Yesterday's End-234


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.


It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.

Chapter 234


"He's another freaking angel!!" Finn said, the young man now on his feet pointing at the cardinal.

Skyler rose, kissing her man's cheek, her arm going around him.

"Way to state the obvious, my love." she said, Lucas smiling at his friends.

"Chain your dog, Sky." he smiled, Skyler guiding Finn back to his seat, the young man staring at his friend and the cardinal standing in front of the fireplace.

"Sorry, Luke. You keep surprising the heck out of us." the Welshman said, staring at the showing angel.

"Life surprises all, my friend." Lucas smiled, his violet pools meeting the cardinal angel's golden orbs.

"Your soul surprises all the heavenly children, Lucas." the cardinal said, his golden eyes meeting five sets of showing golden orbs, five now showing angels standing in front of him.

"Welcome again to our love, Ridwan." Jibrail said, the older angel smiling at him.

"I saw and felt it recently, Jib. I see Lucas draws us all out into the light. We may be blinded by his realities. We shall need sunglasses." the man smiled, Meresankh walking up to the two men, smiling at the older angel.

"Your eyes sparkle as always with your mirthful beauty, Riddy." she said, hugging the man against her, the man smiling and hugging the young angel in his arms.

"Your love draws out my humor, our Merry drop of sunshine." he smiled, the young woman laughing, the wings surrounding her and her own disappearing, the five now human forms smiling at each other.

"You do surprise us with your realities, Luke." Pierce said, Lucas smiling at his angelic friends.

"Faith and love go hand in hand within this man's angelic soul. He covers all realms." Lucas said, the cardinal smiling at him.

Hudson stared at everyone, his face showing his shocked wonder, Lucas smiling at him.

"The wonder begins, my new friend. You should pull out that video camera." Lucas smiled, the young man nodding with amazement, moving quickly out of the room.

The cardinal chuckled, Lewis rising to his feet, his face covered in wonder, walking up to his old friend and Lucas.

"You're an angel, Frederick? You've walked at my and Tristan's side in friendship. We never knew!" he said, the cardinal smiling at him and Tristan.

"We are and always were friends, Lewis. My soul hasn't changed. I am myself." he said, Lewis nodding, Tristan smiling, Lewis' hand going to the man's shoulder.

"We are so blessed. By your friendship and now your real soul." he said, the two men hugging, Lucas smiling beside him.

"You draw all out into the light, as Riddy said, Lucas." Rosa Sharon smiled, the young man smiling at her.

"Paths surround me, Rosy. You all walk into my love." he said, everyone smiling at him.

Hudson walked back into the room, a video camera now in his hand, two pools following the young man's path, he returning to his seat, staring at everyone at the fireplace.

"Why now, Lucas?" Rosa Sharon said, Lucas smiling down into her blue pools.

"They must show themselves before tomorrow's path, little one." he said, the young girl nodding, smiling and returning to her brother's lap, Colton's arm going around her small form.

Hudson stared at the young man, Colton smiling at him.

"Angels walk around Lucas' love, Hudson. We are all drawn to its beauty." Rosa Sharon smiled, snuggling against her brother.

Cardinal Santiago smiled, meeting Lucas' violet pools.

"It shines with God's love. I am ready as we all are, Lucas." he said, Lucas smiling, patting the older man's shoulder.

Justin rose from his seat, staring at Lucas.

"You knew at our place, didn't you? That Cardinal Santiago was an angel." he said, Lucas smiling at his soulmate.

"I knew at the last interview I gave. When I shook his hand during the introductions. God's angelic hosts give off a radiating love from their souls, I easily sense it." he said, Frederick shaking his head in wonder.

"Who are the other two? Are they here?" Finn said, leaning forward in his seat, everyone sensing the same need in their souls, all looking around them

Lucas smiled, looking around the room, everyone staring at him.

"They will make themselves known, my friends. Love can pull all truths from one's souls." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"Riddling as always, my love. Your mystery lays in your showing love and surprises." he said, Lucas winking at his husband.

"Just how you love me, babe." he said, Josh smiling, Justin and Lance smirking, Justin returning to his seat.

Finn rose from his again, walking up to his friend, Skyler's blue pools following him, she remaining with the infants.

"The dog's unleashed. Where are my treats?" Lucas smiled, Finn blushing.

"I just wanted to voice everyone's needs, Luke." he said, his hand going to his friend's shoulder, his blue pools meeting Cardinal Santiago's blue.

"I know, Finnegan. I feel the needs around me." Lucas smiled, Finn smiling at him.

"You're surprising us all, Luke. Another angel, two remaining. What happens when they're all shown?"

"Love and life happen, Finny. And the final path will have its warriors." Lucas said, everyone staring at him.

Lucas' eyes met Hudson's, the young man now aiming the video camera at Lucas and Cardinal Santiago, someone else's eyes upon the young man.

"Beside me stands the seventh of the nine angelic warriors. The bastions to head the flock of goodness, Azrael the Commander of the Host. They shall guide God's goodness against the evil, all following the Curucuar." Lucas said, Colton rising from his seat, Rosa Sharon at his side, the two walking up to Lucas.

"And yourself, Dad?" Colton said, his blue eyes looking at him with love.

"I shall be on another path, my son. A path I was always destined to walk." he said, Josh rising from his seat, Justin and Lance following him to Lucas' side.

"And where will that path lead you? I sense a finality in your words." Josh said, Lucas kissing his lips, calming him.

"All paths lead to God's love, my love. I trust in him to see me through to the end of my path." Lucas said, Josh staring at him.

"That's not really an answer, my love." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I follow His love, my love. Our love is its own path." he said, Justin and Lance staring at him with love.

"Alright, Lucas. We feel your love and His. I'll always be with you." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Always, my love." Lucas said, looking around at everyone.

"Let's welcome our new angelic friend into our love. He's the same as he always was. And I need a coffee." Lucas smiled, everyone rising from their seats, the young man and the cardinal surrounded by everyone.

Lucas smiled at Hudson, the young man staring at him with awed wonder, his camera still recording.


Lucas felt the deepness of the love flooding his soul, two arms wrapped around him, possessing him.

He felt the lips leaving his, tender kisses quickly following the first deep one.

"Calmness, our HD." he said, Justin staring into his violet pools, Lance and Josh surrounding them, their hands touching Lucas' back.

The four men stood in the secluded indoor garden towards the cavadeum, the four alone.

"I've needed that the last hour." Justin said, continuing to kiss Lucas' face, his hands on Lucas' ass.

"Your passion floods our souls, my love. I felt its need." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"Your showing surprising love always gets me going. And now we have some privacy." he said, Josh smirking.

"We're not that private, horn dog." he smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"It's been hours, my loves." he said, the three men smiling at their soulmate.

"His mind is always on one track. That train will never stop going." Lance smiled, Justin lightly kissing his lips.

"You all have the coal to feed my furnace, babes. This train will blow his whistle at full speed."

All three laughed, Justin smiling at his soulmates.

"We've all pulled that cord. Your whistle's loud." Josh smirked, Justin kissing his lips.

"Pull it now and I'll shatter all these windows." he smiled, Josh laughing, slapping his ass.

"As our love said, calmness, HD." Lance said, Justin smiling at his husband with love.

The four sat down on the fountain's stone ledge, Lucas looking around the garden.

"So another angel shows himself. Two left. No inkling on who they are?" Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"They walk their own paths, my love. Let them walk onto the greater path at their own pace." Lucas said, the young man pulling out his pocket watch, opening it, smiling.

"Time gives all hearts their happiness." he said, Lance smiling at him, snuggling into his side, Josh on Lucas' other, Justin beside Josh.

"Your love gives us ours." he said, kissing Lucas on the lips.

The four smiled, snuggled together in the late morning sunshine beaming down from the overhead glass roof.

"So what's the deal with Hudson? You seemed to be holding something back in your heart." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I guide all onto the path of their lives." he said, Lance staring at him.

"Meaning what? I sense a purpose behind his coming here, more than just as a reporter." he said, Justin nodding, Josh staring at Lucas.

"He is the answer to calming another soul. I give love where it's needed."
Justin smiled, leaning over Josh and kissing Lucas' warm lips.

"Mysterious as ever. How we love you."

Lucas smiled, looking around the garden, then upwards.

"Lunch will be ready soon, my loves. Let's go steal our sons from their grandparents and give them their needed baths." Lucas smiled, standing up, the three smiling and rising at his sides.

"We all need our wet love." Justin said, Lucas smiling and slapping his ass lightly.

"My wet love is private and so obtainable." he smiled, Justin beaming, the four walking out of the garden.

Twenty minutes later someone walked in the now empty garden, his brown eyes taking in the flowering beauty of the remembered place.

He walked over to the fountain, sitting down on its marbled ledge, feeling a love surrounding him, four hearts of love having vacated this place earlier.

His eyes scanned the gardens, sighing softly.

"So much beauty, I am surrounded by life. I have been so alone." he said, a new voice making him look towards the open doorway.

"Life always needs beauty. And loneliness needs only that first step to destroy it."

The man stared at the young man who'd spoken standing in the doorway, the sun beaming around him like a halo.

The young man closed the door behind him, walking towards the fountain.

Two sets of eyes met, staring into each other's souls.

The young man sat down beside him, their eyes fixed on each other.

"I took that first step. I need love even more." he said, his eyes now showing tears.

The other man's arm went around him, the young man's head going against the other man's shoulder.

The other man smiled, staring at the beauty surrounding him.

The love within him grew.

Upstairs Lucas smiled widely, the five of his wet love surrounding him.

"More wuv, Daddy." Little Justy said in Josh's arms, Lucas smiling at his son.

Justin's hand were running across Lucas' wet body, soaping him up.

Lance smiled, little Joshy in his wet arms.

"None greater than ours, my family." Lucas smiled, the six smiling with love.


Twenty minutes later the group walked into the dining room, everyone smiling at them.

Joshy and Justy ran in front of their fathers, their grandfathers swooping them up into their arms.

"Me wants more food, Gampa! Me's going walking outsides after!" Little Joshy grinned in Henderson's arms, the man smiling at him.

"Your grandfathers are going to run with you like the wind, Joshy!" he beamed, the boy laughing, his fathers laughing behind him.

"They'll run you into the ground, Dad." Lucas smiled, Josh's arm around him.

"Something tells me the couches in the receiving room will be filled later with exhausted men." Lance smiled, the grandfathers smiling at him.

"We yearn for the exhaustion, Lance." Tristan said, little Justy giggling in his arms, already holding a hot dog in his hand, seated with his grandfather now.

The group sat down at the table, food already filling it.

"You're the last, Lucas. Eat it while it's still warm." Momma Mavis smiled, setting a plate of ham down in front of her son.

"That won't hold him, Momma Mavis." Lucas smiled, Finn grinning.

"I'm going to chase you around those gardens as well, wonder boy." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Don't forget the Olympic-sized swimming pool, Finny. I think I can toss you from the south garden." he said, everyone laughing, Finn blushing.

"If I catch you, no magic." he said, Lucas smiling at him, blowing him a kiss.

"If you catch me, I'm yours, sexy."

Finn laughed, blowing him a kiss back, filling his plate with ham.

"I'll open you up real good, Lukey. Timby will get lost back there."

Momma Mavis slapped her son on the back of the head, Finn blushing.

"Manners, son." she said, Finn rubbing his head.

"There's that echo again. Speaking of wide open spaces." Lucas said, filling his plate with salad.

Everyone laughed, diving into the delicious lunch.

Lucas smiled, looking around the large room, three tables now filled with his large family.

His eyes met two grey pools, seeing the video camera hanging from Hudson's neck.

"How finds your happiness this afternoon, Hudson?" Lucas said, the young man staring at him with quiet wonder, the look not as predominantly large as earlier.

"It's steeped in truth, Luke. Your family's been telling me of your life's path and all that's happened here and around you." the young man said, Lucas nodding.

"It's my life, Hudson. I'm just myself." he smiled, the young man nodding.

"Your life is unlike anyone else's, Luke. The courage, the love, the magic! It's so amazing. I've recorded all of their words for everyone to know. I just need your permission to allow its viewing." the young man said, Lucas smiling at him.

"My life is now an open book, as is yours. You can release any or all of it, from now on. The world needs to know all of it. You are now the eyes of the world. Let it see what needs to be seen."

"He would have seen too much if he'd been upstairs last night. If the sounds coming from your room were any indication. The world would have been disgusted." Finn smirked, filling his plate again.

Chris laughed, Lucas smiling at Finn.

"And Animal Kingdom was on across the hall from mine, right Wildebeest?" he smiled, Finn blushing, Chris laughing more.

"Oh, busted!" he laughed, Lucas smiling at him now.

"I'm sure we would have all liked to watch Where The Wild Things Are last night." he said, Piney bursting into laughter, Chris blushing now, Piney kissing his cheek.

"He is the wildness of my heart." he smiled, Chris smiling at him.

"We both have our wild beasts, Piney." Sky smiled, Finn smiling at her, his blue eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

"Sorry, Luke. Didn't mean to make fun of your togetherness." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I think I'll go wildebeest hunting this afternoon. Wet fur is so delicious." he smiled, everyone laughing, Finn blushing but smiling.

"I'm staying indoors." he said, Lucas laughing, smiling at him.

"And deny your family the sunshine of my love? Let's relax outside after lunch and have a pool party after that. But first comes the revealing love." he smiled sipping at a glass of water.

Felix and Sheila walked into the dining room, Lucas smiling at them, the two walking up to everyone.
"Sorry we're late, everyone. Sheila's been feeling a bit under the weather. She slept for a few hours." he said, pulling out his wife's chair for her, the woman smiling at everyone, sitting down.

"The baby's been kicking up all morning. I think too much wonder and love have got her moving." Sheila smiled, Lucas smiling at her.

"Time will guide all paths. You have the answer, our angel." Lucas said, his violet pools suddenly glowing green, then blue, then white, then back to violet; Josh staring at him.

"Your eyes changed, my love." Josh said, Felix staring at the young man with shock, having seen it as well.

"They did, Luke! Four colors!" he said, his words broken by a scream.

Sheila gasped, trembling beside her husband, everyone's eyes on her, Lucas out of his chair, beside her in moments.

"My. . .my water broke!" she sobbed, Felix's eyes widening in surprise.

"Oh, my God! It's too early, my love! It's not for another month and a half!" he said, his arms now around her, Lucas at her side.

Horace was on his feet, rushing towards the three.

Lucas gained his feet, pulling the young woman up into his arms, the woman moaning.

Felix looked into Lucas' focused eyes, the man staring at him.

"She's in labor, Felix. Let's get her to her room. It's happening quickly." he said, moving, the two doctors following him out of the room, everyone out of their chairs, the two Mavises following them.


A Few Hours Later


The house was blanketed in a quietness, several people waiting in the hallway outside the west end bedrooms.

"It's been over an hour. I hope everything's okay in there?" Lynn said, Justin's blue pools meeting his mother's.

"Lucas' magic is on, Mom. She's deep within his love." he said, Lance nodding.

"Lucas knew." Colton said, his four soulmates surrounding him.

"He knew, Colton?" Lisa said, Colton nodding.

"The changing of his eyes. It was the zoning in of the greater magic. I think she's in a lot of danger, our forthcoming angel. I feel her deep within the greater magic. But I sense something else." he said, his eyes focused on the door in front of him.

"What do you sense, Colt?" Haras said, his arm around Hemi, Enrique's arm around Colton, Jonathan at his side.

The young man's eyes moved around the hallway, then meeting Haras.

"I sensed the Voice within me turning on. I think someone was trying to communicate with me and. . ." he said, his voice suddenly ending when a loud cry came from behind the door in front of him.

Everyone looked at each other, staring at the door.

A few minutes later Momma Mavis walked out of the room, her face covered in tears and wondrous shock.

"She's. . .she's an angel! She's here." she said, everyone smiling, the woman looking back into the room.

"It's so unbelievable! What. . .what they did!" she softly said, Mavis walking out of the room, staring at everyone, her face showing wonder as well.

"It's so. . .the love. . .the light!" she stuttered, Lucas walking out of the room, Horace at his side.

"Our newest angel is among us, my friends. Let's leave the family to join their love together." Lucas smiled, Horace nodding.

"I'll check on them again in a few minutes." he said, his eyes showing shock as well, Lucas smiling at him.

"She's alright, Uncle Horace. Felix will bring her down for introductions shortly. Let's give the new family some privacy." Lucas smiled, everyone nodding, everyone moving down the hallway, Lucas closing the door in front of him, following everyone.

They all walked down into the Receiving Room downstairs, Lucas smiling as Joshy and Justy ran up to him, smiling at him.

"We runs outsides, Daddy! Gampas chase us!" Joshy grinned, Lucas smiling at the smiling grandfathers.

"Your grandfathers are true to their words, my sons. They'll always run with their love for you." he smiled, everyone smiling at the boys.

Justy smiled, kissing Lucas' cheek.

"We likes Sarah, Daddy. She bes our friend forevers." he smiled, Lucas smiling, kissing his cheek.

"Always, my son." he said, the two boys running to their grandmothers, Savannah and Vivian picking both up, everyone staring at Lucas.

"We have a new arrival, everyone. Felix's and Sheila's daughter has walked into our love. Let's welcome her with our own love returned." he smiled, Josh's arm going around him.

"Colton felt your magic increase, Lucky. And he said he felt something more." he said, Lucas smiling towards Colton, the young man staring at him.

"You felt the Voice opening." he said, Colton looking surprised.

"Yes, Dad. I thought an angel was about to speak to me." he said, Lucas walking across the room to him, his hand going to his shoulder.

"He had no need, Colt. I gave him the magic he needed." Lucas smiled, Horace staring at the young man.

"You gave him so much more, Lucas! It was so unbelievable! What you said, what you did!" the older doctor said, walking up to the two young men, his hand going to Lucas, raising his hand.

Everyone stared at the young man's hand, the scar there now extended down his hand and across his wrist.

"Your hand, Lucas!" Justin said, Lance and Josh at his side now, Lucas smiling at all three.

"I give love at a cost now, my loves. I give life and freedom at a greater cost. But my love moves as it must." he said, Momma Mavis walking up to him, her eyes again filled with tears.

"You are God's love, Lucas. We all saw that so easily! Even the angel saw it! You moved him even more." she said, her eyes going around the room, everyone staring at her with confusion.

"Sit down everyone. You all need to hear of Lucas' ever giving surprising love." she said, Horace nodding.

"It is the love of God!" Mavis said, her son Myles' arm going around her.

Lucas nodded, the young man walking up to the fireplace, sitting down in the chair beside it.

Horace looked around the room, everyone staring at him.

"I've been a doctor for over forty years. And I've never seen a greater truth of God's intervention than tonight. I was at your twins' birth, Sky and Finn. Lucas' magical love that night drawing them into his world of love. Tonight he guided someone else to give into God's miraculous love." he said, the doctor's voice filling the room, the night's truths opening.


Hours Earlier


Horace put the warm compress on the woman's forehead, Sheila softly sighing.

"That's another contraction, my dear. They're coming quickly. It won't be long now." he said, stepping back, the young woman softly smiling at him, her hand squeezing the two hands within hers.

A soft blue light surrounded her, her left hand in her husband's, Felix staring at her with deep worried love.

Her other hand held Lucas', the young man seated on the right side of her, his magic covering her body.

"I feel no pain, no discomfort. I only feel the surrounding love. It's breathtaking." she said, her blue eyes meeting her husband's blue.

"I see your golden love, my love." she said, a soft look of surprise showing on her face.

"Oh no!" she said, the young woman gasping, moving upwards, clenching.

"Another contraction? That's too soon." Felix said, guiding his wife gently back onto her back, the woman gasping and moaning.

"It can't be. She'd be showing already." Horace said, pulling the covers back, Lucas staring at Felix.

Felix stared into his now glowing white pools, the man's own self feeling a deep love flow through him.

"I am not the answer, Felix. My magic is not the answer. Your love is." Lucas said, the young doctor staring at him.

"It. . .it can't be, Lucas! You can't know!" Felix said, the young man rising from his seat on the other side of the bed, releasing Sheila's hand, the blueness disappearing instantly.

Sheila moaned, then gasped again, Horace at her side where Lucas had sat.

"The baby's coming. It's too early! She won't survive! And the mother is in danger." the older doctor said, tears showing in his caring eyes.

Felix stared at his wife, his eyes tearing up.

"I can't lose her. Not my new child! I can't lose either of them!" he said, the man feeling a hand going to his shoulder.

He looked up into two blue pools, staring into the man's soul.

"Life begins with sacrifice, my friend. As I have given, so shall they of His love. I give you now that hope within your heart. Ready your love for hers. Heal all to have all, doctor of their hearts. Your daughter and wife need your love, Raphael." Lucas said, the young man stepping back.

Felix's eyes returned to his wife's sweat-covered face, her blue pools meeting his blue.

"I feel her, my love! She's in pain!" she cried, Felix rising from his seat, staring down at her.

"For you, for her, I give into the love. I give you mine with His." the young doctor said, squeezing his wife's hand, his eyes now changing to golden brown, two large wings extending behind his back, the two Mavises and Horace staring at him with shock.

A golden light surrounded the young woman, her face changing into a soft smile, her eyes meeting his golden brown.

Lucas' hand touched Felix's shoulder, the golden light changing again to a soft blue, the two feeling a new love surrounding them.

"I love you, my Raphael, my angel of love." she said, the young woman gasping.

She sat up, Horace's arm going around her, she giving one last push, the quietness surrounded by a loud cry.

Horace moved, Mavis holding the young woman now.

Horace lifted the newborn child into his arms, cutting the umbilical cord, staring at the small wriggling form in his arms.

The child's eyes were golden brown, softly glowing, then calming to a bright shining blue.

She cooed, then cried, Horace guiding the child into her waiting mother's arms.

Felix stared down at her, his eyes filled with tears, meeting two sets of blue staring up at him.

"I love you, my angel." Sheila said, Felix crying.

"I love both of you, my loves." he said, Sheila guiding the small child into his arms, the angel rising to his feet, holding his newborn daughter in his arms.

"Welcome to our love, Sarah." he cried, his wings disappearing, his eyes again blue.

He felt a hand go to his shoulder, turning and staring into two violet pools of tearful love.

"She will be loved always by both of you. She is the newest angel of our love. Welcome onto my path, Raphael. Their love is yours."

Felix cried, returning his daughter to his wife's opening arms, the man sitting down beside her again, his hand going into hers.

Three other sets of eyes were staring at Lucas, the young man smiling, wiping his eyes.

"Love always finds a way." he said, smiling down at the new family before him, rubbing his forearm.


In the Receiving Room


Everyone's eyes were staring at Lucas, the young man now standing at the fireplace.

Finn was on his feet, staring at his friend.

"Felix is another angel?!" he said with wondrous shock, Lucas' head turning towards him.

"You listen well, our Wildebeest." he said, returning his gaze forward.

Colton moved, walking up to his friend, his hand going to his shoulder.

"I feel your love and magic, Dad. I sense now what I felt upstairs. The Voice's opening. Felix the angel was going to ask me to aid him with my magic. To save his daughter." he said, Lucas turning and staring at him.

"It wouldn't have been enough, and you knew it. That's why no one contacted me. You took it upon yourself to give him the magic he needed. Even after you said that you weren't the magic he needed. I sense you discovered the correct magic." Colton said, Lucas staring again at the small fire flickering in the fireplace, the early evening's coolness beginning.

"He needed a greater magic. A magic combined of truth, love and life." Lucas said, Colton rubbing his shoulder.

"The truth of his real self, the love of his soul for his wife and child, and the life you gave another sacrifice for." Colton said, raising Lucas' hand, the scar showing its greater progress.

"You sacrificed again for a greater love. You gave a part of your soul to gain her access to this life, and to their love."

Everyone stared at the young man, feeling his giving love.

"She needed life, Colt. She needs their love, and they need hers. Felix's love wasn't enough, nor was your or my magic. She needed the greater gift within me and the angel's own giving self." Lucas said, turning and staring at everyone, everyone seeing the tears in his violet pools.

"The greater gift of your real soul, your real love." Josh said, walking up to his soulmate, his arms going around him.

"I give all for all, my love. She needed that." he said, his head going against his husband's chest, feeling his love surrounding him.

"She has your love, as we all do, my love." Josh said, holding his soulmate.

"You have God's love, Lucas. It has guided her into my soul."

All eyes turned, Felix having spoken, the young man standing in the room's doorway, a small covered bundle in his arms, the young doctor walking into the room.

"Hello, everyone. I'd like you all to meet my daughter Sarah." he said, everyone rising to their feet, the women moving forward, surrounding the smiling young man.

"Oh, she's so beautiful." Trish said, guiding the infant into her arms, Felix smiling at her.

"She has her mother's beauty." he said, Savannah's arm going around him.

"How's Sheila, Felix?" she said, Felix smiling at her.

"She's sleeping. Contented and happy." he said, looking around at everyone.

"My name is actually Raphael." he said, looking at Lucas, the young man walking up to him.

"You are her father, Raphael. That's what's important at this moment. She shines with your angelic love and her mother's beauty." he said, Felix tearing up, two wings now showing behind him, everyone stepping back, staring at the man's now showing greater beauty, his eyes again golden brown.

"It has been too long, my brother." Cardinal Frederick said, Felix smiling at him.

"His love makes all of us show ours." he said, looking into Lucas' violet pools.

"Life moves always, my brethren." Alain said, Pierce and Gideon smiling at the young man.

Rosa Sharon walked up to him, the man's form changing back to his earthly manliness.

"His love surprises us all. Welcome back, Raphael. I have missed your beautiful smile. And I see his and your healing love moves as always. A greater gift given this time." she smiled, Colton's arm going around her.

"Raphael's healing love, Rosy?" he said, Rosa Sharon smiling at the young doctor.

"Raphael is the angelic physician to God's armies of righteousness. He heals all with his love." she said, Felix smiling at her, his eyes meeting Lucas'.

"A story for another time, Rosy." Lucas said, the young man's hand going to Felix's shoulder.

"Welcome into our love, Raphael. It hasn't changed, it's only grown stronger. We all welcome the new family of love." he smiled, Felix smiling at him.

Joshy and Justy ran up to their father and Felix, Felix smiling and going to one knee, the two boys smiling at the cooing baby in his arms, two blue pools meeting theirs.

"Welcomes to our wuv, Sarah. Me's going to marries you!" Joshy beamed, everyone laughing, Lance staring at his son.

"I think Sheila's about to stir again, Felix. She needs both your love." Lucas smiled, the man smiling and rising to his feet again, quietly walking out of the room, Horace and Mavis going with him to check on Sheila.

Josh's arms went around Lucas, staring down at his sons now climbing into Justin's and Lance's arms.

"They knew her name before Felix came down, my love." he said, Lucas smiling and kissing his cheek, little Justy smiling at him.

"They felt her new love, my love. Playmates forever." Lucas smiled, Joshy and Justy clapping together.

Everyone stared in wonder, Lucas smiling at everyone.

"I'll continue on dinner, Luke. Mavis has most of it cooking." Momma Mavis smiled, walking out of the room, everyone surrounding Lucas, the day's surprises being discussed.

Hudson stared at the young man, Lucas smiling at him.

"Another angel, Lucas?" he said, Lucas smiling at him again.

"One left to go. Let's leave that to its own time." he smiled, sitting down on a couch with his husbands, little Justy climbing into his lap.

Hudson stared at the young man, his eyes going around the room, everyone else's doing the same.

Lucas smiled, talking to his son in his lap, Lance staring at him.


Hours Later


"I am stuffed." Joey moaned, laying on the floor beside a couch, his daughter snuggled against him, Kelly smiling down at her husband, seated above him with Ian and Lorraine.

"Captain, there be whales here!" Lucas said, walking into the room, smiling at Chris laying on the floor cuddling with Piney.

"Scotty you're not, Carver." Chris said, Piney rubbing his husband's full stomach.

"But whale you be, Orca." Lucas smiled, three others following him.

Everyone smiled, rising to their feet, Sheila smiling, her husband's arm around her, a small bundle in her arms.

"She insisted on coming down." Felix said, guiding her to a couch, the women surrounding her and the baby.

"I feel fine." she smiled, Felix smiling at her.

"Angel love heals all." Lucas smiled, Felix smiling at him.

Sheila smiled, snuggling against her husband, the baby now in Skyler's arms.

"She's so beautiful, and so happy." Sky said, Finn smiling at her, seated on the floor by the fireplace.

"She has Lucas' love in her. That calms anyone." he said, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"Here I was hoping it excited you, hot stuff." Lucas winked, Finn raising one finger, Lucas laughing, walking up to his friend, Finn smiling up at him.

"We're all ready for the next surprise, Luke." he said, Lucas rolling his eyes.

"I'm not a sideshow, Finny. 'Come on Luke, show us your magic tricks.'" he smiled, Finn smiling up at him.

"Your love is the show we love, Luke." he smiled, Lucas leaning down and kissing his cheek.

"Do I have an aftershow for you."

Alain laughed, Finn blushing, Lucas ruffling his blond hair.

"Can anyone watch?" Alain grinned, licking his lips.

Finn laughed, blowing him a kiss.

"We'll tape it for your viewing pleasure, black angel."

Alain laughed, rising from his seat, walking up to Lucas.

"You surround us with our brother's love, Lucas. They show theirs with yours. You have surprised all of us." Alain said, Lucas smiling, his hand going to the black man's shoulder.

"Harry's love surprises your soul, Jibrail. My son's love is your love. As is the love surrounding you."

"We are ready for our last brother, Lucas. We welcome him back to our love." Alain said, looking around the room.

"He shall walk his path tomorrow, Alain. Tonight I just need to complete the love." Lucas said, smiling and walking up to the fireplace, stirring the coals behind the guard, Alain returning to his Harry's arms.

"Complete the love, my grandson?" Emerson said, seated in his chair by the fire, smiling up at his grandson.

"Love surrounds us, Grandfather. Opening hearts will bring this to completion." Lucas smiled, turning and looking around at everyone.

"Another surprise, Luke?" Finn said, staring up at his friend.

Lucas smiled down at Finn.

"The only surprise is the love growing in their hearts." Lucas smiled, someone standing up looking at him.

"I'm leaving in the morning, Lucas."

Lucas' eyes met two grey pools, Hudson Gordon-Carlisle staring at him.

"And why do you believe that you should leave, my friend?" Lucas said, the young man staring at him.

"Because I have let him in, Lucas. I am sorry." the young man said, tears now showing in his grey pools.

"I think you should speak from your soul, Uncle." Lucas said, sitting down in the armchair beside Finny, his friend staring at him, then at Hudson.

Everyone looked in confusion between the two men, another man rising from his chair.

"You were in the garden, weren't you?" Haven said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I follow love, Uncle. The beginnings feed my soul." Lucas said, Hudson staring at Haven with shock.

Haven stared at his nephew, then his brown pools moved to Hudson's grey.

"I love you, Hudson. I'm falling in love with you." he said, everyone looking shocked.

Hudson stepped back, staring at Haven in shock.

"No, Haven! You. . .you can't mean that!" he said.

"He does, Hudson. And I am going to fight the battle for you." Lucas said, rising from his seat.

Hudson looked shocked, Lucas walking up to him, Haven staring at his nephew with confusion.

"Battle, Lucas? What battle?" he said, Lucas eyes on only Hudson.

"The battle for this young man's soul, Uncle. I won't let it happen. Not today, not ever. Scars be damned!" Lucas said, the room suddenly filling with a golden light, the light surrounding Lucas and Hudson.

The light disappeared, everyone staring in shock.

Hudson and Lucas were both gone.


End of Chapter 234


Welcome back, everyone!

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New surprises reveal themselves.

A new angel of doctoring love.

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Who's the last?


And what's going on with Hudson?

Is he evil?

It now appears it was him and Haven in the garden earlier.

Love blooming among the flowers of Lucas' guiding love.


What is the battle Lucas talked of?

Where have he and Hudson gone?


A new year begins with new drama.

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