A LITTLE R AND R: Copyright © 2005 by Jerry Leckie — After a skirmish with the Klingons, James Kirk, captain of the starship Enterprise, partakes of some well-deserved rest and relaxation on Holodeck IV.

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Note: In the original Star Trek series, there were no holodecks on the Enterprise. But, in my fantasy, they are there.

James Kirk, captain of the starship Enterprise, paused in the corridor before Holodeck IV, his face lined with fatigue after twenty-four hours on duty. Leonard McCoy, the ship's doctor, had patched him up after the brief skirmish with the Klingon war bird and recommended three slugs of Romulan ale and twenty-four hours sleep. But Kirk's nerves were on edge and his adrenaline levels were still high. He knew that he needed a complete diversion to properly revive him.

To that end, he keyed the appropriate code on the door and said, "Computer, run program KirkXXX1." The computer chirped and the door glided open.

With a sigh, Kirk strolled through the entrance of the Blue Nova. The bartender spied him immediately. "Kirk! God damn it! You're late again! Get your butt into costume and get back here! We've got a house full of thirsty customers!"

Kirk nodded shyly and ran to the employee locker room. There, he stripped and removed an impossibly large butt plug from his anus. He then donned a tiny brief of shimmering material with flies in both the front and back.

For a moment, he stood before the full length mirror to observe his reflection. At eighteen years old, his long, light brown hair framed his face in an attractive way. His supple blemish-free skin stretched neatly over his well-rounded muscles. With a flip of his hand, he adjusted his large genital package in the flimsy costume, slung low on his tiny waist. He turned and smiled, seeing the briefs barely covered his bubble butt. The customers really liked that.

He blew himself a kiss and ran out to the bar and picked up a small serving tray.

"It's about time, boy," the bartender grumbled. "If the customers didn't like you so much, I'd ship your lazy ass off on the next barge to the mining colony on Delta VI." He slammed a flagon of foaming liquid onto the tray. "Here, take this to lounge eight."

Tray in hand, Kirk strode quickly toward the main lounge area, a small amphitheater arranged around a tiny stage where a nude human couple was performing a sex act within a zero gravity field. The terraced amphitheater contained about three dozen couches currently occupied by many non-humans. The Blue Nova was located on Space Station 26 in the Neutral Zone and played host to numerous alien species.

As he approached lounge eight, he smiled, recognizing Barako, a handsome blue-skinned neerling, from Gamma Quadrant reclining on his couch. The alien was stroking his long thin erection, intent on the humans coupling on stage. Kirk placed the flagon on the small table beside the lounge. "Here is your refreshment Barako. Is there anything else I can do for you?"

Barako's violet eyes went wide with pleasure. "Ah, it is Kirk, the Earth boy! How fortunate that you are here." He took a sip from the flagon. "Neerling liquor always tastes better with a chaser of human semen." With that, he thrust his fingers into Kirk's front fly and extracted the boy's hefty cock, quickly stroking it to full staff. Drooling at the sight, he wasted no time in sucking the large morsel into his mouth.

Kirk hummed with satisfaction, for Barako's oral anatomy seemed to be made for fellating the human penis. For long minutes, Barako held Kirk's entire shaft in his mouth, performing wonderful acts upon it with his talented oral muscles. Just as Kirk was about to expend, the alien pulled the boy on top of him. Sitting up on the couch, Barako pushed Kirk back, impaling the young man on his long lean erection.

Kirk sighed with anticipation, for he was well acquainted with the performance of this alien's penis. When he had taken all of the  appendage, he relaxed on Barako's thighs and leaned back, propping himself up on his hands.

Barako smiled and leaned forward, sucking Kirk's penis into his mouth once more. As the work of his oral muscles began anew, the muscles and bones in his penis commenced to throb rhythmically, stimulating the nerves of Kirk's anus and his prostate gland. The alien was a master of this technique, bringing the boy to the brink of orgasm again and again until Kirk was a quivering mass of flesh.

"Please Barako. Take me now," he croaked.

Barako's mouth clamped down on Kirk's penis and he began to hum, while his cock muscles began to undulate in the boy's  rectum. In a matter of seconds, Kirk's mouth opened in silent scream as he flooded Barako with his semen.

As they descended from the heights of lust, the alien held the boy against his chest tenderly, stroking him and whispering compliments and endearments. "Ah Kirk, you have made my long journey to this miserable outpost a memorable one. I shall surely see that your account is enriched with many Federation Credits. Now, I must prepare for my journey home. It will be long, but not lonely, for I will have the memory of you to keep me company." With that, he swatted Kirk gently on the butt to send him on his way.

A somewhat dazed Kirk staggered back to the bar, trying to stuff his still-hard dick back into his briefs. "Took you long enough," the bartender grumbled, handing the boy a tumbler of liquid that glowed faintly. "Take this to lounge twenty-four."

Kirk shuffled off, still breathing heavily. At lounge twenty-four, he held out the drink and said, "Here is your ...." His voice trailed off as he beheld the most beautiful creature he had ever seen, reclining on the couch. The alien, of an unknown species to Kirk, was androgynous, with pale bronze skin, silver hair that framed an exquisite face, and piercing pale blue eyes. "Um, um, may it please you, here is your drink," Kirk began again, still staring at the being.

The alien smiled, making it seem all the more beautiful. "I am a stranger in these parts. Is it your custom to make eye contact without blinking? If so, I shall try my best to accommodate you."

Kirk smiled and dropped his eyes. "A thousand pardons. In truth, we consider it unseemly to stare. Please forgive me, but my eyes are unaccustomed to such beauty as yours."

The alien's eyes sparkled. "Then I shall take your action as a compliment. Your indiscretion is forgiven."

Kirk grinned shyly. "Is there anything else that I can do for you?"

The alien smiled broadly, showing even rows of white teeth.  It scooted over and patted the couch. "Yes indeed. Tarry here with me a while. You appear to be fatigued. Perhaps you would enjoy a brief period of leisure."

Overjoyed at the prospect of basking longer in the alien's beauty, Kirk sat on the edge of the couch. "Oh no no, please recline with me." It pulled the boy down until Kirk lay on his side, propped up on one elbow, helplessly staring at the being. "I am Eezo, from the Zeta Sector. I am on a diplomatic mission, and am the first of my species to visit this part of the galaxy."

Kirk mumbled, "Then it is fortunate for us that you are here. My name is Kirk. It is a pleasure to meet you."

Eezo had begun to stroke Kirk's body. "You are a young human, are you not?" Kirk nodded. "How beautiful you are." Kirk blushed at the words. "You seem as curious about me as I am about you. I am a deenen, as your scientists call my species. I also have studied your species, and find it fascinating that you wear your sex organs on the outside of your bodies." It gestured toward the copulating pair on the stage. "Since this establishment seems to be open to sexual exploration, may I examine yours?"

Kirk freed his penis and testicles through the fly of his briefs. "I am at your service."

Eezo crooned with appreciation. "Ah, your organs are as beautiful as the rest of you!" As it stroked the organ, Kirk's penis erected. The alien caught its breath and exclaimed, "Oh, how delightful!" while continuing to stroke the shaft lovingly.

Unconsciously, Kirk had begun to stroke Eezo's body as well. During this exchange, his fingers found one of the alien's delicious looking nipples, larger than that of a human. Eezo moaned and a pearl of clear liquid appeared. Kirk looked at it questioningly.

Eezo asked, "Do not your breasts give liquid?" Kirk shook his head, still staring at the nipple. "The nectar is good to taste and it is also nourishing, stimulating and refreshing. You are welcome to partake of it, if you wish."

The boy lowered his head and took the nipple into his mouth. Eezo's nectar evaporated immediately on his tongue and a jolt of electric-like sensation coursed through his body, culminating at his groin. Without further invitation, he commenced to nurse the teat in earnest. With each drop of nectar extracted, he became more aroused. He could feel his testicles churning in their sack and blood rushing to his penis.

Eezo felt Kirk's penis harden, increase in size and launch a flow of natural lubricant. Presently, the boy's body began to give off the tantalizing scent of human sexual musk.

The lovely alien moaned. The sight and scent of the beautiful human, the feeling of his aroused sex organs, and the feeling of his soft lips conspired to become a mating call. Oh my, it thought. This is unexpected. And I am powerless to stop the process. Kissing Kirk's forehead and stroking his hair, Eezo murmured, "Kirk, my beautiful young human, you have aroused me greatly. Please mate with me."

Kirk continued to nurse at Eezo's nipple. In his present state of unbounded lust, he would have agreed to anything Eezo asked. The alien spread its legs and positioned the boy's hips between them. One delicate hand grasped Kirk's throbbing penis and inserted it into the entrance of the sex organ. Instinctively, Kirk pressed forward until he was completely inside.

Eezo sighed with delight and tensed its abdominal muscles, settling firmly around Kirk's penis.

In a few moments, Kirk felt a tingling at the tip of his cock. The tingling, like the beginning of an orgasm continued to travel up his urethra. Eyes wide, he looked into Eezo's blue orbs. "Wha-what's happening to me?" he panted.

The alien smiled sweetly and stroked Kirk's hair back from his eyes. "We are mating. What you feel is my tentacle, searching for your seed."

Kirk squirmed a bit, but could not move, his dick being firmly held in place by Eezo. He collapsed onto the comely alien's chest and surrendered to the feelings, sobbing softly. He shuddered and gritted his teeth as the tentacle probed nearer to his prostate. Then, it was there, sending neural charges to the organ. The gland spasmed repeatedly as it spewed forth its bounty, and Eezo's hollow tentacle began to draw seed from the boy.

Kirk and Eezo moaned, now both experiencing the ultimate feeling of orgasm. Kirk's teeth bit into the alien shoulder as Eezo's fingernails clawed at the boy's back. For long minutes the semen flowed from Kirk's body into Eezo as they writhed in ecstasy. But soon, the tentacle began to withdraw and the ecstatic feelings gradually diminished, leaving the alien and human breathless, limp and bathed in perspiration. At length, they pulled apart and lay side by side.

As Eezo recovered first, he tenderly stroked Kirk's hair. "That was an unexpected but exceedingly pleasurable occurrence, my beautiful young human. You would be easy to love."

Kirk propped himself on his elbows and stared, wide-eyed into the alien eyes. "I've never felt anything like that before. I'm just an ignorant serving boy, but somehow I feel that we did more than just mate. On a scale of one to ten, that was a two hundred!"

They both chuckled. Eezo said, with rare alien humor, "Kirk, here in a pleasure lounge, you have done more to breed interplanetary relations than the Council of Delegates in their stuffy meeting halls." Then, with a wry grin, "Fortunately, the offspring of our meeting will be good will rather than a hybrid birth."

They laughed uproariously. Then, Eezo turned serious. "As I said, this was unexpected. How do you feel, Kirk? Did I harm you in any way?"

Kirk stood and flexed his muscles, still sporting wood between his legs. "I feel wonderful!" He bent and kissed Eezo on the lips. "Thank you Eezo. It was great meeting you. In addition to your beauty, you are kind and gentle."

Eezo stroked Kirk's cheek. "Likewise, beautiful human. I will never forget you."

"Nor I you." Kirk bounded up the steps to the bar.

The bartender glared at him. "So now, when his shift's over he gets full of energy." He scowled. "Get your butt outta here and try to be on time tomorrow."

Chuckling to himself in the locker room, Kirk showered and changed into his uniform. With a wistful look, he tossed the shiny briefs into the locker and slammed the door.

At the entrance to Holodeck IV, he murmured, "Computer, end program." The door slid open and he walked out into the corridor,  turning right toward the elevator. Stepping into the car, he said, "Bridge."

As he walked out of the lift onto the bridge of the Enterprise, he knew his crew would think it odd that he had returned to duty after only a few hours, but he honestly had never felt so energized and refreshed.

With a few words, he took command of the ship once more. Settling into the captain's chair, he sighed, marveling at the infinite permutations of the program he had created for Holodeck IV. What will the next run of the program bring, he wondered?

The End

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