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Car Radio

Chapter IV

Nic got to the office at eight-twenty and made sure to keep any thoughts of cleaning and precise placement of his desk completely out of his mind. He turned on the desktop computer and, as it booted up, went into the employee lounge to turn on the espresso machine.

Talia walked in as Nic was laying out her daily schedule on her desk, and she offered a toneless 'Good morning'. So Nic went back into the lounge and made Talia her usual latte.

"Sylvia flew out to Canada last night," Talia stated as she read her schedule. "Something about her grandmother being ill, so she won't be here for the Banana Republic casting."

"Her grandmother succumbed to lung cancer," Nic corrected. "She emailed me last night."

Talia's eyes remained glued to the paper in her hand as she replied, "Oh. Well be sure to order a couple dozen flowers to be delivered to the funeral. And have Frank pick her up from the airport upon her arrival. Least we could do."

"You big softie," Nic teased.

"Get me Erica from legal. And call Stephanie Windom to come in at eleven o'clock. She called me drunker than a sailor this morning demanding why I wasn't doing all I can do help her book jobs. I want her contract terminated.
"I swear, some models are little more than children. I can only do so much. The rest is up to our clients.
"That is all. For now."

So Nic exited his boss' office and went to work. He first called Sylvia Jenepol to offer his condolences and to get information on both the funeral and her flight back to New York.

Nic then called Stephanie Windom, but her boyfriend answered her cell phone because she was sleeping. He told the man that Stephanie was required to meet with Talia at eleven o'clock. The man promised to have Stephanie awake and in attendance.

Nic remained busy that morning with model schedules, contract filing, casting schedules, more emails, and expense reports.

Stephanie walked in at ten-fifty-five looking very much beaten up by alcohol alone. She wore giant sunglasses and her red-brown hair was tied messily in a bun. Nic told her that Talia was busy on the phone, but she could take a seat. She politely took a proffered bottle of water, and sat to wait.

Two minutes later, Erica Anaqueris walked in with a folder tucked between her elbow and side, and shook hands with the model. They both walked into Talia's office, and Nic cringed at the conversation that would be occurring within the next minute.

Two minutes later, as predicted, there was shouting from Talia's office. Stephanie was furious, and began crying in her fury. But a minute later, Stephanie stormed out of the office with the folder in her hands.

Nearly two hours later, Nic had just sat back down at his desk from lunch when Talia walked out of her office and said, "Let's head up. Clients will be here in five minutes."

Nic quickly turned the call forwarding feature on the telephone on, grabbed his laptop, and followed Talia. It was only a single floor up, so Talia went up using the emergency staircase.

Upstairs, Nic showed Talia the schedule of their upcoming business trip to Los Angeles. Nic had to rearrange some items on the itinerary due to emergency issues that had come up.

"Talia!" a man's voice called happily.

It was the C.E.O. of Banana Republic Mark Breitbard. His smile was bright, and welcoming. Following him was Olivia Palermo. Both were dressed rather chic and sophisticated.

"Mark, darling," Talia greeted with a kiss to the man's cheek. "You remember Nic?"

Nic stood to shake the man's hand, and Mark replied, "Yes, yes, of course. I hope you're continuing to keep Talia sane?"

"But of course," Nic responded. "The fashion world would all but crumble should Talia become ill, even for just a day. Can I get either of you anything?"

"Three lattes?" Talia offered. "Nic outshines even the most experienced of baristas the world around.
"So, Mark, tell me about what you're looking for today."

As Nic walked out of the room, he heard the man answer, "Well, your models looked great last year during our last campaign and I wouldn't mind using some of the same models if some new faces don't impress me. I'm looking for models with fresh, clean faces. I want expressive eyes, open body language, models who look like they'd romance the shit out of you and then take you home to completely ravage you."

The last thing Nic heard before the glass door closed behind him was Talia's amused chuckle. He went to the kitchen on that floor, and passed by the meeting room where a hundred and fifty models waited. Some saw him through the glass walls, and Nic offered a small wave of his hand.

Aiden McCriskell waved back with a minute smile and a wink. That Nic ignored. Pointedly. But he couldn't deny the swell of admiration in his chest.

Nic quickly yet expertly made four vanilla lattes in four identical ceramic tumblers with rubber sleeves.

"Thank you, Nic," Talia said when she grabbed her latte. "I shall go check on my models. I'll be back momentarily."

Nic had sat at a small desk right by the red suede sofa and was working on a model list when Mark asked, "So, Nic, any new models I should keep an eye out for?"

"Certainly," Nic replied as he turned from his laptop to the two clients. "The girls that I feel like you'll take an interest in are Leqisha Ivory, Juanita Bajana, and Kiera Marchand.
"For the boys, I'd guess Mike Newberry, Eric Fetterly, Aiden McCriskell, and Sergio Alopos.
"I'm just guessing from the description your gave Talia. Those models each have strong faces, languid bodies, and a certain sensuality about them."

Olivia Palermo nodded slowly before she asked, "And, if you were in our shoes, which eight models would you book?"

"I can't answer that," Nic answered regretfully, "because I would want to see the collection, or at least an outfit of each gender, before I looked at models."

Mark nodded as well and said, "Fair point."

Just then, Talia reentered the room and stated, "Mark, love, I think we should negotiate compensation before we see any models."

"Must we?" Mark asked with boredom in his voice.

Talia nodded primly and answered, "Last year, your photographer was ridiculous to work with."

"We have learned," Olivia stated. "We've booked Jen Brothers."

"While I agree she is easier to work with, she still has her moments. There's no guarantee that she won't berate my models or scream at them like she has done in the past."

"Fine," Mark conceded. "Fifteen hundred a day."

"Nineteen," Talia countered.




"Deal," Talia agreed with a hand shake. "To be quite frank, I thought the most you would offer would have been fifteen hundred."

"Only you could strong-arm me, Tal," Mark commented with a chuckle. "Faces of each campaign?"

"Two grand a day," Talia proposed.

"Deal," Mark agreed with another handshake. "I was scared you'd start negotiating at twenty-five each. Models?"

Talia nodded and said to her assistant, "Nic."

As Nic rose from his chair, Mark asked, "Mind bringing five girls and five boys first? Including the ones you'd mentioned earlier?"

Aiden fidgeted with his left sleeves. He couldn't decide whether to fold the sleeves of his white dress shirt and royal blue sweater up to his elbows or leave them crisp straight. His model friends Vanessa, Eric, and Vinny Osturo hadn't a clue either.

The second Nic opened the glass door into the room, Aiden practically ran to him and asked, "Sleeves folded or straight?"

Nic simply responded, "The email said to dress like you're meeting your boyfriend's or girlfriend's parents for the first time."

That didn't help clarify. Aiden thought that you could Meet the Parents with both rolled sleeves or unfolded.

Nic's hazel eyes quirked the slightest bit, and he said, "You want to look both appealing and like you're an excellent boyfriend."

"Okay but you can literally do that with both folded and unfolded sleeves," Aiden pressed, almost panicked.

Aiden watched as Nic's eyes rolled dramatically, and the man said, "Unfolded, obviously. Good choice on the bow tie. Adds a nice touch. Now you line at the door."

Aiden smiled at the compliment, and tugged at both ends of the grey nylon fabric to perfect it. He waited by the door and watched as Nic chose four other guys and five girls. He followed Nic into the casting room with the nine others behind him.

Talia was seated on the familiar red suede sofa with another woman and a man. Aiden guessed that the two were the executives from Banana Republic, and tried to walk as straight and as confidently as he could. He kept his face expressionless, but taut.

The second the rest of the models lined up beside Aiden, the man said, "Numbers three and seven are definite candidates."

Talia nodded and said, "Eric, Leqisha, off to the side please."

The man smiled softly and asked, "Eric and Leqisha? Your assistant was right about them, Tal."

"Nic has an acute eye, I know," Talia agreed.

"That he does," the man replied, and went back to surveying the rest of the lineup. "These are all striking, sexy people. It's hard to decide. Liv?"

The other woman, whose eyes were scrutinizing the models, said, "I very much like one, five, and eight."

Aiden had to fight off he smile of excitement so hard. His knees wanted so badly to jump high into the air, or even do a small victory dance. But he remained still as a statue and locked his jaw.

"Agreed," the man stated.

"Aiden, Sergio, Vanessa," Talia called, and pointed them off to the side.

Aiden had to keep every single cell in his body at bay not to buzz with excitement. He felt his eyes close the slightest bit with a smile almost forming. But he turned and joined the others off to the side.

The woman added, "And two and six."

"Mike, Keira. The rest can go. Thank you."

Aiden was the first to take a seat on the other sofa, and Vanessa seated herself on the sofa's arm with her stiletto'd feet on Aiden's thigh.

"We're finalists," Vanessa whispered to Aiden with excitement.

Aiden finally smiled. His smile was huge and full of spirit and mirth. He grabbed Vanessa's thigh in both his palms and shook her leg slightly.

It took the Banana Republic executives a whole hour to view the other one hundred forty-two other models. They had chosen a total of twenty-eight guys and twenty-five girls to the second round. As the executives talked with Talia in hushed tones, Aiden's stomach growled ever so quietly.

"I'm going to lunch with a couple other models after this," Vanessa whispered to the redhead. "Wanna join us?"

Aiden smiled sheepishly and whispered back, "Can't. Paid bills yesterday so I only have enough money for groceries."

"My treat," Vanessa assured. "You can pay me back when you book your first job."

"Okay," Aiden agreed. "How many jobs have you booked since becoming a model?"

"Five. And I've been a model for, like, eight months."

"Guys!" Talia called, who had stood from the sofa.

"Gentlemen," the male client began and stood as well, "I'd like for you to line up against that wall! When I point to you, you are dismissed!"

Again, Aiden felt the nerves becoming so fucking active. His stomach tightened, his palms moistened slightly, and his extremities urged him to shake the anxiety off. But Aiden rose from the sofa and lined up against the opposite wall with other male models.

Aiden stared out at the skyscrapers, at the New York scenery as the clients walked up and down the line. The woman pointed at the guy to Aiden's left, who sighed and promptly walked out of the room.

"Okay," the man said lightly two minutes later, "that was all we could eliminate for now. Now time for the girls."

Aiden couldn't believe it. He was one of the nine male models that made it to the third round of casting. Callback? Whatever. He didn't know what to call it, since he was new to modelling. He just walked back to the sofa and took Vanessa's spot on the sofa arm.

The two clients walked up and down the line of female models and pointed at most of them. At the end, they had chosen eight finalist girls. Vanessa threw a wink Aiden's way as she approached and then planted her butt on his knee.

"Are you two a couple?" the woman asked, who had been watching Aiden and Vanessa.

"Oh, no," Aiden answered with an awkward chuckle. "I'm gay."

"And I'm gay," Vanessa chimed in. "I think I've found my new best friend, though."

"Well you two have a lot of chemistry," the woman stated with a smile.

Talia then called, "Alright, gentlemen! On the numbers!"

When Aiden stood over number four, because it was the closest free number, the woman said from the sofa, "Okay, give me a shy, flirty smile."

Aiden ducked his head, and then looked back up with a very soft smile plastered on his face. The woman's green eyes were sweeping across the line, but paused at Aiden. Because she immediately surveyed the rest of the male models, Aiden wondered if he screwed up the simple task.

"Now laugh like your future mother-in-law just told the most idiotic, not-funny joke ever," the woman said with an amused smile.

Aiden wanted to throw his head back in his forced bit of laughter, but decided that it would be too much. He settled for a hearty chuckled with his left hand on his stomach.

"Good," the woman said. "Now strike any model pose you think would impress me."

'Oh, God,' Aiden thought to himself, because that was a loaded request. He tried to remember a pose a male model would have done from the Banana Republic website. He turned slightly to the right, jutted his left leg out a little with his toes planted on the floor, raised his right thumb to his chin, and smiled bright at the clients.

"Okay. Now take your pants off."

Aiden knew that the clients' company sold shorts, so he didn't find the request odd. He just didn't know where to put his black chinos as he was taking them off. He followed Eric's lead and folded them and laid them behind himself.

A minute later, the male client said, "This one doesn't shave his legs. Aiden, correct? Why is that?"

Aiden didn't fight the urge at all. He looked down at his legs, and glaced at the legs of either male model beside him. His calves and thighs were indeed dusted with thick, coarse, orange hair. The other models' legs had been completely smooth, clean. Aiden became fearful.

But Talia answered, "He's a brand new model to Kleinhart. We just signed him days ago. And I like him with natural legs. It works for him. Janik Verhofstad agrees, he liked Aiden's natural look."

The female client nodded slowly before she made the request, "Aiden, can you smile and wink at me?"

Aiden donned another soft, sensuous smile directly at the client. He bit the side of his bottom lip, and tossed a wink her way.

The two clients huddled together and whispered their little meeting. Aiden flexed his fingers to calm his nerves, and waited.

Finally, the male client straightened and told Talia, "We would like Aiden to be the male face of our new line."

Talia, for the first time ever, Aiden thought, smiled. She said to him, "Congratulations, Aiden. Our clients have chosen the new face of their men's clothing line before choosing companion models. I've never seen that before. You can take a seat."

"Are you serious?" Aiden asked both Talia and the clients. "Oh, my god. Thank you. Thank you so much. I swear you won't regret this."

Talia and the clients laughed softly. Aiden definitely noticed the amused smiled that graced Nic's face. He quickly grabbed his pants and practically leapt to the sofa. Vanessa smiled so brightly and hugged the redhead so tightly.

A half hour later, the eight models signed the agreements with both Talia and Mark Breitbard. Vanessa was not chosen to be the female face of Banana Republic's new line, but Aiden was happy that she landed a modelling gig alongside him.

"Are you going to drink to celebrate tonight?" Vanessa asked her new best friend.

"Can't," Aiden answered with a shrug. "I have work until nine and classes starting at eight-thirty. But I'm sure my frat bros are gonna plan something for the weekend. You and whoever you wanna bring can come. Gimme your phone."

"What frat are you in?"

"I'm not. Just friends with Lambda Phi Epsilon members."

Just as Aiden was typing his cell phone number into Vanessa's contact list, Talia asked, "Aiden, can you wait for me down at my office? I need to speak with you."

Anxious, Aiden agreed.

"Meet us at Vietnamese Noodle House?" Vanessa asked.

Aiden pranced down the stairs to the floor down, despite being curious and anxious about his meeting with Talia. He took a seat in one of the luxurious armchairs outside of his agent's office and waited.

Not even five minutes later, Nic walked in with the contracts in his hand.

"Let's go," Talia commanded while walking to her office.

Nic smiled encouragingly at Aiden, which eased his nerves. Talia poured two glasses of scotch and handed one to the redhead.

"Here's to your first successful casting," Talia proposed, and clinked their glasses gently. "Congratulations, Aiden."

"It's all thanks to you, Talia," Aiden replied.

Talia laughed softly before she retorted, "What are you talking about? It was all you. You're gorgeous, you're sexy, you're a natural model. I did nothing but sign you to the agency."

"Maybe," Aiden replied. "But your signing me gave me confidence."

"Perhaps. Now here."

"What is this?" Aiden asked while accepting the small stack of papers.

"This is your second successful booking," Talia answered. "Janik liked you so much that he created another job just for you. I just got the email ten minutes ago."

"Shit," Aiden cursed in astonishment. "Are you- are you serious?"

"Very much so. Your photoshoot with Janik is scheduled for March fourteenth. I told you he loved your audition."

"Oh, my god!" Aiden cried and laughed. "He's paying me fifteen hundred a day!?"

Talia nodded with a huge smile and responded, "And he expects to photograph you for two, maybe three days."

"Holy shit! Excuse me, but holy shit!"

"You've been signed with the agency for two days and you've already booked two jobs. Congratulations. Thank god I had that open casting call, yes?"

"No fucking kidding! Oh, my god. Talia, this is amazing. I can't thank you enough. Seriously."

"Happy to help. Just initial the bottom of each page and sign the last."

Aiden complied, and downed the rest of his drink. Talia bade him a good day, which was a dismissal.

"I booked another job!" Aiden said (shouted) to Nic.

Nic turned in his chair and replied, "I know. Talia told me about Janik this morning. Giselle from Tekolique sent you this box this morning."

Aiden took the long rectangle box from Nic's hand and pulled him in. Their lips crashed together but not painfully so. They kissed heatedly. Aiden felt Nic's large hand slid around to his back, and the man deepened the kiss.

After the kiss, Aiden breathily stated, "You have my number if you want more of that."

Nic got to his friends Dorian Sanwick and Rusty Clouden's apartment just before six o'clock that evening. It had been over two hours since Aiden had kissed him, and Nic couldn't get it out of his head. Aiden had such thick, soft lips that were amazingly talented. His tongue was strong yet gentle. Nic was barely present during dinner, and during the after-dinner tea (since Nic couldn't partake in wine).

"Are you even listening?" Doris asked.

"What?" Nic asked.

Dorian smiled and replied, "I was just talking about beauty gurus on social media."

"Oh," Nic said lamely. "Right. Aren't they wonderful?"

Rusty laughed and clarified, "We were just speaking of the drama of it all, actually."

"What's got you distracted?" Dorian asked.

"Nothing," Nic lied. "Just hard to concentrate from fatigue and my meds. I think I'm gonna go home and sleep it off."

"You sure?" Rusty asked with a voice tinged with concern.

"Yeah. Thanks for dinner, guys. That was delicious stir fry."

The couple walked Nic to the door and kissed his cheeks in farewell. Even during the drive home, all Nic thought about was the electrifying kiss.

At home and dressed lazily in little but his briefs and a wife beater, Nic had his computer open on his lap on the couch with the intention of working on a meeting schedule and minutes template. But he just stared at his computer screen and his fingers hovered over the keys.

Before Nic knew it, the time was ten-twenty at night.

"Fuck it," Nic said to himself with a huff.

Nic picked up his cell phone and immediate found Aiden's contact. He put it on speaker as it rang. It rang a second time. And a third.

On the fifth ring, Nic was prepared to hear an automated voice ask for him to leave a voicemail.

But the redhead answered, "Nic?" with a very groggy, sleepy voice.

"What the fuck was that?" Nic demanded.

"What was what?" Aiden asked.

"The kiss! Why the fuck- what was that about?"

"I dunno. I was celebrating booking my first jobs as a model. And I've been wanting to kiss you since I first saw you at the open casting call. Should I not have kissed you?"

"No! Well... I dunno. I just- it surprised me."

Nic heard Aiden yawn before he responded, "It surprised me, too. But I don't regret it."

Anxiously, Nic told the model, "I don't- I don't regret it either. But I just got out of a serious relationship two months ago so I'm not looking for a relationship right now."

"Oh. Well that's fine. You know, I had work all day and I came home right after. I could do with a celebratory fuck."

"But you just got off work," Nic replied apologetically. "And I just woke you up."

"Yeah but now that I've heard your deep, sensual voice and remember your lips on mine, I'm so god damned hard right now. My hand is in my boxers, gripping my shaft..."

"Damn," Nic said huskily. "I know you live in a dorm so you can come over. If you want. And spend the night if you're too tired to drive back home."

"Fuck yes. Just text me your address."

Nic had to laugh softly because Aiden hung up right away.

Nic smiled at a photo that Aiden had sent him following. It was a selfie of Aiden, whose orange hair was messy, but his smile was as stunning as ever.

Nic took a quick shower but was studious in cleaning his junk and neck. After the shower, Nic saw no point in dressing in much else besides a pair of grey briefs.

Soon enough, Nic's buzzer rang and he buzzed the guest in without speaking to them. Two minutes later, there was a knock. Nic excitedly opened the door.

"Hey," Aiden greeted shyly.

"Hey," Nic greeted smiling.

Aiden openly scanned Nic's mostly nude body. His green eyes raked over Nic's olive skin and defined muscles. Aiden stepped forward into Nic's space, and kissed him. Nic smiled as he pulled the redhead flush against him, and used his foot to close his door.

As Aiden kissed Nic's neck, he asked, "Bedroom? Not that I'd mind a hallway romp."

Nic giggled and gripped the front of Aiden's waistband. He pulled the redhead down the hall and into his bedroom. As they made out passionately, they sat on the bed and Aiden laid himself overtop Nic.

As he kissed Aiden's neck and nibbled on his ear, Nic peeled the model's tank off. Aiden attached his reddened lips to Nic's furry chest and suckled so sweetly. Nic moaned softly while he drove his fingers through the redhead's hair.

Nic pushed Aiden off and planted sweet kisses to Aiden's clavicle. As his lips worshipped Aiden firm body, Nic unfastened the fly of Aiden's denim shorts. Nic pulled the shorts and boxer-briefs down Aiden's strong legs and tossed them haphazardly.

Nic had the intention of gripping Aiden's eight inches of pale, thick cock and teasing it with his tongue. He didn't get a chance to because the model flipped Nic over onto his back. Aiden peeled Nic's briefs down his thick legs and dropped them to the floor.

"Fuck," Aiden whispered in awe. "You're uncut. I've never tasted an uncut cock."

Nic had a smart retort on the tip of his tongue but it disappeared. Aiden had grabbed the low-hanging scrotum and aimed Nic's seven inches up to the heavens. Aiden licked the underside of Nic's cock in an achingly slow fashion.

"Mmm," Nic hummed with a soft giggle.

As Aiden swirled his willful tongue around the purple exposed head, Nic stroked his thumb along Aiden's protruding cheekbone.

"Your precum is sweet," Aiden whispered while twisting his hand and Nic's foreskin. "Delicious."

Aiden slid his luscious lips over Nic's tip and massaged his balls. Nic craned his neck back and hummed appreciatively. Aiden slid his lips lower and took more of Nic's thick, savoury cock in his mouth. Aiden got five inches passed his lips before he gagged slightly. So he bobbed his head on Nic's tip while he kneaded the man's balls.

A minute later, Aiden abruptly lifted Nic's knees to his chest and buried his face in the hairy cleft of Nic's bottom. But this put Nic's mind into red alert.

Nic's heart raced a thousand miles a minute. His lungs screamed for oxygen. His palms became moist. His muscles tensed.

"Stah-" Nic began but found it difficult to breathe. "Stop. Stop. Stopstopstop!"

"Okay," Aiden quickly obliged and sat up just as Nic scrambled to sit up as well. "Okay. I'm sorry. I'm not touching you anymore. You're safe. Breathe. In through your nose, one, two, three. Out through your mouth, one, two, three. Hey, breathe with me, Nic."

But Nic couldn't breathe. He even had difficulty seeing properly. The lights were too bright and everything had a soft blur. Every bit of Nic's lungs begged to the High Heavens for a single breath of oxygen.

"Hey!" Aiden said loudly and made Nic's fingers touched his neck. "Hey. Feel my pulse. Feel me inhale. Exhale. Concentrate on that, Nic. Breathe with me. In through your nose. One, two, three. Out through your mouth. One, two, three. In, one, two, three. Out, one, two, three."

Nic followed the instructions, though, his hearing was distorted due to the panic attack. But everything was regulating as he concentrated on his breathing. His heart was slowing, his muscles relaxed, he wiped the sweat from his palms, and he could see clearly.

"You okay?" Aiden softly asked.

"I'm sorry," Nic responded guiltily. "Aiden, I am so sorry."

"There is nothing to be sorry about. It was both our faults for not discussing what was happening tonight. But are you alright?"

"I just- I- umm... yeah. I'm- yeah."

"It's okay not to be okay right now. Just take your time to regulate yourself. And then we can cuddle to sleep. Do you wanna be the big spoon or little?"

"I- what?"

"Do you feel safer being protected? Because I can totally big spoon the shit out of you. Or you can big spoon the shit out of me. Your choice."

"Big spoon," Nic breathlessly replied. "You. You big spoon."

Nic slowly lowered his body down to the bed, turned on his side, and clutched his pillow tightly. Aiden sidled up to Nic's back and held the older man tightly. Aiden wrapped his arm around Nic, and pressed his palm against Nic's hairy, firm chest.

"Your heart is still beating so hard," Aiden whispered. "You're safe."

"Yeah," Nic whispered back, a warmth in his chest. "Thank you."

"Just let me turn off the lights," Aiden whispered.

But Nic said, "Okay, Google. Can you turn off all lights?"

A disembodied female voice responded, "You got it, Nic. Turning off three lights."

The whole apartment fell into darkness. Aiden got comfortable flush against Nic, and softly stroked his finger along Nic's shoulder.

"So my name is Aiden Scott McCriskell," Aiden whispered. "I am eighteen years of age, but I'll be nineteen on May thirtieth. I am from Monroe, Georgia. My parents are Paul and Rachel McCriskell, and I have two sisters, making me the middle child. I am a student at Columbia University majoring in accounting. Sounds boring, I know. But I am excellent with numbers."

Nic sleepily cut in, "Does'n sound boring."

Aiden huffed the smallest, quietest laugh before he went on, "I am working two part-time jobs with full-times hours because my family is broke and I'm paying interest on a three hundred thousand dollar student loan. This past June I went to an open casting call by Forward Models but I didn't make the cut."

Again, Nic sleepily cut in, "'Ey're crazy no'to sign you."

"I don't have time to work out because of work, but my job in construction gives me plenty of exercise. My best friend back home is Trentarius LeSange, but Vanessa Janssen, the model, has declared herself my New York best friend. Which I don't mind at all. I like her."

"'Anessa's great."

"My favourite colour is violet because of the colour the sky turns during late sunsets. My favourite food to eat is teriyaki chicken stir fry. When I was six, I broke my arm simply to prove to an asshole bully that I could totally jump the furthest off the playground swing. Turns out he could jump the furthest after all."

Nic laughed sleepily, on the edge of sleep, and said, "Dumbass."

"Yeah. I tried parkour when I was thirteen. Most disgusting broken leg ever. I thought the doctors were gonna amputate the dangling limb clean off, it was that bad.
"I call home every other day because I am super close with my mom. I call so frequently, but mom and I still manage to talk for over half an hour every time."

Aiden noticed that Nic's breathing was completely levelled and steady. He concentrated on his palm and felt Nic's heart beating steadily, softly. The man was asleep.

Aiden kissed the nape of Nic's neck and relaxed. He was asleep within a minute.

To Be Continued...

There you have it! Our two favourite fictional me. Have finally hooked up! Or tried to.
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Nic Georgiou
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Aiden McCriskell

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