Military Troop

How I got started with this scout troop years ago is still somewhat a mystery to me. How I got so involved I don’t know. It was probably just a matter of circumstances.

It began when the troop arrived at summer camp. I was the program and activities director for the camp. The troop leader approached and asked if his troop dance team could perform at a camp fire ceremony that night. Like most camps, we held a “Welcome Campfire” to introduce the campers to the staff, and to encourage campers to get to know each other. I readily agreed to his request, and found out he was an Army officer attending training at a nearby base. The troop was made up of military officers sons at the base. They were unique in that most of the boys were temporary residents at the base, coming from different branches of the military, and would be transferred again after the training was over. They became friends quickly, were housed at the school compound, and would part again in less than a year. Since I was also military attending a college nearby, I was readily accepted by the troop. The boys thought it was “neat’ that the camp was run by a young military officer. I was impressed at the size of the troop and the number of good looking boys who were very friendly.

A young navy officer named Jim was the assistant leader that pretty much ran the show. He was impressed that I wanted to see what his “Indian” dancers could do, and insisted I should join them after dinner when they would get dressed to rehearse their show.

When I arrived on the scene, I was informed that the scoutmaster had left camp to attend a social function at the military base. Jim had the senior boys in the troop getting dressed for a rehearsal of the dance. I was impressed that the boys in the troop were all pretty much at ease changing into their Indian dress. Nudity was not much of an issue. In fact, when one of the more reserved teens seemed to be a little reluctant to get nude in front of me, two older boys just laughed, then one grabbed his arms and held him while another grabbed his shorts and briefs and pulled them off. The boy, Jimmy, laughed and resisted a little to no avail. His clothes were off. We were looking at a gorgeous body with a healthy bush of pubes and a nice slender five inch cut shaft. It stood up proud and swayed back and forth as he tried to pull free. The boy holding Jimmy’s arms was amused that Jimmy had tried to hide his erection, and held his arms behind him as several other boys took turns grabbing at the toy to help him get over his shyness. It was apparent that Jimmy’s shyness was news to them. They simply ignored it.

To let Jimmy and the other boys know I was O K with their good natured teasing, I got a few pictures for future enjoyment. Jim asked if I was agreeable with the joke. He knew from my reaction I was impressed, and was not upset. To make the point, I put the camera down and managed to get close enough to him that I could reach out and fondle Jimmy’s dick and his low hanging balls. A red faced boy looked up at me smiling, but pretending to get loose from his restraints. He would visibly relax considerably when I complimented him on his generous endowment. In fact, he asked if I really thought he was attractive. Several other boys liked the fact that I was more than friendly. I could tell these boys liked adults who were openly receptive to their boyhood games. Jim was also a lot more friendly to me.

Not wanting to over react, I backed off a little while the boys got dressed for their show. I was still there to watch them undress and put on their Indian breech clothes. And I watched as they added the grease paint or war paint. I also noted that they had been taught to wear the breech clothes without briefs for originality. Most boys wear underwear under the breech clothes to provide extra cover. The Indians did not wear underwear. But then, there was not that much privacy in a tee pee.

Needless to say, the camp fire that night was a tremendous success. I was as amazed at the campers and guests as I was at the boys putting on the show. It was obvious to all of us that the Indian dancers were exposing a lot more than usual. I’m sure troop leaders and staff got brief but clear views of both young bare bottoms and some well endowed teen jewels. No one complained, but I saw more than a few wide eyes and stiff bulges. Some even covered their laps to avoid stares. I’d be willing to bet a lot of campers and leaders went back to their tents needing relief after watching some pretty sexy boys doing some sexy dancing that night.

I personally led the dancers to the staff showers after the show. They would need plenty of hot water to rinse the grease paint off their young bodies. By this time, I was accepted as a friend. I was no longer a stranger to the troop. Besides, the camp staff was respected and trustworthy. The boys may have been hesitant, but accepted me as a camp leader with the right to be there. They were anxious to get their shower, so the clothes came off allowing me all the view I wanted of these gorgeous trim bodies. They were pleased that their show was so well applauded.

After the incident with Jimmy, the boys knew what I wanted to see, so most of them simply smiled as I watched them clean up. Some made no attempt to hide anything, and were aware their semi-stiffs were showing. Jimmy and his best friend, Mike, chatted with me as they showered. Both took their time, showing me everything. When they were finished, I was invited to join them back at their camp. A few of the other boys joined us chatting and sitting Indian style in a small circle around the camp fire ring there. Most of the troop’s boys were in other tents. Jim had joined several others, and had bid me “goodnight”. I enjoyed teasing the boys in the tent by stripping down to my briefs as they had done. They giggled at the bulge tenting at the crotch. I made no attempt to hide the seven inch shaft knowing the boys wanted a peek. None of the boys in the tent seemed the least bit shy about allowing their goodies to slip out. Several just removed their briefs. They informed me they had held circle jerks before.

After some jokes, and a lot of touching, we agreed to strip and jerk off before retiring for the night. I paid special attention to Mike, Jimmy’s buddy, who was also fourteen. He sported a proud six inch shaft and a plentiful patch of black pubes. Two of the boys were not yet able to shoot off, but were close enough that they had strong orgasms. They admitted to me that jerk offs were very much a part of the troop program. Young adults were sometimes included. A strong military code prevented any chance that their parents participated, but the boys were sure most of them knew the boys played “secret” games.

When the circle jerk was over, Jimmy, Mike, and I were left to ourselves in the tent. I was amazed at how quickly the two boys allowed me to tease them by openly feeling and playing with their dicks and their balls. Both readily responded by becoming more than familiar with mine as well. I thought I might even get lucky enough to blow them, but was instead rewarded with a three way blow job. We wound up blowing each other.

Mike pulled out a tube of K-Y lube and proceeded to work up Jimmy openly. He started by fingering Him. Jimmy was not opposed to this. It was obvious they had done this before. Mike knew to use more than one finger and to work Jimmy’s hole vigorously. Jimmy laid on his tummy and watched and wiggled giggling as Mike did his job. Mike explained that he always screwed Jimmy first to get him ready for adults. He then mounted Jimmy and took his time loosening him up, finally pumping his small load inside him. After resting a moment, Mike pulled out and rolled aside.

Jimmy motioned for me to take Mike’s place. Both watched as I mounted his back to take my turn. By this time, I was ready to screw most anything. No way was I going to question them about how many times they had done this before. I just counted my blessings and took my time. Jimmy didn’t seem to mind. I worked him over good. And he really loved having me inside him. I couldn’t believe this was the same boy who was shy about being depantsed in front of me, but this was not the time to question him. He knew how to break my rhythm to prolong the pleasure and increase my orgasm. He was not only experienced, he was a bottom who knew how to please.

Mike watched quietly as I worked over his friend. I think I could sense that he was uneasy about it, but later found out why. Mike watched as I pounded away at Jimmy’s beautiful buns. He watched as Jimmy moved to slow me down or to break my rhythm. He listened as his friend moaned and groaned often encouraging me to keep humping. He watched as Jimmy’s buns arched up to meet the shaft attempting to give his friend the best fuck he had ever had. We both listened as Jimmy let out a squeal when his own dick shot off it’s load. That’s the trick that sent me over the edge. No way could I hold back any longer. Who knows how many nearby tents heard my strange excited groans of pleasure as I pumped a long full load as deep inside Jimmy as I could manage. Although I probably couldn’t have lasted any longer, I complained it had ended way too soon. My body was completely covered with sweat as I reluctantly finished him off. Jimmy had worked up a pretty good sweat also. Both of us were breathing hard, but bound and determined not to allow this breeding session to end. We would both lose the battle.

 Exhausted, I rested wondering if this was real or a dream. When I did pull out, Jimmy rolled over and we hugged each other. We both knew we were going to do this again. Something this good was meant to be repeated whenever possible.

We chatted a while. I found out the troop had it’s own secret group that played sex games. Normally, the games were kept within the troop, but Jimmy had decided I was a friend. He knew I wanted him, and had already decided he was gay. Mike added that he loved Jimmy. They had been having sex for months. Mike understood Jimmy was having sex with others as well. He wasn’t happy about that but knew he couldn’t stop it. Jimmy liked him, but didn’t want to get serious with one guy. I really did feel sorry for Mike, but I knew he was in trouble. There were others in the troop that were involved, including Jim, the troop leader. I think Jimmy felt sorry for Mike, too. He had tried to explain to Mike. He had even admitted to Mike that he liked him as a friend, but was not ready to settle down yet. He also knew their families would br transferred as soon as their fathers finished training. They would go to different bases. Mike agreed, but couldn’t help how he felt.

The next day I was back doing my job as camp director, but managed to see boys from the military troop from time to time. Most were more than friendly, chatting about how much fun they were having at camp. Some asked if I enjoyed visiting at their camp site. I knew they had heard about the fun in the tent. Jimmy and Mike teased that they were hoping I could visit again. I knew I couldn’t spend all my time in one camp. Still, I spent a lot of time with that troop that week. Jimmy, Mike, Jim, and I became friends. Of course, the troop leaders never mentioned sex. The boys did though. They were coy enough to hold the dirty jokes and teasing until the adults were gone, but knew they could talk openly when I was alone.

When the troop leaders left the next night, they took Jim with them. That left an older boy in charge. The leaders would not get back till late. The boys knew that. They were going to initiate several new boys into their secret club that night. Jimmy and Mike asked me to take an oath of secrecy if I wanted to watch. The other boys knew I had a thing going with guys in the troop. The oath was pretty much a show of faith that I would not tell what I was about to see. I was well aware there were witnesses that had seen me playing sex games with boys. I could get in a lot of trouble if this got out.

Three younger boys were escorted to the camp fire area of the camp site. Using only the light from the fire, the three boys were told to strip while doing an Indian dance to entertain about six of us. As they started their dance, the older boys stripped down to teir briefs and sat in a circle around the fire. After the boys were nude, the members stood. The new boys were led off to tents. Each had two older boys escorting him.

Jimmy and Mike escorted a really cute thirteen year old named Mike T. (We’ll call him Mikey.) Mikey had brown hair and I think brown eyes. He was about average height, maybe a little husky, and had gotten our attention even before the dance. Mikey had showered with us earlier. He liked Jimmy, and had hung with him at camp. He also had sported a stiff in the shower that got him teased because he tried to hide it. Mikey didn’t take the teasing well, and tended to whine that it was a sin to play with your “thingy”. That only got him more teasing.

We took mikey to a picnic table in the center of the tent area. I took my place slightly away from the boys so they could hold their ritual while I observed but didn’t intrude. I remained clothed so as to not be a danger (although that took some restraint). The other boys had gone inside tents. Mike also told me that Mikey’s dad was a Chaplain, and was strict about sex. Mikey had been taught that sex was a sin. That explained why he was sometimes teased by the other boys, and why he was afraid his dad would find out about the games on camping trips.

Jimmy started off by showing Mikey his long slender five inch stiff and by showing him how to jerk off. He asked Mikey if he could shoot off yet. Mikey seemed to know about jerking off. He also nodded that he knew what shooting off meant. Reluctantly, he allowed Jimmy to slip up behind him and to stand close to him while he wrapped his hand around the small stiff. Jimmy gently slid the foreskin back, then played with the uncut shaft. Mikey relaxed a little feeling his dick played with for the first time by some one other than him. Jimmy was good at it. In minutes, he had Mikey cooing and impulsively humping his hand. Mikey already had some fuzz at the base of his dick. He was proud of that, and loved having Jimmy pause to play with it. He also liked it when Jimmy held and played with the marble sized balls that had started to drop as his ball sac grew.

When Jimmy went back to his dick and started to speed up, Mikey had all but forgotten his fear of playing with his boy toys. He let Jimmy have his way with him - and jimmy sure did. The rapid humping was causing Mikey to have strange new waves of pleasure that caused him to start making strange new sounds of pleasure. And when the strange urge to pee flooded over him, he tried to explain to Jimmy he had to pee. Jimmy instead held on to him and continued pumping. Mikey shuddered from head to toe. In fact, his toes curled up and his hips arched up pushing his dick against Jimmy’s hand. He let out an “OH WOW!!!”. His whole body shuddered. Then he laid back against Jimmy for support. For what seemed like a long time, Mikey saw stars and was floating in outer space. Jimmy sat on the picnic table seat and held his new pupil in his lap. Several faces peaked from the flaps of nearby tents probably remembering the first time they had shared their first orgasm with a friend.

Mikey was hooked. Still high from Jimmy’s hand job, he followed Jimmy and Mike to their tent to spend the night. I knew they were going to be busy, so I retired to my own hand games at the cabin.

The next morning, Jimmy explained that Mikey had agreed to jerk him off in return for the fantastic discovery. He had seen an older boy jerk off before, but had never done it for some one else. Watching Jimmy shoot off was amazing, and now he knew how great it made him feel. Jerking off now had new meaning. Mike had let Mikey jerk him off too. No problem.

Jimmy had rewarded him again by demonstrating what a blow job was. The idea of having some one suck him until he once again shot off into outer space was terrific. Again Mikey returned the favor. He was also amazed that Jimmy could shoot off again. He was surprised that jimmy had done that in his mouth, but it didn’t taste all that bad. Neither did Jimmy’s dick. He was willing to do that again as long as no one knew. Jimmy and Mike assured him that they would never let his dad know.

Mikey did burst into tears the next day when he found out that several other boys heard and seen him playing sex games. It was even worse when he found out the other two new inductees did pretty much the same thing, but he was assured by Jimmy that he had nothing to worry about. To prove it was all right, Jimmy had taken Mikey for a walk in the woods where they practiced what Mikey had learned. Mikey decided to ignore the teasing. He was now in the club. So were they. By the end of the week, Mikey had shared his games with several other buddies. He had also discovered he sure liked the way they let him suck them off.

Jimmy asked for my help when it was time to take Mikey to the next level. He didn’t discuss it. He just asked if I would take him and Mikey to the area where I had taken him to show him how to have anal sex. He told Mikey we were going to see if he was good enough to please an adult. The three of us headed to the survival picnic area where I had placed Jimmy on the table on his back and raised his legs as I entered him from below. The table was just at the right height to allow me to grease up, then push into his most intimate pleasure hole. Jimmy had loved it. He knew by instinct that Mikey would love it to once I had shown him how.

Once we got there, we undressed and and got acquainted. We blew each other. Mikey had hesitated, but I had already blown him and Jimmy had explained that it was only fair that he return the favor. Mikey agreed. After he got over the fear that he couldn’t handle the size, he not only did well, he really enjoyed learning how to deep throat by getting over the gag reflex. I sat on the edge of the table while Mikey sat on the bench bobbing up and down on my dick.

Then came the tough part. Jimmy placed Mikey on his back on the table, spread his legs and greased him up well, then finger fucked him first with ong finger, then with two, and finally eased in the third one. Mekey had figured out that he was about to get screwed, but thought it would be Jimmy. Jimmy explained that he liked to bottom. He was going to let me show Mikey how to really enjoy being a bottom. He explained I had shown him how. Mikey looked more than a little skeptical, but agreed.

I promised to be gentle, but explained that the first time was going to be a little painful because he didn’t know what to expect or how to handle it. I would go slow, and would explain what to do. With that, I got into position, slowly easing my seven inch shaft into place. Jimmy gave him a pack to hold onto as my mushroom shaped dick head popped inside his resisting hole. Mikey let out a muffled yell as I entered, but he took it well. I held still once I was in, giving him time to adjust to the new feelings of giving in to a dick driving inside him. After he seemed to relax a little, I slid in a few inches, then once again held back. Finally, I was fully inside him. Mikey knew when I kissed his forehead that I was in. He gave me a smile and we kissed passionately. His first kiss. He had just given up his cherry.

I slowly started a short slow rhythm. He slowly got used to the idea of using his hole as a cunt. As he relaxed with the idea, I eased further back and found his prostate, causing him to squirm and moan as he felt the new strange pleasure feelings that caused him to enjoy what I was doing to him. He forgot that I was humping him and began to push back at me wanting more. Mikey had just discovered he was a bottom. He liked the feeling. I could now pull back and start humping him in earnest. Mikey had overcome his fear and was now loving the feelings. The two of us were having fun. It wasn’t long before he shot off a load while I was humping him.His waist shot up as his dick convulsed, and his buns clinched onto my shaft massaging it until I plowed in shooting my load deep inside him. He knew he was taking my load, and loving it. Both of us were in ecstacy.

Once we had finished, I allowed us a few moments of relaxation, then pulled out. We just lay there hugging and kissing each other while we came back to earth. Exhausted, but happy.

After taking a break, Mikey watched as I also did the same for Jimmy who had waited patiently for his turn. Watching me and Mikey had made him horny as hell. He wanted his share. He and Mikey compared notes after I had finished I was more than happy. And I was exhausted as we headed back towards camp. I knew this was just the beginning. I had just trained two bottoms to love what I could do to them. If anything, I was a little worried that I might not be able to keep both of them pleased. But what a way to stay tired. I could live with it.

My next adventure with Mike and Jimmy came when the three of us paid a visit to a friend’s private camp for a weekend. Their parents gave their consent when I told them the camp was holding a teen church retreat. The three of us were staying in a family cabin. Mike and I took turns keeping Jimmy busy. Sometimes we made it a threesome although I knew Mike liked having Jimmy to himself. Jimmy liked sharing the bed with both of us. He had no problem letting us know he loved being the bottom. By the end of the weekend, I was totally drained, but very happy.

Our friendship lasted for maybe six months before their fathers finished their military training. Mike’s family was transferred to the west coast, several thousand miles away. Jimmy’s family was sent to Germany.

We kept in touch for months. Jimmy was doing fine. He had met some new friends, and was taking lessons speaking German. (A new friend was learning a lot about Jimmy while teaching him language lessons.)

Mike had come out to his dad. Dad was not happy. He was even less happy when Mike claimed he was in love with Jimmy. Needless to say, dad sent his son to a shrink. About a year or so later, Mike seems to have cracked under the strain.

One day, he took his dad’s high powered rifle, went to a busy interstate highway, and opened fire on passing cars. He killed several people before the police realized they had a sniper and could start zeroing in on him. When they located Mike’s spot, he simply shot himself.

It made the news. No reason was ever listed. Jimmy wrote that his family did not understand, and he chose not to discuss it. I’m sure both of us were sad. How do you explain when some one you know flips out? I have known a few guys who killed themselves when they could not accept the condemnation of family or others, but Mike was the only one I knew you turned violent towards society.

On the other hand, there was Mikey, who was terribly afraid of his fathers anger. He and I not only continued to see each other, but he loved posing for pictures, and became a gay model. There are dozens of his pictures now on display on the internet. He is still a favorite with both young and old. Although I spent a lot of time with him in his younger days, we were players, not lovers. I think I could have loved Mikey, but he found many players. I heard years ago that he had gotten AIDS, or was HIV positive. I don’t really know. I have not heard from him in years.

Then there was Jim, the leader. He and I shared several trips with Mikey for a couple years, but Jim had a lover named Steve who moved in with him. The two of them made international trips with me. Oddly enough, although I got along great with Jim’s lover, Steve, we never shared a bed or did a threesome. Yet, both of them would join me for private trips set up for boy lovers. Mikey joined us on one of those special trips. Those trips were to lengthy to include here. Perhaps I can write about them separately. They also involved other boys and friends. As a camp director, I not only attended camps, I was sometimes hired to run private camps.

I am interested in hearing from other people out there who want to share their stories. Not all of those stories came out as “happy ever after”. I understand that. Life isn’t always fair. Each of us lives with regrets, or with sad endings. Each of us fights his own battles, not only with society, but with our own conscience. And some will give up the fight. Eventually all of us are left with our memories.