This is a scout story from the sixties. I was a youhg scout leader in my twenties, and popular in the program. There were no women leaders then. Only boys and men.

Within the program was an inner circle called the “Order”. To be a member of the order, you had to meet certain camping requirements, then get elected as a candidate, then pass a secret ordeal. You took an oath of secrecy. The order held their own campouts, fellowships, Indian dances, rituals, etc. They also qualified for sashes, and leadership positions. The order was run by boys. Many of the boys had adult advisors or mentors. The boys chose their own advisors. It was a special bond when a boy asked you to be his advisor.

My first invitation to serve as an advisor came when Frankie called. He had been elected to a lodge leadership position, and we were good friends. He had served on my staff at camp, and jumped at the chance to continue year round camping and traveling. The feeling was mutual. We remained close until Frankie’s father was transferred by the military. The family moved.

There;s no way I can tell this story without mrntioning that it took place a short time after my two year affair with Frankie. When Frankie left, I was really depressed. Like any lover, I wanted to just whine and cry until Frankie returned. As time went on, I knew that wasn;t going to happen. I resigned myself to a life of heartbreak and sorrow. Or so I thought.

It had only been a month or so after Frankie’s family had moved when I got a surprise call. A young man named Pete was appointed to take Frankie’s place in the Order. Pete asked if I would stay on as his advisor. Although I knew Pete was a gorgeous fifteen year old with light brown hair, brown eyes, and an athlete’s build, I was reluctant. I openly admitted to Pete that Frankie and I were very close friends. Pete knew that. He still wanted to talk. We agreed to a meeting at his home.

Pete had a very nice home in the nicer part of town. I was impressed. The older white front with large picture windows went well with the southern style columns and the circular driveway. The front was landscaped. A high wooden fence provided privacy for the pool and a spaceous yard in back. I wasn’t surprised to find out later that Pete’s dad was a senior officer in the military. Most of the homes in this area were military.

I was also not prepared when the door opened. Standing in front of me was a stunning lady in a very scanty bikini. She looked to be in her mid-twenties. No way was this Pete’s mom. I gawked for way too long brfore she smiled and asked “Can I help you?”

“I’m sorry.” I stuttered. “You can’t be Pete.”

Standing aside to let me enter, she laughed and motioned for me to follow her inside. There was a large living room area. On one side was a stairway leading to the second floor. An open hallway showed several doors leading to bedrooms. The furnishings were quality. Pete had no problem with money. His home was a place for social company. So was the community. There were no small homes here.

“I’m Mary, Pete’s stepmom. You must be the scout advisor he is waiting for.” she announced. “Pardon my appearance. We just had a swim.”

Before I could answer her, she shouted upstairs: “Peter boy! Your company is here!”

If I was stunned at the “Peter boy” implication, I was a lot more stunned when Pete suddenly stepped out of his room wearing a short blue terry cloth robe still open in front.

 I was looking up at a fabulous teen nude in no hurry to cover himself. His limp shaft was well endowed, and slender. The pubes were darker than the blondish hair on his head. He also had a good tan on a slender frame. Definitely a swimmers build. His balls had dropped, and were about average for his age.

He Also apologized, repeating that they had just had a swim.

 Mary looked, but didn’t say anything. She smiled at me, apparently noticing the look of surprise on my face,then asked if I would like an iced tea. I could only nod “yes”, then asked for a rum and Coke, like the young military officer attempting to recover his dignity. She laughed,and was off to get it.

Pete did pull a cord around the robe and tie it. It didn’t do that much good though. I still had a pretty good view of a circumcized shaft maybe about four inches long laying softly over a nice set of balls. He also had an average amount of light brown hair at the base. I had seen Pete nude in the camp showers, so I wasn’t unaware exactly. It was the way he had been exposed in front of his stepmom that stunned me. Neither had appeared to be concerned.

“Make yourself comfortable.” Pete said. “I’ll be right down.”

I sat on a sofa. A few minutes later, Mary arrived with my iced drink alongwith some lemon. We made small talk about the military. Pete had told her I was a junior officer in the medical corps. They expected Pete would go in the military also. She left to help the cook prepare dinner when she saw Pete coming downstairs to take over. Halfway out of the room, she paused and announced: “of course, you are invited for dinner.”

I looked up at Pete, now approaching, who quickly added: “Of course he is. We have much to discuss.” I just nodded in agreement. I was secretly hoping Pete was going to be my dessert. He had changed into a tee shirt and some loose shorts that still allowed a generous view of his well tanned legs. His glances at my crotch told me he was aware I liked what I saw. He smiled, but ignored my quick glimpses.

Pete explained that his father was in command of a ship overseas and would be gone for about six months. His father would be pleased that Pete had picked a military officer to be his advisor. He and his dad had discussed the matter.

Pete also explained that his family was usually very lax around the house, but not as lax as today. He had broken military protocol by appearing nude in front of a guest in his home. He apologized for that. He couldn’t resist the chance to tease both me and Mary. His stepmom had seen him nude before, but would remind him about company. First visits were supposed to be formal and proper. So was dinner. He excused himself to dress for dinner.

Mary had already changed when she returned a short time later. She still looked very attractive though. She also apologized for their dress (or lack of). She also liked being informal, but had been taught military courtesy. I smiled and vowed secrecy. As a military officer, I needed to assure them I respected their right to privacy in their home. We agreed that what happened among us would be as friends; not military. We repeated this at dinner so Pete and his teen sister understood I was there as a friend and mentor to Pete. All of us agreed to the terms.

My first personal affair with Pete came two weeks later when I picked him up for a weekend camp. We were attending a camp planning session with other members of the order. As secretary, it would be Pete’s job to record the planned events for the upcoming lodge fall fellowship. After an exhausting day of planning, our group met for dinner. More planning over coffee. Finally, we agreed to a hot shower before calling it a night.

The shower was an indoor open shower room with four nozzles - two on each side. There was the usual small dressing room next to the showers with a couple of wooden benches for clothing. There were also toilet stalls, sinks, and a long urinal trough in the dressing room. You could stand at the urinal and stare at boys in the shower room. The building we met in was the Staff Building, but was also used as the camp office and visitors room.

As Pete and I entered the dressing room, only a few others had decided to shower. By the time, we undressed and entered the shower room, the dressing room was packed. Most of us had been camping and traveling before, so the usual jokes and teasing broke the ice. The only exceptions were the few new boys. They joined in the room a little shyly, but tried to cover their innocence by silently watching and laughing at the jokes. Their youth was given away by the new fuzz and size of their small dicks and balls. There was usually only a few men in the group. The amount of teasing and groping depended on who the men were. Adults were openly accepted as friends and advisors. They were expected to accept the teens as youth leaders who were still nontheless horny boys. A few of the men were fathers of the boys.

Of course, there was no open sex play in the showers, We even ignored the occasional hardon or semihardon. They were frowned on by some, but you were expected to turn away from others. There were other subtle signs though. Pete and I openly soaped up each others back. Some older boys paired off as well. And more than one dad doted over their son. After the shower, those sharing a tent, dried off, often leaving to go to their tent scantily dressed. Pete and I chose to wear only our tighty whities as we headed off to our tent.

The Fall moon was bright enough that we did not use our flashlights. Nor did we say much. Once in the camp wall tent, we laid out on our foam rubber sleeping pad, We had laid our sleeping bags open so we could lay side by side, but cover ourself if it became necessary. Then I turned off the lamp.

I don’t recall that anything was said. I simply pulled off my briefs. Pete did the same. We turned face to face, and gently became familiar with everything we had. We felt each other up, feeling our pubes, our balls, and our stiff shafts. When I turned head to toe, Pete slowly slid his lips over the mushroom shaped head of my dick. I did the same for him. We had done this before, just with different lovers. Pete tasted terrific. Most teens do, And, like most teens, he didn’t last long. His six inch cut bullet head shot off a pretty good load. Pete was well hung for his age. My dick exploded shortly after his. We both swallowed. We cleaned each other off with our tongue, then as our dicks began to soften, we backed off. I turned back around and gave him a kiss. He responded passionately.

For the first time since we had agreed to be partners, Pete and I faced each other again, this time to chat about guys we had known and what we liked - or disliked. We had a lot in common. Pete had slept with other boys, and was not new to sex. He knew I had been crazy about Frankie, and knew he was getting me on the rebound. He didn’t mind. I had accepted that Frankie was gone, and would not return. Like Frankie, Pete wanted an open relationship. He wanted to be able to continue seeing other boys. I agreed. Although Pete had a gorgeous body, we were friends, not lovers.

With that said, Pete handed me a tube of K-Y and rolled on his stomach. I had planned to try to get into those beautiful buns, but was surprised he wanted it. Still, it’s rude to refuse a gift. I opened him up a little and then slid in, slowly and gently. We spent a lot of that first night with me inside Pete.

It may seem disappointing that I’m not going into a lot of mad, passionate detail about our first night togather, but as I stated before, Pete and I had slept with others. It’s not that we didn’t enjoy each other. In fact, we did. It’s just that we knew to go slow until we understood each other better. An open affair meant we were friends, not lovers. We could still see other lovers and friends. During that weekend though, we spent our time getting to know each other.

There were signs from the start that we were going to have trouble keeping our relationship as open as we had planned. Pete was not only gorgeous. He was popular. Other men and boys wanted to spend time with him. A few also chatted with me as well. Even though it was just social stuff, I found myself staying close to Pete. It wasn’t just me either. Pete even ignored a few friends when he noticed I was with some other boy. It was funny looking back on it. We had agreed to be free yet we had already decided maybe not.

The very next night I announced to Pete that he was way too cute for me to agree to share him. He agreed. We loved being lovers. There was nothing lovers do that we didn’t do that night. I discovered that Pete like to roll onto his back and hug me as I plowed him vigorously.

I’m sure the neighboring tents heard the moans and groans coming from us. We were teased about being “loud sleepers” the next day.

 Two brothers in the next tent confided that they spent the night doing what we were doing. They were the Minot brothers, Bob and James. Bob was the oldest, maybe sixteen.

James was two years younger. He was also more attractive and outgoing. Pete and I were amazed that he openly admitted having fun sex with his big brother. We agreed to join them on a later campout.


A few days after returning home, I got a call from Pete. He invited me to spend the next weekend at his home. Pete knew I was staying at the staff quarters at the hospital and suggested I could stay with him. His step-mom had agreed. I was surprised since this might be frowned on by the military. Pete reminded me that I was now a friend of the family. It was a chance to get off the base, so I accepted.

I mentioned before that Pete’s family was pretty lax when it came to nudity, so I was not surprised when I arrived to find them in the pool. Pete answered the door wearing a speedo swim suit that clearly showed his long thin shaft pinned against his tummy. I was escorted to his bedroom to change into another speedo (of his), not only small for me, but clearly showing a semi-hardon somewhat larger around. I protested to no sympathy from Pete. In fact, he teased by gently stroking it, causing it to grow. With pete gently pushing me out onto the patio, we joined Mary and his sister already in the pool. I know I turned ten shades of red as they paused to greet me, both smiling and getting a good look at my suit and more. Neither of them was wearing much either, which didn’t help. It seemed like forever before the four of us wound up in the pool. Only then did I feel like my dick got any smaller or softer.

For about an hour, we swam and played tag games in the pool. Mary and “Sis” were friendly, but not necessarily agressive. There was some touchy, feely contact, but the girls had done this before. If anything, they teased Pete moreso than me. Mary continued calling him Peterboy, and Sis apparently knew why.

As it turned dark out, the air turned cool. The girls went inside. A short time later Mary announced that we would eat burgers and fries in the “Rec room”, a game room just off the patio. It was heated, and would allow us to remain in our swim suits. By this time, I was more at ease although still exposed. We watched TV as we ate, and soon it was getting late. The girls headed off to their rooms.

Pete led me to his room. He had a king size bed. After a fun and playful shower, we turned in, nude. Pete and I did a 69 before I lubed up and slid behind him. I eased in gently and he moaned as I slid inside him. After spurting my load, we faced each other and dozed off.

When I woke up again, the light was streaming in through the windows, but I was sure it was still early. I had a seven inch stiff demanding attention. Pete’s beautiful nude body lay next to me, still sound asleep. The temptation was just too much.

I knew Pete was still well lubed from last night, and he would not blame me for wanting to start the day inside his warm poop chute. He slowly started to wake as I gently pushed my dick inside him. He flinched, but gave in as I gently lowered my body on top, rubbing his back and shoulders as my shaft slid in deeper. I was in no hurry, and wanted this to last.Pete spread his legs to allow me better access as my dick bottomed out. Once I was totally in, I rested on his back and started nibbling his ear lobes, whispering sweet things in his ears.

As for Pete, he loved having his ear lobes nibbled on, and enjoyed wiggling his butt to feel my shaft massaging his prostate. My moans of pleasure were matched by his. We could have stayed that way for hours. Or maybe not. I was too horny to just lay there. I turned him over on his back wuth his legs spread wide, and watched him smile as I slid inside him kissing and massaging his chest, nipples, earlobes, and lips. My dick was lifting him off the mattress as it searched for his love spot. As I slowly lifted, I also rocked back and forth.

Pete was loving it. He moaned and responded by frenching when we kissed. His eyes were closed as I slowly pulled back evposing my shaft then pushing back to the balls, making a slapping sound as he pushed up to meet me. But all good things must come to an end. The urge to speed up told me I was soon going to unload. I soon had Pete rocking back and forth in rhythm, and was rapidly heading for outer space . My dick throbbed deep inside him. My balls were pumping their load. I rammed in hard and held on as the first shot spewed. Both of us moaned in pleasure.

I pulled back and thrust in again vaguely aware that a shadow had entered the room from the open bathroom door. At first, it seemed unreal. No matter. I was not ready to stop. Not yet. I was very busy. Pete rocked back and forth. So did I. I pumped until my dick was empty. Only then did I collapse exhausted on top of Pete’s chest.

As I slowly came back to earth, I once again noticed the shadow. It was now standing next to the bed.

The shadow had a smirk on her face, and a voice. “Pete has a pussy.”, the shadow informed me. “You just screwed my brother.”

Too shocked to give her an answer, I lifted up off him. My semi hard dick slid out and hung limply over my balls.

Sis smiled, then looked over my dick and balls.

I waited for her to start screaming.

Pete opened his eyes and chimed in: “ Sis, you are not supposed to be in my room when I have guests.”

Sis didn’t answer him. She continued to look me over. Finally she told me: “It’s big.”

Still not believing she was just looking, I swung around to sit on the edge of the mattress facing her.

Pete got up heading for the bathroom to clean up. He didn’t seem to be all that concerned.

Sis was wearing only a white pair of cotton panties. She was small and cute. Her light brown hair looked pretty well groomed. Her hazel eyes and naughty smile hid her knowledge and curiosity. Her breast had only just begun to change. Her nipples had started to puff out, but no boobs.

I could hear Pete grunting on the toilet, and knew he was unloading my cum. He was not concerned about Sis.

Sis stepped closer to me, still watching my crotch. I knew what she wanted, so I took her hand and laid it on my dick. She didn’t speak. She just wrapped her hand around it, then slowly began feeling my dick and my balls, smiling.

She wasn’t in trouble, and she wasn’t going to scream. She was curious about me more than shocked. She had touched me in the pool through my speedos. Now she was allowed to touch and feel me nude.

 She liked that. So did I. She carefully examined the semi-hard shaft that quickly responded to her caresses. That didn’t seem to surprise her, but she moved closer to cuddle and play with her new toy. One hand played with the shaft while the other gently measured and groped the ball sac.

I don’t think Sis even noticed that I had grasped each of her buns. Or that I had slipped my thumbs under the elastic band of her cotton panties. I slowly eased them down until I had them at her knees. From there, they dropped to her ankles. She simply stepped out of them, kicking them aside. I pulled her closer until the mushroom head of my shaft met the bald hairless slit that hid her sex life.

With her hand still holding the shaft, she eased the wet tip up and down the opening, watching it intensely perhaps not sure about this. She had been there before. Just not with one so big. For a few minutes, she moved it slowly up and down the moist puffy slit. The choice was hers.. So was the curiosity.

For the first time, her eyes met mine. Just briefly. She still didn’t say anything. She just smiled at me. She had made up her mind. She moved forward as my glans eased open the entrance and pushed its way inside. She moaned as the head disappeared. Then she stopped as if to just enjoy the feel of it. It had gone in easily. Sis wiggled it around still grasping the shaft. Then eased it further in. Smiling up at me again. She removed her hand and eased most of the shaft inside her. Her hands wound up around my neck as she wiggled my shaft around inside her.

 We kissed each other passionately as I eased her up onto the bed. She was mine now. She gave in as I moved on top of her, covering her body with my own as I began a slow gentle rhythm. The tight feeling was too good to pass up. I knew I wouldn’t last long. All too soon, I was giving her my best. She was moaning in delight and all too soon I was pumping still another load.

Exhausted, I rolled off to one side. My happy but tired dick eased out. She once again marveled at the size now openly admitting it had been her “biggest one”.

She told me that she had played sex games before. She had let Pete do it, but he always stopped before shooting and let her pump him off. Her step-mom didn’t know about that. We agreed step-mom would not know about us either. I was pretty much in shock that it had gone so far. We joined Pete in the bathroom. The incident was not mentioned. The three of us dressed and headed downstairs for breakfast.



   Whether Pete’s step-mother, Mary knew what was going on with me and the kids was pretty much a mystery to me since she never spoke to me about it. She continued to tease me at the pool, but did not go beyond that. I was sure she knew I was having sex with Pete, but chose not to make it obvious. I don’t think she knew that Pete and Sis had slept togather, or that I had slept with Sis. I was soon to find out why.

Sis made no attempt to hide her attraction to me from Pete. When I stayed over, she would “borrow” me from Pete, who would balk, but give in. We would go to her room, have sex, then I would return to Pete. She became really good at oral sex, and claimed she loved having a full grown man to play with. She had started taking birth control pills for protection, and did not want to use condoms. I was not comfortable with that, but then I wasn’t that comfortable being her man toy anyway.

A few weeks later, I found out the answers to most of my questions.

Sis belonged to a Girl Guides group of about eight girls her age. They met at her home, and were typically secret around guys. Mary was the group leader along with another woman called Liz. Liz had a thirteen year old son in Pete’s troop. He was small for his age and thin with light brown hair and blue eyes. He was known as Ziggie, and very much a “mommas boy”. Liz dragged Ziggie along to every meeting.

Since Ziggie was not allowed to be present during the girls meeting, he spent his time with Pete, either in Pete’s room or in the pool. That was fine with Ziggie. He had a crush on Pete. Pete openly admitted he would let Ziggie blow him, and would screw him while they were in his room. Ziggie was openly “sissy” at school and in the troop. When the women were not present, the girls would tease Ziggie by depantsing him. Ziggie took it in stride. He did not tell mom. She had told him it was just that the girls liked him, and he should just ignore it.

My knowledge of all this came when I was asked to teach First Aid to the girls on a campout. Pete and Ziggie were going too. We would share a three man dome tent. The six girls going would have two same size dome tents, and the two women would share one. To my surprise, the two girl’s tents were set up next to ours. Their leaders tent was set up far enough away to give them some privacy.

We had arrived on Friday evening. After setting up camp, we had dinner, then enjoyed a campfire. After getting acquainted over roasted marshmellows, stories, and songs, the ladies shooed the girls off to their tents. They soon headed off to theirs as well. Pete, Ziggie, and I put out the campfire, then went to our tent.

Six chattering young teen girls kept us awake for a long time. The women did nothing to calm them down. Whatever the girls were doing, they chattered away, giggling and making strange noises.

Unable to sleep, we stripped to our underwear, turned out the lamp, and laid on a large air mattress in the tent. Ziggie wasted no time making it known what he wanted to do that night. Shortly after I turned out the lamp, he was sliding my briefs off my ankles, and was soon between my legs burying my shaft in his very experienced mouth. Pete quickly found the lub, and climbed on top of Ziggie to bury his long thin shaft inside him. Ziggie was used to this. He moaned quietly as Pete slid in, then slowly started humping. Before long, I had pumped my load into Ziggie’s mouth, Pete had pumped a load up his butt, and Ziggie had shot a load into his sheet.

 By this time, the noise had died down. Whatever the girls had been doing, they had finished. As quickly as it had began, it had stopped.

The next thing I remembered was the sunrise. Light was streaming through the nylon tent. I opened my eyes to find myself with the usual morning hardon, and a desire to take a leak. Ziggie lay facing me, his face still near my dick. The temptation was just too much. I moved back into place, then rubbed my dick against his lips. Ziggie didn’t even open his eyes. He just opened his mouth and allowed my dick to enter. I slowly pushed in a few inches, then let it enjoy the warm gentle sucking. Once it had overcome the resistance, my dick slowly allowed a mouth full of pee to fill Ziggie’s mouth. His eyes flickered a little as if not sure of what was happening. He kept his eyes closed and quickly swallowed. He repeated this as I fed him the load from my bladder. Only when I was done peeing did I start pumping. Ziggie opened his eyes and looked up at me as I pushed the shaft into his throat, gagging him a little. He did not let go. I sped up, and held his mouth in place as my balls drew up tight. I blasted another load down his throat. When I was done, I released him. Ziggie still held on until my dick began to deflate before he slowly backed off.

“You peed in me?”, he whispered as he slid up. His eyes told me he was not sure he had actually allowed that.

“You did good.”, I answered, letting him know it was no accident.

Ziggie smiled, not sure how he should react, but knowing that it would probably happen again. A few minutes later, he left the tent to empty his bladder and his butt. So many things happened after that with Ziggie that I will probably do a separate story on him.

I had a great time that weekend teaching First Aid. To begin with, the girls wasted no time trying to find out just how timid I was working with girls. They knew nothing about me and Sis (thank goodness). Sis, on the other hand, let them know we were friends by volunteering to be my “victum” whenever possible. She wore a loose pair of khaki shorts that openly showed her white cotton panties every time she raised her legs, which was often. When I spread her legs to take an open look at her covered crotch, she giggled. The other girls stared in disbelief, blushing, and probably a little jealous that they were not laid out on the picnic table I used for the demonstrations.

I calmly explained to the young teens that medics do not get all that excited about seeing body parts (totally untrue). At the request of their leaders, I also spoke about sex, birth control. safety, and even personal hygiene. Not only did the girls get over their shyness, but a few asked questions about body parts such as the penis and the vagina. Most of them were curious to see how far I would go to discuss sex, but I held back to let their leaders handle personal stuff.

I did find out that Pete’s step-mother and Ziggie’s mom were lovers. They did not discuss it, but teens pick up on things like that quickly. The girls were aware that their leaders liked being alone, and had been observed holding hands or necking when they thought they were alone. The girls also seemed to know what goes on in the leaders tent. There was a rule that no one was to enter the tent (although a few knew what was in it). I now knew why Mary had not approached me. It also explained why Ziggie’s mom openly teased him in front of the girls, and defended her “sissy boy” as Momma’s boy. Ziggis’s dad had divorced her years ago. Ziggi never mentioned his dad.


Pete and I remained lovers for about a year. When his dad came home from overseas, Pete let me know that his dad wanted to be his advisor, so we would not be traveling or sleeping togather any more. Of course that meant Sis and I were also done. Not long after that, Pete and Sis moved out of the area. The military sent them elsewhere. I later heard that Pete was accepted at a military academy. We didn’t keep in touch. Ours was truly an open relationship that was wild, and fun. It had ended as quickly as it began. Both of us moved on.