Harry Potter and the Whimsical Invocations

Harry Potter and the Whimsical Invocations Part Four

Van T Z Boi 2019

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From Part Three

Harry flared his Cloak of Invisibility into the air, it settled over them and they disappeared from the sight of any observers. Harry jerked his hips and his cock juddered inside Oliver's hot sucking mouth.

Unseen a voice was heard, "Hold Tight," then "Rise," and a misty shimmer wafted across the place where they had been, the shimmer floated and then rose higher. Underneath the cloak Harry sat on the brooms his hands on Oliver's head; his now seven inches of virginal teencock buried to the hilt in Oliver's fellating mouth. As the brooms rose higher and higher Oliver began to suck furiously.

Harry Potter about to join the one hundred foot high oral club balanced precariously on the two flying broomsticks moaned gutturally and deeply, his rapacious lust soared as high as they flew upwards.

Part Four

Harry moaned as Oliver's accommodating mouth sucked and licked and swallowed his bulbous head, his spicy honeyed teenjuices spilling into the hot sweltering furnace of Oliver's mouth. The two brooms buckled and rocked as his body conveyed its sensual writhings to the cognitive magical elementals that gave the brooms their ability to fly and relate to their riders. Oliver in turn received the transmitted feelings; they served to amplify his own emotions concerning his new-found love for Harry's teencock and in turn these were transmitted to Harry, the brooms continued to act as circular circulating conductors for their combined enjoyment and their flight path swooped and swayed in response to the flaring delights.

"Fuck this is so hot!" Harry growled as another surge of tickling delight made him send the brooms into a loop de loop, just missing the top of the clock tower on its downward trajectory. Lost within the strange spell the two magically enhanced teenagers rolled and roamed the airspace above Hogwarts many towered and spired buildings as Oliver's mouth clung around Harry's teencrown, his tongue expertly ravishing the mauvey plum coloured glans and relishing the flavour of Harry's spicy precum. `This tastes wonderful,' Oliver thought as he suckled the juice giving source, `why have I never done this before? This is awesome' he moved his lips along the sticky shaft, the seven-inch lance slowly moving inside drawn to his accommodating throat.

Harry grunted as his sensed the tight moist tunnel opening as his teencrown broached the entrance to Oliver's throat, he felt the two little fleshy bulbs that hung just before the opening brush against his glans, the soggy saggy blips stroking his purpled head, creating another blissful delightful surge that raced along his nerves, tingling and flaring the ignited tickling pleasure and enhancing the joys of the precarious inflight cocksuck.

The flying brooms swung around and around in the oscillating looping whilst the totally naked Oliver and Harry hidden inside their invisible airborne cocoon continued with their magical enjoyments. Oliver swallowed the head of Harry's pulsing helmet, the gloopy fluids dripping down his throat directly to his stomach as Harry stretched outward, his body forming a star shape on the brooms, as the resultant delight that juddered inside him made his mind and body react to the strong surges. At the apex of one of the soaring loops Harry found himself able to view the whole of Hogwarts spread out before him as they dropped downwards, his teendick impaled in Oliver's throat vibrated, the gravity pull adding a further force so his teenprick slid further inside Oliver's expanding throat. Down and down they flew, almost touching the blades of grass on the practice ground before soaring upwards, Harry sensed the inner flight of his seed and the flight of the combined brooms becoming interlocked, as the brooms took flight and soared towards the sky, his balls twitched and rocked, his teencock bloated and throbbed as Oliver's throat swelled and compressed around the meatyflesh, sucking and swallowing with increased rapacious rapidity. Oliver moved a hand to grasp Harry's ballsac, he tugged the squidgy sac closer, Harry's teendick sliding in further, deeper inside his throat. At last his lips came into contact with the satiny crinkled hairs around the base of Harry's shaft; he had successfully taken the entire pulsing seven inches inside his mouth and throat. Harry yowled with delight as the pressure around his cockhead and shaft intensified and with it the pleasure was magnified ecstatically. The brooms flew higher, a straight-line upwards vertical direction with Harry and Oliver still safely astride the wooden handles. All Harry could see was the sky and the clouds, all Oliver could see was the pink skin of Harry's stomach and then as the brooms reached the apex and made a swift one hundred and eight degree turnabout, Oliver's mouth opened, widened, expanded stretching further until with a squelching suck Harry's hairy humping balls joined his teencock in the hot clamping damp embrace of Oliver's oral cavity.

Down, downwards the brooms flew, Harry's view of clouds and sky altered; now the distant forms of Hogwarts magnified swiftly in his sight as they flew back down, suddenly stars and comets and glittering flaring suns buzzed amongst the enlarging buildings and Harry grunted and growled as his teenprick exploded, the surges of seed soaring along his hidden piping sending tingling itches roaring inside him and then as they came within reach of the Clock tower, his helmet expanded and pulsed and his spunk jetted violently inside Oliver's swallowing mouth and throat. Oliver never even gagged, the fat meaty tube was already delivering Harry's spunky load direct to his stomach, he felt the orgasmic pulsings, the bloating of Harry's bloating crown as his throat contained the orgasmic spasms, he felt the similar throbs of Harry's balls within the hairy sac against his tongue as they expelled their fertile contents, Harry's teenage spunk scouring along his tiny procreation tubing to drop into Oliver's waiting stomach.

Oliver poised as he was between the brooms, his mouth limpet like on Harry's pubic nest swallowed and swallowed as the salty nectar swirled into his stomach. As he took the full fruits of Harry's throbbing orbs, his own spongy ovals clenched and quivered as his own teenage joy blossomed, the sparkling lights that glittered across his eyes were far greater in brilliance and variety than any magical sparks or fireworks that he had seen or experienced and his head shook with the electrical delights of such a cosmic orgasm. His five inches of smooth teenage cock bloated spasmodically where it hung between the broomsticks and his shooting strings of teencum showered down on the practice ground where it sparkled in the late afternoon sun as it exited the scope of gthe Invisibility Cloak.

"Oh Harry," Oliver reluctantly removed Harry's wonderful tasty teenmeat, kissed the sticky tip and gazed in complete adoration and worship. "You taste fabulous," Oliver purred, 'His cock tastes so good and his juices are awesome,' he thought and the looked up adoringly at the fourteen year old wizard, 'I hope he lets me suck him as often as possible,' he kissed the slowly deflating tip and then the brooms slowly changed position, turning so they were horizontal and at then halted, hovering at stepping off level.

Harry slid of the broomhandles, his head was still full of the joys of his loop de looping orgasm and he stretched, his Cloak of Invisibility swirled ensuring that Oliver and his own nakedness continued to be obscured. Oliver stood on the grass, his feet came stickily into contact with his spunk puddles which splattered the ground, but he gave it no mind or notice. Casually he picked up Harry's clothes and slowly dressed his teammate, his sensual dressing adding to his sense of pure servile bliss in serving his Seeker, his teammate Harry Potter. The last item to be put on was Harry's shorts and Oliver knelt and kissed Harry's wilted teenprick as he reluctantly eased the cotton shorts over Harry's groin, a sense of loss rose within him as the fabled teenmeat was covered and lost from his sight.

"Thank you Oliver," Harry smiled.

"Anytime Harry, anytime for my Seeker" Oliver stroked his hand across the front of Harry's shorts feeling the spongy small tube, a small look of puzzlement awoke in his eyes.

Harry's book which lay on the grass suddenly fluttered as a breeze moved the pages. The breeze became stronger and the book jerked and closed with a snap! Harry shook his head and sensing his Invisibility Cloak quietly unwrapped it and folded it up; seeing the book on the ground he picked it up and put it in the pocket of his Quidditch cloak along with his Invisibility Cloak. 'Why did I bring that with me?' he thought and then turned towards Oliver.

"Good practice?" he was not sure as to what had happened.

"Oh very good," Oliver Woods preened as he stroked his floating broom handle, it reminded him of something but for the moment he could not quite recall but he wrapped his hand around the stem and stroked his hand back and forth, at the same time his mouth pouted and his tongue swirled inside his mouth, he could taste something nice along the edges of his tongue but again what he was tasting quite escaped him. "Time to hit the showers," Oliver picked up his cloak and threw it around his naked body. Picking up his scattered clothes in one hand, his broom in the other he accompanied Harry to the changing rooms.

As Harry entered the changing rooms, he felt the book shift slightly in his cloak pocket. As Oliver hung his cloak up and dropped his clothes on the bench Harry puzzled but drawn to the pocket of his cloak took the book out of the pocket of his Quidditch cloak, he felt the yearning urge to open the book and turn the pages but then the changing room doors flew open and a group of Ravenclaw players entered, the book suddenly took on an inauspicious appearance and Harry found himself looking at the worn binding and shrugging his shoulders tucked the book back in his cloak pocket. `Why have I got that book with me' was his puzzled unconscious thought

Oliver naked was talking animatedly with the Ravenclaw team, discussing their last match and the prospects for each team in Hogwarts. Harry slipped unnoticed into an unoccupied stall and stood under the hot flow of water, the sheeting droplets of hot water battered his skin and his body relaxed. `Something happened to me but what?' he puzzled his head as he soaped and caressed his limp teendick and balls, now returned to normal size.

'Must have been a hard practice.' he thought as his back muscles twinged under the fierce jets of steamy water and an ache between his legs was put down to having to ride the brooms hard in flight. `Must have squashed my balls against the broom handle' he considered as he tenderly stroked them, allowing the healing hot water to flow over them.

Oliver was towelling himself dry as Harry dressed in his normal clothes, "See you in the common room Oliver," Harry moved to walk past Oliver, his bag with his Quidditch sportswear in his hand.

Oliver stood up, his towel dropped to the floor, his toned and muscular naked body fully on view. Harry admired Oliver's athletic form but as he moved to walk past Oliver, the Gryffindor Quidditch Captain reached out and grabbed him.

"That was a hard practice," Oliver spoke with a beaming smile on his face and then to Harry's surprise leaned close and kissed him on the lips. Harry stunned by Oliver's show of affection was frozen to the floor as Oliver's tongue slipped between his lips, for a strange moment Harry felt a warmth forming inside him, he tenuously accepted the probing tongue and kissed Oliver back. "We'll do it again soon, won't we, soon as possible please?" Harry heard the begging pleading in Oliver's voice and nodded his head, even more puzzled and much more not quite sure what was happening or what had happened. A loud shout sounded out from where the Ravenclaw players were finishing their showers broke upon the kiss and reluctantly Harry let Oliver go.

"Till next time Harry," Oliver blew a nonplussed Harry a kiss and picked up his towel, he made no attempt to cover his nudity, just stood there watching Harry. Harry nodded and with his head swirling with uncertain thoughts he left the changing rooms.

"Hi Harry, don't I look good in these," Ron stood in their dormitory, he was naked apart from the blue briefs with the white edgings, the pair of briefs that Harry had bought for him. Open-mouthed Harry watched as Ron whirled and twirled, his hand on his right hip, accentuating his teenbulge. "Or would you prefer if I took them off," Ron simpered and edged the side of the trunks down, exposing his ivory pink flesh and a shadowy dark red patch where his Weasley Red pubic hairs should soon appear. Ron took a step closer to Harry and winked as he twirled once more, Harry caught sight of Ron's plump cheeks, the blue briefs seemed almost glued to Ron's arse and his eyes glinted as different thoughts broke in his head.

"They look cool on you Ron," Harry turned as Seamus entered the dormitory, as he spoke he was removing his trousers and then his shirt, he stood by his bed wearing just his tight off white briefs with the dancing leprechauns, the slight bulge between his legs a darker shadow of grey in the dormitory light, his wrinkled grey school socks flopped creasing around his ankles. A puzzled look crossed his face and he looked down at his bulge, "Should I take them off Harry?" he asked softly.

"Take what off?" Neville Longbottom entered and threw off his clothes, his multicoloured cotton Haynes trunks were a colourful rainbow glow in the dorm.

"No! its my knickers Harry wants. He wants me to take of my undies," Ron protested and placed his hands inside the waistband of his briefs.

"No me!" Sean and Neville spoke as one.

Harry stunned, stepped back a full pace as his friends moved towards him, in total syncopation they slid their hands into the waistbands of their respective underwear and in a unified motion slid their underthing's off, in Neville and Sean's case, their socks were also removed. All three teenagers stood naked in front of Harry, their hands back on their hips as they mutually swayed, each teenagers teentreasure drooping and waving loosely in the air.

Harry was nonplussed and then he felt a warmth emanate from his sportsbag, without knowing why he reached in, the strange book lay on top of his Quidditch uniform, the front cover appeared to gleam and shine. He bent closer to try and read the title on the cover.

Abruptly the clang of the dinner gong sounded throughout Hogwarts calling all students to the Great Hall for the evening meal, the penetrating sound broke through the mist that was whirling inside all four teenagers heads but the ever-present adolescent need for food blocked all other thoughts. Harry in the act of picking up the book thought he saw the book open slightly and then close with an abrupt and annoyed snap! `Odd?' he said to himself, `but then books were always odd at Hogwarts' Harry shrugged his shoulders, placed the book on his bedside table and stowed his sportsbag away.

"We must have been changing for dinner," Neville looked at the scattered piles of clothes, "Though its' not a special dinner is it?" a look of alarm crossed his face, "I don't have a clean shirt," his voice became panic stricken.

"Don't think so," Sean sat on the edge of his bed as he slowly dressed, he sniffed first one then the second of his socks and nodding to himself slipped the second one on his left foot, "that's' the right one," he said almost under his breath.

"I do like these briefs you got me Harry," beamed Ron as he smoothed them over his teenbulge, "makes my knob look bigger."

"Shapes and holds," Neville added knowledgeably as he dressed.

All four joined the steady stream of fellow Hogwarts students flowing through the corridor towards the Great Hall. Food and lots of it now the only thing on their mind.

Percy Weasley stood naked before the long mirror in his dormitory, he posed and looked at himself from several different positions and angles, admiring his four inches of floppy teenprick and the lose hanging sac that swung gently as he swished and swayed.

"Move over," an equally naked Oliver Woods pushed him to one side and began a similar posing routine.

"Hey!" Percy turned towards the intruder, their eyes met and immediately they moved together and kissed.

The gong sounded and disturbed the kiss, "You look good naked Percy," Oliver said softly.

"So do you," beamed Percy and then both shook their heads as the gong echoed and drove away all other thoughts.

"I suppose we better get dressed," Oliver picked up his tight white briefs and swung them on the end of his finger.

"We could go commando," Percy chuckled as he swung his own crimson trunks on his fingertip.

"Yes we must do that, every day, from now on," Oliver spoke seriously and Percy nodded.

"We must," he said.

The two seniors dressed, minus their underwear and joined the queue filing past the Fat Lady.

"Properly attired this time Master Percy," the Fat Lady smirked as they passed. Percy went bright red to the very tip of his ears, almost matching the colour of his Weasley red hair.

Harry sat with his friends; Hermione sat opposite and after a time put her head on one side and a quizzical look appeared on her face.

"Why are they offering you bits off their plates?" she directed her question at Harry.

Harry looked at the three forks that were pointed at him, each held a choice piece of chicken and adoring wishful glances adorned Ron, Sean and Neville's faces.

"I don't know," he grinned and lifting his plate took all three offerings. Ron, Sean and Neville beamed at him, "Its better if I take them all," he said to Hermione, "they seem to get upset if I chose one above the other."

"Must be some sort of charm spell," Hermione's face indicated her brain was methodically thinking through the known to her charm spells. Harry ate happily enjoying his food and even more happier that all his close friends were equally happy, especially Hermione who was engrossed in her mental searching of charm spells.

Draco stirred his plate, he looked suspiciously at the tomatoes on his plate, `they seem more red than usual' he thought gloomily and glared at Harry Potter, `it's not fair that he should be so happy' his envy causing his brow to wrinkle.

"That's odd," said Goyle "Draco your forehead is very red looking have you got a pain?"

"What!" Draco dropped his fork and smoothed his hand over his brow; he then looked at his palm which looked its normal pale ivory hue.

"Whatever it was is gone," Goyle said stuffing his mouth with a huge piece of sausage.

Draco picked up his spoon and turned it over, he looked at his reflection in the concave shiny surface, "Can's see anything wrong," he muttered. `This whole red thing is making my life a misery' he told himself.

After dinner all the students returned to their houses for study, Percy Weasley as Library Monitor sat in one of the closed cubicles in the library, he studied the book he had obtained from the Adult restricted area, now and again he stared behind him to make sure no one was watching him. He kept adjusting the concealing cover of the book, `The Art of Fellatio through the Ages' to ensure no one could see what he was reading. In his head he imagined a particularly large teenage cock, `I must be a better cocksucker,' his thoughts ran, `must be able to serve that cock better,' Percy's need to be `the best' was a known trait of his.

Oliver read and re-read his new Quidditch manual; "The Art of Levitation Whilst Flying' as he concentrated on the various chants and wordings he unconsciously stroked the handle of his broom, his slim hand moving up and down the shaft, caressing the broom handle in the most expressive of intimate ways.

Harry sat in the Library, the book opened before him was `Basic Owl Handling' and he was absorbed in the information. `Hagrid was right about this book, I ought to have read it over the holidays' he said to himself, his hand instinctively moving in relation to the illustrations concerning hand signals for giving instructions to flying owls instead of calls and whistles. `Can't wait to try some of these out with Hedwig,' he smiled to himself.

Draco dropped his pen and scrunched the piece of paper he had been writing, `Snape is going to be so mad,' he glared at the paper, the bright red ink of the words he had written glowed through the crumpled paper ball. He looked at his pen, a blob of black blue ink shone from the tip. "Fuck this!" he spoke aloud. Goyle and Crabbe looked at each other and bent their heads to their own heavy going Potions homework; `Draco in a bad mood was not something they wanted to have to deal with' was their uppermost thinking.

The evening routine in Hogwarts came to its nightly end. In Harry's dorm his three friends lay naked on their beds watching as he got undressed. Harry felt slightly unnerved with three pairs of eyes watching his every move plus the sight of his friends exposed but limp teencocks were concerning. `What has got into them?' Harry wondered as he pulled up his striped flannel pyjama bottoms. He was aware the three sets of eyes were focused on his pyjama fly and he double tied the knot, the ends of the frayed cords hung down over his slight teenbulge.

Harry got into bed, idly he picked up the book on his bedside table, the pages appeared to fly through his fingers and then the pages halted; the open page drew his attention. `To Engage With Variety in a Multi-person Relationship' he read and then a phase below floated off the page and wafted before his eyes. "Adoramus Erectus Multituduinous Congressation" Harry spoke the words aloud and as he finished Ron, Sean and Neville sat up and crossed towards his bed.

"Oh Harry, you're overdressed," Sean placed his hands on the double knot of Harry's pyjama cord.

"Oh no you don't," Ron's hand flashed downwards pushing Sean's hand aside, "I'm his best friend, I get to open his fly!"

Neville waved his hand, his fingers twisting in an unusual formation, "Cordus Unloucos," he whispered, and Harry's pyjama cord swiftly unknotted itself, the ends hung to the sides, wafting gently in the air.

Ron glared at Neville, "Levitaties Arises" he flicked his fingers towards Harry and Harry twitched as he rose slowly to hover in the air above his bed.

Seamus advanced and was about to speak when Neville clapped his hand across Seamus's mouth, "NO! We don't want to explode Harry," he hissed. Seamus nodded his head slowly and put his hands down by his sides.

"Removus Flanneletta" Ron clapped his hands and Harry watched as his pyjamas slid off his body, the flannel pyjamas floated in the air and then folded themselves and dropped onto a chair.

Harry floated naked in the air; he could feel the slight cool breeze flowing above and beneath his naked form. "Cupid Erectus Nonectus" Harry spoke the words that came unbidden inside his head. He felt the heat flare and blaze between his legs and then his teenage cock grew and grew and thickened.

"Fuck he's nine inches long," Neville's envious voice sounded in Harry's ear along with the roaring of his blood as his pulse raced violently.

"Nine inches of heaven," sighed Seamus, his mouth open and a drool forming from the side of his mouth dripped down his chin.

"Isn't he just," Ron beamed and his hand wrapped itself around the bloated bulbous head of the fat shaft that sprang from Harry's groin.

Neville and Seamus stepped forward together, their hands joined Ron's one under the other as they closed tight around the throbbing meaty pole. Harry sighed as their clasping and squeezing hands sent little shivers of pleasure starting to tremble along his spine. The book lay open on the bedside table, the words on the open page glowing and a spectral pink hue formed around the book, the spectral bubble slowly enlarging until it encompassed the dormitory.

Harry floated within the pink cocoon, his friends by his side, their hands gently wanking the huge teenmeat of his cock. Ron's hand carefully worked the taut foreskin back and down Harry's bloated teencrown, Harry moaned at the sensations that tingled and rocked within his body. He relished the cool of the breezes that wafted beneath his back as inside, his body heated up with the increasingly delightful bliss that his friends caressing hands were providing for him. Sean whose small hand was half curled around the wide base of Harry's meaty lance brought his other hand into play and began to cuddle the spongy squidgy sack of skin that held the large tangerine sized balls. Harry growled at the new delights Sean was creating. Neville on one side and Ron on the other brought their own free hands into play, they squeezed and caressed his teennubs, twisting and teasing the peaked points, Harry writhed and squirmed with delight, his floating body allowed to experience joys without the drag of gravity or friction apart from the friction Ron, Sean and Neville caressed his humungous cock with.

Harry's eyes boggled as he watched the massive lump of cockmeat pulse and throb under the triple caressing of his friend's adoring and worshiping hands. The three teenagers worked in total unison to squeeze and stroke and rub the Massif Central that protruded from Harry's groin, Ron working the gloops of precum that began to ooze from the large split in the centre of Harry's enlarged cockhead, transferred the sticky fluid from his hands to Neville's and then onto Seamus's. Harry was treated to the sticky sensation of his teats being oiled with his precum, the sensual lube adding a further level of excitement to the pleasures mounting and rising within him.

Ron kissed him first, Harry swiftly probing his friend's mouth with his tongue, the tingles inside him resounding higher and higher, then it was Neville's turn, followed By Seamus who reluctantly released his possessive hold on Harry's balls. Harry tasted each of his mates in turn, Ron was the warmest, the heat generated between them was intense, Neville was gentle and loving whilst Seamus was explosive and exciting.

Harry gasped then as Ron's mouth opened, wider and wider until it matched the girth of his enormous helmet and then Ron swallowed the pulsing head, his tongue rasping against the sensitive precum coated skin as Neville rubbed his shaft whilst Seamus returned to his loving adoring of Harry's lumpy ballsac. Harry moaned and the pink cocoon glowed redder and redder the more heated his desire became. Harry's head spun from side to side as the sucking and rubbing and squeezing of his teenprick continued, the air within the spectral bubble fermented with the heady odour of a teenager in ardent and aroused hormonal heat.

"Ohhhhhhh ffffffuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkk," screamed Harry.

End of Part Four

To Be Continued...??????????????????????????????????????????????

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