Yesterday's End-227


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.


It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.

Chapter 227


Everyone's eyes were on Lucas, soft conversation flowing around his family and friends.

Lucas' violet pools were looking out the large windows in front of him, Josh seated at his side.

He, Justin and Lance had traded looks, all their eyes on the young man quietly sitting.

Josh's eyes had gone to the round large central table, watching the surrounding television crew setting up cameras and wiring.

The five religious leaders were talking with Jake and Anderson, the two men discussing the surrounding cameras and seating.

They saw the five glancing towards Lucas a few times, their eyes showing guarded fascination.

"It's like they're sizing him up for a meal." Lance said, Josh nodding.

"They may find they may starve." Lucas said, his violet pools moving from the windows, smiling at the three of his soul.

The three saw the calmness and love shining back from those violet pools, that calming the three of them.

"Relax, my loves. I'm well prepared for anything they want to voice or show." he smiled, his violet pools glancing around at everyone, meeting several eyes of staring concern.

"It's almost time. I should walk to the coming truth." he smiled, the young man standing up, Natalie walking up to him, smiling at him.

"It's time, Lucas. Jake and Anderson want to make introductions and go over the format." she said, Lucas smiling at her.

"I'm ready for their needs, Natalie. And your love will never end." he smiled, the young woman staring at him with confusion.

Others were staring at him as well, Lucas kissing Josh on the lips.

"We're right here, my love." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You're all in my soul." he smiled, the young man walking with the young woman towards the table.

Josh felt Justin and Lance around him, their hands joining.

"He's focused, Josh. And I sense his magic's on." Lance said, Colton walking up to the three.

"His magic's focused, Lance. And it's on a mission." the young man said, his blue eyes looking around the large room.

"Let's sit down, everyone. And watch the coming truth." Colton said, the young man joining his four soulmates.

Josh and his soulmates sat down again, all eyes on Lucas.


Lucas smiled, walking up to Jake and Anderson, the two reporters surrounded by the other five guests.

"We're almost ready, Lucas. Let me do the introductions." Anderson said, Lucas smiling and nodding at him, his violet pools meeting the other five sets of staring eyes.

"No introductions need voicing, Anderson. I know these five well." Lucas said, the five showing surprise.

"We've never met, Mr. Carver-Belmont." the man closest to him said, the man attired in a black cassock with a red sash at its waist, a red cap on his head.

"A pleasure to meet you, Cardinal Santiago. Your college friend Reverend Lewis Saunders is a dear friend and relative of my heart." Lucas smiled, Cardinal Frederick Santiago smiling at the young man.

"Lewis said the truth of your soul was in your friendship and love. I see it in your smile and eyes, Mr. Carver-Belmont."

Lucas smiled, nodding at the cardinal.

"His Holiness sends the heart of his ministry and the intellect of its soul to find the truth." he said, the man beside the cardinal staring at Lucas.

"We are all here for the truth." the man said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You seem to have calmed since our last meeting, Deacon Sanders." Lucas smiled.

The man stared back at the younger man, his eyes hardening.

"Your tricks won't work always, Mr. Carver-Belmont. I'm here to find the real truth on what you're doing." the man said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Truth can be hidden behind much. And truth can be surprising." Lucas smiled, his eyes meeting two green pools of mature character.

"Good afternoon, Madame Strassman." he smiled, the middle-aged woman nodding her head with soft surprise.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Carver-Belmont. You seem well prepared. We are as well, as Mr. Sanders stated." she said, Lucas smiling at her.

"You stand in for the Jewish faithful, Madame. I stand for all." Lucas smiled, his voice calm and welcoming.

The older woman nodded, staring at the man with soft wonder.

Jake and Anderson both stared at Lucas, surprised at his keen awareness.

Lucas' violet eyes went to the older black man standing beside Mrs. Strassman, Lucas smiling at him.

"How finds the faithful of Africa, Your Excellency?" Lucas smiled, the black man softly smiling at him.

"We are intrigued and awed by your surprising self, Mr. Carver-Belmont." Bishop Desmond Tutu smiled, Lucas smiling at the famous religious icon.

"I surprise myself at times, sir." he smiled, his eyes turning to the last staring individual.

"And the clan is rounded out by the most surprising in all this." Lucas said, smiling at the man.

The man staring back at him seemed surprised, his eyes glancing at the other four beside him.

"We have never met, Mr. Carver-Belmont." the man said, Lucas smiling at him.

"One does not have to meet to feel the coming truths. Your followers are well served, Doctor Zacharias." Lucas said, the man staring at him.

"I represent the followers of the Greek Orthodox faith, Mr. Carver-Belmont.  I am a scholar of the intelligence of our doctrine of faith." the older man said, Lucas nodding.

"As all of you are. I feel the intellect surrounding me. And the need for truth. I am ready for my trial by your fire." Lucas smiled, Jake and Anderson staring at him.

"It will be a roundtable, Lucas. A discussion of the world's fascination with your claims." Bishop Tutu said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Lucas I am, my comrades of faith. I am open to all your questions."

Jake and Anderson began discussing the format, the five religious leaders staring at Lucas, the young man quiet and calm.

Behind him several people were staring at him with guarded concern, Lucas feeling their love.*


"Good afternoon, everyone. Welcome to this discussion of the world's awakening faith. Today our guests are going to discuss the revelations and happenings of the past few weeks. The man at the center of all these revelations has agreed to join us here today to give us a greater insight to what's happening. He'll be joined by five of the religious faithful to voice theiróand ouróconcerns and fears of what's happening." Anderson said, the cameras focused on his handsome middle-aged face.

"Jake and myself will be moderating this discussion. Let's welcome our guests, Jake." Anderson said, walking over to the circular table format, seven people surrounding it.

"Thank you, Anderson. My guests today are five bastions of the religious faithful. Please welcome, former Archbishop of Cape Town and religious theologian Bishop Desmond Tutu." he said, Bishop Tutu nodding his head, his hands clasped in prayer.

"Next, we have Madame Julia Strassman, director of the B'nai Zion Foundation." Jake said, the woman bowing her head, Jake moving on to the next person beside her.

"Please welcome an old friend to CNN discussion forums, Deacon Raymond Sanders." Jake said, the deacon nodding his head, his eyes staring at Lucas across from him.

"Next, we have Cardinal Frederick Santiago, one of Pope Francis' inner faithful, and Coordinator of the Catholic Council of Cardinals in Rome." he said, the cardinal bowing his head, clasping the cross that hung around his neck in his right hand.

"And next--and last--of our religious leaders is Dr. Solomon Zacharias, scholar and director of the Greek-Orthodox Theologian Society in Bucharest." Jake said, looking at the man.

The man nodded, wearing a refined black three-piece suit.

"The last guest on our panel is perhaps the center of all that happened in the world these last few weeks. We were surprised that he himself asked for this meeting, this forum on religious concerns. Please welcome, Lucas Carver-Belmont, American singer and celebrity." Jake said, all eyes and cameras zoning in on Lucas' handsome face, his blond curls flowing around it.

Lucas smiled a calm smile nodding his head at all the people staring at him.

"Thank you, Jake. It's a honor to be here with these distinguished gentlemen and lady. I sensed the world needed some further calming of its soul. And perhaps an underlying truth needs voicing, again." Lucas said, everyone staring at him.

"You've taken us by surprise, Lucas. Agreeing to this meeting so suddenly. The world's been feeding on your recent surprising revelations." Anderson said, seated beside Jake at the table.

"The world needs assurances. I hope to give them that and more today." Lucas said, his eyes going around the table.

"I sense the need these souls of religious devotion need. I'm open to discussing all that's been shown and all that may need to be shown." Lucas smiled, Anderson nodding.

"Each of our religious commentators will open the discussion with an opening statement and direction. Jake and I will moderate the discussion and try to keep it cordial and focused." Anderson said, Lucas smiling at the two reporters.

"Faith will keep our souls calmed. We only have to focus on the hidden truths." Lucas smiled, everyone staring at him.

"Bishop Tutu, you may open the discussion." Jake said, the black bishop smiling.

"Thank you, Mr. Tapper. I find within my own soul a deep honor to speak directly with you, Mr. Carver-Belmont. Your revelations these last few weeks have stoked many souls of faith." the man smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"My name is Lucas, Your Excellency. Let us forgo the formalities of decorum." he smiled, the bishop nodding.

"We are here to seek answers to our faiths, Lucas. Your visions of magic and godly realization have shaken the foundations of all our faiths. Today we hope to find a greater peace and faith within our faithfuls' souls and our own." the man nodded, Lucas nodding back.

"Madame Strassman." Jake said, the woman staring at Lucas.

"Faith comes hand-in-hand with reality, Lucas. You have shown the reality of the heart of faith. Angels and coming battles of good against evil. We need to know the truth of what's to come, of what's rocked the foundations of our faiths." she said, Lucas nodding.
"Dr. Zacharias, you may read your opening statement." Anderson said, the man staring at Lucas.

"I am here representing the faithful of my church. We are one of the ten faiths of the suddenly shown Fingers on the Hands of God's Devotion, as His Holiness Pope Francis named us. Today we seek the answer to all of our faiths' path. And to what God has destined for us all." he said, Lucas softly smiling at him.

"Cardinal Santiago, you may voice your opening words." Anderson said, staring at the cardinal.

"I and the world are on a path of discovery, everyone. Seated before me, I stare into the eyes of perhaps more than I bargained for. For I see in your eyes the shining light of God, Lucas. His Holiness asked me to venture here today as a spokesman for the faithful in his charge. I sit here as one of those faithful, in need of the same answers as they seek. We need to know God's path ahead for all of us." the man said, Lucas smiling a genuine smile of friendship at him.

"Lastly, you have the floor, Deacon Sanders." Jake said, the deacon staring at Lucas.

"I am here for a greater need. I need to know the truth. Of the fakeness this man is forcing on the world. Tricks of light, magic and technical persuading can't fool everyone. This man needs to be shown as a fraud. There are a lot of faithful souls upon this earth who will not be guided into madness by a self-possessed messiah. Today we'll learn the truth of all of this. I'm here to see that done." the man said, staring at Lucas, everyone feeling the confrontational stance the man was taking.

Jake's eyes focused on Lucas.

"Your opening statement, Lucas." he said, the young man smiling around the table.

"I am here to focus the final path. That begins with truth and reality, as you all are seeking. I sense the truth surrounding me, as do others. There are more here than your seeking souls. You may ask your questions, you may seek your faith. And I will voice my own truths. And they will show themselves as they must. Faith begins today. Sacrifices can stand for God's truths." the young man smiled, folding his hands in front of him on top of the table.

Everyone stared at him, awed by his strange answer.

"You may begin the questions, Bishop Tutu." Anderson said, staring at the young man now in the crosshairs of everyone.

Lucas smiled, his violet pools on Bishop Tutu's brown.


"Lucas, the last few weeks have seen the wonders of God's divine intervention in our lives. A black angel has walked out onto the world's stage. I see him seated behind you, joined with the family of your soul. To see him here alive and real, it shocks my soul. It hardens the faith within my heart. I believe in what I see. Are there many angels upon this earth? If so, will they make themselves known?" the man said, staring at Lucas.

Lucas smiled, staring around at everyone.

"God's flying vessels of His loving devotion surround us, my friends. Alain is not the only walking soul of God's devotion. For the eons of our humanity's existence they have walked beside us. Guiding us, protecting us, and in many cases loving us. They were once the souls of men, their essence human and worldly. God chose them for their love and decency, their courage and faith. To believe in God is to have faith. His love surrounds us. They are the devotions of that love." Lucas smiled, looking behind him, the cameras focusing on the people seated behind Lucas, zoning in on Alain's handsome face.

"Alain is the angel Jibrail. The man he loves is my cousin and a descendant of my soul. The two have walked through the lives of my family, and myself. They both are souls of love, their own love a gift from God's love." Lucas said, Harry's hand going into Alain's, the two men standing and walking up to the table.

Everyone stared at them, Alain smiling.

"An angel has love, is love. I follow God's path as he destined me to, ages ago. And the gift of his love was the love I was given from this giving soul, my love, my Harry." he said, Harry smiling at him.

"To love an angel is to love himself. The man within him is the second half of my soul." he said, Alain smiling at him.

The man's beauty changed, two black wings suddenly moving behind him, spreading out, the man several inches taller, a soft golden hue surrounding his handsome black face, his brown eyes now shining a soft emerald green.

Everyone at the table looked stunned, staring at the black angel before them.

Lucas stood up from his seat, turning and staring at his friends.

"To love an angel is to love life. Their hearts are as loving as our own." he said, the two men smiling at him, Alain's wings disappearing behind him, the table's guests staring at him with shock, Cardinal Santiago and Bishop Tutu crossing themselves, their hands going together in prayer.

"Return to our family, my cousins." Lucas smiled, the two young men smiling at him, returning to their seats.

Lucas smiled, looking back at the table, sitting down again.
"To see their love is to see life. It always shows." he said, the bishop nodding.

"It is a sign of God, Lucas. It has rattled the foundations of the world's faith. It's. . .it's so unbelievable!" the bishop said, Lucas nodding his head.

"Life is unbelievable when we look at what surrounds us. We only have to have faith in what we see." Lucas said, looking at the deacon seated across from him.

"This has to be some kind of trick or illusion!" he said, his eyes hardening.

"The eyes are the gateway to the soul. We see what we must see." Lucas said, staring at the man, his violet pools turning back to the bishop.

"The first truth you see behind me. An angel stood before you. Jibrail is a giving soul, and he's so much more. He is one of the nine, of the nine of God's greater devotion." Lucas said.

"His greater devotion?" Dr. Zacharias said, looking at the young man, everyone's eyes focused on him.

"Yes, sir. God chose nine souls out of his minions of goodness and faith to stand above all. Nine angels to command the armies of his devotion." Lucas said, the religious leaders staring at him.

"No prophecy of such nine has ever been known before, Lucas. I am well learned in all the prophecies from today back to the times of Moses." Cardinal Santiago said, staring at the young man.

"I never said it was a prophecy, Your Eminence. I am only stating what I have learned." the young man said, Deacon Sanders glaring at him.

"Learned from who?" he said, Lucas' eyes meeting his, then looking around at everyone.

"From He, whom I spoke to in paradise." Lucas said, everyone looking surprised.


"You. . .you have been to paradise? To the Garden of Eden?" Bishop Tutu said softly, staring at the young man.

"I have been to a paradise, Your Excellency.  Of its true origin I know not. I only saw what I was shown."

"This is amazing! You're saying you. . .you saw God in His paradise?!" Cardinal Santiago said, staring at him with disbelief.

"I saw an image of beauty and love. I know not His true self. I only know of what He showed me." Lucas said, the seven people around the table staring at him with awe.

"It has always been gospel that a man who sees God is changed of appearance, Lucas. The holy vision of His divinity changing a man's soul. You are showing as such a changed man." Bishop Tutu said, his hands again in prayer, everyone staring at the young man's blond locks and changed appearance.

"My looks have changed for the path ahead. The devotion within my soul is my own." Lucas said, the Jewish scholar staring at him.

"To say that you have walked into paradise is to say you've been guided by God, Lucas. What you're saying is unbelievable!"

"I am unbelievable, Madame. I've always known that. It doesn't change myself or my love." Lucas said, the man feeling the three smiles showing behind him, his soulmates staring at him with love.

Anderson stared at Lucas, his eyes going to Dr. Zacharias who looked like he had another question.

"You have a question, Dr. Zacharias?" the reporter said, the doctor looking at Lucas.

"You spoke of nine head angels, Lucas. Will those nine show themselves as Alain has?" he said, Lucas staring at him.

"The nine shall be shown as they must. Three have already graced the stage of my path. Jibrail behind me, Azrael and Meresankh shown to my friends down in the rooms of my inner sanctum. Azrael is the most mysterious of the nine, and perhaps the most important. He hides from me for an unknown reason. The other six shall show themselves as they walk onto the final path."

"What is the purpose of these nine? Other than to fill the world with wonder and faith." Cardinal Santiago said, Lucas looking towards him.

"They are the shepherds of the coming masses. The commanders of the coming battle. They will follow the Curucuar, organizing the warriors of God's devotion. They possess the magic and faith and courage to lead the masses to do God's work." Lucas said, folding his hands in front of him.

"To fight the evil coming?" Madame Strassman said, Lucas looking around the table.

"The evil is already here, my friends. It surrounds us in the open and hidden. My magic will draw it all out. The Curucuar will defend the world against it." Lucas said, all eyes going to Colton seated in the middle of Lucas' family and friends.

The young man rose from his seat, his soulmates looking up at him, the cameras drawn to his young face.

"I have the courage to follow God's path for me, Lucas' love within me as well as his magic." the young man said, everyone staring at the young man.

"He's just a child." Madame Strassman softly said, Lucas looking towards his friend.

"God's love is in all hearts. He chooses his vessels of worth for reasons of His own doing. We walk as He leads us. I have full faith in Colton's courage, love and magic. The world will see his worth." Lucas said, Colton smiling at him with love, the young man sitting down again.

"This is unbelievable! Youngsters with magic, supposed angels, fathomed tales of evil laced battles. Why are you doing all this, Lucas? What sinister deeds are you hoping to use to show yourself as some kind of self-declared messiah?" Deacon Sanders said, the young man in front of him staring at him.

Everyone saw the determined stare the man was giving Lucas, the young man looking around at everyone.

"I did not want the path or life I was guided onto. I am a creation of life and love. That is what I am. That is all I've ever wanted to be. But I give my soul, faith, love and magic to the path I have been destined onto. For the love I've been given, for the magic I have been born with, I will follow the path God's walked me onto to its end. Today that path of truth begins." the young man said, his eyes moving around again, everyone staring at him, the cameras all focused on the young man's calm face, his violet pools showing calmness and love.
"What's to happen on the day of this battle, Lucas? Will the world see that battle firsthand?" Bishop Tutu said, Lucas looking at the religious icon.

"The world will see it all unfold. Magic has a way of showing truths. You will all see what's to come. Faith, love, courage and life will show for all of us."

"Where will that battle happen?" Dr. Zacharias said, staring at the young man.

"It will happen on the magical plains of God's divinity. In a place of ancient magic and life. Goodness will fight Evil's intent. And many will show their valor and courage. The nine will follow Colton." Lucas said, Cardinal Santiago looking at him with reflective awe.

"And yourself, Lucas? Where will you be in that battle?"

Lucas smiled, staring around at everyone.

"I will be on my own path of life. And I will take on more than any other shall. For I will hold the answer to life, love and truth. And the world will never be the same." he said, everyone staring at him with quiet awe.

"You are on God's path, Lucas. We all feel and sense the dawning of a new age of faith." the cardinal said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Faith and truth sometimes comes with a price, Your Eminence. We all give what we can." he smiled, everyone nodding their heads in awe.

"What will this cost you, Lucas?" Dr. Zacharias said, Madame Strassman voicing her own needs.

"What will this cost us?" she said, Lucas looking around at everyone.

"Life is a path of choices. We each chose to walk our own paths. Some walk the wrong path. In the end they will feel the forgiveness of His love." Lucas said, the young man looking around at everyone.

"I feel all paths, I feel all souls walking beside and around me." Lucas said, the young man suddenly sighing.

"Take the path we were both destined to walk, spawn. Show your true soul. And they shall show theirs. Come to the love, come to life." Lucas said, the room suddenly silent.

Jake looked at Anderson, then back at Lucas.

"What are you talking about, Lucas? Who are you talking to?" the reporter said, Anderson looking around the room.

"I'm talking about the evil that walked into this room. That I have felt from the moment I walked into this building. It walks its path, making its first move. It just doesn't know what's hidden right in front of it."

"The man's gone mad! There is no evil here, only madness!" Deacon Sanders said, looking at his religious colleagues.

"What are you talking of, Lucas? Evil is here?" Bishop Tutu said, looking around the table.

"Yes, Your Excellency. Evil has walked into this room, on its path of destruction. For souls lost, for sacrifices given, they shall show themselves. He comes, followed by their devotion of his father's soul."

Everyone looked confused, Lucas rising from his seat, everyone looking up at him.

"You cannot hide behind faith, monster from the void. Your master's plans will open the world to the coming truth. He of the greater love walks back into our souls." Lucas said, his glowing green eyes focused on two staring brown.

"I feel your heart, monster of his evil." Lucas said, Dr. Zacharias staring back at Lucas.

"The man has gone mad." the scholar said, rising from his seat, the others around the table staring at him, the cameras focusing back and forth between Lucas and the man, panning back to see their staring confrontation.

"The only madness in the world is the evil festering in your soul, spawn of evil." Lucas said, the man across from him smiling.

"I think you've let your imagination get the best of you, Lucas." the man said, Lucas staring at him.

Lucas heard everyone behind him rising from their seats, his family and friends staring at him with concern.

"I need only the aid of my brethren, the magic of their devotional souls and the greater love and kindness of His, to stop your path, Cerberus."

Cardinal Santiago looked surprised, staring at the Greek-Orthodox scholar.

"That's impossible, Lucas! That name is of a monster of mythology." the man said, Lucas still staring at Dr. Zacharias.

"It is a minion of evil's needs. A guard against his own self." Lucas said, Anderson staring at the Roman Catholic cardinal.
"Who is Cerberus?" he said, staring at Dr. Zacharias now.

"He is a monster of ancient Greek mythology. He was understood to be the monster that guarded the gate to Hell." the cardinal said, Lucas' voice cutting through the silence.
"He is the minion of evil. The guard dog to evil's lair. And his master has sent him out into the world to devour its goodness and soul." Lucas said, his eyes suddenly glowing emerald green.

Everyone stepped back, Dr. Zacharias not moving.

"Your. . .your eyes!" Deacon Sanders said, pointing at Lucas.

"They show the magic of my soul. I will need more magic than my own to destroy this monster." Lucas said, Colton moving, three others looking at Colton, the young man now at Lucas' side.

"My magic and love are here, Lucas." he said, Lucas not moving.

"More is needed, Colt. They will draw their love forward." Lucas said, his eyes still focused on Dr. Zacharias, Colton's eyes now glowing blue, a crossbow now materializing in his hands.

Everyone looked shocked, another voice adding to their shock.

"Very intelligent, Lucas. The master was right." Dr. Zacharias said, Lucas staring at him.

Everyone looked at the man, his eyes now glowing a soft red, everyone moving away from him, the cameras continuing to watch, moving back.

"What the hell?" Anderson said, Jake moving him back with him, his eyes on the two men facing each other.

"I have not heard that name for eons, not since the last man who spoke it was devoured in my teeth." the man grinned, his face showing a menacing look now.

"I feel your evil, spawn. Remove yourself from this world, or they shall see it done. And the love readies." Lucas said, the man laughing.

"I have so much more power now, Lucas. My master has granted me full desires. I feel the goodness surrounding me. I will feast on its succulence." the man grinned, his hand moving, a flash of red light moving from it.
It hit Cardinal Santiago in the chest, the man propelled backwards, falling to the ground.

Madame Strassman screamed, others staring in shocked horror.

Lucas' hands moved, white light coming from them surrounding everyone around the table.

"That priest's heart was filled with foolish goodness. It will be the taste to whet my appetite." the man grinned, looking at the white light surrounding everyone.

"They cannot hide behind magic. I will devour their goodness." the man said, his form suddenly changing, everyone screaming as the red light moved again.

It hit Jake's white shrouded form, the whiteness pulsing then disappearing, Jake thrown across the room, the redness hitting his chest.

Natalie screamed, moving from the group behind Lucas, her arms going around Jake's motionless body.

"Oh God! He's dead!" she cried, Lucas' arm raising again.

"Trust in love, trust in faith. He walks again." Lucas said, his magic flowing to the monster now showing in front of him.

A large dog-faced monster felt the magic hit him, the beast laughing.

"Your magic is nothing against my master's power." it laughed, snarling at Lucas.

It raised its paw-like hands, Lucas staring at it.

"I have greater magic surrounding me. Come to me, my brethren. Show your love!" Lucas said, four forms moving.
Everyone's eyes widened as three now wing-surrounded forms moved to Lucas' side, their eyes glowing green with magic.

Pierce, Gideon and Alain raised their hands at the same moment Lucas and Colton raised theirs, Colton staring at the two other now showing angels at his side.

The fourth of the moving men had raced around the table, going to Cardinal Santiago's motionless body.

Zac and Bruno stared at their Jeremy, the man holding the priest in his arms.

A white light now flew from the three angels and Lucas' and Colton's hands, hitting the beast in the chest, the beast screaming.

"No! Not by Kurucu's soul can you have that magic!" it screamed, the monster flooded with light, the whiteness enveloping it, its screams ghastly.

The whiteness was almost blinding, then faded immediately.

Everyone stared in silence, the form of Dr. Zacharias falling sideways to the floor.

Lucas stared at everyone, lowering his hands.

Gideon and Pierce lowered their arms, Alain staring at them.

"Hello again, my lost brothers. We all walk our paths." he said, staring into two sets of golden glowing eyes, wings spread behind them.

Their forms changed, Gideon and Pierce their normal selves.

"Your love shows, my brothers." Lucas said, Pierce moving, going to Jake's form, Natalie sobbing beside him.

"Love comes in many forms. Many souls walk their paths. Some more than once." Lucas said, his eyes moving, staring at Jeremy on the other side of the table, the young man holding the older priest's form in his arms.

"He's dead, Lucas." he said, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"As Lazarus died in loneliness, God guided him back to life. That same love in its same form can work many miracles. Your time is at hand, my friend of magic. The greater friend in your soul I bow to in reverence. Show us his love." Lucas said, the man's head bowing.

Everyone's eyes were on Jeremy, the man's eyes meeting Lucas' violet pools of love.

He saw the truth shining there.

"I feel his love, Lucas. I give in to it." the young man said, his hand going to the priest's forehead.

Jeremy's form seemed to change, a greater face of rugged beauty showing for a moment, everyone's eyes widening, staring into two hazel pools of deep love.

Then a blue light surrounded him and the priest, everyone silent and staring in shock.

The priest's eyes suddenly opened, his head moving around.

"I saw the light, I saw. . .I saw paradise." he softly said, Jeremy smiling at him.

"I saw love." the young man said, slowly releasing the older man, helping him to his feet.
Madame Strassman stared at the priest in shock.

"You. . .you were dead!" she said, the priest nodding his head.

"So, God showed me. I am alive again, his love in my soul always." his eyes meeting Lucas'.

"Others need your love, Jeremy." Lucas said, Jeremy moving, now walking up to Pierce and Natalie, going to his knees, his hands going to Jake's chest.

In moments the blue light reappeared, Jake's blue pools opening, staring at Natalie.

"I'm. . .what happened?" he said, Natalie screaming, holding him close, Jeremy and Pierce stepping back.

Jeremy moved, walking around the table, going to his knees.

In moments he stood up again, guiding Dr. Zacharias to his feet, the man looking around in confusion.

"Where. . .where am I? I felt lost within my own self." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You were lost within the evil, my friend. God's love guided you back to us." Lucas said, Jeremy staring at Lucas.

The other religious leaders walked up to the two men, staring at them.

"You. . .you brought them all back from death." Madame Strassman said, the young man looking into her blue pools.

"We all walk the path of death. Some of us are guided onto it early. I am charged with bringing them back under his love." Jeremy said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Your. . .your eyes were hazel, your face changed. I thought. . .?" Bishop Tutu said, staring at Jeremy.

"You thought he was someone else." Lucas said, all eyes moving to his calm violet pools.

"Yes, Lucas. When his eyes met mine, I thought I felt God's true love. I thought I saw God's love in his eyes. And his face was even more stunning with God's light." the bishop said, staring at Jeremy with quiet awe.

Jeremy's eyes met Lucas' violet pools, seeing only love there.

"I was someone else, sir. I felt that within my own soul. I have discovered who I am within my soul." Jeremy said, his eyes meeting his two soulmates' shining eyes of love.

"I am myself, and I am more. My love is His love." Jeremy said, Lucas nodding.

"Go with our faith, vessel of His love." Lucas said, the young man going to one knee, everyone looking confused, Jeremy smiling down at Lucas.

"It is good to be back in life. I carry within me my father's love." Jeremy said, everyone looking at him with confusion, the cameras continuing to tape.

"My name is Jeremy Carmichael. I carry the soul of His son. I am the love of His soul."


The room was bathed in silence, everyone standing in shocked silence.

"You. . .you can't be!" Cardinal Santiago stuttered, staring at the handsome young man standing before him.

"Arise, Lucas. You need not bow to me. Your friendship and love are within my heart." Jeremy said, Lucas smiling and rising to his feet.

"I bow to the love you possess, Jeremy. His love is your love."

Jeremy smiled, his blue pools looking around at everyone.

"Are you. . .are you Jesus of Nazareth?!" Bishop Tutu sobbed, his eyes showing tears now.

"I am as I am. Who my soul is I can't totally say. I only saw a vision of my true self for a moment. As I sense you all saw as well." the young man said, Cardinal Santiago moving forward, staring into the young man's blue eyes.

They flickered hazel for a moment, the man sobbing, going to one knee before the young man, looking up into his blue eyes again.

"I felt God's love flow through me. I felt that love pull me back from the darkness. You brought me back from death as Jesus did Lazarus. You brought us all back to life! You are him, Jesus! I offer you my soul in thy father's name!" the priest sobbed, Bishop Tutu going to one knee beside him, staring at the young man.

"Praise be to God for this miracle! The world breathes anew!" the man said, Jeremy blushing softly.

"Please, my friends. I'm only myself. I felt what needed to be done. My magic took over." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

Jake and Natalie walked up to the two young men, Jeremy staring at Jake.

"Thank you, Jeremy. I feel alive again. I was lost in the darkness." he said, Natalie's arm around him, Anderson staring at his friend with compassion.

"You were dead, Jake. That monster's magic robbed you and Cardinal Santiago of your lives. But a greater magic destroyed the beast and brought you both back." Anderson said, Pierce and Gideon now at Lucas' sides.

"More angels, Lucas?" Bishop Tutu said, on his feet again, his arm around Cardinal Santiago.

"Two more of the nine." Lucas said, Pierce's and Gideon's eyes meeting Lucas' loving violet pools.

"How long have you known?" Pierce said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Your love shines greater than others, my friends. In each of you three I felt the greatness of His love." he said, smiling at the three men staring at him, Harry's arm now around Alain.

"Three angels, Lucas! We all saw them fight evil, their magic combined with yours and the Curucuar's destroyed that beast!" Madame Strassman said, her calmness again showing behind the awed look on her face.

"So life shows, Madame. Magic and God's love lay hidden around all of us. My magic draws all forth." Lucas said, Jeremy walking up to him.

"Am I really. . .?" he softly said, Lucas' hand going to his shoulder.

"You are you, Jeremy. The greater truth within you will ready the world for God's truth. His love flows through all his sons." Lucas smiled, everyone staring at him, Dr. Zacharias walking up to him.

"I felt its evil, Lucas. I am sorry!" he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Evil can invade any loving heart, Solomon. God's love can cleanse it. You are free of the evil." Lucas said, the man nodding, wiping his wet eyes.

"Thank you, Lucas. Thank you, angels of mercy!" he said, looking at the three young men beside Lucas.

Lucas' eyes met Deacon Sanders, the man looking at Lucas with awed confusion.

"Your eyes see truth, Deacon Sanders. The same truth we all saw. I think it's time you gave your soul to the truth of God's love." Lucas said, the man walking up to him.

"Lucas. . .what you just did. . .what I saw!" he said, his eyes now tearing.

"You saw truth and life, Raymond. And the beauty of God's love."
"This is unbelievable! But it has to be true! I saw it! I saw Jesus!" he sobbed, staring at Jeremy.

Lucas nodded at Anderson, the reporter walking up to everyone.

"It's been another day of revealing wonder, everyone. I don't think we can believe what we just saw with our own eyes. Lucas Carver-Belmont just showed us evil's hidden reality. And God's hidden answering reality. I don't think any of us will ever be the same again. I think it's only just starting." Anderson said, the camera focused on his handsome face.

"Today's revelations will open the world to a greater truth. Angels surround us, as does God's love." he said the camera fading out.


Two Hours Later


Lance walked out onto the patio, everyone seated there rising to their feet.

He smiled, sitting down in the nearest chair.

"You can stop with the stares. I haven't taken my shirt off yet." he smiled, Finn walking up to him, staring at him with awed wonder.

"Good God, Lance! What Luke just showed the world! What we all saw!"

"I'm not naked yet either, handsome." he smiled, Skyler lightly laughing, covering her mouth.

"I can't believe it, Lance! Jeremy is Jesus! Pierce and Gideon are angels!" Finn said, Lance nodding.

"We all saw it, Finny." Josh said, sitting down beside Lance, Justin joining him, the two men holding their sons in their laps.

Bruno, Zac, Nick and Gio all sat down at the table with them, everyone quietly looking at them.

"Where's Lucas? And Jeremy, Gideon, Alain, Harry and Pierce?" Trish asked, Lance smiling at her.

"They're still at the station. Those religious scholars are still asking them questions. Lucas told us all to come back here. They'll be back shortly. It was a fight getting out of the studio and back onto our street. This is blowing up." he said, Justin's hand rubbing his back.

The other four men at the table stared at their friends, Chris looking at all four.

"Did you guys know they were freaking angels?" Chris said, Piney slapping his man's hand.

"Sorry, guys. Didn't mean anything by that." Chris said, the four smiling at him.

"No, Chris. We didn't know the underlying truth of our soulmate's hidden self." Gio said, Nick's arm around him.

"His beauty, it was so much greater; his love, it felt so much larger." Nick softly said, Gio nodding, looking his husband.

"My Pierce is an angel." Usher softly said, Adam looking at Josh.

"He always was. He was always our angel." Adam said, Josh smiling at him.

"Always, Adam. As Gideon is Nick's and Gio's. The man and the angel shown today are the same soul. I think Lucas reasoned that out quickly."

"It's so amazing. I wonder who the other four are?" Andrew said, others looking in thought.

"I don't know, and I don't care. All I care about is my own angel. My loving Pierce." Adam said, Usher smiling at him.

"He looked so stunningly beautiful. My God, I love him even more. This changes nothing." Usher said, Adam nodding and kissing his lips.

"I think we're all going to be happy for years to come." Nick said, Gio smiling at him.

"That man's amazing. He knew all that was going to happen." Lance said, Justin nodding.

"Yes. Do you remember him saying that we'd be coming back a few short? He did know." Justin said, marveling at Lucas' intellect.

"Daddy knows all." Little Joshy said in Justin's lap, Justin smiling down at his son.

"Always, son." he smiled, kissing the boy's head.

"This is going to blow up. If Jeremy really is Jesus, oh man!" Chris said, Piney looking towards Zac and Bruno.

"He's our Jeremy. First and foremost. We fell in love with the man he is. The man he really is. If Jesus is a part of that, then we're indeed blessed. I will never stop loving him." Zac said, Bruno smiling at him.

"I love him, always."

"And he loves you back."

All eyes turned, Jeremy standing in the patio doorway.

Lucas, Pierce, Gideon, Alain and Harry stood behind him.

Bruno and Zac rose from their seats, Jeremy walking into their arms.

The three kissed, other soulmates joining, Lucas smiling and watching the three.

"True love shines in its true form. Nothing can ever change that." Lucas said, little Justy smiling from Josh's lap, moving and climbing into Lucas'.

"Wuv is wuv, Daddy." he smiled, Lucas kissing his forehead.

"Always, son."

Jeremy released his lips from Zac's, his and Bruno's arms around him.

"I'm sorry, my loves. I didn't really know myself until today." Jeremy said, soft tears showing in his eyes.

Bruno kissed his lips again, the two feeling their unchanged love.

The two broke their kiss, smiling at each other.

"So, should we watch our yelling Jesus Christ when the passion overflows?" Zac said, Jeremy laughing, blushing.

"I'm just me, guys." he said, the two smiling.

"The savior of our hearts." Bruno smiled, the three smiling at each other.

"Hearts need opening. Love shines forever." Lucas smiled, Adam's eyes meeting his.

Pierce now sat between him and Usher, their arms around the young doctor.

"You could have been honest with us at any time, Pip. Our love doesn't change. Our souls were lost to your true soul for a long time." Usher said, Pierce tearing up.

"I love you both so much. I thought that when you found out the truth of my true self, you'd change. I haven't felt any change in your love." Pierce said, his two soulmates smiling at him.

"Neither have I." Gideon said, sitting between Gio and Nick, Gio's arm around him, Nick's hand in his.

"Love doesn't change when it was always true. Angels love men, as men love angels. Alain loves his Harry no less than Alsarius loved his Kavinus. Love is love. In any form, in any life." Lucas said, the young man rising from his seat, little Justy climbing back into Josh's lap.

The young man walked past everyone, walking up to the pool's edge, staring at the calm water.

"How long have you known, Lucas?" Gideon said, Lucas turning and looking at him and Pierce.

"Since the walking of the path into the darkness down in that room. The soul spoke the truth of all of you. I know who all of you are, Israfil and Mikail."

Gideon and Pierce rose from their seats, Alain rising from his as well.

"My brothers under his love. It has long been since we have seen each other." Alain said, Gideon and Pierce staring at him.

"It seems Lucas did indeed know our true selves, Jibrail. We have all been hidden from each other." Gideon said, Alain smiling at him.

"By God's design, Israfil." he said, Pierce smiling at him.

"I have missed your handsome face, Jibrail." he said, Alain smiling at him.

"As I have missed your beauty, Mikail." he said, Pierce smiling, his soulmate smiling up at him.

"You keep getting more beautiful, Pip." Adam said, Pierce smiling and returning to his soulmates, Gideon and Alain rejoining theirs.

Lance rose from his seat, walking up to the young man, his arm going around him, the two facing each other.

"What is the significance of the nine, Luke? And where are the other four?" he said, Lucas staring into his green pools.

"The other four will show themselves as they must. None of them are here at the moment." Lucas said, staring back at the water.

"And their purpose? Their destiny? I sense it's more than just the battle they will fight in." Lance said, Lucas sighing.

"We all have paths we must walk. I judge them not for the paths they will walk, no more than I can judge them for the paths they have already walked. All I need is their love." Lucas said, the three men standing again.

"You have that, Luke." Rosa Sharon said, the young girl rising from her seat in Jonathan's lap, Lucas turning and smiling at her.

"I feel all of your four's love. The other four will be just as giving." he smiled, the four walking up to him.

"And what of Azrael, Luke? You didn't mention him." Rosa Sharon said, her form now changed, Meresankh standing beside him.

Lucas' eyes met hers, the young woman staring at him.

"Azrael and I will walk our own path, Rosy. A path we were always destined to walk. His love will surround me. And I will show him his true self." Lucas said, everyone looking confused.

"Who is he, Luke?" Josh said, Lucas smiling at his husband.

"A truth for another day. Only one here knows that truth." Lucas said, Rosa Sharon smiling at him, her form now her youngish self.

"It's not me. He's been mysterious to me all my lives." she said, Lucas nodding.

"I know, Meresankh. I'm the one with that entrusted truth."

"You're being mysterious again, my love." Josh said, Lucas smiling, he and Lance walking back to him and Justin, the others returning to their seats.

Lucas stared down at Jeremy, the young man surrounded by Bruno and Zac.

"I'm still in shock, Lucas. Am I really Jesus? Do I have his love in my heart? Good God, I brought three souls back from death!" Jeremy said, Bruno's hand rubbing his back.

Lucas sighed, staring into the young man's blue pools.

"No, Jeremy. You're not Jesus. That was a ruse I had to half create." Lucas said, Jeremy looking surprised.

"Half created? What do you mean, Luke?" he said, Lucas sighing, looking into his blue pools.

"A love resides within you, Jeremy. A love of unbelievable light and force. Jesus held that love, as did many others through the eons of life."

Jeremy stood up, staring at Lucas.

"What are you saying, Luke?" he said, Bruno and Zac now at his sides, Lucas smiling at him.

"You are me, Jeremy.  You hold within yourself the real me."


End of Chapter 227


Okay, that was a chapter of surprises and confusion.


A surprising revelation of evil's return.

Three men died at evil's hand.

And three men were brought back from death by Jeremy's giving magic.


The world believes Jesus has risen again in the young man's form.

Jeremy perhaps believes it himself.

As do those of religious devotion, seeing his image with their own eyes, the image shown to the world.

Why did Lucas design it that way?

What does he mean that Jeremy has the real Lucas within him?


Sorry for the lateness of this chapter.

The last few weeks have been challenging.

Life, laziness and reality seep into all souls.


Hopefully the path continues on its normal routine.


Hugs, Angel.