Slave by the Bell

By DerekGuy

Note: This story series includes depictions of gay sex between young teens. If that’s not your thing or if it is illegal for you to read this story, then stop. This story is completely made up and does not depict anything true.

DISCLAIMER: Saved by the Bell and all characters are the property of NBC and Peter Engel productions. All events are completely fictional and do not reflect actual events. This story is a fictional parody that does not reflect on the sexuality of the actors or the characters.

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Series Note: This story takes place following season 1’s episode “The Gift.” Throughout this early episode in the series, Zack and Slater have been making bets. The final bet has the loser being a slave to the winner for a week. That got me thinking.

As they did later in syndication, this story slightly harmonizes the differences between the 8th grade series “Good Morning, Miss Bliss” and 9th grade’s “Saved By the Bell.”

Slave by the Bell

Slater was in heaven. He spoke triumphantly to the whole class. “Now, we come to Zack Morris…F MINUS, For scamming! Well Zack, you've lost the bet, slave! You can give me back my jacket and you can use your phone to order me a pizza. And then, you can start to get to work on this list.”

What was he to do? Zack always knew to look for an angle, but he had lost the bet completely. Screech’s gift to predict the future had vanished at the worst possible time. In retrospect, counting on Screech to predict the midterm questions just because he had gotten struck by lighting was a bad plan. But any plan was better than no plan. He dialed the pizza place’s number on his giant cell phone.

“Yes, a large pizza with pepperoni, mushrooms, and…the hottest peppers you’ve got.” A new plan was at work.

A.C. Slater had moved to their town in Indiana…wait, they were in California now…at the same time they started High School. Miss Bliss, their wonderful 8th grade teacher was not with them anymore, but sadly Mr. Belding, the middle school principal, was now running the high school. The only advantage of Belding was that he was a sucker. Zack could usually work his way around most everything. For example, with a little charm, Zack would quickly convert his detention time for fooling him and Mr. Testavedre to community service that never really existed. Sadly Slater wasn’t as easy.

With his arm still sore from the punch after Slater had eaten some of the pizza, Zack showed up at the jock’s house at 3:30 pm to begin his slave time. Zack was going to try fulfilling his promise until he thought of a way out of it. Slater’s slave for a week did not sound like fun.

Despite it all, Zack was curious about Slater’s house. He didn’t know much about his personal life. A.C. Slater – what did the A.C. stand for? - was a military brat and his father was some big deal in the army. Zack didn’t know anything about Slater’s mom. He thought he heard he had a younger sister, but Slater kept quiet about his family background other than having lived all over the world.

Zack and Slater had been at odds since day one. Slater mocked Zack for being a preppy and a wimp. Zack made fun of A.C. for his intelligence, but he wasn’t stupid. It was jealousy that drove Zack’s taunts as Slater was a physical masterpiece. A.C. was already on the football team and was headed to wrestling as well. Zack consoled himself that he was a star on the basketball team – or he expected to be that spring. Right now he ran track and was doing well in cross-country. But he did it mostly for the girls (and maybe a little for college). But on Zack’s best day he didn’t match Slater’s physical prowess by a long shot.

Most annoyingly, Slater impressed the girls. They watched him as walked in the hallway. He wore tight fitting shirts that showed off his physique. He always seemed to be in a tank top revealing his sculpted arms. Of the entire freshman boys’ class, his body outclassed them all. One girl, in particular, noticed Slater. Kelly. Kelly Kapowski. The HOTTEST girl at Bayside. He had to have her. He had to win her over. Zack’s parents said he had an over-developed libido for a fourteen-year-old, but Zack had been into girls for a while. He had some success, but Slater was difficult competition. His huge muscles. His dark wavy locks. His six pack – or was it an eight pack? – that Zack had seen in the locker room for phys. ed. And there was the piece of meet between Slater’s legs. Zack had only gotten a glance a few times, but it was huge compared to the pink little finger Zack had.

Zack wasn’t sure why thinking about Slater’s cock had made his own get hard. If only puberty would finish faster. He wanted a man’s body like Slater, not the high-pitched, minimal body hair, small dick one he had. At least he was better off than Screech who might as well have been 8 for the body he had.

But back to Kelly. She was incredible. Her white smooth skin would look great naked to his. Her pert growing breasts would complement his hands and mouth. And whatever his size, he could only imagine putting his dick into her…

“You’re here, Preppy. Finally.” Slater opened the front door to his modest home in a decent part of town. Zack dropped his hands in front his crotch where his boner felt was very obvious. “Well, get in, slave!”

The Slater house was sparse. Few photos or mementos. Not enough furniture. It felt stiff and sterile, but Zack figured that was military life. Plus they hadn’t been here all that long. The house was also completely silent.

“Where are your folks?” Zack wondered, interested in meeting Slater’s otherwise invisible parents.

“Out. Everybody’s out. Won’t be back for hours. Plenty of time for you to do some good slave chores.”

Zack Morris had an easy life at home. His mom let him do almost nothing at home so he could “study.” So chores weren’t something he knew. But Slater did. In addition to school, studying, athletics, his drums, and stealing Kelly from Zack, he did seemingly endless chores around the house to exacting perfection. Except for today when Zack, the slave, did them instead.

Over two hours later, Zack lay down on the floor of his rival’s bedroom in exhaustion and frustration. Why did Slater have to do so many chores? “We just got started, Preppy,” Slater gloated drinking in a lemonade that he didn’t offer Zack. “You do my chores so slowly that we’re not even close to being done.”

“Can I have some…” Zack gasped and Slater directed him to the bathroom sink for some cool water.  It wasn’t just the exhausting nature of some the tasks, Zack thought as he sat on the edge of the bathtub and drank a small cup of cool water. It was the exacting standards that sapped Zack’s energy. He didn’t just cut the grass, but had to make sure the lawn was in a particular pattern. Zack shined and buffed and polished over and over, but Slater said his father would never accept such a poor job. The jock had to even help him to finish a few of them.

“Come on, Preppy!” Zack was used to getting by on half-assed work that seemed dedicated, but was really a front for other’s work. Slater’s father demanded the real deal. He’d never last 6 more days. He needed to change the plan. “Come on!” Slater insisted from the bedroom.

Zack summoned his remaining energy and emerged into the teen’s bedroom with a smile. The room was smaller than his or Screech’s or Jessie’s or Lisa’s bedroom. Zack had never seen Kelly’s virgin bedroom. Unlike the rest of the house, Slater had put out a number of personal items, photos, and posters. There were photos of Slater at different ages in various countries. Several pictures of a middle school aged Slater with a pretty girl, probably in Germany where his dad was stationed at the time. A few wrestling trophies. Some free weights and a weight bench. And a drum set.

“Do you want the guided tour?” A.C. interrupted Zack’s exploration of the room.

Zack diverted the question. “Are we really that far behind in chores?”

Slater paused and then let out a small, confessional smile. “No. We are ahead for the day. In fact, at this pace, I’ll run out of things to do in the house in a few days. Maybe we’ll help my neighbor? Or maybe Jessie or Lisa have things that need done. Anyway, I want you gone before my parents get home. “

Zack and the gang had been eager to scope out Slater’s parents, but so far, they hadn’t come to any of his events as far as they could tell. All of their parents were excluded from much of their school life. Plus, they all seemed to be so busy with work. But Zack had known his other friends for years and their parents adored him. He wanted to work the “Morris Charm” on Slater’s folks.

Slater was staring past Zack, lost in thought. “You okay?” Zack tried to sound compassionate. “You sound stressed.” Zack wondered if he could get A.C. talking for a while.

Slater didn’t answer at first. Then he seemingly summoned his inner jock. “What do you care, Preppy? You’re just here cause you’re my slave.” Zack immediately recognized as front.

“Slater, despite everything, I thought we were becoming friends. I know we argue and that we both like Kelly, but there aren’t a lot of cool guys at Bayside. When you showed up, I hoped we’d become friends. I don’t have any close male friends, really.”

“What about Screech?”

“Like I said, I don’t have any close MALE friends.” They both laughed. For a little while they sat and talked about the boys at Bayside. Slater was friends with the jock crowd that didn’t interest Zack except as tools to do his cons. Zack tried to explain his relationship with Samuel “Screech” Powers and his deep friendship with Jessie Spano and Lisa Turtle.

Zack then mentioned his own family. Talking about his parents and his life a single child, it touched a chord with Slater who had his own sense of loneliness in moving every few years and parents who were never around. “I was so happy to learn we were moving to California, but I am never quite sure we won’t be shipped to somewhere overseas tomorrow. My father,” A.C. stared out the window, “is very much in demand.”

Letting the words settle before responding, Zack stood up and put a hand on Slater’s shoulder. He wasn’t sure if Slater would find this action comforting. It used to help Mikey, his good friend in 8th grade who other than the hair had little in common with Slater. “You are all tense,” Zack mentioned as he lightly rubbed Slater’s right shoulder with his right hand. “I learned how to give shoulder and neck massages last year. Want one? I am your slave after all.”

Slater laughed. “I don’t know if your Preppy hands are strong enough to get through my muscles, but okay.”

Zack put his left hand on Slater’s left shoulder and began to rub. All of the back massages he had ever given had been to girls in hopes of winning favor, getting a look down her blouse, or maybe copping a feel. Well, actually he had given Jessie a bunch of massages too. She was a beautiful girl, but Zack had never had any interest in her as one.

For a while they were in silence as Zack rubbed Slater’s strong, smooth shoulders and neck. He then told Slater to lie down on his stomach on the bed. Zack pounded this boy’s back down, but Slater muttered his disappointment. “Try putting some muscle into it, Preppy!”

“Your shirt is in the way,” Zack honestly noted as he kicked off his own shoes. A.C. pulled off his tank top revealing the muscles developing on his shoulders and upper back. The boy was seriously in shape. Zack climbed on top of his back and used all his strength to massage the light brown skin. He rubbed his fingers through the skin and muscle to loosen them up and relax his friend.

“That’s nice,” Slater sounded genuinely at ease. Zack was kneading his back down to where the exposed skin met the waistband on Slater’s shorts. He began to focus on the lower back while staring at Slater’s butt and thinking about the couple times he had seen Slater’s dick in the locker room.  He had only seen it for a second each time, but it looked huge. What he wouldn’t give for a huge cock.

Zack was really getting into the massage, leaning into it as he worked on stiffness in Slater’s back even as he himself was getting stiff somewhere else. He wondered if he could pull down Slater’s shorts and massage his butt. He had never thought about another boy’s butt, but he wondered if it was muscular like the rest of Slater. He began to rub his hands up and down the back as a girl had once done in the best massage he had ever gotten. Zack leaned forward and grabbed Slater’s shoulders and began to work them again.

“What the…” Slater jumped up, dumping Zack onto the bedroom floor.

“Hey!” Zack looked up angrily as he stood up facing the jock now sitting on his bed.

“You do have boner!” Slater was starring intently at his thin pants. Zack looked down and could see a small bump in the front of the fabric where his dick struggled against the cloth. “I felt it when you leaned against me.”

Zack tried to come up with an excuse or explanation, but his quick mind failed him. It was as if all his smartness went with the blood from his brain to his hard-on.

“You a queer, Morris?” Slater was deadly serious. “You wanted to do the massage just to touch my body?”

Zack stammered protests, but Slater wasn’t listening. “Let me see this boner you got. Take off your pants.” Zack refused, but Slater’s look was slightly menacing. Zack was so confused at the situation that he undid the button on his slacks. “Come on, Slave!” Slater demanded. “Let me see this little thing.”

Zack removed his pants. He was wearing white cotton briefs. He had begged his parents for real underwear wanting to impress girls (although none had ever seen his underwear so far). “Take them off!” Slater was still sitting, but seemed poised to jump up at any second.

Zack lowered his briefs to his knees revealing himself. His dick was uncircumcised and very pink. He had only a little pubic hair the same color blond as was on his head. His balls felt small as if his testicles were trying to hide and retract into his body. The dick was still hard, despite the situation, quivering in front of him.

“That’s a small dick, Preppy.” The corners of Slater’s mouth rose in satisfaction. “That will never satisfy a girl like Kelly.”

Zack reached down to restore his briefs. “Wait a second, slave!” Slater barked. “We’re not done. If you are so excited, I want to see you in action. Do you jack off?”

“Shut up,” Zack muttered as he put his briefs on.

“Answer the question, slave! Do you masturbate?”

Zack finished buttoning his trousers. “Do you?”

“Of course, I do.” Slater offered confidentially. The vulnerability of before had vanished replaced by an arrogant machismo in Slater. “All real men do. I grab my big piece of meat and think about how I am going to use it on Kelly Kapowski and then I shoot. And I can shoot pretty far. From my bed, I can almost hit that wall.” Slater pointed to the mostly undecorated white wall some distance from his bed.

“I can hit that.” Zack knew his cum shots went far. He mostly jacked off into a rag or the toilet or the shower, but sometimes when no one was home, he shot across his obscured-view back yard. Masturbating was one of Zack’s favorite new hobbies. He thought about suggesting to Screech that they try it together, but he realized the fellow freshman might not be physically mature enough – and would let it slip in conversation if they ever did.

“Let’s see it.” Slater had that same half-smile on his lips.

Zack refused. Slater reminded him that he was his slave and he could make it much worse. Zack knew he needed an edge.

“If I do it, we end the slavery thing tonight. This is the last thing.”

Slater mulled it over. “If you do it and you hit the wall, we’re done. Otherwise, we’re still on.”

They negotiated and agreed that Zack’s jack-off was worth 3 days of the remaining 6. If he hit the wall, it was worth the other 3.

Cautiously, Zack undressed removing all but his socks. He felt very exposed in front of Slater, but the other boy had left his shirt off and was only wearing his athletic shorts. Zack said he preferred to stand, so Slater lay sideways on his bed taking in the view.

Zack’s dick had gone semi-soft in the meanwhile, but looking over at the mocha colored teen nearby popped him back to life. Zack began to rub himself with his right hand in a deliberate and even series of strokes.

For a minute, only the sound of Zack’s fapping was present. A high-pitched voice broke the silence. “Oh, Zack! Let me touch you.” Slater grinned as he created a girl’s voice. “You aren’t big like Slater. Maybe I can find a sixth grader who likes boys like you.”

Zack ignored him, but couldn’t help but smile. He liked the good-natured goofing the two boys did with each other despite the competition. Plus he was starting to really get into this, masturbating in front of another boy. Slater was enjoying it too. The front of his shorts have a lump that outclassed anything Zach could create. The athletic teen just lay there staring at his rival, watching him stroke over and over, faster then a little slower then faster again.

Staring at Slater’s bulge, Zack longed to see the jock’s dick at full erection. How big would it get? He wondered if any girl had ever seen Slater’s cock before. Slater was the first to ever see Zack fully hard. He hadn’t even gotten to second base, at least according to what Mikey and he had decided last year, with a girl. He had rubbed a girl’s breast and even got a few fingers under her bra. But he never saw the titties or had an unencumbered feel of them. But those experiences weren’t with with Kelly. Miss Kapowski was all talk and no action. He barely had gotten any tongue with her. Maybe that was part of her allure. She was so eager and so virginal.

Thinking about Kelly’s breasts and looking at Slater’s bulge prompted Zack to stroke faster and faster. Slater had laid down some old towels on the floor and a few against the wall to keep any ejaculation from making too much of a mess. Clearly A.C. did this often enough to keep the towels handy. Zack felt the surge of excitement that always came moments before he came. He moved his hand with lightning speed.

“Is that my Dad?” Slater jumped up from his bed. Zack reacted in surprise to Slater’s announcement. But his climax wasn’t to be delayed. He nutted with his excellent force, but he had turned towards Slater as he did. Instead of shooting at the wall, the jizz sprayed more like a fountain. Some landed on the towels. Some on the floor of the bedroom. Some on Slater’s bedspread. And some landed on Slater’s left leg.

“What are you doing, Preppy?” Slater was baffled by Zack’s movement and stunned by the cum glops on leg.

“You said your Dad was coming,” Zack was pulling up his briefs and pants with haste completely overwhelmed by the change from horny excitement to terrified discovery to embarrassed mess.

“So you sprayed my room with semen?”

Zack went to work cleaning the floor wondering if he was about to get his ass kicked.

“You have quite a clean-up tomorrow when you come back to do my laundry, slave.”

“But I thought…” Zack looked over at the wall optimistically. But he never shot in that direction and the towels against the wall were unmarked. Quickly, he tried to think of a justification to get out of the mess. Literally. Slater was about to clean his leg when he stopped and turned to Zack.

“You need to clean me up, slave.” Slater stood up and handed him the towel and nodded at his cum stained leg. Once again Zack refused, but this time he had several plans working at once. Zack saw Slater still had a decent bulge working his shorts. Slater saw Zack looking.

“What if I do something to make up for it,” Zack suggested not totally sure where this was going. “Something to make you happy.”

“I like to be happy.” Slater had taken then offer pretty readily.

“If I make you happy, though, we’re done. No more slave stuff.” Zack brought the towel close to the other boy’s leg. This put Zack’s face opposite Slater’s crotch. “Now, how can I make you happy?”

Slater let the silence hang for a moment. “I think you know what I want.” Zack waited. He wanted to hear Slater say it. Then it wouldn’t be his idea, but something he had to do as a slave. The next pause seemed endless before Slater spoke again. “Suck me off, Preppy.”

Zack immediately reassessed his plan. Hearing Slater being so bold and direct had him reconsidering the wisdom of these actions. Zack wasn’t gay and he was pretty sure Slater wasn’t. Didn’t seem like anyone was gay at Bayside. Screech was the most likely candidate and he was clearly in love in Lisa.

But Zack wanted to see Slater’s hard cock. He wanted to touch it. And if he did this, Slater couldn’t talk about any of it. Getting a blowjob at 14 was cool, but not something to share when it was another guy. Plus, Zack was working on ways to leverage it to get Slater to reciprocate. That would be awesome.

He began to use the towel to clean off the spots of spooge on the mocha colored, slightly hairy leg. Although Zack had tasted his own spunk a few times, it never occurred to him to lick it off Slater’s leg. After tossing the towel aside, Zack reached up and pulled down the standing teen’s athletic shorts revealing leopard skin bikini briefs with a tremendous bulge. Slater blushed slightly when his underwear was revealed. Zack filed the info away for later abuse.

Having never been in any comparable situation, the preppy 14-year-old had only the most basic ideas of how to proceed. This hadn’t come up except in passing health class. None of his friends were more experienced than he was. He didn’t have access to porn magazines and the internet wasn’t around yet. He had seen one X-Rated movie with Mikey last year. They had both been intimidated and grossed out by it. It was some hardcore fetish film. Huge dicks. Close-ups of pussies. Really disgusting. The couple of blowjobs in the movie had been only preludes to nasty sex. He didn’t remember any romance or finesse, just aggressive sucking. Figuring that was the best place to start, Zack went to work.

He pulled Slater’s briefs down allowing the boy to kick them free. Slater was now only wearing his sweat socks. The beast that was freed from the underwear was incredible. It was almost as dark as the rest of Slater’s skin revealing a young man who tanned in the nude. It was also huge. Zack couldn’t really figure out how big, but as he grabbed it with his two hands, he figured it might be double his own cock. Slater’s dick was also circumcised, which surprised Zack. Slater could have told him that for a while on US military bases in Europe, dads insisted their American sons were circumcised to set them apart from the European boys surrounding them.

For a few seconds, Zack merely held Slater’s cock, not exactly sure what to do until he heard a withering cry from above. “Suck it!” Slater begged.

Opening his mouth, Zack tried to engulf as much as possible immediately. He soon learned that led to coughing and embarrassment. He started again just focusing on the big brownish tip letting one of his hands start to stroke the rest. The immediate moan from Slater told Zack he was doing it right.

Sucking a dick was surprising to Zack. He didn’t really mind it. And he liked making Slater shudder. After another minute, he took a little more in and found that by relaxing his throat, he was able to go deeper and deeper a little bit at a time. His hands were eager scouts. Slater had a hairy ballsac, unlike Zack’s, and he loved rubbing the strong leg and thigh muscles. Soon, he worked his way round back and began to massage Slater’s hard ass. In the porno he had seen, one of the guys had inserted his fist in a girl’s behind before fucking her back there. Zack knew enough about gay guys that they had sex like that. But since guys also fucked girls that way, maybe it wasn’t gay if he fucked Slater in the butt. That’d be excellent, Zack thought.

Slater was thinking almost the same thing. He had appreciated Zack’s tight hairless pink ass while the teen was masturbating. He wondered how he could convince Zack to let him fuck him. Zack was doing an amateurish, but enthusiastic job on his cock. Slater never imagined he would end this afternoon with Zack smoking his pole. Slater liked Zack. If it wasn’t for Kelly, they could be friends, he decided. But the preppy was so cocky about his success with girls when it clearly was all bravado.

Slater dropped down onto the bed to be more comfortable. Zack crawled forward on his knees and resumed the blowjob. One 14-year-old exploring another 14-year-old. Since he assumed this was both of their first time, Zack was not overly rushing it as he might have. He would have been very disappointed to learn this was not Slater’s first blowjob at all.

Back in Germany, Slater had been seriously dating a girl named Jennifer. They were both really into each. Slater, trying to keep up with some of his older friends on the base, tried to push Jennifer into action. Although she was fascinated with Albert (as she called him), she also put the breaks on his advances. Towards the end of eighth grade, though, on her 14th birthday, Slater worked his charm and convinced Jennifer to give him a present too – a blowjob. She had never touched his dick before that night and its size made her really hot. She only repeated the act a few more times and he never got her to go farther, but having been blown before high school gave him great confidence moving forward.

Slater was lying on his back now with Zack lying between his legs on the bed. The blond was all business now as his mouth had gotten tired. He was using his hands with fervor while his lips and tongue went back to the tip. Zack was also distracted by what was about to occur. In the porno he had seen, no one ever finished the blowjob and the men seemed to always cum all over the breasts or bodies of the girls later. Zack wasn’t into that. He remembered a time during the summer when he spied on Jessie having a sleepover. The girls were rating the boys and Zack’s hidden microphone picked up that they were judging them as “lesbian,” “spit,” or “swallow.” Apparently, if a boy was ugly, they’d say that they’d rather be a lesbian than blow him. If he was okay, they’d say “spit.” And if he was hot, they’d swallow. Although all the girls swore they would never swallow in real life, they went ahead with the categories. Zack remembered they all said “lesbian” for Screech. For Mikey, they were split between “spit” and “swallow.” And for Zack, they all agreed he was a “swallow,” but that he was a bit too conceited.

Zack figured Slater was a “swallow” by anyone’s measure. Anyway, if there was a mess after this, Slater would insist he do something else. Zack rubbed faster listening to the moans coming from Slater and the contortions of his hard body. He moved his mouth further down the shaft hoping that Slater’s cum would shoot past his tongue without him tasting it.

He didn’t have to wait much longer. Slater reached down and held Zack’s blond head in place ensuring he couldn’t pull off. His hips buckled up again and again as he exploded a warm gooey mess into Zack’s mouth. Zack, a champion at middle school slushie drinking contests, gulped down the liquid in his mouth immediately and kept swallowing as Slater unloaded. Finally, A.C. let go over his head and Zack pulled off the semi-hard cock.

Zack was compelled to lick his lips and then immediately jumped off the bed looking at Slater’s perfect body lie back in serenity. Zack practically fled to the bathroom and drank a couple glasses of water from the sink. He was so confused. That was wrong. That was great. That was…the phone rang.

“Slater residence….Yes, sir. Of course, sir….All finished, sir.” Zack didn’t need to ask who was on the line as returned to the room. Slater had moved his pillow to cover his crotch as if his father could have seen him through the phone.

“My dad is leaving the base and will be home in a few minutes.”

Quickly, the boys worked together as a silent effective team. Slater got dressed and washed his face while Zack tossed all the towels into a hamper. Slater made his bed with lightning precision as Zack put away the remaining cleaning tools from earlier. Within a few minutes they were done and standing by the front door.

“See you tomorrow,” Zack said for lack of something better.

“Be here at 3:30 for more slave work,” Slater replied in complete seriousness.

“What! But we are…” Zack realized Slater was bullshitting him. “I might come by. But it won’t be as a slave. It’ll be my turn to be in charge.”

“We’ll see, Preppy.” Slater closed the door and Zack turned to head home for dinner. He pulled out his cell phone from his bookbag. The Motorola Dynatac 8000X was awesome. Even at 13” long, he was the only one who had his own phone. It was a gift from his dad for never being around. Supposedly Zack would stay in touch when his dad was on the road.

“Hi, Mom,” he said as he walked down the front path. “What’s for dinner? …Sausage? Really? Oh, it’s okay. I guess it makes sense.”

He looked over his shoulder at Slater’s door and wandered off home.

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