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But He Has Feet of Clay


I first saw him on the first day of classes as I walked across the campus.  He was everything I just loved in a man.  I had fallen for that image while I was in high school for my best friend's big brother looked like that except he was more perfect.  Of course, I was disappointed that he did not even look at me.  But why should he be – I was just a lowly freshman at least five and probably six years younger than he.

But that did not keep me from dreaming.  I soon learnt that he was a grad student for he hung out with the RA's from the dorm.  One day I got an extra special view because he pulled off his shirt to sunbathe on the lawn outside the dorm.  He was absolutely scrumptious!

Over the next few weeks, my heart would race every time I saw him.  It was wonderful yet terribly frustrating.

Then one Friday evening I was in the local gay hangout and I spotted him.  Again terribly frustrating as he never looked at me although I couldn't take my eyes off of him dressed to show off his fabulous body.  I managed to get a spot close to him and listened to his conversation.  It was thrilling to hear him boast about how he expertly rammed his big hard cock into other guys making them yelp with pain before squealing with delight.  I was, naturally, jealous because that is what I wanted him to do to me.

I'm not really a size queen like some guys but I like them at the high end of average.  By now I had seen him in all kinds of pants both loose and snug.  Never once could I tell any details for he certainly never went commando but apparently was always in a jock strap or tight briefs.  His generous bulge was always very promising.  He even had a most delightful bubble butt.

His friends tricked leaving him alone.  I said "Hi." and we got talking for the first time.  His slurred speech was the effect of his drinking but I could easily over look that fault as he groped my butt.  Actually, maybe it helped by preventing his snubbing of a mere freshman.  I invited him to my little studio apartment and to my great joy he accepted.

My heart was racing all the way home.  We talked about what a great stud he was.  He promised to plow my ass like I had never had it before.  I was so looking forward to my dreams coming true.  Once home we did not waste any time getting down to just our undies.  Boxer-briefs in my case and he was in a jock that showed off his big endowment.

He plopped down on the bed.  Kneeling before him I immediately started to pull off his jock to unveil the goodies inside that I had longed for after for months.

I got his jock off but, disappointingly, his goodies did not pop up as I expected.  I could not go down on him in anticipation of a good fuck for he was locked up in a cock cage.  "What the fuck!" I exclaimed.  Then I recovered a bit and asked: "Where's the key?"

I expected that he would have it and this was some sort of cutesy game he liked to play for he had even talked of fucking me on the way home.  His answer was a shock.  "My kid brother has it." he paused, "I'm being punished."

"And yet you go cruising.  That is naughty!  Very naughty!"  I snapped standing up.  "You have earned a SPANKING!  A good hard spanking."  I though I was just letting off some steam and figured that he was too high to know what he was doing.

But again he surprised me saying:  "Yes, Sir.  I deserve a spanking."

I could hardly believe my ears.  Of course, I would do as he said.  I've been lusting for him for months so his wish was my command.  With his buns of steal using just my hand was out of the question but what should I chose?  Hairbrush?  Naw, that a mother's implement not a guys.  My high school used a paddle but I didn't have one of them.  My belt?  Yeah, but for part two.  I got a flip-flop from the closet and sat down on my bed.

"Over my lap, naughty boy." I said as I pulled him into position.  He did not resist and I got him into the proper position.  I'm glad I remembered to get my hard cock up so that he was not laying on it.  I got a firm grip on his waist and caressed his beautiful, hard, bubble butt a bit before picking up the flip-flop to administer the spanking he so richly deserved.

I did not hold back.  He was a big, in-shape guy and very naughty.  WHACK went the flip-flip like it was a little rubber paddle when it connected to his hard bottom.  I could see the oval mark as I raised it for the second spank.  He remained quiet for a few whacks and then as his tail turned red began to show signs I was getting through to him made noise indicating he was in pain.  Soon his butt was a nice glowing red and I decided to move to part two.

I got him up and bent over the bed.  With my heavy leather belt folded double I began the real spanking.  I raised and lowered that belt a dozen times.  It was definitely effective because he was begging me to stop.  He collapsed on the bed when I stopped and lay there sobbing like a well-spanked little boy should.

I tossed the belt aside and grabbed a condom and the lube from my night stand for my cock was steel hard and anxious to go.  I pushed his legs aside and lubed up his butt hole.  I didn't bother fingering him because he never did that according to his talk but just moved my anxious rapier to his hot hole and pressed hard.  He yielded more easily than I expected and I rammed all the way in.

It was a great hot hole to be in and I fucked hard.  He was moaning with pleasure and I could not restrain my enthusiasm and soon exploded.  Happily I remained hard and continued to fuck him hard.  He came from just his love nut being pounded and then I came a second time.

I was surprised when I got back from the bathroom that he was dressed.  "I got to get home." he said, "Thanks for everything."  Before I could try to stop him he was out the door.

There wasn't anything I could do, so I sacked out.  I quickly dropped into dreamland.  I dreamed of him but differently than before since he has feet of clay.

The End

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