Lake Tahoe Camping Trip July 7, 2010

Part 3


I pull my dick out of Paul's fucked jock hole. Paul's asshole was glistening in the sun from my spit, pre-cum and load. Paul turns around, his chest glistening with sweat and red from passion. His big, fat dick was still jutting out in front of him. He grabs the base of his dick and smiles.

Paul says through labored breathing, "Ok Eric, MY TURN" and grins...


To be continued...


I looked up at Paul and just moaned softly; still enjoying the feeling of just having busted my nut in his hole...I don't move just yet. When I open my eyes, I ask Paul if we can wait a little while and fuck later since my dick is sensitive.

Paul looked a little disappointed but conceded. We both got dressed and decided to walk around the woods some more. It's around 5:30 or so and the sun is getting lower in the sky. Paul keeps trying to get me to bend over and put his fat cock in my jock hole too since he hasn't shot his load and I keep putting him off. I bide my time a little longer and we decide it's starting to get dark, so we decided we'd better start to head back before it gets too late and we get lost in the woods. We know we've probably got about 30 minutes or so to walk and it'll be dark by the time we get back to camp.

As we walked, there were moments of silence mixed in with the sounds of the woods and wildlife. Paul and I talked about various things going on in our lives and goofed off from time to time. I admit, I was feeling pretty relaxed after that powerful fucking I gave to Paul. Eric was joking around every once in a while saying how I fucked his ass so good. Being 20 years old, the slightest conversation of sex would stir my cock and balls again. It was pretty intense, but I kept my cool.

During our walk back to camp, we stumbled upon a seclude pool of water in the hills. It was beautiful. Dusk was casting a gorgeous deep fiery orange upon the small pool of water. We both stopped briefly and just admired the scenery. Paul said he had to take a leak, and walked off to the tree behind me and started to piss. I heard his piss stream hitting the leaves on the ground. I waited for Paul to finish, and then we continue our trek back to camp. I knew we probably had about another 15 minutes before we cleared the woods. It was almost completely dark and I could see the tree line ending. I was glad because I was getting a little nervous being in the woods in the darkness and possibly getting lost. I'm such a chicken shit I thought to myself.

As we cleared the woods, we could see our camp fire blazing across the lake. I elbowed Paul and said, "Dude, you're dad is fucking amazing man!" Paul looked over at me and said, "Bro, I know. My dad totally rocks. He's the coolest dude ever." We were walking around the lake to get back to our camp and it was completely dark with the moon shining bright in the sky. There was a definite image of the full moon shining on the lake like a huge silver dollar dancing on the water.

Paul's dad, Mike was nowhere to be found. The fire was nice and it seemed like Paul's dad had just got it started. The air was cooling down now that it was night time. There wasn't a light on in Mike's tent and we thought he might have walked down to the office to check on some things. As Paul and I got closer to our tents, we heard some talking. Paul and I both realized the talking was coming from Mike's dark tent. Paul looked at me and I looked at him with question marks on our faces.

As we got closer, Paul and I decided to be real quiet and just see what was going on with his dad in a dark tent. The closer we got, the more we realized the whispered conversation going on in Mike's tent were with Mike and another man. Paul leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Eric is that another man's voice I hear in my dad's tent?" My cock starts to stir in my shorts and I look back at Paul and whisper back, "Uh huh, it sure is."

Paul and I now tiptoe towards the tents. The sandy shore line helps us to be really quiet as we eavesdrop on the conversation going on in Mike's tent. Paul and I get close, just in time to hear a little rustling. I have a strange suspicion of what might be happening, but I want to be certain. Suddenly, Paul and I hear what sounds like a zipper. We think Mike and his "friend" is about to exit the tent, but then...the definite voice of Mike fills the night air... "Damn dude, that's a nice cock."

Paul's eyes are wide, like a deer caught in headlights. I look over at him to make sure he's ok and he nods that he is. The next sounds we hear are apparent sucking noises. We both assume that Mike is sucking some dude's cock in the tent. My cock instantly starts to get hard in my shorts as I figure out what's going on in Paul's dad's tent. Paul and I hear the stranger moan followed by hard sucking noises.

Then, coming from inside Mike's dark tent, we hear "Damn man, suck my cock. Fuck that shit feels good. That's it, suck my cock stud." Mike is sucking the shit out of this guy's cock and seems to love it. We can hear the muffled breathing of Mike as his face is stuffed with another man's cock. Every so often, Paul and I would hear his dad gag, but then the sucking would continue. We hear a PLOP, a hard suck and then Mike's voice... "Pete, you want to fuck me dude? I want to feel you shove that big cock in my hole man."

Pete returns with, "FUCK Mike, I do wanna fuck you man. Take off your clothes stud, and get on all 4s. Let's fuck! I want to open up that sweet hole of yours bro with my big dick."

Paul's mouth is open now and so is mine. Paul seems a bit shocked, but as I look down in the darkness, I see Paul's fat cock hard as a rock in his shorts since he didn't have on underwear. Paul leans over and says in my ear, "Eric, I have to say, this is FUCKING HOT DUDE. I'm SO fucking turned on right now, knowing this dude is about to fuck my dad with us right outside the tent." We grin real wide at each other.

The tent moves and shakes a little because of Mike and this stranger, Pete is probably getting adjusted and undressed. A moment of silence fills the air and we hear, "FUCK YEAH MAN, TONGUE MY ASS GOOD. MAKE IT WET FOR YOUR HOT FUCKING DICK PETE."

Paul slowly unzips his shorts and pulls out his fat cock. I could see his dick leaking precum in the moonlight and he starts to stroke his dick as he and I listen to his dad moaning from getting his muscular ass eaten by Pete. Paul says how horny he is since he didn't cum earlier. I lean close to Paul and tell him to go for it...I pull my own dick out and start to slowly stroke mine as well.

We hear what sounds like a slap on Mike's ass and Mike moaning a deep, guttural moan in appreciation of it. Then we hear, "Mike, you want my cock in your hole bro? I'm ready to fuck that sweet ass of yours"...followed by fast, wet slaps...probably Pete's dick being slapped right on Mike's hole. Mike says, "Yeah Pete, stuff that dick in my ass man."

All of sudden, we hear Pete spit and Mike grunt... "FUCK man!"

Paul looks at me; his cock is out and raging hard. Mike's tent is starting to sway and move and Mike's moans become a little louder. You can hear the slow fucking that Pete is giving Mike in the tent. The pace is picking up and Paul and I hear Pete's hips starting to hit against Mike's ass faster and faster.

Paul whispered at me how hot this shit is and I agree. I swear I could bust another nut right now just hearing the fucking Pete is giving Mike in the tent. Paul gets behind me and quickly pulls down my shorts and buries his face deep in my ass. I stifle my moan and let Paul eat my ass while I listen to his dad getting nailed on this stranger's cock. My cock is leaking. I look down and see Paul's shorts are off and his fat cock is jutting straight up as he's kneeling behind me eating my hole.

Paul stands up behind me and rubs his fat cock on my asshole and starts to push in. The fucking continues in Mike's tent and I'm about to get impaled on Paul's cock while we listen to his dad getting pounded in the tent next to us. Paul pushes harder and his dick pushes through and I grit my teeth without making a sound. Paul grips my ass cheeks and spreads my ass and pushes himself balls deeps in my asshole. He stops when his balls are pushed against my ass cheeks and flexes his fat bone in my ass. My knuckles are white and I ball up my fists from the intense pain and pleasure of Paul's fat cock stretching my hole.

The noise gets louder from inside Mike's tent. This Pete dude is pounding the fuck out of Paul's dad and Paul and I are both so turned on listening to the hot action going on. Paul starts to pull out of my ass and push back in. I feel Paul's cock throbbing in my ass as he's fucking me in the open air. He grips my hips and starts fucking me a little harder and I'm trying so hard to stop the moans I want to let out.

Inside the tent, we hear more rustling and Paul and I hear Pete tell Mike to get on his back. I have visions of Mike on his back now, his muscular thighs spread wide and in the air as he holds on to Pete, taking all the cock that Pete is giving him. Grunts and groans are filling the night air and we hear the two men fucking like wild animals now trying to get their nut.

Paul starts pounding my hole good and hard now, trying to match the hip to ass sounds that Pete is giving his dad. My cock is leaking so much pre-cum now and Paul's cock is greasing up my hole with his. Paul leans over and whispers in my ear, "Eric, I'm sooooo fucking turned on right now dude. You have an amazing ass."

We both hear Mike inside the tent moan loudly this time... FUCK ME PETE...damn dude, your cock is HOT. I'm so close to busting my load. Come on Pete, fuck it out of me. Give me all you've got."

With that type of encouragement, Pete hammers Mike's ass. UGH, UGH, UGH and the tent is really rocking now. "FUCK MIKE...dude I'm about to fucking blast your hole with my cum." UGH, UGH, UGH, AAARGH.. and Pete must have just filled Mike's hole up his load. Mike grunts and I hear the familiar sound of him shooting his load too... OH FUCK PETE...I'm CUMMING...

I'm so focused on listening to Mike getting pounded by Pete I don't even realize how hard Paul is fucking my ass. My balls are so tight because I want to cum soooo bad. Paul is pounding me right outside his dad's tent and he's not trying to be quiet any more. His hips continue to slam against my ass and the wet sounds of my open asshole wrapped around Paul's fat cock are now filling the air. Paul and I are even aware that the sounds from Mike's tent have stopped...I close my eyes and enjoy the throbbing pain of Paul's cock pounding my ass. Paul has such a tight grip on my hips and he's pulling almost all the way out and driving his big dick balls deep with each thrust...

I hear Paul moan, "DUDE, I'M ABOUT TO NUT...YOU WANT MY CUM?" I push back on Paul giving him the go ahead. Paul hammers out a few more thrusts forward and I'm moaning as quietly as I can. Cum starts to shoot out of my 9" pipe flying everywhere and my body starts to relax some. Suddenly I feel that huge load shoot out of Paul's cock and deep into my ass...his warm cum filling me up...AAARRRGH...I'M CUMMING ERIC...FUCK...

My legs are trembling from the intensity of me getting nailed on Paul's cock...his dick still hard inside my opened hole, his warm cum inside my ass and my cock throbbing from just shooting my load in front of me...we both exhale and relax in the night air... Paul says, "Damn Eric you're fucking hole is so warm and wet like a pussy...that ass was good."

We look up and see Mike and his friend Pete smiling at us. Both men are standing there, muscular and glistening with a little sweat. Both of their cocks are hanging between their legs real heavy and thick from a good fucking.

Pete's a sexy rugged, beefy man, with a sexy trimmed goatee...I hear Mike, "That's my son Paul and his best friend Eric."

We all kind of laugh and smile at each other.

Mikes says, "Ok guys, who is hungry?"

To be continued...

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