Lake Sunshine

by Ralph Ramos

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Lake Sunshine

by Ralph Ramos

c h a p t e r o n e

welcome to your doom!

The last day of June, basically the last day of summer. My mom finish packing my stuff for today summer camp. Yes, summer camp. My mom told me to go, after all her co-workers son is going, and it looks beautiful. Oh, the camps name is called, 'Lake Sunshine'. It's sounds like a girls and princess like name, however my said on the phone said (I eavesdropped on the convo) that it was beautiful and had creative places and vicinities, but they walked out and I couldn't hear the rest.

My mom really wanted me to go since she thought it was a good idea to drop the technology for all. Sadly, my brother and sister can't come because, they all are working on summer school for the rest of July and part of August and as well as no girls!

I tried texting my guy friends to go, but all rejected me except one. On the third week of June, I went to visit Colton, a friend of mine, and I kinda talked to him about. His mom, however, heard our conversation and Colton did not want to go. Since his mom forced him, my mom and his mom both had contact and communicated with each other.

Keep in mind, I'm Asian, I am fairly skinny for a twelve year old, I have a huge birthmark under my chin, a nice little ear piercing on my left ear, shaved sides on my head with the long part going to the left side and I have black hair and tanned brownish skin. My name is Bradley!

Colton, he's the same age and fairly skinny like me. He is white (no offence), he has blue eyes, and dark auburn brown hair. He's cool, and yes we both dated the same girl but different times. I dated her first in the second week of September, but we broke up in late October. He dated her second and on the third week of November and the last day of December.

We're both straight....wait, why the heck am I telling you this???

I got ready with my bag, it contained my clothes, my toothbrush and toothpaste, my sleeping blanket, an extra sweater, my iPod, a mini umbrella and some food. I wore the same casual thing I do day to day time during school days. A sweater, a white tee, blue jeans and my phone with me.

The door bell range and I am pretty sure that's Colton with his mother. My mom opened the door and I see him wearing the usual he wears, with his backpack of things probably the same things as mine. All of us at the front saw the big yellow buses we all took in elementary, and you could hear some guys rough housing around. I assumed we were the only two boys to be in this area to go to Lake Sunshine. I-I mean, We were nervous.

"Dude, let's just be together and find a seat that's empty, we'll just stick together okay?" Colton asked

"Yeah, okay...Bye mom!" I said

"Bye!" Both parents said and we walked out.

The bus doors open for us and the buses are bigger than we expected. Lots of action goes on especially with talking. Me and Colton walk to the empty seat we spot near the back. We took our seats with our bags on our laps. Turns out their was a boy sitting in the seat, and since we saw the pattern, two per seat, Colton sat two rows in front of me mouthing, "Sorry."

I relaxed with my bag on my lap, and see that a group of Asian boys that's my type (Filipino) talking together. I was on the left at the bus and one guy behind me, the guys beside me, the two guys in front of me on the buses hallway we're all talking and I was in the way on being on the side.

I eavesdrop on their conversation while I am on my phone with the guy on my right saying, "Yo, we should get our hopes up that we should all get into a different lodge with other boys this summer."

"Why? Just so we could fuck more boys over?" A guy said

"No, to checkout more guys and to just befriend more people." the guy beside me on my left said

"Yo dude!" The guy in front of me yells. I felt a tap on my knee and look up.

"What's your name?" The guy asked

"Uh, Bradley," I respond

"Cool my name is Mint, I ain't Asian, I'm Hispanic." Mint greets me, he turns out to be Hispanic.

"Name's Vyron," Vyron greeted me with a fist bomb and well it's clear he looks Asian.

"Hey, my name is Jason, or as everyone calls me, 'Jase'." Jason politely greets me

"Sup'? Name is Cadley. Same name as you, but with a C," Cadley greets me

"Hey, name is Justin," Justin greets me. He and everyone else besides Mint, are all Asian. I look in front to see adoption communicating with other boys, mainly looking like Asian and white.

"First time at Camping?" Jason asks me. I hesitate to say I was a bit shy, but I am never this shy, I stumbled, "Ye-Yeah..."

"Don't worry, you're gonna scrambled up with a TON of boys in your lodge. You become friends with the guys in there you'll meet!" Justin explains

"Cool," I rushed to check back on Colton, and all the guys look to where I was looking. Cadley asked me, "You brought a friend along?"

"Yeah," I was very quick to respond, because I had butterflies in my stomach.

"So what brought you here to go to the Lake?" Cadley asked

"Oh, my mother wanted me to come to this camp after hearing a few boys talking about it, I eavesdropped ." I explained, I knew the camp out was for only boys and that I would spend my birthday this summer. I really regret this decision now. "This is a recreational camp at the lake right?"

All the boys laughed making me embarrassed and blush a bit. "Dude, didn't anyone inform you? Canada put Lake Sunshine for boys only for gays and bi-curious and bi-sexuals. All boys from the age of ten to sixteen around in British Columbia and Alberta go to Medicine Hat for the trip."

"Oh......." I said angrily and regret everyone decision. I thought sex was gross, I'm only twelve. I know all the dirty stuff but I think any sexual acts with anybody was gross and disgusting. I mean, I don't care if you're gay, but I don't like the sex with any gender at all...

"Dude, I made the exact same mistake when I was ten." Vyron said

"Yeah, man, first is first, be kind and don't be a bully." Cadley explained. I was in relief these boys weren't gonna make fun of me. Jason warned me, "Careful though, the top five boys; Mick, Chenny, Diego, Rene, and especially, ESPECIALLY, Bryant!"

"Why?" I asked. I had those butterflies in my stomach pinching my inners and gut. Mint explained to me, "All boys will try to find a way to at least kiss and fuck almost every boy at the lake. Bryant especially, he doesn't go for a certain number of guys, he goes for everyone individually in this camp. If his job isn't fulfilled, he will never go to Lake Sunshine ever AGAIN!"

"So...are you guys not-" I was cut off to here all of them say, "Yup! We all lost it to a guy and Bryant!"

"Don't worry, Bryant won't push you out of the comfort zone and he'll just help with whatever you need help for." Justin said. I felt a but relieve that these boys won't push me out the comfort zone. "So, you brought a friends over? What's his name?"

"Colton." I answered, I made sure that my phone was on my and started texting everyone I knew about random stuff not paying anymore attention to the guys around me.

"Nice name....Nice name man! YO!" Justin shouted

"Sorry....I guess I'm a bit scared and embarrassed." I blushed a bit and told them through the trip that I was from my home city with the other two boys, Justin and Mint. The other boys were all from Edmonton and basically lived in the different regions in Edmonton.

I did see that the were two buses, one in front and one behind us. I looked at Colton once in awhile to check up on how he's holding up. To be honest, he's holding up pretty well and talking to his same race and other races too, I think.

"We're here!!!!" Cadley yelled. Every boy was greeted with a beautiful distant scenery of a black glass like fence and humongous gate with the engravings 'Lake Sunshine' and picture like of boys having fun. I was excited but then again, there are four buses that carried out everyone in B.C. And Alberta here in M.H.

I got off the bus only to learn that a few boys stripped their shirts off, and boy was it hot. I walked to Colton, only to learn that he was walking and talking with his new friends. I walked alone when someone tugged me, Vyron, he was shirtless and kept his lower parts on (Thank God).

"Yo, Bradley, you like the scenery of Lake Sunshine?" Vyron asked. Everyone walked past the gates only to see the lake look very nice and village wise. I was shocked, it was better than the picture I dreamed in my head. I responded, "It's pretty cool!"

"OK! OK! BOYS!" A teenage boy older than us yelled. Everyone settled their mouths down and payed attention to the group of young adult teenage boys at the bottom of the hill.

"Ok boys, welcome to Lake Sunshine! We're you are free to be gay for once! Here, you'll interact with every boy here and we supply you with; Lodges, Food, Activities and Sex!" He greeted us, with the boys all agreeing to the 'Sex' part which, hello, I'M STRAIGHT!!!!!

"Rules first boys! 1. No bullying, no harassment and no forcing, well forcing to get another boy to do something for them. If we receive any complaints, the person will be strictly forbidden to go back and to Exeter the lake zone area. We want campers to feel comfortable enough to what they want to do, so no intolerance!" He explained the rule one more time and felt a huge weight lifted out my shoulders.

"2. This lodge is protected with the security of fences! No one is able to get in, so no worries boys, no intruders."

I felt like another ton of weight had been lifted off making feels a bit relaxed.

"3. Anyone that has their own phones or portable gadgets must put it in our basket in order to keep away from cyber bullying. Instead we supply you with cameras/video cameras, mp3 players and gaming technology of our own and computers in our technology lodge."

Now that, I can't handle. I need my phone for entertains purposes, but I guess recreation and their activities aren't bad.

"4. Finally, the sex. In your lodges and here outside, you are aloud to have sex ANYWHERE YOU WANT!!! However, you must not have sex in the bench zone where people would work, eat, or meditate."

Uhhggggh....I'm scared, to be the only straight guy with Colton, I feel angry that I dragged myself in here.....

"Now when I call you, I want you to remember your Lodge numbers please and line up behind your directors with their respective numbers." The main director said. I waited for awhile and heard that I was in Lodge 9 with Vyron and Justin, I felt a bit fine that I had a few people I knew in the bus. Colton went into Lodge 4, which I miss dearly because we wanted to stick together this summer.

As we asked to our Lodge, I saw the beautiful grey sidewalks and freshly cut green gas with the recreation areas I see made me smile.

"Ok, my name is Derrick. I'm your guys' director for this entire summer, any questions come to me. I'm afraid I will also confiscate all your gadgets..." Derrick asked. I hand in both my cell phone and iPod, which I was pretty disappointed.

He left the room and shut our lodge door. We all settled in and I took the bed in the middle with Vyron since I can trust. Justin asked everyone in the cabin," Okay boys. I think we should settle later and lets introduce us one another. First, I am Justin!"

"Vyron is the my name!" Vyron greeted

"My name is Cale." Cale greeted

"Name's Aust. Not Austin, just Aust." Aust greeted

"Diego! You boys should all know me by now." Diego greeted

"My name is Ken...." Ken greeted shyly

"My name is Lio." Lio greeted

"Hi! My name is June." June greeted

"Clarke." Clarke greeted

"Dean's the name." Dean greeted

"Uh...B-Bradley." I hesitantly introduced myself

I wanted to sleep alone in one of the six beds because we had an uneven number, eleven. I felt less nervous but it was more intense, Justin seemed to be the most confident in the group while Vyron is the coolest, so far. I saw a few ones that looked younger than me, but I wouldn't want to assume well. Justin asked us, "We should explain our generalities more. So my name is Justin. I'm 14 years old, I'm Asian and by everyone for the past five years, I give good blowjobs by all the boys or my lips are very loving."

"I'm 13 years old turning 14 in August 1st. I'm Asian and I love to be shirtless and everyone at the camp for the past three years love me for playing with my soft hands." Vyron introduced

"Hey, I am 11 years old and it's my second year here. I'm Hispanic and I love boys my age!" Lio introduced

"I'm only 10 years old and I just turned 10 last week. I am white I guess. It's my first time here." Cale introduced

"I'm Ken....I'm shy and I am 10....I'm tanned a but but I'm still white... First time here..." Ken shyly introduced

"Well, I'm 15 years old and I am white as you can see. Sixth time here and I love boys!!!!" Aust introduced

"I'm 12 years old and I am white. It's my third year here and I'm starting to cum, but not fully yet..." Clarke introduced. He looked like a mixture of my friend at home and Colton, the boys did chuckle a bit.

"Dean again. I am 14 years old and I am Spanish. Most boys love my bubble butt and love my nice contrasting of my smoothness and hairiness. Third time here!" Dean introduced

"I'm Diego. 15 years old. You should know me from me screwing you guys, Justin, Dean, and Vyron. I haven't met the rest of you, but y'all should know Bryant will get you. Kind of Sex I'll tell yeah. P.S. I will be switching from this cabin to my crews cabin, number 10. I'm Asian and Hispanic so, catch me up later." Diego introduced

I looked down at my separate bed I want and I hear Justin asking, "Is that all the boys-Bradley!"


"Ummm. I'm 12 years old turning 13 later. I'm Asian and its my first year here. Oh yeah, I'm straight,"I mentioned. The boys just 'oh'ed and looked at me with grins. Diego said, "Don't worry, straighties always go gay here without leaving. Plus, it's impossible to resist Bryant, I mean pure Asian is all him and gayness too."

I got a bit angry and wondered what Colton was doing. Either he is feeling like me right now or he is having a wonderful time getting to know everybody. I hope he tells the boys he's straight too. Right now, we just got fairly settled and I REALLY want my phone back, but since its a rec. centre/gay park, I guess the incompetence of think straight- Er, gay- I mean to think well as I would in summer time.

Hey, look on the positive side, at least I'll make friends...that are all gay...UGHHHH! I'm so pissed at myself for eavesdropping! The lodge, large washrooms, no tv, no nothing, just six beds, with a crappy white textured wall with two felt like I was in a tent.

"Yo, I'm gonna walk outside. Peace!" Diego announced. He walked out and left the tent- I mean lodge. The other boys left as well to stroll and meet up with their friends. Clarke stayed back to help get settled a bit.

I didn't wanna go nowhere. I never felt soooo pissed after a certain somebody made the basketball team than me. I looked down with my jeans criss-crossed and twiddle on my fingers.

"Don't worry, uh, Bradley? You can just make friends here at camp if you disinclined the sexual stuff." Clarke said

"No, it's just that I really don't like sexual activities with any gender. Me and my friends back at home think its gross. Plus, I am even pissed at myself for going and my mom for giving me the idea. I don't wanna be gay." I respond

"Dude, chill. You don't need to, but keep in mind over 35 days at camp. It's going to happen, and plus, you don't need to consider yourself gay for having sex with a guy. There are so much things else to be gay that you can choose for, but no offence though."

I looked up and saw Clarke sitting on his bed, he had cool fluffy spikes hair (no homo though) and admired him for awhile. He went back to talking which he asked, "You can choose/have friends here instead if you want. But, may I be your friend in this camp?"

"Sure." I accepted his invitation and he put his hand out and I shakes it firmly. We let go and he walked out saying, "But watch out, guys will be all over you!"

"Hey, Clarke. Umm, Why did we had to tell each others races?" I asked. He looked at me with the door half open and half of his body was already outside. "Oh an incident so sweet, EVERYBODY loved to see. An incident involving a purposed interracial scene public!"

"Inter-what scene?"

"Like over five ethnicities all fucked one another outside for a show...." He answered and left as he closes the door. I really wanted to go out and play, but part of me says no, I think you should know why. I thought about Colton and wanted to check how he was doing, I'm pretty sure he's acting like me right now or...nah! Colton would never be gay or bi!

I rested my back on the wall were my bed was (does this make me sound greedy?) and lay back trying to think. I am mad at myself and my mom for putting me here, I am also so sad and scared because I look very swag like and I didn't like it one bit. The door opened again and saw a boy a bit smaller than me and younger, maybe 10 years old?

"Is Ken here?" The little boy asked. I shook my head, "We'll he is in my lodge, but at the moment he went on go on an adventure." I responded

"Oh, okay. Well my name is Timmy, but people call me Tickey! I'm the same age as Ken, he's my only friend."

I thought, 'Oh, no wonder why he's so shy. He only is comfortable with Tickey!'

"Well, I'll tell that you came by to stop and say hi."

"Okay, bye bye!" He left and I just wanted to go out. Brave boy Bradley! I opened the door to see the green grass and greyish concrete like road, with a bunch of facilities across. I take my first three steps out the door.

Boys screaming and hollering and already Literally, in my vision I see two boys doing it. I turn away and head to the pine trees with the outdoor cafe like tables and chairs. I sat down and let my hand rest on my cheek slouching. I looked around and a few boys sitting at separate tables but with a few friends or their friend.

"Hey!" A boy greeted me that was Asian/Hispanic? and had brownish spikey hair and soft brown eyes and soft red faded like lips.

"Uh, hi." I respond casually

"So," he sat beside me and looked around, "I never seen you before, even though you seem to fit in here."

"Okay..." I said, I looked at him and he looked at me and asked, "What's your name?"


"Just wanting to know. I mean I knew every boy here last year inside and out, if ya know what I mean."

"We'll, it's Bradley."

"Cool." He took his hand out and I shook his hand which he had a nice grip and harsh firm shake.

"You look young. Fifteen?" He guessed, I shook my head and guessed until he got to twelve. I nodded and he told me, "I'm fifteen."

"Where are you from, what school?" I asked

"Uh, Kelowna, B.C. and St. Kike the Third."

"How about you?" I hesitate and just went with it, "Calgary and St. Marel Catiloin."

"You seem like a pretty chill dude."

"Thanks, you too, I guess?" I responded. We basically just talked about how I am a bit uncomfortable with guys here and sex in general, which he would tell me that no will force you, but it's hard to resist. We talked about why he came here and his past experience with boys that are the best, which I thought that was pretty 'eh'.

"Hey, you haven't told me your name yet." I called him out

"Oh yeah! Names Bryant!" He responded

"WHAT!? You mean, the guy that?! That guy who'd!? Sex with every?! Ohhhh..." I groaned. I felt a sharp pain possibly because he's Bryant, the guy who'll have sex with every guy on this zone.

"Well, that's my objective, I want every boy here to have it. Maybe because its for the fact I've been here since I was nine."

I looked at him weird and asked, "You mean, ten?"

"No, I mean nine. This camp went from ages eight to sixteen which they raised the age up to ten to sixteen two years ago, it was for those little kids to shut up to telling their parents."

"I'm sorry, I'm straight and sex or sexual activities is something I find wrong...sorry." I told him with my fear for the second time.

"Look, you don't have to have sex here or do anything like that at this lake. Thing is, is that people straight do have sex here, hell, sometimes straighties go gay here. It happens, a LOT."

"Well, bye!" I waved at him and he waved back and went out of the cool shade of the outdoor cafe and to the sunny pavement. I walked around with my head down all throughout like a quarter of the vicinity of the right side not to far from my lodge. I see Vyron with his shirt off and one ear bud in his ear, he walks up towards me and I just kept walking.

"Hey." He greeted

"Hi." I greeted back

He looked around and that kinda scared me and he asked me, "You wanna chat?"

"Sure." I responded, I sat down on the bench near the lake which is big but not too big. "So, what have you been up to lately?" I asked

"Walking around, shot some ball and now I am taking a stroll. How about you?"

"Well, I chatted with Clarke and Tickey, Ken's friend. I think I know why Ken is really shy...Ken and Tickey are the only friends the have each other, so I think Ken and Tickey just went to find each other."

"Nice solving there, Sherlock. You messed with a few boys yet?"

I sighed and looked at him a bit pissed and he laughed it off teasing, "Just kidding man! You don't have to, but guess what, someone will getcha!"

I looked at him with a displeased face and said, "Don't say that...."

"Uh, sorry," he apologized, "so what's your favourite colour?"

"Blue," I answered

"Hey mine's blue too!"

"That's cool... What's your favourite music genre?"

"R&B and Hip-Hop of back then, don't judge."

"Cool, more of a Modern day Pop."

It got awkward and silent, both me and Vyron just stared at the lake and sky. Vyron turned to me and asked, "Hey Bradley? Uh, can you tell me

exactly why your mom wanted you to go?"

"Uh, she and I overheard it while we were at my sisters last basketball tournament in a junior high school. So, I kinda heard them and my mom just put me through and I brought Colton along to this trip."

"Oh, I heard it from a bunch of boys in elementary talking about it. I asked my older bro, who was also straight. But when I said I was gay after hearing it, he would be my first! I would never forget that moment, I loved him so much! And the camp, was like wow! I never knew 16 year olds were okay to have sex with me! Ohh, sucks that you're still a virgin."

"Mmhm....shame on me for not boy cherry??"

"All boys and girls have that, I can't blame you. I had sex with half the camp last year, so it's fine...tons of straight boys come here, but lose it to a bunch of us."

I squirmed a bit, not because I felt sexual, I felt uncomfortable..." You're making me feel uncomfortable and sick that I'll have sex here."

" Colton that dude right there?" He pointed at a random blonde kid and obviously shook my head, which then, he pointed at other people and I shook my head like I had a seizure. A minute, er so, he points to a kid with dark brown hair and blonde like highlights and nodded yes to that.

"Cute kid! He'll have plenty, especially he is short, cute and pure everything! I can't wait for him!"

"Woah! Slow down cowboy! He's also very committed to his sexuality, which appears to be straight!"

"Damn, no need to get so protective over you guys' sexuality. Bet you five dollars he'll have it in the first week, same with you," he held his hand out to slap it? I dunno in which I respond by, "Stop, please, that's sick to my stomach, and enough with sex this, sex that!"

He looked embarrassed by making that remark. I kinda layed my anger off and just cool down, I sighed and told him I wanna go back home.

"You always have the option to, but you're missing out...not just sex, friendship. I mean yeah, for the last three years, sure sex was the best, but friendship was the greatest. In fact, I never knew a quarter of students in my middle school went, and Im good friends with Justin and the boys."

"I guess friendship is a big deal, but I'm sick of sex, sex, sex! All about the sex! Kinda gets my pissed a bit!"

"I'm here for you friend, and it looks like your friend is making good love there!"

My eyes and mind were in shock! I looked at Colton? Nope, that's not him, we'll I see the true friend, Colton, he kept walking pass the kissing blonde boys and told Vyron that wasn't him and they were walking pass the one he so-called 'my friend.'

"Wanna go back to the lodge?" He asked

"Sure, I guess..." I respond to the offer. We went off to our cabin from the cement path road to our cabin to see that Justin was there messing with one younger boy.

"I don't think we should interrupt them.." Vyron said. I nod cluelessly, but at the same time, I wanna see this...WHAT!? What did I just say, mean seeing gay sex...or sex in general???

"Look, two dudes there fucking," Vyron pointed it out.

"Oh..." I respond, I stare where they were near the lodge themselves and started to pinch each others nipples and started to sexually take their pants off. Actually, this was kinda turning me on..a bit. A BIT! They looked amazed and started to grab each others long rod and jerked clearly off each other.

I looked over at Vyron seeing his crotch looking at the shape of his, erm, boner. I watched back at the boys, were one dude on the left went down on him kissing every spec of his abs down to his cock. He licked it and I could see both of them moaned. He went in just to suck the head and the boy kinda felt a bit squeamish. He went further in and started to suck deeper and deeper into his 4 inch cock...I assume he was 11 or 12 like me.

Every moan I could hear and saw Vyron pant-less himself. Turning me on with his v line shape to the crotch and abs the completed his complexion. His hairy pubes and grown cock really looked good. Almost enough I was ready to almost go-NO!!!! NO!

Just n-damn, I got a boner myself from all of my sight, but I ain't taking my pants off... Not until I look back at the boys who the boy getting it having his hands grasp onto his hair and violently making him suck his cock, or deep throat from my knowledge. The boy sucking on it squinted as he was in no control but his own mouth gagging on his cock and I saw saliva hanging down from his cock from his chin and mouth. Vyron on the other hand started to follow the motion on how hard the guy was sucking by going up and down on his shaft the same way the boy gaged on his cock.

All of this was hot, up until the point were white stuff I could see from a distance ran to the boy across his shaft and him drooling in that same white stuff. That same white stuff came shooting out like a meteor on to his stomach. Through all of this, my pecker is HARD as I have ever felt it this way.

Am I gay myself? Am I? Or am I just curious...I know I'm straight, but all of this sex makes me a bit sick. Vyron looked at me and winked and walked away. Dang, well I'll be seeing a lot of this though out the entire half of summer. Yay me. Lucky me that I'm in this STUPID LAKE OR CAMP! I really wanna go home now!

* * * * * * *

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-Once again, pure fiction here, not real! Any character names were used by imagination, any one you know from these names are a coincidence.

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