needless to say, all of us were sporting our finest hardons, and were into a lot of touchy feely. We silently understood our differnces, and our desires. As a mid-thirties guy, I was old enough to be their dad, but young enough to remember my teen years. I could also keep up with their teen energy, although I may need to pause occasionally to recharge. Stephen was a couple years ahead of Roger, and knew what he liked. He was beginning to realize how much he needed to be loved, meaning he liked being submissive and receiving. Roger had just began to sense his need to be sharing his larger than normal shaft with the less fortunate. He was aware that I wanted him, and he was amazed that Stephen couldn’t get enough of him. This sex stuff was new to Roger, but he loved it.

The three of us laid there like three new boy teens just beginning to discover what we had to share, and how we should go about it. Not so much like lovers. More like close friends with secrets only we were willing to share.

It was a warm night. We were already comfortable with each other. We had privacy to do what we wanted. We had the time to enjoy the things we liked to do.

I knew by instinct it would be my job to make the first move. I wanted to get the oral sex out of the way first. Just a personal preference. Without waiting, I replaced the mutual touching and petting with sucking by taking Roger’s shaft in for a warm wet bath and massage. Roger proudly stretched out, allowing his eight inch stiff to be nused. Roger was proud that he had the longest dick in the trio. He had been admired by all the boys who saw it, and now knew that was his special contribution. As I made myself comfortable bobbing up and down on it, Stephen turned so he could once again take on my slightly shorter, but thicker shaft. Roger moved to form a rough triangle and took on Stephen’s long curved shaft. The three of us leisurely nursed our lollipops loving the feeling we were sharing.

The trouble was that the feeling builds to a climax. Teens usully have trouble being able to control their desire to prolong a climax. Stephen and Roger knew they could do it again (and again) and speeded up their efforts to get off. I tried to keep up so we could climax close together. After a short time, the three of us were not only taking all of our respective shafts totally into our throats, we were working them for effect. Roger was the first to reward me with his baby juice. He plunged in deep, moaning and humping in total pleasure, no longer aware of our existence as he held my head in place. His dick jerked wildly, held its entire length inside my throat and mouth, and pumped its first stream of juice down my throat. By the time I swallowed, he had jerked back, shooting the second load as he plunged in again. I held on, taking all he had to offer. Finally, satisfied, but suddenly sensitive, Roger pulled away, breathing heavy, and spinning into space.

That sent me over the edge. Stephen came at the same time. The two of us were much too busy to pay much attention to Roger. Each of us grabbed for the others head, pushing in deep. It was not a problem. Stephen and I were pros at sucking. Stephen blew his load into Rogers mouth as I shot my load into his. Roger was the only one to gag. He had already shot off, and was not yet accustomed to taking a load without gagging on it. He held on though, and managed to swallow most of it. When we were done, the three of us laid back and relaxed, feeling good, but tired. We turned so that all of us were laying side by side.

 NO - there was no hugging and passionate kissing. I knew the boys were not into heavy love-making. They loved what we did, but Roger especially was not yet into the kissing thing. That would have been gay. We relaxed for a few minutes each amazed that we had just thoroughly enjoyed blowing each other. No doubt, we would want to do that again (and again). Not because we wanted to be gay. Because it felt great. It was fun to do each other.

I had been having oral and anal sex with Stephen for over a year at this time, and I knew he liked being a bottom. I also knew he had taken a liking to Roger, and was impressed with Roger’s size and enthusiasm. The feeling was mutual. Roger made no secret that he liked mounting Stephen. He had not played bottom before, and had doubts that he would, but then, he had no intentions of sucking a dick either until I had played sixty nine with him one night. I didn’t force him. I just presented the opportunity (and maybe brushed my hardon over his lips a few times. Curiosity did the rest. Roger had briefly tasted the tip a couple of times. The third time, he allowed his tongue to linger long enough to bathe the mushroom head in saliva. He must have decided it wasn’t so bad. He went back for more. This time, he allowed the glans to enter his lips, and slowly took in a few inches. I did ask him to cover his teeth with his lips. He did so. He was soon bobbing up and down cautiously on most of it. The feeling of pleasure he was getting from my oral massage of his shaft soon overcame his guilt. He was anxious to return the favor. He even kept going when I warned him I was going to shoot. He did pull off quickly when I shot my load, but he had already swallowed some of it. He didn’t think it was great. He didn’t think it was that bad. Although he spit it out that first time, he swallowed it all the next time around. He openly admitted that if caught sucking dicks, it wouldn’t matter if you did or didn’t swallow. That made sense to me. Before long, Roger would be vigorously sucking my dick until it was empty. The cum simply rewarded his efforts. Sucking each other off was an equal opportunity activity.

On that weekend, I used the same logic when I lubed up, convinced Roger to let me finger his hole; slid two fingers in and found his love spot. After about ten minutes stretching it and sending that electric thrill up and down his spine, I pulled the fingers out without warning, and slid my dick head in place at the entrance. Roger felt the pressure, and knew I had made the switch. He knew what I wanted, and he knew it would hurt. He looked back at me smiling, and a little nervous. With Stephen laying there watching us, I thought I might have trouble, but he had made up his mind to try it. I told him to push back as I pushed in. We tried it several times before he could relax enough to let it in. Once I had the head in, I paused to let him adjust. After several minutes, he pushed back firmly, then flexed, and paused again. It seemed like forever, but finally I felt my pubes pressed firmly against his well padded buns.

“It’s in. We did it.” I whispered in his ear.

We were laying side by side on the bed. I gently rolled on top of him. Stephen was amazed that Roger had allowed it, but watched quietly as I began to slowly hump his friend. Roger had given in. Roger never did complain. He began to like it as I found that fun spot again. Soon, we were listening to the sounds of my balls slapping against his buns as I speeded up my assault. Now Roger knew what it felt like when he was on top of Stephen. He wasn’t crazy about being a bottom (although he liked it more when we were alone). I think he didn’t want Stephen to know he liked being a bottom, although Stephen never asked him to switch. Roger liked being on top. When we were done, he went after Stephen. That was no problem. I think Stephen already had the KY out and was ready to give in to Roger’s needs. I’m sure Roger gave him all he could handle during the night. I drfted off to sleep satisfied that Roger and Stephen would be busy with each other.

Shortly after, I found out that Roger had also been busy at home. I had gone by one weekend hoping to catch Roger alone, or maybe to get him alone. Roger was not expecting me. His parents were at work. His little brother, Rob, answered the door wearing only a pair of tight shorts that looked way too small for him. Rob was a twelve year old that had just started attending troop meetings. He looked a small version of Roger. In other words, he looked delicious. Of course, he recognized me, greeted me, invited me in, then took off to the back bedroom, returning with Roger.

Roger had just got out of bed althogh it was mid-morning. He greeted me, headed into the kitchen, and returned with two cups of coffee - one for each of us. Roger liked boxer shorts. That was all he was wearing. The fly was open. His oversized dick was partially exposed as he sat next to me on the sofa. Rob watched both of us curiously, probably amazed that his big brother made no attempt to cover himself in front of me. He blushed when I sipped my coffee, but kept my eyes on his tight shorts. They showed off not only a nice little bulge in front, but a smaller but nice set of buns for his age. It was obvious to me that I had probably interupted their fun. Roger was grinning at both of us, enjoying the show. My crotch was showing a slight tent. Rogers already exposed shaft head was getting bigger. My evil grin silently asked what I had walked in on.

Roger knew why I was there. The thought of that, and the sight of Rob’s confusion had him plotting ways to introduce his brother to our secret game. He started by motioning for Rob to sit on his lap. Rob looked at the stiff shaft now poking more than half-way out of the boxer shorts, and stared first at the shaft, then at his brother. He slowly, but cautiously sat on Roger’s knee careful not to sit on the stiff rod his eyes were glued on. Roger assured him everything was all right, and pulled him back close as he unsnapped the clasp on his brother’s shorts. Rob had guessed that his brother was up to something, but looked nervous as Roger also unzipped the fly, and asked him to lift up a little. Rob obeyed. He watched as his shorts were slid down exposing a semi hard three inch dick and his small ball sac. There was no hair. His balls had just started dropping. Rob’s eyes remained on Roger as the shorts were slid down to his ankles. He knew to lift his feet and kick the shorts aside. His buns were now sitting with his brother’s big dick poking up under his ball sac. Rob sat back against his brother’s chest still not sure where this was going. He felt a little more at ease though. Whatever was going on, Roger was not worried about it. But an adult?

“Why don’t you get undressed while Rob takes care of my problem.” It wasn’t a question. It was more an invitation to join the fun. Rob knew what he was expected to do, but paused waiting to see what I was going to do.

I wasted no time answering that. I had came here to meet Roger, and have fun. In no time at all, I was quickly removing the obatacles preventing that fun. Once I stood up and started undressing, Rob got up so Roger could get his shorts off. Then he knelt on the shag carpet as Roger once more settled back with that monster sticking up for Rob to play with. I couldn’t believe my good luck. Both Rob and Roger watched as the clothes dropped to the floor. I’m sure Rob felt relieved to see that I was no bigger than his brother. His concerned look had turned to a smile. He was about to play with his new leader. Sure beats watching cartoons on TV.

Once I was completely nude, I watched as Rob turned his attention to the problem in his hands. He was kneeling obediently between Rogers knees slowly stroking an eight inch shaft knowing full well what was expected of him. As I returned to my seat next to his big brother, Rob gave me one more glance, then slowly lowered his lips to take in the narrow mushroom glans in front of him. He did his best to impress both me and his brother by taking in as much of the shaft as possible. When he went too far too fast, he gagged on it and backed off. He didn’t let it go. He held on, licking and sucking, then slowly began pumping his mouth up and down. It was definitely not his first time. As he pumped it, he pushed more and more past his throat. I was amazed watching as the adult sized dick was clearly visible through the small sized neck. I could see just how far it was going down and was even more amazed when Rob’s lips were pressed against Roger’s pubes. Even Stephen hadn’t been able to do that. I had to wonder just how long Rob had been practicing to do that. I could see the muscles in his throat working the shaft causing Roger to moan out loud in ecstacy. Before long, Roger was taking over, pulling back, then shoving all the way in. He began humping quicker. Rob took it well. Roger held the mouth in place as he plunged in, gasping, then holding it in tight. I could see the boys neck expand as Roger’s dick shot it’s load deep. Then he pulled almost all the way back, and did it again. This must have gone on six times before Roger finally released Rob’s head. Rob backed half way off before working over the top half of the shaft to clean it out. Roger pulled loose, probably because the dick head was pretty sensitive. Rob licked his lips, now looking up at me, then at his brother as if waiting for his approval. Roger, still breathing heavily, leaned forward giving Rob a long affectionate peck on the forehead. It was the first time I had seen Roger kiss anyone, but Rob had sure earned it. I’m sure even Roger hadn’t expected Rob to do that well.

As Roger laid back on the sofa, still in outer space somewhere, and totally exhausted, I made my move. Rob had more than earned a reward. I laid him on his back on the carpet, and spread his legs. Taking his stiff little three inch pecker inside my lips for a treat, I covered it easily. As he rested, I worked both his dicklet and his balls slowly and thoroughly listening to his words of praise and appreciation. His cute little butt thrust upward trying to get more. He didn’t last long. Too young yet to shoot, he went into the dry cum orgasm. His entire body shuddered. Then he went limp, panting and also exhausted.

Roger had recovered as I worked over his brother. He knew why I was there. It was not for his little brother, although I was not objecting to adding such a cute boy to my pleasures for the day. Roger stood up. Taking my hand to help me to my feet. He led me to his bedroom. Smiling, he reached into a dresser drawer pulling out a tube of KY. Once he had handed it over, he laid face down on his unmade bed. Making himself comfartable, he looked up to see if I had caught on to his offer. Once again, I was amazed. His little brother was still laying in the living room. He knew that. Yet he was willing to give in again? Still, I was not going to question his motives.

As I lubed up and stretched his hole for another workout, I had also stretched my legs over his waist, and was on my knees facing his back. I once again took the time to loosen him up. Once I knew he was ready, I leaned forward lining uo to make my entree. Roger grunted as my dick head pushed it’s way past the hole. After that, he relaxed faster than he had the last time. He knew what to expect. Once I found his pleasure button, he let me set the rhythm. He laid his head comfortably on his pillow as I slowly used his private entrance to pleasure my needs.

Rob came in when he realized we were gone. He sat on the edge of the bed watching as his brother rocked back and forth on the bed. As I began to speed up the rhythm, he smiled knowingly at me. Although he didn’t say it, I knew he had been there. Roger glanced at him smiling a few times. I was so horny it wasn’t long before I was once again pounding those well endowed buns, pausing to deposit still another load there. Then after a brief rest, I pulled a slowly deflating cum shaft from Roger’s hole.

The three of us headed for the bath room where Roger emtied my load into the toilet while Rob and I showered. As we did so, we played around giggling and stroking. As we dryed off, Roger took his turn under the hot water.

Rob needed to get to football practice. Roger had some chores to do before his parents got home. I figured I had done pretty well, and knew I would be back. I was off to do my errands.

Our next troop meeting was somewhat touchy for me - in more ways than one. Stephen and Roger were noe best buds who stuck pretty close. Stephen more so than Roger. He was not so much macho any more when Roger was around. Roger had something he liked a lot, and he only got close to it at troop meetings. They went to different schools, so they didn’t see each other much. Roger, on the other hand, knew what Stephen wanted. He loved to tease. Rubbing his crotch, or sitting so that his swollen dick was obvious caused Stephen to stare and look irritated, or maybe upset. A few times they had disappeared for short periods of time. I don’t think any of the others really noticed. It was probably just me. Still, if they got caught,,,,, well, it had me worried. Stephen wanted to know how soon we could spend another weekend at camp - any camp.

And then there was Rob. He was still new at the meetings. Not many friends to hang out with. If I was not busy, he would be by my side. I got an older scout to help him with requirements to keep him from being too friendly. I could tell he was a little hurt that I didn’t take him off alone. I couldn’t believe ha was that anxious to be alone with me. We needed to talk. With a big troop, I had too many things going on, not to mention that there were also other boys there who knew me well.

A few days after the meeting, I went back to visit Roger and Rob. I had hoped to make it both business and pleasure. I needed to talk to them both. I had mentioned I would see them Saturday morning. When I got there, Rob again answered the door. He was all smiles as he let me in. I knew the parents would be at work, but I thought Rob would be anxious to let Roger know I was there. Instead, the little imp took off to the kitchen as I was sitting down on the sofa. He came back carrying a cup of coffee, and as he sat next to me on the sofa, he announced that Roger had spent the night with Stephen. He was not home. And we had all morning.

I’m staring at a very attractive small twelve year old practically sitting on my lap wearing a loose pair of gym shorts. Nothing more. He’s home alone, and very keen on picking up where we left off. No need to be shy. We had already seen each other in action. I didn’t even get to finish the coffee. Rob had locked the door as I came in. He was busy unbuttoning my shirt as I laughed at the notion that I was being seduced by a boy who now had me where he wanted me, and wanted to play.

Rob reminded me that I had done him already - and he owed me. He told me that Roger had been fooling with him for at least two years. He had taught him how to blow that big dick of his, and pretty much used him at least once a day. Roger loved to screw him. And he loved his brother. Sometimes they played several times a day, especially on weekends when mom and dad were out late at night. All the time he was talking, he was undressing me. After the shirt, he went for the pants, shoes, socks, underwear. Of course, I helpd as necessary. All I needed to do for him was remove a pair of shorts that flew off him in less than ten seconds.

Once we were both completely nude, Rob wanted me on my back on the sofa. Spreading my legs, he crawled btween my legs to play with, then lower his very experienced mouth to cover and engulf the whole of my seven inch dick. Since Roger’s was longer, that was no problem. I was a little larger in girth, but not all that much. As Rob worked me over like a pro, I wondered if Stephen was doing the same for Roger. They also were together. I didn’t wonder about it a lot. Not with Rob doing a great job. He even paused to rest his sore jaws while I whimpered. I’m sure he knew I was getting close. He was more than good at this game. No wonder Roger was so defensive of his little brother. By the time I was so horny I wanted to flip Rob over and rape him, he seemed to know it was time to finish it. He bobbed up and down, still fully in control, and held on as my waist rose fully off the sofa, pumping all I had into his waiting lips. It felt like one hell of a load. Yet, he didn’t lose a single drop of it. He even held on when I was so exhausted I just collapsed back onto the sofa, gasping and praising his efforts.

The two of us rested, with Rob raising himself to slide up so we could hold each other in a face to face embrace. Unlike Roger, he had no problem with kissing and hugging. Rob loved it. We were so hot we were both covered in sweat. We needed a break.

But Rob wasn’t done. After a rest, he reached for the coffee table. Grabbing a bottle of sweet smelling lotion, he handed it to me, still smiling. I even asked if he was sure he was ready for that. He quickly nodded yes, and as I moved so he could lay face up on the sofa, I watched in disbelief as he pulled his legs up tight. With only a few minutes rest. This doll was ready to go again? I knew it would take me longer to shoot another load, especially after the one I had just delivered. I had my doubts that I was rested enough to go again. Rob told me Roger could shoot several times in a row. Roger was only fourteen, but an early bloomer. Stephen had already found out that Roger could keep going. I, on the other hand, had already passed thirty years. But no man my age is going to admit he can’t hack it. I looked down at that poor limp shaft, then at Rob’s cute little dark pink hole. That was enough to bring me back to reality. As I soaked the shaft in the slick lotion, it once more sprange to life. Using first one finger, then two to loosen up Rob’s entrance, I was once again ready to play.

Rob easily took the preplay, smiling up at me, then looking a little nervously at the shaft that was going to replace the fingers. Easing into my place between his buns, I let him get a good look at the shaft as I placed it in the puckered hole. I moved up pressing the mushroom glans firmly inward, raising his butt slightly up off the sofa. Rob knew to push back against me as I continued to press. I felt him tighten then suddenly open up. We watched as the spear shaped weapon suddenly disappeared inside him. He grunted, closed his eyes for a moment then watched as a couple inches of the slick shaft glided inside. I paused just a moment, but not long. Rob did not seem to be in any pain. He was still pushing back against me as we watched the shaft ease in further. After a few pauses, we watched as my pubes pressed tightly against his buns. I was in. Rob raised up slightly to get a better look. Smiling, he relaxed his position, and laid his head back on a pillow.

I bent forward giving him a peck on the forehead and started a slow easy going rhythm. Once I hit his prostate, he smiled and pushed back to meet me as I flattened out against him. From that point on, I eased in and out of him just enough to let both of us enjoy making out. I must have lasted about half an hour before I decided we needed to finish it. I could have gone on all day, but we would have been worn out from the ecstacy we were feeling. Thrusting faster and watching Rob’s body rock back and forth from the increased pressure, I saw him begin to jerk and spasm. Rob was going into an orgasm. His butt was twisting and turning, causing all kinds of pleasure to radiate through a shaft that responded by once more blowing a huge load deep inside his hole. Both of us were letting out grunts and strange sounds of extreme pleasure. We hugged and kissed each other passionately. All too soon, it was over. All too soon, we were totally exhausted. I fell forward, then rolled on my side to keep from suffocating Rob, who was still breathing heavy. Once again soaked in sweat, we just laid there, holding on to each other tightly. For ten minutes, we didn’t even speak.

When we did start to recover, Rob confessed he had not had sex with an adult. I was his first. And we both declared it had been the best. Both of us had thoroughly enjoyed each other. We had both had sex before, but this time we took it to the skies. We definitely wanted to do it again. Neither of us had pretended like it was the first. We knew better. So it was for fun. It had taken a lot out of us, but we had also made our first anal sex the greatest.

Rob still loved pleasing Roger in bed, but now had two lovers that competed to take him to bed.He knew very well how to please both. And Roger was now at ease knowing I was just as much at ease with Rob as I was with him. In fact, he quickly took the credit for training Rob to please.

Surprisingly, Stephen was never invited to share Rob. My own feeling is that Roger was pleased with having all of us to play with. He felt he was defending Rob by not including him whenever he was off with Stephen. Or maybe he felt more macho humping each of them on separate occasions. Who knows? Roger accepted the fact that he was to give up his butt whenever I was there. He liked to resist, then give in. He was great once I had mounted him. Maybe he felt it was his duty as a top to resist in front of Stephen and Rob.

At any rate, our fun would last for about a year. It ended suddenly when his family broke up. He and Rob moved to stay with their father.

Stephen and I continued for several more years. We broke up when Stephen joined the service. He met other guys he liked, and went his own way. We remained good friends though, often exchanging love stories when he was home. I think he also confirmed much of this story to my friend, Roy, who financed the trip to Canada. Roy was offered the chance to go along, but did not. Today, he can only live the story through those that lived it. Sorry, Roy.