Yesterday's End-228


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.


It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.

Chapter 228


"I'm you? The real you?" Jeremy said, surprise showing on his face, staring at Lucas, Zac's and Bruno's arms around their husband.

Lucas smiled, leaning forward and kissing Jeremy's cheek, the young man staring back into his violet pools.

"I said that wrong, my friend. I meant to say that the magic within you is my own magic, or a part of it." the young man said, everyone staring at him, Josh's arm going around Lucas again.

"You're not making sense, my love. Jeremy said the magic he has was given to him by an angel the night of his accident. You said the same thing. It can't be your magic." he said, Lucas' eyes meeting his, then looking around at everyone.

"Jeremy was correct, as I was. A mysterious image gave our young friend here the magic he now holds within himself. It is the same magic that flows through myself, and through Colton. And the nine of God's devotion hold it as well." Lucas said, Alain staring at him.

"Azrael gave myself the magic I now possess, Luke. At my home when I was alone yesterday morning." the black man said, Lucas smiling at him.

"He gave you another magic, Alain. You have your own magic within yourself. That magic I possess as well."

Chris walked up to Lucas, the young man smiling at him.

"Yes, our walrus of love?" he smiled, Chris staring at him.

"Josh is right, Luke. You're not making sense. Please explain this to us. Is Jeremy Jesus or not?" Chris said, staring at the young man, Jeremy quietly staring at Lucas.

"Please sit down, everyone. I'll explain it all to you." Lucas smiled, everyone nodding, returning to their seats, all eyes on Lucas.

The young man sighed, walking across the patio, walking to the pool's edge again.

He stared at the calm water, everyone staring at him.

"Magic flows as the waters flow through life. It all stems from one source. As a lake stems from a river, as an ocean stems from God's wet creation."

"It all comes from one source." Pierce said, staring at the young man.

"Yes, Mikail, Pierce of our hearts. Magic comes from one source. There are different degrees and consistencies, but it all flows from one originating source." Lucas said, the young man turning around, staring at everyone.

"From God, Lucas?" Bruno asked, Lucas smiling at him.

"Perhaps, Bruno. From God's own hand magic springs forth. We are all creations of his magic. This world we walk upon is laced with his magic. And he guides that magic to all souls who are charged with his devotion. The mysterious Azrael is one such soul of devotion." Lucas said, his eyes meeting Jeremy's.

"It was Azrael who guided the magic you now have into your soul, Jeremy. It was he you saw on that night of rainy hurt and emotion. God guided him to charge you with his magic. As he's been guided to give that magic to others, Colton and Alain included."
Alain rose from his seat, Lucas staring at him.

"Why Jeremy, Lucas? Azrael is a soul of pure love, of giving greatness. I know he would do it if God asked it of him. But why Jeremy?" Alain said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Why you, Alain? Why Colton? The mysteries of our needs are by God's design. Azrael has met God, has given his soul to him, as you have. We all walk as we are asked of us." Lucas said, Finn rising from his seat, walking up to his friend.

"Have you seen God, Lucas? You spoke of walking into paradise. Of meeting an image of total love down in the bowels of Kurucu's Haven." Finn said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I'm not totally sure, Finny. It was an image of pure love that I saw. Maybe one day I'll know that truth. For now, I just need to focus on what I was shown."

Finn nodded, his hand going to his friend's shoulder.

"You are love, Lucas. We all see God's love shining in your eyes. I think you really may have seen Him." Finn said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I may have, Finny. For now, that's not important. What's important is what I've learned."
"We're all ears, Luke." Enrique said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I think you're so much more, our Spanish stallion." Lucas smiled, others chuckling, Enrique blushing, Haras kissing his cheek.

"Got that right." he said, Enrique smiling at his four soulmates.

Lucas smiled, folding his hands in front of him.

"Let's continue." he said, everyone watching him.


"Jeremy's soul at the time of his accident was a soul of total courage, love and life. And faith." Lucas said, Jeremy nodding.

"I've always believed in God, Luke. My parents instilled that in my soul early, and I accepted my faith myself." he said, Lucas smiling and nodding.

"God felt that faith, my friend. He chooses the devoted on that fact alone. And the love a soul radiated. God doesn't interfere in the path of a man's life, He only watches that life chooses its path. We walk as we are destined to walk. We make our choices from our free souls. God is only there to guide us and to give us aid and hope. We find that in our faith, our love and our giving hearts. Goodness is rewarded with faith and love."
Everyone smiled, lost in Lucas' moving words.

"He saw in you a soul who needed help, Jeremy. The path ahead after that day would have been very painful and hurtful if not for the magic He guided to you that night. The magic was also placed there for another reason."
"For destiny, Dad?" Colton said, Derek's arm around him, the young man seated with his four soulmates.

"Correct, Colt. God placed in you a destined magic, Jeremy. A magic I would need to draw forth further down the path."
Jeremy stood up, walking up to Lucas, the young man smiling at him with friendship and love.

"We were always destined to meet? Our friendship was preordained?" he said, Lucas' hand going to his shoulder.

"Our friendship came out of our love and respect for each other. The only destiny within us was our meeting. That path was always set. The friendship and love we both gained was the happier surprise." Lucas smiled, Jeremy tearing up, nodding his head.

"I love you, Lucas.  I thank God every day for that friendship."

"As do I, Jeremy. As do I." Lucas smiled, the two young men hugging, their soulmates smiling at the two.

Jeremy stared into Lucas' violet pools, Lucas smiling at him.

"Ask your question, my friend." he said, Jeremy staring at him.

"I didn't heal myself, did I? It was you, wasn't it? Your magic healed my body." he said, everyone looking surprised, Lucas' three soulmates staring at Lucas with love.

"My magic is ever-giving, my friend. It sensed you needed to go forward on your path to the love and life you needed. It stirred the magic within your own soul. The two together healed you." Lucas said, Jeremy tearing up.

"Thank you, Lucas. For the magic of your love." he said, Lucas softly blushing, everyone seeing his usual reluctance at adoration.
"You, standing here, wrapped in their love is thanks enough, my friend."
"Your love never ends." Bruno said, Zac smiling at Lucas as well.

The young man lowered his eyes, Jeremy's hand going to his shoulder, sensing the man's need to move onto the truth surrounding them.

"So, God guided a magic into my soul, the magic that I used today. To heal those three." he said, Lucas nodding.
"We both used it, Jeremy." Lucas smiled, Jeremy looking confused.

Lucas sighed, staring into the young man's blue pools.

"Hidden within you is a magic of singular intensity, and consistency. I hold the same magic within my greater magic. It's a magic of faith, love and eternity. My magic joined with your magic today, creating the elixir you needed to bring forth to save those three men. We each carried a half of that one healing magic. Together we saved them from death's path. Someone may not be happy about that, but I'll deal with that eventually."

"Someone? Who? We weren't supposed to save them? We helped them cheat death?" Jeremy said, Lucas rubbing his shoulder again.

"No one cheats death, Jeremy. That path we all walk. Let's just say their time wasn't at hand. We aided them in their following their true paths."

Chris stared at the two young men, Piney staring at his man.

"So, you're saying Jeremy and you both have a special magic within yourselves that when joined together became an elixir of healing magic? That both of you brought those three men back to life? That's so unbelievable!" he said, Piney's hand going in his.

"Lucas' love has always been unbelievable, my love. His magic joined with others would be as well." Piney said, Lucas smiling at the handsome actor.

"Yes, Chris. Jeremy and myself together created the magic of life."

"I'm really not Jesus. I'm just a vessel of hidden magic." Jeremy said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You're a young man with a giving heart, a loving soul and a faithful life. The two of your heart know that greatness of your love and soul." he said, Jeremy smiling, looking at Bruno and Zac.

"I'm myself, Luke. They love me for myself." Jeremy said, Lucas nodding, smiling around at everyone, his eyes meeting Chris' again.

"Ask away, Walrus." he smiled, Chris smiling.

"Why the changing face and eyes then, Luke? Jeremy looked like he was someone else. Everyone staring at him thought they saw Jesus Christ staring back at them."

Lucas smiled, rubbing Jeremy's shoulder.

"That's what I and the magic wanted them to see and believe. And in a soft way, that is what they saw." he said, everyone looking surprised.

"You just contradicted yourself there, Luke. You just said he wasn't but maybe is Jesus." Piney said, Chris nodding his head in surprising wonder.

Lucas sighed again, Jeremy's eyes meeting his.

"The magic of healing life we both carry is a magic of continuing truth. It has flowed through this world for eons, from its creation until now. Many of goodness and love have carried it." he said, Jeremy's eyes widening a bit.

"Jesus of Nazareth carried it! It is the same magic he used to heal Lazarus! He was given the magic by God as well!" Jeremy said, Lucas smiling and nodding.

"Yes, Jeremy. You and I carry the same magic that Jesus carried, albeit halved between us."
Chris stood up, looking shocked.
"He. . .the magic. . .he. . .we really did see him!" the man said, looking stunned, Piney on his feet beside him, his arm around him, looking just as shocked.

"We all saw a soft image of his real self, the man he was at the time of his using that magic himself. A residual of his own self still remained in the magic. I felt it in my half. I guided it to Jeremy, so the world could see and feel it as well." Lucas said, Jeremy staring at him.

"I felt more than just an image, Luke." he said, Lucas nodding.

"He was a man of total love, Jeremy. His love couldn't ever fade. I've felt it for all my life hidden in myself." Lucas said, Jeremy tearing up.

"I feel it now as well, Luke. It's like a presence of love." he said, Lucas nodding.

"You are not Jesus, Jeremy. But you have a piece of his soul within you, as I do. As all should." he smiled, Jeremy smiling, walking back to his seat with his soulmates, sitting down in their midst, the two tearfully smiling at him.

"Your love just increased, my love. We both welcome it forever." Bruno said, the three kissing.

Chris stared at Lucas again, Lucas smiling at him.

"So, what was the reasoning behind showing him today, Luke? The world now thinks Jeremy is Jesus' soul."
"Yes, they do, Chris. That's what I wanted them to see and believe. You all felt the shock in your souls at that showing truth. That's what I wanted the world to feel. That God is real, that His Son was always real. That God and others surround us. That love and goodness are breathing life into all of us."

"And you needed to show the evil as well." Gideon said, Lucas smiling and nodding at him.

"Yes, Israfil, our Gideon of love and life. I needed the world to see the hidden evil and the hidden love. To prepare them for what's to come. The greater battle ahead. This is only a small showing of what that day may reveal."

Justin rose from his seat, handing Lance little Justy, the man walking up to Lucas.

"To cushion the blow of the coming magic. I think that day's going to be so unbelievable." he said, his arms going around Lucas.

"It will be, my love. I just needed them all to see that. One has to strengthen one's heart to the coming beauty of life and love." he said, Justin smiling at him.

"I can't wait. Your magic and love keep surprising us. And it keeps getting more amazing and beautiful." he smiled, Lucas smiling, their lips meeting.

"You ain't seen nothing yet, beautiful." he smiled, Justin beaming, Lucas smiling and looking around at everyone.

"I wanted you all to understand what happened."

Everyone smiled, rising from their seats, the young man surrounded and hugged by everyone, his love flowing.


The last to hug him was Colton, the young man kissing his lips.

"You surprise even me, Dad. I felt the hidden magic flow by me when Jeremy walked past me heading for Cardinal Santiago. And I then sensed it in you as it connected with him." he said, Lucas nodding.
"Your greater magic would sense the freed magic, Colt. I'm sorry for hiding it from you.  Times being as they are." Lucas said, Colton smiling, kissing his friend's lips again.

"Yes, times being as they are." he said, looking at Gideon and Pierce, their soulmates surrounding them.

"Hidden angels all around us. I didn't sense any of you." the young man smiled, the two and Alain smiling at him.

"Man is half of us. We like both souls." Pierce said, Alain smiling at him, patting his shoulder.

"And your men will thank you tonight for the increased love and beauty, Mikail." he smiled, Usher and Adam smiling at Pierce.

"That beautiful angel was so intoxicating." Adam said, Lucas smiling.

"His new love will overwhelm you both. I'd advise more lube." he said, everyone bursting into laughter, Lucas' humor evaporating the surrounding wonder.

Adam and Usher blushed, Pierce more so, Lucas kissing all three on the cheek.

"The community of love just gained new passion. Lucky me." he smiled, Nick smiling at the young man.

"Looking so forward to it." he grinned, Gio and Gideon smiling at him with love.

The phone on the patio table went off, Josh picking it up, talking into it, everyone talking and smiling at Lucas.

Josh closed off the phone, looking at Lucas.

"We have a visitor, Lucky." he said, Lucas nodding.

"Go and greet him, my love. Bring him out here. Let's sit down everyone." Lucas smiled, Lance smiling at him, little Justy in his arms, the baby smiling up at his father.

"More wuvs, Daddy!" he clapped, Lucas smiling, kissing his cheek, then sitting down at a table, Lance and Justin looking at him, Josh handing Justin little Joshy.

Josh smiled, walking into the house, everyone quietly staring at Lucas.

"Our boys need their naps, my love. Their friends await them upstairs." he said.
"I'll take them, Luke." Cindy smiled, Jessica rising at her side, the two taking the boys into their arms, the babies giggling, the two walking into the house with them.
"Who's here, Luke?" Finn said, Lucas looking at him.

"A friend, Finn. A surprising friend carrying more faith." he smiled, everyone looking towards the door.

A few moments later Cindy and Jessica returned, both smiling at Lucas.

"They both were out the moment they hit the crib, their arms going around their friends." the two women smiled, sitting down with Jeremy and his soulmates.

"They feel their love in their dreams, as they do theirs. Our sons and daughters will be brothers and sisters for life." Lucas smiled, the young man rising from his seat, Justin and Lance watching him walk to the pool's edge again.

"They've all bonded so easily, Luke." Skyler smiled, Finn's hand in hers.

"As we all bonded in our youth and love, my sisters and brother." Lucas smiled, Trish smiling at her bandmates.

"Siblings for life, Lukey." Trish said, Lucas smiling towards her, then looking back at the calm water.

"Life is a path of love, Patricia. We are guided to our happiness." he said, everyone looking at him.

"And some guide us to even more." a new manly voice said, everyone's eyes turning to the patio doorway.

Josh stood at the open door, another man standing beside him, the man carrying a sealed envelope in his folded hands before him.

"Hello again, Father." Lucas smiled, staring into the blue eyes of Cardinal Santiago.


The man smiled at Lucas, everyone rising from their seats.

He now wore a black suit jacket and pants, his white collar gleaming against the black, his silver cross adding brightness.

He walked across the patio, everyone staring at him, Lucas turning and smiling at him.

The man went to one knee before him, everyone seeing the wetness now showing in his blue pools.

"I kneel before your divinity, Chosen One." he softly said, Lucas smiling down at him, gently guiding the older man to his feet, smiling into his blue eyes, the man staring into his violet pools of calm love with emotional wonder.

"You come to me today dressed as a parish priest, shed of the traps of the church's divinity. I sense in your heart the truth of your chosen love." Lucas smiled, the man now openly crying.

"You see into my soul, Lucas! You see the humbleness of my heart. I could not come to you as that decorated liege of the church. I kneel before you only as a man of faith."

Lucas smiled, leaning forward and kissing the man's cheek, the man staring at him with wet wonder.

"I see more, my friend." he smiled, the priest wiping his eyes.

"I was not prepared for the light shining in your eyes, Lucas. Lewis said it was all-consuming. I was not prepared." he said, his voice still laced with emotion.

"Lewis sees the world with new eyes of faith. You now see it with your own eyes of renewed life." the young man smiled, looking at the envelope in the cardinal's hands.

"I will take his words with grace, Frederick. He didn't have to voice them." Lucas said, the man nodding, his hand going out, the envelope in it.

"His Holiness wanted me to deliver it after the meeting. I sense he knew what was to happen. The blessedness of the event." the man said, his eyes looking towards Jeremy.

Jeremy softly blushed, the priest crossing himself, bowing to the young man, the priest handing Lucas the letter, Lucas smiling and taking it.

"Thank you, Fredrick. Please sit down with my friends, my friend. I won't be but a moment." Lucas said, the young man turning back to the pool, looking at the letter in his hand.

Piney stood up from his seat, smiling at the cardinal.

"Please, Your Eminence. Please join us." he said, Chris looking surprised, the priest walking to their table.

"Thank you, sir. I feel I am surrounded by his love." the man said, Piney smiling at him, the man sitting down beside Joey and Kelly, Piney making introductions.

The cardinal smiled, taking in all their welcoming greetings.

Lucas opened the letter in his hand, perusing the handwritten words, taking in their meaning.

He smiled, closing the letter, returning it to its envelope, folding that into his hands.

He opened his hands, both now empty.

Everyone stared at the young man with surprise, Fredrick's eyes widening with wonder.

"Will you stay for supper, Frederick?" Lucas smiled, turning and walking up to the cardinal.

The man slowly rose up from his seat.

"I did not want to impose." he said, staring at the young man with awed wonder, Lucas' hand going to his shoulder.

"You are our Lewis' dearest friend. I want you to tell me all about Reverend Saunders' giving heart through life." Lucas smiled, the cardinal softly smiling, everyone taking in his more jovial countenance.

"He said your friendship shines like a light from his soul. I am feeling that light's warmth."
Lucas smiled, patting his shoulder.
"Sit, and enjoy my hospitality." Lucas smiled, Chris looking up at him.

"What was in the letter, Luke?" he said, staring at Lucas, others staring there as well.

"Words from a friend. My heart shines with his faith." he smiled, Chris looking at the cardinal.

"The pope wrote you!" he said with awe, Piney slapping his arm.

"I think we all clued into that, my Chris." he said, the cardinal smiling at the two men.

"He asked me to deliver it, Lucas. He wanted you to read his truths. Where. . .where did that envelope go?" the man said with wonder, Lucas smiling at him.

"I already knew his truths, as I knew all of them. As they were given mine. That letter is now within my soul." Lucas said, smiling at the cardinal.

"Tell him that I will abide by his request. My love shines for all. From the darkness unto the light." Lucas said, the cardinal nodding, registering in his mind all the words Lucas said.

"I shall quote it to him your answer word for word. No one shall know of your spoken love." the man said, Lucas smiling at him, his hand going to his shoulder.

"Relax, my friend. I am only myself, as are all those surrounding you. Hidden or not." Lucas said, Jeremy smiling and rising from his seat, smiling at the cardinal.

"Lucas is right, Cardinal Santiago. I am myself, as I am His love. May I call you Frederick?" the young man smiled.

The cardinal nodded, staring into Jeremy's blue pools.

"Yes, soul of his life. I owe you my life." the man said, Jeremy blushing.

"You only owe him your friendship as he gives his." Lucas said, Jeremy smiling at him, Fredrick nodding, smiling at the two young men.

"Let's enjoy the day's sunlight, everyone. I'll need you to start the barbecues, Joe." Lucas smiled, Joey smiling at him.

"Sure thing, Luke." he smiled, Jeremy smiling and sitting down in Joey's vacated chair.

Lucas smiled, sitting down beside the cardinal as he returned to his seat, the man staring between both.

"So, tell me all about Lewis. And we'll tell you all about myself and the path we all walk." Lucas smiled, the cardinal staring into his violet pools.

He felt his soul opening up, the older man beginning to talk of his old friend.


Lucas washed the last glass, setting it on the dishrack, pulling the plug in the sink's bottom.

He felt two arms wrap around him, two lips on his neck.

"You tired of your new angel already, Adam. I thought I stoked that fire ten minutes ago in the upstairs washroom?" Lucas smiled, a hand slapping his ass.

"Am I not enough, my love?" Josh said, Lucas smiling and turning his body, their lips meeting.

"More than enough, sexy. But there's something to be said about tattooed angel groupies. They're so hot."

Josh laughed, slapping Lucas' butt again.

"You leave him to his black stallion and sexy angel. You're mine, beautiful." Josh smiled, Lucas smiling widely.

"Justin would have something to say about that. And Lance is smitten as well." Lucas said, batting his eyelashes, Josh smiling, pulling his man close.

"We're all smitten with your love, my love."

Lucas smiled, staring into his husband's blue pools.

He saw the look shining there.

"I know your feelings, my love. He's Lewis' old friend, and a kindred soul as well." Lucas said, Josh nodding.

"It just seems strange, having a cardinal in our midst. I'm sure you sensed the hidden need in all our friends. I think it's going to be a jumping lovefest tonight after he leaves, what with all the pent up need."
Lucas laughed, kissing his man's lips.

"He's just a friend, babe. They'll all see that soon enough. And I feel the simmering needs as well. I think I should toss Chris in the pool to cool him down."

Josh laughed, Lucas smiling.

"I'm sure Piney would be right on his ass."

Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

"I do see he's a nice man, Luke. He's very giving and loving. It's just weird, that's all."

"Prepare for even more, babe." Lucas smiled, the young man turning back, Josh staring at him.

Lucas wiped down the counters, Josh helping him, supper over, everyone relaxing on the patio.

Josh smiled, picking up a tray of coffee and cups, Lucas picking up two trays of desserts, the two men heading back to their friends.

Everyone smiled, Cardinal Santiago smiling at Lucas, the man in a discussion with Chris and Joey about Italy.

"It is a beautiful country, but it isn't home for myself." the man said, Lucas smiling at him as he handed him a cup of tea.

"Where are you originally from Cardinal Santiago?" Pierce said, the man smiling at the young doctor.

"Originally from Madrid, the heart of my country's Spanish soul." the man smiled, Enrique smiling at him.

"Home to me as well, sir." he smiled, the man smiling at the Spanish singer.

"Two hearts of Spanish life, Enrique."
"It burns within us, Fredrick." the singer said, the man smiling.

"The path of faith called you to Italy, Frederick." Lucas smiled, the man smiling.

"It called me across the earth, Lucas. I had many ministries of faith in many countries. The papal divinity rewarded me for more than my heart perhaps deserved. But I took it all with grace and humility. I am given over to follow His Holiness on his path of faith. He is a good man." the cardinal smiled, Lucas nodding.

"His soul breathes faith, my friend. As yours has more." Lucas smiled, the cardinal looking at him.

"I sense you've seen into my soul, Lucas." the man said, his eyes tearing again, Lucas' hand going on top of his.

"What do you sense around you, Frederick?" Lucas said, everyone staring at the two men, the cardinal looking around at everyone.

"I sense everyone's nervousness, their uncertainty of my being here. I feel I am hindering the love I feel surrounding me." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You sense correct, my friend." Lucas said, looking around at everyone.

"I think you should do it, Lucas. To calm the uncertainty." the cardinal smiled, Lucas laughing.

"Well played, my friend." Lucas smiling, the young man rising, Chris staring at him when Lucas walked around the table.

Lucas smiled, Chris' eyes widening, as the young man bent down, picking him up, heading towards the pool, Piney on his feet.

"Don't you dare, Luke!" Chris screamed, the man becoming airborne, landing in the center of the pool, Piney running to the pool and diving in after his lover.

Chris came up to the top, Piney's arms around him.

"That'll get the hidden love flowing. Kiss your walrus, Piney." Lucas laughed, new laughter joining his.

Everyone stared at the cardinal, the man's rich laugh beginning a smile to everyone's face.

The cardinal rose from his seat, walking up to Lucas, the young man smiling at him.

"When did you sense it?" the man said, Lucas smiling and kissing his cheek.

"When my own man's arms wrapped around me in the kitchen. They can't keep their love under wraps."
The cardinal laughed, smiling around at everyone.

"I feel all your hidden love. You don't have to hide it from me. I sense it all."

Pierce rose from his seat, staring at the man.

"You sense all our hidden love?" he said, everyone rising from their seats.

"I feel the love your two soulmates have for you, Pierce. Your Adam damn near radiates." the cardinal smiled, Lucas patting the man's shoulder.

Adam laughed, his lips meeting Pierce's, Usher's arms around both of them.

"Oh yeah, he's got it bad." he laughed, the cardinal smiling widely.

"Please, everyone. My heart shines with happiness when I see love. Let it flow openly." he smiled, others smiling.

Enrique felt his four soulmates surround him, Jonathan kissing his lips.

"He's right, babe. We're home. Let's be happy." Enrique smiled, kissing Haras.

The cardinal laughed, others joining him, couples and threesomes joining.


The night was an evening of happiness and open love.

A pool party began, everyone enjoying the conversations, water and happiness.

Everyone talked to the cardinal now as a friend, the man seeing and feeling all their love.

They all filled him in on Lucas' life of love as well as their own selves on his path.

He was moved by the beauty, grace and love shining from the young man at the center of their happiness.

He and Lucas talked at length, a mutual respect showing from both.

Josh saw the two together at a table just as the evening was ending.

Lucas talked to him for a few moments, the man nodding.

Josh saw a surprising look cross the cardinal's face at the end of their last discussion, the man looking surprised, then emotional, Lucas' arm going around him.

No one else saw it, Josh quietly watching both.

At eleven everyone began to leave, the cardinal smiling and saying goodbye to everyone.

A limousine was waiting at their door for him, the man smiling at Lucas and Jeremy.

"I walked into a home of supposed godly faith. I saw the truth of its radiating happiness. A family joined together in love and friendship. I am so happy the greater vision I saw was the better one. I feel the love surrounding all of you." he smiled, everyone smiling at him.

"Walk in happiness, Frederick. We shall talk soon." Lucas smiled, the cardinal tearing up, moving forward and hugging the young man.

"I have seen the light of life, Lucas. I will abide by your request." the man said, backing up, kissing each of his cheeks.

"Go with God, my son. We go with your love in our hearts." he said, walking down the steps, climbing into the limousine, waving goodbye.

"What request, Luke?" Adam said, standing beside him, his arm around Pierce.

"We all have paths to follow, my friend." Lucas smiled, kissing Adam on the lips.

"See you tomorrow for brunch, my friends. We'll be over at ten." he smiled, Usher laughing, little sleeping Noah in his arms.

"I knew there was a reason I went to the market today." he smiled, Pierce laughing, his two soulmates smiling at him with deep love.

"Make it ten-thirty, Luke." Pierce said, Lucas smiling and winking at him.
Everyone hugged the foursome of love, leaving their home of love.

Josh locked up the downstairs, Justin and Lance heading upstairs to their sons, Lucas walking down into the kitchen.

Josh turned off lights, walking into the kitchen, seeing it empty.

He went to the patio doors, seeing the lights on around the pool, Lucas standing at its edge.

He smiled, walking out into the darkness, walking up to the lit pool, wrapping his arms around his man, kissing his neck.

"The night's warm, my love. But you can feel the coolness on the breeze." he smiled, Lucas turning in his arms, their lips meeting.

"Mm, babe. Your kisses are the best." Josh smiled, his hands now on Lucas' firm backside.

"And the love surrounds us both." Lucas smiled, the two men feeling two other sets of arms wrapping around them, lips meeting theirs.

"We finally have you to ourselves." Lance smiled, kissing Lucas' chin, the young man smiling at him.

"Right where I want to be." he smiled, feeling Justin's hand under his polo shirt, trying to pull it out of his pants.

"Calmness, Timbersnake. Romance first, passion after." Lucas smiled, the other three smiling at him.

"Your showing love and magic always gets me going, Lucky." Justin smiled, his fingers still under Lucas' shirt.

"Do I have to toss you into the pool as well?" Lucas smiled, Justin smiling.

"Not yet, but the night's young." he smiled, removing his hand.

Everyone chuckled, Lucas guiding Lance to a patio table, the young man smiling.

Josh and Justin followed, their smiles widening.

A bottle of white wine was chilling in a bucket, four glasses on the table beside it.

Lucas smiled, snapping his fingers, candelabras now lighting all around the pool and on the table.

"What's this, my love?" Josh smiled, Lucas popping the cork on the wine bottle, pouring wine into the four glasses.

"A little romance for our souls, my loves." he smiled, handing each a glass.

"Thank you, Lucky." each said, Lucas kissing each on the lips.

"Our boys are down for the night?" Lucas smiled at Lance, Lance smiling.

"All but our bigger boy. You can see he's up." Josh smiled, patting Justin's pant-covered center.

All four laughed, Justin beaming, staring at all three.

"Your love gets me going." he smiled, Josh kissing his lips.

"Wouldn't want you any other way, HD."

Lucas smiled, raising his glass.

"Here's to us, my loves. To our unchanging love. No matter the path we walk, our love is always one." he smiled, the other three clinking their glasses with his.

"Your love keeps on surprising us, my love. It will wet all our souls." Josh said, Lucas smiling, kissing his lips.

"I need to be wet, my loves." he said, his hands pulling off his polo shirt, the other three taking in his smooth beauty, his pants and briefs joining his shirt.

"Last one in gets a special treat!" he smiled, diving into the pool, the three seeing his beautiful butt disappear under the dark waves.

The other three smiled, pulling their clothes off.
Josh and Lance smiled at each other, pushing Justin backwards, the man falling on his ass, his pants at his knees.

"No fair, cheats!" he yelled, Josh and Lance laughing, diving into the pool, joining with Lucas at its edge.

Lucas smiled at Justin, the man struggling out of his pants and briefs, his center at full mast when he stood up.

"Looks like you're the last, HD." Lucas smiled, Josh and Lance smiling at him, their arms going around each other.

Lucas smiled, pulling himself up from the water, standing up on the pool's edge, Justin taking in his naked beauty.

Lucas smiled, walking up to him beside the table, Lucas picking up the half empty wine bottle, smiling and scanning Justin's naked self.

Justin's center bounced as Lucas took in its beauty.

"To the last goes a special treat. I'm going to cover you in wine and lick it all off you, beautiful." Lucas smiled, pulling Justin against him, pouring wine over his chest, his lips lapping it up.

Justin gasped, feeling Lucas' wet hands beginning their path of need.

The young man pulled him to the marbled pool's edge, pouring wine all over him, his tongue exploring its passion.

Josh smiled, feeling Lance's lips on his nipple.

"I don't need the wine, I need only your own wetness, my love." Lance said, Josh feeling Lance's heat and need.

"Lick all of me, my Lance." Josh said, the two joining in passion and need.

Lucas smiled, looking towards the pool, seeing the flowing love.

His own center felt a wet heated need enter him, Lucas smiling now up into two blue pools.

"Oh God, Lucky! You're on fire." Justin said, their lips meeting, their love flowing.

For a moment, Lucas' mind was filled with only one thought.

Walk onto the path, Ridwan.

You will guide him to his soul.

Lucas focused on the love around him, the man's lips devouring a wet wine-soaked nipple.


Around the Community of Love


Pierce stood on the balcony, staring out into the dark night.

He felt a heat against his own naked body, two sets of lips on both sides of his neck.

"Come to bed, our angel. We need you." Usher said, kissing the man's cheek.

The young doctor turned, staring into Adam's blue pools and Usher's brown.

"I love you, my soulmates." he said, Adam smiling, his lips meeting Pierce's, Usher kissing his neck.

"We love you, our naked beauty." Adam smiled, Pierce smiling at Adam's naked form.
All three had stripped when they'd entered the bedroom, having come from Noah's room across the hall, their son now in dreamland.

"I love you two so much!" he said, tears now flowing from his blue eyes.

"Oh, Pierce. Nothing changes with us. We've discussed this. We've seen the inner beauty of your soul, and yes, your angelic self. Nothing would ever change our love for you."

Pierce sobbed, the two kissing him again.

"I love you so much." he said, the two smiling.

"And we love you, Pip. That's all that matters." Usher said, he and Adam licking the tears from Pierce's cheeks.

The man smiled, stepping back a bit.

"You both need to see the other side of me up close. I love you."

The two smiled, taking in the changing beauty of the young man before them.

Pierce's body rose a bit, his chest widening, his center changing as well.

Two large white wings now stood behind him, the soft breeze blowing their feathers softly.

Usher smiled, taking in his angelic beauty.
Adam's eyes were staring at Pierce's center, his shaft another two inches in length.

"You were gifted before, but wow!" he said, Usher laughing.

"Our tattooed beauty always goes for the beauty. You are stunning, Pip." Usher said, his hand slowly going to the wings behind Pierce, feeling their feathery softness.

"So soft, so beautiful." Adam said, his hand on the other wing behind Pierce.

"I am only myself." Pierce said, the other two men smiling.

"You're a duality of love and beauty, Pip. God, you're even more beautiful." Adam said, Usher smiling and seeing Adam's center now at full mast.

"Our Adam's in need, Pip. We both want to worship the new you. Your beauty stokes our souls." Usher said, feeling Adam's hand wrap around his black uncut shaft.

"I want to worship both of you. I need you both!" Adam said, his lips meeting Pierce's, his other hand now wrapped around his longer shaft.

"I love both of you. I'm going to overpower you with my new love." Pierce said, Adam smiling up into his blue eyes.

"Promises, promises." he grinned, Usher laughing, Pierce smirking.

"Someone needs to wet his needs." Pierce smiled, Adam's eyes widening, Pierce now on the move, taking Adam with him.

Usher grinned, watching the angel before him carry Adam out into the night, the two descending down into the pool, disappearing under the water.

The two broke the surface, Usher smiling down at both.

Pierce's lips met Adam's, the man lost in the wetness and heat surrounding him.

"Save some of that for me!" Usher yelled, the naked black man disappearing into the bedroom.

Pierce smiled, breaking the kiss, staring into Adam's blue pools.

"You are this angel's soulmate, my Adam. I'm going to possess you with heaven's love." he said, Adam gasping as Pierce began to own him.

Usher ran out across the darkened patio, diving into the pool, swimming towards his life.

None of the three saw the image above them on the dark balcony fade away.


Gideon stood on the balcony of his bedroom, staring out into the dark starry sky.

Stars twinkled above him, the man alone in his thoughts.

He felt two arms wrap around him, two lips kissing his shoulder blade.

"Come back to bed and spread your wings again, my angel. I need the newness of our love." Nick said, Gideon turning in his arms, staring into Nick's blue pools.

Nick saw the wetness in Gideon's blue pools.

"You still love me, Nickolas." he softly said, Nick smiling and pulling him close.

"Not as much as Gio, but then you possessed him three times. The man's sleeping filled with your love." Nick smiled, Gideon softly smiling at him.

"I can't believe the love you just gave me." he said, Nick pulling him closer.

"You gave the greater love, our new angel of need. I've never seen Gio so overcome. I am still trembling with the newness of it." he said, Gideon smiling at him.

"Angel love is greater in need, Nickolas. It holds more love." he said, Nick smiling.

"I think we've taken on more than we can handle." he smiled, Gideon laughing.

"I'll try and tone it down." he said, Nick smiling, their lips meeting again, both feeling the entrenched love.

They parted, staring into each other's blue pools.

"Thank you, Nickolas. For continuing the love." he said, Nick smiling, his fingers rubbing Gideon's chin.

"You are love, Gideon. I love you." he said, Gideon smiling.
"As do I, our angel. And I wasn't sleeping."
The two men smiled, staring at the bedroom doorway, a vision of naked smooth beauty standing there.

Gio walked across the balcony, his muscular arms wrapping around both men, kissing each on the lips.

"Something tells me I was about to miss out on round four." he smiled, a hand slapping his firm ass, remaining there.

"We can't have heaven without all three of us." Nick smiled, Gideon's other hand now on his backside.

"I've been to heaven. Eons ago and tonight." Gideon said, his soulmates smiling at him.

"I need the angel again. I think I'll need his love forever." Gio said, his center already risen to its full girth, Nick's hand around it.

"He's primed, babe." Nick smiled, Gideon smiling, his form changing, the two men lost in his rising beauty.

"Wrap me in your soft wings of love, Israfil." Gio said, their lips meeting, Nick smiling at the need in the man's voice.

Gideon lifted Gio in his arms, the man's legs wrapping around his waist, Nick's hand on his backside.

"Give into his love, our Gio. We both need it." Nick smiled, following the angel and his other soulmate back into the bedroom, the three climbing back into their bed, white wings enveloping them both, Gideon on a mission of needful love.

None of the three saw an image out on the balcony, the image taking flight, disappearing into the night.


End of Chapter 228


A chapter long in the making.

The author's been lazy, lol.


Lucas has voiced the reality of what happened today, with Jeremy and the two revealed angels.

Cardinal Santiago has been welcomed by Lucas as well, his love bringing the man the coming truth.


And two angels have felt the unchanged love of their two soulmates.

A man may change, but his love doesn't.


Who was watching the six of angelic love?

Was it another angel?
He did take flight at the end.


What lays ahead for Lucas and his revealing magic?

Up next:  The path moves towards its end.

The return to Kurucu's Haven and the battle of destiny.


Hopefully I can get back into a regular routine with this story.

So much more to show and reveal.


Hugs, Angel.