My First and Only Time with Art


It was just after my first year at college. I had met a friend who had just transferred from out of state. He and I hit it off. We both lived off campus and each of us lived alone. Art was his name and he was from a local high school, but had transferred into the college from an out of state university. We both seemed to like similar things, like hiking, camping, swimming and biking. Our school would finish very early in the Spring and we found ourselves with nothing much to do until late August.


But I am ahead of myself, let me start at the beginning, I first met Art in the fall of my freshmen year. I noticed him sitting in class and he had this wild dark curly hair. I wanted to meet him. So one day after class I followed him and he went to the cafeteria. He was sitting alone, I sought him out and said, "Hey you are in Geography class with me, mind if I sit and eat with you? That was the beginning of our friendship.


I found him to be cute; he was about 5'8", 175 lbs. with dark curly hair and large lips. When I see photos of the curly haired Finn Wolfhard, he reminds me of a young Art. I later found out that Art was Jewish. I really had no idea what was a Jewish person. I only knew that he seemed to turn me on.


I remember as soon as I met Art, I wanted to see him naked. That was a feeling I never felt before. I was a bit frightening; I never considered myself gay or anything like that. But, as I would jack off at night my thoughts would always end up with Art. I was much too scared to ever try anything with Art. I did not think anybody else had such thoughts about other guys. But I still wanted to see him naked, so one day I came up with an idea. I asked Art if he wanted to swim up at the University Pool, he said sure.


I met him at his apartment, he told me that he did not have a suit at school but asked if we could stop at the sporting goods store near campus. "Of course I said". We stopped and he picked out a Speedo suit. This was in the early 1980s and Speedo's were not that popular for everyday swimwear. I had a typical board type swim suit. We went into the pool locker and found space to change, he already had his new swim suit under his clothing, since he just keep it on when he tried it on at the store. I had to change and made a point to face him as I was undressing and putting on my swim suit. He did not seem to notice or pay attention to me. We ended up swimming laps in the pool and I made a point of checking him out, including his arm pits and his chest hair. He had much more chest hair than me, I basically had none. He was well built and appeared to work out.


After we finished swimming we headed to the locker rooms. The showers were the communal kind all in one room. Art and I were the only ones in the showers. I made a point to take off my suit and wash it under the shower head with hopes that I could catch him checking me out and encourage him to do the same. He did not seem to notice and he kept his suit on the whole time in the shower. We left the shower and headed to the locker area. Art was about ten lockers down from me. I watched him pull down his Speedo, he was facing me. My wish came true; I did see Art for the first time in the nude. He was about my size, cut and looked perfect. I would masturbate to that view.


We both dressed and walked back to Art's apartment. I remember feeling very awkward about the whole thing. I really did not consider myself gay and I was becoming uncomfortable about being in his apartment. I had such mixed feelings. I was sitting on the end of the couch when Art came over and sat right next to me. He asked how I felt after the swim and he put his hand on my thigh. I became very scared and nervous. I said I felt good. I was so nervous, I just had to leave and said, "Hey I think I should get going." With that, I left. As soon as I left, I thought to myself, WTF why did you leave? He seemed like he was coming on to me. I went home and jacked off with thoughts of Art naked.


Art and I never did anything further that school year, I was just scared.


Now back to the beginning of this story. After the end of my Freshmen year, as I said we had nothing much to do. One day we decided to take a weekend bike trip to a state park. I met Art at his parent's house. That was the point we wanted to start the bike trip. We loaded up our bikes and left his house for about a 6 hour ride, 65 mile ride. We arrived at the park and stopped at the river to hang out awhile before heading to the camp ground. I remember him lying by the river and thinking to myself I wanted to run my hand though his curly hair and jack him off at the same time. But of course, that didn't happen.


Before dark, we rode up to the campsite to check in at the tent camping area. We were the only ones in that area. We set up camp and made a fire and cooked our dinner. I had brought a smaller bottle of whiskey. Art and I passed it around and became a bit drunk. We called it a night, put out the fire by pissing in it and crawled into the two person tent.


We both undressed down to our briefs and crawled into our summer sleeping bags, it was fairly warm and we left them unzipped. When you got to hot, you would stick a leg out or something. We talked some more about life, I asked him if he had a girlfriend in high school. I knew he did not have one at our college. He said, no not really. He did tell me that prior to his transfer, while at WVU he dated a girl, once. I said "Oh yeah, cool. He then told me the story.

He started out laughing about it, and said, he was introduced by his roommate to a girl (actually his roommates girlfriend's roommate) and said that that he and the girl both liked to camp. So it was her suggestion that they all four go on a weekend camping trip. At the last minute Art's roommate and his girlfriend canceled. But she still wanted to go with Art, so Art told me that just the two of them went camping. I laughed and said "Did you get to first base or second base?" He laughed again and said "Well,,,,, I really had no intentions of doing anything, but she had brought a flask of whiskey. We polished it off and she was horny. We ended up making out and she put her hand down my paints and told me she wanted me in her. We had been sitting around the campfire and she pulled down her shorts and kind of lay over the log we had been sitting on, with her belly down. I pulled off my shorts and actually fucked her doggy style. He said he remembered flies around her pussy at the time." He laughed telling me the story. I said flies, he said "More like gnats, it was hot and humid" I said "That sounded gross, I mean the flies", I added quickly. He laughed and said "Yeah".


I said "Was that your first time", he said "Yes". I said, "Still pretty cool, despite the flies". Did you two continue to date? He told me; "No not really, I did not have much interest in her". I thought to myself, interesting.


Art said what about you? "Me, I am still a college virgin". Art said "Don't worry, your time will come". We both got quite for a bit. I don't know what he was thinking, but I wanted to pull down his shorts and suck his cock (That thought must have been the booze and the hormones of a 19 year old).


I said, "How you feeling after the ride?" Art said, "A bit sore". I asked where at? He rolled over on his side away from me and pulled open his sleeping bag and said, "Boy is hot in here". He then said quietly, "In my saddle", I laughed and said "Yep, me too." Art was laying facing away from me on top of his sleeping bag in his white briefs. I rolled over on my side and also came out of my bag and laid on top. I was facing his back and I reached over and rubbed his back between his shoulders. I quietly said, "Does this feel any good?" He nodded his head once in silence. He then rolled onto his stomach. I took it as a sign to continue. I kind of got up on my knees and proceeded to rub his back. I started at the shoulders and worked by way down his back to just above his underwear. I then skipped over his underwear area and went to his thighs. Art quietly said you missed a spot. At this point my dick was hard and I had pre-cum in my own underwear. I had dreamed of this for months. I then started to rub his bum through his underwear and massaged each cheek, one with each hand. I then slowly moved each hand down the sides of his underwear and put my fingers under the elastic waist band. Art lifted his bum off the ground as if to welcome me removing his underwear. I then pulled off his underwear. He continued to lay on his belly, naked. I remember his bum was smooth and a beautiful dark complexion. I then slowly massaged his ass. Art laid there making a soft purring noise. After a bit, I said, "Let me get the other side." While at the same time I pulled him over onto his back. I saw it for the first time since the locker room, Art's cock. This time it was hard and resting on his stomach. It was just about the same size as my own, about 6 inches. I slowly wrapped my hand around it and pointed it vertical and pulled on it, up and down and up and down very slow. He had pre-cum on the tip. I held it with my right hand and looked up at Art. He was lying there with his eyes closed. I went down on his cock and licked the top. I tasted his pre-cum. I then did what seemed so natural at the time, suck on his cock. He let out a quite sound, it sounded like he was enjoying it. I had never done this before, but being a guy, I figured it out. Art tasted great, about the size of a banana. I was so hard myself. While I was sucking his cock and stroking with my right hand, I had reached down and was stroking my own cock. I felt Art put his hand gently on my head and he said quietly "I am coming" and then I tasted his come as it shot in my mouth. I jerked him faster with my hand and sucked his cock hard with my mouth. Art moaned.


When Art finished coming, I pulled off and said to him, "Sorry, I don't know what got over me". Art laughed and "Said thats cool, I never had that done to me before". I said "You want to do me?" He said, "I don't think I am ready for that". I still had not come and was hard as a rock. I said "I need to jack off or I will never get to sleep". Art laughed and said, "I understand". I rolled back onto my sleeping back and started to jack myself off. I felt another hand reach over and take my cock and started to pull on it. I looked and Art was masturbating me. He pulled up and down and up and down until I said "I am coming" he continued and I shot my load on his hand and my belly.


We cleaned up and went to sleep.


The next day, we never spoke about it. I felt kind of strange and wasn't sure what to think. Looking back on it, we both enjoyed it. But neither of us really wanted it to go much further. We didn't want to disappoint our families.


Art and I never again played around like that, it was just one of those things you do when young. Both Art and I are married and I will see him on occasion. I think in today's day and age, it would have turned out different.