TEEN NUDIST YEARS / copyright 2011 all rights reserved

A work of fiction

The 280 acre family camp ground that my family and I had camped at for over five years had been bought by a woman from New Jersey the summer before. She was a nudist. A very rich nudist.

She had advised all of the full-time campers of her planes to make the camp a private nudist park and that the park would be clothes optional the first summer. After that, anyone who wanted to continue to camp there would have to join the N.N.C. National Nudist Council, and practice the life style of a nudist.

Needless to say, my mother would have nothing to do with it. She wasn't all that interested in camping anyways. Dad and I loved to fish the lakes there and we just couldn't give that up.

That fist summer I was sixteen. I thought it was funny to see naked people walking around and doing camper things, like it was the most natural thing to do. It was a family camp. Husbands with their wives. Some brought their children.

Dad and I kept to ourselves at a camp site near the fishing lake. Although we all had to share the communal showers and old outhouses. In time we had become friends with some of the other campers. It didn't bother me to be around naked people. In fact, it kind of disgusted me. Older women with their big-ole-saggy tits and big hairy bushes. The men with their big-ole-cocks just hanging down for everyone to see. I felt nothing sexual about them at all. But their kids were a different story. Most of the kids aged from toddlers to young teens. I was the oldest teen there. I had been having sex with other kids my age since I was twelve. Boys and girls. Mostly boys.

The summer of my seventeenth year I was going to spend at camp alone. My dad would come on the weekends and we would camp and fish together. I had my drivers license and an old Chevy van. I felt like a man to spend the weeks alone. I had made a deal with the owner, that I would help maintain the park for my room and board and fifty dollars a week. Fifty bucks wasn't much but I didn't need much money. I would give money to the old guy I was helping and he would buy me beer and cigarettes when he went to town.

I came to know all the campers. They seemed like real nice people. They acted like one, big, happy family.

One day me and the older guy were trimming the lower branches off a row of pine trees. He was naked and I was wearing cut-off jeans. It was really hot that day and we were sweating big time. The saw chips sticking to my exposed sweaty body was very uncomfortable. Vern suggested we take a break and finish later in the day when it was cooler. I was all for that idea!

There were some adults and kids swimming in the swimming lake. I thought it was time to rinse and cool off in the spring feed water. I was kind of embarrassed that I was wearing cut-offs while everyone else was naked. I made up my mind and striped off my shorts and joined the other naked people swimming. I felt weird at first but quickly learned how much better I felt with no clothes on. We all had fun playing in the water.

I think the others were happy I had joined them as a nudist. After that first time it just became natural to be naked around the others.

I was a very fit young man. I got some looks from the older men and women and some of the kids too.

I was five feet four inches tall. About one hundred and twenty five pounds. I had kind of long, straight, brown hair down to my shoulders. My body was near hairless except for the light, brown bush of pubic hair above my dick and a little hair under my arm pits. I had a nice chest and abs. I had a bubble-butt too, if I say so myself. I was circumcised, five and a half inches hard and about three inches soft. The old guy that I was helping once told me honestly, that I had a beautiful body and that I could be a model. I just laughed at him.

The kids took to me well. After my chores for the day they would want me to play games with them. I didn't mind. I had always liked kids. I was just a big kid myself. They were always so full of energy. We would play Frisbee, softball, volley ball and anything else they could think of. In the evenings I spent time with the adults partying.

One day I was in the tractor shed working on a lawn mower. The tractor shed sat off by its self across from the volleyball court. Andy, a twelve year old boy saw me and came to see what I was working on. Andy was a cute little boy. Like most twelve year old boys are. He hadn't started to get pubic hair yet. He had a nice, tight little body.

Andy skipped into the shed. He had a little boy-boner sticking straight out. Little boys don't need a reason to have a boner. I think he was just excited to be with me. I think it made him feel bigger to spend time with an older boy. I looked at his hard, little wiener.

He reminded me of the boys I had sex with when I was his age. I didn't say anything about his being hard but he saw me looking and got embarrassed. It was so cute.

We talked and I told him what I was doing to the mower. I was kneeling, bent over changing the spark plug when he leaned over my back and shoulder to watch me.

I felt his little boy cock rub against my back. I felt my own dick stir. Little boys were aloud to get boners but seventeen year old boys weren't supposed to get boners around little kids.

As he had his head over my shoulder watching he put his hands on my sides and started to tickle me. I jumped up to break away from him and I called him a brat. He giggled. I turned around and grabbed him and started to tickle him. He squealed as he tried to get away. His body was so soft and smooth against my own flesh. He smelt so good. Like a little boy should.

I let him go and he ran to hide behind the big tractor laughing. I had a full hard-on from our physical contact. I quickly turned around but he had seen my boner. He made a comment about how big my dick had got. I told him I had to pee real bad and that it was his tickling me that made it like that. I walked over to one side of the shed with my back towards him. I did have to piss. I stood for a while trying to piss on the dirt floor in the corner. My dick went down enough I was able to piss. Andy walked over and stood beside me. He said he had to pee too. I tried not to look but I couldn't help myself. He still had a stiffy about three inches long. He was circumcised and the head of his little prick was pink and ridged. He looked at my dick while I pissed. I looked down at the ground where I was pissing. I finished and shook the last drops off. He just stood there holding his dick. He said, he guessed he didn't have to pee after all. I knew he couldn't piss because his little wiener was too hard.

That evening a cold front moved in. Most of the campers were inside their campers waiting for the storm to come.

I was in my dad's pick-up camper watching t v, drinking beer and smoking some grass. The camper door and windows were open. It felt good for the cool breeze to come in. Andy poked his head around the corner and looked in.

"Hi Steve. What Ya doin?" he asked as he helped himself in.

He surprised the shit out of me! "Just watching t v". I told him as I hid my pipe under my leg. He helped himself to sit at the small table beside me. I mussed up his hair and pinched one of his little boy tits. He giggled and scooted to lean against me. After a short while I got up, hiding my pipe in my hand and went to the cupboard, stashed my pipe and got a bag of chips. We sat and watched t v together while munching on the chips. I felt pleased as our bodies touched. I never had a little brother to cuddle with. It just seemed natural for me to hold the boy so close. He purred as I rubbed his belly and chest as he lay against me. He sat up, looked into my eyes and asked, "Can I stay with you tonight?" He looked so adorable how could I say no.

"You have to ask your mom and dad." I told him.

He jumped up. "I'll go ask right now!" he squeaked.

Within a few minutes he was back. "I can stay over with you." he said, full of enthusiasm.

We resumed our position on the bench seat to watch more t v. Around 10 pm I was getting tired. Andy had fell asleep in my arms. I gently woke him. "Come on Buddy, get up. Time to go to bed. I'll let the table down and you can sleep here."

He stood up sleepy eyed. I made the bunk for him and he crawled under the cover while I went up to the big, over-head bunk.

I had just fell asleep when the storm came crashing. Lighting flashed and thunder roared. The next thing I knew, Andy was squirming to get under my cover with me. "That was close." he cried, as he laid over my chest and held me tight. I held him in return to comfort him.

Soon he was laying completely on top of me. The heat of his little body melting into mine. His breath warming my shoulder as he cuddled tighter against me. With his groin touching mine, he started wiggling around, grinding his boy cock against mine.

Surprised by his actions I asked, "What are you doing?"

"Me and my friend Jason do this when he sleeps over at my house. It feels good."

This boy didn't have to teach me anything. I knew what he was doing. He was dry humping me. I started to get hard immediately. This was something I had enjoyed doing with my friends when I was his age.

I enjoyed the softness of Andy's skin against mine. He laid his head on my chest, gripping my sides for better leverage. I felt his hard, little penis rubbing against my teen-boner. I placed my hands on his smooth, little bottom and pulled him tighter against me. Going faster and faster he continued to hump his stiffy against mine. "Do you like it Steve?" he grunted.

"Yes Andy. It feels good. Can you cum yet?" I asked.

He stopped humping as he lifted his head from my chest. "What's that mean?" he asked. I knew if he didn't know what I meant he hadn't made sperm yet.

"That's when you get a good feeling down there and sticky stuff squirts out of your wiener. It`s called sperm. That's what makes babies."

"I don't think so. Can you?"

I told him, "Yeap... it feels really good. You'll make sperm soon too."

"I know when me and Jason do this, we both get a tingle in our tummies and our wieners tickle. It feels really good."

I told him, " When it tickles, that's called an orgasm. Boys can have an orgasm even if they don't make sperm yet. It just means you're starting puberty. You'll start to get hair down there soon too."

Andy continued to hump me. I rose my hips up off of the bed to meet his boyish thrusts. He was a little animal. I held him tight as I started to cum, shooting my load between our bodies. Andy kept humping and soon started to make sexy, little, squeaking noises. His breath became harder and faster. Holding me tightly, his little body jerked and quaked on top of me.

After a minute Andy lifted his body up and rubbed his fingers through my semen that coated our tummies. "Wow. I think I just made sperm Steve. It's all wet and sticky down there." I giggled because I knew he hadn't. It was my cum he felt.

"That's my sperm down there silly."

"Oh. It feels warm and slippery." He lifted his fingers to his nose and smelt it. "It smells kind of funny."

"Taste it." I told him.

"No. That's gross. It feels like snot."

"It's my love juice. You made me feel so good I squirted out my love for you. Look... it tastes good." I rubbed my fingers across my belly and gathered some of my cum and lifted it to my mouth. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. I licked my semen from my fingers. "Ummm." I moaned, teasing the young boy to taste what he had on his fingers.

He slowly lifted his fingers to his mouth. He looked at me and I nodded with approval. He stuck out his tongue and tasted my cum. "Ummm... I like it." he said. He then licked his fingers clean. He giggled and lowered his hand to his tummy for more. I scooped up more from my belly and licked it from my fingers while he licked his. I pulled him up close to me and finished licking my cum off of his tummy. He giggled as my tongue touched his naked skin.

Andy still had a little boy-boner. I pulled him forward to straddle and sit on my chest.

With his little prick just in front of my face, I opened my mouth, leaned forwards and took his little, boy-rod into my mouth. He gasped and squeaked, "Oh Steve... that feels good!" as my warm, wet mouth enveloped his hard, little pricklet.

I sucked his entire little prick into my mouth. I tasted my cum on his dick. He fell forwards and held his body up with his hands on the bed above my head.

I reached behind him and played with his little boy nuts that were pulled up tight to his groin. Nature took over and he started to push and pull his boner in and out of my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the head of his prick when he made his back stroke. He started grunting and humping my mouth harder and faster.

"Oh... Steve... Stop... I'm going to pee." I let him pull his dick from my mouth. He sat back and rested on my chest again panting.

After a few moments I asked him, "Do you still have to pee?"

He thought about it and said, "No. I guess I didn't have to pee after all." I knew he was about to shoot his first wet orgasm. His little prick was still hard and twitching with the beat of his heart.

I looked and saw a little drop of pre-cum at his pee hole. I touched it and it made a string when I pulled my finger away. He rolled off of me and laid onto his back.

"Andy... you were going to shoot sperm." I told him.

I leaned over and took his hard, little boner between my thumb and forefingers. I started to work his skin up and down his short shaft. He started to hump his butt up off of the mattress. He started to grunt and groan, making those little squeaking noises again.

He begged me again to stop but I just kept working his dick up and down. His little body stiffened and jerked. His eyes were tightly closed and his face wrinkled. I said, "Look Andy! Look at your dick." He forced his eyes open in time to watch his first sperms squirt out of his wiener.

He squealed, "Ah,... Ah... Ah!" as four tiny squirts of clear semen shot out onto his tummy. I giggled watching him have his first wet orgasm. He pushed my hand from his very sensitive, little, prick. He fully collapsed back into the bed, painting and breathing hard.

When he regained his breath he looked up and ran his finger through his sperm still on his belly, smearing it around. Andy looked at me and smiled. "Thatttt... Wassss... Awesomeeee!!!" he started laughing. I leaned over and licked his boy-seed up with my tongue. It was very tasty!

After a couple of minutes he scooted down my body until his face was holding over my hard, five and a half inch cock. He took my raging meat into his hand, awkwardly working his little hand up and down my shaft. "It's so hot and smooth." he said.

"Suck it like I did your's." I told him.

He looked at me with wide, bright eyes, then looked back down at my big-boy's dick.

"I don't think I can get it in my mouth. It's too big."

"Just try." I pleaded.

He opened his mouth wide and took in a deep breath and held it, like he was going to dive under water. His soft, young lips slowly slipped over the crown of my dick. I thought I was going to faint. He just held his lips over the head of my dick for a minute. I wasn't all that big. I knew he could do it. He pulled off, exhaled and quickly pulled in another breath. I told him, "You're not going to drown. Breath through your nose." He giggled at how silly it was for him to hold his breath.

I moaned as he bent back down and took more of my dick into his mouth this time. I coached him to work his tongue around the head. He was a smart boy and caught on right away. He moaned at the new taste and sensations in his mouth. I told him to try to suck up and down on as much of it as he could. He was a good boy and did as I directed. Soon he was bobbing his sucking mouth up and down about half of my teen meat. I laid my hands on top of his head and rubbed my fingers through his soft, sun-bleached hair as he went up and down on my cock.

It didn't take long and I felt my nuts draw up tight to my groin. I didn't want to freak the little cock-sucker out so I pushed him off of my dick. He looked at me with big, sad puppy dog eyes, as if he had done something wrong. I grunted and grabbed my cock and started to jack off. About five strokes and I stared to blow my load up onto my chest. Strongly, I ejaculated six or seven times. Andy watched in awe.

When I was spent I laid back to rest. I felt Andy's fingers rub through the wetness on my chest and belly.

He giggled and said, "That was cool Steve!" as he smeared my cum all over my chest and belly. He crawled back on top of me sliding his firm chest and tummy against mine through the slimy, gooey mess. He put his hands under my neck as I cuddled him in my arms. He rested against me and we both fell asleep.

The storm had passed.