Lake Tahoe Camping Trip July 9, 2010

Part 4

My legs are trembling from the intensity of me getting nailed on Paul's cock...his dick still hard inside my opened hole, his warm cum inside my ass and my cock throbbing from just shooting my load in front of me...we both exhale and relax in the night air...Paul says, "Damn Eric you're fucking hole is so warm and wet like a pussy...that ass was good."

We look up and see Mike and his friend Pete smiling at us. Both men are standing there, muscular and glistening with a little sweat. Both of their cocks are hanging between their legs real heavy and thick from a good fucking.

Pete's a sexy rugged, beefy man, with a sexy trimmed goatee...I hear Mike, "That's my son Paul and his best friend Eric."

We all kind of laugh and smile at each other.

Mikes says, "Ok guys, who is hungry?"


To be continued...


All four of us got dressed. I look at Paul and his dad, Mike, and wonder if there is anything strange that is going to happen since they both realized they like fucking and getting fucked by dudes. I didn't see anything strange. This whole scene turned me on knowing about the father-son shit that just went down. I was surprised and intrigued at how Paul got turned on hearing his dad get pounded by this stranger, Pete, while he fucked me outside the tent. I wonder if anyone thinks it's weird because I sure the fuck don't! I never would've guessed this fucking shit would've gone down the way it did, but I'm so damn happy to be here and be a part of this hot mix of fucking studs.

Mike breaks out some food and starts cooking on the fire. Good time, good people and hot sex. The night air is crisp and all four of us settle in and talk and get to know Pete better. Pete is traveling and vacationing from Louisiana. He's a beefy man with some sexy body hair and has a slight southern accent. He has a great build and very charismatic. Mike asks Paul and me how our adventure was in the woods and we share some of the great locations we found up in the hills. I'm still fascinated by the pool under the rising moonlight buried in the midst of the trees. The time seemed to fly by as we talked and started to eat and drink. Every so often Paul would ask questions to his dad about how long it's been since he's been fooling around with guys and such and Mike would do the same to his son. It wasn't too heavy of a conversation, just idle conversation that really opened up both of their eyes to their sexual preferences.

Mike really is the caretaker of our group and that's pretty obvious. His sexy chest hair looks great amidst the camp fire light. Mike is the only one sitting among us four without his shirt on and his nipples are fucking rock hard from the cool night air. Pete was sitting on the sandy beach, leaning up against a log and Mike had gone to sit next to him while Paul and I just watched the two men eye each other like little kids. It's kind of cool to see such a mutual attraction and act like it's no big deal. We talked about so much stuff tonight and I excused myself to go off to the camp showers and wash up. Paul quickly said he was coming to shower too. I went into the tent, to get my clothes. Paul went into the tent after me and I waited outside the tent for him to get his shit together. I looked over at Mike cooking and his newly found friend Pete and saw Mike reach down and grab at Pete's crotch. My mouth fell open at the size of Pete's cock bulge. Mike's hand was full of cock and Mike is a big dude. I immediately started to fantasize about Mike taking that fat cock in his muscular man hole. My cock started to grow and I had to turn away. I looked back over my shoulder and caught both of them staring at me and they just smiled. I smile and reach down and grab my cock back at them. Mike waves for me to go over and I stroll over and say, "Wassup?" Mike just laughs and says, "That was some hot shit Eric!" I agree and give em both a high 5 like some jock club scene or something and we all laugh out loud. Paul comes out the tent and he and I head off to the showers and leave the love birds to their newly found affection.

Paul and I shower and talk about the day's events and just relax under the hot water. After we finish, we head back to the tent feeling nice and fresh and worn out. We get back to the tent area and the food is just about cooked. All of us are sitting around and just talking like guys do around a fire and it was like nothing really happened, but we all knew what just happened. The sexual tension is still so high and it's really apparent. Mike starts to whip out the plates and all of us eat and have a beer to wash it down.

Later on we are all just lounging around shooting the shit, relaxing. It was such a great day that words simply cannot express how good it was. It was perfect in so many ways, that secretly I'm wishing inside for this vacation never to end. I get snapped back to reality listening to the conversation between Paul and his dad. It's like hearing two newly found friends sharing their secret desires and fantasies, almost to a fault. Hearing the things that they have done or better yet, what they want to do...was very intriguing. At one point, I hear Pete, the new guy, say how hot it would be to watch Paul fuck his dad. It was almost too much for me to take in, but I continued to listen and got a little turned on. Pete & Mike both laughed. Mike even went so for as to say, "Damn Pete, Paul and I are close, but I don't think we're that close!" I could sense something was about to happen...and it did.

Mike looks over at his son Paul and says, "Son, I don't know about you fucking me, but I'd definitely fuck you." Paul didn't even flinch. He got up and walked over to his ole man and said, "Fuck dad, if you got it in ya to tag this jock ass, show me what ya got ole man! You raised me, so go ahead...fuck me."

Mike jumped up and said, "OH THAT'S A CHALLENGE LIL BOY?" Paul winks at Pete, who was watching intently, and said, "FUCK YEAH...IT'S A CHALLENGE. You up for it or what?"

Mike drops his shorts and his big cock falls out of his shorts and is starting to thicken. Mike directs his son, Paul to the side of the tent and tells him to bend the fuck over, grab his knees and he'll show him how a dad fucks his son. Paul doesn't even seem to be worried about it and does as his dad instructs him. By this time Pete and I both leave from the fire and go to the side of the tent to watch the main event unfold. Mike spits on his now hard dick and slaps that thick shaft on his son's hard, jock ass cheeks and the sounds of his wet dick hitting against his son's asshole fills the air. Mike tells his son to brace himself cause he's going to show his son how his daddy made him with his mom.

Mike aims his shaft at his son's hole, rubs his dick head on his asshole and pushes...Paul's hole doesn't put up much of a fight from the fucking I gave him earlier that day and before Pete and I know it, Mike has his raw dick buried balls-deep in his son's fuck hole and grinding his balls hard against Paul's ass making him moan with every grind and twist of his hips.

I can't believe I'm getting fucking turned on watching Mike bury his fat cock in his son's hole. Fuck I just came and I'm ready to go again. I look over at Pete and he whipped out his amazingly huge cock and is slowly stroking his dick to the sight of his bottom being a true top daddy to his own fucking son. Pete and I become invisible to Mike and his son fucking. They go off in their own world and are concentrating on cumming. We both watch the father-son fuck for about 10 minutes and neither one of us can stand it and we finally join them.

Pete walks up behind Mike and reaches down and holds his muscular ass with his big hands feeling Mike's powerful glutes pump and flex in his hands. Pete's long, fat cock is swinging heavy between his legs and hits against Mike's ass crack as Mike thrusts back and forth fucking his son. I can see Pete's cock head gently push Mikes ass cheeks apart, just aching to get into Mike's hole once again.

I walk around in front of Paul, who's bent over and pull out my 9" dick and shove it in Paul's mouth. Paul's dad smiles and now Paul's moans are muffled with my dick in his mouth from the fucking his dad is giving his hole. I can hear how wet Paul's jock hole is now and Mike is moaning too. I look up and see Pete wrapping his arms around Mike's chest and realize he is deep inside Mike's hole too. Pete is reaching around pinching and rubbing Mike's nipples and rubbing his hands up and down Mike's abs. Each time Mike thrust forward, Paul moans with my cock buried in his mouth...then Mike would pull out of his son's ass only to impale himself on Pete's beer can cock. Mike is swinging back and forth, in his son's hole and onto Pete's dick.

"FUCK PETE...TAG THIS ASS DUDE...YOU ARE GONNA MAKE ME CUM IN MY SON'S HOLE WITH YA DICK IN ME." Pete groans out loud, "Mike I wanna fuck that nut out of you and into your son's ass bro...come on big daddy, fuck ya son's that ass up like I opened up yours earlier."

PAP, PAP, PAP..are the sounds of Mike's hips slamming into his son's ass. Harder and harder Mike pounded the fuck out of his son's hole. Paul pulls off my dick and says, "Damn dad, no wonder mom married you...Damn you can fuck! FUCK ME DAD. BEAT THAT HOLE UP." UGH UGH UGH...FUCK YEAH...Then Paul dives back on my dick and sucks it even harder. Paul's dick is so hard and swinging between his legs as he continues to take the pounding from his dad.

Mike's chest is rippled with sweat and beat red from the passion. He's close and about to cum. Pete continues to let Mike fuck himself on his dick while he thrusts into his son's hole. Mike exhales, "OOOOH FUCK." He grips his son's hips hard and yanks him back on to his thick cock and says, "I'M FUCKING CUMMIN." Mike floods his son's asshole with his daddy seed...and his thrusts slowly come to a stop. Mike pulls out of his son's ass and off of Pete's dick. He can't take any more. Paul is still sucking my cock like he's begging and aching for my milk. I'm so close but I can't come. Paul starts to get on his knees and Pete says, "OH NO BOY, IT'S MY TURN TO FUCK THAT ASS."

Next thing I see is Pete line himself up behind Paul. Paul pulls off my cock and looks over his shoulder and watches Pete stuff his fat dick in his own. The thrust was hard and forceful. Paul throws his head back, arches his back and moans really loud..."OH FUCK! DUDE THAT DICK HURTS SOOOO GOOD." Pete slaps Paul's muscular ass and says, "Don't worry dude, it won't take me long...I'm really close." Pete reaches up and grabs Paul's head and shoves his face down deeper on my cock. Paul gags out loud. Pete says, "How ya like getting fucked from both ends dude?" Paul pulls off my cock and moans how much he fucking loves it and how he was born to be fucked and bread.

With that being said, Pete slaps Paul's ass hard again, grips his fucking hips and pounds the living day lights out of Paul. He's fucking Paul so hard and so intensely he keeps pulling off my cock to breathe and moan. I'm so close to busting a nut in Paul's face and throat I almost can't control myself. The intensity builds and Pete pulled his thick, veiny cock out of Paul's opened hole and slaps it on his hole and pushed it in like butter and fucked him even harder. Paul's body was jerking all over the place getting fucked on that huge dick.

Pete had the power of a tiger ripping apart his prey, but each time, Paul would pull off my dick, moan and shove my cock back in his face and throat. Pete thrust hard in Paul's ass one last time, and pulled out to show off the ropes of cum shooting from his monster cock.


Spurt after spurt splashed all over Paul's back and with one swift motion, Pete jammed his still-shooting dick back in Paul's ass to coat his hole with his own load. Pete's eyes were rolled back into his head and he closed his eyes tight and fucked the last bit of cum out of his cock into Paul's hole.

The sight of Pete's huge cock shooting all that cum brought me to the edge quick. I reached around and grabbed the back of Paul's head and jammed my 9" dick deep in his throat and said, "Dude get ready, I'm about to cum."


I blasted my nut deep down Paul's throat and he swallowed every fucking bit of it jacking his own dick off furiously. Paul shot his load as I filled his mouth with my load. Mike was in the background watching his son take those loads like a proud father. Mike was smiling and he said, "That's the way you take some dick son. That's my boy!"

Happy Ending...Good Times...Proud Dad...Fucked Son...Friends for Fuck Buds...that's what I call a vacation. FUCK!

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