The Boy Behind The Mask

By Joey E

Hello. After a long break from writing a college story, I've come back with a different kind of story. First of all, this is a one part, short story. This is my first time trying to write a story like this, so I hope it's a good one. This story is about non-consensual sex between two college boys. If this isn't your bag of weed, then get out. If you are under 18 (or 21 in some areas), don't read this. You have been warned. This story is fiction. All rights belong to Joey E. No unauthorized duplication is permitted.

My friends had just left after a night of drinking beer and watching a movie in my dorm room at college. I took off my shorts and I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I looked at myself in the mirror. Blue eyes, light, short, brown hair, dimples when I smiled and about 6'2". The years of playing high school football and baseball still payed off even after three years, which was evident in my muscular frame. The student rec center was my way of keeping my body fit now. Anyway, I was beat and crawled right into bed. The time was 3AM.

I woke up in the middle of the night, it was pitch black in my room. But I had a strange feeling that someone was in the room with me. I sat up in bed and turned on the light. No one was there. I had to take a wicked piss so I got up and went into the bathroom. I came out after pissing and took one good glance around the room. Satisfied, I turned off the light and went back to sleep.

I woke up five minutes later, only to get the shock of my life. There was someone in my room, wearing a mask and holding up a knife that glistened from the LED display of my clock radio. I looked up at him in terror. He wasn't a big guy, and I could take him. But there was that one problem with the knife.

"Shit," I said. "What the fuck?"

"Shut up!" he hissed, as he walked over next to me. "You fuckin' faggot!"

My first impulse was to scream. I took a deep breath, but the next thing I knew the fucker had his fuckin' knife to my neck.

"Say one word and die," he whispered.

I looked up at him now with terrified eyes. This wasn't right! Something was wrong here.

"I'm not going to hurt you," he whispered. He gently lifted off my covers, revealing my naked body.

He looked down at it, reaching out with his other hand and ran it over my smooth defined chest. He pinched my nipple real hard and I let out a small gasp.

"You're gonna do what I say. If you do anything, I'll slit your throat," he hissed.

I nodded my head yes ever so slightly. What was he going to do?

He grabbed something from his pocket and jumped on top of me. He was a light guy and i could've tossed him off me any second. But some for some strange reason, I didn't. I was a curious guy, and I guess this where my curiosity got me in trouble.

Next thing I knew, he put the knife between his teeth and grabbed my wrists and tied them up together. It was now or never. I was about to lift my back up to throw him off me when, in a flash, he grabbed the knife from his mouth and waved it in front of my neck again.

"Lie Still!" he spattered in an audible tone.

He proceed to continue tying my wrists together above my head while holding the knife up to me with his mouth. I could head butt him, I thought. He succeded this time in tying my wrists and I couldn't break out.

He took the knife away from my face.

"Who the fuck are you?" I yelled, bolting upright in bed.

He was small in size, dressed in all black, and wore ski mask. He did look intimidating with the knife still in his hand. But I wasn't a wimp either. I worked out regularly, had a great build, and wasn't gonna be bossed around or tied up.

He jumped behind me on the bed and held the knife back up to my throat. With his free arm and hand, he wrapped it around my body. I could smell his scent, which was actually kinda sweet smelling. But I wasn't thinking about that now. I looked down at the knife and then looked over at my roommate's desk where the phone was.

He tightened his grip on my torso and I swore if I moved one millimeter forward, I'd cut my throat.

"Now, we're gonna do it nice and easy, boy," he said in a low tone of voice. It sounded familiar. He released his grip on me, only to pull my t-shirt away from my body. He then used the knife to slice open my shirt in one movement. My t-shirt was off now. I just looked down at my bare, smooth chest.

He took his free hand and started feeling my chest. He seemed to like my pecs and abs best. I let out a soft moan, because I couldn't help it.

"No, man, no," I said, softly.

"Shut up!" he hissed, grabbing me again.

He then grabbed my boxer shorts and held his knife up to them, tearing them off as well. I was naked in front of this total lunatic.

"That's how I want you," he said, as he reached down and stroked my cock.

As much as I wished it wouldn't respond, it did. It became erect to it's full 7 ½ inches. I was embarassed now.

"Someone likes it," he said, still stroking it. I could feel his hard cock now pressing into my back.

He then caught me off guard and threw me forward. My face went flying into the bed and he held it there.

"Fuckin' get off me!" I yelled through the blankets.

"NO!" he yelled. That was the first time I could hear his voice. And it really did sound familiar. "Don't move," he said in a whisper again.

For some reason, I found this strangely erotic. I knew he was a small guy, so I didn't really feel that threatened as long as the knife was no longer against my neck. So, I laid there waiting for his next move. I heard him move around, next thing I know I feel him pressing his weight into me with his bare chest on my back. From what I could feel, it was totally smooth. I felt his cock poking me in the ass through whatever he was wearing.

"Okay, bitch. This is how you wanted it. Well, you're finally gonna get it, slut!" he grunted. He then moved again and the next thing I felt against me was his hard shaft between my cheeks.

"Aw, fuck no," I moaned.

"Shut up, and take it like man, bitch!"

I felt something cold being rubbed on my asshole.

"You ain't fuckin' me," I yelled.

"You want me to get the knife again?" he said. "We can do it my way, or the hard way...."

"Fuck you!" I said, turning around to face him.

I saw a flash of metal go before my eyes. "Like I said, bitch, we can do it my way, or the hard way."

My ass had not been fucked in over a year. And I just knew he was planning to just dive right in and fuck it. I was scared now. I heard him lube up his cock. He then rubbed it between my ass cheeks.

"Glad to see you're gonna do it my way," he muttered.

And then he rammed it in.

"FUCK!" I cried out. I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes. I felt immense pain as his cock shoved up my ass.

"Is that what you want?" he yelled. "All those times you were flirting with me? Is this what you wanted the whole time?"

"Aw, you fuckin' faggot!" I moaned. I now had tears in my eyes as I bit down hard on the blankets in front of me. The pain was intense.

"Shut the hell up," he said, grabbing onto my hair.

I took a glance back at him. I yelled out once more in pain as he rammed my ass in and out.

This is fuckin' rape, I thought to myself. Then, I found myself being pushed into a pillow as he shoved it in really hard, pushing my head into the pillow as he pounded my ass.

"You're gonna love my dick up your ass. This is what you've been fantasizing about, huh? Well, now, you fuckin' cunt, you're gonna get it!"

He let out a loud grunt as he pounded it into my ass. I felt his balls slapping into my ass. He then grabbed my shoulders and pulled me into his cock as he rammed it deep inside me once again.

"No man, please," I said, nearly crying. "Stop."

"What for, asshole? I'm gonna fuckin' cum now!"

"NO!" I yelled.

He shoved it in once more and held it there. I had never been barebacked before. I felt his cock expand in my ass.

"Fuck!" he cried out and shot his load deep in my ass. I felt every shot fire out with force.

He pushed my head down into the pillow once more and crawled up on top of my back. I was still in tears and I thanked god it was over. I felt his cock slip out of my ass.

"Next time, if you want me to fuck you, just ask," he whispered, licking my earlobe.

I heard him getting dressed. "Don't move until I'm out of the room. And don't even think of telling anyone. I've got your number, Brett," he said in a low voice.

I heard him leave the room. After the door shut, I got up. He had untied my wrists before he left. I went over to the light switch and flipped it up. I looked back at my bed, which my clothes torn, just like my ass was now.

I looked around to see if the intruder left anything behind. He pissed me off. I wanted to figure out who the hell it was and bash his face in. Rape wasn't cool. And I just was raped.

Who the fuck was this guy? I asked myself. I gathered up what was left of my t-shirt and boxers and put them away in my bottom drawer for future evidence. I didn't exactly feel like pressing charges, since it would mean as much humiliation to me as it did to him.

I went through people in my mind that I knew, trying to think of anyone short and strong. Exactly one person came to my mind....

It was the day before school started here at the college. I first saw him when I was working as student worker in the telecommunications office. I was assigning and handing out long distance codes to the new students on campus as I did ever since I started working in the office as a freshman. It was now three years later. I enjoyed interacting with the students, and who wouldn't mind checking them out?

Anyway, he walked in, looking like the typical freshman, lost and confused. He was about 5'4", 120lbs, short blonde hair, and blue eyes. He was wearing a visor, light colored cargo shorts, and a navy blue Abercrombe shirt that fit his chest like a glove. He came up to the counter and wore a nervous smile.

I remained cool, however, and said, "Hey, bro, what's up?"

"Uh, I'm here to, uh, pick up my long distance code?"

"Yeah, you've come to the right place," I said. "I just need to see your student ID, bud."

He reached into his back pocket, took out his wallet, and took his ID out. I looked at the picture and name.

"Okay, Joe," I said, giving back his student ID. "What's your social security number?"

He told me it, I entered it in the computer, and his record came up. I printed out a contract and handed it to him.

"Here's your contract with your code on the bottom," I said. I went on my little script about how to use it, what not to do, and so on.

He signed it and gave it back to me. I gave the copy to him.

"And you're all set to go, bud. Is there anything else I can help you with?" I asked, with a grin.

"Uh, yeah, actually. My phone in my dorm doesn't work. Who do I tell, man?"

I smiled again at him, god he was so hot. "That would be me again. Where do you live?" I asked, secretly excited that I would be going out to his dorm room later on to fix the phone.

He told me his dorm name.

"Shit, I live there too. What's your room number?"

"214," he answered.

"Cool. I live on the same floor too. Well, listen, I'm only up here for another hour. But after that, I go out and fix phones like yours. So, if you'll be around, I'll stop by your room first," I said.

"Okay," he said with a smile.

Just then, an incredibly hot chick came in next to him. I saw him checking her out, and a ping of disappointment went through my body. Straight, no doubt, I thought to myself. The cute ones always usually are.

"I'll see you there," he said.

Shortly after, I went out to fix his phone, which was by coincidence in my dorm, a few doors down from my room! We lived in a co-ed dorm which had the distinct feature of keyless doors. You had a pushbutton combination lock on your door, which I liked since I was often stupid and would forget my key.

Through the whole time of fixing his phone, he never gave me one indication that he was remotely interested. He could've been a little intimidated though. After all, I was 6'2", about 180lbs, in good shape, buzzed short brown hair, piercing blue eyes, and if I were to say it myself, I would call myself pretty fuckin' hot. I was a fuckin' good football player in my high school and a pitcher on the high school baseball team.

When I was finished, I said, "There you go, Joe. You have a phone now."

He smiled and said, "Thanks. By the way, what's your name?"

"Brett," I answered, smiling. "Actually, I live a few doors down from you."


"Yeah, I live in room 219."

"Cool," he answered. "Well, thanks for fixing the phone."

"No problem. All part of the job," I said, extending my hand.

He shook it and I held on to it a little longer than I should. He finally broke the hold and I left.

As I was walking back to the office, I was thinking to myself, fuck, he is fuckin' hot! But then again, I knew I couldn't have him. He was probably straight. But this guy was different than all the others. He was a mystery to me, a mystery I had to figure out.

I didn't know that I would be in the situation I was now in.

I saw him again in one of my gen ed classes, which was among all things, Social Problems. He was sitting down already in the classroom. There was a chair next to him, so I sat down next to him.

"Hey, bud," I said to him.

He looked over and smiled. "Hey, Brett."

Well at least he remembered my name, I thought to myself.

"What's up?" I asked, pulling a notebook out of my back pack.

"Not much," he answered.

This guy wasn't much of a talker. He appeared to be a little shy, for whatever reason. I didn't understand why. He had a great smile, a cute face, what was there to be shy about?

The class started shortly after that. After it ended, we all left the classroom.

"Well, I'll see you around, bud," I said, smiling at him.

"Yeah, man, I'll see you later," he said, and walked away.

Oh, that did it, I thought to myself. You little fucker. I'm gonna get your ass if it's the last thing I do. Little did I know it would be the opposite way.

I saw him again in my dorm later that day, outside his door. I waved hi to him.

"Hey, Brett," he said, opening his door.

"Hey, Joe," I responded. "How's it going?"

"All right, man."

"Hey, I was just going to my room to drop off my books and stuff. Wanna go to the cafeteria with my roommate and I?"

"No thanks, dude," he said.

"All right, then, I'll talk to you later."

I entered my roommate and sighed. My roommate looked at me when he heard the sigh.

"Hey, man, what's up?"

"Nothin' much, bud. Just frustrated."

"Aw, man, which guy is it this time?" he asked.

Even though we had only lived together for a year before this one, we knew each other pretty well. He knew I was gay and was cool with it.

"Huh?" I asked, deciding to play it dumb.

"Aw come on, man, I know that sigh," he said. His eyes lit up. "Oh, I know who it is....that little blonde boy down the hall from us."

"Shut up, Ro," I said, sitting down on my bed. "Yeah it is."

"Shit, dude, he's probably straight. Who the fuck cares?"

"But I get this sense that he isn't exactly straight. Something about him."

"You're fuckin' crazy!" he said.

Roland was a tall, lanky guy. Bright red hair, pale blue eyes, about the same height as me, but about 40lbs lighter. He was a party animal, but a cool roommate.

"Just ignore him. Come on, let's go. I'm hungry."

For the next few weeks, I went on about my business. Joe was still being a bit cold and tight every time I tried to talk to him. He seemed to be somewhat of a loner, doing things his style, which I thought was kinda cool. He didn't seem to respond to me at all. In fact, he seemed to get more agitated as time went on.

I made one final attempt to initiate something between us. And I didn't know what was driving me to try to even create a friendship between us. But, Ro my roommate was going to be away for the weekend. And I used this to my advantage, like I usually did.

I saw him in the hallway Friday evening.

"Hey, Joe, if you want to, stop my room tonight. I've got some beers and my roommate's gone for the weekend."

Could you sound more desperate, I thought to myself.

"Um, maybe, man," he said, looking a little surprised.

"All right, cool," I said, walking towards my door. I punched my combo in and went inside. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him still standing in his door way diagonally across from mine. A little strange. I kept getting these vibes from him, and now, I guess I know why.

He showed up at my door at 10PM and I let him in. A few of my friends also dropped. We watched a movie, drinkin' beer (which we really shouldn't have done in a dorm room). But through it all, I was lookin' at the little guy. He caught me checkin' him out. After his second beer, he was a bit drunk and started grinning back. Maybe I did have a chance. But it turned out to be nothing. That's all we did. Grin at each other.

By the time they all left, it was 3AM. I was beat and decided to call it a night. I got ready for bed, turned off the lights, and crawled into bed. I was out soon after my head hit the pillow.

And so, that's when it happened.

"Fucker!" I said out loud as I sat down on my bed. I held my head between my hands, my elbows resting on my knee. I wished my roommate was around. He'd provoke me into doing something about it. My ass was still sore and I had no idea what to do.

"It has to be him," I said to myself. Comparing the sound of his voice tonight to the other times I'd talk to him, it was a dead match. Now all I had to do was prove it. I decided not to do anything about it tonight. Part of me wanted to call up Public Safety and report just what happened. But I was scared. I wasn't out to everyone and preferred it that way. It took awhile for me to sleep, but I did eventually.

I woke up in a cold sweat the next day, the sun was already shining through the closed blinds. I looked at my radio clock, which indicated 12:00PM. I shot up in bed, remember what happened last night. A small smirk came across my face as I said, "All right, bitch, you're going down today."

I got up, ate some cereal, took a shower, and got dressed for the day. It was a Saturday, so I didn't have to be anywhere. My roommate would be back soon, since he only left to go back home for a wedding on Friday night. I knew he couldn't stand being home for too long. Sure enough, just then, the door opened.

"Yo, dude!" he said, smiling, carrying a bag.

"Hey, Ro, what's up?"

He looked at me and his smile faded from his face. "Dude, what happened to you? You look like shit," he said, coming over to me. "Are you okay?"

"I think so."

"You hung over?"

"Nah, nothin' like that," I said, grinning. But even my grin faded, too.

"What's wrong, Brett?" he asked.

I took a deep breath and said, "Well, bro, in short, I was raped last night by a complete stranger who broke into my dorm room."

"No shit?" he said, sitting next to me on my bed. "You're kidding, aren't you?"

"I wish I were, bro. I wish I were!"

I then told him the whole story, leaving some parts out in order to spare poor, straight Ro.

"Dude, that ain't cool. Did you call security?"

"No, I couldn't do that, man! I can't take the risk of this getting out."

"But, B, this ain't right. You can't let him get away with this shit. He raped you! He threatened you."

"Well, I don't want to go through the humiliation of all that shit," I said, getting up. "I'm not exactly out publicly, as you know..."

"Well, then what are you gonna do about it? You can't get let him get away with that. You're a big guy, dude, you should be able to fuckin' punch his face in!"

"I know!" I exclaimed. I turned back around to look at him. I was suddenly feeling so vunerable and cheap. I felt embarrassed and ashamed.

"B, there's no reason for you to feel embarrassed about what happened. You were innocent. Do you have any clue who it was?"

"Yeah, I have a feeling it was a boy who I have been checking out since the beginning of school."

"That ain't cool! Do I know him?"

"He's the short one who lives down the hall from us," I answered, sitting back down on the bed.

"Whoa!" was all my roommate of two years said.

"Yeah, I was just deciding whether to go down there right before you walked in."

"Well did he leave anything thing behind?" he asked, getting up, looking around the room.

"I checked last night. I didn't find anything."

"Well, let's look again, man. You know you're not very good at looking for stuff," he said.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," I said, searching the floor for anything.

Not five seconds later, Ro said, "Is this yours?" He was holding up a wallet. He opened it up.

"Unless your name is Joseph, I don't think it's yours," he said.

I took the wallet from him and looked at the driver's license.

"No, shit!" I said. "He left his fuckin' wallet. Where the hell was it?"

"Right here on the floor," he said, pointing to the floor underneath my bed.

"Shit, I must've missed it," I said, looking at Ro. "Thanks."

"No problem, dude. That's what a roommate is for."

"Shit, i gotta go down to his room now. This'll give me an excuse to go down there anyway. It also provides some evidence. I'll be right back," I said, grabbing my hat.

I went out the door and walked down to the small guy's room. I prayed that his roommate wasn't in. I could feel the blood pumping through my veins. My pulse was sky high and I was on the prowl to find whoever did this to me.

I knocked on his door, hard. The door opened and he appeared. He looked surprised to see me there. I didn't give him a chance to say a word. I opened the door all the way and forced my way in his room, closing the door behind me. I turned back around to face him. He looked somewhat frightened but retained his cocky attitude.

"All right, Joe. I found your wallet. You must've left it there by accident when you came over last night."

"Thanks," he said. He reached out to take it from me, but I moved it back towards me so he couldn't grab it.

"Before I hand it over, I wanna talk to you," I said, not even sure myself what I was about to say.


"No shut up," I said. "You were in my room last night, weren't you?"

I looked around his room and saw the mask that I saw around his face last night. I grabbed it.

"Thanks, this is all I needed to know. You fuckin' bitch!" I said, putting my fist up acting like I was going to punch him.

I really wasn't but he flinched and blocked anyway. I wanted to so bash his face in, but it really wasn't my style.

"You know, my friends called me the gentle giant. I'm not a violent person. I don't fight, I get even. And, you have been warned now. I don't know what your fuckin' problem was, or what possessed you to even think about doing that, but trust me, I will fuckin' get even with you. You're a sick fuck, bud. I will get even, trust me. Count on it, bud!" I said. I took the mask, threw the wallet onto his bed, and left the room.

I walked out of his room, unknowing with his little ski mask. I decided to play at trick on my roommate. I put it on just before I walked back in the room. Surprisingly, it fit my head.

I whipped open the door, started screaming, and ran inside. Ro jumped up with a terrified look on his face. I started laughing and took the mask off.

"Dude, that wasn't funny," he said, catching his breath.

"Yeah, well it wasn't too funny either waking up with a guy wearing this, standing over you in the dark."

"So it was him?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm positive it was," I said, sitting back down on my bed. "Besides, I have a plan forming in my head. He's a little guy, and without his fuckin' knife, I will be able to take him. What goes around, comes around."

"No, shit, don't even think about it," Ro said, sitting back down on his bed.

"You wanna get something to eat?"

"Sure, man. I'll drive."

We left the dorm and hopped into Ro's Blazer and headed off to Wendy's, a fast food restaurant.

"What he did was not cool. Besides bashing his face in with a baseball bat, I see only one other way to ge t him back," I explained as we sat down to eat.

"I can't wait to hear this," he said, rolling his eyes.

"No, I'm serious, bro. He can't walk around thinking he raped some guy and it was okay."

"I agree. Why don't you just press charges?"

"I can't man," I said, almost in a whining tone. "I would, but I just can't!"

"Well, I was thinking, I could put in a fake work order at work, get the key to his room, and then...."

"That makes you just as bad as him, dude!"

"Fuck that, shit, bro. I'm mad as hell. I don't fuckin' care. I'm gonna give him what he gave me."

We continued eating. I knew it wasn't the place to go on about this. So, we talked about other things as we ate. But on the way back, the subject came back up.

"You know, you could get in serous trouble, B."

"I don't give a shit. He fucked me bareback!!" I screamed. "What if he has AIDS?"

"Oh shit," muttered Ro. "I never thought about that."

"Yeah! Only I'll be nice when I do it to him. I'll wear a fuckin' condom," I said. "I've never been pushed around before in my life. Nor am I gonna let it start happening now."

"Do what ever you think is best. I'll be there for you, man," Ro said.

I looked over at him. "Thanks."

When we got back, I tried to concentrate on a report I had to finish by Monday. All the memories came flashing back though. It wasn't a pleasant feeling. And right then and there, I knew I had to get my revenge. A plan started brewing in my head.

I lived with the painful memories for two nights. I was thankful Ro was there each night. He was very supportive and understanding, as he usually was. By Tuesday, I knew it was time. I went to work as usual, and put in a phony work order for Room 214. I then went to Residence Life, where I always get keys to dorm rooms with bad phones. This was because the students weren't usually around when I went to their rooms. I didn't return the key at the end of the work day and just kept it in my pocket. Though the dorm's locks had combos, there was also a key that fit in them. I had his room key.

I came back to my dorm room after my classes, running into Ro on the way back.

"Bro, I got the key," I said, holding it up.

Ro just looked at me with a strange expression. "If anyone asks, I didn't see that."

I laughed.

"And you were in your room tonight all night."

I laughed again. "Thanks, man. I always knew this was what roommates were for."

"Yeah and if I knew that, I would've chosen a single room," he said, opening the front door to the dorm.

We both walked in. I had this feeling that tonight would be the night. And I prayed to god that his roommate was gone. To kill time, we broke out the Playstation and played some Grand Theft Auto. A few of our friends came over after that, and we all went out to eat, which kept my mind off the trauma.

It was about Midnight when we finally got back to our dorm room. Ro, having the 8AM class, went straight to bed.

As he crawled into his bed, he said, "Whatever you do, man, be careful. I know what he did wasn't right, but that doesn't make it right for you to do the same thing. But then again, if I were in your shoes, I'd fuck the shit out of him."

I chuckled. I looked over at him. "I hope to god that his roommate isn't there tonight."

"Be careful. Tell me about it in the morning."

I sat at my desk, next to my bed, with the computer monitor being the only source of light. After a few moments, I grabbed the ski mask and bolted out the door. I stood in front of his door, looking both ways before I put the key in. I quickly put on the mask and darted inside.

There he was, that cute blondie, sitting at his desk, doing what looked to be homework. He got up with a look of disbelief in his eyes. I didn't let his good looks get in the way of my rage. I locked the deadbolt on his door, so that no one could get in. I looked at him through the two eye holes of the mask and darted for him. He backed away, but I grabbed onto his arms.

"You think you can get away with this?" I snarled. "It's my turn, now, bitch. So get on the!!"

"Fuck you, man!" he exclaimed.

I was royally pissed off now. "Shut up," I said, covering his mouth with my hand and dragging him over to the bed.

I'll admit, the little guy was a fighter. He tried to break free, even tried to scream.

"Unless you want the neighbors to hear this, I think you should be quiet," I said, grabbing the hair on the back of his head. He looked up at me. I had him pulled towards me. I wasn't the least bit turned on. But I knew this had to be done. He had to be taught.

I grabbed his shirt and tore it off him in one motion. I threw him on the bed and straddled his body between my legs. His arms were stuck on both sides and he was kickin' to break free. I felt him try to arch his back, but I just sat down harder.

"LAY STILL!" I commanded. "How do you like it now, faggot?"

"Get off me," he grunted, still trying to break free. I leaned down and pressed my chest against his, his lips just inches away from mine.

He then spit on my face. I slapped his face with my hand, not hard but hard enough. He looked up at me with hurt eyes. He looked like he was about to cry.

"You're fuckin' nothing without this mask on," I said, tearing it off. "You're nothin' but a fuckin' sick queer-ass, faggot."

He then started to cry.

"That's right, cry like the fuckin' pussy you are, bud. You'll be cryin' harder when my hard cock is up your fuckin' ass."

I pressed my cock, which was strangely growing more, against his stomach. I then looked down at his face and felt a shock go through my body. I was suddenly really angry. I grabbed his arms and pushed him down as far as I could into the bed.

"Why did you fuckin' do that, Joe?" I asked through my teeth.

I grabbed his pants off and exposed his cock that had rammed me up the ass that fateful night. It was soft and flaccid. Nice body though.

I ripped off my sweat shorts and grabbed a condom from the pocket. I broke out the lube and just covered his ass and my cock in it. I felt his smooth ass while he was begging me to stop.

"No, man, please, don't...I'm sorry, I didn't know what I was doing. I'm sorry....don't...."

"Shut up," I hissed. "It's too late for that!"

I grabbed his legs up and put them over my shoulder, allowing me a good view of that pretty pink hole. I then looked down at his face, his frightened, boy-like face. He was scared. I could tell it. I stopped what I was doing in mid-air and just stared at his face. How could I rape such a beautiful boy? I couldn't do it.

I gently let his legs down, tears falling from his eyes, and I crawled up next to him in bed and just held him. I heard him crying softly. I kissed his cheek. I couldn't help it. I didn't know what was happening to me. I just couldn't do it. Next thing I knew, I was crying.

"Why, bud?" I asked, through my tears. "Why did you do that?"

He looked at me. "I don't know. I was drunk and I was rollin'. I just had to have you that night. You looked so good."

"But what the hell? You were rollin' on E?"

He shook his head yes.

"You could've asked you know. I would've been more than willing to fuckin' sleep with you."

"I was too scared. I didn't know what to do. I was too scared..."

I got up off the bed and looked down at him, totally naked. He was nothing without his ski mask. He was just a boy. A boy with some very serious issues.

"Don't ever fuckin' do that to me OR ANYONE again. It's not cool, and it's not right. And if I ever hear of you doin' that to someone else again, I'll turn your ass in. I don't even care if I'm not out. I'll come out just to see your ass go to jail, you fuckin' son-of-a-bitch."

I pulled up my shorts, unlocked the deadbolt, and walked out his door, leaving his ski mask behind.

So there you have it. It's a little different than my past works, as I said above. I hope you enjoyed. Please send any compliments, complaints, or comments to

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