Mikey’s Story- Canada Trip Ovdoc@yahoo.com 8/2012

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This story is a continuation of Mikey’s Story: The Axe Yard. I know Mikey is a bit hard to believe. I’ll leave it that way. He is indeed. Besides, the story would be illegal anyway. And Heaven forbid any of us professing to be illegal. Right?

It was the following summer when I was asked by a friend in Canada if I would be interested in handling a special camp program for boys in the Canadian and European Rover scout program. Rover scouts were boys fourteen years and over. Most had previous scout experience. And all the boys invited for this camp out were selected. The camp experience was paid for by a friend who owned a famous tire company, and had donated a lot of money to the Canadian scout program. He also owned an island camp where the program was to be held. I had been asked to head up the program because of my reputation as a camp program director. I had also been told that nudism was no problem. I had been a camp director at two nudist camps as well as four scout camps. And I had handled more than six scout exchange groups to Canada including an international mini-Jamboree camp.

Not expecting to be so lucky, I asked Alex and Mikey if they were willing to go with me. We had been on several service camp outs in the past year. I had also met their parents, but I was after all asking them to spend two weeks with me in Canada. Both were excited about the trip. Their parents thought it would be a great experience for them.

Since I was to be the camp director, the three of us were flown to Toronto. From there, we were transported to the island. To my surprise, there were cabins and a dining hall there. There was an indoor swim pool. This camp was designed for use year round. There was also about six rover patrols from Canada, England, and one from Mexico. A good friend, Jack, from Peterborough had already set up the program. All I had to do was make it happen. To do that, I had a ten man staff, also selected. I t would just be a matter of setting up a time schedule and working with the staff to keep things moving. A catering service would handle the cooking. There were special additions at this camp I would never have dreamed of. But then, I would discover this camp was itself as special as the boys who had been invited.

One of the boys present was Kevin, a beautiful fourteen year old sandy blond haired boy I had met when I came to summer camp at Camp Haliburton the summer before. Kevin had taught me the difference between scouts in the States and scouts in Canada. Kevin was gay. The boys in his troop knew that. They allowed for that. What Kevin did privately was his business. His tent mate at camp was known to be his buddy. They were pretty much treated like any one else, but they were expected to be discreet. Still, I had no problem realizing that Jackie, Kevin’s friend was more than friendly. I’m sure the other’s knew it too. Like a few other boys, they were openly playful with each other, but careful not to embarrass the group. As I had noticed with other boys, there was no open fear or resentment of gays. I had seen the same attitude in Europe. If you did not approve of a boy, you let him know you did not plan to sleep with him, and that was that.

At this Rover’s Campout however, most of the boys invited were either gay or bisexual. Most of them were passive in that they understood there would be rules about nudity; there would be a scout program; there would be adults present; and there would be competitive games. As always, adults were to be respected and obeyed, but were expected to allow a little more leniency and privacy for those who were there to spend time with one or more lovers. No boy was required to have sex with an adult, but some were there knowing that one or more adults expected to enjoy their company at times. And some boys like Mikey and Kevin were known to agressively seek to find new friends.

The first day at camp Kevin befriended Mikey. They were not only attracted to each other, but were amazed with each other. Especially Mikey. He could not believe that Kevin promptly told him he was cute, and that he wanted to enjoy his company as soon as they could find the time. And if you think Mikey was surprised, you should have seen the look on Alex’s face. Better yet, you should have seen Alex when another boy asked him if he was spoken for. Alex looked at me as if I was supposed to give him an answer. He was confused when I told him: “Here you answer for yourself Alex. You will have more than one boy ask for your company. Forget that it’s different back home. You and Mikey will return home a lot wiser than you were before. Enjoy while you can.”

I did remind Kevin that I had a large cabin, and was allowed to invite friends to visit. And that I had hoped he and I could renew old memories that night. Kevin laughed. So did Mikey and Alex. I had told them that things would be different, but asking a fifteen year old boy to spend the night with me in front of the other boys was something none of us would dare do back home.

Now I don’t claim to be all that special that I am too attractive to pass up, but I guess my personality is passable and my physique as well. Kevin knew I would be looking over the menu and asking who wanted to heve some fun. After all, this was to be a summer camp experience for all of us. My opening chat with all the boys and adults in camp was that we were there to have a good time. Since we came from all over Canada and the States, and even some from other countries, think of this as a summer to be remembered.

Right after the camp fire, Kevin joined me with his friend, Jackie, and we slipped off quietly to my cabin. After getting undressed, the three of us got into a three way blow job. Kevin had grown a little since our last fling. He proudly provided me with a slender five incher that kept me busy while Jackie, another fifteen year old, with brown hair and hazel eyes, easily took on my seven incher. And of course Jackie took on Kevin’s five inch uncut dick. The three of us worked each other over until just minutes apart, we blew our load. Each knew to finish what he had started. Reluctantly we separated and rested briefly while we hugged and prepared each other for the next step

Since Kevin and Jackie were sleeping in the same tent, Jackie sat this one out while I rolled him onto his back to make mad passionate love to Kevin. I think Jackie really enjoyed watching as his lover was rocking back and forth moaning while I made love to him. Kevin hadn’t changed. He urged me to make him happy. I did my best. Taking my time to play with his dick, I plowed him vigorously. I also moved him about to give Jackie a good view of his lover being worked over. He watched as I pulled almost out, then plunged back in again. When I came, Kevin had blown his load. Jackie wasted no time cleaning it up as soon as he could get to it. The two of us rested. The boys dressed, and quietly slipped away to their own tent to spend some time alone

The next day, Kevin discovered Alex’s eight inch big banana while they were on a hike around the island. Jackie and Mikey were with them. That didn’t keep Kevin from finding a quiet cove where he promptly knelt in front of Alex and swallowed every inch of that beauty. If Alex was shy about this camp out, it ended then and there. Kevin did his best to prove he could and would please Alex better than any one. Once Alex had blown his load, Jackie wanted Alex’s shaft inside him.

Mikey was not to be left out. He took on Kevin’s dick while Alex was busy with Jackie. Although I missed out on this party, I’m sure a good time was had by all.

Four very happy boys came back from their discovery hike bragging to me and in front of several other boys that they had just met the longest dick in camp. Alex was suddenly popular, and met just about every boy in camp. He didn’t do them all, but he was always the first guy picked for sports teams. The games were played nude. Swimming was in the nude. Alex had a tough time finding any privacy. Damn. It was hard for him not to be sporting a hardon with boys and adults alike staring at his dick. Of course every one was convinced he had to be gay because he was always hard. We know how that goes. Teens have a tendency to get excited whenever sex is a possibility. Alex would complain to me that he wasn’t gay, but just liked sex. I explained that bisexuals went either way. Maybe he had just discovered that sex was sex whether you enjoyed it with male or female. Enjoy.

Mikey, on the other hand, was proud that Alex was his tent mate. He didn’t mind letting others know that he and Alex were friends. At times, he would pull Alex away from the others just to get him alone. Mikey really had nothing to worry about. His reputation as a beauty and a bottom soon made him just as popular. He was also really pleased that most of the other boys were uncut like him. Not only was he checking for size, he was amazed at how many boys were different even though they were uncut. Some came with lots of foreskin. Others didn’t even have enough to cover their glans. Some had loose foreskin. Others had very tight foreskins. Mikey’s was loose, but just covered the head. Whenever he got stiff, the foreskin pulled back to the ridge and tended to curl up behind it almost as if he was cut. Yet, Mikey’s glans would be slightly moist and very sensitive. To touch it or lick it would cause Mikey to give n to what ever you had in mind.

Mikey also loved to pose for pictures, and had no problem with cameras. His looks made him a popular subject - especially with adults. Dozens of photos made him a little egotistical. He would later choose to become a model. Oddly enough, I don’t think he ever became a pro. I have seen many of his pictures on the internet. They remind me that he was popular.

 The program was great. The food was great. Our host was the best. And I had plenty of time to spend with the rover scouts. The only thing we didn’t have enough of was time. I never saw two weeks fly by so fast. It was a tearful day that last day of camp. Not just for me either. Alex and Mikey had made a lot of friends. All of us knew that we would never meet most of these boys again. Even if we did, I knew the boys would never look as good to me again as they did that summer. It would also be the only time I would run a camp program for boys where gay activities were openly accepted as long as they were not publicly displayed.

About the second night in camp, I left my cabin to join Mikey and Alex in the group showers located at the camp pool. The pool was an idoor pool and was beautiful. As you entered, there was a restroom to your right. It had four cubicles on one side. On the other side of the room, there were two stainless steel open urinals. Next to the urinals were several basins and mirrors for washing and shaving. The walls and the floors were decorated by tiles.

On the left of the entrance was the dressing room also tiled. There were benches there so you could sit and dress/undress. There were clothes hooks along the walls to hang your clothes on. One wall had an open doorway leading to the open showers. There four shower heads on each wall. Each shower had a control that allowed you to set the temperature, and another handle let you control the massage type stream.

Although sex was not permitted in the showers, it was pure hell standing next to those luscious bodies, some of whom were just as horny as you were. More than a few made no effort to hide raging hard ons. Neither did they mind if you moved close enough to brush against them. Fortunately, it wasn’t that far to the cubicles where you could relieve the desire to grab someone and bury your dick inside them. Most every one in the shower beat off next door in the bathroom before they had finished. Some held off until they got back to their tent with their tent mates where they were protected by privacy, and could enjoy themselves.

I had no trouble at all attracting the attention ofa gorgeous blond teen who asked if he could soap my back for me. Although we couldn’t go for it inthe shower, he made it very clear he wanted more than a shower. We left Alex and Mikey with broad smirks on their face as we headed back to my cabin to get better acquainted.

Once alone with the door closed, I offered blondie a drink and the two of us got comfortable on the sofa. He got things started off by kneeling in front of me and casually leaning forward to tease, then engulf my entire shaft in a very warm and inviting mouth that knew well the art of pleasing. By the time I was ready to blow my load, which wasn’t nearly as long as I wanted, he had me begging to finish.

I returned the honor, trying hard to prove I was as good at it as he was. I doubt I was that good. Then we retired to my bedroom to continue. There, I greased up and prepared him him by stretching his hole. He laid back and raised his legs to take me on. He watched pretty much relaxed as I slowly slid in. There was little reason to pause or give him time to accept me. When I stopped, he would push up to take it in. Once I was in, he did pause to hug and kiss as I began my rhythm. We both knew and understood this was a camp fling, not a love affair. We were trying to show each other a good time. He backed with the loving as I settled down to a gentle pounding. He simply let me set the tempo feeling satisfied that he was doing a good job. I let him move and change positions to get the most out of his time with me. I knew he would boast of his conquest to the ther boys the next day. When I felt my balls drawing up tight, I speeded up. He smiled up at me. He knew as well as I did that I was too close now to back off. I plunged in hard and grunted in that strange sex language as I shot load after load inside him. Finally empty and exhausted, I fell flat on top of him. We both had loved the thrill of making mad passionate love to each other. After resting maybe fifteen minutes, we parted and showered again. Then we headed off to bed.

As much as I hate to say it, I pretty much repeated that scene with other boys throughout the rest of the training course. I’m not about to lie, and say it was not fun. It definitely was. On the other hand, none of those boys did any thing with me they had not done before. I felt like something was missing. (We never appreciate what we’ve got until we lose it.) What I didn’t get from the others, I got from Kevin, Jackie, Mikey, and Alex. Usually, it would be Mikey and Alex - or it was Kevin and Jackie. They seemed to love doing threesomes. Even though I was in my early thirties at the time, I had trouble trying to keep up with teens who seemed determined to keep me totally devoid of cum.

Somewhere near the third or fourth day of camp, Mikey was surprised when we were really getting it on. Alex had just finished humping Mikey thoroughly, doing a really good job of it. Mikey was exhausted. He was almost asleep when I rolled on top of Alex and started sliding my dick inside him. Mikey sat up and watched, his mouth hanging open. Alex turned red-faced, but didn’t try to stop me. As Mikey watched, I had mounted his top, turning him into a bottom. After he got over the shock, he laughed and asked Alex when he had given up his cherry. I explained to Mikey that I had stolen Alex’s innocence while he slept. Mikey didn’t buy that story, but knew I could trick most any one into becoming a bottom. He told Alex not to worry. He liked having that big banana up his butt. Nothing was going to change that. But I don’t doubt for a minute that Mikey didn’t love seeing his teen lover taking my seven inches up his butt. I’m sure he loved it when Alex moaned in pleasure as I worked over that spot inside him that caused him to twist and turn trying to get more of me. After it was done, Alex once again grinned that he had no idea a boy could possibly feel so great giving in to another guy. I think Mikey felt that much closer to him after that. Now he knew why Alex treated him so special. And Alex knew he was special to me as well. There is a special bond between guys who feel they are as one, even if it is because they have given their most special gift to their lover. Their lover leaves a part of himself in them. That gift is a symbol of their love for the person that receives it.

When I complained to my host that I was glad this was a two week gig because I could do permanant damage to my system if I tried to do this all summer, he loved it. He told me he entertained boys all summer at his home on the island, and had students who lived there attending college during the winter. I had no doubt of it. I’m sure some of the rover scouts accepted his invitation to stay with him while they were there. I declined an offer to move to Canada, and in fact had accepted an invite to run a church retreat back in the States. We remained friends for years after my visit, but I did not return to the island camp again. I did visit another scout camp near Hamilton that he had helped design and build.

As for Mikey and Alex, both were later transferred with their family to other military bases. I did hear from Mikey that he had left the family to attend a military academy. He would later come out to them, only to be disowned by them. Alex found a girl who couldn’t get enough of that eight inch big banana. He had several kids, but expressed his need for guys. I doubt he ever overcame Mikey.

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