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Car Radio

Chapter II

Aiden spent the rest of the afternoon and evening holed up in his dorm room with his textbooks splayed out before him on his desk. But he was so angry and sad and disappointed in himself that he couldn't even type a single word on his laptop.

Aiden was so heart-broken, he had really gotten his hopes up, that he slept just shy of three hours that night. When he woke at eight-oh-six, Aiden showered and applied a light-hold hair paste to his orange locks. He dressed rather dashingly in his heather grey suit with a baby blue pinstripe shirt and purple neck tie.

"I am not giving up on my modelling career," Aiden said to himself while tying the laces of his black dress shoes.

Aiden drove off to Albright & Fitzroy, and the reception lady called Talia Kettilon's office.

"Hi, Nic," the receptionist greeted over the phone. "There is a young man here at the front by the name of Aiden McCriskell who would like to see Talia.
"Sure, not a problem.
"You can go up," the receptionist told Aiden. "Floor thirty-two."

Aiden thanked the woman kindly, and made his way to the elevators. He hit the button with the '32' and rode the elevator up with a fucking tight, anxious stomach. To try calming his nerves, even the slightest bit, Aiden drove his fingers through his orange, paste-ful hair.

Richard Vato, Kleinhart Modelling Agency --->
Julianna Arital, Kleinhart Modelling Agency <---
Talia Kettilon, Kleinhart Modelling Agency --->

There was one other name below Talia's, but Aiden didn't get a chance to read it because he went right. He was shocked to see the olive-skinned man from the open casting call manning the desk. But he opened the glass door and went inside.

"Morning, Mr. McCriskell," the man greeted pleasantly. "Talia is busy on the phone right now, but she should be done in about fifteen minutes. Can I get you something to drink? Water? Espresso?"

"I... umm... no," Aiden answered, faltered due to his shock. "No. I'm... thanks."

"Absolutely," the man's sexy deep voice replied with an amused smile.

And what a smile! The man's thick, juicy lips spread and showcased his perfect, white teeth.

"Well there's a chair there if you want," the man said with a gesture toward two luxurious-looking leather armchairs on either side of a small table. "Let me know if there is anything I can for you."

So Aiden sat down on one of the chairs and took his phone out of his pocket. He was slightly confused about being able to see the Talia Kettilon with no fuss whatsoever. This resparked his hope of becoming a model. Even though the measure of hope in him was as small as a fleck of dust, it was enough.

Aiden, as he scrolled through his Twitter feed, glanced at the olive-skinned man every so often. The man worked studiously with papers and typed stuff on the computer. His bright hazel eyes concentrated so hard that his thick black brows furrowed. It only served to make him look sexier.

"You okay over there?" the man asked, concerned.

"Yeah why?" Aiden quickly responded.

The man kept typing as he answered, "You just keep looking at me. Don't worry, Talia will be done her phone calls before you know it. Be patient, young padawan."

"I..." Aiden began, flustered. "Star Wars? Really?"

The man laughed softly, and replied, "Yes. I'm a geek. Original trilogy all the way."

Aiden stood from the chair and said, "I agree that the original trilogy is light years better than the three prequels, but I will rescind your Cute Card if you do not agree that The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi were great films."

Aiden had seated himself on the edge of the man's desk with a smile that he hoped looked flirty. But the man became uneasy. Visibly uneasy. He looked like his teeth were set on edge, and his hazel eyes widened.

"Sorry," Aiden hurriedly apologized. "I- I was hoping that you'd be gay. Or- or at least bi."

"I... I... I..." the man began, looking like he was on the verge of sweating a waterfall. He took a small tub of disinfecting wipes out of his desk drawer and asked in a panic, "Can you move please?"

Aiden practically jumped off the desk, and said very genuinely, "Sorry, man. I had no idea that you were a germaphobe. I am so sorry."

"The correct term is 'mysophobe'," the man stated softly as he wiped. "But I'm not a mysophobe. I..."

Empathetic, Aiden supplied, "You have O.C.D., don't you?"

The man stopped wiping, frozen in place. He just stared down at the red-brown oak desk, at the disinfectant under his fingers.

"No judgement," Aiden softly said. "My aunt suffers from turrets. And a teammate on my high school soccer team had episodes of depersonalization. I remember during the regionals, Brent sat on the bench, and after a while I noticed he was just staring at nothing. No matter what I did, he didn't come to. The whistle woke him, so to speak."

The man finally looked up at Aiden. Aiden could swim in the brilliant hazel pools that were the man's eyes. He could get lost in the sincere, gorgeous smile that formed on the man's lips. He thought that if he touched the perfect, flawless, smooth skin on the man's face, he'd never be able to stop.

"It's so rare that I meet someone who doesn't judge me," the man said softly. "Or even pity me. Thank you, Mr. McCriskell."

"Just being a decent human being," Aiden replied with a shrug. "And call me Aiden."

"I'm Nic," the man introduced himself with a handshake, which surprised Aiden. "Nic Georgiou. Can I ask if you dress like this on the daily?"

Aiden chuckled in total amusement and responded, "You're dressed like this. You're even wearing a three-piece with cuff links and a lapel flower."

"Yeah, well, I'm Talia Kettilon's assistant," Nic retorted. "I gotta look the part. And I wasn't complaining, by the way. You look all kinds of handsome."

Aiden smiled as a blush began to hear his face, and said back, "Thanks. And I gotta dress like this if I wanna impress Talia Kettilon. And I totally thought that you were an agent or a Kleinhart executive yesterday."

"'Impress Tali-'," Nic began, confused. "What are you even- why would you need to impress Talia?"

"Duh," Aiden teased lightly. "I wanna be a model. I wanna be a model under Kleinhart, specifically. I feel like I didn't get a fair shot at showing myself in snappy clothes, so here I am."

Nic looked completely amused, even with his smile behind his finger, and he stated, "You impressed us. We didn't need test shots to see how you'd photograph. You are definitely Kleinhart model material. I'm guessing Talia hasn't called you yet."

Before Aiden could process the information, or even think of a response, his cell phone rang in his hand. It was a New York phone number.

"Hello?" Aiden answered the call with excitement.

"Hello, Aiden?" Talia's voice greeted unsurely.

"Yes, this is he."

"Good morning, Aiden. This is Talia Kettilon of Kleinhart Modelling calling regarding the casting call. Do you have a minute to speak?"

"Is that Talia?" Nic asked, amused as all hell. "Talia! It's Nic! Aiden McCriskell is right outside your office!"

"Oh," Talia said with surprise. "I guess you knew that you'd knocked the casting call right out of the ball park?"

"Umm..." Aiden responded with a bashful giggle. "Not- not exactly. I came here for another shot."

"Well why don't you come into my office?" Talia suggested. "I had Linda from legal put together contracts."

Aiden turned back toward Nic with a very excited smile that showcased his brilliant teeth. Nic smiled back, and gestured for him to go into Talia's office. So Aiden quickly walked toward the glass door and opened it.

"Mr. McCriskell," Talia greeted happily. "Wonderful to see you again."

Aiden shook the proffered hand and replied, "Call me Aiden. Oh, my god! I can't believe that you're signing me!"

"I am honestly so surprised that no other agency has signed you," Talia commented. "You are a dashing young man. You have striking facial features. Have you gone to casting calls before?"

Aiden sat down on one of the chairs as he answered, "Yes, once in Atlanta a few months ago. About a week after I turned eighteen, Forward Models had an open casting call."

"Atlanta? You're a native Georgian?"

"Yes, ma'am," Aiden answered with a grin. "Born and raised in Monroe."

"Did you move to New York to become a model?"

"No, ma'am. I'm a student at Columbia Uni. Being turned down by Forward for a reason that was not given to me kind of discouraged my modelling dreams."

"Well Forward was insane not to sign you," Talia said with a giggle. "You really are a stunning young man. And I would like to apologize about yesterday. Rayoko, Nic, and I liked you the moment you stepped into the room because of your build, your big green eyes, your plump lips, your tall stature, and your runway walk. I already knew that I wanted you at Kleinhart, but Rayoko and Nic wanted to see if you could pull off the polished look in a suit for many of our clients. Well, I think Nic just wanted to see you in your skivvies. The second you slipped the suit jacket we all agreed to sign you."

"Well thank you for this opportunity, Ms. Kettilon."

"Talia is fine."

Aiden nodded his acknowledgement, and then asked, "So Nic is your assistant?"

"But why does his opinion matter so much to us?" Talia asked with a smile. "Nic is a brilliant mind with an acute eye and a certain air about him that gives him a feeling whether a potential model will work out or not.
"In his first month as my assistant, he advised me not to sign this girl. She was tall, slim, and looked to have everything that a Kleinhart model should have. I didn't listen to Nic and signed her, and she was opinionated even toward clients. We've had a couple of clients actually pull out of our contracts because of her. We lost the jobs, but got paid still. So they weren't complete fails.
"I still don't know how Nic knew she'd be trouble, but I trust his instincts now. He hasn't steered me wrong so far."

"How old is he?" Aiden asked, completely intrigued. "He looks like he should be slaving away for a college paper."

"Are you attracted to him?" Talia asked, amused. "Should I be worried about office misconduct? Should I keep an eye on you two?"

"No," Aiden answered with a laugh.


"I mean I already told him that he's cuter than a pomski pup and he didn't even blink. Well he blinked but that was because I triggered his O.C.D. I guess."

"That'll do it," Talia softly stated. "Well here is your contract with Kleinhart. I am obligated to advise that you read it and sign it with your lawyer. But that is totally your decision to make."

"What percentage of models just read these and sign them right here and now?" Aiden asked. "I don't have a lawyer. I can't afford one. One of my friends is pre-law, but I doubt he'd be useful anyway."

"I'd say about twenty-five, thirty percent of models read them quickly and sign them. You can read and sign that out in the lobby if you don't mind. I have more phone calls to make."

"Sure," Aiden replied. "I'll just tell Nic when I'm ready to sign?"

Talia agreed, so Aiden exited her office. Nic was on the phone with somebody, but threw Aiden a congratulatory smile. Aiden smiled back and flashed his contract.

The first page of the contract was the contact information for both the agency and Aiden, including phone numbers and physical addresses. So Aiden flipped to the next page.

1.0 - Appointee

Aiden S. McCriskell hereby appoints Talia Kettilon and other agents in Kleinhart Modelling Agency to represent them in any and all forms regarding modeling, contracts, shows, and any other business matters related to their modelling career.
By allowing Kleinhart Modelling Agency limited power of attorney, agency will conduct agreements on behalf of model as well as provide signatures on any contracts and agreements on behalf of said model.

2.0 - Counsel

Model is hereby granted permission to seek counsel from Agency in any matter related to their professional modelling career.
Additionally, Model recognizes that Agency requires full disclosure in order to provide the maximum positive impact on Model's career. Therefore, Model agrees to seek counsel with Agency regarding any matters related to Model's career, including any potential professional projects.

3.0 - Exclusive Rights

The agency has been granted the exclusive right to use the Model's name, as well as all approved portraits and pictures in connection with the advertising and/or publicity for model.
Agency may publicize that it is the exclusive personal manager for Model, as well as offer similar services to others in close regard to model without any breach of terms or contract.
Model agrees to update all contact cards, photographs, calendars and any other promotional items on a regular basis as agreed between parties.

4.0 - Agency Compensation

Model agrees to pay agency a set percent of twenty (20%) of all monies, fees or other contributions received by Model for the duration of this modeling agency contract.
Kleinhart Modelling Agency shall collect all monies and payments for jobs conducted under this term agreement and will retain agreed payment percentage from said funds.

5.0 - Individual Contractor

Model shall, for sake of taxes, state fees, and regulations be considered an individual contractor and will be responsible for all payments of such fees made due.

6.0 - Agreement Term

This modeling agency contract shall commence on the 07th day of March 2018 and end on the 06th day of March 2019.
Both parties may, through a written extension signed by both parties, agree to extend this modeling agency contract past the 06th day of March 2019 at their discretion.

7.0 - Propriety

The model will at all times conduct themselves with dignity and will do nothing considered unlawful during the term of this agreement. Furthermore the model will not pertake in any actions that may impair the models capabilities to comply with the terms of this agreement.
Model further agrees to abide by all rules and regulations put into place by the agency. Agency may, upon 30 days' notice to Model, terminate this agreement for breach of this paragraph.

8.0 - Covenant

This modeling agency contract is in its entirety the complete agreement between parties. Under no conditions shall modification, alteration or amendment of any provisions contained herein be valid or binding unless in writing containing signatures from both parties involved.
Furthermore, the Model warrants that no other binding agreement is in force with any other party which would supercede this agreement.

9.0 - Acceptance


Aiden S. McCriskell, Model


Talia Kettilon, Kleinhart Modelling Agency


10.0 - Parent/Guardian Release (Optional)

I/We, the parents/guardians of Aiden S. McCriskell who is a at date of signature a minor under the age of eighteen (18) years, have read the above agreement and acknowledge that both we and our son/daughter have entered into this agreement with an understanding of its terms and conditions listed above.

Parent/Guardian of Model


Aiden finished reading the contract and looked toward Nic. The olive-skinned man was still on the phone, but was speaking a language he was certain was German. He found it intriguing, and quirked his orange brow.

Nic got home that evening just before five-thirty. He grabbed the tongs out of the very organized utensil drawer and took the lid off the crockpot, and flipped the beef roast. He inhaled deeply with a smile because the beef and carrots and potatoes inside the wine-broth mixture smelled delightful and heavenly.

Nic sat his cell phone on the wireless charger because the battery was at fourteen percent. When he heard the charging chime, he walked down the hall and into his bedroom. There, he stripped himself of his charcoal grey three-piece suit, neck tie, pocket square, and dress shirt. He tossed the dress shirt in his laundry hamper, hung his suit with the utmost of care, and placed it in a plastic garment bag. He hung the garment bag in his walk-in closet, and shifted the hangers just millimetres into place just perfectly.

"It takes time," Nic whispered to himself, referring to his O.C.D. habits. "You won't get better just like that. It's okay."

Nic exited the closet and went over to one of his two tall dressers. He dressed in a pair of black sweatpants and a red tee shirt. On his way back into the kitchen, Nic noticed a small, transparent portion of a mark from a single footprint. It irked him to his core. He stared at the speck of a print for moments, he tried to fight the urge to clean it.

He lost the battle, though. Nic grabbed the tub of wipes out of the hall closet and cleaned the square inch of shoe print. He no longer felt the intense discomfort, but he felt worse. Disappointment.

Nic tossed the used wipe into the trash and poured himself a glass of apple juice. He sat his laptop on the kitchen table and resumed working on Talia's schedule.

Soon enough, his buzzer rang. Nic buzzed Christina, her husband Emmett, and their two young children in. As he waited for them to ride the elevator up to the eleventh floor, he took the rice cooker out of the pantry and started cooking a pot of rice pilaf.

"Uncle Nic!" little Felisha Aberhett cried with excitement when Nic answered the door.

Nic picked up the three-year-old girl, kissed her cheek, and asked, "Hey, how are you, Felisha?"

"Good," Felisha replied with a giggle.

"Hey," Nic greeted Christina with a kiss to her cheek as well.

"I brought wine," Christina stated and showed the bottle. "Red, non-alcoholic. I know you're not supposed to drink on your meds."

"Great!" Nic responded and hoisted the toddler further up his hip. "Thank you! Emmett."

Emmett shook the proffered hand, and kissed Nic's cheek. Nic bent forward and kissed baby Isaac's tiny cheek. The baby boy jumbled some baby talk and gently patted Nic's chin.

Nic grinned down at the baby and said, "Yes, Uncle Nic is doing fine. How are you, my god son? Huh? Is you doin' alright? Huh? Is you a perfectly healthy little guy?"

"Aahhhhh!" baby Isaac squealed and laughed.

Nic giggled at the baby and said to Felisha, "Your brother is getting so big. How old is he again?"

"Umm..." Felisha said in thought. "He's four. And I'm eight."

As he lead the family into his living room, Nic replied, "That can't be right. Just last month I went to your house for your third birthday party."

"Oh," Felisha simply said.

"And how is preschool, my pretty princess?" Nic asked.


"Yeah? Who are your teachers?"

"Umm... Ms. Orinson teach French and math. Mr. Tarkew teach art and English."

"That's awesome. Do you like your teachers?"


"Good. And who are your friends at school?"

"Umm... Xander. And Delila. And Liam. And Shante."

"Wow, that's a lot of friends. Why don't you and your dad turn the T.V. on and look for cartoons? I'm gonna go check on dinner, okay?"

Felisha excitedly hopped off Nic's lap and ran to her dad. Baby Isaac was nursing from Christina, but looked to be asleep. So Nic went back into the kitchen. He gave the rice pilaf a stir, and then turned the beef and vegetables over in the crock pot.

As Nic turned the potatoes over, Christina went into the kitchen and asked, "So how've you been? Been taking your meds?"

"Yeah," Nic answered. "Twenty milligrams once daily. I've been to see Dr. Lymin twice now, and it seems to be doing me alright. It- it's so hard to leave my disinfectants in the car, but at least I'm doing it. I'm not excited for the citalopram to really start affecting me, to start making me feel like I'm confused, and agitated, and less energetic."

Christina nodded slowly, and then asked, "You've taken that medication before?"

"Yeah, started when I was twelve and stopped taking it when I was fourteen. I went through two years of basically no emotion."

"Well I hope this time is different," Christina softly said. "How's work?"

"Work is good," Nic answered as he grabbed three wine glasses out of the cupboard. "Kleinhart signed eight new models from the casting call. One of them is Aiden, who tried flirting with me today."

Smiling wide, Christina asked, "Really? What's he look like?"

"Tall. I'm guessing six-foot-two. He's got bright orange hair. His blue eyes are an icy blue, and so big. He's got dark pink lips, almost red. He is the sexiest guy to ever wear an Armani suit."

"Damn. Do you plan to flirt back?"

"I don't know," Nic answered with a shake of his head. "He's only eighteen."

"And you're only twenty," Christina retorted. "Emmett is four years older than me."

"And Talia would probably report me to H.R. if I did anything. I think a model is more important to her than an assistant. I could be replaced."

"Maybe," Christina replied. "Just don't sell yourself short. Talia hired you before you even graduated from uni. You are so fucking skilled, Nic."

"Anyway," Nic began while he took four plates out of the cabinet, "Zach came by last night to pick up his things."

Concerned and taking cutlery out of the drawer, Christina asked, "Oooh, how'd that go?"

"You know Zach," Nic responded dully. "He came in all apologetic and asked me to take him back. And then became a total ass when I rejected him. He called me messed up and psychotic."

"I hope you're not listening to a single word that manchild says," Christina vehemently said. "I never liked him for a second. You're too good for him, Nic. I hope he gets a boyfriend who is as vile as he is, so that he gets a taste of his own medicine. And gives him crabs."

Nic laughed unabashedly at that, and the two finished setting the table. Christina watched, when the table was set, as Nic positioned the forks and knives into precise placement. Nic blushed when he noticed, and sighed. Christina simply soothingly rubbed his back and kissed his cheek.

"You've only been on your meds for just over two weeks," Christina gently stated. "It would be ridiculous of you to put any kind of pressure on yourself to be better like a snap of your fingers. You know it takes time."

"I know," Nic replied and drove his fingers through his wavy black hair. "It's just hard."

"Here's to Aiden!" Mikaela Rosstead cheered and raised her shot glass of tequila high in the air. "May you find success within the modelling industry and kick ass!"

The nineteen fraternity brothers, eight pledges, and eleven friends of Aiden's all raised their own shot glasses and cheered, "To Aiden!"

Aiden knocked his shot back and swallowed the fairy liquid. He grimaced slightly, but whooped and swallowed a Red Bull chaser.

Seth Troimor, head of Lambda Phi Epsilon, extended his hand and said, "Congrats, Aiden."

"Thanks, Seth," Aiden said gratefully. "And thanks for doing this."

"Oh for sure. Someone I know just got signed to Kleinhart Agency! That's unreal, man."

Seth grabbed two red solo cups off a tray being carried around by a pledge and handed one to Aiden. They clinked the glasses in cheers, and sipped the beer.

"Enjoy the party, Aiden!" Seth jovially said and clapped redhead's back. "This is all for you!"

Aiden indeed enjoyed the party. He sipped his beer and joined Mikaela, Lacy Nethic, and Zane Royce on the dance floor.

After dancing to two songs, Aiden went to one of the two kegs where a pledge filled his cup.

"Aiden!" Owen cried and wrapped his arm around Aiden's neck. "Let's do another shot!"

Aiden eagerly agreed. He went over to the liquor table with Owen, Kristi, Gordie, and Veronica. Gordie poured five shot glasses of Jaeger, which left Aiden feeling both uneasy and excited.

Just after Aiden chased the shot with another big sip of Red Bull, his cell phone began vibrating in his back pocket. Due to the loud music, he couldn't even hear his ringer. But he answered the call anyway.

"Aiden?" a man's voice asked loudly. "It's Nic, Talia Kettilon's assistant! Sounds like you're celebrating your representation! I don't mean to be a party pooper, but do you have a minute to talk?"

"Sure!" Aiden called back, and immediately retreated outside. "Hi. Sorry about that."

"Not a problem, Aiden," Nic responded. "You have a reason to celebrate. I'll make this quick. Do you know who Janik Verhofstad is?"

Thinking, Aiden replied, "The name sounds familiar."

"He is a well-known photographer. Janik has some amazing photos, and a couple of books of his work. Stunning. Anyway, he flew into New York tonight and his model has a broken arm. So he called Talia, who called me. Janik needs three girls and two guys. Casting is tomorrow at ten, but models usually arrive a half hour before for a run-through and final preps. Wear a suit but also bring some super relaxed clothing because Janik photographs both high fashion and lounge."

"Oh, umm..." Aiden began, flustered and buzzing from the alcohol. "Uhh... any specific colours I should avoid?"

"What?" Nic asked. "It doesn't matter. Janik will just wanna see how you dress."

"Right, okay. Do you always call models about castings? Not that I'm complaining. I could imagine listening to your voice as I stroke my--"

"--Talia asked me to call the new recruits," Nic responded stoically. "I usually email casting calls, but Talia wanted me to make sure that you new kids were aware. Drink as much as you like but don't bitch if Janik doesn't choose you because you look like death and reek of vodka sweat."

"It'll actually be tequila and jaeger sweat," Aiden retorted with a giggle.

"I'll email the details to all Kleinhart models," Nic stated. "Nine-thirty. Remembering that."

Rejected, Aiden replied, "You got it, Boss. I'll- uhh... I'll be there. Will it be at Kleinhart?"

"It'll be specified in the email. Enjoy your party, Model Six-Dash-One-Eight-Zero-Four."

Before Aiden could even respond, he heard the beep that signified an ended call. He giggled to himself and saved the number as 'Nic Hot Assistant'.

Aiden stared at his phone for a moment, at the blue text bubble, which meant that Nic also was an iMessage user. His phone displayed that Nic had read the text message, but wasn't responding. Whatever. He was too excited to feel yet even more rejected. So he went back into the fraternity house.

Aiden raised his arms high in the air and cried, "I have my first casting tomorrow!"

The crowd cheered and clapped loudly. Aiden's friend Tysen Shindel poured an obscene number of tequila shots for the many party goers in celebration.

Aiden drank very slowly that night, he only maintained that good buzz he was feeling. He nursed a beer for an hour at a time, and didn't care if it got warm. Aiden also sparsely knocked back shots of either tequila or jaeger.

At the end of the night, he helped a fraternity brother by the name of Evan something up to one of the bedrooms that absolutely reeked of sex. Another fraternity brother was busy on the top bunk fucking a girl, so Aiden hurriedly got Evan into the bottom bunk, made sure he was lying on his side, and decked out of the room.

Aiden was teetering on the edge between buzzed and drunk as he walked back to Furnald Hall. In his room on the eighth floor, Aiden got his Nalgene water bottle out of his mini refrigerator and downed half of it.

Aiden undressed down to his rainbow print briefs and got under the covers. Before he turned off the lamp, he snapped a selfie to upload onto Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. He captioned it, 'Still CANNOT that believe I got signed to Kleinhart!'

To Be Continued...

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