Hey you guys.

This is my first attempt in writing a Celebrity story, so if its not so great, let me know!

This story though, is totally fiction. I have never met any of these sexy guys and I probably never will. THIS IS NOT TRUE.

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Forever German

Germany had found themselves in this kind of situation before. They had to win their final game against Austria to qualify for the Quarter Finals of the European Championships. That was just not how the Germans were used to doing things. Surely on paper Austria seemed like a mere formality, but you never know. Not when Austria could have beaten Poland by three goals to zero, and that by halftime.

Per Mertesacker of Germany and Werder Bremen was quietly contemplating this scenario. As a defender, his job was to stop strikers getting a way through on goal. As the tallest man in the German squad, he was quite confidant, but there was really no letter `I' in the word `team'.

Per and Christoph Metzelder, of Real Madrid, was watching a replay of the Austria/Poland match and tried to figure out where the main threats was coming from. Per almost screamed when Austria missed a golden chance to make it 1-0. Five minutes later, again! Artur Boruc of Poland made save after save to keep the Poles in the championships.

After Christoph went to bed, Per was still thinking of one particular person, one that he had met before, and had seen enough from to know that this guy was literally DROP DEAD GEORGEOUS. Per replayed the recording over and over just to see this stunningly sexy guy again. Spiky hair, great body, tall, handsome, shit!

Per never had a thought like this about another guy before. But this guy was...there wasn't another way to put this...beautiful!

His name was Martin Harnik.

Per couldn't sleep. Martin was in his mind like a virus, eating at him and he didn't know why he had to come all the way to Austria to realise that Martin, who was his fucking teammate in Werder Bremen, was this sexy and that he was giving Per a boner at the moment. Per couldn't control it, he just had to give that big German cock a squeeze! Per put his hand inside his shorts and got a feel of eight inches of hard, meaty cock. He could feel his pre cum juices flowing from his hard prick. Oh, what would it feel like to have Martin Harnik suck his hard cock! He imagined putting his hand in Martin's dark, spiky hair while forcing all his eight inches inside the Austrian's mouth. Per shuddered. He felt his big balls pushing the cum upwards in his fantastic hard cock and a moment later, Per groaned loud and pushed his cock up in the air while holding it at the base. From there his hand slowly traveled up the full length of his cock and he sighed as he imagined that the sexy Martin Harnik was working his big cock. Per grunted and crunched that amazing stomach as his thick, white cum flew from his cock. Per moaned once more and ran his left hand through his perfect blond hair. He had just thought of Martin as he blew his cum. Unthinkable a few weeks ago.

Per was determined to have Martin, even if just for the night. Per knew that a certain group of men and woman fancied him from what he had heard over the years, so he tried not to show too much when it came to the end of matches. Martin was perfect, but was a virtual unknown before these championships. Per didn't care, all that mattered was that he had to have a piece of that sexy man.

Per pressed the dial button on his mobile for the fourth time. He was nervous, as he had never done anything with another guy. Finally he let it ring.


"Martin! It's Per."

"Hey, I was wondering if you were gonna give me a call since we play for the same team and playing eachother tomorrow. You nervous?"

"Maybe. Maybe not. So what are you doing tonight?"

"Not much, maybe go out to dinner with the team. You?"

"I thought you and I could get together and do something."

"Sure, what did you think of?"

"Come over to the hotel. Ive got a surprise for you."


Per froze. What the hell did he just say? He didn't want to scare Martin off!

"When you come over I'll tell you."

"Gut. I'll be there in a few minutes."

"Gut. Auf wiederzein."

If Per was nervous before, it was nothing compared to the butterflies that had just been unleashed in his stomach. A really sexy guy was on his way over here, and they would be alone. A thrill went through him. This was it.

When Per heard a knock at his door, he checked himself in the mirror once more. He wasn't one to rage about his appearance, but a neutral person would tell him that he was really hot. He opened the door.

"Martin, come in!"

"Fielen dank. Im so nervous for tomorrow, I can't stand still! Hey, nice room! Bit smaller that ours. I brought some CD's, if you don't mind."

"Never! I would under normal circumstances offer you a drink, but since we both have a game tomorrow..."

"Mineral water will be okay. I don't drink that much."

Per turned around to open a bottle that was in the little fridge that the room provided. He passed it to Martin.

"Well, my friend. Let's drink a toast. May the best team win tomorrow!"

"Cheers! Hey Per, did you know that I was born in Hamburg?"

Per almost dropped his bottle.

"What? You never told me!"

"Well I chose play for Austria and im loving every minute of it."

Per sat down on his bed and Martin sat next to him. Per decided to move things along and he quickly put his hand on Martin's leg. He could feel Martin stiffen, and he took the chance to move his hand up a bit. He was now rubbing the inside of Martin's thigh and Per almost jumped for joy when he heard Martin sigh. Taking that as encouragement, Per leaned over and placed a soft kiss on Martin's beautiful neck.

"This is wrong," Martin groaned.

"You're so beautiful, Martin. I should have told you that a long time ago. Any person would be lucky to have you."

Martin stood up and looked at Per.

"Me? Per, incase you haven't noticed, you are fucking sexy! You're tall, got a great body, you're a decent guy, and you're blond! Man, I've had a crush on you like forever! Here you are...you are kissing me..."

Before Martin could finish his sentence, Per kissed him again. It was a kiss full of love and passion and both knew they wanted this. Per couldn't wait any longer and unbuttoned Martin's shirt so that every single of his sexy stomach was exposed. Per took a deep breath. If Martin Harnik wasn't a footballer, he could've been a famous model! He was truly beautiful. Per kissed Martin's stomach and Martin groaned. Per kissed over the ripples of chest muscles and flicked his hot tongue over both of Martin's nipples. While he was doing this, he rubbed Martin's strong back.

Martin wasn't shy either and he kissed Per's hair, he wanted to do that for so long. He ran his hand through it as he felt Per's mouth travel towards his groin. Per quickly took off Martin's trousers and kissed his strong thighs. Martin squeezed Per's shoulders in appreciation. Per stood up and kissed Martin again, all while slipping his boxers off. Now that Martin was naked, Per wasn't going to waste any time and he dove on Martin's six inch cock. Martin could hardly stand, the feelings coming from his cock was incredible. He winced, as Per's tongue once again grazed his cockhead. Martin pulled Per up as he decided that Per was way overdressed. Alike as what Per did, Martin almost fainted when he saw Per's sexy body and his big eight inch German cock standing proud and erect.

The two footballers went into the classic sixty-nine position as they both slobbered over eachother's cocks. Martin could only take in half of Per's huge cock, while Per was giving Martin's cock a royal bathing. Both started panting and the sounds that echoed felt like heaven on both their hot fucksticks. Suddenly Per stood up and started to wank his big cock hard and fast until he spilled what seemed like gallons of cum onto the young Martin.

After a few seconds, Per surprised Martin by throwing him back on the bed and plunging his ass on Martin's cock. Martin's eyes rolled in their cases as Per rode his cock as fast as he could. He saw his cock push in and out of Per's ass and it didn't take long before he spurted his cum in Per's ass.

After being quiet for a few moments, Per put his arm across Martin's chest.

"Good luck for tomorrow. I mean it. I wish you guys only the best."

"Fielen dank, Per. The same to you guys. See you in the game tomorrow."

As Martin left the room Per fell asleep, dreaming of a certain dark-haired boy.