Lake Sunshine

by Ralph Ramos

-This story is fictional and does not portray real life events caused by the authors note. This is a work of fiction and portrays sexual acts between teenage boys and for whatever reason, this offends you or no in legal age, please leave now, so no controversy will start. This story belongs to me, any use of it on any other site or other property not under my consent is forbidden unless if asked.

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-I apologize if it was shorter, it's just that so many things are happening in my life, and I just needed to get this out of my way first. I just hope you enjoy it.

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Lake Sunshine

by Ralph Ramos

chapter t.w.o.

might be to you, but not to me

It was still only day one and I witnessed gay sex or any sex for the first time. Yeah sure, I know all the dirty stuff (well not all) but its nerve racking to see that many boys will be having sex here, hopefully not including me.

I wanna meet up with Colton, but it seemed like it was not worth to be a try, since he keeps hanging out with a blonde boy kinda resembling a boy I'm good friends with.

Justin's little friend exited the door as I heard the creak from the door open.

"Bye!" Waved the ten year old?

"So, Bradley, right?" Justin asked. Shoot. I nod and he said, "cool," and walked out full frontal with full clothing on. Thank God!

"Had sex with cute boys yet?" He asked, I shakes my head and with a dismayed face saying no to sex at all.

"Why not? I saw you with Vyron, did you-"

"No," I responded quickly, "...hell no!"

"Sorry man, why you gotta get so worked up?"

"I'm kinda pissed at this camp. Well no offence, but sex seems to be a number one priority here."

"You wanna take a walk? I mean, I'll tell you every basic thing or advanced thing you need to know. Please?"

I look at him with a not-so cool attitude and got my back off the lodge. I nod my head and sighed, "what do I need to know?"

"Yes! First things first, you can watch sex were ever you want, however, if there in the lodge, you aren't suppose to look or enter. It just shows that it's more private for new boys. Oh, when it's night time and you mess with one of your lodge buddies, it's totally fine. In fact, messing with anybody in our lodge we are aloud to come in and watch."

"Oh okay. Awkward much, but ok,"

We started to continue to walk down cement pathway seeing boys talking and playing games and a few having sex themselves. A brown haired boy came walking passed us and said to me, "You look cute!"

"Was he talking to me?" I asked Justin. He nodded and respond, "Yup. Mainly when guys give out compliments or an thing flattering, means they kinda want you, sexually. Aren't you excited?"

"Yay. I got my first invite from some boy. Yippee." I said with sarcasm

"Okay dude, ha ha ha. Very funny," Justin laughed. We kept walking, kinda got off topic, but finally, I saw Colton all alone and asked him if he wants to take a walk with me and Justin, "Hey Colton! Nice to see yeah finally! You wanna take a walk with us?"

"I'm explaining to him what goes on in this place, just to give him a heads up," Justin explained

"Sure, why not. As long as we're not having sex after, I'll take a walk with you!" Colton answered. Thank Jesus he ain't gay quite yet...what? I mean he ain't gay forever-I mean-never mind.

"You're quite short there pal," Justin commented

"Hehe, yeah. I'm not quite yet in my growth spurt..." Colton embarrassingly responded

"Aw, you'll get there little boy!" Justin encouraged. We continue to walk

and Justin pointed at a light blue box and explained, "That box there, if you see 'me, they're for condoms, lube, sex toys, etc."

"Sex toys!?" Colton exclaimed

"Yeah, like small get the point." Justin explained

I felt that Colton was going to give in into this sex demon dungeon where they held young boys, like us, in here. I guess this is going to be the worst instead of the best. Dammit, why did I ever let Colton drag into this? Why did I in fact have myself drag into this?

"Yo Bradley, people wash it and sanitize it after. Yo, it looks like you feel awkward in this?" Justin called me out

"Uh, yeah. Sorry..." I responded. I held my stomach because I felt so sick. Colton, once again p, got curious and asked, "Have you guys met Bryant yet? He tries to get everyone to have sex with him every year."

"Yeah, I've even been fucked by him since I have began this camp. You'll guys will to have sex with him. Definitely will." Justin answered

"I only talked to him for like ten minutes, then left because I didn't know his name was Bryant." I answered

"He's seems very sly-guy kinda style, don't you think?" Colton responded

"Yeah!" Justin agreed. I moaned and groaned and asked Lord to get the hell outta here.

"You're not giving into this gay sex right?" I whispered to Colton

"No. Hell no. Dude were 12 well, near 13. I would never give into this silly bullshit. I thought you said this camp was a rec. camp, not a gay camp!?" He whispered back

I looked after Colton whispered into my ears to see Justin's face smirking, or fake smiling. He looked at me and Colton's unsatisfied look, "You guys okay?"

"Yeah." I replied. I looked a bit mixed after seeing Colton a bit pissed off.

"I gotta go. I need to think after reflecting a bit of a thought." Colton murmured. It was hard to hear what he said, but he was mad.

"Ok...bye." I gulped. I thought Colton was not going to talk to me. I get it. I dragged him in here, but I feel pissed too. I feel like I should leave Colton alone, that was a bust.

"Okay, T.T.F.N." Justin waved, oh and TTFN is 'Ta Ta For Now'.

"Is he okay? Do you guys need some time alone?" Justin questioned. I swing my head from side to side which means, 'Hell No.'

"Alright. You wanna continue the tour, or nah?"

"Uhh, sure."

"Listen, if something is wrong with friendship right now, I leave if you want. It's an important factor towards life, and I won't judge or nothing, but if you really wanna fix what happened, by all means, go for it."

I think Justin either; overheads us or just saw our body language in a weird way. I asked, "Justin. What do you really want to be when you grow up?"

"Not a gay porn star. Haha, no, um. I want to be a Philanthropist/ Humanitarian and a Councillor and Teacher at a school!" He replied. I'm actually pretty amazed, I thought he was gonna be a gay doctor taking teen boys through prostate exams. He asked the same thing towards me and obviously I respond to it up and gay-I mean-straight, "Doctor. Don't judge."

"That's pretty cool, sucky thing is you have to be in med school for like eight years or ten. Well here in this camp I hope you get to learn 'our' anatomies together, or with some other boy, either way works." He laughed

"I think I can handle that for now, but um, it's gonna be a bit of something I kinda have to practice for more prepping and studying. Plus, we'll just study from anatomy books."

"Haha, but no, seriously that's a cool thing you wanna do in life and I respect that. No judgement right there."

"Thanks. Back to the tour?"

"Sure!" He replied just a millisecond after asking him. He showed me around and I saw boys playing some recreational stuff. He then pointed at a larger cabin than what our miniature cabins looks like.

"That's where all the popular, and I mean, 'Popular' boys stay at if they wish. They basically have a total of four rooms and grab all the newbies to fuck with. I mean they leave NO ONE behind without getting fucked by them, especially by-" I cut him off by saying, "Bryant. Yeah I get it."

"Quick learner, I see."

"No, it's just terrible intuition I hear, see, and feel."

"Ah, don't worry, you'll definitely feel him alright."

"Eh..." I murmured feeling rather disgusted and pretty scared. We kept walking down the road path which goes in a circle, but to see a more rock-dirt path on the right, we take the path. It was mainly more nature and natural than the area zone, but this still is property of the lake, hence why the lake is here in the first place.

"Many people love to have sex here, hiding behind the bushes, and trees or just to fuck in the lake, which you can swim in or right by the lake if you wanna." Justin explained

"Very informative," I sarcastically said

"So Bradley, are you just scared about having your first with a boy? Cause that's what I am kinda sensing."

"I don't know, I just get pissed easily, but then I feel very neutral and then I get sad and we go back to me being pissed off."

"Well dude, rule one: no harassment, bullying, and forcing. Everyone's kind here, no ones gonna be harsh or judgemental if you don't wanna have sex. Plus, we can just be friends!"

"Friends sounds better than sex partner."

"I know that was gonna CUM out, haha!"

"Ew, sick prevent, haha."

"We'll at least we're just be friends, and if you ever wanna try, ask me!"

"Nah dude, I'm good, sex ain't my thing."

"Actually, it's everyone's good major in it, but respect is just key!"

"Preach!" I yell

We continue to walk and said nothing is interesting so we strolled around, looking at trees and it was surprisingly already lunch, well, past lunch, it's actually 1:03PM. Good job camp, you manage to set one O' clock as eating time!

"Hey guys!" Vyron yelled

"Don't yell!" Justin whispered

"So, what did you guys do?" Vyron said with a smirk

"Well, Justin took me out-" I was cut off

"TO FUCK!?" Diego yelled. He simply ease dropped on outer convo.

"No, no. To walk around and show me the place to get a better sense of the lake." I finished

"Yeah, what he said." Justin commented

"Cool." Clarke came into the conversation

I grabbed my seat down in the park bench. I knew stupid crap like this would happen, I just, I don't-I can't. Ugh. See what I mean, like I act so bi-polar. Not bi-sexual.

"So Clarke my man, what'dyado?" Justin asked

"Sucked somebody off, especially that cute one!" He responded

"Who's the cutie? I'd definitely love to know!"

"Colton? Colhen? I dunno, he's a cute, short, blonde!"

WHAT!??! I freeze in panicked and quickly asked, "What's his last name!?!??"



"HELLLLLLLLL NOOOOOOO!" I yelled with a big angry face

"What?" He asked

"Oh shit, that's his friend!" Justin pointed out

"Okay?" He responded in a question

"I told you, sex within' one week!" Vyron scolded

"I JUST! I CAN'T! I DON'T!....ohhhh no..."

I stomped out mad, lost my appetite and I just couldn't understand! Why the HELL did Colton have sex already on the first day with Clarke, FIRST DAY!

"YO! Bradley, wait up!" Vyron yelled, he came chasing after me and I just continue to run away into our lodge, Lodge 4.

"Get away from me!" I yell back as Vyron continued to walk in a very fast pace.

"Dude, come on. Lets talk things out,"

"Get the hell away from me! I don't need to waste my time!"

"Yo, it was just a slip up..."

"JUST GO!!!!!!," I screamed, everyone looked, and I teared up being say, "You've done enough!"

I turned away and walk-run away from him and continued to the lodge, I was in shock, anger, sadness and confusion. Sadness was the real one, it was a sign that Colton gave in and betrayed me, I think. I thought he was pissed at me...did he do this because he wanted revenge? Was he tired of being straight and gave in? Or was it because he chose his sexuality as gay or bi?

I slam the door as hard as I could, I started to cry and wipe my tears of sadness. I lay down on my bed it complete shock and misery, I heard the door swing right open. Tears was the only thing I could see, and sobering in my bed. I was never a crying type of person, I am a very chill type of guy ad act like the normal boy stereotype, show no emotion. But this was very different, I never felt so mixed in my life, my heart pumped twice as faster and I was shaking in his emotion.

My body felt a hand caressing my curved body on the bed, it was Vyron, he was tearing up.

"Are you okay?" He asked

"N-n-no...." I cried

"I don't know why I am crying. I guess I'm crying for you, remember I've gone to the exact same things you went through. I hate seeing people sad, you should never be sad."

"I just-I am so confused, why would Colton do that?"

"You didn't see it, you heard it from a different person. Talk to him and see if it was true, and I think it is. Sorry, it's just that I did see him sucking on Clarke's dick and jerking himself off, it's sexy but very well done."

"I'm so done."

"Listen, just because you do a homo sexual activity, doesn't make you gay or bi. Just because you do sex, doesn't always mean love. It could be used to release stress, frustration, etc. You follow what you believe in, not what you think is gonna make you gay. And yeah sure, I believe in that you are born gay, but sex isn't suppose to make you gay, it can be natural to check boys out, heck a lot of girls check a LOT of girls out too. But follow your beliefs and values, not what you do or hear or see, it's your heart and mind you follow."

I wipe my last tear and look at him sitting crossed crossed, "Thanks," I replied

"Sex shouldn't ruin your friendship, it should be enjoyed, haha!"

"Haha, you're funny,"

After I said that, the door banged open, and Justin was being carried by Diego. Oh great, live action sex. They were really intense, Diego ripped his clothes off and Justin's very violently. "Hurt me hard!" Justin yelled.

"Wanna leave?" Vyron asked rubbing my back.

I sniffles and replied with, "I wanna see this for myself,"

"You want me to leave?"

"NO! I mean, no. Can we just cuddle?"

I wasn't asking for it in a gay way, I was asking for it for comfort. This was my first big with a boy ever, my dad hugged me vibrantly before and with my brother, hugs never happen. Vyron's hug was really soft and it felt very soft, but then again I asked to cuddle. I gave him a nice cuddle too, I mean I have gone out with a girl before.

I looked back as I rest my head on Vyron's chest, his shirtless chest. Diego was pretty restless, he really shoved his dick with a ton anger, fitting all five inches in Justin's mouth, it looked like rape, but I knew he was just flaring all with passion. Diego was kneeling on the bed while squeezing and jerking off Justin's dick, moans and groans could be heard between the two of them.

"Ooh, oh, oh, ah, oh fuck, ah yeah," Diego moaned

"Vyron, how can Justin not gag? I mean doesn't it go down the throat?" I asked. He laughed a bit and told me, "Remember? Justin's the best at giving all the blow jobs. In fact, I had a friend named Justin when I was in fifth grade, it felt a lot like this Justin's blow job whether it's deep or not. I guess boys named Justin are good at sucking dick."

"Are you sure it wasn't this Justin?"

"Well the Justin in Grade five was white."

"Oh, my bad."

I looked back and Diego threw Justin on hi side and took his hand and pushed his head down to the bed while humping his butt wildly in a huge thrust motion moving him, Justin and the bed violently. Justin moaned and groaned very loud and I kinda gotten hard, however, it was Vyron's woody that felt weird. my back felt it and it was sticking out his pants upwards towards his stomach.

"I think I'll jerk," Vyron said

"Oh okay." I replied, I backed away from the cuddle and just focused on him. He placed his pants on the floor and boxers too. His furry dick was the first thing I focused on, he grabbed it and stated to jerk off.

"You know? I jerk off to the way the boy or boys hump and suck and jerk off." He told me


Not really.

I thought I was already hard and this is how big my it gets, but turns out it grew even more when I took a nice angle of seeing Justin and Diego juking on the bed and Vyron jerking off at them. I felt like I was growing another inch or so, because it normally cut off in my pants, but it actually went all the way reaching my hip line and I saw some type of substance clearly forming in the line if my dick. I wasn't sure if it was cum, pee or pre cum.

But damn seeing this was pretty good I must admit. It was Vyron that made me horny, but Diego and Justin was the first four inches of me getting horny. I didn't like the fact I was giving in, but Vyron's words really just made me open minded, a bit. A BIT.

For some reason, when I looked back a Vyron my dick never grew but it just got tighter and hard as it will ever be. I try to hide with my shirt, but the pubic hair is making it a bit worse for it. It just made me twice as horny than before.

For the first time, I got excited about this sex stuff. Really, I did!

Justin was fucking Diego right in the ass and I got two shots of Justin's ass hole and Diego's hole filled with Justin's dick, I saw some white cum coming out of Diego's hole (no pun intended). Vyron was really jerking it fast since Justin was fucking Diego really fast.

"Yo Vy, co-come here and su-su-ck my d-dick." Diego moaned

Vyron got up and jumped on his back and slid his head to wear the action was, he was sucking and gagging on his dick and Diego was doing the same. I wanted to jerk, bit then again I didn't wanna give in. What was really surprising, Justin took his left hand and took all four fingers and fingered himself and told Diego to do the same to finger Vyron's hole, which he did.

On the other hand, Vyron really rubbed and pushed spots I never knew could affect them hard. I clenched my toes and it felt really weird, I continued to watch, it was a nice asian sandwich that's for sure. But it was also a perfect threesome I must admit myself.

Just yelled out he was gonna cum, but I thought he did in Diego's ass and so be it. Loud covered up moans happened with all three, tons of white cum loaded onto each others area, the hole, the mouth and their bodies, and God damn that was hot!

Yeah, I got curious at one point but it was already three o' clock, dang, two hours of sex? All three if hem kissed each other, turns out Diego and Vyron still had each others load in their mouths and kissed and rolled over on Justin's moth and face, which I thought was taking it to far. Kinda disgusting, but hey that's they're decision to do that.

Maybe this camp isn't that bad after all.

* * * * * * *

-I apologize if it was shorter, it's just that so many things are happening in my life, and I just needed to get this out of my way first. I just hope you enjoy it.

-The end of chapter two. If it wasn't as interesting, sorry! Don't hate! I'm just a new author!

-Sorry for the long wait! So many things were just going on in my life, I just had to take some personal time off my hands, but now Im back!

-Once again, pure fiction here, not real! Any character names were used by imagination, any one you know from these names are a coincidence.

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