Yesterday's End-235


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.


It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.

Chapter 235


Everyone stood in shock, staring around the room.

Josh was on his feet, Justin and Lance's arms going around him, the three looking around the room.

"Good God! Where have they gone?!" Lance said, Justin staring at his husband, Tristan staring at his brother, Haven looking just as shocked.

Tristan walked up to his brother, staring at Haven.

"You love Hudson, Haven? How did this happen?" he said, his arm going around his brother, emotion now showing on Haven's face.

"It was your son, Trist. It has to have been him!" he said, Emerson looking at his two sons.

"What's going on, Haven?" he said, Haven staring into his father's green pools.

"I'd gone to the garden earlier this morning, to find comfort and solitude. Hudson walked into it a few minutes later. I think Hudson's coming here was for more than posterity's needs. I think your son organized all this, Trist." he said, Josh walking up to the man, Justin and Lance following.

"You went to the cavadeum's garden? We were there earlier today as well, with Lucas." he said, Haven's eyes meeting his.

"I felt a deep love there, a surrounding love. I must have been there shortly after you." the man said, walking up to the fireplace, staring into the fire's burning flames.

"I'd never met Hudson before today. Why did he come? Why did he walk into my life?" he softly said, Colton moving from his seat, walking up to the man, his hand going to his shoulder.

"He came for the same reason you walked back into this life, Haven. Lucas' love drew you both here. I sense he knew the two of you needed each other. His love guiding you both onto each other's path." Colton smiled, Haven's eyes meeting his.

"I think you've both been hit by the thunderbolt of love at first sight, Haven. I think Lucas arranged all of this for both of you." Colton said, Haven staring at him.

"Hudson's so beautiful, so giving and loving. We talked and he seems so unbelievable. He said the same of me. I think we both needed each other at the same moment." he said, Tristan staring at his brother again.

"I see a deep look of happiness in your brown pools, Haven. I think Colton's right. My son's giving you the love you need. Ours and now Hudson's." Tristan said, Haven moving, the two brothers hugging deeply.

"It's so unbelievable, Trist! He's so unbelievable! I've only known Hudson for a day and now I feel lost that he's gone!" the man said, everyone seeing the love shining on his handsome face.

"He said he'd help me deal with my feelings, with the loss within my soul. He was so giving, he held me in the garden. We. . .we kissed. It felt so real!" he said, Tristan smiling at his brother.

"My brother's falling in love. I'm so happy for you." he smiled, Haven smiling at him, the two hugging again.

Haven then looked at Colton when the brothers broke their embrace, the young man smiling at him.

"Where has Lucas taken Hudson, Colton? I felt something just before they disappeared." he said, Colton looking around the room.

"I don't know the greatness of their path, Haven. I only know what I sensed as they disappeared. I sense all of you angels sensed it for the briefest of moments as well." he said, Rosa Sharon walking up to her brother, nodding her head.

All the angels nodded as well.

"I felt it too, Colt. A soft touch of evil. It was as if evil was behind a wall, fighting to move forward." she said, Josh's hand going to her small shoulder.

"My Lucas is with evil now?" he said, Justin's and Lance's arms going around him.

"I'm not sure, Josh. I think the battle Lucas spoke of is somehow surrounding Hudson. Where Lucas has led them, we know not. We'll just have to wait till they return to find out what's going on. I didn't sense the evil till the golden moment." she said, Alain looking at her.

"It wasn't the golden pathway to Hell, I didn't feel His love within it." he said, Rosa Sharon nodding.

"Myself either, Jibrail. I think Lucas has gone on a voyage into another evil's domain." she said, Colton's arm going around her.

"Lucas' magic is strong. He can fight any evil." he said, Rosa Sharon smiling and nodding.

"Yes, Colt. I think Hudson's in the safest place right now. He's surrounded by Lucas' love and magic." she smiled, the young girl moving, walking up to Felix and Sheila, smiling at the little bundle in Sheila's arms.

"I feel his love around you, Sarah. Another new angel walks into the world's light." she said, Felix and Sheila smiling at her.

"We all feel his love, Rosa Sharon. And she is indeed half angel." Felix said, his angelic brethren smiling at him.

"Let's wait and welcome their return." she smiled, returning to her seat with Colton's soulmates, the young girl climbing into Enrique's lap, snuggling against him.

Everyone stared at her, the little girl smiling.


An Hour Later


Josh paced the room's center, everyone quietly staring at him.

"Pacing isn't helping, Josh." Lance said, the man stopping, staring at his soulmates.

"I'm worried, Lance. I don't feel my Lucas' magic. I still feel his love but his magical soul's lost to us." he said, Justin rising to his feet, his arms encircling Josh's waist.

"We all feel his love, Joshy. He's coming back." Justin said, kissing Josh's lips.

"I know he's coming back, Justin. He'll never leave me." Josh said, Justin guiding him back to his seat, the two sitting down.

"Do you feel anything, Adam?" Lance asked, staring at the Maroon 5 singer, Adam surrounded by Pierce and Usher on another couch.

"I still feel Lucas' love and yes, his magic. But I don't feel his total connection. I think he's somewhere far." he said, Lance nodding.

Everyone had quietly sat in the room for the last hour, the Mavises bringing everyone coffee, tea and dessert, Josh foregoing dessert.

"Our Lucas is forever giving. I know in my heart he's in some way helping Hudson. With what, we have no clue." Emerson said, Francesca kissing her husband's cheek, the two standing by the fireplace.

"I felt the soft evil behind the light as well. I think our Lucas has gone to do battle with evil for Hudson's sake." she said, everyone nodding, the room bathed in a quiet emotion.

Tristan sat with his brother, his arm around him, their eyes meeting.

"Where are they, Trist? I need Hudson back here with me, safe." he said, Tristan smiling, kissing his brother's cheek.

"You're my loving brother, Puck. How I've missed the happiness within your soul. I think Hudson will only add to it." he smiled, Haven smiling at him.

"I love the young man, Trist. I've never felt like this." he said, Savannah smiling, rising from her seat with her sister, the woman sitting down on Haven's other side.

"I feel the same every moment I'm with Tristan, and every moment we're apart. It's called true love, Haven. And we all see and feel our little Puck has returned to us. Welcome back to our love, my brother-in-law." she smiled, Haven smiling, the two hugging, kissing each other's cheeks.

"My grandson's love does wonders, for all of us." Emerson smiled, his sons and daughters smiling at their parents.

"His love is real love." Rosa Sharon said, the little girl suddenly standing up, looking around the room.

"I sense the evil's gone. I feel something greater returning!" she said, the room suddenly filling with an intense white light.

The light disappeared immediately, everyone rising to their feet.

Hudson Gordon-Carlisle stood in the center of the room, the young man suddenly staggering, falling forward, Haven out of his seat in a flash, his arms around him before he totally collapsed.

"The light! The love!" the young man gasped, collapsing into Haven's arms, the older man lifting him up, Tristan helping guide him to a nearby couch, Haven gently laying the young man down, kneeling beside him.

"Hudson! Hudson, speak to me!" he said with emotion, the young man's grey eyes opening, staring into his brown.

"I. . .I love you. . .Haven. He's shown me so much. His courage, his strength, the magic. . .it was. . .he is. . ." the young man said closing his eyes again.

Josh knelt beside him as well, shaking the young man's shoulder.

"Where's Lucas, Hudson?" he said, everyone staring at the young man, all surrounding the couch.

"I sent him back for his needs. I had to attend to my own."

Everyone turned at the new voice, Lucas standing in front of the fireplace, the young man's hands folded in front of him.

Josh rose to his feet, walking towards him, Lucas suddenly staggering a bit, Josh at his side in a flash, his arms going around him.

"Lucas, are you okay?" he said, Lucas feeling his love and strength surrounding him.

"He and I need rest, my love. Voyages traveled, paths walked. The. . .the morning will bring the truth." he softly said, Justin and Lance now at his side, Justin's arm around him as well, all three feeling the man's deep exhaustion.

"You're going to bed, my love." Justin said, tears showing in his eyes.

Lucas slowly nodded his head, the young man feeling two arms of strength now around him, his body lifting upwards.

"I'll carry you, my brother." Finn said, his strong arms carrying him.

Lucas closed his eyes, his head going against Finn's chest.

"I'll follow you up, Josh. I'll examine both upstairs." Horace said, the four men walking out of the room, Horace following.

"Let me help you with Hudson, brother." Tristan said, the two men lifting the sleeping man into Haven's arms, everyone watching them carry him out of the room.

"Mystery, as always, surrounds our Lucas. Their exhaustion shows perhaps a great battle fought." Emerson said, Francesca kissing his cheek.

"His love returns, my husband. We'll all have it again in the morning." she said, everyone staring at the open doorway.

"I think we should all go upstairs. Let's see what Horace has to say about their conditions before we all head for bed." Savannah said, her sister and parents following her out of the room.

Everyone followed, the room left in empty silence.


Upstairs, Josh and Justin had undressed Lucas, they and Lance staring in shock at the young man's physique.

His hand and now his forearm were covered in scars almost to the elbow.

"His magic has taxed him again." Lance said, Horace running his fingers gently across the scars.

"These scars are old and healed. They can't be real!" he said with soft shock.

"The pain of life is always real, Uncle." Lucas softly said, his eyes slowly opening for a moment, then closing again.

They all saw the deep tiredness in his violet pools.

The four men stared at his chest and legs, soft black inked symbols now disappearing before their eyes.

"Those strange marks again. He's gone into evil's heart again." Lance said, staring at Lucas' now smooth blemish-free chest.

"His magic was strong enough to return him to us, and keep both of them safe. But what has he done to earn more scars?" Justin said, Horace looking over Lucas' body, taking his vital signs.

"The morning will show all." Lucas softly said, his eyes opening again, Josh kissing his forehead.

"Close your eyes, my love. Go to sleep. We'll talk in the morning." he said, Lucas' eyes closing again, Horace removing his blood pressure strap from Lucas' upper arm.

"His signs are normal, good heart rate and pulse. He's deeply exhausted though. I believe he'll sleep till morning." he said, closing his medical bag, rising from his seat.

"I think we should all do that. You know where I am if anything is needed." he said, Lance smiling, hugging the older doctor.

"He'll need all our love in the morning, Horace." he said, the doctor smiling.

"We all have that to give. Goodnight, my friends." he said, the other two men smiling at him, the doctor walking out of the room with Finn, going to tell everyone waiting in the hall his findings.

"We all need sleep as Horace said." Lance said, pulling off his polo shirt, Justin and Josh staring at Lucas' sleeping form.

"Where did he go, Lance? If not to Hell, then where?" Justin said, Josh's arm going around him, kissing his cheek.

"Where he's been isn't what's important now, Jus. His coming back is. His love is back with us." Josh said, removing his shirt, the three men beginning to undress.

Josh climbed into the bed, snuggling against his man's right side, Lance on his left.

Justin removed all his clothing, adding it to the pile on the armchair by the window, climbing into the bed, snuggling against Josh's back.

The three men leaned forward, each kissing Lucas' lips.

"We're here to love you, Lucas. We all need your love." Justin said, Josh feeling the tears hitting his shoulder blade.

He turned around, pulling Justin against him, Lance snuggling against Lucas, staring at the two.

"He's scarred, Josh! Why does he have pain when he has all our love?" Justin cried, Josh holding him close.

"Our love is greater, Jus. His is the most special of all ours. I think you need to hold his love even more tonight." Josh said, pulling Justin over him, the man now moving against Lucas, his head going to Lucas' warm chest.

"I love you, Lucas. I love you so much, all three of you!" Justin said, Josh snuggling against his back.

"Go to sleep, my Justin. His and our love will be here in the morning." Lance said, Josh smiling at him.

Justin closed his eyes, pulling Lucas closer to him.

The other two men closed their eyes, the room quiet and moonlit.

An hour later, two violet pools opened, Lucas feeling the love surrounding him.

He smiled, closing his now glowing green eyes again, his own self moving on its own.


Haven sat beside the bed, staring at the young man sound asleep in front of him.

He and Tristan had gently removed the man's clothing, Haven staring at the young man's sculpted, muscled form.

Their eyes had widened as well, seeing the black markings slowly disappearing from the man's hairy chest and legs.

They'd covered him up, Tristan guiding Haven to the armchair beside the bed, Horace walking into the room a few minutes later.

The doctor had looked the young man over, giving both men the same diagnosis as he'd given Lucas' soulmates.

Exhaustion surrounded by magic.

He'd left, everyone in the hallway dispersing, going to their rooms.

Tristan had sat with his brother for a few minutes, the two quietly talking, their brotherly love growing back to its former self.

He'd tried to guide Haven to his own bed, the man refusing, wanting to stay a while longer with the young man.

Tristan had smiled, seeing the love growing in his brother's eyes.

He'd patted his shoulder, kissing his cheek, Haven smiling at him, his brother walking out of the room.

For over half an hour Haven sat, staring at the young man's beauty.

His muscular hairy chest rose and fell, a deep sleep surrounding him.

You're so beautiful, Hudson.

So unbelievably beautiful.

I. . .I need your love so much.

I've been so alone for eons.

I never was supposed to have this.

I have given my soul over to His oath.

Haven lowered his eyes, the man suddenly feeling a hand on his shoulder now.
He raised his head upwards, staring into two violet pools, Lucas' handsome normal face smiling down at him.

Haven's eyes widened in surprise, seeing the young man's normal black hair and handsome face.

"Loneliness gives way to a greater hope, Uncle. And you were always meant to have love. We've arranged that." Lucas smiled, his violet pools going to the sleeping man laying before them.

"He has much courage, Uncle Haven. And an even greater love. That love needs yours." Lucas said, his eyes meeting Haven's brown.

The man rose from his chair slowly staring at Lucas.

"This was all your doing, wasn't it? My salvation from evil's core, my guidance back into this world, the joining of my. .  of our love." he said, Lucas' hand going to the man's shoulder.

"I love you, Uncle Haven. And I will love him as a brother. He is free now of the evil, as you now are. The morrow's truths shall set your hearts free. Tonight the love needs to be whole." Lucas said, the young man moving, sitting on the bed's edge, his scarred hand going to the young man's forehead.

"Promise given, love shown." he said, a soft blue light glowing off his hand, now glowing on the young man's forehead.

Lucas rose from his seat, the man leaning forward and kissing Haven's cheek.

"Life begins with love, Haven. It's all going to be so beautiful." Lucas smiled, his form suddenly disappearing.

Haven stood in silent shock, staring around the silent, empty room.


He turned, staring into two grey pools of shining life.

"You're awake, Hudson. We thought you'd sleep all night." he said, the young man rising from his lying position, his sculpted chest now showing completely.

"I'm. . .where am I?" he said, Haven staring at him.

"You're in your room upstairs at The Havens. I carried you up here when you'd collapsed after returning."

"The fields, the air." he softly said, Haven sitting down on the bed, his arm gently going around the young man, guiding him back to a flat position, his hand on the man's warm chest.

"You need rest, Hudson. We'll talk in the morning."
The man's grey pools stared into Haven's brown shiny eyes.

"I'm alright, Haven. I see the worry in your eyes."
The man's eyes lowered, Hudson's hand going into his.

"I. . .I thought I'd lost you before I'd even loved you." he said, the two staring at each other.

"I'm here, Haven. My love is yours. Lucas has made me see that." Hudson said, raising Haven's hand, kissing it within his own.

"I. . .I love you, Hudson." Haven said, Hudson smiling.

"I love you, Haven. I need you tonight and always." he said, Haven tearing up.

"Please stay here tonight with me, Haven. I need your strength and love around me as I sleep." Hudson said, Haven nodding.

The man stood up, quickly removing his clothing down to his boxers, Hudson scanning his smooth, muscled form.

Haven turned out the lamp on the nightstand, the room bathed in moonlight.

He climbed into the bed, laying down beside Hudson, the young man moving, the two joining together, his head going against Haven's chest.

"Our love is enough, my Haven. Our love is enough." he said, closing his eyes, Haven wrapping his arms around the younger man.

He felt his soul flood with love, the warmth of the man in his arms filling his heart with life.

A few doors down two violet pools were filled with tears, Lucas feeling the created love.

He felt the scars moving, his heart filled with a greater truth.

Love is life, always.
He closed his violet pools, his three of love surrounding him.


The Next Morning


Chris walked into the dining room, Piney's hand in his, Grayson and Gabriel following them.

Everyone stared at them, Grayson smiling towards his brother.

"We met Josh in the hallway, Em. Lucas is coming down shortly. Josh said he's back to his old self." the lawyer said, Emerson rising from his seat, hugging his brother.

"Nothing can stop my grandson. His love is healing and strong." he smiled, Grayson patting his shoulder.

"The sign of a true Belmont. Nothing slows any of us down." Grayson smiled, Emerson laughing.

Chris smiled, sitting down beside Finn, Piney joining him.

"Yes, I'm sure he's back to his old self. If the noise against our bedroom wall this morning was any indication. I didn't know you had a jackhammer, Emerson?" Finn laughed, Chris joining him, others smiling.

"Next time we'll have you right in the center of the fun, studly Welshman." Justin said, walking into the room, Lance's arm around him.

"I don't need to see a freakshow, Timberlake." Finn grinned, Justin smiling at him.

"You in a thong will indeed be freaky." Lance said, Justin laughing, Finn blushing.

"In your dreams, Bass." he said, Lance blowing him a kiss.

"Where's my grandson and Josh, Lance?" Emerson smiled, Lance hugging him and Francesca, the two having risen from their chairs, Justin receiving hugs as well.

"Josh was finishing dressing, Lucas was finishing showering. They were going to stop and check on Hudson." Lance said, he and Justin sitting down at the table, Emerson and Francesca returning to their seats.

"Where's Haven as well?" Emerson said, Tristan smiling at his father.

"He wasn't in his room when I checked this morning, Father. I believe he spend the night at Hudson's side." he said, Savannah smiling at her husband.

"Love is best when it's close."

Everyone's eyes turned, Lucas and Josh standing in the room's doorway, the two walking into the room.

"Good morning, everyone." Lucas said, his hand in Josh's.

"Good morning, my grandson!" Emerson smiled widely, others rising as well.

"Sit everyone. I'm well." Lucas smiled, everyone returning to their seats, Lucas hugging his grandfather before he returned to his seat.

"I'm sure Justin and Lance would have wanted you better than well." Chris smirked, Joey slapping him on the back of the head, seated behind him.

Lucas smiled, winking at Joey.

"A bit early to be slapping the cobwebs out of his head, Joe. That smart room's pretty empty." he said, Joey bursting into laughter, others laughing as well, Chris blushing deeply.

"Yeah, he's back to normal." Finn smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Sorry for being too noisy this morning, Finnegan. And don't be jealous. You're the only jack I want to hammer. My sexy jackass." Lucas smiled, several people laughing, sitting down beside his husband, Finn blushing.

"You heard me say that? From up there?" he said, Lucas smiling.

"I haven't been up there yet, Finn."

Finn groaned, others laughing, Emerson smiling at his grandson.

"Your mirth warms our souls, my grandson. It's good to see you back to your vibrant self."
"Love warms all of us, Grandfather. Mine is now complete." he smiled, the young man suddenly rising from his seat.

"Welcome to a new day of love, my Uncle and cousin." he smiled, turning towards the doorway, Haven and Hudson walking into the room, their hands joined together.

Everyone stared at them, the two men showing wide, warm, loving smiles.

"The greatest day of happiness, my nephew." Haven smiled, walking up to Lucas, hugging his nephew deeply, Hudson smiling at both men.

Lucas smiled, patting his uncle's back, Hudson smiling at him.

"The day begins with your happiness, my family." he said, Haven breaking the hug, Hudson replacing him, Lucas smiling and hugging his cousin.

"What you've done, what you are!" Hudson said, getting emotional, Lucas rubbing his back.

"What I am is hungry. I smelled your chocolate chip pancakes from the shower, Auntie Mavis." Lucas smiled, breaking his embrace with Hudson, Haven's arm going around his man.

"I've made them big and sweet, just for you, nephew." Mavis smiled, heading to the kitchen, Momma Mavis following her.

"Let's sit and eat within the love. The truth we'll hold till after." Lucas smiled, the young man returning to his seat, Haven and Hudson smiling, sitting down beside Tristan and Savannah.

"Would you say grace, Cardinal Santiago?" Lucas smiled, the cardinal smiling, seated with Lewis and Jacques, the man rising to his feet, everyone bowing their heads.

The cardinal said a benevolent, short, thankful grace, everyone saying Amen.

Lucas smiled, the Mavises carrying platters of breakfast goodness out to the awaiting throng.


After Breakfast


Lucas smiled, his fingers rubbing the angel's cheek in his arms.

Felix and Sheila both smiled, watching Lucas gently rocking their daughter, the baby cooing in Lucas' embrace.

"Hello, Sarah. Little angel of new life. My love and theirs surrounds you. Welcome to our family of life." Lucas softly said, kissing her small forehead, his violet pools meeting Felix's blue tearing pools.

"She'll have a loving godfather in you, Lucas." he said, Lucas smiling widely.

"I'm honored and loved. Welcome to my family, all three of you." he smiled, guiding the baby back into Sheila's arms.

Everyone smiled, seated around the Receiving Room, breakfast's delicious heaviness filling all their souls.

Josh's arm went around Lucas, the man smiling at his closeness.

"Speaking of angels of love, I've bagged me a beauty." he smiled, kissing Josh's lips, Felix and Sheila smiling.

Josh smiled, Lucas guided him to Justin and Lance, both smiling at the two.

The four sat down together, Justin smiling at Lucas, leaning in and whispering in his ear.

"You bagged all three of us first thing this morning, our hot stud." he said, Lucas smiling, patting his backside.

"I missed the passion last night. Had to make up for lost time." he smiled, Lance smiling at him.

"If Finn only knew how hard that jackhammer really was." he said, Lucas laughing, the four heard by no one.

Finn smiled towards the four, Lucas winking at him.

"So what happened here last night, Luke?" he said, opening up the conversation and need immediately.

Lucas smiled, rising from his seat, walking to the fireplace, looking into the flames.

"The wildebeest shows his needs early." he smiled, looking at Finn, the man blushing softly, staring at him with brotherly love.

"You shock us as always, Luke. And Horace told us about the greater scars." he said, rising to his feet, walking up to his friend, his arm going around him.

"I hate to see you in pain, Luke. You're my brother and I love you. We all love you."

Lucas smiled, kissing Finn's cheek.

"You'd make one hell of a great jackhammer yourself."

Finn blushed, staring at him.

"I feel your love, Finnegan. It's time the truth wanders out again. The day begins with it and ends with more." he said, Finn nodding.
"We're all here for you, Lucas. We know what tomorrow means for you especially."

Lucas nodded, Finn hugging him close, Lucas patting his back.

"Return to Sky's love, Finnegan. Your boy needs your mirthful love as well." Lucas smiled, Finn smiling, returning to his wife, picking up Julian from her lap, the two snuggling with their kids.

Adam rose from his seat, Hudson's grey pools staring at Lucas, Haven at his side, his arm around him.

Adam walked up to his friend, Lucas smiling at him.

"I felt your love and magic still within me last night, Luke. Wherever you were, you were still here within me." he said, Lucas smiling, kissing Adam on the lips, the singer feeling his love.

"My favorite dream."

Adam blushed, slapping Lucas' backside.

"You know what I mean." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"We're friends and confidants of life, Adam. I'll always be with you." he said, Adam smiling.

"So what happened here last night?" he said, Lucas sighing softly, everyone staring at him.

"I went on a voyage of redemption, Adam. I had to right a wrong I unfortunately instigated. For that I'd gladly take on any pain." he said, someone rising from their seat, walking up to the two men.

"I told you there was no warrant for redemption, Lucas. It never was your fault."

Adam stared into Hudson's grey pools, the young man standing in front of them now.

Haven's eyes were on the young man, about to rise to his feet at a moment's notice.

"It's alright, Adam. I feel your love. Return to yours." Lucas said, Adam looking between the two, walking back to Pierce and Usher, the three joining together.

Hudson stared at Lucas, the young man turning, staring into the burning fire in the fireplace.

Lucas felt the young man's hand go to his shoulder, feeling the man's determination.

"They need to know the truth, Lucas. Of what happened to me. Of what you did last night. Of what. . .of what I saw." he said, Lucas turning, staring into two grey pools of calmness and determination.

"Before this starts I need your forgiveness, Hudson. Forgive me for not seeing what I'd unleashed, and what it would do."

The young man leaned forward, kissing Lucas on the cheek, Lucas staring at him.

"Promises given, love shown." Hudson said, Haven rising to his feet, staring at the two young men.

"You said those same words last night, Lucas. When you appeared in Hudson's room." Haven said, everyone looking confused.

"You were asleep with us, my love." Josh said, Lucas' violet pools meeting his soulmates' blue and green.

"I felt the wandering love, Dad." Colton said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I had to go where the love needed me." he said, Haven walking up to the two men, staring at Lucas.

"You touched Hudson and a blue light surrounded him as he lay in bed. Then you disappeared, Hudson waking up. He wasn't as exhausted as before. I held him all night in my arms. You united our love last night, Lucas." Haven said, his brown eyes meeting Hudson's grey.

"Life gives us moments of destiny, Uncle. You both needed the destiny of your souls." Lucas said, Hudson's eyes meeting his.

"What exhausted you both, Lucas? I and all my angelic brethren felt the soft evil. You fought evil again last night." Haven said, Lucas nodding, looking around the room.

"I fought an evil, yes. An evil I unwillingly and unknowingly unleashed. Life's path needed to be righted."

"My life you saved last night, Lucas." Hudson said, his hand going to the young man's shoulder.

"I couldn't leave you with your heart's pain, my cousin. You haven't answered me on my need for forgiveness."

"I don't need to forgive you for what happened, Lucas. I need to thank you for what you did on that field." Hudson said, Josh rising from his seat, walking up to his husband, his arm going around him.

"What field? What's going on my love?" he said, Lucas smiling at him, feeling his protective love.

"Let's all sit down, everyone. I have a confession to tell you." he said, the three men nodding, Josh the last to leave him, returning to his seat with Justin and Lance, both wrapping him in their love.

Lucas sighed, turning and looking up at the portrait hanging above the fireplace, then down into the soft flames coming from the burning fire.

"So many paths of life, of love and evil, of goodness and faith, of redemption and life." he said, the young man turning and staring around at everyone.

"You all know of the evil that resides within this home. Lost deep within the shades of the hidden treasure room deep within this house's heart. A room I've visited only once."

Everyone nodded, fully aware of Lucas' life-changing venture into the golden treasure room.

"There within its golden troughs I drew the evil out and we fought. The white light of goodness surrounded both of us, the evil cast into oblivion. Or so I thought." Lucas said, the young man turning back to the fire.

"Evil never dies, even total goodness can't destroy its endless needs. I had forgotten that." he said, Colton rising from his seat, walking up to him, his hand going to his shoulder.

"You sent the evil away, but you didn't totally destroy it." he said, Lucas turning his head, staring into Colton's blue pools.

"No, I didn't, Colt. I thought I had in my hand the gift to destroy that evil. I realized immediately that it was something else. It was a truth." he said, Rosa Sharon rising from her seat, walking up to her brother and Lucas.

"The other gift you pulled from the trough with Colton's bow." she said, everyone looking confused, staring at Lucas.

"Yes, little angel. You saw both in my hands." he said, Rosa Sharon staring at him.

"You threw the bow to myself, so that I could guide it to my brother's destined hands. And you used the other to attack the evil. I could not believe what you chose to pick up. What you held within your hand." Rosa Sharon said, Lucas nodding his head.

"Evil couldn't believe it as well." he said, turning and staring at the fire again.

"I saw it laying against the bow's arrow cache. I didn't realize what it was until I picked it up. I felt His goodness flood my soul."

Reverend Saunders looked at Cardinal Santiago, both men rising to their feet.

"What. . .what did you pick up, Lucas? You felt His presence?" the reverend said, Lucas' eyes meeting his.

Rosa Sharon's form changed, everyone staring at the young woman standing beside Lucas, her white wings spread behind her.

"It is only known by one name. It is the destiny of all souls. His written life given for all. You have been favored by God, Lucas." she said, her golden eyes staring at Cardinal Santiago.

Cardinal Santiago's form changed, an older angel now staring at the younger angel.

"You cannot mean. . .?" he said, the other angels rising to their feet, their angelic forms now showing.

"What was it, Meresankh?" Pierce said, all eyes on Lucas and the young angel.

Meresankh turned, walking towards Lucas, stopping in front of him.

She knelt before him, bowing her head, the other angels looking at each other.

"We are children of His worth, Lucas Carver-Belmont. You are a child of His giving divinity. We follow His love, you follow His soul." she said, the woman's eyes rising, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"He gave you the heart of all our lives. The wisdom of all His love. I sense you know the truth now of all of us. For he has given you his heart. Written on the hands of time, touched by his love and destiny." she said, the other angels looking shocked, staring at Lucas.

"No! It. . .it cannot be!" Jibrail said, staring at Lucas, the black angel going to his knees, the other five joining him, everyone staring at them with confusion.

Lucas stared at everyone, the young man sighing again.

"I sense you have found the truth, Lucas." Meresankh said, Lucas nodding.

"I have found many truths, Rosa Sharon." he said, the angel smiling, returning to her normal self, Rosa Sharon smiling at him, the other angels rising to their feet, returning to their selves as well.

Cardinal Santiago walked up to Lucas and Rosa Sharon, his cheeks covered in tears.

"We have been blessed with God's devotion, Lucas. You are blessed with His love." he said, Lucas nodding, his hand moving outwards, everyone's eyes widening, something now laying in his hand.

The seven angels gasped, as did everyone else.

Everyone stared at a large leather-bound book laying in Lucas' scarred hand.

Cardinal Santiago stared at the book, lowering his eyes.

"It is the words of God, the paths of all of us. It is the Book Of Life."


Everyone stared at the book, Josh rising from his seat, walking up to Lucas.

The young man smiled, the book disappearing from his hand, Josh's eyes widening.

"What. . .what is that book, Lucas?" he said, his arm going around Lucas' waist, the young man smiling.

"It is nothing against your love, my love."

Josh smiled, everyone staring at the young man.

Cardinal Santiago stared at him, Lucas sighing again.

"I know the reality of its truth, Ridwan, as do you all." he said, Vivian rising from her seat, staring at her nephew with soft shock.

"The. . .the Book Of Life is a myth, Lucas! A myth hidden throughout several religions of this earth." she said, staring at him.

"Myths of life are realities in most ways, Mom. The angelic hosts standing before us know its truth." Lucas said, Pierce walking up to him.

"It is the book of God's truth, Lucas. The truth of all our destinies." he said, Adam's arm going around him, Usher now at his other side.

"What exactly is it? And why do you have it, Luke?" he said, Pierce's blue pools meeting his blue.

"Sit down again, everyone. I will explain what it is." Lucas said, everyone staring at him, returning to their seats, seven angels staring at him with guarded concern.

"I feel your love, my angelic brethren. He has placed it in my hands for my own worth." Lucas said, looking around at everyone.

"What is that book, Lucky?" Lance asked, everyone focusing on Lucas' form in front of the fireplace.

Lucas sighed again, folding his hands in front of him, everyone staring at his scarred hand.

"It is the book of destiny, and truth, Lance. God's truth. The truth He has in store for all of us. Within its endless pages are the names of every person upon this earth, from the past unto the future."

Everyone looked surprised, remembering it wasn't that large a book.

"Beside each name is written--by His hand--the destiny of each. Heaven or Hell. The fate of everyone." Lucas said, everyone looking shocked.

Adam rose from his seat, walking up to Lucas, staring at him.

"You mean. . .you mean you can read the path of everyone from that book? Who goes to heaven, who goes to hell?" he said, looking shocked.

"Yes, Adam. Anyone who opens the book can read the fate of their families, their loved ones and their own selves. My devotion was given for another task." Lucas said, everyone staring at him with shock.

"What task did God give you, Lucas?" Reverend Saunders asked, his hands clasped in prayer.

"He gave me the truth of all, good Reverend. The destiny of all of you. And He has guided the book into my hands for only one reason--To change the path of many. I have been given the power to change His once written truths." he said, raising his hand, everyone staring at the scars, seeing them going below Lucas' shirt cuff.

"It began with you, Uncle Haven. I have changed your path for your own needs." Lucas said, Haven rising from his seat, walking up to Lucas.

"For me?" he said, Lucas nodding.

"You are of His love, Uncle. His devotion is within your soul. God doesn't leave his children alone in the darkness. He guides others to guide them to their hearts and love. I have changed your destiny from Hell to Heaven, Uncle. For your love is pure and true. And greater now with the new love flowing through you. Hudson's path I now have changed as well. I would take on any pain, even from God, to see your love created."

Hudson rose to his feet, walking up to Lucas.

"You. . .you changed my path. You took on the evil to save me! I cannot fathom what I have seen, I can only feel what's now in my heart. Thank you, Lucas. For giving me the love I've so longed for!" he cried, Haven's arms going around Hudson, Lucas smiling at both.

"A lost field can hold redemption, Hudson. My soul now feels the complete love. That was worth any risk." Lucas said, Josh rising from his seat again, at Lucas' side, his arm going around him again.

"What have you done, Lucas? What happened last night?" he said, Lucas smiling.

"Love happened, my love. And I took on an evil I thought I'd destroyed. And I only had to use the gift He gave me." Lucas said, Hudson staring at him.

"That light was Him?" he softly said, Lucas smiling.

"That light was my truth, Hudson. The field was waiting for all of us."

Lucas looked around the room.

"Sit down, everyone. It's time you heard what happened to Hudson and myself. And what I've now done."


End of Chapter 235


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Seems Lucas has been holding a great magic within himself.

A book of God's own design.

The book of life's path, for all of us.

Who goes to Heaven, who goes to Hell.


Did Lucas read that book?
Did Lucas change many paths, or none?

What happened with him and Hudson?


Questions in need of answers.

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This story is taking on a life of its own.


But the end draws near, the path leads to one truth.


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